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This is where you can upload or link to useful resources for making flash files. You may however also share whatever else you want to, as long as you have the legal right to do so. + The image uploads are for posting screenshots and samples of linked-to or uploaded files, NOTHING ELSE. + Please describe each file you share CAREFULLY, the description you give is embedded into the torrent generated from your upload. + When linking to file sharing hosts: Those that require you to wait between downloads are NOT allowed! + Read the rules twice before uploading, and don't forget to check the FAQ about uploading RAR archives. + Remember to say THANK YOU to those that upload something you find useful. This is serious time.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25mar2012(su)09:59  No.3367 
Resources for services

This thread is dedicated to the various uploads that may be needed to use one of the services found here:

Put all your misc service-related uploads here please, unless of course there's a fitting thread for your image(s) on /b/. Feel free to write a note on what you are doing with your uploaded file, the thread gets more pleasant that way.

If you are uploading a cut music loop, please post it in this other thread instead: (for cut out music loops only, not whole tracks)

Link description: The page of services + The music loop thread

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>>Anonymous  13apr2024(sa)08:47  No.101296 
Super Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover

>>FreakyGram  14apr2024(su)08:57  No.101301 
>>Anonymous  18may2024(sa)20:31  No.101394 


>>!///SWFAnts  23jul2011(sa)21:59  No.1650 
Music Loops

I've decided to move all the music loops I've made from to this thread here on swfchan.

+ Use these to make new flash loops.
If you feel too lazy to make your own audio that is. Let's try not to make any more unneeded mute loops shall we?

+ These loops are uploaded in uncompressed WAV format.
Because otherwise they may not loop seamlessly after you have imported them into Flash (looping mp3s in Flash may glitch a bit upon repeat). ...

Link description: The APH website.

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>>utimen  18may2023(th)11:10  No.96762 
ghh.mp3 (295.8 KiB)
00:18 stereo 44kHz 131kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100¹
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)18:07  No.96955 
Brave of Puyo Puyo - Puyo Puyo Genesis - Loop.wav (6.49 MiB)
00:38 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)18:11  No.96956 
We're Plumbers Looped.wav (1.21 MiB)
00:07 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
Comment: Duckman - Episode 56

>>Anonymous  12feb2011(sa)15:47  No.34 
Great Bit Music

It's time to make a collection of the most epic bit music you have ever heard. Post only your absolute favorites.

mark vii - brown vs gray.mp3 (2.65 MiB)
01:55 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"" 02 [Tribal]
Comment: k.brown vs. m.gray

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>>Anonymous  19feb2011(sa)06:45  No.126 
clean version, thanks
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)08:07  No.229 
dubmood_-_starchip_feat_JosSs.mp3 (3.28 MiB)
02:23 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Dubmood - with JosSs - Starchip
2002 [Chipmusic]
Composer: Dubmood & JosSs
>>Anonymous  7apr2020(tu)17:17  No.76021 


>>Anonymous  6oct2011(th)14:31  No.2611 

I read in the rules that each thread should have a topic, so go ahead and put all bondage and guro stuff you have here.

I just want to torrent this site rip I just made of

Link description: The site of H.S.C.

HSC_siterip_6october2011.rar * (24.53 MiB)
Unpacked: 24.65 MiB. Files: 180. Directories: 0. Images: 179.
Contains: JPG, TXT <LIST>

Description: Rip of Japanese hentai artist's site. Bondage, teen.

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>>Anonymous  1nov2011(tu)04:23  No.2672 
Furniture Lolis.rar (7.4 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.86 MiB. Files: 84. Directories: 6. Images: 83.
Contains: JPG, TXT <LIST>

Description: loli, bondage, mutilation, furniture (girl as object), ballgag, blindfold, fetish

>>Anonymous  15jan2012(su)05:57  No.3063 
[Ochazukenori] Demon Child [English].rar (4.63 MiB)
Unpacked: 4.82 MiB. Files: 16. Directories: 0. Images: 16.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: guro/gore, dissection of human

>>Anonymous  5oct2016(we)23:01  No.39736 
Does anyone actually unironically like this shit?

>>Anonymous  3mar2011(th)16:31  No.389 
Funny Parodies

Post parodies that are funny or 'wtf'... doesn't have to be porn.

Super Mario Brothers {F.S} - Super Marao Bros [yqii].rar (7.31 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.53 MiB. Files: 17. Directories: 0. Images: 17.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: english, super mario parody, hentai, funny, vaginal, blowjob/handjob, titjob, large penis

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>>Anonymous  4oct2016(tu)21:18  No.39696 
>>Anonymous  5oct2016(we)12:02  No.39707 
>can upload proprietary trialware crap
>can't upload open zip or 7z format

Link description: Funniest doujin I ever see.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5oct2016(we)15:27  No.39709 
WinRar was what Anon always used to share stuff with online back in the day. Archive uploads never took off on swfchan so I never bothered implementing anything else. Nowadays I usually just use zip in all I do since it's so widely available and the size difference isn't enormous.

>>Anonymous  12feb2011(sa)15:33  No.32 
Folk Metal / Viking Metal

in this thread we tip each other about different great metal music of the type folk/viking

05 spellblast-gobblins song.mp3 (9.21 MiB)
06:06 stereo 44kHz 210kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Spellblast - Gobblins' Song
"Horns Of Silence" 2007 [Heavy Metal]
Comment: /-\ /// R C
Track: 5
Encoder: LAME 3.97 / LAME3.97

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>>Anonymous  12feb2011(sa)15:42  No.33 
here's the cover and cd, i think they look good so i have to show it
>>Anonymous  28may2016(sa)04:53  No.33618 

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21jul2014(mo)05:47  No.13880 
Video Collection Template

This is a .fla template created to make it easier to upload a lot of .flv videos to the site in one single .swf file.

The second post in this thread will be a download for the actual template and after that I'll post some screenshots of it.

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>>Anonymous  5jul2015(su)03:24  No.21187 
What the fuck is wrong with you?
>>Anonymous  5jul2015(su)06:04  No.21189 
Ants, pls ban bronies
>>Anonymous  20mar2016(su)16:58  No.30562 
>>21189 easy boy

>>Anonymous  9jul2015(th)16:46  No.21339 
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>>Anonymous  9jul2015(th)16:57  No.21340 
>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)09:08  No.60212 

>>Pog  4jul2015(sa)04:06  No.21164 


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>>Anonymous  29apr2015(we)19:16  No.19598 
Bunny Swf

Dos anyone know what swf is this on this site?

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>>Anonymous  29apr2015(we)19:48  No.19599 
How do you know it's from a flash animation?
>>Anonymous  29apr2015(we)20:33  No.19601 
this swf from Meet And Fuck Games-Magic Book
>>Anonymous  30apr2015(th)04:13  No.19614 
It's because the pic is from the swf & I can't get it uploaded on the site.
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