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Please read all global rules and
the rules for the board(s) you are posting on.
If something isn't forbidden in the rules - assume it's OK.

1-1. No CP.
1-2. No CM.
1-3. Mind what you're spreading.
1-4. Respect a thread's topic.
1-5. Keep your requests in one place.
1-6. When requesting, give something first.
1-7. Fill requests if you can.
1-8. Use English.
1-9. Link only to no-wait-in-between file hosts.
1-10. Files with hidden files inside them are not allowed.
1-11. Use quotation links.
1-12. Don't mix gay and non-gay content.
1-13. Don't mix heavy furry with non-furry.
1-14. 3D porn is not allowed unless OP says so.
1-15. Give source to a upload if you have it.
1-16. Only upload related attachments in flash-file threads.
1-17. Use direct links, don't modify them.
1-18. Don't spam or advertise.
1-19. Post the right stuff on the right board.
1-20. Files should appear to be what they are.

2-1. Use proper English.

3-1. One thread per project.
3-2. Start your own threads when looking for help.

4-1. Remember 1-3 and 1-9.
4-2. Check the FAQ before uploading a RAR.
4-3. Avoid uploading entire music albums.
4-4. Images are to be used for giving examples only.
4-5. Don't separate content into RARs smaller than 10 MiB.
4-6. Seed what you download through BitTorrent.
4-7. Give short yet detailed descriptions.
4-8. Share RAR archives one at a time.
4-10. Keep /res/ about sharing resources.
4-11. Help seeding your uploads if you're dedicated.
4-12. Limit your thread's topic.
4-13. Don't upload RAR files containing several releases.

5-1. You know what to do...

6-1. No porn.
6-2. Post stuff with some length.

7-1. Post intended fapping material.
7-2. Nudity isn't always intended fapping material
7-3. Awful porn is still porn.
7-4. Tag games with [G].

8-1. Only post flash games.
8-2. No porn.

9-1. Only post flashes not belonging elsewhere.
9-2. Tag loops that has audio with [L].
9-3. Don't post fapping loops here, even if they have music.

Global (for all boards)

1-1. No IRL nudity. Just kidding, just be sure that all participants have had their puberty.

1-2. No IRL suggestive child models.

1-3. Make sure you have the legal right to spread whatever you are uploading.

1-4. Respect each thread's topic. For example do not invade a thread where OP specifically asks for pictures of rainbows with a bunch of pictures of solar eclipses. OP may disallow otherwise allowed content (western art for example is allowed unless OP forbids it). OP cannot override the site rules however.

1-5. If you are looking for something you should start a thread and then keep all of your requests in that same thread (per board). Make it clear that it is a request thread. It is also allowed to make minor requests in other threads if it relates to the current discussion.

1-6. Whenever you make a request you have to give something first in return (do it in the same post you make the request). It can be anything; a link to something awesome, a nice picture, a quote, a joke, insight in something only you know... Be creative. This is just for fun, but it IS a rule nontheless and must not be broken!

1-7. If you happen to see a request you can fill - do it! Don't be lazy. If you can't be arsed to locate the exact thing they are looking for right now you can at least give them any useful information you have (where you last saw it or it's name etc). Don't ever be an asshole and say "I got it." but don't make any effort in helping the requester to obtain it himself (at least give whatever info you can give).

1-8. Only write in the English language. Always.

1-9. When linking to file sharing/hosting services you may NOT use those that require people to wait between each download. Notice that this rule is global.

1-10. Files that contain other (hidden) files are not allowed to be uploaded.

1-11. When responding to a post be sure to always use quotation links unless the post you are responding to are the thread's first or last post (then quoting is optional). Always best to quote the first post too though to avoid confusion.

1-12. Do not mix gay and non-gay content in the same thread. It is to be assumed that gay stuff is forbidden to be posted in a thread unless OP specifically says it is OK - in which case non-gay content becomes forbidden in that thread! So there should be no threads with both gay and non-gay images. Lesbian doesn't count as gay. Dickgirls counts as non-gay unless OP specifically forbids them. Dickgirls may not be posted in a gay thread.

1-13. Light furry content may always be posted in a thread unless OP specifically forbids it. "Light" is when the person only has ears and maybe a tail, none to small amounts of fur and kinda still looks human. Non-light furry has to be posted in its own thread where the topic is furry.

1-14. 3D porn is NOT allowed, unless OP specifically says that it is OK to post in his thread.

1-15. When dumping several files from the same source - say what the source is. If you for example are uploading all images from a folder perhaps the folder name is of interest and should be posted? Actually you should try and give source as often as you can to whatever you're uploading. If the source can be read from the file name (or if the source can be traced in a obvious way from the uploaded content itself) it counts as a given source.

1-16. Attachments (used on the flash boards) must be related to the uploaded flash file itself. You may upload a image on /b/ and link directly to it if you wish to illustrate something, however posts with only a image link (or when the post doesn't make sense without the linked image) is forbidden since after they 404 the post will be left meaningless (remember that the flash threads are archived on

1-17. When posting links don't do stuff like removing the first h from http in the URL or otherwise modify the link so it has to be manually copied and restored before becoming a valid link. Also do not use pass-through pages or anonymizer services, link directly. Side note: Sharing links by putting them into images is forbidden.

1-18. Don't spam or advertise. When you spam you post gibberish a million times, when you advertise you throw out promotions for stuff where it has no relevance. Having URLs in file names counts as advertising, as does mentioning names that really had nothing to do with the actual creation of the file. For example the author nick is OK to have in a file name, but not the place where you downloaded the file (unless of course it's the authors own homepage).

1-19. Put what you are posting on the correct board, for example if you are spontaneously sharing download links you should do that in /res/.

1-20. All files should appear to be what they are. Don't upload fake files that only waste bandwidth, or troll files. However some of these may fall into a gray zone where this rule don't apply (it's a risk you could take when posting a fake file, moderators are not required to follow this rule blindly and may spare your fake file if they deem it to be funny). Redirectors are however always forbidden (flash files that makes popups or changes URL).


2-1. Write properly on this board. Apply grammar, punctuation and different letter case.


3-1. One thread per project. If you are making a new swf file, make a new thread about it. You don't have to make new threads for each new version you release of something, unless you want to. If you do you should post a link in the old thread that leads to the new thread. However if you make an alternative "build" of something --a version that completely changes the old instead of just adding to it-- you should always make a new thread.

3-2. If you are looking for help, start a new thread about it unless it is a follow-up question to an already existing help thread. Don't start asking for help inside project threads unless you are on the team working on it and it relates to the project.


4-1. Always keep global rule 3 and 9 in the back of your head.

4-2. Before uploading a RAR archive, check the FAQ section about uploading RAR files.

4-3. Instead of uploading each audio file in an entire album, RAR it (into several stand-alone RAR files if you have to) and upload that instead. Afterwards you may post one or two audio files from the RAR as examples if you like. Although uploading entire albums without someone showing interest first is discouraged, post a few examples first and see if people want more. Actually the best thing to do is uploading a torrent of the album instead of the album itself.

4-4. Images on this board are only to be used as share examples (content previews). When posting an image always quote the post that has the resource/linked resource that contains the image you are posting. "Thank you"-images are also allowed. But no "bump" images/cats yelling for moar or pics like that. OP may upload a image in his first post to illustrate the thread's topic. Images that are closely related to a uploaded share are allowed if they are kept to a minimum (for example an album cover is acceptable however not pictures from a band's last tour - put those in a RAR and share them that way instead, or start a thread on /b/ about it).

4-5. Separating content into several RAR archives where each archive is below 10 MiB is not allowed.

4-6. When downloading a share via BitTorrent you must keep seeding the torrent a while after you have finished downloading it (for as long as you are able - if you don't intend to touch the downloaded file(s) for a while you shouldn't stop the seed).

4-7. Give good descriptions of your shares in the description fields ("good" means that they are very informal of the content yet short and to-the-point). Extended descriptions of your share can be put into the text body. Images and audio files do not require descriptions (though if you want to say anything about them feel free to do it in the body text).

4-8. When you want to share several RAR archives - upload them one at a time unless each archive is below 5 MiB.

4-9. When you download something you find useful - say your thanks! First of all this will help the thread stay alive, meaning that other people that might find it useful will find it. But most importantly it means that the person that uploaded it will feel appreciated and useful so he will keep uploading more useful things.

4-10. This board is strictly for sharing files only, meaning you shouldn't have big discussions here. If you and some others for example are making a flash you can have the project thread in /fla/ and create a separate thread in /res/ where you upload related non-image files. Then you simply link to the resources from the project thread. Just remember to have someone reply in the /res/ thread every now and then so it doesn't die. These "helper threads" should contain a link to the main discussion thread.

4-11. If you are a "dedicated sharer" (decide yourself if you are one) you should grab the generated torrent from your post and start it (using your BitTorrent client). Have it download to the folder that contains the file you just uploaded to swfchan. This will instantly turn you into a seeder since you already have the file. Seed for as long as you like, at least help the torrent get going at the beginning until you see a couple of other seeds.

4-12. Each thread on /res/ must have somewhat limited topic (defined in the OP title). For example the topic cannot be just "Music", it must be more specific than that. It doesn't have to be TOO specific, just a certain music genre will do. However feel free to limit it further should you wish (a certain artist perhaps, or even tracks with a certain length -- it's up to you). In effect this means that you shouldn't make your own super-dump thread and put a thousand archives in it spanning across all kinds of subjects. A dump thread is fine as long as it has a specific somewhat limited topic.

4-13. When uploading releases - avoid batch releases if you are using RAR archives. Upload each release separately so that people that are missing just one release don't have to download a close-to 100 MiB archive just to delete 75% of it's content afterwards because they are duplicates to what he already have. Besides, if the RAR contains mostly images the automatically generated thumbnails from it will naturally provide a much better preview the fewer images the archive contains.


5-1. Do Internet.


6-1. No pornography. Sexy stuff is OK. Stuff that technically are porn may be counted as non-porn if it wasn't created to be fapped to (ergo 99% of all people wouldn't fap to it).

6-2. The posted flashes must have some sort of length (no defined minimum but the thing should be something you can actually watch for a little while, even if it is a very short while).


7-1. If something wasn't intended for being jerked off to it shouldn't be here. A sexy commercial for example shouldn't be here.

7-2. Just because something has nudity doesn't mean it should be on /fap/. Even if someone (you?) might find it fappable it does only belong on /fap/ if most people would think it is.

7-3. If it is clear that the thing was intended fapping material it should be here even if you don't think that most people would be able to fap to it. Don't discriminate against shitty porn.

7-4. If you are posting a porn game it should be marked as such by putting [G] at the beginning of the title or text body. Non-games may not start the post with [G].


8-1. Interactive flash files that has some sort of goal. You can usually win in a game.

8-2. Porn games do not belong here, put those in /fap/. If the game has edgy material ask yourself, "Was this scene meant to fap to?". If the answer is "no" the game doesn't count as pornographic and should be in /gg/.


9-1. If the flash does not belong in /show/, /fap/ or /gg/ it should be put here. Non-pornographic loops, or short animations/tests or embedded PDF files belongs here for example.

9-2. If you are posting a genuine flash loop it should be marked as such by putting [L] at the beginning of the title or text body. A "genuine" loop has music AND moving visuals. Non-genuine loops must not start the post with [L] (meaning loops without music should never be tagged).

9-3. Pornographic loops are allowed to be posted IF they have music playing in the background. These should be marked with [L] since they count as genuine loops. However if the loop has too much pornographic value it should still be posted in /fap/. Determining wheather a genuine loop has "too much pornographic value" or not is up to you, go with your gut. But if it is clear that the loop was created with fapping in mind it should probably go in /fap/.
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