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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jan2012(mo)22:14  No.3107  SWF  P1

It has finally happened, from this day swfchan accepts donations. The reason to why is because a new server is needed and if there's a chance that someone out there would like to help out in obtaining the hardware I would be very grateful.

Discuss everything related to donating in this thread.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2012(sa)03:41  No.4275  SWF  P2
Removed the donate button that was at the bottom of every page on the site since it didn't do any good and it felt wrong to have it there with the increase in ads lately.

If you are still willing to donate anything you can do so by buying an ad, please read how here:

That way PayPal, VISA, Master Card etc can be used.

If you have any questions about it please post in THIS thread, not over there (I know it's a bit confusing that the instructions are over there in that thread but it just came up in conversation one day; that thread is still supposed to be about non-donation ads only). All donation-related discussion should go in this thread.

If you donate but don't have any questions please leave some kind of message in this thread anyway just so I can say thanks. :)

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2018(we)01:30  No.56134  SWF  P3
Six years later

Today I've put addresses for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash donations on all pages. They appear at the very bottom, except on flash.asp where they are higher up for some visibility. There's a "hide" link to the right of them which will place a cookie for 20 days on all three swfchan domains so they won't show up.

Last time I tried this it might have been too early but with the recent increase in value everybody seem to be talking about Bitcoin so perhaps there's a chance now? There's also a lot more ways for people all over the world to acquire them. By putting up these addresses I'm also adding some much needed actual real world use for Bitcoin; here's something to do with them except holding and waiting!

I won't be checking often if anything has been received, if you send a substantial amount please let me know in this thread. Should a generous early adopter come along and donate a lot I'll of course reduce the number of ads on swfchan. The money will go towards keeping the site alive for as long as I am.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2018(we)01:57  No.56135  SWF  P4
What is Bitcoin Cash?

On 1aug2017 a fork in the blockchain happened, if you owned bitcoins before that date you now automatically also own the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. Most people doesn't realize it but Bitcoin has been moving away a bit from its original idea back in 2009. The community has been torn over this and the final blow came with the introduction of SegWit, which is the separation of transaction validations from the main blockchain. After this some people went their own way to try and restore Bitcoin to how it used to be. They call it Bitcoin Cash to emphasize that the idea of bitcoin being used as cash was back (as in "paper money that you hand over to someone else"). Normally forks should die off pretty quickly but because so many early adopters agreed that bitcoin had been losing its original purpose, and that its decentralized nature was now threatened by SegWit, this fork survived.

>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)04:26  No.56137  A  P5R1
I made a donation since I missed out on the patreon.
I bought $100 worth earlier this summer; I'm not doing anything with it and taxes are absurdly high for withdrawing where I'm at. Just make sure to use it before the bubble bursts!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2018(we)13:47  No.56146  SWF  P6R2
I didn't expect anything to happen this quickly, thanks man!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1may2018(tu)23:24  No.59366  SWF  P7
CashAddr update

The site now has a new Bitcoin Cash address shown in the CashAddr format. The format was created January 14:th to make it clear whether an address is for BTC or BCH. Since they both originate from the same code the addresses used to look the same, which caused some confusion. Support for CashAddr should be pretty widespread by now so I felt it was time to switch over.

>>Anonymous  7dec2019(sa)22:37  No.72651  B  P8R3
Is there an address I can mail things to for the sake of donating?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26jan2020(su)23:18  No.74424  SWF  P9R4
Thanks but not at the moment. I only have the Bitcoin addresses. Sorry for the late reply.
>>Juan  17dec2020(th)16:05  No.81892  C  P10R5
Re: Why don't you monetize your traffic?

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>>Xi Jinping  25dec2020(fr)19:37  No.82062  D  P11R6
Re: Hello can you add these features

>>81892 >>>81955 aaand archived

is there a way to block the Christmas swf animation sound thingy on .net webgenie keeps on crashing I can't fap on yiff mas
the redirects me to .org can u fix pls also when will the status page be complete I kinda wanna use it

crazy idea but can you add a mining game page where 5 ads pop every minute and there's a btc miner on the background if the user earns enough points he can buy a one week ad free experience (and maybe faster downloads) ads are really inconvenient and I mostly click back whenever (another nail in the coffin) chegets pop up preventing ads from loading this stopping revenue from being earned (just my 2 cents)

also can you make a confirmation when making threads on /disc/ only (sorry for late reply)

^rSPAM^r (JK pls don't ban) is this the suspected bots ants is talking about
(when I typed xi the name got auto completed on my phone)
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