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>>Anonymous  19jan2021(tu)14:52  No.83039 
is it my impression or ruffle is faster than adobe flash player

ruffle is running flashes without fps drop.

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>>Anonymous  19jan2021(tu)18:19  No.83042 
only because as a standard script it has access to hardware acceleration
which means not your CPU but your GPU renders graphical shit
too bad Adobe never botheres to implement it into their flash player
my CPU is rather good tho, so it don't really bother me anyway
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20jan2021(we)00:15  No.83046 
1. Ruffle is not sandboxed as much as the flash plugin was in browsers the last couple of years, which slowed it down.
2. Adobe never *fully made the flash plugin take advantage of the computer's graphics card to render. Ruffle uses WebGL, which is GPU-accelerated.
3. Ruffle doesn't support filters yet so glow/blur effects are not rendered, which is what usually slows down flash in fullscreen.
4. Ruffle also doesn't support layer blend modes yet.

*You could tell embedded flashes with wmode=direct to enable Context3D for GPU capabilities but doing so disabled things like the glow effect, which relied on CPU calculations. To keep things working like they always had across devices Adobe never enabled GPU rendering by default, an ...

>>Joshex  7jan2021(th)16:05  No.82540 
Another flash option!

I just openned seamonkey, which I use for browsing when my outdated firefox with flash permanently installed wont work to load a site or is missing buttons that are built for chromium only. etc.

well I decided to see if I had flash installed on seamonkey, the answer was no. but the answer was also, that flash games still mostly worked. why? VLC media player browser addon. it actually does play shockwave/flash content to a surprisingly good level, probably better than the ruffle player.


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>>Joshex  18jan2021(mo)11:29  No.83018 
I had replied to this thread with updated info. VLC was not running the flashes itself when activated, what was happening was on a page with a flash it was saying "activate VLC Web addon" instead of activate flash, when clicked however it was running the SWF in flashplayer, not VLC. so what I deemed to be happening was VLC was triggering flashpayer if it's installed in that browser.

to make it work you need flashplayer set to ask to activate and VLC web addon set to ask to activate.

if your browser refuses to give you the option to run swfs in flashplayer VLC will show up, upon clicking to activate VLC VLC checks and sees if you have a working flashplayer. if so, it forces it to run instead.

>>82996 ...

>>Our_Lord_Stan  19jan2021(tu)05:48  No.83032 
Big brain time

Relax guys, just change the date on your system and disable automatic sync.
Everything works.

>>Anonymous  19jan2021(tu)12:30  No.83038 
Standalone player is best.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)21:46  No.81364 
Viewing flash content (Ruffle/Player/Plugin)

This thread is for discussion concerning the message box at the bottom of every page with the GET FILE button.

Adobe will end their support of flash in 1 month and 1 week.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jan2021(sa)17:51  No.82953 
I've not tested setting up mms.cfg for Chrome myself but according to page 36 of the PDF available at /flash_player_admin_guide.html the file should be placed here:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\U ser Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shock-wave Flash\System\mms.cfg

>Note: Google Chrome supports the ability for each user on the system to create multiple user Profiles within Google Chrome. Each Profile has a separate instance of browser data and config files, including Flash Player data. To modify behavior across each Profile and user on the system using mms.cfg, an mms.cfg would need to be placed in each relevant folder. The primary profile on the system is named "Default", and subsequent profiles are enumerated with the name "Profile <n>".
>The System directory may not exist. If not, create it manually. ...

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  16jan2021(sa)19:10  No.82961 
>>82953 doublethx antz (sorry for all the autism in my past posts)
huh didn't know you could edit stuff here (welp forgot to archive oh well)

now i can finally enjoy swiffs peacefully on my VM
ok the final step is backing up my chrome version (how do i do it is copying the program files folder enough do i need to add registry stuff)
also webgenie works fine without the EOL stuff lol

(ok now all i need left is the IE11 flash v32 plugin i am trying to save a small site)

>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)13:04  No.83020 
Houston we have a problem

opening my trusty FFDEC gives the EOL message on the bottom right there is a yellow debug button
when I click it says WARNING failed to initialize flash panel
playing shape and moviess say this object cannot be previewed on your platform (windows only)
sounds play just fine on w10 host
on the guest VM nothing plays I don't see the EOL thing

anyone here uses plug in (I don't want ching chong adware) ...

>>Diarmuid  30dec2020(we)01:02  No.82167 
What name does the creator of swfchan go by?

As in username or real name

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>>Anonymous  30dec2020(we)19:09  No.82182 
He's known as !///SWFAnts #ADMIN# around these parts.
>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)11:00  No.82799 
anyone know what happened to did Ants own this site i couldn't download stuff from because of site captcha
>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)19:45  No.82815 
yes, it was his oldest own website

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)11:12  No.82706 
The time has come

The kill switch is triggered. Please update the guide on the bottom of flash pages concerning Adobe's Flash Plugin. The alternatives seem to be modifying some values to defuse the plugin ( or getting an older version without the kill switch.
Please test and greenlight these methods so we can confidently continue using Flash on the browser, thanks.

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>>w7-890  12jan2021(tu)20:04  No.82737 
lol I have tiny7 installed on vbox (I have backup of my downloads and chrome user data 7z into a 64gb SD card just in case)
how many cores should I give to VM also w10 was preinstalled on laptop wat to do
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)02:14  No.82748 
I'm a linuxfag. Using a downgraded v.371 version on Firefox. Seems to work alright.
I got the downgraded Linux version from a mega some anon posted on /f/: JZep_dzI2jqH8l0GmoIoCeEU
I also did the mms.cfg thing just in case.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)06:20  No.82754 
Couldn't you have had this discussion in so we would have all related info in one place?

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)05:04  No.82700 
Is flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe fully offline?

Anyone here using flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe or flashplayer_32_sa.exe? I haven't started playing some old flash games yet, I'm just here because I heard flash is now dead. I could play (just like emulation) some swf games, BUT only if it's completely offline. I don't want the swf requesting data from the internet or sending data to the internet as I play. If flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe or flashplayer_32_sa.exe is completely offline, I'll start saving the old games that I like.

Also, are there any good top down RPG games here?

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>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)13:44  No.82721 
>just block it on your firewall
Would that be enough? I mean, I'm not a flash expert, but is it possible that swf files can create temporary files, and those files connects to the internet?
>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)17:46  No.82734 
That sounds farfetched. The program is what runs flash, even if there's temporary files, they'll have to be run by the .exe. I am pretty sure that swf files that loaded data from the internet never even worked on the Flash projector.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)06:28  No.82755 
The standalone flash projector will keep working, only the plugin is bricked. A pleasant surprise is that Adobe seems to be keeping the projector online for people to download: ownloads.html
Doesn't redeem them from bricking the plugin but it's something. Hopefully they will keep the projector download online indefinitely.

>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)17:28  No.82582 
Pedophiles shitting up /fap/

I don't know what admin is doing by allowing pedofaggotry/plants shitting up swfchan.
Last time a site was blasted with CP it was taken down
Fix your shit or swfchan will be dead in water sooner or later

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>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)22:29  No.82594 
Relax your shit, OP.
Some poorly converted video about a girl dancing is neither "pedo shit" nor porn.
Nobody's complaining about your gay sonic scat flashes as well.
Admin is active enough to stomp out any real dangerous post by himself.
As long as those flashes aren't 90% of what's getting posted, start panicking when there's actual CP getting posted (which happened in the past already, which is why /b/ got removed).
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)23:39  No.82600 
I've only ever seen CP once in my 10+ years here, and that was a flash that I personally reported.

In fact it's still in the archives but it's obviously deleted (thumbnail too), more of just a way of seeing if anyone uploads it again really.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)03:44  No.82611 
Age of the thread you linked: 0.43d
Your thread's age: Age: 0.4d
Wouldn't be surprised if you're the one that uploaded it, trying to drum up something.

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

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>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)19:27  No.82329
>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)19:34  No.82331 
also >>78031 is now
>>Anonymous  7jan2021(th)16:27  No.82541

>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)02:25  No.41138 
SUP, looking for a particular flash, help me find it?

It's an AMV and the name of it's song I don't remember but it's made by some small Youtuber, would have the tags nonrealvideo & emotional and the very start has a automatic raising barrier (like this, but without the fence thing hanging off it lux-barrier.JPG)

It used to be posted fairly often on /f/, anyone know it's name?

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>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)04:21  No.53573 
>>Anonymous  30dec2020(we)17:59  No.82179 
Thank you so much, anon.
>>Anonymous  30dec2020(we)19:11  No.82183 
Jesus fuckin christ, better late than never!

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>Anonymous  27dec2020(su)17:58  No.82088 
He did it in literally the same 7chan thread as the original flash. 0
>>Anonymous  27dec2020(su)18:19  No.82089 
The exact post everyone seems to have missed:
>>Anonymous  28dec2020(mo)02:04  No.82098 
But that isn't evidence that he made it. First of all the ID is wrong, -8 posted with dfdc23 before and after the post you linked to. Second, following the quote chain it seems like it was intended as an improved edit of someone else's edit (also says "edited the ending image" instead of "changed"). Finally, the post just doesn't read like how -8 typically writes. If anything you just proved that it wasn't an edit by -8 himself.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jan2012(mo)22:14  No.3107 

It has finally happened, from this day swfchan accepts donations. The reason to why is because a new server is needed and if there's a chance that someone out there would like to help out in obtaining the hardware I would be very grateful.

Discuss everything related to donating in this thread.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26jan2020(su)23:18  No.74424 
Thanks but not at the moment. I only have the Bitcoin addresses. Sorry for the late reply.
>>Juan  17dec2020(th)16:05  No.81892 
Re: Why don't you monetize your traffic?

I'm Juan from (adult traffic monetization expert).   
 I checked your visitors statistics trend among US competitors during the COVID19 period and with your 0.22M/month on we can offer $264/month for a single ad! 
DM me for details
Skype:  live:k.juan_5 
Telegram: @juanclickadu

>>Xi Jinping  25dec2020(fr)19:37  No.82062 
Re: Hello can you add these features

>>81892 >>>81955 aaand archived

is there a way to block the Christmas swf animation sound thingy on .net webgenie keeps on crashing I can't fap on yiff mas
the redirects me to .org can u fix pls also when will the status page be complete I kinda wanna use it

crazy idea but can you add a mining game page where 5 ads pop every minute and there's a btc miner on the background if the user earns enough points he can buy a one week ad free experience (and maybe faster downloads) ads are really inconvenient and I mostly click back whenever (another nail in the coffin) chegets pop up preventing ads from loading this stopping revenue from being earned (just my 2 cents)

also can you make a confirmation when making threads on /disc/ only (sorry for late reply) ...

>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)17:47  No.78813 
This site is now officially trash.

I am honestly shocked this site is run by a fucking retarded Trumper. A new site must be made, free of brainwashed political views and just exist for the fucking porn like it is supposed to be.

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>>Anonymous  24nov2020(tu)03:53  No.81332 
>I am shocked someone supported one of two candidates that rotate in/out every 4/8 years
I recommend a thicker skin.
>>w7 890  28nov2020(sa)20:29  No.81443 

>>81020 ive seen this copypasta before but with different wording (coincidence? i think not)
>>78814 >yu no spoiler
related? biden edition anyone? also where is swf version (sorry 4 late post) why is /how/ offline and what happened to /fla/ (sorry for offtopic) ...

>>europeitconsult  21dec2020(mo)01:40  No.81955 
Europe IT Consulting GmbH

Accelerate your idea and transform it into reality with our consulting led approach to software development process. At Europe IT we provide solid and grounded technology to software development solutions from planning to implementation as per individual demands. Visit us to get more information about our unique and skillful development service.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29sep2020(tu)21:06  No.80149 
Threads on /disc/ never timeout.

If someone figures out your password he can delete everything in your collection and it's erased from the database as well, however I do keep long term snapshots of the database so I would probably be able to restore the collection if it was really good. It would be a pain in the neck to do though so it would have to be REALLY good. But surely you haven't used a weak password, right?

Every single backup isn't kept forever and there's of course some delay between snapshots, so if you add a bunch of text to the collection and you get hacked tomorrow there's a chance your latest additions are lost. Keep in mind that you can always take manual backups of how your collection looks by using or

>>Anonymous  16dec2020(we)10:11  No.81873 
>An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.
>>Anonymous  16dec2020(we)16:28  No.81877 
Works now, must have been temporary.

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)21:24  No.81706 
Swfchan is unusably slow

Anyone else having this problem? I can barely load anything. A 5mb flash will load 1% every 15 seconds and eventually stop loading entirely.

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  10dec2020(th)05:30  No.81774 
any plan to upgrade the servers (or the site features) in 2021 just asking though

also thanks for keeping this site up during quarantine it really helped me out during boring times but things are slowly normalizing now in my country (I'm too poor to gib bitcoin)

>>w7-890  10dec2020(th)05:40  No.81775 
>>81716 forgot to add
>Google botnet
maybe .org is taking up all bandwidth (yu no captcha)

>web fish taku
have you tried sharing them the full site backup in case world war 3 breaks out next few years (I hope it server is inside one of those old ww2 bunkers)
also when will the other domain return from the mana pool I kinda want the trinity back even though I've slowly gotten used to it
(off topic note: ruffle works fine on my tab but nothing at all on my phone all grey untested on lappy)

>>w7-890  10dec2020(th)05:41  No.81776 
>>81775 I hate auto correct

>>Anonymous  10dec2020(th)04:17  No.81771 
flksh rerquest

anyone remembrsr the hentai flash flash with deadmau5 - fn pig as a bg music?

talking about this track:
at 3:40

i remember there was a flash with this song, anon pls

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  10dec2020(th)04:27  No.81772 
probably not this one: wf
i dont think that this was the one, animations poses and characters were different as i remembe, but the song is right
>>w7-890  10dec2020(th)05:22  No.81773 
pls pls pls keep all requests on the previous thread (nice music this is actually good)
(also wants if you are seeing this add a confirmation button when making threads on /disc/)

>>Anon archive  4dec2020(fr)07:30  No.81618 

What will happen to SWF-chan and the flash archive after this year ends? Will they cease to exist? I sure hope they stay longer after that. Any official statement/announcement from the owner regarding this? Thanks in advance.

 Preview below.         Replies: 11. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)02:01  No.81683 
Uploading a flash on 4chan /f/ or one of the upload boards on (in this case /show/) is enough to archive it.
Posted it for you on /f/.

Protip: if you want to see if a flash you have is already archived, all you need to do is search the filesize in bytes prepended by a >.
For example in the case of et_td.swf which is 8.781.586 bytes, you can find it by searching ">8781586".

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)05:40  No.81692 
Great work my dude, your detective skillz are better than mine! You could have uploaded it as "Kaleidoscope et_td.swf" to make easier for people to find in the future but the important thing is you found it.
>>Anon archive  8dec2020(tu)20:37  No.81727 

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. And sorry for my late reply, I've been really busy hoarding flashes from several sites now. I download them manually and not using any bots so it's definitely not me who bogs swf-chan right now.

>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)00:08  No.72689 
Fun Things To Do

Does anyone like doing fun things? An example buy 2 round plush balls at Walmart, remove the tags, add a medium sized safety pin between both, & add a ball chain between the pin that fits around your neck but not too long which ends up becoming hyper sized fur boobs.

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)19:58  No.81441 
anyone tried putting a speaker on their penis i heard this on another chan sorry for bump
>>Anonymous  29nov2020(su)03:50  No.81460 
lol'd, now i feel like trying
>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)13:37  No.81698 
Shaving your balls can be quite fun.

>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)03:36  No.80187 
Can people with Flash see this?

If so is it possible to save the whole thing?

 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  3dec2020(th)00:37  No.81596 
What about this one?

>>w7-890  5dec2020(sa)00:57  No.81637 
wtf why is there a domain parking page on /ANIMATIONS/ but homepage is fine
also I've seen this before on the fek2/rack (maybe) CDN server
>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)15:22  No.81654 
The root folder probably has its own index html page while the animations folder has none, and the web host has set to display a "domain parked" page instead of a "not found" or "directory listing denied" page.

>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)21:48  No.78540 
Bad news

So, someone on /f/ --> - tested the current plugin in a setup dated after 2020 and Adobe actually put in a kill switch for the browser plugin.

I think this means it is about time to look into the last working version of it and archive it for future use. Or maybe some hacking geniuses would be able to build a patch that unbricks it.

Coincidentially Adobe already put down the archive player website and gives out the online installer only.

Fortunately there still exists a website of them that provides installer downloads as well as the projector. ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 13. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)21:00  No.79121 
le wat?
>>Anonymous  2dec2020(we)03:46  No.81567 
This is how the kill switch looks like:
Trigger date: January 12th, 2021.
>>Anonymous  2dec2020(we)16:49  No.81581 
admin gave advice on how to prevent this and some anon on /f/ tried it:

>EnableAllowList=1 in mms.cfg will change behavior to what Adobe will force after the year is over.
So far I've been putting in a lot of my regular domains, such as 4chan, flash file folders and the like.
I've also used every blanket scheme possible to allow as broad as it can get apparently.
So far it looks like I can play most of /f/ and also local files from my PC, though not from my network server.
Also there seems to be a strange bug, where if the filename contains weird symbols, like (ノ^∇^)ノ------☎(; ̄д ̄).swf or even ANYTHING containing a [ or ], it will not play the flash :/ ...

>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)08:27  No.80976 
Fuck Trump

Trump lost, the reports of voter fraud are both false and negligible. Now get back to hosting your porn website and get out and stay out of armchair politics. I'm not excited for Biden either but boy am I happy to get that reality TV show host out of office. See you at the 'four seasons'

 Preview below.         Replies: 9. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)00:29  No.81420 
you are delusional. living in a fantasy world
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)16:13  No.81436 
it's not a fantasy, I'm merely reporting the news. who knows what will happen, right now that particular case is about to head to the supreme court, meanwhile the PA legislature which is responsible for deciding the electors who represent the state in the electoral college is mulling over ignoring the election result and appointing republican electors who will vote trump due to this fraud. so at this point it seems if they carry through with this that PA's 20 electoral votes are going to trump either by legislature or supreme court verdict to throw out the 600k late votes.

that alone would not hand trump the presidency, as stated it would take 2 other states flipping by any means or similarly following suit via appointing republ ...

>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)23:07  No.81450 
People are just so programmed to hate the man.
Your words can't reach them anymore boss.
Good posts though.

>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:20  No.77990 
its me again sorry for bump

even though this site is not an imageboard (and there are lots of broken 404ed links here) you might need some extra stuff here on swfchan (just sayin)

this is a really cool (but unpopular) game site they have zips too and enjoy the relaxing music (source plz i really like it)

extras (lastly how do you download HTML5 games) (click flash for the real game) (source of bonus game ?)

 Preview below.         Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>w7-890  11nov2020(we)20:09  No.81026 
/\/\ ATTENTION soldiers deez is not a drill /\/\

i dunno if this is relevant but even though someone donated 1200 shekels last month its still down probably RIP for real
check the whois on i saw admin's real name also the site is hosted in ching chong Wapanese perhaps someone reported/doxxed him

+ in the meantime lets talk about YP here anything is welcome
+ whether you got banned or got error vent it here
+ ITT share your trolling/larping experience here lads
+ tfw no ED article (can we make one on .wiki domain)

>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)02:08  No.81030 
>>guess who  13nov2020(fr)15:26  No.81052 
can we get the ball rolling pls i cant participate on 4chan (banned lol it says my bare IP is proxy even though i never posted there)
the links /ptEtr | 3594192.html
also am i the only one who gets the urge to fire up VMware whenever i see a patreon link especially for games

>>Anonymous  13oct2020(tu)21:06  No.80373 
WHentai Flash Games

Someone could download these flash games and upload here? if this is not possible, at least a download link for these? -of-sakura-in-the-thicket-o -of-sakura-in-the-thicket-o -1-lucy-at-the-shop of-the-uzumaki-family e-sex-adventures-on-the-dec ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 8. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)00:23  No.80761 
Time might be running out, could be that after new year they convert everything to movie files.
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)16:51  No.80776 
guess someone has to bite the bullet and shill over those 5 bucks or whatever it costs to get a subscription to save all these flashes
where is Whentai rip guy when people need him the most...
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)21:02  No.80787 
meanwhile you're at it don't forget to fire up HTTRACK
hopefully anons can take a look at the HTML

>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)20:22  No.51733 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! y-god-to-thee be-flash-update.html

 Preview below.         Replies: 57. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28oct2020(we)19:37  No.80703 
Functionally yes but Adobe have been releasing security patches. Even if it's unlikely anybody will try to exploit anything after 2020 since almost nobody will play their swf file it's better to have all known possible threats patched. The likeliness someone will bother to discover a new exploit and then also try to make use of it will be much, much lower.
>>Anonymous  29oct2020(th)18:48  No.80726 
My goto is a standalone palemoon browser with the plugin file dropped inside the folder.
I'm interested in how Microsucks is gonna remove that permanently from my PC.
I bet they're talking about the system curated activeX version of flash (for internet explorer).

Really, the only problematic discovery was the killswitch inside the plugin.
Still hoping on some /f/ anons being able to somehow modifiy that (or SWFAnts if he's feeling generous).

>>w7-890  31oct2020(sa)22:32  No.80797 
pls reply ants

off topic but any chance you included newgrounds secret forum for supporters in in the archive do you also have a scrapper for their forum as well im kinda curious (is there a way to don8 BTC there I don't have card)

speaking of scene does anybody have flash game box .apk it disappeared on the play store and i can't find it on my old tablet along with adobe air apk

now back to the topic is there a way to prevent win10 from updating to newer windows builds while being able to use chrome internet (im kinda worried they might put politics inside EULA just like linux CoC remember this is 2020 not 2002 hell even google does it now) ...

>>Anonymous  22oct2020(th)07:50  No.80537 
How to upload a swf to the archive that exceeds the /fap/ size limit?

I forgot how to do this. I want to put Crimson Keep 5 here (97mb).
Download link from the author's discuck: 33232404/767047335494025216/CK5_v1.7.swf

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>>Anonymous  22oct2020(th)19:34  No.80545 
Just wait until it gets spidered I guess.

More importantly, anyone mind posting their saved game so I can check this one out without playing the older ones?

>>Anonymous  23oct2020(fr)02:39  No.80557 
Does it get spidered on this board?
>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)20:08  No.80588 
New chrimson keep?
Fucking sweet, thanks OP!

I wouldn't count on that. There are very few of swfchan's spiders active at all times, it is not as much of an automated process as you might expect.

>>80557 ...

>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)08:25  No.80189 
Please remove this post

I would like to update the file, but I can't since the original is still up.

Would it be possible to remove the post or at least upload the updated file somehow?

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>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)09:44  No.80193 
Already tried modifying it, but the site still claims it's already been uploaded, the only thing I actually wanted to change was the new file already has a save state in it
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)14:00  No.80197 
Don't know what to tell you, as long as you change the actual content of the flash you should be able to upload it.
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)21:00  No.80204 
Just upload it on /f/, wait till the crawler picks it up, and then link it from inside the thread. Seems good enough doesn't it?

>>Anonymous  10sep2020(th)16:46  No.79529 
brothel sims?

Anyone got reccs for a brothel sim game? Dating sims work fine too if there is actual gameplay and not just reading. Stuff like resource management, stats, time, etc..

Something like the alien game 'The Inseminator' but hopefully more polished and modern

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>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)02:45  No.79576 
Why so hostile?

I don't remember the filenames of any brothel flash games but I'm pretty sure I've seen one.

>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)14:03  No.79615 
searching the archive for the simulation and porn tags simultaneously might yield some fitting results
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)08:30  No.80190 
Zum Damenhaus is pretty good mechanics-wise, but art-wise, eh, it's good-ish enough

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)04:33  No.80081 
hmmm .... notifications to your email whenever someone posts with the name w7-890
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28sep2020(mo)06:55  No.80117 
The idea about getting a chance to cancel the creation of a thread because of the flash already being archived is good but I'm not sure if it's worth implementing at this point. Also the fact that someone went through the trouble archiving it a second time, adding another "seen" to the flash's counter, is a useful indicator for people browsing the archive that the flash might be worth watching. If the filename is different it also adds more useful search information.

I know that it can be annoying when someone dumps a bunch of flashes that most people don't want to watch and the threads will never get any replies, but I think a better solution to that problem would be for me to provide an alternative way of adding flashes to the ...

>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)19:42  No.80148 
Please do find a way to archive those 170k flashes.

>>Anonymous  22sep2020(tu)03:04  No.79972 
Are there any 60fps flash files?

Sup guys. I have stumbled upon this site for a while now and I am wondering if there are any 60fps (or rather smooth fps besides 30) flash files/games that are available here? Thanks!

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>>Anonymous  22sep2020(tu)17:37  No.79980 
>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)01:30  No.79994 
Flash has supported 120 FPS since the early 2000s, maybe even during the 90s.
And we're abandoning the format. Let that sink in.
>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)15:54  No.79998 Me.swf

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:12  No.79915 
How to compress swf files

I have a 90mb .swf file I wanted to post here, but I can't upload it since the limit is 70mb, is there anyway to reduce the file size so I can post it here ?

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>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:43  No.79922 
It's a high res animation with some interactivity, the creator also released as a video. I will probably upload it to mega and share the link
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:50  No.79923 
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)22:44  No.79949 
He put the download link into this thread:

>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)09:43  No.79858 
Help identify format

I'm trying to grab a couple of online nick games to add to an offline archive as some of them are hard to find and they remove games without warning. However I can not only not right-click save the games, even going into page info-->media shows no embedded files and no .swf files either. So now I'm not sure if they're flash games with some kind of protection shielding them or if they're html5 games (or any other format) and would like help with this.

game example: s-of-the-chill/

tl;dr: I need help downloading games from the page above to archive offline.

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>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)12:46  No.79889 
+ \/games\/data\/nickelodeon\/nickelodeon-champions -of-the-chill\/html5\/
strongly suggests that this is a html5 game and no flash
I doubt nick would still output anything in flash, such modern and still ongoing online game sites are promt to have jumped onto that futureproof html5 bandwagon as soons as shit hit the fan
>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)17:13  No.79895 
Thanks for the info, I suspected it wasn't flash. Gonna have to download it another way then but at least now I know.
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:57  No.79926 
keep thinking that until the companies one day decide that you don't want that.
for your safety of course.
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