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>>Anonymous  28feb2020(fr)00:11  No.74798 
The clock is ticking - What to use now and after everyone shuts it?

Some flashes need internet access or at least non-local access so the projector is not always the solution. Besides it is cumbersome compared to simply using a browser.

So what to do? Any browsers that will continue supporting flash or a extension?

Besides, Adobe will cease the download, so a archive of the projectors and .swc should also be in order.

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>>Anonymous  28feb2020(fr)02:13  No.74799 
as of right now Pale Moon supports flash in browser. as a bonus it feels like old school Firefox. (pre-v30)
>>Anonymous  29feb2020(sa)21:36  No.74821 
can confirm, absolutely based

I'd also advise everyone to download not only the latest projector, but also one every couple or so versions, because there are sometimes problems that require a specific version
at least get one of v30, v20, etc.; like prev15 was able to build a standalone exe of a swf
also grab those plugin offline installers, so you could reinstall teh browser plugins in the future!
would be great if SWFants manages to build and discretely host an all-in-one download pack

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1mar2020(su)06:58  No.74836 
See this related thread for discussion on what browser to use in 2021:

Until a good alternative is ready it's probably best to use "Firefox ESR", their Extended Support Release. It should keep supporting flash for at least another year (longer I hope): top-esr

I'm looking at Waterfox over Pale Moon because some video playback doesn't work in Pale Moon, makes me wonder what else doesn't work on a modern web when using Pale Moon. Waterfox also has a quicker render engine and support for new add-ons because it's based on newer Firefox code. No matter how much we miss the old add-on system, as the years go by the new system will have so many more add-ons. H ...

>>Anonymous  14feb2020(fr)15:25  No.74651 
is allowed to post real porn in swfchan?
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>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)00:38  No.74658 
it's allowed as far as i know, as long as they are adults. but it's not why people come here. we want flashes with cartoons, not embedded videos. there are so many other sites for run-of-the-mill real porn. but if you have something really special (unusual) i guess people will appreciate it?
>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)16:29  No.74669 
think about it that way
the content isn't restricted, it's the form it is in
it should be a flash, as in a swf that isn't just a video
if you make an interesting flash and it features (only) real porn, then it's fine
(obviously only if it's still legal, otherwise it would get deleted)

>>BlueMaxima  2jul2018(mo)07:07  No.60715 
A copy of SWFChan for Flashfreeze

I've been working on Flashpoint, a collection of Flash games and animations, and working on that brought about Flashfreeze, a collection of Flash websites files: pSPCf_9JWECwa6c4E4tQZELd3cx

SWFChan is one of the biggest targets to add to Flashfreeze; I'd love to get my hands on a full copy of the archive. This is the only place that I can see where I can actually see a way to actually talk to the admin though; if he wants to talk he can send me an email at flashpoint [at]

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>>Anonymous  6feb2020(th)18:56  No.74561 
I saw your project mentioned in a gaming news video on YouTube:

Title: Revealing Blizz's Reforged Plan to OWN Your Work | Stadia BLAMES Publishers & Game Preservation WIN!
Uploader: Bellular News
Views: 95 222 ...

>>Anonymous  7feb2020(fr)14:21  No.74566 
people on videogames forums are quite fond of that too
preservation of hundreds of games is always welcome, they may not really care about flash, but I've seen the project talked about because of that here and there
games are games to these people and they like their games
>>Anonymous  8feb2020(sa)06:09  No.74579 
How big is the total amount of flash files stored on swfchan? No doubt over half of it is horribly bloated and bad quality FLV videos, but still.

>>Anonymous  1jan2020(we)02:03  No.73015

No announcement regarding the change?
What happened, are 3 domains just too expensive?
I kinda liked the trinity, but I'm okay either way.
Was wondering why Admin let the .org expire, or is this just temporary?

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>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)15:01  No.74514 
not really the place to ask, but ... I don't think you can
you could post them to filehosts, but not really archive them here
the example you showed has 0 threads, which means it wasn't posted on any board, but rather directly into the archive by the archive scraper
that's the only way, unless Ants does it himself your only chance is go look for a site that gets archived automatically and then try to post it there
but like ... files that huge are rarely good swfs, you should rather try to "fix" the size by correcting mistakes or just stick to a video instead
>>Anonymous  3feb2020(mo)18:51  No.74531 
The 3 swfs that are too large aren't mine there by someone named delkon, the 3 swfs just need someone to compress them which I don't know how to do that, & I did happen to figure out how to compress a vid then convert the vid to swf.
>>Anonymous  5feb2020(we)14:25  No.74543 
Ouch, there are too many things wrong with your statement.
Firstly, you cannot just compress swfs and that's it. Sure you can and should, but the mileage depends on what it is. To be short, videos don't compress well because they are already very compressed so to speak. You won't gain much less filesize.
Secondly, you cannot "convert a video to swf". SWF is not a video format, but rather a container format (not made for videos). You CAN convert a video to FLV and put that into a swf, but it's WAY worse than MP4 and MKV most of the time.
Thirdly, don't.
People don't need any more videos as swfs. That's not what swf is for. Don't bother.
Lastly, what I rather thought about how to save filesize from actual flashes is, for example ...

>>Anonymous  31jan2020(fr)23:31  No.74499 
Fix Swfs

Can you fix both 27s+Pussy.swf

please & also the 1st swf the cum is looped 2x & the other is a loop version.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11jul2016(mo)12:46  No.35375 
More threads per page

I just changed the number of threads per page on the overview list from 50 to 200 and from 30 to 200 on /show/, /fap/, /gg/ and /swf/. What do you think? I figured this will make people more likely to discuss older flashes since they might not feel as old anymore (they are on the first page after all) and it helps to discover them to begin with since most people don't even contemplate traversing that dark abyss we call the second page.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26jan2020(su)23:41  No.74425 
New overview page

Threads are now always listed in the correct order. Instead of there being both a random and normal list there's now a section below the one and only list with a couple of random threads.

The recommendations from the main archive that used to be shown on the .net front page have been merged into the bottom of the overview page. Until further notice the .net front page simply redirects to the overview page.

Random threads and recommendations do not show up on page 2+ of the overview. It's now also possible to access the boards quickly by typing for example in your browser's address bar and you'll be redirected to the correct URL.

>>A  28jan2020(tu)03:52  No.74453 
So did anyone else enjoy the random overview page when it was at the top? I know when it was on I saw quite a few threads that I had forgotten about or missed.

Maybe this will give recommendations more visibility. I barely looked at them regularly before.

>>Anonymous  29jan2020(we)12:54  No.74467 
idk, they function basically the same as the random page
also, I didn't mind random order, but it was kinda nuisance to always have to click normal oder (or use a bookmark)
this way recommendations maybe start to have a meaning again, as probably a lot more anons will see them at the bottom rather than the .net, good move imo

>>Anonymous  16jan2020(th)19:41  No.73256 
Where do we go now?

So with flash being cancelled and all it seems like animators are abandoning the format. I'm aware of webms taking off since that came out, but is there any alternative interactive format or is that pretty much dying with flash?

I'm aware that things like unity web player and old fashioned exes exist, but those aren't and never will be a widespread indie freeware staple like flash is, and I sure don't know any site like this that would archive all that stuff. I guess you can try to hunt individuals down on their private sites, or whatever art hosting site they decide to upload stuff to, if they even do that. Even then those almost never have interactive stuff, and animations are rare.

I'll just really miss independent animators putting out interactive stuff, not just porn, and webms while popular are almost exclusively sfm and blender porn.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jan2020(sa)00:34  No.73295 
Towards the end of the year I plan to start suggesting people to move away from mainstream browsers if they would like to keep using flash online. I'm not sure which browser to recommend, probably Waterfox because I talked with the project leader and he said that he'll try his best to keep flash working over the years.

There are other browsers like for example Pale Moon/Basilisk or SeaMonkey where flash will keep working as well but the new Waterfox will be based on a more recent version of Firefox which would help people to make the switch if everything looks and works the same. The newer layout engine compared to old Firefox is much snappier as well, it's not a huge deal but very noticeable if you zoom in/out with CTRL+scrollwheel on a ...

>>Anonymous  18jan2020(sa)05:59  No.73301 
Funnily enough, you're right, epic store trailers show up blank for some reason.
I've been using xul based palemoon now for months and I have come across maybe 2 oddities until now, everything else seems to work fine ESPECIALLY in conjuncture with flash. No annoying popups to enable or anything.
Steam trailers seem to work fine, maybe they will fix the video tags for epic store, maybe not, I don't care but it could obviously be a turnoff for the average joe.

Also, I mean still, yeah using two browsers is unusual but if someone has some affinity for flash I bet he can be arsed enough to have a different browser he can click on to browse here or /f/. It really does not impact anything (maybe the install order to have one default ...

>>Anonymous  21jan2020(tu)04:16  No.73348 
>Adobe doesn't even publish the old format into the public domain.
I think their hands were tied in this respect because of patenting issues

It might be useful to inform people about how to change your useragent if you are planning on having a message at the top. I've run into at least 6 places that force newish useragents (i.e. try to only get specific browsers); megaupload and slack were among them so I think it's possible that some people would try it and get hung up on the idea because of certain sites if they didn't know.

>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)19:12  No.73231 
Help Saving Local Flash Games (On Computer)

So I've downloaded a few games like Dragon Bride, and Erotical Night and a few JSK games. They saved just fine, but suddenly now they aren't saving data at all. I'm wondering how to fix this problem. All the other sources keep talking about saving the games on the browser, I need help with saving them when they are already downloaded on your computer.

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>>Anonymous  17jan2020(fr)02:53  No.73275 
I think they just never wanted people to exert such control over that, and if they wanted they still could. Like games and steam wouldn't let you export save data with a button ingame but you could still just navigate to the folder yourself.
It is magic that should only happen behind the scenes. Users fiddling around with sol files from the actual flash would have probably been a real security issue.

I have a shortcut to the sol files folder in my flash folder and don't switch anything around that often that it would really do me any good if there was a faster option.

>>Anonymous  18jan2020(sa)00:24  No.73294 
Maybe just a little heads up about the topic, because I just recently combed through the JSK collection and came about two facts that are relevant to this and kinda make me think that >>73268 is ultimately right.

If you have a filename specific file and your path is too long (too many folders in folders), then flash seems to give the file a unique identifier (scrambled text) and store the .sol file in there as a generic 0001.sol or something like that.
Makes it extremely hard to judge files, the only real thing you can go by is the date, as it should be created the same time you played the game.
It is really lenient though, tho funnily it happened to me when I stored the files in a folder and some worked because they had short names, but when the name exceeded a few words, it triggered this phenomena.
So it probably won't happen to you frequently. ...

>>Anonymous  21jan2020(tu)03:40  No.73345 
Note to linux users, you can find where your .sol files are located by running find -name *.sol

You should try it, there could be some interesting files there:
myfedloans -- no idea that they used flash for anything.
youtube -- didn't they ditch their flash player around 2014?
analytics.sol -- ominous, I think I'll delete that one it didn't say where it was like the other ones, maybe it was google?

>>Hahaxddd  20jan2020(mo)09:50  No.73332 
Istaran Dragon RPG

Latest file (I think). Mostly here so I can convert it to APK.
P.s. I just want to upload a file pls

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>>Anonymous  18dec2019(we)22:38  No.72847 
someone know if possible to convert the files of that game into .swf

this is a japanese game called tetra-territory, the site is down but i recover this game from wayback machine, but is only possible to download .exe /

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>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)22:50  No.73066 
Don't forget to post the file afterwards, OP!
Best to add a fitting description as well.

Unfortunately I can only find this shitty video upload of it here >>>73052

>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)00:57  No.73068 
After I wrote my posts I found an old copy of the sothink exe2swf on my disk and tried it on the exe he linked. Unfortunately the game used multiple swfs inside the exe so they wouldn't work even if he posted them.
>>Anonymous  3jan2020(fr)23:16  No.73088 
Very understandable, but uploading them is still good, especially when they aren't even on waybackmachine anymore.
Just put them under consistent naming and people can understand to download them all and play locally.

>>not-a-namefag-w7 890  30oct2018(tu)08:38  No.64458 
website scrape and archive list

in here we discuss about what websites to archive

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>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)02:18  No.64523 
some more ideas, mostly centered around games.
+armorgames (although someone posted a torrent of all of their swfs on /f/ a long while ago)
+dagobah (although they're mostly reposts of other flash sites it's possible that they might have something original posted) ...
>>random SWF gamer  1feb2019(fr)16:05  No.66373 
well i think we should add and
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)18:47  No.73054 
Nice collection of flash games, might be good to take a look at that.

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)19:47  No.72022 
Trying to find a flash

There was a flash on /fap/ that had some MILF. There was thunder or some shit in the background and you were in a room that had clickable items to the left or right. One put her in a costume as Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I've searched keywords and tags but I haven't found anything.

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>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)01:27  No.73024 
Sorry, no idea. Only thing that comes to mind is this with code succubus: r.swf

>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)22:07  No.72970 
The soaps are killing millions.Where's the sweat?Monster scar faces.

People aren't sweating or barely sweating and the causes are the soaps,creams,rubs,swimming pools,hot tubs,etc,etc.The nerve and skin damage.Feeling hot,burning,throbbing,puffy,dizzy and sick?The dry flaky skin.Rigid skin.Stuck with fingernail indentations.People aren't tanning.Monster scar faces.The damage to our bodies is causing aging.People are dying and suicides.The deaths of millions.Blinding headaches,brain aneurysms and brain damage.People are being balded by the shampoo.People are being infected by the food and beverages and the poop and infection is stuck in the digestive tract and people smell snake venom.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people causing strokes and deaths ...

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>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)17:59  No.72600 
Lulz Site

Does anyone know why isn't working?

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>>Anonymous  9dec2019(mo)23:54  No.72688 
Well it seems the other boards on lulz still work which is great since I wanted to create a furry collection on the flash board some time.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)04:39  No.72945 
the site is back up now. seems to have been some problem with the board software since there's a sticky where it says:
>i'm not sure if we're going to stick with this board software or what going forward, but this works for now until that gets sorted out.
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)02:09  No.72953 
I saw that the site changed to last week but I can't upload swfs & how come pawsru is missing their flash/animated board?

>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)17:58  No.72901 
How come some swfs aren't working? Some examples b779d7b5c492c314e51f37f3a3c.swf Herm+Dildo+Pleasure.swf geh+Valentine.swf ...

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>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)18:22  No.72902 
I've checked all of them, and they seem to work perfectly well for me.
Is Flash enabled on those pages? modern browsers disable flash unless you click into them.
>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)21:44  No.72935 
The swfs are not working on the PS3.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)04:21  No.72944 
Might have wanted to mention that in your first post.

Considering PS3 was made in 2006 it's probably that their flash plugin hasn't been updated and those flashes are using something that only works in a newer plugin. Check to see if you can get an update to the PS3 flash plugin in some way.

>>Anonymous  20dec2019(fr)06:43  No.72870 
fuck 4chan's new captcha

does anyone have a way to make it more bearable? I'm not buying a pass, not only do I not want to buy cryptocurrency, because I don't want to support the current incarnation of it.
I rarely post and the one time I did after the change, it required me to fill out at least 5 of the fading captchas in a row before letting me through. I believe I did at least 20 captchas in total and that was for only one post.

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>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)19:45  No.72881 
it really is sad but there's not much you can do if you want to continue posting on 4chan. I suppose you can use a separate browser, if you do use a youtube/gmail/etc account, just for 4chan and then load it up with more security measures.
I forgot to mention that I only ended up solving the captcha by opening the audio dialog and it sent me through in one try. I bet it would eventually require a lot more if you posted more regularly.
Also recaptcha doesn't work at all for older browsers: it checks useragent strings in addition with their own checks and will give you an error message if you are not using up to date or one of the not big 3 browsers.
>>Anonymous  23dec2019(mo)13:28  No.72898 
>it checks useragent strings in addition with their own checks and will give you an error message if you are not using up to date or one of the not big 3 browsers.
Didn't even know it was that bad. We've really allowed them to dictate everything.
Although you're probably wrong about it not working at all in other than the 3 biggest browsers because it would affect too many (around 20% of people). browsers#Summary_tables
Maybe you meant it checks and enforces the version of the 3 most popular browsers.

One thing that few know about is that reCaptcha can lock your ability to even try to attempt solving the captcha if it has detected malicious behavior (spam etc) from your IP ran ...

>>Anonymous  24dec2019(tu)03:04  No.72918 
I've had the misfortune of experiencing being locked out a few times. I think it happened due to my activity because I kept on intentionally checking one of the boxes wrong.

As for the browsers, yeah I got that one wrong. Here's their page 28 and it looks like they support more than I thought, but only the 2 most recent ones. But if you try and load it with a useragent, such as icecat; some random text; wayback machine's; etc, you'll get a message pointing to that page. All this does is encourage people who don't want to switch browsers to make it lie about what they are using.

>>Anonymous  14dec2019(sa)08:37  No.72764 404ing

Hey I noticed that RockCandy's website has been down for a while. Does anybody know what gives?

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>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)10:29  No.72797 
Because Autism doesn't pay domain bills.
>>Anonymous  16dec2019(mo)21:59  No.72803 
it works and is online right now, just make sure you don't use https (use http)

>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)17:26  No.72418 

Now that YouTube is scheduled to die at the start of 2020 can we cancel the end of flash at the end of 2020, please?

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>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)22:40  No.72510 
I don't know about if any of those are possible with youtube-dl (did a quick search and couldn't find answers) but I have some workaround suggestions.

If you have just a couple of long videos you don't want to download you should be able to manually add them into youtube-dl-downloaded.txt and the program will skip over those thinking they have already been downloaded.

Then for keeping track of error URLs you could add " >> youtube-dl-log.txt" at the end of the line in the .bat file to append the program output to the text file. After everything is downloaded you can search the log for error messages and see which URLs that couldn't be downloaded.

I don't think it's ever been possible to save video comments with youtube-dl. ...

>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)01:10  No.72736 
I'm not using windows, so that doesn't quite apply to me. I ended up reading the message it sends when you invoke it with '--help' and found out that using --reject-title [title] will prevent downloads of any matching regex for [title].
I also found it interesting that there was an option to display the duration of a video but no option to restrict downloads according to the length of a video.
Also it seems that they provide a way to download descriptions (--write-description) and annotations (--write-annotations) but no option for downloading comments.
>>Anonymous  14dec2019(sa)06:25  No.72759 
An update to TheirTube's harassment policy to-our-harassment-policy.html

Things are looking worse by the day. At first glance it's easy for the layman to think that of course it's a good thing to get rid of threats, personal attacks, harassing behavior and toxic comments. The problem is none of those are objectively definable. So now nobody will be able to criticize anyone or even repeat what other people have said. There will be even more self-censorship and restrictions on what content anyone can make. Site staff can delete your channel for whatever little thing they deem is harassment and of course exceptions will be granted for the channels they like (traditional media channels). There's no way everybody will be treated the sam ...

>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)03:08  No.72473 
classification errors

Yeah so when I click X on the advanced classification under misc. on every category, it still has the misc. highlighted as green. IDK if that means that the misc. classification still shows up when submitting the button but i want to make sure that it doesn't.
thanks SWFAnts!

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>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)04:03  No.72041 
Help save RMS and Free Software

Help RMS defeat the tranny faggot sjws destroying Free Software. Learn the truth of what is happening and spread these links everywhere. as-been-vilified-by-those-who-dont-know-him-a3907b 25b4c7 scuss/2019-09/msg00259.html ...

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>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)06:01  No.72138 
maybe next time explain what this is about instead of dumping a ton of urls. nobody will go through the trouble of clicking any of them just to figure out what the hell you're trying to do with your post. also explain exactly how clicking any of these will "help" whatever your cause is.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:10  No.72161 
uhurrrr hurrr durrr da ebil twannies huuuuuurrr durrr ess jay doubleyouussze

please take a razor blade to your wrists

>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:10  No.72162 
uhurrrr hurrr durrr da ebil twannies huuuuuurrr durrr ess jay doubleyouussze

please take a razor blade to your wrists, this is just as retarded as the bullshit tim pool advertisement at the top of the page, thank fuck that can be hidden

>>Anonymous  30sep2011(fr)03:02  No.2596 
down loading files

i have just recently discover this site and really enjoyed it but i can't seem to figur out for the life of me how to download these swf file from this site i've got a flash converter that also downloads the files but it dosen't work with files on this site now i'm not great with computers so if there a way to download these files please let me know unless your not allowed to download them just let me know

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>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:25  No.72007 
addendem to that; if your on a page with embedded flashes and want to download them, navigate to the "Page Info" menu, either by right-clicking on the page or ctrl+i in firefox. From there you can go to the media tab, sort by type and any swf files embedded should turn up as "Object"
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)18:06  No.72154 
Jeeesus Christ, this has to be the most unneccesary complicated way to do this yet.
It's like people don't even know how to operate a webbrowser anymore.
How to I opened file and download it? Shit's magic.
There is even a written guide on every GET page just for [YOU] peeps.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)05:49  No.72160 
A better way to do what the person wants is to save a screen shot of the words under the swf, save the pic to dropbox, & post the link to this thread. P.S. Internet Explorer is the best to view the swfs not the stupid Firefox & Chrome.

>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)21:06  No.72132 
Other Swf Sites

Would anyone know of a site that can have up to 120 mb to post a swf file?

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>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)03:26  No.72040 
square brackets in filename stripped

It seems that the square bracket in this filename was possibly treated as an array in one of the processes by which swfchan grabs threads. Anyway just thought that swfants should know so that this could be checked for security reasons.

Here's the flash in question you can see the original name has it as megacum[0].swf while the archive has it down as just megacum.swf

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3nov2019(su)04:17  No.72042 
It's by design, [#] and (#) is stripped from the end of the filename because (first reason) in the long, long ago I used to get swf files from places that appended those things to the end of the filenames. I can't 100% remember the exact details, I think it was like that if you copied swfs from Internet Explorer's cache (Temporary Internet Files). Or maybe some FTP program appended it, or a download manager program in case of there being more than one file of the same name. Windows add (2), (3) etc on top of the filename when copied into the same folder if you "keep both files".

So this thing is a bit of laziness from my part but also (second reason) were a thing because I remember other people sometimes used to post these filenames with ...

>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)19:06  No.72053 
Okay thanks for clearing that up! I wanted to make sure it wasn't some security issue.

>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)19:17  No.71964 

Is there a way to play the swfs in fullscreen?

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>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)19:38  No.71965 
Proper fullscreen mode only works if the flash itself has implemented a button for it but what you can do is open the swf file directly (URL should end with .swf) and then press F11 to fullscreen your browser.

Alternatively you can download the swf file and open it in the standalone flash player from Adobe, then press CTRL+F (or ALT+ENTER) to fullscreen, or via the menu: View > Full Screen

Using the adobe's standalone flash player offline also gives better performance than viewing the swf in your browser.

>>Anonymous  25oct2019(fr)20:22  No.71898 
Search by Original Document ID?

It would be nice if we could search by Original Document ID. That would make it easier to find edited versions or original version of a file.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26oct2019(sa)14:28  No.71911 
It's not a bad idea but unfortunately flash metadata is not indexed. Neither are the info pages, which I had hoped to make searchable someday. Unfortunately it would take a lot of time and work to achieve this, I improved the code extracting metadata from flashes last year and it took the several months for the server to update every flash page.

Many flashes don't have any metadata at all or are missing an entry for Document ID, especially older ones, so looking up doc ids would have limited use, however being able to search metadata in of itself would still be a good feature.

At one point I wanted to index resources inside flashes as well, for example every jpg embedded in a swf (or even a hash of connected vector positions inside every single MovieClip). That way you could have found similar flashes easily. Or flashes borrowing content from other flashes.

>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)07:32  No.71806 
Trying to find source for a flash
I think I also saw it in one of the Q gif montages. Anyway I can't find a name to associate the gif with and I'd be glad if I could find out. Someone in mentioned that they have existed in flash form before, with sound apparently; if anyone knows what the originals are called, that'd be great. I tried searching them up myself but the names are so random that there's no hope in finding any name that's useful. Thanks for any help.
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>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:51  No.71846 
The artist who made the original gif that was put into 2.swf is "vvindowsme".

Here's his pixiv (few images and not updated since 2017):

The gif was released 26oct2012 and can be found here: ...

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:54  No.71847 
Er, actually maybe you were asking for the flash version with sound that someone mentioned?
I've no idea about that. I don't think vvindowsme made any video version with sound himself.
>>Anonymous  23oct2019(we)06:40  No.71856 
Either one actually. Thanks!

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)16:48  No.71843 
Help Needed!

How do I download whole collections?
I've been downloading the .swf one by one, but this obviously can not be the answer to my problem because that would be hilariously stupid amirite?

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>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:36  No.71844 
collections aren't really meant for batch downloading so i'm afraid you're stuck with downloading one by one

>>Anonymous  22aug2019(th)05:15  No.70726 
I find it cute how this site is bringing up the phony US election reality TV game and Tim Pool. Aristocrats are going to aristocrat.
Meanwhile my Chrome is telling me they will no longer support Flash come next year or so.
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>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)09:47  No.71807 
Yes free healthcare welfare for everyone who can't afford kids. Great idea.
Can I vote to completely disband the local and federal legislation and stop income taxes?
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)19:07  No.71812 
You could certainly start petition or something similar that would have that effect. I don't think it would pass because you're just ripping out the government, which for all its faults has some good elements in it; such a petition would need a something to replace the government with.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:14  No.72163 
>the site owner actually thinks project veritas and tim pool should be trusted
>the site owner actually believes the election has actually ever represented the will of the people
>the site owner believes that america will survive 2020 instead of collapsing into civil war and hopefully revolution


>>Anonymous  15oct2019(tu)06:56  No.71738 
Peculiar Flash Tub request: thegarf.swf

Does any have the original SWF for the Flash Tub short "The Garf"? The official page has an MP4, but before, there WAS a SWF. It had an easter egg where the gold fish would say "Oh Garfield" before an 8bit garfield image would start stretching around.

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>>Anonymous  7oct2019(mo)23:38  No.71632 
Compress Swfs

Can someone compress these 2 swfs please? %26+Angry+-+Merry_Christmas_Dynamic.swf %26+Angry+-+Savannah_Huntress_Dynamic.swf

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>>Anonymous  11oct2019(fr)04:36  No.71669 
creator needs to learn how to change shapes instead of using 5,020 images. 0_o
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)06:16  No.71690 
over 100 megs?! looks like they are the types that won't compress well either, you would gain maybe 1 or 2 mb
>>Anonymous  14oct2019(mo)05:34  No.71725 
That would be great if they can be compressed to 1 or 2 mb. Here's another swf that also needs to be done. %26+Angry+-+Space_Gal_Music.swf Someone could use the swf edit program to fix the mb too.
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