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>>Anonymous  20apr2016(we)02:06  No.31919 
can't find the not_new swf with the scene selector

i seen it before on here but now i can't find it at all

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>>Anonymous  31mar2016(th)04:04  No.31047 
Was swfchan down for anyone else for about a minute?
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>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)15:40  No.31116 
>/b/ has all the pointless content
>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)19:05  No.31121 
K. How do I get this thread deleted? It's a waste of space.
>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)19:18  No.31122 

Welcome to the 1337haxxing community fellow Anonymous Legion Warrior

>>Liaison  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30458 
Archiving swfchan

Oi, admin. I'm a Bibliotheca Anonoma member - an archivist collective that specializes in imageboard history & culture. We've been contacting imageboard scrapper owners since the death of in an effort to secure & back up the contents of their archives, and maybe establish a mutual support net.

So far we have all the surviving contents of safely stored in the Internet Archive and are in contact and/or receiving back ups and helping the following archives:
4plebs ...

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>>Anonymous  28mar2016(mo)09:00  No.30874 
We understand. The good thing is that you now know where to fall back is anything happens.

If you use IRC, you should add #bibanon to autojoin so we can contact each other with ease. I don't really know any other way to contact you beyond this board.

Been trying to post this for days! Those still uploading errors didn't let me

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29mar2016(tu)13:18  No.30919 
Yeah, I prefer to only be reachable via this board. I've got an e-mail set up too but I never check it.

>Been trying to post this for days! Those still uploading errors didn't let me
Didn't realize it was that serious, going to have a look at the source code of the receiver.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29mar2016(tu)16:50  No.30927 
There we go

I didn't have access to the source code for the old receiver right now so I wrote a new one from scratch. It's probably for the best, this one should work a lot better than the old one. Put a very basic spam filter in there as well.

Maybe the board will see more posts per day now that the post receiver isn't as broken?

>>Anonymous  5mar2016(sa)02:58  No.29579 
It's been possible to post flashes as replies for a while, first recorded one is in July 2015, but since swfchan doesn't scan for them that record only goes 'til 2013 and it is possible that someone has uploaded as a reply before.

They don't show up except to the poster, in 4plebs archive or in 4chanx (I think, I don't have it personally).

I think 4chanx leaves in the post button and you can also manually edit the html for the button. ...

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>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30459 
flashes are, we like it or not, heavy bandwitch consumers. how much traffic does /f/ have? can hiro allow himself the luxury of increasing the file size limit?
>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)23:59  No.30473 
I'd be willing to bet five hundred bucks on that /gif/ or /b/ consumes at least 20 times more bandwidth on any day than /f/, with their webm movies and vastly greater number of lurkers. Not that it really matters too much since services like CloudFlare reduces bandwidth costs a lot these days (they download files once from 4chan and then distributes them to visitors as a middleman). Most flashes uploaded on /f/ are not close to the max limit anyway, for example right now there's only 10% flashes on /f/ that are actually over 9 MiB.

So yeah, increasing the max file size of flash files is very much not a matter of bandwidth cost.

>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)08:19  No.43472 
But Hiro has cloudflare, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

>>Liaison  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30460 
Archiving swfchan

Oi, admin. I'm a Bibliotheca Anonoma member - an archivist collective that specializes in imageboard history & culture. We've been contacting imageboard scrapper owners since the death of in an effort to secure & back up the contents of their archives, and maybe establish a mutual support net.

So far we have all the surviving contents of safely stored in the Internet Archive and are in contact and/or receiving back ups and helping the following archives:
4plebs ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18mar2016(fr)12:26  No.30491 
>don't know what's up.
Yeah those errors are because part of the site is painted rust, luckily posts are getting through anyway. I should fix that but... well it's not THAT broken!

I'll post my answer in the other thread since it has replies already.

>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)00:07  No.30229 
FIM Webm

Someone should convert this swf into a webm & post it on fe05df6d836d6ec67086787911d5.swf

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>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)00:37  No.30231 
My face has not enough palms right now.
>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)04:29  No.30233 
Nah, you can if you want though.

>>Anonymous  15feb2016(mo)08:49  No.28787 
I was wondering if there will ever be a search by date function?

I know that this isn't like the other archivers and is mainly about keeping flash files, but it would be nice to be able to search back what was posted on any given day all the way back in 2007.

This came to mind because I was reading through some archived thread and an anon mentioned that a bunch of oldfags were posting stuff that day, and it was before 4plebs started archiving /f/.

The information is in all of the posts, just wondering if it would ever be searchable.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17feb2016(we)22:37  No.28929 
Biggest problem for me at the moment is to focus on one thing, I can't decide what I really want to do right now.

Btw off topic but since you mentioned that flash is dying: There's a rumor going around that Adobe is dropping flash since their Flash Professional program is disappearing, even reported on this incorrectly (or misleadingly). That is not true, they are just renaming the program to Adobe Animate CC: ate-cc-a-new-era-for-flash-professional/

The SWF format can still be exported to and as such there will still be a flash plugin for browsers. AIR is still doing well as well, which is in essence flash. So flash isn't really dying, it's still being used extens ...

>>Anonymous  19feb2016(fr)00:54  No.28974 
Yep, sadly Youtube isn't NiCO NII, I mean Nicovideo, maybe that's why 2ch has a lot more flash history?
Only furries for some reason are REALLY dedicated to making their porn in SWF format. I mean, I don't like it, but I really appreciate their loyalty and mastery of the flash format.
>>Anonymous  28feb2016(su)04:34  No.29276 
Flash might be dying because Adobe has turned their program into a subscription service. This deters content creators who don't own older versions to start makings content in Flash. Why would they want to pay a monthly fee for a hobby that they are not even good at (yet)?

Newgrounds, Albinoblacksheep, dagobah and are all places that allows flash video uploads, however I don't know how widespread they are. Newgrounds is rather popular but they don't allow you do download the video content there.

Games are still pretty popular in the swf format; Nitrome, Miniclip and ArmorGames are usually flash. ...

>>Anonymous  6jan2016(we)17:29  No.26599 
Oculus Rift

Anybody else that was looking forward to pre-order Oculus Rift today only to be disappointed of the unrealistic price tag? How they expect VR to take off with a 700 USD + tax + shipping (+ 1500 USD gaming PC) purchase is beyond me. Plus whatever they are going to charge for the Oculus Touch controller(s) this summer.

I'm sure their product is great but they are blowing their chance of taking off with a boom here.

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>>Anonymous  15jan2016(fr)17:06  No.26886 
Vive will be better.
>>Nanonymous  15jan2016(fr)21:39  No.26892 
News flash: everything costs more when it hits the market.

Early adopters will buy it no matter the price; there's a hundred thousand dollar TV that Best Buy is selling. This recoups the R&D expenses, which transitions the market into a pricing war, which gets you your cheap toys a year or three later than everyone else.

In another few years, Apple+Sony+Microsoft+Google will all have their own competing devices on the market. Be patient and save your pennies.

>>Horsie  16jan2016(sa)10:44  No.26902 
Vive is almost the same on paper. What can be a good thing for them if they sell the controllers with the headset and not separate like Oculus is doing.

>>Anonymous  31dec2015(th)20:52  No.26427 
Convert Webm

Could someone please convert this webm vid into a swf. mated-anthro-anthrofied-bouncing_br

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>>Anonymous  4jan2016(mo)19:05  No.26552 

The only way I know how to convert webms is to use an online video converter & when I convert the mpeg of the converted webm to swf the size gets too large.

>>Anonymous  5jan2016(tu)06:00  No.26565 
there are conversion softwares out there that you can download the one I use is here -Video-Converter.htm

>>Anonymous  5jan2016(tu)09:49  No.26566 
The best way to convert videos into flash is with swfchan's own tool:

Webm is a video and you'll get the best quality using SwfH264.

>>Wulf  23sep2014(tu)08:07  No.15051

What's the plan? Will swfchan figure out a way to archive it or just stick to 4chan?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12nov2015(th)05:13  No.25291 
Man that was a lot of text at five in the morning. I didn't get into it that much but looks like it's a legit security issue from what's being said. I wonder if Adobe has been able to patch the problem by now, it's been over 20 days. Shit like this isn't doing wonders for flash's reputation these days but it's better to catch it sooner than later.
>>Anonymous  12nov2015(th)16:56  No.25304 
Too bad 8chan isn't anymore trustworthy than new 4chan these days (just gonna leave this here
I've stopped browsing 4chan's /f/ around the second descent of captcha, but I really have to say the quality went upwards the last years again, with 2 post limit.
Captcha just makes me post less than before but it's kinda bearable with no flash board being just like /f/.
That said I do like the differences with swfchan, it serves a different purpose, all with non complete anonymity.
It just feels a bit unneccessarily archaic, but as SWFAnts said, he's working on upgrades.
As long as /f/ is alive, things should stay as they are with .org.
Let's see as to how long the swf format is destined to survive.
>>Desu  17dec2015(th)15:37  No.26095 
That archive link is completely false lol.
It's some stuff /int*/ made up and a journo published it without fact checking anything

>>Anonymous  23nov2015(mo)13:06  No.25511 
Description? lla+Blaze+%28Horse+cock+Action%29+by+shocking+%28S onic+TheCatFutanariHyperBigBoobsLickPussyAssCumSho tFunnyParody%29.swf

Seen a couple of these flashes but no idea what description the creator was talking about. Anyone of link to full video?

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>>Anonymous  23nov2015(mo)16:41  No.25517
>>Horsie  26nov2015(th)18:07  No.25593 
More from this guy here:
Link does not have the last ) on it

>>Swf Addict  13nov2015(fr)01:20  No.25311 
AD Pop-Up locks browser

Hi there,

that's my first time in the discussion section so I don't know if the problem is already known. For a few months I've been visiting swfchan with turned-off adblocker, I don't mind it as long as you get some bucks.

However for a few weeks now there's an ad pop-up that locks my browser and attempts to force me to install some shitty app. I've run into this garbage twice now - only on swfchan. I have reported the issue (the app) to google as malware (nope I did not install that shit).
I doubt this will solve the issue though.

I'm running win10 / google chrome. ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13nov2015(fr)02:18  No.25312 
Did you happen to catch the URL of the popup? The domain part of it I mean. If I had that I can give it to my ad providers (I'm using three of them) and hopefully they the one that serves the bad ads will get rid of it. Unfortunately I can't control the actual ads that show up any more than that.
>>Swf Addict  14nov2015(sa)17:50  No.25334 
no sorry I didn't think about it at that moment. Next time it pops up I'll make a screen-shot ;)
>>Swf Addict  14nov2015(sa)18:07  No.25336 
-.- ugh... I must be pretty retarded from sleep deprivation...

I didn't think about looking into my browser history.

I don't know in what order your ad providers open, but at that time of visit 3 pop ups opened: ...

>>Anonymous  31oct2015(sa)07:16  No.24951 
Can't find a game

So there's this Asian game of an alien/mosnter that attacks and rapes a girl
It's like a fighting game, with bars (no hp, u don't kill) and you can change positions and bring one mosnter from the background to help you rape, and also some tentacles.

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>>Anonymous  28oct2015(we)05:59  No.24892 
Nothing loading

Is it happening for anyone else? I'll go to play a game, or something on here, click the get file button with the captcha, then on the next page, it's just a blank white screen.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28oct2015(we)19:27  No.24904 
Well, that test would have only been useful if you had tried shortly after the reboot had taken place. Perhaps you'll return tomorrow.
>>Anonymous  30oct2015(fr)04:17  No.24939 
Oh. Yes. sorry. Still getting blank page.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30oct2015(fr)15:54  No.24941 
Sounds very strange, especially if you're not getting any error message either. I'll try to simulate accessing the GET FILE page with your IP as soon as I have time, in the meantime I'd appreciate it if anyone else that is having similar problems post about it here.

>>A wondering user  5oct2015(mo)15:00  No.24223 
Seekbar for flash files ?

I never realised how useful the seekbar/timeline bar is until I stumbled upon flash content on other sites that i was actually interested in seeing. Is there a way to somehow add those functions via a plugin or something similar ? What I'm trying to say is: can I get the (or a similar) seekbar to the one im guessing you made for your site when viewing flashes ? The closest thing that I could find to what I need is this: l
but it sadly doesn't work (anymore?). Anyone knows if it is even possible ?

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>>A curious user  7sep2015(mo)22:26  No.23225 

I always wondered (since I first heard about this thing being an alternative to the classic captcha) why isn't the site using the far less annoying reCAPTCHA ?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8sep2015(tu)01:06  No.23233 
The reason is because of bots leeching the flashes, I'd like the bandwidth to go to humans instead instead of automated leeches of competing sites. I know it's happening since some sites end up leeching 404.swf sometimes, here's an example: clitgames/video/huge-boobs-titfuck-3279.html (insert dot com before the first slash)

Since the captcha is custom-made it's a lot harder to find a company that will solve a bunch of swfchan's captchas for a buck, they usually only have systems which are built for big players like reCAPTCHA. Someone going through a bunch of trouble for bypassing swfchan's captcha automatically is unlikely since it'll require a lot more know-how than just running a spider that downloads the flashes.

I know it's hypocr ...

>>A curious user  8sep2015(tu)10:10  No.23251 
It would be great if you could do that. Also would making a login system help in any way ? I mean imposing that you first make an account to access the site flashes, or to increase the number of flashes you can view before completing a new captcha ? I know you added this stuff for the Patreon program, but wouldn't it be useful for all users ?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8sep2015(tu)16:02  No.23259 
I'd like to avoid requiring visitors to log in as much as possible so I don't think there will be any kind of accounts for regular users. Their IP and/or a cookie value provides enough identity.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24aug2015(mo)10:47  No.22625 
Patreon Beta

Discussion thread for the testing period.

Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.
Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.
Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2015(we)21:10  No.23090 
>early no-ads-at-all-acess
I would do this if I could, problem is swfchan was built to be as static as possible to save server resources. Most pages are shtml files, which basically only allows another html file to be included, so no logic that involves checking for user accounts can be implemented without me rewriting the whole site from scratch. But supporters can use adblock without feeling bad about it. ;^)
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3sep2015(th)19:11  No.23134 
Supporter Accounts

The system that creates supporter accounts is now ready, please check patreon.shtml for instructions on how to activate your account so I can make sure everything works the way it should and that the instructions are straightforward enough.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7sep2015(mo)01:07  No.23207 
It's time

Everything is as ready as it'll ever be, it's time to end the "beta testing" period and see for real if people are willing to donate to the site via Patreon. Thanks to you three that have showed your support so far, even if nobody else is interested I will at least know that 3 out of 25k really like the site. :)

I'll make the global announcement within 24 hours.

>>Horsie  2sep2015(we)11:47  No.23077 
Reply to highlighter

Something I hate about swfchan threads is reading a post and having to remember and find the replied post numbers to understand who and what are the post replying to. I know you can click the link itself, but I don't like it because then I lose the post I'm currently reading, and if the replied post is near the bottom, I just does not work.

It would be nice if upon hovering your cursor over the post number link, the post in question got highlighted.

That's why I have coded what is needed for it to work.
If you want to see what it looks like, I prepared an offline test you can download, unpack and open with your browser of choice to see how it looks. It's the Patreon thread with my code inserted and cleaned of code that wasn't needed for this test so it works offline. ...

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>>Horsie  3sep2015(th)11:28  No.23112 
Thank you.

By the way, I have looked at your code, and... holy shit, this thing is huge! When I did my little function, I didn't even open global.js.
One last thing: I spotted an error on this file (don't be mad at me). Search for "0;" (including quotes) and you'll spot it.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3sep2015(th)15:20  No.23124 
Corrected, initially had the variable as a number and must have spaced out when I turned it into a string since I forgot to place ; correctly. Thanks for spotting it for me.

Yeah global.js has gotten quite big over the years. Some of the functions aren't even utilized any longer. It is used by all three top domains but funny thing is that it still doesn't have all of the site's scripts, there are other js files imported on some pages or local script blocks. Same with the stylesheet.

>>Anonymous  3sep2015(th)20:12  No.23138 
You can click the reply number and then click back on your browser, it would take you back to the number you clicked on earlier (e.g. the first post you looked at). Works fine for me.

>>8088  20aug2015(th)04:13  No.22473 
this does not work, fail after way too many captchas required to continue, and vague directions, not clear what next step.

finally got all the way to last step to finish, and repeated message

Last export generation failed!
Last export generation failed!
Last export generation failed!
Last export generation failed! ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20aug2015(th)09:02  No.22476 
The problem was that one of the images in the "Quality: High" selection couldn't be put into the flash. It happens sometimes due to some small error in the format encoding, if you pick a different quality setting it will work (was a message about that below "last export generation failed").

I went ahead and finished your swf for you with "Quality: Medium-High". loop.swf

I know the user experience of the swfloopmaker isn't very good, if I had designed it today I would have made it much clearer with less captchas and less text.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9jul2015(th)06:11  No.21325 

This thread is about ash/

I worked a bit on this last week but want to spend time on another project at the moment. Since I don't know when and if I will continue I decided to release this as version 0.4.0. There's a lot more I wanted to put in there but it's better to put it out as it is rather than maybe never.

To be honest I'm not sure why I did this, it just felt like fun at the time. Will anyone actually use it?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12jul2015(su)14:47  No.21406 
Alright, I'll add a note of it on the project page. If you ever get any errors it might be because the Java Virtual Machine ran out of memory, in that case try putting "-Xmx5000m" back but with a lower number, maybe 1000 would work instead of 5000.
>>Aedako  12aug2015(we)23:47  No.22305 
Hope you don't get ticked off at me for stealing your idea, but it inspired me to make this:
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13aug2015(th)00:53  No.22306 
Hah, awesome! I'm always happy to have inspired creativity.

>>Anonymous  9aug2015(su)16:06  No.22141 
Broken links in search

Visit a search result page like the following rry+gay&p=3
When I click on the link for another results page, say 4, it simply appends another &p attribute, e.g. rry+gay&p=3&p=4
which most of the time will not lead to the wanted result page.

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9aug2015(su)16:49  No.22143 
Thought I had fixed that already. Did some changes in the search a month or two back, must have been like this since then.

Works correctly now, thanks a bunch for letting me know mate. If there's anything else please don't hesitate to leave a message.

>>A concerned user  10jul2015(fr)18:38  No.21361 
403 Forbidden

I get 403 Forbidden on pretty much all flashes, what's happening ?

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11jul2015(sa)01:42  No.21371 
The files2 mirror is not working, I thought it was fixed yesterday since images2 are working... Should have checked to make sure. Disabled files2 for now, sorry for the trouble.

>>rjwboys  9jul2015(th)05:29  No.21323 

all images are comeing up with x and error 403 forbiddion

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9jul2015(th)05:45  No.21324 
You're right, working on getting it back online now.

>>Brang buck snocks  18jun2015(th)21:29  No.20762 
Fyi Ants, if you didn't notice it already:
For whatever reason all swfchan domain links on 4chan are automately filtered as spam for whatever reason as of late. Spamfilter always prevents posting. This makes filling requests and battling the new even increasingly harder.
I would appreciate it if you made some sort of formal investigation in that matter, maybe write whatever poor successor to Moot there is that swfchan links are needed on /f/.
This can't possibly be good for traffic numbers on swfchan.
 Preview below.         Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  22jun2015(mo)02:33  No.20844 
That's what I've been doing until now, but it's stupid, takes more effort, is more difficult to open and swfchan just clearly should not belong into that filter.

There have been now a number of threads involving this and everytime a good number of anons declared that they sent a complaint. Including black numbers that's now a good amount of feedback.
I hope it will do something, but chances are low considering that there aren't any answered feedback questions since the start of the new year.
Enjoy the cancer fest.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1jul2015(we)01:24  No.21075 

Seems like swfchan is no longer filtered on 4chan, I'd like to thank everybody that helped out in sending them feedback about this.

>>Anonymous  1jul2015(we)22:13  No.21100 
Seeing there's now newly answered feedback and there wasn't any about this issue, I was fearing the worst. Great they actually listened!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jun2015(tu)20:43  No.20909 

I'm considering implementing support for .unity3d on swfchan. These are single self-contained files, just like swfs, that are played with a browser plugin, just like swfs. They are created with the Unity game engine and I don't know the first thing about how the .unity3d format is constructed or if there are any security issues with it but I can learn.

Files in the .unity3d format would be uploadable on all boards supporting .swf uploads and would mix in with the flash threads, though they would be highlighted somehow to differentiate that they are about a Unity file. Uploaded .unity3d files would not get into the current flash archive on .com/.net, instead they would appear on their own subdomain and have their own arc ...

 Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Horsie  24jun2015(we)21:11  No.20937 
I find this an excellent idea.
There are some good porn in Unity right now, like the Cathouse Tale, Lugia 3D or Yiffalicious.
About security issues, compared to the old times with flash and browser security holes going rampant, I don't think this is a really serious issue nowadays.
>>Anonymous  25jun2015(th)07:25  No.20948 
Unity Web Player is losing support, Chrome dropped it because they won't update from NPAPI and there's still no signs of them ever porting it to Linux (even though Unity3D can export standalone Linux apps, they just never bothered bringing the web player over).
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29jun2015(mo)02:18  No.21037 
It's probably best to hold off on any kind of Unity implementation.

Biggest problem seems to be that people aren't releasing their things as .unity3d for the browser, they are releasing them as .exe.

The subject still remains open for discussion, if anyone have anything to say please do so! I'm especially interested in URLs to actual porn things created in Unity that has been published for the web player.

If there's not even one of those around already there probably won't be much in the future either, at least not enough to make it worth all the time it would take to implement what I mentioned.

>>Aedako  8oct2014(we)08:54  No.15330 
Flashbulb / yt2swf

I'm developing a program for in-place modification of swf files ( If you've been paying attention to the new file uploads for the last week or so, you may have noticed a number of IOSYS animations with glitching and artistic effects applied to them -- as I've been creating new features I've been uploading them to 4chan to see what kind of reaction they get.

I consider swfchan to be a valuable service and respect your opinion, so as I've been working on this I've been wondering how you feel about your database being flooded with my edits. If you'd rather not index my test files, I can make it so Flashbulb sets some kind of flag in a Metadata or DefineBinaryData tag at the top of the file so you can detect ...

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>>Anonymous  4jun2015(th)21:18  No.20443 
Nice to see things are still happening, well done!
>>Aedako  26jun2015(fr)22:50  No.20992 
As of Flashbulb 0.51 it's possible to create basic flashes from scratch. Certain tasks are automated, such as displaying images and GIF animations, playing sounds, creating buttons and adding credits to the bottom. I'm hoping the availability of a free Flash authoring tool will encourage more people to create files that are actually Flash, not YouTube rips.

Going to focus on putting in a site lock removal tool next.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27jun2015(sa)03:36  No.20997 
Nice job, warms the heart to see someone working on tools for flash

>>Anonymous  26apr2015(su)23:52  No.19564 
Can't see flashes

Hi. I wanted to see if you guys can help me. Every time I try to watch an swf. It either won't load or give me a 404 error... I haven't been able to make a single flash work for me and I have the latest version of Flash. HALP!! :(

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>>Anonymous  16jun2015(tu)01:37  No.20653 

Could be a caching problem though.
Did it work for you in the past?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jun2015(tu)01:49  No.20669 
So if I understand this correctly you can watch flashes from and but not from and Those last two use CloudFlare so maybe the issue is that you can't connect to their server or one of their mirrors (that you are trying to reach) is having trouble connecting to swfchan and therefore can't forward the flash to you.

Try removing "get." from any URL and see if you can download flashes from here. Removing .get will download the flash from swfchan's server instead of via CloudFlare.

>>Anonymous  17jun2015(we)16:54  No.20730 
good to know!

>>Anonymous  22mar2015(su)06:10  No.18573 
i can't preview my flash loop, help please
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>>Anonymous  11apr2015(sa)20:51  No.19170 
Not working for me either
>>Anonymous  9jun2015(tu)22:41  No.20511 
Also having problems

Using this sites swf looper tool thingy to make a flash

using a 24 image gif and 4 mb mp3, simply trying to make a loop out of that, once I get to the preview stage the preview fails.
Tried changing the setting a bunch of different ways, nothing worked.
Then it told me to post about it here.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jun2015(we)03:30  No.20516 
It should work now, the problem was that "Use the original audio, don't re-encode" was selected, causing no preview version of the audio to be generated. It will just use the original audio now if no preview MP3 can be found. Thanks for letting me know about this!

So this is what >>18573 and >>19170 were talking about... Sorry guys, I just didn't realize what you meant! It has been years since I made the SWF loop maker, sometimes it pays off to be very clear about the context. :)

>>Anonymous  31may2015(su)17:47  No.20338 
more swf's

can you save the swfs from other boards, like (2channel), (Futaba Channel), or (the swf's not the gif's) ?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31may2015(su)18:37  No.20341 
It's certainly not impossible. ;)

At the moment the swfchan server only scans 4chan's /f/ automatically on top swfchan's own boards. I've however developed some additional scanners for other major places that run from a different server and then I manually move found files over to swfchan when I feel it's time. The move-files-over process will be automated one of these days.

On top of that I also do manual scans from time to time with code I've tailored especially for the site that looks interesting. 115 such custom scans has been done so far. If a place keeps being updated I might repeat the manual scan after a year or so. The manual scans usually don't give that many new flashes but they provide a bunch of new file names for existin ...

>>Anonymous  1jun2015(mo)21:05  No.20368 
Oh, I always thought the scan and move files process is already automated.
It seems you didn't get any new files from, as far as I know. The only other I can think of are and And Freeway Cola's
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2jun2015(tu)07:22  No.20386 
It's fully automated for 4chan and 90% automated for other places.

I suppose I really should scan for some non-porn flashes one of these days, usually I make my scanners only pick up porn because the vast, vast majority of non-porn flashes are pretty, well, worthless to be blunt. A few years ago I was in the process of scanning Newgrounds but after a while I looked at what was being found and nearly all of it was something that I couldn't possibly think swfchan's userbase was interested in. I rewrote the code to only grab the very top rated flashes and it still inserted thousands of flashes on swfchan that nobody has watched even once.

Since then I figure that at least porn flashes will always have SOME kind of value to peopl ...

>>æ  31may2015(su)02:07  No.20316 
Search Buttons

I often come across the same problem with inexperience users on 4chan's /f/:
They don't seem to understand that there are multiple site domains (because it's rather unusual) and, even when I never had that problem, probably did not read the site architecture at all.
What I'm trying to say is, they don't know how to search for keywords in archived threads.
I think the reason is that the second search button for the .net engine isn't clearly visible at all.
Maybe this was intentional. But if I would not have been on swfchan on older layouts, I probably wouldn't know about it as well. I remember having to figure it out a little bit myself.

Most visitors probalby only visit the frontpage and don't immediatly recognize two different search functions. ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31may2015(su)06:53  No.20321 
I think the reason I made the .net search so "hidden" was because people were doing the wrong search without realizing it wasn't what they wanted and in those days the thread search could take so long to complete that they left before it had completed. Since that meant the server was spending a bunch of time doing something that nobody viewed and people ended up thinking searching was broken it made sense to hide away what most people wasn't looking for.

But you're right, the function should be more clear to people that it is there. I've added a "Search for keywords in threads instead?"-link that is shown for all searches on .com, that way people will still start out with the search that they most likely want to perform but will become a ...
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