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>>Joshex  9jul2021(fr)17:40  No.86172  OP  P1
They created the perfect storm

so we all know google, apple, microsoftie and adobe decided flash must die. and quickly found ways to block or disable the addon from their new browser releases. then pushed all web developers to update the HTML script to proprietary googletml requiring all webbrowsers to update to see anything other than a blank page. Naturally companies updated as did all of the lefties who love google and hate flash for it's freedom of expression for the unwashed masses.

We've all been grumbling about it and looking for ways to circumvent this disaster. But this topic is not about that.

This topic observes that because of this action, the perfect storm was created making Flash swfs potentially Super Powered to violate Intellectual property rights!

you know how only a few years ago when flash was in all browsers if someone made an obvious zelda ripoff nintendo's lawyers would swarm it with C&Ds? yeah, now I'd be surprised if nintendo's lawyers can even see the content of an Swf file! especially if the file were coded in Actionscript# to check for a browser name and if it's the projector and not a browser just display a message that it's only able to be played in browsers.

it goes like this now because of the flash ban:
you make a IP violating product> a butthurt company tries to open the file to find out if you are in fact violating them> "this game is only able to be played in a web brwoser"> open it in a new webbrowser> "Adobe flash has been discontinued."> can't sue cause can't know the contents.

if anything not only does it allow more freedom in flash now, but also eventually even companies are going to demand that some sort fo flash support be given to modern browsers so they can protect their copyrights/trademarks.


>>Anonymous  11jul2021(su)16:51  No.86215  A  P2R1
True. The fact alone that swf content isn't as much in the public's eye as before makes it pretty much rare to get taken down.
But then again, who is even watching the content in the first place? If there is no market, then creators will obviously not be interested in doing work at all.
You can have the most infringing image on the planet and nobody will care if you just store it on your PC and never upload it. But then, who did you even do it for?

Also, while the aforementioned is true, it's still not that hard to download a projector and if some tech savvy lawyer's monkey can open then flash once and make some screenshots you're still fucked.
Obviously if push comes to shove you wouldn't have much protection.

It's way easier and more safe to just create videos and then post them in enclosed cirles like discords, which can be taken down quite easily in an emergency.

People still and most likely will create flashes after all. They just won't export and post them in the swf format, but rather video.

>>Anonymous  11jul2021(su)23:58  No.86229  B  P3R2
Lets keep warez in multi-file & password protected zips on file sharing sites and just keep uploading them after being taken down. Or use torrents. Fan-made animations based on other's work always have the "it's just a parody" argument, seems to be working out for porn creators.
It's cool face btw.
>>Anonymous  26aug2021(th)02:14  No.86843  C  P4R3
was the "trollface" for all the people who wasted time reading this post?

flash is largely irrelevant so nobody cares, they won't send lawyers where there's no money at. copyright violation isn't something people just like to do for it's own sake, so why speak about it as an opportunity? people made Zelda/Mario clones because poor people couldn't afford real consoles and could tolerate amateurn quality. mow you can play better JS-based games in a browser.

as for projectors, authors blocking them would be just dumb. most of people use them since they're more secure, reliable and faster than running shit in browser. swf isn't some magical mystery format which only the chosen ones can access; decompiling to check file contents is easy for any lawyer who's paid for the task (hint: they aren't, companies don't care)

that speculation about companies demanding the resurrection of browser flash is plain unrealistic. repeating: the don't care. nor they ever will.

all around, you seem to be very poorly versed in most flash related topics. also, you seem to think loving big corporations and hating freedom of expression are lefty values, which is just :facepalm:
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