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>>Anonymous  18sep2022(su)21:55  No.91887 
Anyone know why when ever I install a APK file and open it, it starts flashing and like fast forwards the gameplay 500x?
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>>Anonymous  19sep2022(mo)14:50  No.91893 
Isn't it the other way around?
But yeah, flashing through the timeline means it gets played when there is supposed to be a stop and go action, like a game.
>>Anonymous  24sep2022(sa)21:10  No.91929 
Only AS2 works with Ruffle and only AS3 works with APK.

It's because Ruffle doesn't have support for AS3 yet (hopefully will be supported one day) and when you convert flash to an APK the swf is read by Adobe Air, which only supports AS3.

>>Anonymous  26sep2022(mo)17:42  No.91945 
Got it! Ironically that means older flashes are the only ones working for desktop users (that don't still use flash) right now, while mobile phones will play newer files. L O L

>>Anonymous  9sep2022(fr)14:54  No.91844 
Is there anyway I can contact the Admin?

I have a request for some SWFs on SWFchan, is there anyway I can get in contact with the Admin?

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>>Anonymous  10sep2022(sa)21:33  No.91850 
It's a removal request for some SWFs of which I'm the author; but he'll likely need proof of it, I was thinking it's probably better for him to contact me through email?

To the Admin, if that's the case, the email address is:

Thanks Anon.

>>Anonymous  12sep2022(mo)15:23  No.91860 
Yeah, go on collect those patreonbucks, OP.
>>Anonymous  16sep2022(fr)17:06  No.91875 
Wow dude. You could at least have the decency to name the flashes you are about to bawww to the admin to take down.
This way at least people would have the chance to grab them while they still exist on the web.

>>snwblk  14sep2022(we)15:25  No.91869 
Eddsworld's Staring Contest SWF

Has anybody found one? Apparently PacintoshX knows the filename; "stare.swf" and puts it to the wiki. ?diff=prev&oldid=70095

also holy shit there are so many porn in this site

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>>Anonymous  31aug2022(we)06:21  No.91767 
Hentai Girl Blowjob Edited Version?

Does anyone have an "endless" edited version of the Hentai Key redhead blowjob game?

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>>Anonymous  31aug2022(we)12:47  No.91768 
Coulda sworn that such a version existed at least on one of the hkey girl flashes.
Only ones I can find though are cortana edits.

>>Anonymous  26aug2022(fr)02:09  No.91716 
The Black Problem

The blacks are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe.

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers.


I strongly suggest you view, learn and *share* the document available here: or (HTML format, website)(mirrors)(recommended) ...

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>>Joshex  29aug2022(mo)02:03  No.91747 
The problem is not one genetic branch of the human race. The problem is evil encouragement from people in control who basically stopped caring and think that the unwashed masses are just a noisome nuisance of a burden whom they can't trust, need to support, and don't want to. That and a few random people who just want to relax and mooch off society and always be right, but they come in every flavor.

they are also not predominantly jewish, in fact the majority claim to be catholic but based on their God-hating attitudes are obviously atheist whether they realize it or not, that and the pope isn't even catholic not with all the hating of god's word and changing of the scriptures he does. And that's not even saying all atheists are evil! bu ...

>>Anonymous  29aug2022(mo)05:36  No.91751 
Holy shit there's two of them
>>Tecnicide  29aug2022(mo)06:18  No.91752 

I've skimmed over this guys links. And in conclusion.

Quite a huge amount of factors that led to a lower average score in IQ in the black community can be easily explained with culture, nutrition, education, geographic location and state intervention. Not because they are genetically inferior to the other races. If that's the case then they would've been wiped out thousands of years ago thanks to natural selection.

Also the reason why asians tend to score higher in IQ is because their culture is based around bringing honor to your family. You have to do well in school otherwise you're bringing shame to your whole family. ...

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>isqwe  26nov2021(fr)19:47  No.88029 
Ok, I'll add some swf here, they are from 7chan.
>>isqwe  26nov2021(fr)20:00  No.88030 less.swf - ankha edit om.swf nce_edit.swf nce_edit_nobtn.swf ce_edit_nobtnnofold.swf p_%5Bno_grunt_edit%5D.swf
>>Darkmavrick  22aug2022(mo)02:35  No.91680
new yoshi island edit

>>Joshex  15aug2022(mo)17:31  No.91568 (flash hotlinking host) needs funds. inancial-status

you can find the skinny there and links to support them.

Why is this important? simply because if you want to include a flash on your own website most webhosts don't allow it, in example neocities doesn't allow you to upload an swf to your dashboard ("Unsupported file type") which means if you want to do so, you need a file host which allows hotlinking of swf files.

most do not. on most file hosts they treat swf files as a download and do not supply a direct link to the file but instead supply a link to the download page, so JS SWFObject() wont work on the link. ...

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>>---  18aug2022(th)20:19  No.91645 
the feck is that strange site? whats it for?
>>Joshex  19aug2022(fr)17:23  No.91652 

it's a file host. you might be from the recent age where you don't need file hosts because each social media site you go to does it's own hosting of anything you want to share.

Except flash .swf files. In example.

most social media allows hosting pictures audio and video these days, and windows and google have spy software which allows you to mirror all files on your computer on their server(so they can see everything you have on your computer) they call that an "online backup" and "file sync", for such users you can literally just share any file on your computer with anyone online, the problem is then hackers know everything on your computer. So if you are new to the internet the concept of needing a file host may be completely non-sensical to you. ...

>>Anonymous  20aug2022(sa)13:13  No.91664 
Man, are we really THAT old..?

>>Anonymous  23feb2022(we)20:38  No.88752 

Anyone know where to find dong134's new Patreon flash content?

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>>Anonymous  2mar2022(we)04:14  No.88859 
Never heard of him? He's pretty good.
>>Anonymous  2mar2022(we)20:27  No.88876 
Ohh, Mew games.
I didn't realize his user handle was dong134.
>>Anonymous  18jul2022(mo)23:59  No.91306 

>>kaguya  15jul2022(fr)18:39  No.91278 
Is there a way to privately contact you?

Hi Ants, there is something about SWFchan I would like to ask you about in private. Is it possible that you would share a way to contact for it?

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>>Anonymous  15jul2022(fr)19:52  No.91279 
yeah, just use the site called swfchan dot net
>>Anonymous  17jul2022(su)17:23  No.91297 
I'd give you the contact email adress, but I don't know if he ever even checks it anymore.
I guess if you want to discuss something you just have to do it in the "open".
You could always create a throwaway email for this thread and just wait for Ants to contact you.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20jul2022(we)04:14  No.91313 
You can send an e-mail to this throwaway address that I just made:
[removed] (will check it for a few days)

>>DK  11dec2021(sa)21:14  No.88208 
Zone's Jinxed Audio Resources?

Hey does anyone know where Zone Sama got all of Jinx voice lines (Every sound that she makes not just her dialogue) from, I do have some of them from Teen Titans (2003) & Futurama episodes (Amy Wong) but were there any alternatives that Zone got all of Jinxed voices from for this animation?

Linking me to them all would be very helpful as well.

NSFW +18 Animation link:

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>>DK  23dec2021(th)20:14  No.88326 

Hmm I didn't know that he does that but I wish I could have his talent I would make so many different animations, but still if anyone can help out I'd appreciate it.

>>DK  25dec2021(sa)22:58  No.88351 

Well I went through all 811 pages and I found nothing but "Booyah's" & Raven's "Furry Creatures" comments so still if anyone can help me out that'll be great.

>>DK  15jul2022(fr)20:50  No.91281 
Well does anyone at least know where Jinx’s 2 screams come from?

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)19:42  No.80148 
Please do find a way to archive those 170k flashes.
>>Anonymous  17jun2022(fr)12:45  No.90929 
I just noticed that on every so often I get redirected to in a new tab for some reason. I think it's when making a post?
Just wanted to let you know Ants. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to report, I forgot if there was a dedicated bug report thread.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jun2022(sa)03:16  No.90939 
It's the ad provider not having an ad to show in the popup so it redirects to which is supposed to just close the tab, but the URL is outdated. I was unable to change it to .net over in the ad provider's interface. Although... I think I may have fixed it now by tweaking my own code. Thanks for getting me to look at this a little closer!

>>thesunking66  23may2022(mo)17:00  No.89783 
QANON Counter Intel Drop#1 What Makes A Great Movie, Great Actors

QANON Counter Intel Drop#1 What Makes A Great Movie, Great Actors 7rgfn?

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>>Tecnicide  23may2022(mo)17:07  No.89784 
>>Anonymous  23may2022(mo)17:24  No.89785 

>>Anonymous  5jan2022(we)10:19  No.88417 

WHEN U GO TO TYPE IN TO THE GOOGLY BOX PHRASE: filetype:swf [anything at all, and i mean anything]


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>>Anonymous  6feb2022(su)15:43  No.88613 
A little extensive on the conspiracies. Like, I don't think flash and covid are related at all.
But you DID nicely point out the qualities and advantages of flash and why it's a thorn in the eyes of the ones in power.

I think it's a rather simple thing. Just monopolize the internet. Not even for a very specific reason like "global reset" because we cannot keep up electricity. It might play into such reasons if they exist, but it's just a simple push for power over the increasingly important in the life of the average person internet, so why allow independence? Quick file hosting and sharing? No monetization of content? If you can take all of the above and everybody still willingly uses your services because they want to watch P ...

>>Anonymous  6may2022(fr)07:06  No.89677 
I actually found a workaround if you still want to use google's results.

just don't use filetype:

"swf" still works so with any type of directory search it should direct to pages that have flash files on them. Still would try to use multiple search engines if you're looking for flash content that way.

>>Here's 5 results.  10may2022(tu)19:57  No.89702 
Who anyway uses exact filetype only.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)21:46  No.81364 
Viewing flash content (Ruffle/Player/Plugin)

This thread is for discussion concerning the message box at the bottom of every page with the GET FILE button.

Adobe will end their support of flash in 1 month and 1 week.

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>>Anonymous  10jan2022(mo)17:29  No.88457 
I was getting tired of the million How2flash threads, so that's a great pasta to link to.
How about maybe also adding the facts about the mm.cfg (the one in the user folder)? I found it to be quite essential when I switched to the modded debug plugins. Also possible to add that info on the .com/end page.
Also providing a link to an archive for the official plugin installers (there's one on I think) would most likely be a good idea, to prevent people from running into all sorts of malware install bullcrap.

Also maybe a short notice on how win10 permanently deinstalls the activeX one. Did you make any noticable progress on that front btw?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1apr2022(fr)15:02  No.89233 
Not an April Fool's joke

I updated Basilisk for the first time in months today (whoops) and noticed that the original developer has quit and they removed the ability to update from inside the browser itself. Additionally it's recommended switching to Pale Moon from inside the patch notes themselves, so unfortunately it looks like the Basilisk Browser is dead. I guess that drama I noticed back in November was terminal. Some info on what happened can be found here: 044 (Moonchild) 40 (Tobin)

Here's a screenshot of how Pale Moon looks today: _29451.png ...

>>Anonymous  1apr2022(fr)20:36  No.89235 
Yeah real shame about the palemoon drama.
The browser suddenly decided to go a different direction and try to be more like a better firefox (which is still better than firefox), they even abandoned XUL.
For some reason right now they split the userbase into 9.X and 10.X, with 10.X being a more hands-off aproach to addons and mimicking the firefox user agent internally.
It's a shame because old addon-compatibility and the like are what drove me to the browser, but I still use it for my day to day browsing. It's just a real shame that until some weeks ago, most sites functioned without major problems, but for reasons beyond me, suddenly every other site breaks majorly, because I guess the web is headed into NFT-tier territory of u ...

>>Joshex  23feb2022(we)18:23  No.88749 
Hacking Ninjakiwi Bloons (login)

OK, so some of the later entries in the bloons tower defense game require you to log-in to save progress.

however Ninjakiwi themselves have been VERY clear that they are manually blocking the flash games from connecting to their webservers to authenticate the login. and they refuse to unblock these swfs.

so that leaves us with one option, hack the games and change the login system to save/read all progress to/from a local text file in the same folder.

I can do AS2 and AS3 but I have no idea how to import the game into CS4. Maybe CS4 is too old. Any chance someone could rip it to a .fla? ...

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>>Anonymous  27feb2022(su)16:59  No.88806 
You can use JPEXS to decode a swf into a .fla, but it's not exactly rocket science. Works better with some flashes, depends on a lot of things like if the code was scrambled, the output library will not be named consistently, etc.
>>Joshex  27feb2022(su)19:18  No.88811 

thank you, this is very helpful info! definitely better than trying to rip each element with SWFTools and peice it all back together.

>>Anonymous  3mar2022(th)09:50  No.88886 
Tunneling technicaly possible
Exceed2020 had some feature caled junctions bwhich let the creator download things with a shit ton of files and trick flash into thinking files on your PC came from the internet

That and regular tunneling for private servers

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jan2012(mo)22:14  No.3107 

It has finally happened, from this day swfchan accepts donations. The reason to why is because a new server is needed and if there's a chance that someone out there would like to help out in obtaining the hardware I would be very grateful.

Discuss everything related to donating in this thread.

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>>Anonymous  25apr2021(su)18:22  No.84964 
Maybe stop looking at weird ass porn during workhours then?
>>Ppppp  8feb2022(tu)21:37  No.88634 


>>Ppppp Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Ee  8feb2022(tu)21:37  No.88635 
Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeee

Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee Eeeeee ...

>>Anonymous  4feb2022(fr)06:31  No.88584 
Flash Nostalgia

Found someone being nostalgic about flash and making a video of a fake flash hentai game.

Anybody got more examples of people being nostalgic about flash?

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>>Anonymous  6feb2022(su)19:50  No.88621 
>Nostalgia whore for flash, which isn't even dead
>Release a video and no swf file
Apart from that - doesn't look too shabby.

>>Anonymous  24dec2021(fr)22:11  No.88344 
Edit Pic

Could someone please edit this pic

I would like to have her shirt removed please.

 Preview below.         Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  27dec2021(mo)08:49  No.88359 
>>88344 original thread?
>>Anonymous  30dec2021(th)15:38  No.88381 
Dude, even if it isn't on /f/ (thank god) I still figured it out easily.
>Click get captcha
>slide the shit around until you see what you think is a regular captcha image with lots of letters n shit
>type in the letters n shit
Voilà. Marginally more infurating than spamclicking cars for 2 minutes.
At least they finally bothered to use a non google captcha.
>>w7-890  1jan2022(sa)16:23  No.88395 
some artists are known to release their PSD files (it might be somewhere on kemono who knows?)
does deepnude work on anthro drawings as well? or its just 3dpd images?

nevermind i found the origin thread myself (also someone made similar a thread thread on

>7chan /fur/ rules ...

>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)00:06  No.88290 
Flashley fla

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could supply an fla for boogie's flashley anim.

on a second note I seem to remember there was a bleached version. but now it seems missing.

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  28nov2021(su)11:35  No.88116 
What's the point to upload here site-locked flash games?
 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  2dec2021(th)18:37  No.88129 
Would maybe be good if whoever uploads sitelocked files put in the filename that it's sitelocked so people don't find out that they can't see it until after they've already downloaded it.
>>Anonymous  5dec2021(su)23:15  No.88165 
A more descriptive tag than Broken could also be handy.
>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:46  No.88286 
Don't forget that a good chunk of sitelocked games also still allow localhost, so you can only not play them uploaded, but can download them and play them just fine

>>Ryu Yanagi  11dec2021(sa)14:39  No.88205 
All flashes work here as before. Download the old version of firefox (for example 72.0.2) and everything will work for you. Any other browsers themselves are automatically updated to the latest version except firefox. He will sometimes offer you to update, just refuse, and continue to watch flash as if nothing had happened. I've been using firefox for almost a year now and no problem, even now I'm sitting on: e.t.c. without using any "ruffle"
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>>Anonymous  15dec2021(we)23:41  No.88236 
Be careful about using outdated browsers, if you do you should run it through some kind of sandboxing software. One I know of is "Sandboxie" (has become free in recent years).

It goes without saying but I'll be explicit just in case: Browsers will fix discovered security exploits in new versions and document what has been fixed. This means hackers can use the patch notes to see how they can attack old versions of the browser.

One day you will view an ad that redirects you to something that uses an exploit, or something like that. It'll take less than a second and you might not even realize that you've been compromised. That's why it's a good idea to run unpatched software in a sandbox so that even if the browser gets hacked your computer won't be affected outside of the sandbox.

>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:05  No.88280 
Firstly, firefox can be set to update automatically.
Also, most people will have at this point, you're about 2 years late for this kind of "advice". I think the easiest way to do what you describe is to just download an old installer version of firefox (they still provide those, right? Right?) and deinstall and install that, set update to never.

But instead of using shitty old firefox releases, I would rather recommend a different non shitty browser (like palemoon, which is basically firefox pre-cucked version) and install the last flash player (links on and finally swap the player plugin with the one swfchan provides.

There have been literally hundreds of guides and threads how 2 do this over the years, so I'm not gonna repeat all the stuff like mm.cfg and mms.cfg. ...

>>Internet Love Machine  17oct2021(su)13:50  No.87483 
Data dump/archiving

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to archive everything in this site. I realize the site itself is an archive, but sites go down, people pass away or lose interest, so it's better to have backups.

221701 files is a lot, so I'd be willing to reimburse you with Monero if you'd be willing to make a data dump or let me crawl the site or make a torrent or something similar.

I have stumbled upon this site a few times and have found stuff that's only hosted here. It's a great archive of internet culture and it would be a waste it if went away in 5, 10 or 100 years.

 Preview below.         Replies: 11. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Sneed  6nov2021(sa)07:23  No.87897 
Neat, maybe a tracker/search engine is the next step.
Not just for flash but internet archive sites generally although flash would be a great starting point.
There isn't much you can do to save the non self contained flash although someone on archive org did download monk-e-mail and was able to run it offline
Pretty impressive when you look at all the shit you need to run that.
Booting that is tricky though you'd need an instruction manual for most of those flashes.
>>Anonymous  8nov2021(mo)19:03  No.87926 
The datahoarder in me at the very least wants to archive every flash.
That's less useful than also saving all of swfchan's metadata. A good portion of these flashes are useless without extra instructions or context that are present in the archived threads.
>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)08:38  No.87930 
You know how long it would take to give each file one minute of your time?
222000 / 60 / 24 = amount of days not accounting for rest.

You might be able to keep all that data on a hard disk but it's not doing much good there.
Unless you make use of the data
Swfchan has a ton of information on each item if we were to take this data it could be used by a computer program to estimate what the flash is and use that data to categorise them and this could be the basis of a flash search engine. ...

>>Joshex  7nov2021(su)19:43  No.87908 
How-to Upload a multi-file swf

I doubt anyone will read this as most people who are guilty of uploading title menu flashes without the supporting swf scenes are not even aware of the existence of the scene files to begin with.

But for whatever reason, if you upload such and get scolded, this is how to fix it. (this will not allow the game to be played on here though!)

Method 1 (linking):
1: Upload the Scene swf files. grab the links(URLs) of the uploads.
2: Upload the title screen swf (starter/loader etc.) label the post "Game name (Title Screen)" : this is so people know you are aware it's a multifile game.
3: in the comment of the game thread, paste the links to the scene files under "Scenes:" ...

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  8nov2021(mo)17:25  No.87924 
swfchan was never meant to be a working archive for this kinds of files though, only for standalone files that can be posted on sites like /f/
you can always just download all the files and put them in a folder on your PC then run them locally, that's how you do it for many more complex games
I'd rather we just create a nifty tool that combines multiple swfs framework into a new coherent single swf
it's really more difficult than it sounds though
>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:10  No.87928
That's a multifile flash and there is a download of exceed 2020 to run it.

You can download everything oddcast made to and look at all the files.

I was looking into getting a wiki site with databases of flash archives and torrents and it got some interest when I pitched the idea on /f/ so I might go forward with it.

>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:23  No.87929 swf
That's part 1 of an 11 file movie you can see the action script asking for the next file and name of said file.

There's a quick way to find gaps.
Anyway while we are here what do you guys think of the wiki idea.
Plan to have a search engine to find files and check what archives and torrents host what file etc but the main feature is a place to store blurbs about dead sites etc so you can actually find shit or get leads on where it was from.

Used to run a mirror site a few years back and we used to get people sending in stuff we didn't have from their own backups

>>Anonymous  5nov2021(fr)14:41  No.87894 
ScummVM supporting Macromedia Director -in-scummvm/

"Earlier this year, ScummVM added experimental support for Macromedia Director, one of the most widely used development tools from the CD-ROM multimedia era."

What is Director? ector
>applications built on a movie metaphor, with the user as the "director" of the movie ...

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>>Joshex  9jul2021(fr)17:40  No.86172 
They created the perfect storm

so we all know google, apple, microsoftie and adobe decided flash must die. and quickly found ways to block or disable the addon from their new browser releases. then pushed all web developers to update the HTML script to proprietary googletml requiring all webbrowsers to update to see anything other than a blank page. Naturally companies updated as did all of the lefties who love google and hate flash for it's freedom of expression for the unwashed masses.

We've all been grumbling about it and looking for ways to circumvent this disaster. But this topic is not about that.

This topic observes that because of this action, the perfect storm was created making Flash swfs potentially Super Powered to violate Intellectual property rights! ...

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>>Anonymous  11jul2021(su)16:51  No.86215 
True. The fact alone that swf content isn't as much in the public's eye as before makes it pretty much rare to get taken down.
But then again, who is even watching the content in the first place? If there is no market, then creators will obviously not be interested in doing work at all.
You can have the most infringing image on the planet and nobody will care if you just store it on your PC and never upload it. But then, who did you even do it for?

Also, while the aforementioned is true, it's still not that hard to download a projector and if some tech savvy lawyer's monkey can open then flash once and make some screenshots you're still fucked.
Obviously if push comes to shove you wouldn't have much protection. ...

>>Anonymous  11jul2021(su)23:58  No.86229 
Lets keep warez in multi-file & password protected zips on file sharing sites and just keep uploading them after being taken down. Or use torrents. Fan-made animations based on other's work always have the "it's just a parody" argument, seems to be working out for porn creators.
It's cool face btw.
>>Anonymous  26aug2021(th)02:14  No.86843 
was the "trollface" for all the people who wasted time reading this post?

flash is largely irrelevant so nobody cares, they won't send lawyers where there's no money at. copyright violation isn't something people just like to do for it's own sake, so why speak about it as an opportunity? people made Zelda/Mario clones because poor people couldn't afford real consoles and could tolerate amateurn quality. mow you can play better JS-based games in a browser.

as for projectors, authors blocking them would be just dumb. most of people use them since they're more secure, reliable and faster than running shit in browser. swf isn't some magical mystery format which only the chosen ones can access; decompiling to check file contents i ...

>>Anonymous  21aug2021(sa)01:24  No.86805 
APK Convertion

I've tried to convert CreamBees games and aswell as others ones but most of them just show loads of randoms frames and don't allow you to play, is it normal or is there a way to fix it?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22aug2021(su)02:43  No.86812 
The CreamBee flashes use ActionScript 2, which is unsupported. Has to be AS3 for it to work.
The seemingly random frames are the main timeline of the swf file being shown on repeat since the player doesn't recognize any stop() code.

>>Anonymous  9aug2021(mo)02:06  No.86655 

I have a very specific, very special request. I have no idea if it's something anyone would be willing to do, but this feels like my best shot.

I'm a huge fan of the "is no more" series of swf's. I'm sure you've seen them on /f/ (billy_mays_is_no_more.swf, etc.). Well, Trevor Moore, my all time favorite comedian from WKUK just passed abruptly and unexpectedly. I'm pretty broken up about it. I'd really love an "is no more" swf with Trevor's picture called "Trevor_is_no_Moore.swf".

I've seen a couple of "blank templates" on this site that might work as a base, but I don't know enough about creating flashes to say for certain.

This place has some of the few people I know still making flash content, would it be possible for any of you to make that swf? I'm not sure if requests are a common occurance, but I'd really love to have that in my collection.

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>>Anonymous  9aug2021(mo)23:22  No.86661 
Request was fulfilled by someone posting on /f/: orMooreIsNoMore_ver2.swf
>>Anonymous  10aug2021(tu)00:46  No.86662 
incredible, this absolutely made my week!

>>w7-890  1jul2020(we)12:20  No.77990 
its me again sorry for bump

even though this site is not an imageboard (and there are lots of broken 404ed links here) you might need some extra stuff here on swfchan (just sayin)

this is a really cool (but unpopular) game site they have zips too and enjoy the relaxing music (source plz i really like it)

extras (lastly how do you download HTML5 games) (click flash for the real game) (source of bonus game ?)

 Preview below.         Replies: 7. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>guess who  13nov2020(fr)15:26  No.81052 
can we get the ball rolling pls i cant participate on 4chan (banned lol it says my bare IP is proxy even though i never posted there)
the links /ptEtr | 3594192.html
also am i the only one who gets the urge to fire up VMware whenever i see a patreon link especially for games
>>Anonymous  29jun2021(tu)13:12  No.86110 
is it me or seems stuck at 6/06/21
when the admin found out about the wrong creators getting excluded they just bumplocked the thread im getting really suspicious anyone know whats going on in the telegram i don't really use it kemono seems to be working just fine on my end
>>w7-890  29jun2021(tu)17:34  No.86111 
lol the link is still up and everyone is debating on which storage medium is better AAAND archived

there was someone who said on 8kun and then linked the (which one of you fgts did it right after YP went down)
(this guy hates YP so much he decided to impersonate a reddit admin)

>>86110 ...

>>Joshex  10jun2021(th)17:15  No.85856 

A quick note, after talking with the admin due to recieving SSL errors saying "no cypher overlap" I advise anyone experiencing any loading issues with anything hosted on to check what DNS server you are set to connect through. if it's default "automatic" it means your ISP is likely feeding you the wrong DNS for the site. I know in fact that BT internet DOES do this. BT's home hub will automatically attempt to proxy the page to a different IP hosted with BT this causes no Cypher communication between catbox and you. Causing a "no common encryption algorithms" error making the site not load.

At least this is about as much as I understand about it.

To fix this; you will need to change your DNS lookup host. and 1. ...

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>>Anonymous  12jun2021(sa)05:08  No.85863 and is Cloudflare, which is also in the information gathering business just like Alphabet/Google.

OpenDNS ( and is usually a better option, however they are owned by Cisco Systems now - a multinational technology conglomerate so not exactly trustworthy but likely better than Alphabet/Google and Cloudflare since information isn't Cisco's main bread and butter.

Honestly just using your ISP's DNS is usually fine for privacy concerns. You pay them money for Internet access so they should not need to earn anything from tracking you. Naturally their DNS being trash and giving you the wrong IP is a different matter.

If you want to (or need to) use something other than your ISP's DNS then consi ...

>>Joshex  17may2021(mo)13:25  No.85443 
Ninja Kiwi

I've been trying to spread info about ruffle and NG player and how to get flash working etc. But some flash centric companies seem to be just accepting defeat in the browser market.

Ninjakiwi is one of those companies at least so far. They have removed all the game pages from their website and autoredirect the link to an exe downloader archive to download their game platform.

For those who don't know, ninja kiwi is famous for tower defense games such as their bloons series.

The question is, why would they F- themselves like that? I tried to tell them people still use flash in their browsers, I showed them a picture of it working with one of their games. they merely apologised and said they will not be bringing back the game pages but they'd pass on the comments. -rarely fruitful. ...

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  18may2021(tu)19:19  No.85460 
Come to think about it, know what the saddest part about this is?
Support of providing a so called "alternative" to flash. Ruffle.
Just take it away from the few people who care and they will get angry and look for a way to take it back.
But say: Hey there's this great flash emulation. Now you can use flash in a modern and secure way!
and voilà, everyone jumps ship and is satisfied with having ruffle.
Even if it cannot play games for example. And most likely never will (in the next 10 years).
Because why use flash when you have something "just as good as flash" amirite? ...
>>Anonymous  19may2021(we)06:04  No.85482
>Ninja Kiwi Archive collects some of the best-loved Flash games from the Ninja Kiwi website in one amazing archival package. Enjoy your favorite Ninja Kiwi games and discover hidden gems from over 14 years of more awesomer, preserved in their original state even after browsers stop supporting Flash.
>- An awesome collection of 60+ classic web games, stored in a time capsule.
>- Experience the forerunners to iconic games like Bloons TD 6.
>- Play the Flash version of popular Steam games like Bloons TD 5, Bloons Monkey City, Bloons TD Battles and SAS: Zombie Assault 4.
>- Log in to your Ninja Kiwi account and reclaim your progress and save games from the web.
>Play Now Steam OR Non-Steam Versions: Windows MacOS ...
>>Anonymous  2jun2021(we)06:57  No.85735 
oh dang
reminder to self to check in with nitrome (they actually respond to emails they recieve!)
hope they don't do something rash like that
maybe armor games too?
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