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>>Anon  5dec2023(tu)14:25  No.100437 
Suicide Simulator by HeterosexualFagot

Can you upload Suicide Simulator by HeterosexualFagot

Game videos

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>>Anonymous  2dec2023(sa)20:38  No.100390 
Report thread

Since there isn't a report feature, /fap/ is getting malware links.

Janny up thanks

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>>Anonymous  3dec2023(su)16:06  No.100405 
1. There are no jannies here.
2. There is a report feature.
3. Calm your tits.

>>Anonymous  10nov2023(fr)13:25  No.100119 
someone knows the name of this song?

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>>Anonymous  26nov2023(su)23:35  No.100359 
E Nomine - Vater unser

>>Anonymous  24aug2023(th)03:17  No.99471 
new covid variant is cover for vax deaths

what is happening is the vaxxed are finally dying off and the governments will simply claim their deaths are because of a "new covid variant". It is the vaccine that is killing people. And they will enforce new lockdowns, and more vaccines, which will kill even more people.

The vaccine is what is killing people. This new "covid variant" is simply to cover up the vax deaths and instead blame them on this fake new covid wave.

The next lockdowns won't end, since the vax deaths will continue increasing. The end of the modern world is coming. The new world order awaits.

If you took the vaccine already, then get right with God, now.

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>>Anonymous  25sep2023(mo)15:51  No.99711 
the median age of europeans is higher, that means they have higher proportion of elder people in population, Nearly 9 out of 10 covid deaths are people over 65, so this explains all. without vaccines the deaths by covid could be higher in developed countries.
>>Joshex  22oct2023(su)00:53  No.99985 
except they are not vaccines. China of all places has an actual covid vaccine, they literally take cut up peices of the virus itself and that kills the virus, then they inject you with it so your cells can learn to dispose of it. that's an actual vaccine.

as far as I know everyother country is using a genetic modification drug. even if it's temporary, it's still a gene modifier. it's not actually a vaccine by the meaning of the word. They inject your body with the DNA of the actual spike protien of the virus's shell which causes your cells to grow these spikes. their idea was that it'd train your body's white blood cells to be able to attack that spike shape without exposure to the virus, however after their public testing was c ...

>>Joshex  22nov2023(we)07:22  No.100193 005/pdf/molecules-27-05405.pdf

if you are vaxxed, there's hope. you can get innoculated with this specific bacteria and it'll help you shed the spikes.

however, this bacteria may actually be the best medicine for preventing covid infection. so it's better than the vaccines.

>>Joshex  9nov2023(th)00:57  No.100115 
Other Game Formats

Sacreliege! Incorporated time.

So there is no doubt this channel is meant for flash related things.

but, what if I as a game dev should make a game in another format (in example: blender 3D, which I actually do a lot of work in.), say I uploaded it somewhere else, could I link to it here? and if so where? /disc/?

or is it pretty much forbidden?

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>>Anonymous  10nov2023(fr)18:26  No.100121 
i wanted to archive online browser flash games in the past but technically is not possible. unfortunately the browser online games have terminated forever and its no other way to replay these games
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11nov2023(sa)01:32  No.100122 
You can link to it in this thread if you want to, assuming it's not a product that people need to purchase. The site has a rule against advertising, but I think people promoting their own not-paywalled stuff in this 1 thread can be fine.

/disc/ isn't strictly just for flash discussion but I would prefer it if people don't start making threads for their own projects since that would probably just make a bunch of 0-reply-threads that almost nobody would go into. Realistically the board doesn't have high enough traffic to worry about an excessive amount of project threads but if there's 1 bigger thread that links to many different projects people might enter it and scroll through.

I'll change the thread's title later to The Pro ...

>>PKHacker1337  1mar2023(we)08:35  No.95088 
Regarding the subreddit r/SWFChan

Hello! I'm PKHacker1337 from Reddit. They have since transferred the subreddit r/swfchan to my possession. I was wondering if you'd like me to transfer ownership to you. Additionally, I'm more than happy to give it to any of the admins on your website, just please let me know.

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>>w7-890  20mar2023(mo)17:15  No.96179 
KEK! im an antifurry and an antisemite like the ones in malaysia and i hate chisevax too high five brother

seriously? what did you honestly expect ...

>>Anonymous  2apr2023(su)07:34  No.96242 
See? He's a gibbering, paranoid schizo who jockeys for a tiny bit of internet power. He'll de-mod you as soon as he thinks you might be a liberal or some shit. I warned you!
>>Anonymous  6nov2023(mo)01:10  No.100107 
just checked the subreddit because I missed this drama thread. it appears that this subreddit is dead in the water. the old version was a little bit like that but also had people actively posting links a few times a week or something like that. If you really wanted to get the ball rolling you could try linking to the subreddit under nostalgic social media posts (farfetched) or maybe message the accounts of people who posted there before, you could probably get a decent amount of usernames off of
one last idea is to post the subreddit into forums where people are discussing projects made in flash.

>>Anonymous  12aug2023(sa)10:01  No.99309 
Last preview generation failed!

Got this error message in the SWF maker, and it told me to make a post in here.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12aug2023(sa)19:40  No.99313 
Thanks for telling me, the problem was incompatible sampling rate in your input mp3 so it couldn't be placed into the swf file in its original state. It needs to be re-encoded. I've updated the loopmaker to give warnings about it.
If you go back to the "AUDIO" section and re-encode the mp3 then you should be able to finish your loop.

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>isqwe  26nov2021(fr)20:00  No.88030 less.swf - ankha edit om.swf nce_edit.swf nce_edit_nobtn.swf ce_edit_nobtnnofold.swf p_%5Bno_grunt_edit%5D.swf
>>Darkmavrick  22aug2022(mo)02:35  No.91680
new yoshi island edit
>>APE  12aug2023(sa)08:56  No.99306 
Flash #244519 (currently present in the collection) is not created by -8 though the creator is notably fond of his style. I don't exactly have proof, but I do know this due to knowing the creator of the particular flash.

>>Anonymous  28jun2023(we)09:33  No.97072 


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>>Anonymous  20jun2023(tu)06:57  No.97009 
Bug Report Thread

I noticed a specific flash thread wasn't recorded on swfchan -- posted the very old lupin.swf which I remembered pulling from an ancient japanese site that was archived in the wayback machine and I wanted to check if it was the same flash or a variation. When I did a search for that flash didn't have the newest thread for some reason, despite it being up for about 2 days.

Hopefully it's an easy fix to find out why it is showing up as missing!

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>>Anonymous  20jun2023(tu)12:02  No.97015 
Can confirm that the archiver just misses threads on /f/ often. They tend to show up properly when someone replies.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jun2023(fr)01:48  No.97033 
Seems to have been added to now (I didn't do anything).

I'm not sure what's wrong, the code is so old now but my best guess is that either it's because of the server losing internet connection and failing to try to download again for some reason, or the thread and flash is downloaded and stored successfully but the html files aren't generated and appended to the "wiki" page for whatever reason. I would need more examples to investigate and also notice them before they 404 on /f/ (in addition to have the ability to work on the problem on that day).

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)11:52  No.92145 
Could it be that the .net archive of flashes doesn't pick up on (.org) threads anymore?
There seem to be a few recent uploads that sit at 0 threads even though the file was uploaded to the board and clearly has an active thread.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22oct2022(sa)20:09  No.92149 
There was a database issue, should have been taken care of now. Thank you for making me notice this sooner than I otherwise would have! The issue was substantial and was slowing down the whole site.
>>Anonymous  20jun2023(tu)07:18  No.97010 
actually .... is RSS for individual in house threads too tall of an order?
say there's RSS for flashes in the archive and you get a stream like:
"flash #123213454 added to collection <collection name & link>
new thread <link> for flash #123213454
new name for flash #123213454 found: <name>"
and that inspires RSS for collections too. ...

>>Anonymous  4jun2023(su)21:57  No.96876 
is it possible to get .swf files from a required login website on way back machine?

im trying to get some swf game files from but login is required for play games

i found this reply from way back that is possible through running php uired-site

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>>Anonymous  5jun2023(mo)21:14  No.96880 
It would be way easier to login yourself and download any specific swf file as well as loaded in files and upload them here. If it's just some files that should prove easier than trying to archive whole sites through waybackmachine.
Unless you are talking about downloading FROM archived sites on waybackmachine.
If that's the case imo I'm afraid there is no reliable way to login to dead sites/archived sites, because the servers that handle login aren't or not wholly archived themselves or it just fucks up the login process.
>>Anonymous  8jun2023(th)04:39  No.96938 
but in this case many games already doesn't exist anymore, many past games is impossible to download, my idea is "trick" way back machine to have access to these games (i don't know if this is possible but i wanna to try)
>>Anonymous  8jun2023(th)15:11  No.96942 
Why do you think if it's impossible to download these games that waybackmachine was able to do it?

>>Anonymous  28may2023(su)17:38  No.96824 down?

Haven't been able to do searches for a while now

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>>Anonymous  31may2023(we)03:08  No.96850 

No VPN and downforeveryoneorjustme says it's down too.

Though I did just try another browser (I use an older FF fork that can still use Flash) and it does seem to work, which is weird. Still does it even after clearing cache and data. Network config isn't weird.

>>Anonymous  31may2023(we)12:58  No.96851 
Well it works for me too, just as normal.
Might be a situational cache thing, depending on where you live. You might actually want to try a VPN or TOR and see if you routing makes a difference.
Downfor says it's fine too, but depending on how they work it could maybe change results. is a subdomain serving the flashes. That might somehow fuck it up if there is no valid referral, you gotta ask Ants about that. In your other thread you asked about The .org domain was dropped sometime in the past, so that obviously doesn't ping anymore either.

Maybe your ISP or something has swfchan on some blacklist or something. It's not that hard to imagine these days, that a random non conglomerate website is ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1jun2023(th)03:10  No.96853 
Should work, if you're getting connection timeouts it's just the server's connection being bad as usual. Then try later (sorry about that).

If one browser never works for you but it works in another you could try reinstalling the browser, though I'm sure the thought have occurred to you already without me suggesting it.

>>Anonymous  28may2023(su)17:38  No.96823 down?

Haven't been able to do any searches for a while now...

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>>Joshex  7nov2021(su)19:43  No.87908 
How-to Upload a multi-file swf

I doubt anyone will read this as most people who are guilty of uploading title menu flashes without the supporting swf scenes are not even aware of the existence of the scene files to begin with.

But for whatever reason, if you upload such and get scolded, this is how to fix it. (this will not allow the game to be played on here though!)

Method 1 (linking):
1: Upload the Scene swf files. grab the links(URLs) of the uploads.
2: Upload the title screen swf (starter/loader etc.) label the post "Game name (Title Screen)" : this is so people know you are aware it's a multifile game.
3: in the comment of the game thread, paste the links to the scene files under "Scenes:" ...

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>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:10  No.87928
That's a multifile flash and there is a download of exceed 2020 to run it.

You can download everything oddcast made to and look at all the files.

I was looking into getting a wiki site with databases of flash archives and torrents and it got some interest when I pitched the idea on /f/ so I might go forward with it.

>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:23  No.87929 swf
That's part 1 of an 11 file movie you can see the action script asking for the next file and name of said file.

There's a quick way to find gaps.
Anyway while we are here what do you guys think of the wiki idea.
Plan to have a search engine to find files and check what archives and torrents host what file etc but the main feature is a place to store blurbs about dead sites etc so you can actually find shit or get leads on where it was from.

Used to run a mirror site a few years back and we used to get people sending in stuff we didn't have from their own backups

>>utimen  18may2023(th)11:09  No.96761 


>>Anonymous  2may2023(tu)14:57  No.96622 
Lolit♥a fuc♥k collecti♥on:

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>>Anonymous  17nov2022(th)21:39  No.93355 


All of these Super Secret Documents were downloaded from Russia in the early morning hours today! wI_1CbJ3LZL4t9ZN/view?usp=sharing

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>>Joshex  6jan2023(fr)02:39  No.93637 
Rule of the internet: all random zips and rars are full of viruses until proven they aren't. The burden of proof is on OP of the file.
>>Joshex  6jan2023(fr)02:42  No.93638 
if it's just documents, merely copy each page into 1 frame of an SWF. infact I believe there is a PDFtoSWF converter in SWFTools. have at it.
>>Anonymous  12apr2023(we)19:21  No.96375 
6 GB of viruses

>>Anonymous  11apr2023(tu)17:56  No.96365 
someone knows the name of this flash game?

i remember played around 2008, was something related to coca cola, i remember to received from an e-mail , and the game looks like an fmv and starts with a security guard from a party speaking with people and some time later he notes and approach to you and try to catch you, and you need to dodge from him

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>>Anonymous  21mar2023(tu)17:46  No.96183 
Is this a bug?

When I type something like [G] at the start of the Title or Text body, it automatically disappears. Is this a bug, or is it intentional?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26mar2023(su)16:02  No.96213 
When I first made this board I had support for thread tags, however these were just part of the post title or text. I later removed the tags because either people didn't use them correctly or it just didn't look good. But the system still tries to enforce removal of "bad tags", I never got rid of that part of the code in case I wanted to bring back the tags one day.

>>Ninjaluxray  15mar2023(we)12:28  No.96162 
Dear Mr SWF

i had message you on reddit about an issue with me not being able to go and download anything in the swf to apk because it says the site denays access i was wondering if you heard anything

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17mar2023(fr)19:05  No.96166 
Hi, I found the issue and it should be fixed now.

>>Anonymous  15mar2023(we)11:34  No.96161 
Dear Mr SWFAnts

To the man himself could you please do a grep/search for all anything with either of the following metadata

date Jul 26, 2017

I've already tried using with google, bing and yandex to no avail, my only hope is that the files I'm after were uploaded but with names that bare no resemblance to the two already found (scene002 and scene008)

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17mar2023(fr)19:07  No.96167 
I can't spend server resources and my time on requests like that, sorry.

>>Shortbread  26feb2023(su)03:12  No.95077 
Torrent archive?

I was wondering if there were any plans to release everything on swfchan as a torrent for people to download and seed, maybe as a monthly or yearly thing.

The website sometimes runs slow and I would assume it doesn't have much bandwidth or resources available since there is a captcha a lot of the times I want to download a flash. Are there any plans for something like that?

Even if not everyone will seed the whole archive popular files could be downloaded from there instead of hitting the main server.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27feb2023(mo)19:55  No.95080 
If I were to close down the site I would at least torrent the flash files with their most popular file names (if not also including all metadata, categorizations and threads surrounding them). Depends on future me of course, but rest assured that at the moment I have no plans to ever take the site offline if I can help it.

The server has been acting up lately, freezing unexpectedly. Working a bit with the database right now to see if that helps with stability and processing speeds. I will hopefully migrate to new server hardware later this year.

>>Anonymous  5feb2023(su)22:49  No.95030 

DISINFOWARS 1.6 GB Download OS_zip

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>>Anon  4feb2023(sa)04:33  No.95019 
Can't Decompile Certain SWFs


All I'm trying to do is isolate each individual loop from Zones Kill La Kill SWF, similar to this: i_Kiryuin+Zone.swf

Unfortunately, I can't decompile this SWF file (as well as other SWFs) in JPEXS. It just slowly processes it then does nothing. Does it have to do with the file encryption? How do I do this? The only programs I use are JPEXS and Adobe Animate. Thanks!

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>>Anonymous  21jan2023(sa)19:06  No.94926 
RESTRICTED 2.8 GB Download

RESTRICTED 2.8 GB Download

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>>Joshex  2jan2023(mo)17:41  No.93566 
SWFChan is back from it's holiday slumber

It's a new year for flash in 2023! What shenanigans will we get upto thios year!?


Ants what happenned to the server for the last few days? did some spill beer on the keyboard?

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>>Joshex  4jan2023(we)01:25  No.93606 

Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious. the people at the data center probably spilled somthing somewhere during some sort of company christmas party. probably involving booze and the old "we can do it in here, no one will find us in the server room"


at least thats what I'm imagining now. prior to this I was imagining several other outcomes like: ...

>>Anonymous  13jan2023(fr)11:49  No.94820 
is the site ok? feels like it's been slow after the downtime
sometimes the front page takes tens of seconds to load for the first time

i did this ping thing:
>$ ping -c60 -i15
>PING (your-ip) 56(84) bytes of data.
>--- ping statistics --- ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13jan2023(fr)15:55  No.94821 
Could be that it takes a while for Cloudflare to build up a cache of swf files, which means extra traffic for a while. Or it could be something else that I just tried to tweak (as usual I keep things a bit vague on purpose). Hopefully it helps.

>>Joshex  6jan2023(fr)02:59  No.93639 
Request: Anime Nude Generator

So many of you will have seen the nudified onepeice videos with Nami, Robin and Rebecca with seamless nudity painted over an actual episode.
(see s10Collage on rule34)

given the smoothness of the animation and nudification, it's highly unlikely this was done manually and was instead done with software programmed to detect clothes, backgrounds, skin and poses and merely fill in the blanks in the given pose. It sounds simple but it's actually complex color comparison code often referred to as AI.

Such AI is referred to as a "nudifier" or "nude filter" or "nude generator"

I am looking for an anime nudifier, I have searched but to no avail (search engines are likely blocking real results) I tried all available online ones, but they don't work on pictures of anime girls. It'd be great if someone could point me to the software/plug-in used to nudify the one peice girls. ...

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Joshex  7jan2023(sa)17:57  No.94666 

OK, well that is AI anime art generation. I'm not sure if it supports image input. plus it's like 50GB of downloads.

I think we can do this with less in flash. What we are going for will be Less AI and More user input from a base medium (image/video). We'll start with code for images, and work up to gifs and then videos with encoded sound.

From reviewing the basic documentation on the supplied AI generators, they fuction off of models of a wide array of characters, these are likely prerendered user created art assets from like 32x32 angles per body part. thus the AI just has to indentify the assets closest to the art style and closest to the character input and slap them on, then do background cleanup. ...

>>Joshex  7jan2023(sa)18:06  No.94667 
just relaized I did not specify background cleanup logic.. I'll get to that later..
>>Anonymous  8jan2023(su)15:57  No.94688 
Humanity has finally reached its peak.

>>Anonymous  5jan2023(th)02:36  No.93615 


A man who described himself as “Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD, Oxford,” gave a series of incendiary statements about COVID-19 vaccines at an Ohio school board meeting IN EARLY 2021. Video clips of Brooks talking at the meeting have been shared widely on social media and elsewhere on the internet by anti-vaccine advocates.

He told parents and board members that people who take the vaccine will end up dead and sterile.

All cause mortality has skyrocketed around the world, many countries witnessing nearly a 20% increase leaving doctors 'baffled' of course. ...

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Joshex  5jan2023(th)17:23  No.93622 
Not to distract from your information, which undoubtably has some truth to it.

Why not make a flash about it (I know I'm one to talk I rant in threads as well)? Approach it from a satire perspective, make fun of the covid lies like "according to experts the covid vaccine has been fully tested prior to it's release in 2021, this must be why the official record regarding the vaccine says it'll finish trial testing in March 2023."

Add in some hentai of Corona-Chan. Make it satire with her being the one giving the info naked news style or something. "as if doctors know me better than myself"

you'll make more of an impact that way. ...

>>Anonymous  26nov2022(sa)14:49  No.93394 
New Palemoon breaks flash interactivity

I believe the devs broke something in the latest palemoon update relating to embedded/fullscreen flashes.
Key presses (like tab key) don't stay in-flash anymore but are used global, so you cannot for example tab through interactive elements.
Also the white html wrapper border around fullscreen flash is gone, which is a good thing but maybe that has to do with it.

Can someone more tech literate test it and impart that news on the forums (accound needed)? I'm on win10 with palemoon installed 31.4.0 and the last flash installed with swfchan plugins.

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  29nov2022(tu)10:53  No.93400 
Honestly I just save everything locally and play it with the Flash projector now, gets rid of the browser compatibility headache and it performs better too.
>>Anonymous  29nov2022(tu)19:57  No.93404 
>Fixed an issue with plugins not receiving keypress events properly.
Well, looks like they already fixed it, no worries here. Didn't think anyone would put too much thought into flash these days but there is still hope.

Just too much of a hassle. Sure it would work in emergencies, but there is just no replacing the good old click in browser method. I'd suggest it to everyone who still opens swfs regularely.
Very simple, just install browser, install flash, replace files with end.swfchan and you're done for good (minus a few tweaks here and there for user friendlyness).
Obvious downsides of the local method: need to delete the files afterwards, won't see preloaders/preloading resources, list of recently used files viewable by ...

>>Anonymous  30nov2022(we)04:54  No.93406 
Good that they fixed the issue so it's working again!

>need to delete the files afterwards
If you "open" the swf file from the browser itself the file will download to a temp location and is then opened in Adobe's projector. The browser/OS will take care of clearing that temp location after a time period so no need to manually delete the file afterwards.

>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)10:00  No.92143 
RIP Miniclip

>It’s actually been shut down for a while now, but lots of people have only just noticed.
>site does still exist, but when you visit it, there are only two games: 8 Ball Pool and
>plans to change the site back in March 2022, and the games were taken down a while later. s-shut-down-and-its-the-end-of-an-era/ f-childhood-nostalgia-is-finally-dead/ar-AA13eEvi officially-closing-down-its-online-servers ...

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)15:22  No.92146 
Yeah, a definite end of an era feel for me too.
>but it's only becoming news now
Probably because people don't frequent flash websites anymore for obvious reasons.
Sad, but it was inevitable.
I surely hope that most of those games, at least the good ones, are archived somewhere, maybe even here.

Funnily enough people on video game imageboards or youtube still make threads/videos about the greates flash games that everyone played or unknown gems. ...
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