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>>Anonymous  11aug2020(tu)18:55  No.78637 
Flash saved

Ok, so, right here and now, you can download the full offline installer for Firefox 51.0, go offline install it. do not install mozilla maintenance service and do not set it to auto update. turn off all updates. turn off checking for updates. in options. next duckduckgo search how to disable XPI signiature checking. go to about:config and search XPI disable any and all. next go download flash player, 32 has some bugs so I suggest something earlier atm. install. enjoy.

I also suggest to install noscript adblockerultimate, advanced cookie manager, and a user agent switcher. if you cannot get a working copy of these from mozilla's site, copy the URL and paste it in's waybackmachine and get an older version that will install.

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>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)16:08  No.78677 
Yes, it supports all plugins ever made for firefox (up to a certain version I presume), because XUL is just a branch of firefox before it got pozzed.
I tried it with all my old plugins and they work marvelously. For flash it is a true blessing.
Only thing that bothers me is that the plugin itself might get shut down.
>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)17:45  No.78684 

then prominent hosts (like SWF chan and newgrounds) should keep repositories of a variety of flash browser plugins and standalone players so users can always get them here.

>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)17:34  No.78714 
not as easy as you make it sound
I do hope ants will do something of that kind, but think about the fact that flashplayer is and will always be proprietary to Adobe
they will (already have?) announced that they are not okay with anyone hosting those and will use their effort to take them down
at the very least it's an invitation for a lawsuit to the site happening
because why post an abandoned format into opensource if you can just let it rot in your drawer amirite?

>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)21:48  No.78540 
Bad news

So, someone on /f/ --> - tested the current plugin in a setup dated after 2020 and Adobe actually put in a kill switch for the browser plugin.

I think this means it is about time to look into the last working version of it and archive it for future use. Or maybe some hacking geniuses would be able to build a patch that unbricks it.

Coincidentially Adobe already put down the archive player website and gives out the online installer only.

Fortunately there still exists a website of them that provides installer downloads as well as the projector. ...

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>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)18:48  No.78659 
The OP of that /f/ thread tested the offline projector as well and it wasn't affected by the date.
Which means if you take the current projector.exe and pack it away in some password-protected archive, you're set for the forseeable future. No program could take that away from you. Just make sure to also back it up somewhere safe!
>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)20:27  No.78689 
off topic but what does [!!] mean in the wiki also why does it say MULTI even though theres no links there
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)05:40  No.78708 
The !!! thing just means the thread has many posts in it and the MULTI thing is supposed to mean there are more than one swf file discovered in the thread but it's bugged.

The purple "F" means the flash was first seen in that thread, if there is no F in the wiki the flash was added to swfchan by site crawling or by some other way (or it was added from a thread before threads themselves were archived).

>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)15:05  No.78653 
additional "do not share any data with mozilla" that's just another mechanism for them to sense you have not updated and force it when it crashes.
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>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)15:06  No.78654 
oops wrong thread. delete please.
>>Thread recycler No.1  12aug2020(we)17:27  No.78658 
pls ants

why was /fla/ deleted long time ago
also can we make a file less archive for /disc/ and /b/

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)05:43  No.78224 
The swf loop creator requires files from, not
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22jul2020(we)21:00  No.78308 
Oh shit, I completely forgot to fix that. It should work now! Thanks for telling me. The loop maker service wasn't used a lot but it was used every now and then. Wish someone had told me sooner.

Yes the [W] stands for "watch". I get what you're saying that it could be a little confusing but it's a legacy thing, the [W] was there a couple of years before I added the WIKI shortcut links and I won't change it now both because regular visitors are used to it and also because I'd have to change a bunch of hard-coded stuff and regenerate thousands of html pages. I remember thinking that it was typical that the words should start with the same character back when the WIKI links were first implemented.

>>w7 890 not trippy  3aug2020(mo)10:54  No.78465 
>>78308 >i made this suggestion just to get red texted teehee
oy vey antz u ok (will add more absurd requests later plz wait)
anyways the no longer works i cannot view files anymore
(try replacing it with to fix it)

also what does the ban page look like can i get a 3 day temp ban plz

>>nonto  20jul2020(mo)22:21  No.78276 
Looking for a flash

I am looking for an old flash loop, from the old "stamp on the ground flash" era. -Ground-136418446

It is a short loop with trance/techno music.

It is a guy dancing and a girl comes in where they dance together.
Then it switches to another girl, where they dance and are about to kiss, but instead the girl licks his face (I think).
Then it goes back to before. ...

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>>nonto  22jul2020(we)23:27  No.78311 
Thanks man! I hope your future is going to be bright!
>>Anonymous  23jul2020(th)20:11  No.78319 
nice work dude
>>Anonymous  24jul2020(fr)13:30  No.78340 
Huh, for some reason I did actually know this flash existed, but I didn't save it to my collection. Whoops. Ty, anon.

>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:20  No.77990 
its me again sorry for bump

even though this site is not an imageboard (and there are lots of broken 404ed links here) you might need some extra stuff here on swfchan (just sayin)

this is a really cool (but unpopular) game site they have zips too and enjoy the relaxing music (source plz i really like it)

extras (lastly how do you download HTML5 games) (click flash for the real game) (source of bonus game ?)

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>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:26  No.77991 
>>77990 (noice dubz)
fuck fuck fuck wrong thread whoops plz move here it happened again
>>Anonymous  14jul2020(tu)23:29  No.78200 
SPAM (redtext me plz)

!! just a test from w7-890 !!
what does >> ???? ???? malito:sdssds2

pro tip check the url before posting

test from other chans will try this on YP later (part 1) ...

>>Anonymous  14jul2020(tu)06:06  No.78187 
Artist Request

Does anyone know who made this? +Dragoness+Girl+Sex.swf

I think I remember seeing the gif on e621 but the name on it isn't correct.

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>>Anonymous  29jun2020(mo)17:04  No.77963 
someone here already fapped with VR glasses?

someone here already fapped with VR glasses? is really better than "traditional" fap? tell me your experience

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>>Anonymous  6jul2020(mo)13:43  No.78062 
its totally different, its like you are not a viewer, but a participant, sometimes with interactive based by the application, its worth to try. but you know, if you sex too much you will miss Fap, if you fap everyday you will want a girl. its not a replacement, its a part of it, like you want toys want girls want a robot hand.
>>Anonymous  8jul2020(we)12:07  No.78107 
i think i would be pretty paranoid about it and only try if the door was firmly locked and 1 ear was outside the headset
>>Anonymous  9jul2020(th)20:37  No.78130 
>Girl wearing skirt puts on VR-headset
>"Wow, anon. This is pretty cool."
>frantic camera clicking noises in the background

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

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>>Anonymous  12jun2019(we)20:54  No.69310
Interesting, they have a mix of swf and html5.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  21sep2019(sa)17:20  No.71201 
the shiller strikes back

>using lynxchan

this is a relatively new board so please do not fill it with CP
also come here mewch users we wanna chat here [empty for now]
alright boys carry on and lets continue the serious discussion shall we
==8ch related (i think)

>>Anonymous  4jul2020(sa)22:22  No.78031

>>Anonymous  5jun2020(fr)03:08  No.77444 

I am sorely curious as to what swfchan™ was doing during the past 3 months or so of crisis and economic down turn.
Yet there was not one mention as to what the company was doing to ease my fears and insulate me from the horrors of the plague.
SWFAnts©, do you as the spokesman for swfchan™ have anything to say to defend its inaction?

At the very least swfchan™ could have put up a banner saying they were concerned about their userbase.

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>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)09:08  No.77975 
swfchan™ even didnt say anything about BLM or LGBT movement, dont use swfchan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats the point of this post, youre not even good troll or anything.
also love yaall

>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)13:13  No.77977 
yeah, it might shock you, but SWFchan and many of it's users feel that bleedingheart political or social support is just inappropriate for public places such as this to administratively enact.

it's fine for user to user, but not admins or some global site message. in short not every site believes that activism such as this is right, good or necessary. We find such activism is unnecessary, wrong and inappropriate.

honestly if SWFchan put up a message asking it's users to be careful, someone else would complain that it wasn't donating money to covid research (China). and then someone would complain that we have a message about covid but not [insert social issue here]. Then they'd demand donations to those social issues.

do you think SWFchan is made of money? ...

>>Anonymous  30jun2020(tu)20:45  No.77982 
true, the only activism that was posted here by SWFAnts© was of such quality that would affect this site, its userbase and the internet at large
like, if it doesn't deal with internet issues, then you shouldn't have to care just because you're oti

>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)11:06  No.77643 
HTTPS + Site Cost

Heyo, I was wondering two things- why doesn't anything on swfchan support https, and secondly, I remember supporting the patreon a while ago, and was wondering what the continuing plan is for keeping up with server costs? Will donations ever be reopened?

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>>Anonymous  13jun2020(sa)21:00  No.77652 
At the moment no, there aren't any donation sites considered, but there is always the option to donate Bitcoin to relieve admin's costs.
Wallet address is at the bottom of every page.

Ants, if you read this, the link of [discuss] next to the wallets that points to the disc thread is still linked to .org.

No idea about https. This site was coded entirely by the admin, so maybe he just didn't find the opportunity to implement it yet.

>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)17:35  No.77730 
>Ants, if you read this, the link of [discuss] next to the wallets that points to the disc thread is still linked to .org
bumping this
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jun2020(tu)04:11  No.77835 
I know that https is overdue but I hard-coded a bunch of http assumptions over the years and it would be time consuming to make the switch now. I'd have to go through a lot of code to make sure nothing breaks. The site runs on rusty code layered on top of older rusty code, the stuff I wrote a decade ago is pretty crude. I used https on one subdomain many years back (it's gone now) so I at least know how to set things up, maybe someday I'll put in the work. Sorry.

As for donations opening up again, depends on what happens with the ad revenue. If there will be a dramatic drop in visitors next year --which I suspect is the case unfortunately-- I may try to open up non-crypto donations again. Though as always I'm keen on protecting my anonymity as much as possible. Thanks for your previous support!

Thanks for pointing out the [discuss] link, fixed now.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5jun2015(fr)05:58  No.20447 

All discussion of goes here.

Trivia: SwfH264 took exactly 10 days to develop.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29may2018(tu)20:04  No.60037 
Sorry I'm still not ready to open-source... I want to wrap things up with Swiff Army Knife and maybe release the source then if I think it's presentable, although I don't know when I'll be able to do it. I'm willing to answer questions on how I've done stuff in SwfH264 if you have anything specific that you are interested in knowing.
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)00:20  No.77720 
I'm getting "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit." ever since I updated Java.
Anyone else has this problem?
>>Anonymous  17jun2020(we)00:45  No.77721 
Never mind, I uninstalled and reinstalled Java several minds and now it works again.

>>Anonymous  5jun2020(fr)12:48  No.77446 
ZONE Collection

Hey, guy who administrates the ZONE collection.
You might wanna add this loop to your stuff:
Alternative de-niggered version: swf
It's the animation loop from the end of the wakfuck flash, but it's good in its own right and only censored and during the brief credits section in the actual flash.

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>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)08:23  No.77488 
Sure, I've linked one of them in the description of the wakfu flash.
>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)13:51  No.77491 
Awesome, ty!
Guess you might use this thread for future suggestions, if there are any.
>>Anonymous  7jun2020(su)15:51  No.77492 
Btw, maybe also link the special edition cut of the XXXtreme Ghostbusters movie: stbusters_%28VHS_Special_Edition%29.swf

>>Harbinger  14apr2011(th)19:32  No.1040 
SWFChan tech.

I'm considering adding a system to my existing website that thumbnails SWFs. However, the only way that appears to be viable is to start up a browser from the application server and take a picture of the SWF while it runs. My server is headless (I.E. it barely has the ability to run a desktop, and I turned that off to save resources), so that isn't a possibility.

I've looked at Ming, but that only creates swfs. ffmpeg-php is a possibility, but it only handles embedded FLVs. I'm running out of options.

How does SWFchan make snapshots of their flash movies?

 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16apr2011(sa)08:55  No.1048 
Neat! I hadn't noticed that 7chan now has screenshots for its flash files. Looking stylish.

The solution I have in my head involves your last line. Was thinking of letting the flash file actually startup in memory and then seek to various places for the screenshots without unloading it, which will produce better results than jumping directly to a frame in the time line, take a screen, quit, and repeat. It should be fail-safe except maybe for a few rare ActionScript frames that could get stuck in an endless loop, but then it's just a matter to take another frame or fallback on the old dll.

>>Anonymous  31may2020(su)10:02  No.77364 
Did anyone found better method of doing this in the last 9 years?
>>Anonymous  6jun2020(sa)01:32  No.77469 
I found that ruffle emulator has exporter tool
But it needs hardware acceleration.
I wonder if such tool could be created for lightspark.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

 Preview below.         Replies: 56. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  29may2020(fr)19:59  No.77327 
Little suggestion here:
It happens from time to time that I come across the fact that I already added a specific version of a flash, but I cannot easily find it in my collection. It is mostly due to the fact that I renamed them to something original, maybe a name that wasn't even posted before and isn't in the archive.
So when I try to add it again, it obviously doesn't work. One way to rectify that would be that if you add it a second time, it overwrites the current entry.
I would much more prefer it though, if maybe the link that says "This flash is already featured in the following collection: X" links directly to the cell within the collection, or maybe contains the name in the url.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3jun2020(we)06:12  No.77401 
Good idea, it's done! (The link change, not the overwriting.)
It's now also possible to CTRL+F a flash ID in a collection and it'll show up.
>>Anonymous  11jun2020(th)12:53  No.77618 
Awesome, just noticed it. Thanks!

>>Anonymous  24may2020(su)20:11  No.77255 
eventually swfchan could kick the bucket too like what almost happened to exhentai

will we ever seen a torrent or archive where we can download all the near 215000 flashes including the variants and archive logs?

Flashpoint is basically doing that but they're only saving mostly vidya and popular newgrounds movies at this point.

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  26may2020(tu)04:30  No.77283 
How big is the total flash database here? Has Ants ever talked about the possibility of doing that?
I've used Flashpoint in the past, they still offer a massive 400gb download option with the entire database included so I seriously doubt the swf files aren't directly accessible.
>>Anonymous  27may2020(we)09:03  No.77297 
fuck patreon and gumroad all paywalls are evil ive seen this shit before
trust me it will eventually turn into greed (im sure you know what's gonna happen next)

a btc donation system would be nice (without perks)
also do you think we need more popularity (i kinda like confy low pph chans)

>>Anonymous  27may2020(we)10:57  No.77298 
There's already BTC donation system, check the bottom of the page.

>>Anonymous  24jan2017(tu)20:02  No.43548 
Bans/warnings on /f/

Who here has gotten any and if so what for?

I've recently got a warning for posting which looks like it was deleted within a few hours from posting.
I also got banned on all boards for 24 hours for posting

Both for global rule #3.

I'm pretty surprised about that, since people post bait and switches often enough; at least I have posted You Just Fell For The Trap.swf and other ones changed to something else with no consequence. Maybe there's some new mod or janitor on /f/. I'm going to try again with a different one, maybe a screamer will solicit the same reaction. ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 29. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:20  No.72006 
If you knew some of /qa/'s history you'd've expected a ban from that; people have been banned for less on that board.
>>Anonymous  7may2020(th)06:29  No.76903 
Is anyone else rangebanned from the entirety of 4chan?
I really don't visit most boards but not being able to post at all on /f/ is sad for me, especially if this keeps up until december.
>>Anonymous  7may2020(th)21:26  No.76927 
yeah, I've been too for a while, had a phoneposting IP though

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2011(su)20:42  No.1012 

As some of you may have noticed a great deal of ads has disappeared from the bottom of the site recently. Apparently something about site's with porn not being allowed. This means that swfchan suddenly isn't bearing it's own weight any more, new ads are needed since the single one at the top isn't enough. I liked the old ones since they were pretty clean and rotated a lot. Not just the same old penis/dating/sex ads that the top one always gets.

What I'm however thinking is that I'll just go with the same advertisement place as the top ad comes from since that's easiest. These ads are however not based on a per-view plan like the old bottom ones were, so there's little point in filling the bottom with a million of these ads. Nor do I real ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 382. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11oct2018(th)15:01  No.64036 
Testing to show banners on 20 page views per domain instead of 8 as it have been since >>9488. Will revert if it doesn't do much. Banners still doesn't show after pressing the GET FILE button so when viewing an archived flash the page should still be clean.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8feb2019(fr)10:43  No.66513 
Firefox 65 has made it so that a webpage can only popup once per click now so under the circumstances I am changing the way pops happen: three times per domain, one pop at a time. The cogwheel at the bottom of the pages can still be used to change this to only pop once per domain instead.
>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)17:38  No.76613 
The link to this thread on /disc/ still goes to instead of


>>Anonymous  27apr2020(mo)01:56  No.76529 
Classic 4chan /f/lashes

Is there s place to find classic flashes like 4chan City and such? And yes, I am indeed a newfag.

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)11:24  No.76544 

Search results on the second URL starts showing WIKI:0 on page 80, meaning no archived threads for the flash. At 100 results per page that comes to a little less than 8000 flashes with archived threads.

Accounting for swfchan's downtimes and for flashes posted before threads started being saved on 22oct2008 (and that were never re-posted after that date), it's not unreasonable to assume that no more than approximately 10k unique flashes has ever been uploaded to /f/ since it was founded back in 19feb2004.

>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)07:05  No.76554 
It's a given that swfchan has more flashes than were posted to /f/ because one can upload much larger flashes here; still that's quite funny to think that a collection of a mere 2,000 flashes could account for 20% of the unique flashes ever posted to /f/ during its lifetime.
Time to start posting z0r flashes there I guess.
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)08:20  No.76555 
>casual me
>hit for some weird ass shit porn
>see this thread
>open the first link
>cry a lot both in tears and happiness
damn that's almost my whole F expirience ...

>>Trenchanm  28apr2020(tu)12:30  No.76549 
Is it possible to post swf?

Hello? Is it possible to post swf?

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28apr2020(tu)14:53  No.76552 
Yes it is possible.
>>Anonymous  29apr2020(we)21:21  No.76565 
No, absolutely impossible. I don't even know how 214500 SWFs came to be archived here on SWFchan. Huh.
There just aren't any FILE UPLOADS next to the POST button when creating a new thread on /disc/. Too bad there are no more SWF CATEGORIES than that around.

>>Anonymous  26apr2020(su)05:35  No.76517 
help to find this game

the game is more like fmv and begin with an party security guard and some time after you need to dodge him with keyboard keys.

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)18:57  No.58547 
Hey, can anyone help me getting this SWF to work? Its doesnt seem to load. Thank you
 Preview below.         Replies: 33. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  24apr2020(fr)23:29  No.76508 
Got it! Ty.
Just found out that the game doesn't save progress, so it seems I have to start from scratch >_<
There seemed to be files to start from a certain chapter though: chapter5.swf
It's dead, but the waybackmachine got it archived.
They don't seem to work though, because they want to search for files on weebls website.
Any chance to include those in the rip, edit them with local file path and maybe copy over the ones that weren't archived? ...
>>Anonymous  25apr2020(sa)04:48  No.76512 
Quality game, being able to walk up the walls and whatnot. ^^

So some files are still missing? Feels especially bad when even the creator of something has lost what he created. Make backups, people! Nice of weebl to put in the effort of trying to find the files though.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8jun2020(mo)11:23  No.77533 
Here's a mirror of that zip file: .zip

>>Anonymous  30mar2020(mo)20:42  No.75769 
Admin, do you have a plan set in place if you suddenly die?

As far as I can tell this is the only major Flash website left that isn't ruined by copywrite takedowns and content restrictions (like Newgrounds is). I haven't dug into the other flash preservation projects, but I doubt they have the same level of content freedom as this site.

Does the database get handed over to somebody if something happens to you? This website has a ton of history that I would hate to see lost. Sorry if you have already answered this question a bunch of times. I just became worried after suddenly went down a few days ago.

 Preview below.         Replies: 8. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  3apr2020(fr)20:24  No.75864 
Okay, I understand your confusion, but that's not what I meant. Let me phrase it out differently. Ants did have this plan set in motion for this very reason, but it's a little more complicated than putting a letter in an envelope.

>It's just scary seeing so much history concentrated in one place.
>implying you are scared because this one place is run by just one person

>Me: ...

>>Anonymous  4apr2020(sa)19:05  No.75921 
Thanks for the clarification. Surely there must be a way. Whether its with writing a will, lawyers, uploading an encrypted backup of everything somewhere and releasing the key in an envelope upon his death, or something else sneaky and creative.

But yeah, I see what you mean about the benefits of one guy running everything and the risks of any form of third party. I'm sure there's gotta be some safe compromise though.

>>Anonymous  5apr2020(su)16:49  No.75944 
The greatest archive is YOU. Everyone needs to save all the swfs they like.

>>Anonymous  7mar2020(sa)20:35  No.74865 
is it possible to download browser online flash games?

when a online browser game ends, is forever. is it possible to download browser online flash games?

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>>Anonymous  11mar2020(we)08:03  No.74905 
In Russia, we have a project to preserve the heritage of flash games.
>>Anonymous  11mar2020(we)19:24  No.74914 
Looks a lot like flashpoint.
Personally I'm more interested because of old Shockwave for Director games.
I was searching for a specific racing game from my childhood that I played in my browser. Turns out it wasn't a swf at all, but a shockwave game called Redline Rumble Revolution.
I couldn't find a working standalone .drc file ANYWHERE, even the fucking legacy shockwave archive had every redline rumble BUT THIS ONE.
Damn son.
>>Anonymous  27mar2020(fr)13:49  No.75663 
my interest is to save app.nicovideo games, is ir possible then to make a private server of a browser game?

>>Anonymous  12mar2020(th)03:52  No.74927 
stHarry Archiving

I just realized there are several (probably many) flashes by stHarry that are not archived even though they are 10-17 years old. I will post a few but I don't have the energy to go through all of them on his Japanese website. My file name structure is the following, if anybody wants to pitch in:

<artist> - <google translation of name> (<original name>) <original filename>.swf

Here's the page where I discovered unarchived flashes:

I don't know if index03.html lists all his works but the page title is "倉庫", which translates to "Warehouse", so maybe it's a site map? ...

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>>Anonymous  12mar2020(th)21:10  No.74934 
kinda pissed that wasn't archived in the ten+ years that it existed
and now z0r gets saved, because of the end of flash, but died just some 1 or 2 years ago
man, fuck this gay earth
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13mar2020(fr)20:25  No.74944 
All flashes from are on swfchan, unfortunately they were just named a number, for example swf

I have a text file with 5185 of their flashes mapped to names and filesizes in case I want to parse it to make a collection some day. I think that's all the flashes they had, although the highest numbered flash on their site was .swf (it's mute). It's possible that 197 numbers were skipped/deleted.

There were a surprising amount of z0r flashes not on swfchan, have been adding a few to the archive every day for the past several months in order to not flood the front page and there are still over 2000 of them to go.

>>Anonymous  14mar2020(sa)14:58  No.74951 
Hot damn, Ants, you never dissappoint!
Sorry for even doubting you, that's great news.
Unfortunately it would be veery hard to search for these flashes atm, as the descriptions on pown were probably the only thing to go by.

Also there were QUITE a few reposts on, so that might explain the missing numbers.

>>mogl  11mar2020(we)09:44  No.74906 
old games flash


not problem add this when not problem? 58e9eb6f939e384ddf28665966f/

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>>Anonymous  11mar2020(we)19:06  No.74913 
why don't you fucking upload your flashes yourself, OP?
>>Anonymous  12mar2020(th)03:25  No.74919 
That zip is 1 gigabyte dude.. I can't finish the download.
Are the flashes even stand-alone? And not domain-locked?

>>Anonymous  10mar2020(tu)16:07  No.74898 
Please upload this clip to SWFChan. This is a clip about the possible future of the universe. / ssian_se.swf
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>>Anonymous  12mar2020(th)03:11  No.74918 
someone else did it but i found a french version as well so i uploaded that one

in the future you can upload flashes you find yourself:

when you view a flash on just press CTRL+S to save it to your hard disk, then you can upload it here.
if that doesn't work (because for example the flash has focus and consumes the keyboard events) select File > Save Page As at the top of your your browser (press Alt if you don't see "File").

save as type "Web page, complete" if you get a html download (could need to retry the download once for some reason, at least in firefox). then the html AND the swf file is saved, look in a subfolder named something like "yourfilename_files".

>>Anonymous  28feb2020(fr)00:11  No.74798 
The clock is ticking - What to use now and after everyone shuts it?

Some flashes need internet access or at least non-local access so the projector is not always the solution. Besides it is cumbersome compared to simply using a browser.

So what to do? Any browsers that will continue supporting flash or a extension?

Besides, Adobe will cease the download, so a archive of the projectors and .swc should also be in order.

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>>Anonymous  28feb2020(fr)02:13  No.74799 
as of right now Pale Moon supports flash in browser. as a bonus it feels like old school Firefox. (pre-v30)
>>Anonymous  29feb2020(sa)21:36  No.74821 
can confirm, absolutely based

I'd also advise everyone to download not only the latest projector, but also one every couple or so versions, because there are sometimes problems that require a specific version
at least get one of v30, v20, etc.; like prev15 was able to build a standalone exe of a swf
also grab those plugin offline installers, so you could reinstall teh browser plugins in the future!
would be great if SWFants manages to build and discretely host an all-in-one download pack

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1mar2020(su)06:58  No.74836 
See this related thread for discussion on what browser to use in 2021:

Until a good alternative is ready it's probably best to use "Firefox ESR", their Extended Support Release. It should keep supporting flash for at least another year (longer I hope): top-esr

I'm looking at Waterfox over Pale Moon because some video playback doesn't work in Pale Moon, makes me wonder what else doesn't work on a modern web when using Pale Moon. Waterfox also has a quicker render engine and support for new add-ons because it's based on newer Firefox code. No matter how much we miss the old add-on system, as the years go by the new system will have so many more add-ons. H ...

>>Anonymous  14feb2020(fr)15:25  No.74651 
is allowed to post real porn in swfchan?
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>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)00:38  No.74658 
it's allowed as far as i know, as long as they are adults. but it's not why people come here. we want flashes with cartoons, not embedded videos. there are so many other sites for run-of-the-mill real porn. but if you have something really special (unusual) i guess people will appreciate it?
>>Anonymous  15feb2020(sa)16:29  No.74669 
think about it that way
the content isn't restricted, it's the form it is in
it should be a flash, as in a swf that isn't just a video
if you make an interesting flash and it features (only) real porn, then it's fine
(obviously only if it's still legal, otherwise it would get deleted)

>>BlueMaxima  2jul2018(mo)07:07  No.60715 
A copy of SWFChan for Flashfreeze

I've been working on Flashpoint, a collection of Flash games and animations, and working on that brought about Flashfreeze, a collection of Flash websites files: pSPCf_9JWECwa6c4E4tQZELd3cx

SWFChan is one of the biggest targets to add to Flashfreeze; I'd love to get my hands on a full copy of the archive. This is the only place that I can see where I can actually see a way to actually talk to the admin though; if he wants to talk he can send me an email at flashpoint [at]

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>>Anonymous  6feb2020(th)18:56  No.74561 
I saw your project mentioned in a gaming news video on YouTube:

Title: Revealing Blizz's Reforged Plan to OWN Your Work | Stadia BLAMES Publishers & Game Preservation WIN!
Uploader: Bellular News
Views: 95 222 ...

>>Anonymous  7feb2020(fr)14:21  No.74566 
people on videogames forums are quite fond of that too
preservation of hundreds of games is always welcome, they may not really care about flash, but I've seen the project talked about because of that here and there
games are games to these people and they like their games
>>Anonymous  8feb2020(sa)06:09  No.74579 
How big is the total amount of flash files stored on swfchan? No doubt over half of it is horribly bloated and bad quality FLV videos, but still.
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