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>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)17:47  No.78813 
This site is now officially trash.

I am honestly shocked this site is run by a fucking retarded Trumper. A new site must be made, free of brainwashed political views and just exist for the fucking porn like it is supposed to be.

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>>Anonymous  23oct2020(fr)11:58  No.80565 
Brainwashed left vs brainwashed right. Another day on the Internet.

No idea why any of you are scared of China when you clearly have no qualms with staying in perfect lockstep with what you've been told to think.

Facts, research, and independent thought are clearly worthless next to the warm fuzzies you get from thinking you're better than everyone else. Golly that sure sounds familiar, dunnit?

"Vote for me and I'll fuck over the people you hate!" is as far as any of you care about who runs the country. Wow, we're so much more advanced than those commies. ...

>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)20:17  No.80591 
>youtube-dl has been taken down
oh shit

also, I believe someone once made a batch download script for youtube that also included the description text, but I'm unsure about the comments

>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)22:09  No.80595 
What the-- 0/
The God damn Recording Industry Association of America ruining things again, what a surprise! I hope they will find a way to get everything back to running smoothly again soon enough, that project is too good to give up on. At least you can still get the program from for now.

>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)20:22  No.51733 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! y-god-to-thee be-flash-update.html

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>>w7-890  20oct2020(tu)23:21  No.80499 
ive seen this on my relatives ZSCMALL laptop with chrome pre installed (relatable)
anybody here uses Chinese unbranded computers mine has a somewhat buggy windows 10 with Chinese KMS loader virus
>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)19:57  No.80585 
seen it on win10 as well
interestingly I haven't come across it on my win7 PC and I hope I won't at all
still, is anyone focusing some energy on getting rid of the plugin killswitch, or are we waiting for the final version of the projector to worry about that?
if the plugin can be preserved in a functional state, then in conjunction with a XUL browser that isn't firefox you will be able to use flash indefinitely
not being on win10 might also help

also, it might be useful to state that the projector exe isn't affected by this, so grab a copy as long as it is possible

>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)21:35  No.80594 
I hope the projector exe isn't affected by this but the end-of-life.html webpage does say "Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date."

The projector exe is titled "Adobe Flash Player" so unless they are just bad at expressing themselves it sounds like they have bricked the projector as well.

>>Anonymous  22oct2020(th)07:50  No.80537 
How to upload a swf to the archive that exceeds the /fap/ size limit?

I forgot how to do this. I want to put Crimson Keep 5 here (97mb).
Download link from the author's discuck: 33232404/767047335494025216/CK5_v1.7.swf

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>>Anonymous  22oct2020(th)19:34  No.80545 
Just wait until it gets spidered I guess.

More importantly, anyone mind posting their saved game so I can check this one out without playing the older ones?

>>Anonymous  23oct2020(fr)02:39  No.80557 
Does it get spidered on this board?
>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)20:08  No.80588 
New chrimson keep?
Fucking sweet, thanks OP!

I wouldn't count on that. There are very few of swfchan's spiders active at all times, it is not as much of an automated process as you might expect.

>>80557 ...

>>Anonymous  13oct2020(tu)21:06  No.80373 
WHentai Flash Games

Someone could download these flash games and upload here? if this is not possible, at least a download link for these? -of-sakura-in-the-thicket-o -of-sakura-in-the-thicket-o -1-lucy-at-the-shop of-the-uzumaki-family e-sex-adventures-on-the-dec ...

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>>Anonymous  18oct2020(su)18:35  No.80455 
wasnt there a way to download any of the flash games by inspecting the page or something?
>>Anonymous  18oct2020(su)19:45  No.80464 
the downloading part isn't the problem, but rather the "behind a paywall" part
>>Anonymous  18oct2020(su)22:29  No.80468 
well, I wish I can. but every time I try to download the files through a paywall a error 404 pops up. the website ( is not found apparently.

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

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>>Anonymous  4oct2020(su)21:58  No.80242
It's in spanish and going to close at the end of 2020.
>>Anonymous  8oct2020(th)18:53  No.80288 
Dead. It links to which seems to be one of those 8chan clones where people can make their own imageboard.

Already dead, seems like the whole site was shut down because of some drama. But he will maybe reopen it sometime and links to a Discord server.

Gee, we hardly knew ye. Here's something, I tried to archive that page on just to preserve the memory of it and got the message "This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine." ...

>>comment thief No 1  13oct2020(tu)21:02  No.80372 
>>80242 (i came up with it myself)
i swear to god i did not get my name from this site (also where is the hentai board)
speaking of cyberpunk where can i download the hack dump

coincidence maybe be not ...

>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)08:25  No.80189 
Please remove this post

I would like to update the file, but I can't since the original is still up.

Would it be possible to remove the post or at least upload the updated file somehow?

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>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)09:44  No.80193 
Already tried modifying it, but the site still claims it's already been uploaded, the only thing I actually wanted to change was the new file already has a save state in it
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)14:00  No.80197 
Don't know what to tell you, as long as you change the actual content of the flash you should be able to upload it.
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)21:00  No.80204 
Just upload it on /f/, wait till the crawler picks it up, and then link it from inside the thread. Seems good enough doesn't it?

>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)03:36  No.80187 
Can people with Flash see this?

If so is it possible to save the whole thing?

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>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)20:55  No.80203 
Works for me I guess.
Just download all swfs and media that are getting called by the page, starting with the loader swf that is embedded.

>>Anonymous  10sep2020(th)16:46  No.79529 
brothel sims?

Anyone got reccs for a brothel sim game? Dating sims work fine too if there is actual gameplay and not just reading. Stuff like resource management, stats, time, etc..

Something like the alien game 'The Inseminator' but hopefully more polished and modern

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>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)02:45  No.79576 
Why so hostile?

I don't remember the filenames of any brothel flash games but I'm pretty sure I've seen one.

>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)14:03  No.79615 
searching the archive for the simulation and porn tags simultaneously might yield some fitting results
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)08:30  No.80190 
Zum Damenhaus is pretty good mechanics-wise, but art-wise, eh, it's good-ish enough

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)04:33  No.80081 
hmmm .... notifications to your email whenever someone posts with the name w7-890
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28sep2020(mo)06:55  No.80117 
The idea about getting a chance to cancel the creation of a thread because of the flash already being archived is good but I'm not sure if it's worth implementing at this point. Also the fact that someone went through the trouble archiving it a second time, adding another "seen" to the flash's counter, is a useful indicator for people browsing the archive that the flash might be worth watching. If the filename is different it also adds more useful search information.

I know that it can be annoying when someone dumps a bunch of flashes that most people don't want to watch and the threads will never get any replies, but I think a better solution to that problem would be for me to provide an alternative way of adding flashes to the ...

>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)19:42  No.80148 
Please do find a way to archive those 170k flashes.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

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>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)20:43  No.79119 
True, everyone even got 100% of their monies back while Ants still kept them as well as far as I last heard (at least one positive thing about that fiasco :3), but to make a long story short:
The reason why he was banned was partially due to him taking extreme precautions and even not directly linking the patreon from this site for the longest time.
I'd say chances are hight that if Ants made a patreon for just as in the developement of some application, he wouldn't get banned again, as that happened pretty arbitratrily. We wouldn't know until we tried but even then I think he's pretty fed up with them and also doesn't want to support such a bad site. They started good, but today I wouldn't want to give them any money.

This is getting pretty off-topic now though, so please use the designated /disc/ threads.

>>w7-890  26sep2020(sa)08:16  No.80050 
>>79119 >>79106 >>79093
no offense but it all starts from good intentions guys few years later this will become a full blown paywall I ain't kidding guys
its kinda sad what patreon creators turned into (underrated artists make good stuff but when they become popular things go downhill)

19512 >>>78931
i think admin expanded /disc/ i will take some time before we get 14 (i looked at

19511 >>>79518 ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29sep2020(tu)21:06  No.80149 
Threads on /disc/ never timeout.

If someone figures out your password he can delete everything in your collection and it's erased from the database as well, however I do keep long term snapshots of the database so I would probably be able to restore the collection if it was really good. It would be a pain in the neck to do though so it would have to be REALLY good. But surely you haven't used a weak password, right?

Every single backup isn't kept forever and there's of course some delay between snapshots, so if you add a bunch of text to the collection and you get hacked tomorrow there's a chance your latest additions are lost. Keep in mind that you can always take manual backups of how your collection looks by using or

>>Anonymous  22sep2020(tu)03:04  No.79972 
Are there any 60fps flash files?

Sup guys. I have stumbled upon this site for a while now and I am wondering if there are any 60fps (or rather smooth fps besides 30) flash files/games that are available here? Thanks!

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>>Anonymous  22sep2020(tu)17:37  No.79980 
>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)01:30  No.79994 
Flash has supported 120 FPS since the early 2000s, maybe even during the 90s.
And we're abandoning the format. Let that sink in.
>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)15:54  No.79998 Me.swf

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:12  No.79915 
How to compress swf files

I have a 90mb .swf file I wanted to post here, but I can't upload it since the limit is 70mb, is there anyway to reduce the file size so I can post it here ?

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>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:43  No.79922 
It's a high res animation with some interactivity, the creator also released as a video. I will probably upload it to mega and share the link
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:50  No.79923 
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)22:44  No.79949 
He put the download link into this thread:

>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)09:43  No.79858 
Help identify format

I'm trying to grab a couple of online nick games to add to an offline archive as some of them are hard to find and they remove games without warning. However I can not only not right-click save the games, even going into page info-->media shows no embedded files and no .swf files either. So now I'm not sure if they're flash games with some kind of protection shielding them or if they're html5 games (or any other format) and would like help with this.

game example: s-of-the-chill/

tl;dr: I need help downloading games from the page above to archive offline.

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>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)12:46  No.79889 
+ \/games\/data\/nickelodeon\/nickelodeon-champions -of-the-chill\/html5\/
strongly suggests that this is a html5 game and no flash
I doubt nick would still output anything in flash, such modern and still ongoing online game sites are promt to have jumped onto that futureproof html5 bandwagon as soons as shit hit the fan
>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)17:13  No.79895 
Thanks for the info, I suspected it wasn't flash. Gonna have to download it another way then but at least now I know.
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:57  No.79926 
keep thinking that until the companies one day decide that you don't want that.
for your safety of course.

>>Anonymous  17sep2020(th)13:01  No.79742 is down? is down right now. Any idea why?

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>>Anonymous  17sep2020(th)14:51  No.79743 
No longer used.
>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)12:15  No.79887 
You're kinda on the ".org" right now, aren't you?
Admin just switched the domains for some domain ass reasons (quarrel with the registration) and temporarily placed them here as
I say temporarily, because he explicitely stated that he wants to switch back to .org at some point, but it seems this point has yet to come.

>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)02:25  No.79130 
Concept for site

Has this site ever thought of an option where when you download an swf file it auto converts into an exe file?

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>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)18:40  No.79155 
swfs are meant to be embedded or played inside the browser, so they only land in cache, never as a file on your PC, something that exes couldn't do
also, converting them isn't that trivial, would take some of swfchan's resources running a copyright-protected old projector that does that, if you really need that you could always do that yourself
I think support of that dropped at some point, so some new flashes might not even work that way, unless jpexs has an option to do that as well?
lastly, when even make every swf an exe and not just use 1 exe for all swfs as it is meant to be, as far as I know an exe of an swf is really just the swf inside a unique projector anyway

there's just no reason to do that shit

>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)18:46  No.79158 

Well flash I'd gonna have support ended after 2020 so I figured the only way these could be played anymore after 2020 I'd through exe conversion.

>>click on the post number to reply  1sep2020(tu)18:50  No.79159 
you cannot really convert flash into anything
just get an exe that plays them like projector or media player classic (with active X flash plugin installed) and play them that way
or get a browser that doesn't just drop plugin support

>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)21:48  No.78540 
Bad news

So, someone on /f/ --> - tested the current plugin in a setup dated after 2020 and Adobe actually put in a kill switch for the browser plugin.

I think this means it is about time to look into the last working version of it and archive it for future use. Or maybe some hacking geniuses would be able to build a patch that unbricks it.

Coincidentially Adobe already put down the archive player website and gives out the online installer only.

Fortunately there still exists a website of them that provides installer downloads as well as the projector. ...

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>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)04:15  No.79109 
laputan machine
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)17:20  No.79118 
flatlander woman
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)21:00  No.79121 
le wat?

>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)16:40  No.78905 
reminder swfchan admin is a furry
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>>you're using it right now, furry boy  30aug2020(su)17:31  No.79098 

get your sorry ass back here!

>>Joshex  31aug2020(mo)17:18  No.79117 
nope. flash will live on. in browsers that still allow it, while browsers that kill it off will wonder why they have few if any users.
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)23:23  No.79125 
can't we all just agree that all furfags should be gassed already

>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)18:33  No.78907 
Is this site going to die now that flash is dead in 2020?

Please tell me flash is going to have a renaissance one day
also how does html5 fare against swfs? ur opionions are welcome

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>>Anonymous  28aug2020(fr)15:34  No.78984 
nope, use an outdated browser with flash installed or use basilisk, do all your browsing on a computer stay away from dumbphones.

Flash is not dead in my browser. I will continue to enjoy swfchan for many years to come.

IF adobe kills off the flash development software or sets some sorta sunsetting in an update which disables it, there will be lawsuits and Adobe will lose. When a company legally states they are discontinuing support and sale and distribution of a product, it can clearly be argued that statement by that company is a statement of legal abandonment of the Intellectual properties regarding the product. at which point adobe will be said to have no right to hide to source code from the public, as it is public domain.

Meanwhile flash CS4 has no such time bomb. CS5+ thats a different story, they are forcefully ungraded on install so yeah potential for timebomb. ...

>>Anonymous  28aug2020(fr)15:43  No.78985 
on the note of HTML5 compared to swf.

there is no comparison.

HTML5 is just HTML, there is not anon hosting for HTML because IT IS THE ACTUAL WEBPAGE. no one is goign to give free anon webhosting. oh and actually HTML5 can't really do games it needs javascript for that.

the whole attack on swf was that it's an insecure and dangerous format that can contain viruses. and for somereason they thought that javascript is somehow not as hacked as it is and somehow contains less ability to make viruses than it has had since the dawn of the interbutts. ...

>>Anonymous  28aug2020(fr)15:44  No.78986 
HTML5 and Javascript the official recommendation of indian virus makers and hackers since whenever it was made.

>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)08:04  No.78901 
cope . . ...........................
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>>sage  27aug2020(th)22:18  No.78970 


>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)07:50  No.78877 
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>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)08:17  No.78878 
ok i lel'd a bit
>>sage  23aug2020(su)20:52  No.78890 


>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)08:03  No.78900 
sage diverted

>>bruh  22aug2020(sa)07:29  No.78845 
Imagine showing your political opinion on your website

thanks for shoving your admittedly retarded political views down the throads of thousands who use this website.

if anyone knows any alternatives hit me up

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>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)20:55  No.78867 
I thought the userbase was low because this is an archive site for old content on an ancient format that nearly no one uses anymore and will officially be killed by the end of the year. But no, the real reason is because there's a maga hat next to the title. Lmao.
>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)20:42  No.78888 
the alternative is

to go back to reddit

and never use flash again

>>78849 ...

>>Anonymous  10sep2020(th)02:41  No.79518 
the quads speak the truth also what does begone thot mean and is yiff party ok

>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)13:12  No.78853 
never thought id see a day where there is drama in fucking swfchan loool u cant make this shit up
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>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)20:48  No.78889 
Fuck all these bullshit /disc/ threads pushing off older important ones.

There has been. Ants once before posted something about Google doing shady shit and everybody lost theirs.
Also all the time about nigger dicks, cuckoldry, and PeachyPop34.

But, OP opening up the 3rd thread reeks about people invading who never used the site before and only show up because their fellow friends (not to be confused with /f/riends) told them that there was some political "thing" happening on a site nobody knows or cares about. ...

>>Anonymous  25aug2020(tu)16:47  No.78931 
there are so many threads on /disc/ 13 but how come the final thread isn't baleeted yet
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29sep2020(tu)21:10  No.80150 
Threads on /disc/ never timeout.

>>Anonymous  5jun2020(fr)03:08  No.77444 

I am sorely curious as to what swfchan™ was doing during the past 3 months or so of crisis and economic down turn.
Yet there was not one mention as to what the company was doing to ease my fears and insulate me from the horrors of the plague.
SWFAnts©, do you as the spokesman for swfchan™ have anything to say to defend its inaction?

At the very least swfchan™ could have put up a banner saying they were concerned about their userbase.

 Preview below.         Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)20:45  No.77982 
true, the only activism that was posted here by SWFAnts© was of such quality that would affect this site, its userbase and the internet at large
like, if it doesn't deal with internet issues, then you shouldn't have to care just because you're oti
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)15:45  No.78812 
lol so much for that, now SWFChan has a fucking MAGA hat on the top banner because "Trump must win!" like he's going to save Flash or some shit.
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)20:20  No.78817 
ah yes, the old reeemaster2000. a bright red baseball cap with 4 letters that actually I never made the mental connection for what they stood for and wondered why people kept posting MAGA everywhere until I looked it up and realized it was a campaign slogan which butthurt report form filers find offensive and go "REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" and cry and wet themselves and act like the world is ending.

so.... well it's not a charity cause, nor a social issue but a campaign slogan. oh, and yeah if trump wins it might just save hentai, anime and flash. democrat superPAC companies such as google are the originators of the "flash is dangerous and should be banned" notion while ignoring the dangers of javascript which they push. Oh and to them ...

>>Anonymous  11aug2020(tu)18:55  No.78637 
Flash saved

Ok, so, right here and now, you can download the full offline installer for Firefox 51.0, go offline install it. do not install mozilla maintenance service and do not set it to auto update. turn off all updates. turn off checking for updates. in options. next duckduckgo search how to disable XPI signiature checking. go to about:config and search XPI disable any and all. next go download flash player, 32 has some bugs so I suggest something earlier atm. install. enjoy.

I also suggest to install noscript adblockerultimate, advanced cookie manager, and a user agent switcher. if you cannot get a working copy of these from mozilla's site, copy the URL and paste it in's waybackmachine and get an older version that will install.

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>>w7-890  15aug2020(sa)00:21  No.78733 
off topic but what does ants think about integrating ruffle into swfchan com archive so phab-posters like me can contribute
(webgenie doesn't work on Android 8.0 ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ post made using Gboard)
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)11:45  No.78739 
reminds me of those abyssmal practices when it comes to infinite scrolling these days, even on google
because of MUH SMARTPHONE people, sites scrolling oftentimes just jump all over the place when you use a mouswheel or the navigation bar on the side
because it loads in and doesn't save your position, even if you just scroll down a little, you jump an unspecified amount and completely lose track where on the page you've the fuck been

or that content gets retracted from the site or stops playing
when I browse social media and the likes and you click on a vid or embed, you let it play in the background
but as soons as it gets out of screen, it just vanishes or stops autoplaying ...

>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)12:46  No.78744 
true, I suggest flash-player 30 or earlier in fact many people on 64bit systems need flash 23 to avoid some graphical rendering problems. Also flash developers should be aware of this, never write your flashes for the newest version of the player.

they didn't brick anything but the newest one.

>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)15:05  No.78653 
additional "do not share any data with mozilla" that's just another mechanism for them to sense you have not updated and force it when it crashes.
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>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)15:06  No.78654 
oops wrong thread. delete please.
>>Thread recycler No.1  12aug2020(we)17:27  No.78658 
pls ants

why was /fla/ deleted long time ago
also can we make a file less archive for /disc/ and /b/

>>nonto  20jul2020(mo)22:21  No.78276 
Looking for a flash

I am looking for an old flash loop, from the old "stamp on the ground flash" era. -Ground-136418446

It is a short loop with trance/techno music.

It is a guy dancing and a girl comes in where they dance together.
Then it switches to another girl, where they dance and are about to kiss, but instead the girl licks his face (I think).
Then it goes back to before. ...

 Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>nonto  22jul2020(we)23:27  No.78311 
Thanks man! I hope your future is going to be bright!
>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)20:11  No.78319 
nice work dude
>>Anonymous  24jul2020(fr)13:30  No.78340 
Huh, for some reason I did actually know this flash existed, but I didn't save it to my collection. Whoops. Ty, anon.

>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:20  No.77990 
its me again sorry for bump

even though this site is not an imageboard (and there are lots of broken 404ed links here) you might need some extra stuff here on swfchan (just sayin)

this is a really cool (but unpopular) game site they have zips too and enjoy the relaxing music (source plz i really like it)

extras (lastly how do you download HTML5 games) (click flash for the real game) (source of bonus game ?)

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>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:26  No.77991 
>>77990 (noice dubz)
fuck fuck fuck wrong thread whoops plz move here it happened again
>>Anonymous  14jul2020(tu)23:29  No.78200 
SPAM (redtext me plz)

!! just a test from w7-890 !!
what does >> ???? ???? malito:sdssds2

pro tip check the url before posting

test from other chans will try this on YP later (part 1) ...

>>Anonymous  14jul2020(tu)06:06  No.78187 
Artist Request

Does anyone know who made this? +Dragoness+Girl+Sex.swf

I think I remember seeing the gif on e621 but the name on it isn't correct.

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>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)17:04  No.77963 
someone here already fapped with VR glasses?

someone here already fapped with VR glasses? is really better than "traditional" fap? tell me your experience

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>>Anonymous  6jul2020(mo)13:43  No.78062 
its totally different, its like you are not a viewer, but a participant, sometimes with interactive based by the application, its worth to try. but you know, if you sex too much you will miss Fap, if you fap everyday you will want a girl. its not a replacement, its a part of it, like you want toys want girls want a robot hand.
>>Anonymous  8jul2020(we)12:07  No.78107 
i think i would be pretty paranoid about it and only try if the door was firmly locked and 1 ear was outside the headset
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)20:37  No.78130 
>Girl wearing skirt puts on VR-headset
>"Wow, anon. This is pretty cool."
>frantic camera clicking noises in the background

>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)11:06  No.77643 
HTTPS + Site Cost

Heyo, I was wondering two things- why doesn't anything on swfchan support https, and secondly, I remember supporting the patreon a while ago, and was wondering what the continuing plan is for keeping up with server costs? Will donations ever be reopened?

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>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)21:00  No.77652 
At the moment no, there aren't any donation sites considered, but there is always the option to donate Bitcoin to relieve admin's costs.
Wallet address is at the bottom of every page.

Ants, if you read this, the link of [discuss] next to the wallets that points to the disc thread is still linked to .org.

No idea about https. This site was coded entirely by the admin, so maybe he just didn't find the opportunity to implement it yet.

>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)17:35  No.77730 
>Ants, if you read this, the link of [discuss] next to the wallets that points to the disc thread is still linked to .org
bumping this
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jun2020(tu)04:11  No.77835 
I know that https is overdue but I hard-coded a bunch of http assumptions over the years and it would be time consuming to make the switch now. I'd have to go through a lot of code to make sure nothing breaks. The site runs on rusty code layered on top of older rusty code, the stuff I wrote a decade ago is pretty crude. I used https on one subdomain many years back (it's gone now) so I at least know how to set things up, maybe someday I'll put in the work. Sorry.

As for donations opening up again, depends on what happens with the ad revenue. If there will be a dramatic drop in visitors next year --which I suspect is the case unfortunately-- I may try to open up non-crypto donations again. Though as always I'm keen on protecting my anonymity as much as possible. Thanks for your previous support!

Thanks for pointing out the [discuss] link, fixed now.
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