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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2011(su)20:42  No.1012  SWF  P1

As some of you may have noticed a great deal of ads has disappeared from the bottom of the site recently. Apparently something about site's with porn not being allowed. This means that swfchan suddenly isn't bearing it's own weight any more, new ads are needed since the single one at the top isn't enough. I liked the old ones since they were pretty clean and rotated a lot. Not just the same old penis/dating/sex ads that the top one always gets.

What I'm however thinking is that I'll just go with the same advertisement place as the top ad comes from since that's easiest. These ads are however not based on a per-view plan like the old bottom ones were, so there's little point in filling the bottom with a million of these ads. Nor do I really want that since that will probably just fill the bottom of the page with a bunch of penises.

So to avoid this wall of penises I might step over to the dark side of advertising and use both pop-ups and "commercial break" type of ads on the site. These two kinds are the most annoying however they also pay the most. They won't appear on every single page view of course, but by doing this swfchan will profit from the many "bounce" visits to the site (people that just visit one page from a search engine and then never visit again, over 30% of the site's visitors are of this kind). I reason that most of the regular visitors use ad block anyway. Of course some don't (bless you), however maybe a popup/commercial break isn't that bad once in a while to help the site?

Of course I'm open to suggestions. This thread is where we debate the advertising future of the site. Maybe you have information leading to pop-ups and commercial breaks not having to be implemented? I should mention that the advertising provider have to support payment through PayPal, though feel free to recommend those that do not.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2011(su)20:48  No.1013  SWF  P2
Btw: I haven't been able to check if this posting system works for everybody yet, I suspect there are some issues I don't know about. If you for some reason can't post a reply in this thread please post it as a "report" using the report form:

It would be good if you included some information about your browser etc (whatever you think can be useful) in your report so that I can start looking for a possible bug. But try replying normally first, please.

>>Anonymous  10apr2011(su)23:48  No.1014  A  P3R1
Is Project Wonderful's ad strategy a possibility? Advertising by-day instead of per-view/click seems like it'd be workable.

Using Firefox 3.6.16.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11apr2011(mo)00:49  No.1015  SWF  P4R2
It was ads from Project Wonderful that I used at the bottom before, but they have a policy now that you can't have porn on your site. Since it's impossible to clean up swfchan they are no longer an option. I don't know if there are similar advertising providers out there.
>>Glesipher  11apr2011(mo)05:15  No.1016  B  P5R3
For the website...

I'm fine with pop-ups if it's to keep the website running.

>>Anonymous  11apr2011(mo)07:57  No.1017  C  P6R4
Use the ads.

If you need money, you need money. I'm pretty sure they'll understand.

>>Anonymous  11apr2011(mo)08:25  No.1018  D  P7R5
I feel fine with popups, but the "commercial breaks are the most annoying, Dawn Direct Foam is not a good preloader to porn.

Btw, how much did those little premium acc things from back when bring in?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11apr2011(mo)08:39  No.1019  SWF  P8R6
Though the popups are much more likely to be blocked by default in any modern web browser, even without any special ad blocker plugin, while the commercial breaks always get shown. If I want to catch those bouncer hits I sadly have to have the commercial breaks.

If by "premium acc" you mean the "VIP status" I actually got a whooping number of 1 customer. Yup, I sure did enjoy that standard piece of cheese I got from those 5 bucks.

>>Anonymous  13apr2011(we)09:58  No.1029  E  P9R7
if I'd have to choose between pop-ad's and the commercial break ad's I'd go with the commercial break ad's because nothings worst than having a new window or multiple windows show up and in a fit of rage you close it as fast as possible and accidentally close something else or your browser. now that pisses me off more than the commercial break adds because if I click anything it won't be the close button but the convenient "skip ad" button.
>>Anonymous  14apr2011(th)01:54  No.1031  F  P10R8
Well, here's what I'll say if it helps at all.
If you do need to do pop-ups, please try to make sure they aren't shady if you can... I've seen some sites before have problems not knowing what their advertisers are doing...
Also, though it seems unlikely and you don't seem to be considering it, I just want to pre-emptively say that I would very much appreciate it if you avoid pop-under ads *^@%$! I always hated Snopes for thinking that was somehow "better" and different than pop-ups (well it is different I suppose; It's worse). Especially if they're pornographic; Someone barges into your room, you hit alt+f4 and yet there's that porn ad right there sitting smackdab in the middle of the screen... or some related scenerio occurs.

I'm gonna guess that like 4chan, you can't do donations. Hmm...
Sucks you can't use Project Wonderful. I've never seen a policy that actually looked somewhat, reasonably good like theirs, but I guess that's all just very careful PR and I guess that's why they won't do it any more. Fucking shame.

I wish I could help you zoor. Too bad I'm an unemployed student with no driving permit, money, useful programming/computer knowledge, actual skills or friends who's living with his parents and paying out of hand for community college so I can progress to a University student who's only virtually unemployed and just can't get a job that won't sap my very soul out and make my life feel like hell with the hope that I can somehow move on to better things with my degree in robotics, but never will any way. I'm such an optimist.

Commercial breaks? If you mean something like YouTube, I don't think that's such a great idea...
Loading the swf is enough work for crappy computers, I don't think it's good to complicate it too much. Might piss people off besides. I think users tend to associate ad interrruptions, with the whole timer thing and all, on video/swf files with corporate bullshit. I think it *might* make them think you 'sold out' even if you said otherwise. Also, videos really can be pretty annoying.
If it's between those two, I'd stick with pop-ups I guess.
I suppose... is their any way to have the commercial breaks just be still images?

I'm probably very wrong about most or all of this, though.
Good luck Zoor.

Please do your best not to make swfchan look like one of those ad-ridden porn sites with the megaupload button and everything, because I love swfchan and I love you and I stalk you while carrying a blood-stained kitchen knife with my reddened eyes splayed open with a menacing, plastic doll-like grin on my face and I'm a crossdresser that wants to do gay 69 rape with you so we can bear each others mouth-children which I will then raise to become sex slaves after I become your bride, Macky-kun.
But I'm totally straight.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14apr2011(th)06:35  No.1032  SWF  P11R9
So YOU'RE Mr. Coat that I've been seeing from time to time in reflections, yet can't locate once I turn around. I feel so much better now.

If I get popups I will try my best to make the popups as un-annoying as I can, though I probably won't have that much control over them. They will probably be pornographic since they will be from the same place that I get the top ad from. Come to think of it I'm not even sure they support popups, but I believe they do.

The commercial breaks aren't like those on YouTube (I hate those kind more than any other kind of ads), it's the type that makes a fullscreen overlay on the current page with a little "skip" link in the top right corner.

>I'm gonna guess that like 4chan, you can't do donations
When most people talk donations they think of PayPal, and from what I've heard they have a policy that you can't have porn on your site (or something like that), so that's why I can't use them. In fact that is why Project Wonderful can't have porn sites either they told me, because of PayPal. So why do some advertisers, mentioning no names, still provide porn ads and support PayPal? I guess it just comes down to wheather or not they are willing to break rules and shut up about it. Either that or Project Wonderful was bullshitting me about PayPals anti-porn policy.

I guess I could take donations, IF there was a good anonymous way to do it. Hm, do any of you people use BitCoin...? Nah, I don't really think there are that many interested in donating anyway, not worth the effort. Better stick with ads for now.

Point taken, maybe I can try only to have commercial breaks for a while and only add the popups if the commercial breaks don't generate much money. Popups tend to be the type of ad that usually generates the most money online, for some reason. At least it used to be.

>>Anonymous  14apr2011(th)08:32  No.1033  D  P12R10

The ones that overlay the screen with the skip in the top right corner usually aren't too bad unless they have some excruciatingly slow fade in effect. if you can find some pay per click penis ad and spam it at the bottom it may be somewhat like a donate button(and a forest of rapidly growing cocks). Overall this seems decent enough to have the popup ads with to support swfchan, but it's good to keep this open in case someone has some brilliant idea.

>>1019 i would have thought at least four or five. Dammit I'm hungry for cheese now...

>>Anonymous  15apr2011(fr)19:30  No.1044  G  P13R11
I'm fine with this.
And i dunno if this is the "Commercial break" you were talking about, but Paheal has these ads that take over that window for a minute to give an ad, and you can click Skip Ad to skip it.
>>Nicko  16apr2011(sa)01:00  No.1045  H  P14R12

I'm willing to turn off my adblock if it means it'll save this site, I really don't want it to die :c

>>Anonymous  16apr2011(sa)07:09  No.1046  I  P15R13
some of the flash files seem stupid huge, would it be possible to start up some kind of project to optimize the most popular ones so they don't use as much bandwidth?
>>dollspit  16apr2011(sa)13:11  No.1051  J  P16R14
If it means saving swfchan from death, I'd be fine with whatever you go with.

I'd like to note that of all the revenue generating ads, the commercial break ones are my least favorite. Like it was mentioned before, they all seem to have that long fade in or they make you wait twenty seconds until you can skip the ad. I think they're awful, but if they help the site, I'm all for it.

If there is some way you can accept donations, I'd be all for it. I just looked it up, and PayPal basically said that they don't allow the digital distribution of pornographic media through their site. I would argue that donations likey won't be considered payment for goods or services.

I know 7chan accepts donations through PayPay, as does Futanari Palace. It kinda looks like a grey area policy wise.

I noticed 7chan also accepts donations through a service called AlertPay, which doesn't seems to snub pornography like PayPal kinda seems to. You should take a look at their service.

Could you maybe give us a ballpark figure for how much you need monthly to fund swfchan? If it comes down to it, maybe we could send you some cash via snail mail...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16apr2011(sa)14:17  No.1052  SWF  P17R15
I'm testing the commercial break ads in /res/ right now, they should appear when you click a file over 10 MiB (the links that leads to getfile.asp, marked with *). You can check to see how they look over there, they doesn't seem to fade in for me however the "skip" link appears only after a second or two.

very kind of you, appreciate it

sure, you can always start a topic about it in /fla/ if you want to. Maybe people will volunteer to help you out? it'll be lots of work but if people are interested enough there's no problem. though there aren't that much traffic here at the moment there's nothing stopping you from linking to the thread if you want to summon people to help out

AlertPay seems to take a fixed amount of the donation (not a percentage) and since I probably won't get that many that will eat up most of the money. But judging from what you say the PayPal donations might not be out of question after all. However I'm concerned about my privacy in the matter, for example I don't want to hang out my email for all to see, and less so my name. I'm all for being Anonymous, I only use my nick in "official matters" on this chan, otherwise I'm always anon.

>ballpark figure for how much you need monthly to fund swfchan
I can't really do that, to be honest it's a low monthly figure. The money I get from ads are more for those times that I need to buy new parts for the server, or move it all of a sudden etc. To have something for unexpected events. Hopefully I will be able to get more bandwidth for it in the future too, I know it's pretty slow at the moment. But the ad money also works as a carrot for me; as motivation for continuing to work on the site. I'm not saying that it's a bother really but it does take up time to do stuff like checking reports, keeping the place legal, making sure everything is working like it should and even writing this text I suppose. When the server breaks down, as it has done several times in the past, I have to dedicate a day to get it back up again (finding out what went wrong, ordering spare parts, mounting them and so forth). Sure it doesn't take every hour of that day but enough to ruin any other schedule. My greatest motivational carrot is of course knowing that thousands of people use my site every day, warms my heart somehing you can't imagine. But I'm starting to grow old and with that I'm beginning to wonder if I should do something else with my free time, you know? People around me are getting married and having children and there I am, fixing the server while they are at the beach. ;) Time has greater value than money after all. Hehe, I of course blew things out of proportion now, but yeah, all these things are what the ad money goes toward. Plus the monthly expenses of course (small as they may be, then again the ad money isn't exactly much either).

>>Sage01  17apr2011(su)04:30  No.1057  K  P18R16
Dude why not tell everyone at the homepage or somewhere to just disable adblock for this website only then? Think of it like the news homepage moot used to have before 4chan went mainstream. It's not like the adverts this website has are intrusive anyhow.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17apr2011(su)08:00  No.1059  SWF  P19R17
I suppose I could do that, just didn't want to bother people with any nagging. Wonder if it'll have much effect, worth a try.
>>dollspit  17apr2011(su)13:02  No.1065  J  P20R18
This is assuming you either don't already have a respectable PayPal account that you value, or you have multiple credit/debit cards, but I started a PayPal with my real name and the email I use for work and shipping and whatnot. When I started getting into commissioning artists, I became concerned with privacy. I deleted the PayPal account and started a new one (with the same debit card) with a pseudonym and an email address specifically for it. That's about as anonymous as it gets on PayPal, as far as I know. I'd consider it if you're at all interested in donations.

By the way, after getting a pretty steady job, I've become more of a "moral" individual when it comes to compensating individuals for their services/products (I'm referring to pirating, mind you). Seeing that I use your site AT LEAST once a day, I'd be more than willing to donate a decent amount.
This isn't a false promise. Expect a donation from me the day you announce on the front page that you accept them.

Also, PLEASE, for the Internets sake, don't just drop swfchan when (or if) you decide to retire. Give someone out there the chance to pick up where you left off. This site means more to some people than you may imagine. :_)

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17apr2011(su)16:02  No.1066  SWF  P21R19
Very nice to hear that you find everyday use of the site. =)

That thing about using a fake name for PayPal, does it really work? After a while (don't remember if it was after a year or after a certain amount of money has touched the account) PayPal starts wanting hard proof of the account ownership (a photograph of ones valid photo-ID card/pass). To reduce online scams and such they claim.

>don't just drop swfchan when (or if) you decide to retire
I wouldn't do that, at the very least I would torrent all the flash files and the databases. Maybe I would make a handy little portable search application too for the database (but that's not a promise, hehe). If swfchan suddenly DOES go offline in the future without any word that would mean I have been hit by a car or something, rendering me unable to settle life's business.

>>anon  18apr2011(mo)20:24  No.1071  L  P22R20
Late to the party, but wow, that's pretty frigging hypocritical of them since they run on Slipshine, a hardcore webcomic site. In fact, they promote them as one of their top spots for ads. mit=1&tags=adult

What a bunch of dickheads.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18apr2011(mo)23:33  No.1075  SWF  P23R21
You're certainly right, that is odd to say the least. In fact they have lots of adult advertisers in their network, and adult ads too. Sure they could claim that they just haven't discovered them yet but I wouldn't buy that since there are so many (one just have to search for slots tagged as 'adult' and click among the first results to find a rule-breaker). Or maybe pornography is OK in their book as long as it is not IRL? Feels like they just pretend not to see the violators until someone rats on them, only then they pretend to care.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19apr2011(tu)11:18  No.1078  SWF  P24
I have now added the commercial breaks... Will try these out for a while before I add the popups (if needed - should the commercial breaks alone generates a decent amount of revenue the popups will not be added). I don't know how often these commercial breaks will appear, it doesn't seem like it's very often.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19apr2011(tu)12:46  No.1079  SWF  P25
I've done what you suggested and added a message at the top of the site that asks the users if they wouldn't mind turning off their ad blocking. The message only appears to people that actually block the ads and it can be hidden for 7 days by clicking a hide-link next to the message. I hope it didn't turn out too annoying, I put a link in there to this thread so that people can complain if they find it too distracting.
>>Anonymous  20apr2011(we)01:09  No.1081  M  P26R22
Save the site, I only ever block the full-window popups or the "claim the corner" ones, but the adds that were at the bottom were the best, I even clicked on a few.
>>Anonymous  20apr2011(we)08:18  No.1083  N  P27R23
Congratulations, swfchan has just become the first website I've willingly watched ads on. Could I at least ask that the ads never become pop-unders? If pop-ups are annoying, then the pop-unders are the bane of my existence. Nothing says "I bet you regret visiting this site now, huh?" quite like shutting down your internet browser only to be greeted by "FREE HORNY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA DOWNLOAD OUR TOTALLY NON-SPYWARE ADDON NOW TO TALK DISCREETLY!"
>>Anonymous  22apr2011(fr)02:30  No.1088  O  P28R24
I would remove the adblock if the ads weren't huge growing dicks 50% of the time.

Just my 2 cents.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22apr2011(fr)12:45  No.1091  SWF  P29R25
Yes, I liked the bottom ones too since they were actually interesting sometimes.

If someone knows where I can get similar "good ads" (instead of the usual "get a date" type of ads) I'd appreaciate it if you tip me about it.

Thanks man. I dislike pop-unders too so I will be avoiding them. Actually I noticed that my current ad provider doesn't even supply popups after all, so I hope these commercial breaks are enough. =P

Good point, I will be looking to see if I can make the ads text-only. I suspect most clicks the ad does get right now is by accident anyway. Kinda forget how frequent the penis ads are in the US, here in Sweden I mostly only ever get randomized text ads from the top ad so they aren't so bothersome. I won't be looking to change the top ad today though since it's Good Friday. Happy Easter everybody!

>>dollspit  23apr2011(sa)05:31  No.1104  J  P30R26
Hey, I just read on DLsite that they're getting rid of their old payment system and switching over to PayPal! I'm sure you could AT LEAST accept donations through PayPal, especially since you aren't actually distributing anything, per se.
>>Nicko  23apr2011(sa)13:52  No.1106  H  P31R27
The ads would really be fine if the commercial break didn't break all the links. It gets annoying quick if you have to refresh a page everytime that pops :(
>>Grazer  26apr2011(tu)14:26  No.1111  P  P32R28
I'm fine with anything except those fucking annoying video ads...

You know, the ones where you get treated to a 25 second tampon ad and you can't do anything until you watch it.

How about some Old Spice ads? Hehe.

>>Sage01  29apr2011(fr)03:09  No.1151  Q  P33R29
It's because he's archiving flashes posted on 4chan. The moment he does this the stigma 4chan has will be attributed to him regardless of the fact he's just archiving /f/. Just like Encyclopedia Dramatica had to carry the stigma of 4chan just because they recorded internet drama which ofcourse 4chan would sometimes be the center of. All of this despite the fact they never did anything 4chan related themselves aside from very few raids they themselves did which had nothing to do with /b/ raids at the time. One raid I recall them doing is a raid on one of the biggest unofficial southpark forums. It was all because the admin of the site gave an EDiot some important information which led to its abuse, this raid is years old by now though, it's ancient history.
>>NotsoAnonymous  2may2011(mo)02:42  No.1154  R  P34R30

One thing you might be able to do is a sort of "link bucks" style of advertisement prior to us actually viewing our flash.
I would probably stop using the site if there were a bunch of forced 30 second advertisements (like youtube) Unless i could stop them from showing up which most likely I would be able to.
But that defeats the purpose obviously.
As for pop ups I can pretty much Guarantee I'd block that as well,
Your best bet is to have an add show up Over the flashes that we can Exit out of if it is irrelevant to us similar to how youtube used to work.
and again you could always have it send us to a swfchan.advertisement#1 perhaps with a skip button up at the top kind of a link bucks style or how deviant art works aka at the top it says Continue to your site.
Your best bet would most likely be the way Deviantart works for it is not as annoying yet still gets the ads to us.
30 second forced videos and Pop ups are a definite No no to me and I will without a doubt find a way around them for they waste to much of my time and or are a hassle to close.
I especially do not want some Adult friend finder advertisement to be behind my browser when I close it.
Anyway that's my two cents.

>>Anonymous  2may2011(mo)11:38  No.1155  S  P35R31
I would unblock but.. as soon as I do that the site slows down incredibly and I can't load the flashes any more.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4may2011(we)03:53  No.1162  SWF  P36R32
Yes it seems that PayPal could be used as donation for the site, if that time comes. As >>1051 mentioned it has indeed been used by other chan sites. Biggest problem would be to keep anonymity.

This sounds like a big problem, I'm not experiencing this at all in any of my tests. Could you tell me more, like what browser you guys use and exactly what changes. Does anyone else have these problems?

I hope they didn't close my account just because they noticed that the site had anything to do with 4chan... P.W. said to me that it was because I was breaking the no-porn rule of theirs and they just then noticed that swfchan in fact does host porn. After over two years. I get the feeling that they just have that rule for show and don't take action to enforce it unless someone with concern points it out to them.

I hate forced ads that block content for X seconds myself so I probably never will host those kinds. I say "probably" because I don't want anything I say now to bite back at me in the future if I ever am forced to have these kinds of ads. But trust me when I say I hate them. Whenever I get an ad on YouTube that I have to watch before the video I just close it and refuse to watch the ad. =P If I really have to watch the video I can always open it in another browser or just empty my cookies. ...But the ads that get me most annoyed are those often seen in flash games. You know those little animations that play while the game PRETENDS that it is loading? Often there's a little bar below with a padlock icon. I really loathe these personally. I'd take 10 popups over these kinds of ads any day of the week (but don't tell them I said that).

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4may2011(we)04:03  No.1163  SWF  P37
Oh yeah, concerning what I said in >>1091 about trying to make the ads text-only. I simply haven't gotten around to it yet, but I will check what possibilities there are.

I did a little change in the amount of time the message described in >>1079 stays hidden after pressing the "hide" link. It now hides for 30 days instead of just 7 days. I think most people will clear their cookies manually before that timeout.

>>random  8may2011(su)04:39  No.1193  T  P38R33
>banner asking for me to unblock ads
>unblock ads
>ad with a penis appears
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9may2011(mo)22:59  No.1202  SWF  P39R34
I've made the top ad text-only now, sorry for the delay. Hopefully this means no more penises but one can never be too sure on the Internet.
>>Anonymous  10may2011(tu)22:49  No.1228  U  P40R35
Turned off adblock for this site after reading "The top ad is now text-only. If this makes anyone reconsider unblocking the ads on swfchan I'd be glad."
Next page I opened here I got served a full-page LiveJasmin pop-over ad. So yeah...
I don't mind unobstrusive ads, but those that pop-up/under/over, and the obnoxious, sound-making, technicolour-flashing atrocities are the reason I installed that addon in the first place.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11may2011(we)02:23  No.1229  SWF  P41R36
Ah sorry about being misleading, that message were written primarily with the people that has followed this thread in mind. They would have understood that there was a commercial break type of ad in addition to the top ad, which there had been complains about showing huge penises (that's why it's now text-only).

The commercial break (pop-over) is unfortunately necessary since without it there might as well be no ads at all on the site since the top ad brings in so little. At least the old one didn't bring in much, maybe the new text-only one will do better. Way too early to tell atm.

Usually I think commercial breaks are annoying myself as well but I actually find the LiveJasmin ads completely okay since you get to see a random video of some random girl doing something random. It only appears once a day for me, not on every page view. And it's mute, clean, plus has a clearly visible skip button that appears without too much delay. I've never seen two of the same videos either, and that together with that chat thing that appears upon mouse-hover (and the fact that the girl sometimes chat herself) makes me wonder if it might actually be a real streaming live video (of course it's still likely that it is not but I don't care enough to find out for sure).

I don't want people to feel cheated by the broadcast message at the top of the site that mentions the text-only ad, I'll interrupt it. And I will also do a edit to mention what kind of ads the site use in the message I wrote about in >>1079 so that people will know exactly what will appear if they decide to unblock.

>>Anonymous  7jun2011(tu)00:50  No.1316  V  P42R37
>turn adblocking off for swfchan
>first page, livejasmine full page add with skip button
I can deal with text ads, I can tolerate regular (static) ads, I dislike animated ads, and I refuse to deal with full page ads like the LJ one.
I don't come here all that often, but the more things other than finding SWFs I have to do, the less I want to come back.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12jun2011(su)05:43  No.1328  SWF  P43R38
That's why I added the following text below the plead to turn off the ad-blocker:

"There are two ads on swfchan: A text-only ad that appears at the top of every page and a commercial break ad that appears only once per visit. The commercial break is a fullscreen overlay that can be skipped."

Perhaps you overlooked that row by mistake. I don't want people to turn off their adblocker just to go nope.jpg immediately after. It's important that people know that the fullscreen ad only appears once per day.

>>Anonymous  31jul2011(su)12:13  No.2123  W  P44R39
Just a random site visitor passing by...
Have you considered putting ads on the verification page?
Even just a small banner ad could fit in pretty well.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4aug2011(th)13:11  No.2140  SWF  P45R40
Right now I have the text banner and commercial break script on all pages, I guess you are suggesting an additional graphical banner somewhere. Do you mean the verification page when viewing a flash, or when downloading a file from /res/ or when making a post here?

I'm not sure if adding another ad would give too much but I have been thinking about converting the top text ad back to a graphical ad like it was before. I didn't think there would be much difference but the text ad has actually received less clicks than the smaller graphical ad did before. But if you tell me more about your idea I'm happy to hear you out.

>>Anonymous  9aug2011(tu)11:14  No.2441  X  P46R41

>>hgj  14aug2011(su)13:05  No.2470  Y  P47R42

>>WanDe4  17aug2011(we)19:31  No.2476  Z  P48R43

Is there a way that you could have a page absolutely riddled with ads that only members who really care about the site could do? As in, you have a separate page where plastered top to bottom are ads and a button which rotates the ads when a button is clicked? It would kind of be like a slideshow of meaningless spam that your most devoted users would click through for 10-15 minutes to help carry some of the brunt with their time and as long as you find a shit load of side banners and advertisements, you could kill two birds with one stone: have your site not look like a shitty spamasaurus as well as having a way to increase revenue? I'm talking out of my ass here and have no idea if that'll work, but if I understand it correctly, it should...

>>any mouse  20aug2011(sa)14:41  No.2498  AA  P49R44
It's the rotating ads or moving gif ads that slow loading and run times way down. I'll never see popups but static ads and the short commercials wouldn't be a problem. Maybe ads that turn up something different per page.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22aug2011(mo)03:26  No.2501  SWF  P50R45
Can't do that because all advertising services have rules like "don't encourage people to click ads just to give you money". A big page filled only with ads is pretty much saying "go here if you want to... you know, hint-hint". Even if the advertising service don't themselves discover the rule breach one of the customers will, and they will in turn have the advertising service inspect the page and thereby discover the violation. One might get a way with it for a month if lucky but it's not worth the trouble of finding another advertising service after you've been kicked out from the first one. Good ones don't grow on trees and you'd run out of them fast.

Let me see if I get this right: You dislike popups but have no problem with still-image type of ads or fullscreen commercial breaks. Also you think animated ads are bad because they slow down loading each page. I'm not sure what you mean by "rotating ads", it can't mean "ads that changes to a new one from time to time" because of your last sentence.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12oct2011(we)03:04  No.2623  SWF  P51
It's that time again

As you may have noticed swfchan has gone a little over a week now without ads since the previous advertising service shut down all of a sudden (claiming that it wasn't profitable).

So the time has come to try and find a new decent advertising service. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? I'd like them to accept paying through PayPal and I'd like them not to be overly strict with documentation.

I appreciate any replies this thread gets.

>>Sage01  12oct2011(we)08:35  No.2625  AB  P52R46
What a damn shame this thread only has 51 posts, also, what about Captcha? Can you use that shit to generate revenue? I know there's captcha when you load too many flashes at a time and stuff.
>>Anonymous  12oct2011(we)09:12  No.2626  AC  P53R47
There is the option of Solve Media which provides ad-captchas, have a look:
>>Anonymous  12oct2011(we)09:17  No.2627  AD  P54R48
I added swfchan to my exceptions list for adblock.
Godspeed, swfchan. Without you, /f/ would be dead.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13oct2011(th)13:13  No.2630  SWF  P55R49
Thanks a lot for adding swfchan to the ad-block exception list, I appreciate it.

That captcha advertisement thing was not a bad idea. Solvemedia really thought of something smart there, although it doesn't necessarily generate more clicks it certainly makes the product/company get a lot more exposure since people will analyze the ads to find the captchas. Quite brilliant form of advertisement if you want to increase brand-awareness and have people remember who they are and what they offer.

In the end I don't think swfchan can use that way of advertisement however. Just a quick look around their site makes it obvious that they wouldn't want to associate with unclean sites such as this. My guess is that they only have big well-known clients that don't want to show up right before someone loads backwardsdeepthroat.swf... They don't even provide a FAQ with standard how-much and how-do information, they want direct face-to-face contact and discussion. A bit more professional than what I had in mind, I would rather be on a service where I can blend in and just be one among many without risking my privacy.

At the moment I have my eyes on which provides the same commercial break type of ad as the old service I was using. However I had to mail and ask if they provided payment through PayPal or not (it's a pain in the neck when they don't put that info in their FAQ). Other alternatives might be,, and It remains to be seen how much personal info they want from me though, if it's too much I'll have to keep on looking.

If any of you guys browse any sites that are similar to swfchan and you notice that they have ads, please hover above the ad and check where it links. Then post the URL here, maybe swfchan can use that advertising service too?

>>Anonymous  14oct2011(fr)04:23  No.2633  AC  P56R50
Ah, ok. 'Twas just a idea. Best of luck to you.
>>localhost  14oct2011(fr)18:17  No.2634  AE  P57R51
Motherless makes heavy use of ads, one of them being a mysterious "" which i can't access. They also use exoclick.

On a more serious note, i can't find backwardsdeepthroat.swf.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14oct2011(fr)19:55  No.2635  SWF  P58R52 probably just points to a distribution server that you can't actually sign up and do stuff on.

Yeah backwardsdeepthroat.swf doesn't exist. Yet at least, someone should make it! Haha.

>>spam  16oct2011(su)04:25  No.2640  AF  P59R53


>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17oct2011(mo)22:22  No.2647  SWF  P60R54
The first new ads are in place, from since they were quickest in responding. Saying "the first" since I have my doubts about whether or not these will be enough, may have to add more. The old ones were commercial-breaks after all which often bring in more than old fashioned banners such as these that were added today.

Opinions? Feel free to share your comments here, I'm always happy to hear what you think. Big thanks as usual to those of you who decides not to block the ads on swfchan, it helps a lot and I appreciate it.

>>Anonymous  15nov2011(tu)17:23  No.2702  AG  P61R55
Advertising on a site with pornography is going to be very hard for you - if you want ads that aren't shit, that is.

AdEngage was a waste of my time, along with tons of others (the entire Clicksor network). If you want to make dollars on CPM ads, hit up AdultAdWorld (so far the best since Etology went down). AdultAdWorld has given me the most money from popunders, which I hate that I had to use, but it was the best method. Every other site is using them now, anyway! Another great site for getting actual clicks on your ads: JuicyAds.

If ExoClick accepts your site, you can probably make a load of cash from them. Ero-Advertising is also fairly okay. I've only tried banners and interstitials from these sites.

Definitely don't waste time with AdBrite/BlackLabelAds or any Clicksor site.

You can view my unfortunate setups at and, as quick examples. I believe you should make enough from just popunders, you don't need the interstitials. Adding a CPM banner or two would also be good.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16nov2011(we)05:30  No.2705  SWF  P62R56
I had my eyes set on AdultAdWorld from the start but once I got an account there it turns out they want a lot of information about me, which I have some trouble handing over just like that. Also they don't seem to support PayPal and only favor direct bank transfers (though I'm not sure, they don't exactly have the best interface I've seen).

I wish more for the simple but good advertising services, both Project Wonderful and Etology only wanted my PayPal address and that was it. Very simple and not too much info.

Etology was the guys I used right before they died, but it turns out they were bastards after all because they didn't pay me for the last two months I used them. First they just went out with "we are closing our books - don't worry" and then sent the occational update on the subject ("thanks for being patient"). Then one day, two or three weeks ago, they said they were finished. I didn't get anything and they are not responding to any contact attempts. Bastards. Another interesting thing is that gives the message "80 / 443" while gives a site with the original "Advertising 2.0" slogan used by the company (with grayed out signup/signin buttons). Didn't they shut down, or is that some sort of scam front? By any road if they are starting up again I wouldn't recommend them to anyone anymore. Too fishy.

I've put this advertising business out of my mind for the last month since I got Adengage running, but as you said it seems like it might have been a waste of time. That banner doesn't give much at all. Not that I've been payed yet mind you, I believe they hand out payments two months after the actual month when you earned the money.

So I'm looking into new advertising services again. Right now I have hopes on and They don't want too much info from me and appear to have good interfaces. Waiting for them to approve my accounts now. Will probably still keep Adengage though, I somewhat like how the banner looks.

Thanks for the reply, very useful! If you hadn't wrote I might not have had the inspiration to put some effort into fixing the ads on the site for another month.

>>Anonymous  16nov2011(we)06:37  No.2707  AG  P63R57
It's me again, I just learned some interesting things about AdultAdWorld today. ExoClick seems to use them to run some ads - through their network ads, I'm assuming. AdultAdWorld runs very big name sites as well. They have some sites registered with them that are making over $250 per day, from one ad, but I'm guessing those sites are getting a lot more traffic (250000+ uniques/day to get that high, I'm assuming, based on the payout to my sites compared to theirs).

AdultAdWorld has a horrible interface and its main site is buggy and slow, but it pays out well and the ads themselves aren't slow at all (to load, that is). ExoClick was paying really well for just CPM banner ads but the douches denied every site of mine except my blog (, so I dumped them. Ero-Advertising is okay, but you need traffic (I think you get enough to make some good money). I also like Ero-Advertising's interface better than anyone else's, except maybe JuicyAds'.

I got stung by Etology as well, and I've tried nearly every advertiser to replace them. I knew they were going to shut down months before it happened but didn't take action to replace my ads due to laziness.

RE: PayPal. Yes, all of the sites, other than AdultAdWorld, pay with PayPal. I actually find that to be a problem because I want a cheque! I don't feel safe having my money in a PayPal account! Regardless, you can put fake information in any of them. They don't verify it (just make it sound real, I guess) and it's only necessary in order for them to contact you or more specifically for them to send you cheques, which they don't! I guess for AdultAdWorld you'd need to use your real address and just change some letters in your name, so your bank will still accept the cheque. I don't use my real name with these sites, I change my last name a bit and add some extra letters to my first name.

Good luck with the two sites you're looking at right now. They do have nice ads, but they just don't pay out for me (or they won't let me use them!). I'll add that I have an interstitial ad with Ero-Advertising on one of my sites and it is a fairly okay payout - also, it pays out in Euros, so it's actually a bonus for me - on conversion.

>>Anonymous  16nov2011(we)06:39  No.2708  AG  P64
>(250000+ uniques/day to get that high, I'm assuming, based on the payout to my sites compared to theirs).

Small edit: If not that many uniques, than definitely hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of page views a day.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18nov2011(fr)19:43  No.2764  SWF  P65R58
Just got turned down by Exoclick a minute ago, they didn't agree with all of the drawn porn on swfchan.

On the brighter side I finally got word back from Etology, to my big surprise. They quoted an amount that they said were pending for my account. I haven't received anything yet but at least it appears like they might send it to me next week. I'll post a message here on whether they follow through or not.

All that's left now is to wait for to get back in touch, but they sure are taking their sweet time. Might be that I just will have to suck it and go with AdultAdWorld after all. It's that damn tax form they want me to send to the US that feels the most troubling. Guess I could try JuicyAds again, but they demanded phone verification.

I don't really feel safe having money on PayPal either, just like using it as a middle hand. I always withdraw everything from the account as soon as possible.

>>Anonymous  18nov2011(fr)20:03  No.2765  AG  P66R59
JuicyAds phoneveri must be automated because I've never talked to anyone live. Just a number that you input.

Did you sign up with ero-advertising already or are you waiting for your domain to get approved? I'm pretty sure you can make ads and put them on the site even before it gets approved.

Did ExoClick actually give you a reason for denying your site? I had to email them, got a retarded reply, and I had to email them again to ask for them to clarify their bullshit reply. They just sent the same bullshit reply just with a few extra words. They did pay well for the time that I had ads running, though! Not that I'll get any of it because it's too low for a payout :p

Etology also contacted me and quoted me way low of what they owe me. I sent an email back to correct them so I hope they pay everything out.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21nov2011(mo)21:36  No.2773  SWF  P67R60
Of course the phone verification is automated, they just want your phone number so that they know who you are and can contact you.

I was waiting for the domains to get approved on ero-advertising, but it got rejected. They gave no reason as to why (and still hasn't answered my mail) but it was probably the same as the one ExoClick gave, which was drawn lolicon material. I'll try asking them why but I'm not holding my breath.

Etology hasn't sent me anything yet. I think the amount they said to me was accurate however, too bad that they lied to you. But honestly I can't be 100% sure of what they said to me was true since I last logged into my account long before the day when they shut down. Might be that they owe me more in reality, there's no way I can make sure. But I'll settle with what they said in their last mail.

Running out of advertising options.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21nov2011(mo)21:54  No.2774  SWF  P68
I managed to get into a chat with support over at ero-advertising and found out why swfchan got rejected. Get this, "it is not an adult site". Haha, are they blind? It'll be looked into again and I should get an updated answer tomorrow.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26nov2011(sa)09:45  No.2782  SWF  P69
Quick update: Got nothing from Etology this week. No surprises there.

Got ero-advertising running, but it turned out to be a complete waste of time. Created a full-page ad with them. Expected it to give near of what I got from the full-page on Etology in the past, instead it is only shown around 400 times a day (instead of thousands, thanks to their brilliant system) and earns me a whopping chewing-gum per day. I guess I'll leave it on for a month or so but if it continues like this they're really a joke.

>>icyjerkynerd  3dec2011(sa)22:51  No.2806  AH  P70R61
What the hell is with these ad's

I am NOT supporting the site UNTIL you can fix these filthy ad's. my son almost saw one of these if i was not with him. you really should remove this crap

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5dec2011(mo)11:41  No.2808  SWF  P71R62
I suggest you use some sort of parental control service to block certain sites from your son. The ads aren't worse than some flash files on this site.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22dec2011(th)09:03  No.2894  SWF  P72
New ads just in time for Xmas

I've ditched ero-advertising (it took two months to get 13 USD with them, no joke) and got some brand new interstitial ads from AdultAdWorld that should appear on each domain once per every 24 hours. They could pay me using PayPal after all, you just can't give (or see) that info in your account but have to email it to them. At least they said it was fine, it remains to be seen if something happens in a month or two. Good, good. Perhaps now swfchan will get some money again! It's needed, probably have to upgrade the server hardware during 2012 since the current CPU has problems with at least one of its cores. And the main HDD has seen much better days.

I'm closing the case on Etology now, they have of course not sent me a single cent. And they cut off communications as well. Thieves. But let's forget that and focus on the new year that's coming up. :)

Merry Christmas everybody!

>>localhost  23dec2011(fr)16:02  No.2901  AI  P73R63

How about official sponsors? Like, a dildo manufacturer... or  those guys who make the Fleshlight? (They should change the images, tho, to a hot toon chick, for example. Images of the Fleshlight are gross, to a non-necrophiliac; looks like dead body parts...)

Every week a different sex toy would be presented, or something along those lines.

Anonymity could be given, if both sides agreed on eachothers practises and philosophies. 

Or... donations over a third party... user-contributed ads... donation-BBQ (you could put a paper bag over your head)... i dunno

Pro/VIP accounts should unlock more search options, download options, sorting, etc. 

Happy holidays!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26dec2011(mo)13:05  No.2904  SWF  P74R64
>you could put a paper bag over your head
lol :)

Thanks for the tips but I'll stick with the ads for now. I think swfchan is too small for official sponsors, but donations might be possible if I get desperate. I'd like to avoid it though.

Hope Christmas was nice for everybody, it wasn't super for me since I have gotten a cold.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5jan2012(th)01:54  No.2964  SWF  P75
Experimenting with the ads again. I was hoping that I could wait until late May before getting new server hardware, but the way things seems to be going right now I doubt that's possible. At the moment the server CPU quite often reaches 100% (thanks to its now two dead cores) and stays there for a while, this causes swfchan to be served really slowly and it makes new connections not happen. This is why CloudFlare keeps saying that the site is offline from time to time (btw, without using CloudFlare as mirror to offload page and image requests the current CPU would not be able to service swfchan at all right now, it truly is a useful service and it's amazing that it's free). Meanwhile the data disk has a few corrupt folders, but they are safe on the backup disk and can be restored when the new disks arrives. Whenever that may be.

So I'll up the amount of ads on the site a bit. Starting by adding a little thumbnail ad from AdultAdWorld at the top next to the AdEngage ad, we'll see how that goes. Thinking about having only AdultAdWorld ads at the top and moving the AdEngage one to the bottom of the pages. Maybe even replace it completely with ads from AdultAdWorld depending on how well that little thumb I added today performs.

I'm also adding a huge ad at the bottom of the front page of, but it only shows up on that page so I hope it won't get in the way too much.

>>no clue  6jan2012(fr)05:25  No.2978  AJ  P76R65

Honestly, you can put in as many ads as you want to. If it helps, do it. And is $100 an okay donation? Been thinkin about it... Anyways, keep up the awesome work.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7jan2012(sa)18:20  No.2991  SWF  P77R66
A hundred dollar donation would be very charitable, cheers. :) I'm not taking donations at the moment though, but maybe if I someday find a way to accept donations anonymously I will.
>>no clue  10jan2012(tu)03:16  No.3029  AJ  P78R67

could be a viable option....

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2012(tu)12:05  No.3030  SWF  P79R68
The problem with PayPal is that it isn't very anonymous as far as I know. I'm almost thinking about making use of Bitcoin, but I'm not sure if it has matured enough to be simple enough for donators to use.

In other news I've removed the last two ads that I added. They earned swfchan 0.1 USD on a good day, not worth having. Also I would like to tone down my earlier praise of the CloudFlare service since I have tried turning it off for most of swfchan's domains (all except the flash screenshots) and it actually works better now. No more "the site appears to be offline" messages when the site really isn't offline. Maybe they got too popular too fast for their own good and their hardware just can't keep up. On the other hand maybe CloudFlare would work great if swfchan's server worked great as well so I dunno.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11jan2012(we)20:32  No.3049  SWF  P80
I've given it a long thought and have finally decided that I will try to accept donations after all, using BitCoin. I've been a fan of BitCoin for a few years now, I might as well try to use it.

I realize that almost everybody doesn't know what BitCoin is, so I'll type up a little explanation and instructions on the soon-to-be-added donation page. I'm currently testing the entire procedure (I'm pretending to make a donation to myself) to see exactly how everything works, hopefully everything will be done by the end of next week.

Really wished to avoid taking donations but I have to face reality; with the current ads it will be a long time before I have enough for a new server. And since the server's not working like it should I know that I'm losing visitors as well so getting a new server is to be considered urgent.

This whole donation business may be a long shot but as long as there's a chance that at least one person will make a respectable donation it would be foolish not to try. If nothing else it will at least help spread awareness of BitCoin, which is a good thing.

>>Anonymous  16jan2012(mo)01:46  No.3068  AK  P81R69
very inappropriate ads
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22jan2012(su)01:13  No.3097  SWF  P82R70
I'm sorry you think so. What kind of ads do you think would be appropriate for a site such as swfchan?
>>Sage01  22jan2012(su)02:47  No.3098  AL  P83R71
Get a load of these normal fags whining and complaining, worst of all they're doing so on a website that hosts stuff that all the chans fap to or laughs at with their morbid sense of humor.
>>Anonymous  22jan2012(su)14:03  No.3099  AM  P84R72
lol, Yeah what's up with that?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jan2012(mo)22:18  No.3108  SWF  P85R73
Donations are now being accepted

Since it has nothing to do with the site's advertisments, please discuss everything concerning donations in this separate thread:

>>no clue  31jan2012(tu)06:57  No.3144  AJ  P86R74
Dear MackanZoor,
It's me again! I got on swfchan today and I was surprised to find that I wasn't asked for a Captcha. Just wanted to alert you to this if you weren't already aware. Keep up the great work!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31jan2012(tu)12:54  No.3146  SWF  P87R75
I've replied to you in the separate thread that you created concerning this:
>>Anonymous  3feb2012(fr)04:33  No.3154  AG  P88R76
Yeah, Etology just ended up scamming everyone in the end. They owed me over $700.

AdultAdWorld is the only thing that pays right now, for CPM (if you want some proper cash, pop-unders are where it's at).

JuicyAds is really good if people actually click on your ads. I get an average of $0.8/day and I get about 1/5 of the traffic you do.

>>Sargon  26feb2012(su)06:23  No.3263  AN  P89R77
How to Unblock

Can you put up how to unblock IE 8? I will but don't know how.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26feb2012(su)16:10  No.3264  SWF  P90R78
It depends on what ad-blocking plugin that you are running, I don't have any experience in what are available on IE8. Most of them has a list of domains that are excluded from blocking, try finding that list and then add something like *.swfchan.* to it. If you go to Tools > Manage Add-ons you'll get a list of the plugins your browser has, perhaps the exclusion list can be reached from there?
>>Anonymous  28feb2012(tu)08:03  No.3267  AC  P91R79

Check your HOSTS file. If you don't know what it is, Google it.

>>Anonymous  20apr2012(fr)08:09  No.3490  AO  P92R80
Porn gateways? For shame. Still using Adblock.
>>Anonymous  20apr2012(fr)08:13  No.3491  AC  P93R81
Well it's probably the only ads that could be shown here, considering the content on this site (and the rest in the swfchan network)...
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21apr2012(sa)01:12  No.3495  SWF  P94R82
For shame indeed, it would have been fun to have non-porn ads but the ones I did have once upon a time (with Project Wonderful) was taken away. Which is a shame since the ads I have now are not even earning half of what I got from them. Thanks for unblocking temporarily though.

Speaking of the devil, I have been talking a little with Project Wonderful about putting their ads in The Mix here on swfchan. Since there isn't any porn there it should be fine. Or so I thought, they don't like sites that are just collections of other people's work.

BUT I asked if it would be fine to use their ads if I ONLY used them on pages in The Mix that has my own content on them. Just got a reply saying that it would be acceptable! So looks like I'll get to use PW again. The ads won't see near the same traffic as they would if I could have used them on the entire site but it's better than nothing. Now I just have to start putting my own stuff in there.

>>anon  5may2012(sa)14:18  No.3564  AP  P95R83

its so cool

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11may2012(fr)16:09  No.3572  SWF  P96R84
Trying a new CPM ad from AdultAdWorld at the bottom of all pages. It's pretty big unfortunately but we'll see how it goes, if it is worthless I'll remove it. Update: The ad were sometimes playing audio so I got rid of it. Trying a smaller ad instead in its place.

Also now serving Project Wonderful ads in the brand-new My Stuff subsection of The Mix:

To be honest I don't expect the PW ads to be of much use since they are page view based and only appear on a few pages that probably won't get many visitors, but it's worth a go.

>>Anonymous  28may2012(mo)23:54  No.3624  AQ  P97R85
I tried unblocking ads on here. I immediately got one of those "Click here to continue..." things from Adult Ad World, then the page itself got hijacked and redirected to Xpress, I think it was.

The banner ads are fine, but I refuse to deal with those.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30may2012(we)00:13  No.3626  SWF  P98R86
I wish removing the "Click here to continue..." ad was an option but it makes up 80% of what all ads bring in together. It only appears one single time per 24 hours per visitors though so it shouldn't be too bothersome, but I guess a lot of people that unblock the ads never realize that since they probably re-enables the adblock as soon as they see the splash screen appear.

The redirect hijack you speak of sounds much worse however, are you sure it wasn't just the page inside the "Click here to continue..." ad that you saw? I know that sometimes it displays a whole site inside the iframe there. Are anybody else getting any redirects? Anyone?

I got a couple redirects myself before but that was from the AdEngage adprovider (at least I think so). I removed them for the time being and replaced the top ad with another one from AdultAdWorld. Would suck to find out that they also have redirections.

As always I'm in the market for new advertising opportunities, if anyone has a tip I'd be glad to hear it!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5jun2012(tu)02:09  No.3636  SWF  P99
Turns out the newest AdultAdWorld banner redirected people after all. Also it managed to lag up the pages too, not sure if due to scripts or their animation (which didn't look very advanced) or what. Removed that banner. Not sure if I should fall back on the old AdEngage banner or what, starting to run dry on ideas.

Thinking about if I should fall into the dark side of ads (popups). No hear me out; if popups really earn as much as people claim they might be able to make it possible to remove the top/bottom banner ads completely. Also, I have to run some numbers on this before I know for sure BUT I have a suspicion that a lot of the site's traffic comes from the porn category listing. If like 80% or something of the site's traffic comes from there (not that I think that the number is that big but I don't know) it might be possible to only have popups on the porn category and no popups or banners on the rest of the site (probably still have to keep the commercial break though). If the popups are just once per day, would they really be that bothersom? I think that most browsers block popups by default, without even using an ad blocker. Makes me wonder if popups really are as profitable as they are fabled to be.

Well, these are just thoughts. Maybe, maybe not. I have to think more on this.

>>Anonymous  6jun2012(we)05:49  No.3646  AQ  P100R87
If the Adult Ad World banner only pops up once a day, I'll unblock. You're right, I re-enabled Adblock after the first redirect, since most sites do it after every page that loads. I'm vehemently against popup and popunder ads though; it's all too easy to close your main Firefox page trying to close the more unresponsive ones, or the ones that pop up and THEN under.

The ones that pop up and shift to the right, hiding their X button... ugh.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15jul2012(su)13:19  No.3936  SWF  P101R88
So it has come to this

After much consideration I've decided to finally attempt to maximize the amount of cash that is generated for swfchan. I get the feeling that the site could be more than it is today, but its low budget is keeping it down. You've probably noticed that despite several optimisations the server still becomes unresponsive sometimes? First of all I want to buy new hard disks and then I'd like to provide more available bandwidth.

For six months I've tried to accept donations, nobody has been willing to chip in. Sure I only tried to accept donations through Bitcoins but as I wrote on the donation page had anyone actually said they were interested in helping out I would have tried my best to provide other donation methods.

For three months I've tried the mirror project, although some nice fellas came and went nobody was willing to put up a permanent mirror. It was after all a fun experiment, didn't really put all my hope into it.

I understand. But this means only one option remains: more annoying ads. We're talking possible audio shit, redirection shit and popup shit. I may even have to go ahead and block adblockers, to the best of my ability (though I'd probably make some sort of cookie-based ad-setting in that case). It sucks but what am I to do? The money is needed.

Right now I am running two ads on swfchan. One interstitial (full screen) ad from Adult AdWorld that show up once per visitor per 24 hours. It pays per unique view. The other ad is from AdEngage - a top banner showing small thumbnails and links. It pays per unique click. (There's also a SFW section of The Mix that are "running" (meaning not showing anything at all most of the time) ads from Project Wonderful, but those don't get any hits.)

These ads together generate around (drum roll) 5 USD per day. That's right; each month about 150 USD of cash is generated for swfchan. That's supposed to cover bandwidth, server repair/upgrades, misc (such as domian names) and yes indeed a little something for my time (maintaining everything and developing new features). I obviously do it just for fun right now but to be frank it's getting tiring sometimes. A carrot would be nice.

swfchan is far from being all about porn. But it has porn. Lots of it, all mixed in there with the stuff that isn't porn. So the site is classed as being a porn site. This cuts off all of the good ad-providers. What remains are those that pay really lousy, those that run ads that are extremely annoying/possibly unsafe and those that shave off earnings (most adult ad-providers report less clicks and page views than are actually happening, meaning they run off with a big chunk of the profits themselves. Of course the guy that actually runs the ads on his site can't prove anything). I'm suspecting one of the ad-providers I'm using right now (AAW) are shaving, but it might as well be both.

Some of these adult ad-providers lets you run good for a few months and then all of a sudden they close your account and take all of the earnings (usually two months worth since many pay 30 days after the actual month has ended). I hate to do it but I have to dive into this advertising swamp soon. It's the uncertainty that really gets to me; just because the ads look decent on my computer doesn't mean that much worse ads are not served to other people on the other side of the world.

A lot of providers try their best to keep the advertiser in the dark so I have to use proxies to try and look at the ads. But that doesn't prevent one in a thousand people from getting a virus-infected ad. And if you mail them about it they pretend not to understand how it could have happened and promises to fix it, but often nothing happens. I've asked AdEngage many times to remove gay ads from the top banner (I marked in their system not to show that stuff), and even though they have "fixed it" several times I still see a "free XXX gay cam" ad up there right now.

So yeah... this is a heads up to you guys that I will be trying new ad stuff on the site. And not the old, "I changed from provider X to provider Y" where the banner are the same. We will be crossing into popup territory here in order to actually make some cash for the site. Because it's needed and it's the only way. I don't know exactly when I will start this expedition since I don't wan't to, but it'll happen. My goal is to have found a decent way of getting money by the end of August.

>>Anonymous  15jul2012(su)19:52  No.3941  AR  P102R89
It pains me to read this. Nobody likes ads, especially the annoying ones, so when you say you will deny access to people using ad-block, It makes me think of all the traffic you will lose, which actually just might kill swfchan. I think the bitcoins thing didn't work out because people are just not comfortable with such a sketchy method of donating, And no one wanted to donate with paypal through pm, because its a lot more trouble than just clicking a button labled: DONATE.
I honestly wish I could help you out, but as a broke 18 year old still living with his parents, there is not much I could do, but unblock your ads. If you get really desperate, and are on the verge of shutting down this site, You can always just remove the pornographic categories and hold them for ransom until you get donators (haha). One thing I don't understand, is why sites like newgrounds can get away with an 18+ section, and still host sfw ads, but your site can't.

I sincerely wish you luck with finding out your financial problem, because I would hate to see this site go down.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jul2012(mo)01:09  No.3944  SWF  P103R90
Of course I'd also hate to see the site go down, I'll do my best to prevent that.

>deny access to people using ad-block
Sounds worse than it will be, here's how this will work if I implement it: Instead of the usual "get file"-button people with adblock will get a message explaining that they must disable adblocking on swfchan to get the flash. To prevent too much rage the text will also explain that there's a built-in "adblocking" system on the site (not yet implemented), which means some kind of cookie-based setting that will control how often the ads on swfchan are displayed. It will be changeable by visitors to a reasonable minimum ad-views per visit, say maybe once or twice. This way the ads will get hit by each IP at least once, giving the ad stats a needed boost (even if they don't click the ads it will make the ad slots look better and may attract better advertisers that way). People that use swfchan frequently but hate ads must only view the ads on one or two pages, then the ads will be gone like if they were using an adblocker.

>bitcoins thing didn't work out because people are just not comfortable with such a sketchy method of donating
Yeah I know, it was doomed since the beginning. I saw it working really well on 420chan so I thought I'd give it a try too. Guess their users are a lot more used to using Bitcoins.

Actually, come to think of it... there is one kind of easy way to "donate" money to swfchan...

As I mentioned a SFW section of The Mix are serving ads from Project Wonderful. There is nothing stopping anyone from just buying one of the available ad-slots for a day. Just leave a bid of whatever much you'd like to donate and change your bidding strategy to be aggressive so that you bid your roof sum at once.

For example, the top left ad-slot is this banner here:
Link removed, please only use the link in >>3965

If someone wanted to donate 10 USD to swfchan he could just go to that link and...
+ Create an account (follow the link above and see below the "Place your bid" header)
+ Create a new ad (the dummy ad that will be displayed on the page, you can promote your website or or whatever)
+ Actually place the bid (using PayPal to load your PW account with money)

After 24 hours I'll have your "donation". Project Wonderful takes 25% of it but the rest goes to swfchan (if you bid 10 USD I would get 7.5 USD).

Not the best way of donating perhaps but it works. And it works right now, this second. So if anyone out there is actually genuinely interesting in donating money to swfchan here's your chance. Using standard methods; no weird Bitcoins or gold nuggets or what have you. Just throwing it out there, of course I'll not start holding my breath now after a half year of no interest at all in donating. But it would be a pleasant surprise.

>>Anonymous  16jul2012(mo)08:06  No.3947  AS  P104R91
Newgrounds is able to do what they do for many reasons.
The first is, it is a way to get people to play their games, view their flashes, make a somewhat respectable portfolio in fact. Additionally, games on newgrounds often carry a newgrounds logo, which if the game is mirrored, will show up on that site, leading someone to it. With the guarantee of so much traffic (they only promote the GOOD flashes on front pages, etc.) companies will want to host their ads. additionally, you can't even find the 18 plus section so easily without searching anymore. (there is no link on the navbar anymore.)

Another issue with SWFchan (to ad providers) is the issue that it hosts many copyrighted flashes that had to be payed for sometime. (Just in particular: ZONE, but besides that, I actually couldn't tell you. Paid sfw flash seems like a near nonexistent thing) But you do say you will take down someones flash, so I'm not sure if that's such a big issue.

Honestly what you need is CLEAR CUT SFW and NSFW sections, and I think you could then have a NSFW+SFW section as well (same rules apply as would the NSFW page, legal age blah blah blah)

Almost kinda like what happened with encyclopediadramatica, with that whatport80 sister site they set up to be SFW.

SWFchan is in all, a mirror, that's it. So I know these suggestions may not fly:


Perhaps, ugh, facebook likes for the SFW pages. (or G+)

Better defined categorizing could help, but that would obviously rely upon the community to tell, and some trusted mods, or whatever to give the okay.
In the same vein as better categories, a tagging system. rather the ability to modify tags/give a flash some meaningful tags, then make so page where a user clicks the tag they want and they get the list (ala paheal) or you implement it in search (ala booru sites)

I hate for sites with such massive amounts of info to go down, and I feel for you, one against the world (literally)

One other issue >>
I like the ad idea, however people are lazy, and making an account is something most would dislike doing. so perhaps the suggestion I will be making below this could come of use.

if you're looking for more ways to get payments, I've seen some sites, such as fansubbers, use workarounds. If I recall, one site literally set it up so you paid for a drawing of a cookie that they'd send to you via email, (it may have been an actual cookie through the mail, beats the hell outta me) they just had you do it from a separate website, with a different URL.

Good luck to you sir.

>>Anonymous  16jul2012(mo)08:08  No.3948  AS  P105
I forgot ONE thing make the link to your post on the main site BIGGER SO PEOPLE WILL NOTICE, and maybe in red
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jul2012(mo)13:25  No.3950  SWF  P106R92
>SFW and NSFW sections
That would be something, though I can't imagine all the work that would be needed to separate safe and unsafe flashes. All I know I'm not up for that trouble.

>Voting / Facebook
I'm doing my best to keep that stuff out of here, especially Facebook. I know it's the primary portal for traffic these days, but I have my principals.

>Better defined categorizing / rely upon the community
The categorizing doesn't work too well right now, most people just don't bother with it. Even new flashes that are viewed by hundreds of people in a day don't get categorized many times. There's also a good deal of incorrect categorizing, which many people apparently find hilarious. I thought about making it so that you need an account to categorize, but I like to keep stuff open. Hate sites that requires accounts of any kind. I also think that would greatly reduce the number of categorizations each day.

One future plan I have is to bring the categories outside the categories section, making them show up in all the normal listings. That would help to bring some attention to categorizing again, plus people will be able to tell which flash hasn't been categorized yet and may then be more prone to do so. I should have done it a long time ago but it takes time to rewrite the system for it and it's a little boring to do. That's where that carrot I mentioned earlier would be nice to have.

>a tagging system
I don't usually talk this much about my plans for the site but yeah, tags are one of them. Someday I will implement a collection system that allow users to put flashes into their own group of flashes (other visitors will be able to view the collections). It might spawn for example a "best flash games" collection or a "must see animations" collection.

When a flash is collected it can be tagged with keywords, these keywords will then become searchable on the .com search engine and show up below the normal results. It's meant to be most useful for people that don't remember the file name but do remember there being a ghost in the flash, then they can find the flash if it has been tagged as such.

At the same time as collecting a flash people will be able to quickly mark it as porn or non-porn and game or non-game. That might greatly help out with categorization and could pave the way for another plan I have. I haven't worked everything out yet, how it's going to work etc, just an idea in my head that I hope I'll start implementing sometime.

>paid for a drawing of a cookie
Haha, brilliant! I'll keep the idea in mind.

I made it small so it won't be annoying for those that has already read it, but I see your point. I'll make it a little bit more noticable.

>>Anonymous  17jul2012(tu)07:45  No.3952  AS  P107R93
Well, I will say, I did notice the change in the announcement you made.
>I know I'm not up for that trouble.
It used to be I would go "but isn't it" however, I program, I know better, it is hard, so what I will ask is, you do not know anyone willing to help you with that type of effort? I know A LOT of flashes get archived, but couldn't there be ways to assist with such a thing?
The name of the upload, perhaps it could crawl a few flash sites for the
name, if it finds a possible match, slaps the link with it, and puts it in the "to be checked" pile for a team of reviewers (say it finds it on newgrounds, adds link, ta-da, rating is already there!)
That's for new flashes, and I know it would take a LONG time for the pre-existing ones, probably a year depending on the size of a team, but I do think it'd be worth the effort.

I don't expect you as one man to do this of course, you'd need extra help. And the money situation is the bigger one at the moment. You're on the top of my list to donate to (yes, there is a list) when I get a job again, but right now moolah is out. College kinda sucks that way (although during college is the only time I can find a job.)

Once again, good luck. I'll be following all of this with hope things turn out okay.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17jul2012(tu)13:30  No.3953  SWF  P108R94
Thanks, I'd appreciate that. That team thing might work, but it'd take quite some work to set that up as well since the system is designed to be fully automated. It would also mean that I have to trust people to not censor stuff that they themselves find inappropriate (I want the site to archive as much as possible without caring about the content, something a brainless robot is perfect for. I'm sure if I had gone through everything myself some flashes wouldn't have gotten published due to personal opinions regardless of how tolerable I can be).
>>noko  18jul2012(we)17:52  No.3957  AT  P109R95
I know you've probably already thought of this, but why not add those gay ads to the gay category page? It's probably set up so that you can't specify different parts of the website, but if it was, it would make sense. And my paycheck comes Friday. I might just buy an ad on your site~ :3
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jul2012(we)22:52  No.3958  SWF  P110R96
Sweet, that would be awesome! You'd go down into history as the first donor to the site.

About your idea to have the gay ads show on the gay category, it sounds good but it wouldn't work since their system seems to be broken. When you make an ad-slot on their site you can specify which kind of add you want. I've chosen to show every kind except gay and I think one more that I can't remember but it still shows gay ads, so I'll just assume that it'd be just as broken if I choose only to show gay ads. I might try later but I wonder if the gay category sees enough traffic to be worth the trouble. Still, no question that directed ads are better than random ads.

Btw, I will be away from computers this weekend so I might not be able to notice your donation immediately if you make one on Friday.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jul2012(we)23:47  No.3959  SWF  P111
Just checked the page that has the PW ads:

Somebody have already donated! And it's a 30 day long campaign even. Wow, that made my day. Thank you very much, whoever you are! Now my ads are earning a total of 6 USD per day - even if it's just an extra buck it makes me feel appreciated. To think that the site is good enough for somebody to actually put some of his hard-earned money on it.

Now that somebody has actually put an active campaign on that ad that I linked to I will link to the other PW ad-slots, just in case somebody else wants to donate (for example Mr >>3952 and Mr >>3957).

Here are all of the PW ad-slots:
Links removed, please only use the link in >>3965

PW works on a bidding system, that is you specify of much you want to bid on an ad-slot and if you are the highest bidder you will win and show your ad. The reason why I'm posting all of the ad-slots is because if two of you bid on the same ad you will compete for that slot and thus cancel one of your bids out completely (meaning that the money will not reach me). So if you have an intention of donating by advertising, please do it on an ad-slot that is empty. Note that each ad-slot has four different location slots (and the last button-type has several sub-slots). If you put your bid on American traffic and another donor put his on Canadian traffic your bids will not compete with each other.

Also, I something that can be quite important: It is better to make your campaign as short as possible.

For example, say that you want to donate 5 USD (meaning 5*0.75=3.75 USD would reach me). If you set your bidding strategy to be aggressive their system will begin with you bidding $5 per day on the ad. However their system works in small time units, $5 is not drained immediately. Instead you pay a small slice of it and then in a few minutes their system lowers your daily bid to $4.9. If you are still the high bidder (which you will be unless someone else is bidding on the same ad-slot) your bid sticks with $4.9, thus lowering the slice that reach my account in the next minutes. Then it will keep lowering the bid until my minimum set bid for the ad-slot is hit (0.1 USD). This means that if you spread your 5 bucks donation over 10 days (by making a 10 day long campaign with a 0.5 USD daily bid roof) their system would have time to quickly lower your daily bid to 0.1 USD, meaning that after 10 days when the campaign ends you would only have donated $1 instead of $5. That's why it's better to make a 1 day long daily campaign with a 5 USD daily roof. Actually that will probably still give their system some time to lower the bid so that not the full amount is donated...

The absolute best would be:
+ Make the campaign never-ending.
+ Allow it as high daily spending limit as possible.
+ Set the bidding strategy to aggressive.
+ Let it run until the money loaded into the PW account is drained and the campaign is automatically put on hold until more funds is added.

Also remember:
+ Put your donation in an empty ad-slot (or empty country-slot). Else you will cancel another donors bid.

I should have said this earlier when I first mentioned that donation through PW could be possible but I didn't really think anyone would do it. I'm glad I was wrong!

>>Anonymous  19jul2012(th)07:14  No.3963  AT  P112R97
SONOFABITCH I WANTED TO BE THE FIRST PERSON. Oh well. Just shut up and take my money anyway.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19jul2012(th)12:59  No.3965  SWF  P113R98
Thank you!

I don't know how much you intended to donate but at the moment you are donating a total 0.2*7 = 1.4*0.75 = 1.05 USD after your seven day campaign is over. The fault is the low minimum bid of my ads (0.1 USD).

I've corrected this by changing the old bottom ad-slot with all the buttons to this: p?id=63728&tag=8102&type=1

Notice how it has a minimum bid of 5 USD per day, a more realistic minimum for these donation ads. So if you intend to donate 5 bucks, let it run for a day. 6-10 bucks, let it run for two days. 11-15 bucks, make a three day campaign and so on.

I also put "tag=8102" in that URL, which is a referral ID. If you sign up from that URL my account will get 3% of the money you spend. The 3%-money gained by referral can't be taken out of the account by me, but I can use it to advertise swfchan on PW, which can bring new visitors and more ad-revenue. I must say 3% is pretty crappy since the money can't be taken out, but it's a little bonus at least.

So, to summarize:
+ To donate, place an ad on the ad-slot linked to in this post.
+ Select a position that is empty. Otherwise you will cancel out another donation.
+ Let the ad run for the appropriate number of days, each day you will donate 5 USD.

If you could I would appreciate it if the two of you that are currently advertising moved your donation-ad to this new ad-slot. Just cancel your old campaign and start a new one. I'll edit my previous posts so that I don't link to any other ad-slot than the one linked to in this post.

>>Anonymous  19jul2012(th)20:56  No.3969  AU  P114R99
Whoever put in that bid for $5.00 across all regions I salute you! All I can muster atm is a 2 day campaign in the US region ^^;
>>Anonymous  19jul2012(th)21:00  No.3970  AT  P115R100
Well I TOLD him to take my money.
>>Anonymous  19jul2012(th)21:00  No.3971  AT  P116
Well I TOLD him to shut up and take my money.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19jul2012(th)23:22  No.3973  SWF  P117R101
Thank you guys so much! I'll shut up now. (For a while.)
>>Nanonymous  27jul2012(fr)20:00  No.4014  AV  P118R102
Just to add...

Im going to say it as I feel it, I can unblock the ads on this site if you DO NOT put up screen cover ads like most sites do or window blockers that make me complete surveys :P. Thats the true reason why I installed ad-blocker in the first place, that and because youtube started putting more then 3 ads a video on some videos and started playing ads in the midle of my videos like actual tv. But no i can make an exeption for your site if you are not a dick like youtube or other people with ads on the internet :3

>>Anonymous  27jul2012(fr)23:06  No.4015  AW  P119R103
I could give you a permanent mirror, but my connection is so shit now (you have no use for <100kb/s). Whenever I move away from here I swear that I'll put up a permanent mirror. I cannot let the effort you put into this cool mirror application be wasted.
>>The Guy Who Donates  29jul2012(su)01:48  No.4020  AX  P120R104
As one of the uploaders of many .swf files, I am saddened to hear about the increase in ads... I believe that more people could've donated a little more. However, what's done is done. I'll continue using swfchan to check out new files that satisfy me. Thank you everyone and MackanZoor.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30jul2012(mo)20:52  No.4027  SWF  P121R105
I agree with you, those are the worst. But I have promised myself to do my best to maximize the amount of money that is generated for the site... The types of ads you described typically are the best paying ones. I will try to keep the annoying ads away from the site, but I can't promise anything. At the moment there is one full-screen ad on the site (has been for months), but it only appears once per day per subdomain which isn't that bad.

A mirror would be nice, I'd appreciate it. You're right that a mirror with less than 100 KiB/s bandwidth isn't of much use, since many connections will be sharing that it could mean painful 10 KiB/s downloads.

And thank you for bringing new flash files to the site! It's what swfchan is all about, without content this place would be a desert. Thanks for the donation too; at writing moment, in total from everybody, swfchan has received 47 USD in donations (that is after PW has taken their share for showing the ads). It's not much really, but it will help a little bit in buying new hard disks for the server in the near future.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30jul2012(mo)21:01  No.4028  SWF  P122
Measure one has been taken

As I wrote in >>3936 one way of increasing ad revenue for the site is blocking ad-blockers. That is what has been done; in order to get a flash file on now the ads must be loaded. I figure this will increase the ad income by at least a couple of percent, if it somehow doesn't I will return things to how it worked before.

To reduce the possible rage that this could bring I've made a built-in cookie-based blocking system that you can use to limit how many times per visit the ads should be displayed. These settings can be accessed by clicking the small cogwheel icon at the bottom of each page that has the get file button.

It took me far too long to implement this (because it's summer and I simply didn't want to), but now it is done. Measure two involves getting ads that actually pay decent money to be displayed, the current ones are rather weak in that area. Knowing me it will take a while before I get around to actually look for other advertisers, but it'll happen. Some cloudy day.

>>Anonymous  1aug2012(we)01:08  No.4040  AY  P123R106
Oh god, these ads are ridiculously obnoxious. You're not going to force clicks out of me by covering the entire page and shoving them in my face. This is the entire reason why people use Adblock in the first place.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1aug2012(we)02:40  No.4041  SWF  P124R107
I'm not trying to force clicks, I'm trying to increase the number of IP numbers that are loading the ads. This leads to increased publisher stats, which leads to more desirable ad spots, which may lead to increased income for the site (the more unique hits the ad spot gets the more advertisers might compete to get it).

Of course the ads are obnoxious, I can't use good ad services since the site is classified as pornographic. They have to be obnoxious in order to pay out. However these barely pay anything ay all. If you think these ads are annoying you just wait until I find some that actually pays somewhat decent, sadly I imagine they will be beyond annoying. That covering-the-entire-page ad that most people has a problem with at the moment actually only appears once per day per subdomain.

Remember to give the ad settings a try by clicking the cogwheel. I put that there to try and make the ads less annoying to people that normally block all ads.

>>Anonymous  1aug2012(we)10:30  No.4042  AZ  P125R108
Don't force us to disable adblock
>>Anonymous  1aug2012(we)20:42  No.4048  AR  P126R109
Please tell me this is temporary
>>Anonymous  2aug2012(th)03:58  No.4050  AC  P127R110

You faggots should have donated, then. Jesus Christ.

>>Anonymous  2aug2012(th)04:16  No.4051  AR  P128R111
I did donate you fucking retard. I just didn't make a million posts about it like your faggot ass.
>>Walter  2aug2012(th)04:47  No.4053  BA  P129R112
Sorry but your method doesn't work (very well)

[...] No matter how anyone tries the defender (veiwers) will always have the upper hand in blocking ads. I wouldn't have minded the ads so much if it didn't involve full screen trash.

Perhaps you should sign up a a referrer in these sites you are crawling. You'd make far more money and invoke less ire from everyone if you encouraged us to join porn sites than letting someone pay someone else to pay you to encourage us to join porn sites. (Lot of money lost on the middle man)

Good luck and I love the site. I do hope your new method helps as not everyone will figure out how to get around your script.

I'm already full aware that the blocker blocking isn't 100%, that's why I wrote "to the best of my ability" before. But I can make it more advanced than it is now, and more tedious to get around. I had hoped not having to do that however since I of course rely on people not knowing how to get around it as it is now. That's why I'd appreciate it if you guys don't post guides on how to sidestep this thing.
>>Anonymous  2aug2012(th)09:56  No.4054  BB  P130R113
I unblocked ads for your sake (since you're a great person), but I still find the fullscreen ads annoying, if there's just one type of ad I can't tolerate it's the fullscreen ones. At least allow us to pick the type of ads to show?

btw I know it's been discussed but I wouldn't mind paying for a premium service to disable ads as long as it's cheap maybe like 1$ at the most, you could even have a "pay-what-you-want" system and I would go for that.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2aug2012(th)14:25  No.4056  SWF  P131R114
I understand how you feel and I like the feedback. However I don't think this will be a temporary thing, it depends on if it actually helps getting a bit extra cash for the site. The following week or so will be a testing period for this, if I don't see an increase in revenue it means that the blocker blocking system don't do anything and then I will of course remove it.

Meanwhile please try the cogwheel, set the "should show"-fields to 2 and the "page view"-fields to 5. You'll only see ads on one single page per visit, unless you view five pages in which case you'll see ads on two pages. By doing this you will help swfchan become better, is it really that bad?

Thanks that means a lot, and I know the full screen ads are annoying. But even though it shows just once per day per subdomain the fullscreen ad brings in 65% of the current ad revenue. I tried to make the fullscreen ad controllable but it gave some scripting errors due to how they had written their JavaScript (it caused the close button not to work). Bothersome but it felt like it shouldn't matter much since it basically only appears at minimum frequency anyway.

Is the fullscreen really the ad you find worst? Because later when I will start searching for ads that actually pay well I will try out popups, popunders and those messager-sliding-type of ads...

>premium service
First there must be users that actually view the ads. Then they must be bothered so much by them that they are willing to purchase premium (and from then on bother to log in to the site). Finally when they buy the service it must be enough to cover what they would have brought in via ads to the site if they had viewed them instead of getting premium. One USD wouldn't get very far; those that get premium are probably regulars that visit the site a lot and after a year when that USD that they once paid for premium is long gone they could have given much more just by viewing the ads over that year. Thinking about that, plus considering all the work that will go into making a premium payment/login system, plus imagining all the possible complaints I might receive (since people would be activly paying for a service they will get the right to complain when something isn't working, for example if the server goes down a few hours), I just don't think a premium service is feasible. Not to mention that it goes against my believes that Internet should be an Anonymous, open place with as little login fields as possible.

>>Anonymous  2aug2012(th)21:10  No.4059  BC  P132R115
Dunno what kind of script you use, but it´s not working for me.
I´m not using ABP like in your description, instead i leave the ad blocking to Kaspersky (Anti Banner). The strange thing is, at first it worked, i disabled it for SWF Chan and was able to load the flashes again, but now suddenly the adblock message shows up again (seconds after i watched the last flash) and i have no idea how to disable it now, i neither block ads nor popups. Also, i dunno if you use it for AND but it only shows uo on .com.
>>iamnobodyimportant  2aug2012(th)22:34  No.4060  BD  P133R116
what if you use something with a "black box" browser like a nintendo wii? no idea how to unblock ads on that type? if you do know, then put it in the unblock message. thanks from all us hardcore gamers if you do.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3aug2012(fr)00:04  No.4061  SWF  P134R117
This thing is only for the domain. But can you try white-listing all three of swfchan's domains (.com, .net and .com)? Does it work then?

And before when it did work for you, did the top and bottom ads actually appear?

I never considered browsers where you can't whitelist certain sites to disable ad-blocking on them. Thanks for reminding me, I'll try to fix it at once.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3aug2012(fr)00:32  No.4062  SWF  P135
Okay, it should now be possible to view flashes on the Wii again. I find it a little strange that their browser apparently block ads by default.
>>Walter  3aug2012(fr)05:03  No.4063  BA  P136R118

Good point, sorry.

>>Anonymous  3aug2012(fr)08:15  No.4067  BC  P137R119
Not sure if they showed up, did not look for them. Btw, i dunno what the fullview ad was supposed to show, but my anti Virus denied it, it´s signature must be similar to something corruptive (does not mean it is, but my security is pretty tight, and my system is a bit naggy with ads and the like). Nevertheless, there was another time yesterday where i was able too look flashes, but now i get the message again. There is either something weird going on with your script, or my system is blocking certain ads, and i won´t start filtering that too now (not that i know how i could do that), too dangerous in my opinion. Whatever, i have set SWFchan on all exception lists, dunno what else i could do (it´s not Kaspersky btw, i stopped it to test if it works, but i still got the message).
>>Lewd  3aug2012(fr)11:04  No.4068  BE  P138R120

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3aug2012(fr)14:26  No.4070  SWF  P139R121
My guess is that the ads didn't show up and that's why the message appeared. I believe when you added to the whitelist it means that that ads can be received from that domain, not that that domain can receive ads from other domains. swfchan doesn't serve the ads itself, they are received from other domains. That's probably the problem. The reason why it works sometimes for you and other times not is because it's random which domain the script tries to see if it can pull ads from; it worked sometimes because the script tried a domain you had specifically whitelisted while it didn't work the other times since the domain was then still blocked. The adblocking software must be able to support adding an exception for a certain domain to show ads regardless of where they are hosted (most if not all adblocking plugins support this), otherwise there will be this problem and all swfchan topdomains and subdomains must be whitelisted separately.
>>Anonymous  3aug2012(fr)19:47  No.4072  BC  P140R122
Well, that´s a problem then, since the ads are blocked i have no idea where they are from and have no idea how to whitelist them...
And to be honest, i don´t trust the internet enough to do so...
>>Anonymous  5aug2012(su)01:27  No.4076  BF  P141R123
I don't think it's working. I have denied ads loading with the default firefox built in adblocker and I'm still seeing the flashes without any kind of warning.
>>d  5aug2012(su)06:51  No.4077  BG  P142R124
Fuck the jews and their advertisements

shut up you fucking jews. I'm keeping adbock on and still viewing the flashes

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6aug2012(mo)02:09  No.4078  SWF  P143R125
It works as well as it can. I know there's no stopping ad blocking. It is just as possible as it is to prevent streams viewed on your computer from being saved to disk, or just as possible as it is to prevent images on homepages from being saved to disk. It can't be done, it can only be complicated. This thing is meant for all those browsing that aren't technically aware enough to bypass the system.
>>whatever  7aug2012(tu)00:48  No.4087  BH  P144R126
ads sucks so much

your ads system sucks so much, i'm sorry, but this website sucks !!

why you don't put simple ad on side ? like this : loads/2010/11/Site-Ad-Placement-crop1.jpg

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7aug2012(tu)02:41  No.4088  SWF  P145R127
That image contains several ads, including the type that I am running at the moment. But you mean the vertical banners at the bottom of that image, yes? The reason why I'm not using those is because that would mean I have to change the layout, especially if I'm to consider low-resolution monitors. I also happen to like horizontal ads more than vertical ones since you scroll past them quicker and they blend into the layout better (they are like a very thick line).

If you were complaining about the once-per-day fullscreen overlay ad (you probably were) I just have to fall back on the same old excuse that they simply pay better than regular banner ads.

>>Anonymous  8aug2012(we)19:35  No.4104  BI  P146R128
I would unblock ads on this site if it wasnt HORNY TEENS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE PAY ATTENTION TO ME. And the fact that just an ad gave me a rouge antivirus once. I didnt even click it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9aug2012(th)00:39  No.4105  SWF  P147R129
I'd like more than anyone to have other type of ads than those, but I can't do anything about it. These are the only kind of ads that are available to swfchan. Of course virus ads aren't OK, however again not much I can do about that. The ad provider must keep them clean. All I can say is try to use a modern browser with the latest patches and it shouldn't be possible to get a virus from them, especially if you don't click on them (and download an exe file plus run it with admin rights, but I'd like to think more about my visitors than that).
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13aug2012(mo)15:49  No.4123  SWF  P148
The first new ad has arrived

It's a sliding message type of ad that appears in the bottom right corner of the browser. Right now it only appears on the .com top domain, not sure if I will ever put it on the other domains. By default it will show up three times per visit, on every fourth page view. Now we'll just wait and see how this one performs...

By the way, the requirement of having to disable adblocking to watch flashes on .com showed a little increase in ad revenue during the test period (as expected) so it will stay. I know it's a pain but it helps the site too much not to have.

>>Anonymous  13aug2012(mo)17:08  No.4124  BI  P149R130
Okay, the other ads I can handle, but please, the sliding ad is too much. It makes my firefox go to shit when it comes up.
>>Caligos  13aug2012(mo)19:13  No.4126  BJ  P150R131
Well for me it took just few minutes to go around your new ad blocking mechanism, but i better not to share guide on how to do it for you might lose income and i don't want this site to go down. Just saying that it could be improved but better that you don't.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14aug2012(tu)14:02  No.4131  SWF  P151R132
Please bear with me, I have to try new ads to see how I can get some money for the site. However I would like to know what happens when your Firefox goes to shit? Does it lag when it slides up (makes it hard to scroll) and then it stops lagging once the slider is up? Or does it freeze the browser and after a while a dialogue pops up saying "a script is making the page slow" or similar? After it stops, can you scroll the page its on up/down without problems? Can you close the ad by clicking the [X]-link above it? What browser version do you use? What's your operating system and how old is your computer hardware?

I'm asking a bunch of questions because I had to make a bunch of my own scripts to make the sliding ad only appear sometimes (otherwise it would appear on every single page view) and for it to look right in most browsers (including old IE8). Have to know if it's my script lagging up the page or if it's the actual ad script that I didn't write that lags it up. Or if it's just an issue of a very old computer having trouble to render.

>could be improved but better that you don't
My thoughts exactly. Also even if I made it my outmost priority to force these ads it would still be a waste of time because it's impossible to completely block adblockers from all angles, there's always some way around.

>>Anonymous  15aug2012(we)00:01  No.4133  BK  P152R133
Don't forget to enable in NoScript (or other whitelist-based script blockers). I kept getting the "unblock ads" notice until I realized that I might be blocking ad scripts. was block, I unblocked, tada let me download.
>>Anonymous  15aug2012(we)00:01  No.4134  BK  P153
Don't forget to unblock things in your script-blockers. The "unblock ads" message didn't go away for me until I enable scripts from in NoScript. I can't believe I didn't enable it previously.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15aug2012(we)05:25  No.4137  SWF  P154R134
Good point, I'll add a memo on that to the message that explains how to unblock swfchan. Thanks!

I have been noticing double posts popping up now and then here on such as these, where you probably didn't think the first message got posted and then when you posted the second one both got posted. Seems to be issues in posting here on the board that I must look into... I've got a good idea of how to maybe fix the problem though. It is probably script related. But it might as well also be server-hardware related (server stress), can't be sure.

For now:

+ If anyone wants to post here on but can't for some reason please try posting with JavaScript turned off. (If you had to do this, please mention that you did in fact turn off JS in your post so I know.)

I've tweaked the sliding-ad script a little so that hopefully there won't be more people like >>4124 having big issues with firefox going to shit. Now there will be a small bounce in the sliding animation instead, but it's better than things going to shit. Please let me know if things are still bad, >>4124 (and in exactly what way they are bad).

>>Meeeone  15aug2012(we)15:55  No.4140  BL  P155R135
Sign up here an use the links to make more revenue.
You can choose between 3 types of advertising.
Still into bitcoins?
Why not have everyone that is on the site help you mine for them?
Go to this site and follow the directions.

>>Meeeone  15aug2012(we)16:01  No.4141  BL  P156
Just noticed google has marked bitcoinsplus as a malware site.
This is false.
To get people to mine for you,create an account.
Then use the embed code. In whatever method you choose (should probably go with hidden,so faggots dont stop it).
>>Anonymous  15aug2012(we)19:00  No.4142  BM  P157R136
I've noticed that these ads have a nasty tendency of covering up parts of swfs. Maybe you could modify your script so those ads don't appear on swf pages? It would be much appreciated.
>>Anonymous  17aug2012(fr)01:13  No.4147  BN  P158R137
Hello, I use a current Opera and there is no was I can use whitelisting, so for is no longer working for me.
Any ideas of what can be done about that?
>>Anonymous  17aug2012(fr)01:47  No.4148  BO  P159R138
The ads are now obnoxious as fuck, especially the sliding and commercial break ones. I have absolutely no desire to use this site anymore. It's not worth it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17aug2012(fr)15:30  No.4157  SWF  P160R139
>>4140 - "Get paid to shorten URLs". Thanks for the tip but I don't like URL shorteners. I'll remember the site just in case though.

I've looked into the embeddable Bitcoin miner before, it's not really worth it. It will just slow down the site for people and not earn much money, if any at all since it's all about chance and sites far bigger than mine are using that miner so my chances would be pretty slim. And if swfchan would be placed on Google's black list because of it I'd be pretty pissed.

The sliding ad can be closed by clicking the top right [X] link, when it appears. It's pretty sneaky done by the advertiser that clicking the X inside the actual ad is a trap. I could make it so that the ad don't appear on pages with the flash file but doesn't 99% of people tend to close the slider anyway? It would be an eyesore otherwise while watching the flash. Plus most people's browser dimensions are wide enough so that the ad won't go over most flashes.

You're saying you don't have any ad-blocking plugins installed and Opera does it automatically? Sounds serious, I'll get the latest Opera client and look into it.

I'm sorry. These changes has been planned and open for discussion ever since >>3936 was posted a little over a month ago. I was always open for good ideas but in the end I had no choice. All I can hope for now is tolerance for two page views with bad ads per visit.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18aug2012(sa)01:46  No.4162  SWF  P161
Opera didn't block the ads by default after all, but after installing an adblocker plugin in Opera I noticed that my adblocking-detection script didn't work in that browser (or at least with that specific plugin). I've fixed that. A consequence of this is that it'll get a little harder to bypass the thing in other browsers as well, I didn't intend to make it this bothersome but since I noticed that a plugin bypassed my script by default I felt it maybe was too weak after all. I could strengthen it further but I hope it doesn't come to that. I just at least want people to see the message even if they then bypass the detection manually.

I've added instructions on how to unblock Opera to the message you get if ads are blocked. What you need to do is right-click on the webpage and go to the content tab inside site preferences and disable content blocking.

>>Nanonymous  18aug2012(sa)04:59  No.4163  BP  P162R140
You wanna shove up you filthy ads into other people computers?
Fine, I'm outta here, find a better way to gain money.
>>Anonymous  18aug2012(sa)06:28  No.4164  BM  P163R141
Oh wow, thanks! I didn't notice the x because it was only slightly darker than the background...Pretty sneaky, but at least I now know it's possible to close. Do you get paid any more per person that clicks on the ads on top and bottom or just the number of views? Just wanna do my part to keep this great site alive.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19aug2012(su)02:48  No.4170  SWF  P164R142
I've made the [X] more noticable now (black instead of white). Didn't occur to me that it is hard to spot on some monitors. That original white color decision wasn't mine, it was code from the ad provider.

The top ad is on a pay-per-click plan (unique IP clicks I reckon) and the bottom one a combination of both pay-per-thousand-views and pay-per-click. However the bottom one is performing extremely bad, it makes about 0.1 USD per day so I should replace it.

It is of course against both ad provider's policy for me to encourage anyone to click them so even though you want to help I'll ask you not to click them unless you find them genuinely interesting. They will probably think it's suspicious if the same IP keeps hitting the ads, and in the long run it could lead to account suspension if they think I'm cheating.

>>Bob  19aug2012(su)07:35  No.4172  BQ  P165R143

Alright, so I use a HOST file to block ads on this site. Blocking Ads through the host file is an efficient means of doing so - it makes loading faster, uses no additional memory or CPU, and works with any browser / application. HOWEVER: There is no "allow from url" option with this method.

How so I use swfchan if I use a host file to block ads from other sites?
NOTE: it blocks ad sites, not ads from a site

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19aug2012(su)14:44  No.4173  SWF  P166R144
Unfortunately you got only two options as far as I know: Make a .bat file that replaces the blocking hosts file with a non-blocking hosts file. Run this every time you enter swfchan, and when leaving... The second option is to open up the hosts file in notepad and delete all rows that contains "adengage" and "adultadworld", save it and the site should work. I wish there were some way of programming inside the hosts file, such as "if IP was communated with less than X seconds ago then ignore this rule" but the hosts file doesn't work like that.

A hidden third option is of course to change to using an adblocking plugin, it doesn't take up that much CPU and RAM plus do you really need many ads blocked in more than your browser?

>>Bob  19aug2012(su)21:49  No.4174  BQ  P167R145

Ahh! it's HIDEOUS... but it worked!

I use a host file so I have thr freedom of using any browser I want without the hassle of worrying about ads, as well as other applications (such as ooVoo and some versions of MSN)

Thanks :P

>>Bob  19aug2012(su)21:52  No.4175  BQ  P168

Ahh! it's HIDEOUS... but it worked!

I use a host file so I have the freedom of using any browser I want without the hassle of worrying about ads, as well as other applications (such as ooVoo and some versions of MSN)

Thanks :P

>>JimjimboBob  21aug2012(tu)23:11  No.4219  BR  P169R146

Nice. Now you're going to drive away SFW and general visitors along with uploaders, getting even less users, all that plus an additional layer of hideous porn and malware ads all over your website. Maybe if you added something more humane and innovative that convinced people to willingly help you maintain the website when they were doing something like retrieving files you would have avoided this, but you chose to stick with an obscure thread where you basically handled the entire fate of the site.

I hope you're happy with your fuckin' 5 dollars a day or something. I'd take 10 minutes off my day to bypass your anti-adblocker but I'd rather just find some other website dump rather than /f/ with a competent administration crew and a functional community to spend my time on.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22aug2012(we)02:33  No.4221  SWF  P170R147
I'm sorry you feel this way.
>>Anonymous  24aug2012(fr)21:32  No.4270  BS  P171R148
Ever since these new ads appeared, all links now just show in the 404.swf file when I try to view them. I've enabled scripts, unblocked swfchan cookies, etc. but this just means that I get to see some annoying ads before THE LINK YOU FOLLOWED HAD EXPIRED shows up.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2012(sa)03:09  No.4274  SWF  P172R149
When did you first notice this? The new ads shouldn't affect the flash files, must be some other bug. I've been trying some new things the last two days and it's possible I've made a mistake somewhere.

Could you find a flash where you get 404.swf and post the flash ID here please? Also have a look if you are getting the file from, or and post the info along with the flash ID. To find out where you get the file from, right-click on the web page and select "view source" (brings up text), then press CTRL+F and search for "files" and see if it says 1, 2 or 3 after. Thanks!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2012(sa)05:18  No.4276  SWF  P173
Alright, I think I found and killed the bug that was causing you to get the "404 expired" messages. Thanks for letting me know that something was wrong!

Tell me if you are still having problems, but then please post in this dusty thread instead:

>>Anonymous  27aug2012(mo)08:14  No.4304  BT  P174R150
I see you're still dealing with ad issues. I'll tell you right now, dump everything you are currently using and switch to popunders from AdultAdWorld or JuicyAds. Popunders are the only things that pay out, and I believe that they are the simplest and least annoying ads, these days. Some browsers won't treat them as popunders, but that doesn't matter. They can close the simple page and you'll still get way more revenue than 10 hits on an interstitial or 100 hits on a banner. The popunders might be annoying, but interstitials are way worse. Banners pay shit and retards block them anyway, and they definitely don't click on them if you don't make them flash on every inch of the page.

Two popunders (one from each of the sites I mentioned) should be more than enough income with the uniques that you get. Forget about adblocking people, the popunders will pay just fine from the people who don't block ads. Both popunders will load on the first visit and the viewers will not see them for another 24hours (if they have cookies).

Ad blocking people have pretty much made the simplest banners worthless, and now interstitials are worthless to. Popunders are the only things that still pay a bit. isn't usable with nsfw material. Read their ToS. Linkbucks is okay, but still pays pretty shit ($1/500 usually).

All other advertisers are shit. JuicyAds probably pays the best right now.

I'm the guy who was talking to you about advertisers a while ago in this thread - around the time when Etology scammed everyone. I've gone through everything already, so this is the absolute last word on what you can do here to make your costs while being the least annoying to your visitors.

One last thing: you emailed me earlier (, so if you want to send me another email about your server stats and your general httpd configuration, I might be able to give you suggestions and recommendations on those issues.

>>no adblock still ads  27aug2012(mo)09:24  No.4305  BU  P175R151
I still have the "Please unblock the ads on swfchan to get this flash file." even though i turned AdBlock completely off. It's even the same thing in Opera where i dont even have it installed.
>>Dase  27aug2012(mo)11:43  No.4308  BV  P176R152

i seem to be unable to access the swfs anyway even though i dont have adblockers :c been about 2/3 weeks since i was last on ~unfortunately i cant access any at all cause of the ads thing... :x any help with solving the issue?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27aug2012(mo)20:09  No.4311  SWF  P177R153
How odd... Do me a big favor and right-click on this link and select save target as: l.js

Then open up notepad. Drag the downloaded file ("interstitial.js") into notepad. It will show the content of the file. Select all and copy, paste it here and post it in the thread. Don't mind if it's a spammy big chunk of text, I'll edit the post later and remove the text so it doesn't fill up the board.

I'm using AdultAdWorld, just not their popunders. Have the slider message ad from them and they say on their front page that that's the ad that pay the most. Figured that popunders will just be blocked by most browsers today even without an adblocker.

I might be able to try a popunder later, but the next ad I will try is probably going to be a overlay (similar to the fullscreen ad). However I feel the need to improve the site before I add more ads, to "earn my salt" so to speak and to reduce rage a little of these forced ads. Right now I'm working on improving the eye domain, since lately there's been a bunch of problems with watching flashes (guessing it's hard disk related so I'll try to reduce the read/write operations).

I'd love to try JuicyAds but they require cellphone verification and I don't want to give out my cellphone number. If you have any idea of how I can bypass this please let me know.

Thanks a lot for adding swfchan to 1ch! I can't remember emailing you though, was it a long time ago? Unless the mail was from over a year ago it must have been sent by a good-hearted user.

I don't have a httpd configuration and view stats are publicly available on If you have any suggestions or recommendations please post 'em here, I'm all ears.

>>Anonymous  28aug2012(tu)07:08  No.4314  BT  P178R154
re: server stats, I meant your resource usage (RAM, CPU and monthly transfer). Are you running a server from home, or colocating, or is it a managed VPS of some sort? I can probably find you a server solution that's much less costly and even set up the software for you, if needed (if you aren't into server administration, that is) - I'd like to see your site stay up and become more reliable.

Whatever AdultAdWorld is saying about what pays the most, it's all bullshit. The popunders are the only things that pay because they are the only things that you don't have to wait for clicks on, or waiting for thousands of views that pay almost nothing. They are also the least annoying because your visitors will get two popunders on one page, close them, and not have to see any ads at all for the rest of the day. I'm telling you to switch to popunders because I am comparing the traffic that our respective sites get vs the amount of money that each of us gets from ads. I dropped all of my banners and whatever other annoying shit and only have 2 popunders (one from each company). Since I did that, traffic is actually going up. Like I said in the last post, the popunders pay money because they won't blocked by most of your viewers.

If you really have a problem giving JA your mobile number, just get a throwaway phone with some minutes. It'll cost you $40 or $80 or whatever but you'll get double that money back in the first month. Also, I'm highly suggesting you get on JuicyAds because they pay 2-3x compared to AdultAdWorld. JuicyAds is getting really big right now in adult advertising, whereas AdultAdWorld has a couple of big customers and that's it (I know this for a fact, I saved their accounting database when they were having issues one day).

One last thing, I'm wondering how many unique viewers you get each day. I have a feeling you get at least double what I get on my sites, which means you could be making at least double what you are making right now from just two simple popunders and no tricks to get people to turn adblocking off.

It may have been someone else who emailed me about adding the site to, though I thought the emailer's name was familiar (I exchanged email with you half a year ago, or so).

>>interstitial.js  28aug2012(tu)12:12  No.4316  BU  P179R155
looks like this

edited (removed the text), thanks
>>Anonymous  29aug2012(we)10:58  No.4366  BU  P180
Now I dont get the yellow box anymore, but now I dont get anything at all. When I have clicked a flash, for example this one:, all I get is white, and I cant do anything
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30aug2012(th)14:30  No.4373  SWF  P181R156
Alright cheers. Looks normal, which is good. I believe I've fixed the problem, you should no longer get the "please unblock" message unless the ads are really blocked.

That was my fault, it was the same for everybody. I screwed up and hurriedly made a small change right before I went to bed which broke the site for like six hours until I noticed it the next day. Sorry about that.

Don't want to discuss the server too much, but it is pretty close to where I live and I have physical access to it if I need to do something (like force a manual reboot). It's fine the way things are set up at the moment, all I need is more bandwidth (the main server only got 10 Mbps up/down, same with the mirror server) and a new HDD. Maybe some more RAM would be nice, I've noticed that the page file can get big sometimes. Ever since I corrected the bug in >>4276 the site is maxing it's bandwidth much more often, sometimes several hours at a time without any calm period.

Okay I will try popunders next, it sounds too good but I'll give em a go. That JuicyAds pays 2.5 times more than AdultAdWorld sounds magical, if this is the case I should really try to get in there.

How long have you had JuicyAds? You've had that phone call right? What do they say exactly? Do they ever call or SMS you again? Do you need to confirm anything ever again with JuicyAds before you can get your first payment? Some places are really insane with the confirmation thing, like wanting photos of your passport etc. Anything like that on JuicyAds? I'd hate to bypass their phone thing just to find out I can't get paid for the first month due to them wanting more info out of me.

Haven't checked the site's traditional stats in quite a while: swfchan currently has around 26k unique visitors and over 250k page views each day on all domains according to Google Analytics. 85% or so of the hits are on the .com domain.

>though I thought the emailer's name was familiar
The only e-mail I have is the "mzoorcontact" one but I haven't checked it in... a year? I'm not a big e-mail user.

>>Anonymous  30aug2012(th)19:17  No.4376  BT  P182R157
Yup, your stats sound exactly as I thought they would. You could be making $50 a day from two popunders (one from each advertiser).

I can't even remember if their phone confirmation robot called me. It probably did. Consider making an account at (voip thing). I think that might solve all of your problems. I've never given any advertiser any information more than my name and address, though depending on where you live, that might not be the same for you. I've never had to confirm anything. They send me cheques every month (well, JA does when I request a payout) and I deposit them.

I believe that with just one JuicyAds popunder on each domain, you will get $700 a month with that many uniques every day. I've looked up the stats and noticed that you've hit 60000 uniques in the past. Set up the AdultAdWorld popunder right now. Get rid of all the other ads and just use that one. It should pay at least $15 per day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it hits $20-25.

RE: the server - how much bandwidth do you actually use in a month? It sounds like it's multi-terabyte. You probably need to set up your hard drives in a RAID configuration, to solve some of your problems.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30aug2012(th)19:52  No.4377  SWF  P183R158
Actually I have tried voiceIP services to sign up with JuicyAds. Didn't work. I even tried using a public phone at a nearby hospital once, haha. Didn't work. They must have access to a big database of blacklisted numbers. Of course I could try, surely they can't have every number in the world in that database of theirs.

But I must know, can you get paid via PayPal? I can't accept cheques. 700 bucks a month would be neato, I will try popunders later (not today since I had already prepared a system for the overlays).

No idea how much bandwidth the site is consuming, a lot. And yes, the next time I get new disks I will get minimum two corporation disks and raid them. The update I did today will reduce the stress on the disks a lot though so it's not as urgent as the bandwidth problem, it has been maxed out the whole day now and downloads are getting really slow. If this keeps up it will get REALLY slow in about five hours when the site usually starts to see the most traffic in a day.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30aug2012(th)20:00  No.4378  SWF  P184
Added overlay ad

Since the site urgently needs more bandwidth I've added a new type of ad: Overlay. It doesn't appear that often. As always this new ad is experimental, if it doesn't give much income for the site it is gone.

Heads up: I will test popunders later and I will change the bottom banner since it barely pays anything.

>>Anonymous  30aug2012(th)23:24  No.4382  BT  P185R159
You can use paypal with JuicyAds, though there's a small fee. Will the fee matter if you're getting $500+ every month? No.
>>Foxxy  31aug2012(fr)04:18  No.4383  BW  P186R160
How can i get to the files? im using firefox 14.0.1
>>Anonymous  31aug2012(fr)05:53  No.4384  AT  P187R161
I remember when I asked you about popunders long ago, as >>1083. I understand money is tight, but I never thought you'd go back on your word. Swfchan may need the money, but is it worth changing what the site is at the core? I want this site to stay as a swf repository, not an ad repository.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31aug2012(fr)06:31  No.4385  SWF  P188R162
>I never thought you'd go back on your word
I'm sorry that you feel betrayed but I remember back when I was writing that reply that I thought to myself that I had to chose my words carefully. That's why I said I would "avoid" popunders since it expressed that I didn't want to use popunders but it wasn't exactly a strict promise since I knew things could always change. I have been avoiding them for a long time but now they can't be avoided any more; if these popunders are worth so much as >>4376 claims it would be downright dumb to not swallow my personal preferences and at least try them out to see how they perform.

I still dislike popunders as any man but I have to think about how much good that money could do. If the popunders are worth as much as advertised I could also cut back on how often the other adverts are shown.

>>Jay  31aug2012(fr)15:25  No.4388  BX  P189R163
Hey there Mackan. I'm the owner of a large imageboard myself, and we had this same issue with adverts and money and all that hoopla. I recommend using Juicy Ads if you have not checked them out already. They broker the deals with the advertisers and you just embed their ad box on your site, super easy. You get better ratings for clicks as well as views so companies will pay more for the space. There's even an auction system (all automated) for advertisers to compete for your ad space.

They also offer a high paying mobile redirect system. This redirects any mobile phone visitors to some porn site or dating/sex grow your penis site or something like that. I don't use it personally, but I can imagine not a lot of mobile users have use for a site full of flash games and animations, so you might find that's a much better option then pop unders.

Also, take a look around at server hosting companies. If you can't make enough money, find other ways to cut costs. A lot of people pay way too much for their dedicated servers and collocations.

I've managed to break even with my dedicated server by getting a good deal and managing my ads properly. Only one per page, no pop unders, overs, or ups, and no redirects. I'm sure you can find a way to manage without intrusive advertising, yet I sympathize with how you feel about it. Always sucks to have to be the bad guy, eh? Good luck.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2012(su)17:20  No.4413  SWF  P190R164
Yes, I'd be interested in using Juicy Ads. Too bad about their phone confirmation, otherwise I would have tried them a long time ago. I wouldn't use mobile redirection ads though, after all people do visit the site for a reason even if they are on a cell phone.

Thanks for the advices and the good word!

In other news I've made the adblocking-blocker on less strict. Hopefully this will prevent those few people that still get the "please unblock"-message from keep getting the message even after they've actually disabled their adblocker.

>>Anonymous  5sep2012(we)13:21  No.4455  BY  P191R165
Just chiming in to say that, as a regular user, popunders sound like a much better alternative to the current setup; It's incredibly alienating to be greeted by three different ads every "first visit", especially that sliding one with the fake exit button that screams "I'm probably malicious, don't click the wrong X". Popunders are at least easier to close, and I don't even really have to look at them if I close them via taskbar.

I'd greatly prefer to see the sliding ads in particular removed, regardless of what happens; interstitials and overlays are perfectly fine, but those are just irritating because you're not allowed to close them until they're done scrolling. Of course, if you need the money it's something I can live with.

Apologies if I could have fixed the issue for myself without raising a complaint; I looked around for that settings menu you mentioned a little while back but never found it.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12sep2012(we)03:41  No.4501  SWF  P192R166
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply, don't know how I could've missed your post.

I think that I would also prefer the popunders to the sliding ad for exactly the same reasons that you write. The problem is that the sliding ad is paying well, the popunder(s) will have to do pretty good to be able to make the slider redundant.

The ad settings menu appears when you click the tiny, gray cogwheel icon at the very bottom of the flash.asp page. It should be located to the left of the page URL that begins with "" and above the "Created:" text (final row of the web page). It is placed through JavaScript after the page has loaded, if it really isn't there it could be a bug. Please let me know if you still can't see it (mention what browser you're using).

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12sep2012(we)03:46  No.4502  SWF  P193
Further heads up

Later this week I will be trying popunders and adult thumbnail banners for the bottom banner. Maybe just one popunder, maybe several. Probably one to begin with at least.

Please note that if possible I will try to keep the number of ads down on the site. I say "if possible" because I must try my best to secure the site's economy.

I know that right now it seems like I'm just piling the ads on each others (because that is exactly what I'm doing) but time is needed to test these out to see what works best. I've no idea how these popunders work since I haven't tried them before. Maybe they are prevented by 99% of the site's visitors browsers by default, even without an adblock plugin. Maybe they pop once a day per subdomain instead of just once per day. I dunno. But I know that they are supposed to pay really well and if that turns out to be the case the other ads will be reduced in frequency.

Taking this step has left me feeling a bit ill, and that's also why I've made today's big update to try and make amends for something not even done yet (the update improved search.asp and flash.asp among other things). But what I find helps make the ill feeling go away is thinking about how these ads will keep the site running.

>>JJ  14sep2012(fr)00:28  No.4516  BZ  P194R167
I understand the need to find more revenue to keep the site going, but the ads have been getting increasingly obnoxious and threatening (page redirects, multiple popups, etc); whereas I used to have swfchan's ads on my whitelist, I no longer feel comfortable doing so. I hope you can find some kind of resolution, but I suppose that I (and I suspect many other users) will be leaving the site until the ads are less intrusive. Sorry.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14sep2012(fr)01:56  No.4517  SWF  P195R168
I'm sorry too. I didn't even know that there were page redirects and popups going on, I guess they hide that stuff for my country. Does it happen often? I'm especially concerned about redirects. After a redirect, is it possible to press back and browse swfchan or do you keep getting redirected?
>>Anonymous  14sep2012(fr)22:58  No.4521  CA  P196R169
ad-blocker off...

... and i'm still being blocked.

I've added an exception for *.swfchan.* but apperantly the site doesn't like that.
Also tried to turn it off completly, still to no avail!
anyone else getting similar problems?

>>Anonymous  14sep2012(fr)23:20  No.4523  CB  P197R170
Using Chrome

I have no Ad blockers and I have even made cookies enabled big time...
However, i still see the message and idk what else I can do to 'Remove ad blocker' when I never had them in the first place.
Anyone else had this problem or know what to do with chrome?

>>firestorm  14sep2012(fr)23:24  No.4524  CC  P198R171
same as last two

i'm haveing the exact same problem as the previous two posters. i have no add blocker at all and am still getting the message to disable it. i'm afraid if it keeps up i will find another site because this one is no longer any good.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15sep2012(sa)04:14  No.4527  SWF  P199R172
Alright, I've come to my senses and removed the adblocker-blocker completely.

There's something with it that I must have overlooked, or something just suddenly changed in a plugin for some users that it worked for before. Even if it still did what it was supposed to do for most people I can't use it if it doesn't work like it should for everybody. There's probably a way to fix it but I don't really feel up to do a lot of testing on this right now, best be just to rid the whole thing.

It might return later if I figure out a better system for it, depends on how much the income will drop for the site. But for now it's gone. I'll restore the usual nagging later sometime (the top message that asked you to unblock ads, it was there before the adblocker-blocking took its place). You will be able to ignore and hide the plead as usual if you don't wanna help.

Apologies for the frustration that this undoubtedly has caused.

I will still be trying out popunders as planned since the site's economy remains to be pretty bad and no doubt this removal of the adblocker-blocker will reduce the current income. I should get around to it on Sunday.

>>Anonymous  15sep2012(sa)07:25  No.4528  CD  P200R173
While it's not a permanent fix, might I suggest some extremely minor inconvenience that is disabled if ad-block is off, but doesn't prevent anything from actually working.
I'm thinking of something along the lines of that captcha type thing you have on all files if an adblock is detected, while otherwise just do it as you do now.
>>Anonymous  15sep2012(sa)07:27  No.4529  CD  P201
>>4528 being activated on all files, that is
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15sep2012(sa)14:55  No.4530  SWF  P202R174
Thanks for the suggestion, I was playing around with a thought about the same thing yesterday. Was thinking that if the ads are blocked perhaps a countdown would appear of a few extra seconds before being able to press the get file button. But I dunno, right now I get the feeling that I shouldn't annoy visitors any more. What if that system also would break one day and the countdown showed up for everybody, even if they didn't block ads? Before I make any decision I should at least see how much the popunders will bring in when adblocking isn't being prevented.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16sep2012(su)04:36  No.4531  SWF  P203
Popunders and Bottom Thumbnails has been added

The following month or so is to be considered a time of testing. I will measure how much each type of ad brings in for swfchan and after the testing period has ended those that does not benefit the site's economy in a substantial way will be either removed completely or at least reduced how often they are shown.

I hope you understand that this is needed to secure the future of the site. I will try my very best to find a way that brings the site enough money to allow its continuing existence while being as close as possible to a minimum nuisance to its visitors.

I beg you all to bear with me during this testing phase starting today.

All comments, feedback and opinions are appreciated. For example I am interested to hear what ads you are getting. What do the popunders display for you? Is there any odd behavior? Assume that no ad show the same thing for every visitor, the ads that I see are not the same as what you see.

>>Anno-onna  16sep2012(su)15:28  No.4536  CE  P204R175
Mini-window adds

Not entirely sure what their called, but those adds that crop up as an in-window pop-up are bloody annoying. It's one thing to have those adds and have a kill button (which one of them does), but there is another that does not (at least I think it's only one - it's the one that asks for age confirmation), leaving me with having to reload the page to get rid of them.
Personally, I don't mind the adds so far (bar the above), but mind you don't get carried away. Having a few scrolling corner adds, like that chat service one, is ok - the user can get rid of it and it is not too intrusive. Even one, or even two, pop-unders is ok as well, but having four or more every time you click a link (like one site I know and loath) is a great way to quickly lose your user base. It also makes your site look infested with viruses and other nasties.
A good idea would be to take advantage of that captcha window you use. You have a lot of white space that you could use to add in small advertisement links, kinda like the ones at the top of the screen.

>>TheMountainLion  17sep2012(mo)17:19  No.4543  CF  P205R176
+ Your post was moved into the bug reporting thread.
Follow this link:
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17sep2012(mo)18:34  No.4544  SWF  P206R177
You should be able to always close the "mini-window adds" (I call them overlay ads), when there was no close button for you did you happen to watch a flash by any chance? Sometimes the browser layers the HTML components so that the flash covers the close button and the ad covers the flash. Could be pretty annoying. I will probably make it so that ads don't appear on the page that turns up after you've pressed the GET FILE button.

>don't get carried away
I try not to. I will probably have to add more popunders in addition to the current single one, but they don't trigger on every click. Actually the popunder is only supposed to show up once per day per user, however since swfchan works across several domains and subdomains they show up once per day per user per subdomain.

>A good idea [...]
That might be something. Maybe it's not needed since the popunders are being used, we'll see when the test period is over if anything else is required.

>>Anonymous  21sep2012(fr)05:08  No.4558  CG  P207R178
Please, get rid of the overlay, popup and redirect adds. banners are fine as long as they are quiet and load last. but the rest are fucking annoying and make me want to burn this site. And if i have to deal with those I'm not coming back. I'll find those flashes somewhere else.

I know you guys can't run the servers on wishes and thoughts about the size of the universe, but please don't turn this into a masochistic freak-show.

remember that the more user friendly the site is, the more people will want to go and the more the advertisement space is worth meaning you need less adverts and therefore more people go here... etc.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23sep2012(su)03:00  No.4565  SWF  P208R179
Sorry but I can't rid the overlay or popunder since they pay so much more than the banner ads. Those huge bottom thumb banners that I've been trying for a while now gave 0.1 USD per day, no kidding. Needless to say those are gone.

The redirection ads I would like to be able to do something against, but I have no idea exactly which one of the ads that are causing the redirect. It's probably the fullscreen commercial break that does it. I will read up on if I can write some script of my own that battles their script that tries to change the page, but I doubt it's possible.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23sep2012(su)03:28  No.4566  SWF  P209
Testing phase over

Turned out to be a week instead of a month since I saw a pattern sooner than expected.

All ads on and has been removed completely. Only exception are the donation ads located at, but they are blank 99% of the time anyway. This change will most likely be permanent, at least until usage of explodes (I don't see that happening any day soon).

Almost all ads on are gone as well. You can search, check flash info, use services etc without ads. This change will probably stay, depends on if ad revenue drops a lot during the next week.

The only place where there are ads now is on flash.asp, the page on that has the GET FILE button. There can only be ads when the button is visible, no ad will show up while actually viewing the flash. Unfortunately almost all current types of ads must stay in order to ensure the site's sustained economy, but at least the bottom ad could be removed because it didn't pay anything. I thought the top ad could go as well but it surprised me in performance this last week. We'll see if it continues to do well or if it was just a sudden spike.

One important thing to note is that now the ads only show up on a single page view per visit, and it only counts as a new visit if you've been away from the site for more than three hours.

The plead message has also returned, but only on the pages that show the GET FILE button. If you want to continue blocking ads you can hide this message by clicking a "hide"-link next to it.

Now we wait and see if these changes were OK to make. This was after all just based on a week-long collection of data. If today's changes reduced the money flow for the site I will re-add ads to the entire domain instead of just on flash.asp, hopefully it doesn't come to that though.

What to expect in the future is an additional popunder maybe, depends on if I can sign up with new good adproviders or not. But for now let's see how these changes do.

That's a wrap everybody!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28sep2012(fr)20:42  No.4646  SWF  P210

Since the changes made last Sunday the site's earning has been cut in half. It was worth a shot but it didn't work to just show ads on the page with the GET FILE button.

So ads are back on the whole domain. They will appear on one page view per subdomain per visit (counts as a new visit if you are away from the site for three hours). Both and will remain ad-free unless today's change also turns out to be ineffective. But I think this ought to do it.

We'll try it like this a couple of days or a week and see how it goes.

>>Anonymous  3oct2012(we)18:15  No.4671  CH  P211R180
>Would you please consider unblocking the ads on this domain?
Yes, I did consider it and I know the server doesn't pay foritself otherwise. But seriously, the ads are horrible. Not the content, I can deal with porn, but they are SUPER annoying and the one in the bottom right is very hard to close.

I would keep the ads unblocked if they weren't that annoying.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8oct2012(mo)04:56  No.4690  SWF  P212R181
I know that the ads are annoying but oh how I've tried other advertisment states other than how it is now. It just can't make enough money and not be extremely annoying at the same time, not on a site like swfchan. Thanks for considering unblocking though, even if you couldn't keep it that way.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8oct2012(mo)05:22  No.4691  SWF  P213
Current advertisement state works

There's finally enough money being generated for the site to cover all the regular expenses and to buy some new server hardware. I will order new disks this week.

There are only two page views per visit with ads, one on and the other on True that these two are really heavy page views with lots of bothersome ads but at least the site will be completely ad-free afterwards on all domains for the rest of the duration of your visit.

Just keep in mind that life is water and not stone; I might try out new things here and there from time to time in order to see what is most profitable. Things change, especially online ads. For example if I ever get into JuicyAds I will try out their popunders plus other ads too probably since all the testing I've done this summer really only covers AdultAdWorld. Banner ads are worthless on AAW but maybe they are worthwhile on JA.

Many thanks for putting up with me during these three months of trying to figure out how to fix the site's economy.

>>Anonymous  9oct2012(tu)23:45  No.4717  CH  P214R182
>It just can't make enough money and not be extremely annoying at the same time
Couldn't you get some advertising like gelbooru has?
Or wouldn't that be enough?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10oct2012(we)23:33  No.4725  SWF  P215R183
Seems like they are using a couple of ad-providers that I have tried and could not get anything worthwhile out of. One of them I haven't tried yet due to they wanting too much info from me to sign up (Juicy Ads), I'd like to try them in the future sometime though if possible.

Gelbooru has a lot more traffic than swfchan, most likely they have at least ten times more unique visitors per day. Since they are a gallery people might be more prone to click banner ads, something that really doesn't work well for swfchan. Besides the banners they also use popups, and a 10 sec commercial break video that shows up every now and then instead of the normal page.

Since they have so many more page views they can get away with not having sliding ads or overlays (more page views means more accidental clicks on the banners). If I was only considering profit I should really have banners on every single page views on all swfchan top domains since that would pick up more accidental clicks, however I prefer just having two ad-infected page views and then let the visitor have a clean surfing experience.

Having many ads on just two pages is much better than having some ads on all pages, in my opinion. Of course it adds the risk of the visitor just leaving the site immediately due to him thinking the site is over run with ads, but so far I haven't noticed a huge dip in the number of flashes viewed per day so it seems to be working fairly well.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29oct2012(mo)19:12  No.4819  SWF  P216
Right in the popper

I've pulled myself together and acquired a verified account on Juicy Ads, which means one more popunder ad will start appearing on those couple of ad-infested page views on the * domain. I realize that two popunders are more than twice as annoying as just one but please bear with me.

Right now things remain as they are, just also with this new popunder ad. But later on I will be playing around with the other new ad opportunities that has opened up for the site. I doubt that anything else will be worthwhile but it'd be daft not to try.

>>Pylat  29oct2012(mo)22:24  No.4822  CI  P217R184
Got AdBlocker just because of you, swfchan.

Here's a list of all the things you have to go through in a single page just to do something on swfchan:

>finally click something
>click something else
>quit right there...

The ads you DID add are terrible. I would understand a few banner ads and left and right margin ads but you went overboard with the pop-ups and disruptive ads that follow you all the time.

And that's my ¢2 on the matter.

>>Pylat  29oct2012(mo)22:28  No.4823  CI  P218
Just have to add that any one of those would be fine, having the livejasmin pop up would be fine with me, having the chat pop under thing would be fine, but when you combine a crapload of them all together, you can't take any more of it...

If you change what ads you display, it'll be just fine.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30oct2012(tu)07:37  No.4826  SWF  P219R185
I completely understand your frustration. But I hope those things you describe just happen on two page views like intended and after that the site is ad free? There is supposed to be one page view with ads on and then another on and then there should be no more ads until you visit the site next time. The popunders should only show once per 24 hours and the banners max once per three hours (per subdomain).

I'll mess around with the ads later and see if anything can be done about them to make things better.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31oct2012(we)16:46  No.4838  SWF  P220
I've worked out a way to share page view information across different top domains despise the limitations of cookies (due to built-in security concerns in the browsers these days).

All ads are back on all three domains of swfchan BUT (hear me out) I've made sure the ads are now only displayed on exactly two page views. One page view can be on .com and the other on .net or .org for example. It's also made sure that no ads are shown when a flash is being viewed.

I've split up which ads are shown on these two page views so that a single page doesn't feel so extremely heavy. On both page views the top and bottom ad is shown (the bottom ad is new btw, trying out banners from JuicyAds), however they switch place on the second view.

Other than those two banners the first page view holds the two popunders because they generate the most income. I'm however not sure if both of them will pop on one and the same click. I don't think so. Could be a problem and something I'll have to try and fix later. The first page view also holds the fullscreen interstitial ad, except that it's not a fullscreen anymore. I've moved it into an iframe so it is more similar to a overlay ad now. Ignoring that it looks better I think that it might have been a problem before, making people close down the swfchan window in belief that it was a popup.

The second page view holds (other than the top/bottom banners) the original overlay ad plus the sliding ad. Since the popunders and the fullscreen is not displayed with them I think this doesn't make one feel overwhelmed with ad-rage like before.

That's what we're trying out now, let me know if you preferred it the old way with all of the ads on the same page. Personally I like this two page view setup better but if most people prefer just one ad-infested page view I could switch back because that would probably be more optimal for profit anyway (since all ads would be shown for visitors that come here from search engines and only view one page).

>>Anonymous  3nov2012(sa)21:34  No.4851  CJ  P221R186
Tried to browse the site once without adblock and it was awful. I have since gone back to enabling adblock and if the situation stay the same I won't even try it again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6nov2012(tu)02:07  No.4867  SWF  P222R187
All of what I did in >>4838 just managed to reduce the site's income by 70% so I've changed things back to almost as they were before.
>>Anonymous  6nov2012(tu)22:12  No.4869  CK  P223R188
Have you tried having one popunder from AAW and one popunder from JA, and that's it?
>>Anonymous  8nov2012(th)18:20  No.4880  CL  P224R189
Hmm how does us seeing ads and popups we never click on get you money? Maybe you should just say screw the ads and say goodbye to your site
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9nov2012(fr)19:12  No.4883  SWF  P225R190
I haven't tried that because that would mean a big drop in income. The other ads actually still generate a fair amount of money for the site.

The banner/overlay/slider ads are based on both clicks and how many times they are viewed (probably mostly upon clicks though, especially the top and bottom banner). With some accidental clicks a day it does work out okay and I believe that some people actually do click the ads out of curiosity. Question is if they understand that it's an ad or not... To my understanding the popunders are only based upon how many times they are viewed a day, it doesn't matter if they are clicked or not.

>>Anonymous  23dec2012(su)06:01  No.5156  CM  P226R191
Turned off my adblock, antivirus catches something. Fuck that.
>>Anonymous  28dec2012(fr)17:55  No.5182  CN  P227R192
Had a little visit today for the first time in a while; got hit by a scareware attack.
I'm keeping my adblock on for now, you might want to check your advertisers.
>>Anonymous  1jan2013(tu)02:11  No.5196  CO  P228R193
My main problem is that I don't just get two pages of ads per visit like the site claims, I get two pages of ads about every two links that I click. I'm keeping on adblock for now. I don't mind ads, but getting spammed by them every two minutes is ridiculous. Also, the corner ad that moves when you try to click the close button is really annoying
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1jan2013(tu)05:04  No.5199  SWF  P229R194
It was probably that one ad I've noticed that has a Java applet that does something fishy. You don't need to worry if you are using an updated browser and updated version of Java. Many browsers today have the Java plugin turned off by default. It could also have been a tracking cookie that certain anti-virus programs goes bananas over for some reason.

Sometimes anti-virus does a too great job in alerting people about threats that aren't dangerous at all. "Yeah I just cleaned up this bad boy cookie here. Nah, no need to worry. I got it. Put up one hell of a fight though. You just keep paying for them updates and I'll protect you, as you can see I'm very busy keeping you safe."

I would remove the bad ads if I could but I don't have any control what so ever over the ads that actually gets displayed (it's a kind of automated random rotation, based on the country people is in).

The reason why I don't stop using the ad provider all together is because I am balancing the safety of the site's visitors against having no ads to show (since I don't have better ad providers to use than this).

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to have swfchan as safe as possible BUT the thing is: none of these bad ads actually pose any real threat to 99% of the site's visitors since they have a modern OS with a modern browser, which these bad ads don't stand a chance against. Sure I feel bad for Abdul in Africa, but to be honest his old rig might have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

If he catch any virus from the ads on swfchan he'll probably catch a lot more from elsewhere too. Besides, if he has an anti-virus program the threat should be cleaned up anyway if it actually infects his PC somehow, so many of those that do get taken by the ads will be saved by their anti-virus. Most people these days should have that installed since Microsoft give a free one with Windows called Security Essentials (which is damned excellent and easily on par with non-free ones).

I'm not ignorant enough to believe that these attack-ads aren't somehow effective though, they must do their job on a few people in the world or else they wouldn't invest money in showing them in browsers. However I believe many of the bad ads relies on the user being stupid enough to for example download a exe file and run it. Or stupid enough to run several year old and heavily outdated software. Of course I'm not saying they deserve it, just saying that I have to balance this against having no site income.

Are you sure it was actual scareware and not just a popup? The difference is that the popup might look like scareware but goes away as soon as the popup is closed, while actual scareware is installed on your computer and does stuff like disabling your firewall and keeps bugging you about buying their fake anti-virus program even long after you've enabled your adblocker again.

At the moment you should only get two popups per day. However, it depends on the ad provider's script and on which top domain you are on.

AdultAdWorld gives one popup per day per subdomain (due to how their JavaScript is written to read cookies, I can't change that), while JuicyAds will give one popup per day per top domain. For example if you visit and you should get 3 popups in a day (two from AAW, one from JA). If you also visit and you should get 5 popups (two from AAW, three from JA). Note that how long a "day" is depends on what the adproviders have defined in their script. Also note that AAW popups aren't installed on or because they somehow generated 0 money per day. Some bug in their code I reckon.

If I could I would make it so that the adproviders read com/net/org as the same domain but I can't change their script. They can't do that either because of a built-in security thing in today's browers (about cross-domain cookies). It can be worked around (like I've done with the top and bottom banner ads) but it's tricky to do and very hard to do for the ad providers without doing a lot of work and in the end it'll only be used by me and maybe a handful other sites that work across several top domains. It's not fully reliable either.

That corner ad that you are talking about shouldn't even be there anymore, are you maybe using some kind of mirror service to access the site? I've removed the fullscreen ad, the overlay ad and the sliding corner ad. The only ads you should get right now are the top/bottom banner ads and the popups.

What browser do you use? Version number too, please. Operating system and anything else would also be helpful. Also could you try clearing your browser's cache and see if you still get the corner ad? It worries me that you still see it.


A heads up btw: The reason I removed the fullscreen/overlay/sliding ads was because they suddenly started paying really shitty, only 10% of what they got before. Don't know why since the site is till seeing around the same amount of visitors. The popups have also started paying less lately, seeing a rough 30% drop from them. Maybe the providers are running out of ads to provide? Sucks because just as I got a new files2-server for the site the ads started paying less.

Anyway, the heads up is that I might have to start experimenting with the ads again. Don't know when or how, I'll give things some time and see if the income drop is just temporary. I think I'll start by making sure the stuff I removed still pays shitty. Also I'll see if popups from AAW can be installed on .net and .org without giving 0 income, guess I'll contact their costumer support. I'm sure that'll bear a lot of fruit...

Have a very happy new year everyone, I wish you all the best in 2013.

>>Anonymous  1jan2013(tu)10:42  No.5204  CO  P230R195
5194 here, thanks for the reply. The problem that I was having was that I was getting all of the ads only on swfchan's .com page. Like I said, every few pages, a brand new batch of ads would pop up, as well as a bar that said 3 more pop-ups had been blocked on top of what I was seeing. If it helps any, the browser that I used is Firefox, with no changes made to it. If it will help the site I'll take AdBlocker down, just wanted to let you know that I am getting way more than the listed number of ads.
>>Anonymous  1jan2013(tu)10:52  No.5205  CO  P231
5194 again, sorry, posted without reading everything. Ignore everything that I just said. Have been using Google Chrome with AdBlock lately, but just opened Firefox again without AdBlock to see how it did. Got one pop-up and two pop-unders upon opening the site. Upon going to categories I had one more pop-up, and when I clicked to enter a Captcha, one more pop-under showed up. Still having them periodically show up, either when I click on categories or enter a Captcha, but not every time that I do that. Again, using Mozilla Firefox, version is 17.0.1. Corner ad is gone, I guess that I just started using AdBlock before it was removed. OS is Windows 7 Premium on an HP laptop. Sorry again about the premature reply above. Happy New Year to you as well, hope 2013 brings great things for SWFchan!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3jan2013(th)15:41  No.5218  SWF  P232R196
>If it will help the site I'll take AdBlocker down
No that's alright, just using the site is enough. You don't have to force yourself to be annoyed by ads. Nice of you to offer though.

Glad to hear that the corner ad is gone! Sounds like you're almost getting the normal amount of pops too: right now it should be two on, then one on and another on (due to what I wrote in >>5199). Sounds strange that you are getting three on since only two are installed. Also you shouldn't get them more than once per day, not periodically from time to time during a day.

Wish I could do something but it's the ad providers code that must be at fault. Unless you are clearing your browser cookies periodically over the day? Then the pops will forget that they have popped already.

I tried writing a controller script myself before to show the pops better. Had my own cookies that worked on all subdomains, then if it was time to pop the script would dynamically load the ad provider's pop script from their server. Full control. Sounds good on paper but I had to remove it because it reduced income by 90%. Guess the ad providers had some kind of anti-cheat thing that didn't like the pop-script to be dynamically loaded. Or they simply depended on being loaded in-line with the page content.

>hope 2013 brings great things for SWFchan
I'm sure it will!

>>Joker  1mar2013(fr)05:30  No.5799  CP  P233R197

would i please consider unblocking the ads? Well sir i would have to say the answer to that would be a simple "no", just because of the fact the last time i did that and let your spamfest of ads pop up i got the fbi virus on my computer directly after i let the page load. Now im not saying it was your fault or anything, but viruses like to piggyback on ads, and looking at porn is simply not worth letting my computer become broke, since i was barely able to fix it after that.

>>Pornlover  1mar2013(fr)05:30  No.5800  CP  P234
Would i consider unblocking the ads? Well you got to understand that many ppl use adblock these days for various sites and they are probably not the best way for your income, just from that fact. But no i will not unblock the ads just because the last time i did, i got the fbi virus from your site. Now im not saying its your fault, but many viruses piggyback on ads, and i was barely able to fix it the last time. So i am truly sorry if you cant make ends meet, but maybe you should consider a less invasive way for income such as adfly or linkbucks.
>>Chiganaga  1mar2013(fr)05:30  No.5801  CP  P235

Ill try this once more. Sorry dude i will not be unblocking my adblocker. I tried to set it for this site so you will not collapse, but the last time i did that for you, i got the FBI Virus exactly after the site loaded, and it took over my computer in a bad way, i was barely able to do a system restore. Now im not saying its your fault, but ads like that like to piggyback on ads and my computers life is simply not worth some porn. I would suggest something a litttle less intrusive like adfly or linkbucks, but i will not disable my adblock for here anymore.

>>Chiganaga  1mar2013(fr)05:30  No.5802  CP  P236

Ill try this once more. Sorry dude i will not be unblocking my adblocker. I tried to set it for this site so you will not collapse, but the last time i did that for you, i got the FBI Virus exactly after the site loaded, and it took over my computer in a bad way, i was barely able to do a system restore. Now im not saying its your fault, but ads like that like to piggyback on ads and my computers life is simply not worth some porn. I would suggest something a litttle less intrusive like adfly or linkbucks, but i will not disable my adblock for here anymore. sorry if i multiple posted but that is what happens if first post does not go through.

>>Anonymous  2mar2013(sa)23:17  No.5829  CQ  P237R198
I think that if you want people to respect you enough to turn their pop up blockers off, you should reapect urtiet rqeutsis no benoke mhyer pohtemc.

sorry i didn't quite catch that
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4mar2013(mo)02:30  No.5850  SWF  P238R199
Come March Month

>>5799 >>5800 >>5801 >>5802
The posting system has a few hiccups which will cause this to sometimes happen (someone posts and the system queues the comment for processing but it doesn't happen until later, then the user goes back and posts again since he thinks it didn't work the first time). Hopefully it'll be less frequent in the future after some changes I made. I still need to make it better some sunny day. Fun seeing how you've re-written your comment though for each post, and in the end your text appear much less hostile. ;)

My father once got something (I assume is) similar to the "FBI virus", it took over the system and pretended it was from the local police and that he had to pay a fine for something he'd done online. Of course it scared him good, luckily he went to me first. Those things are a bitch but my adproviders have promised to get better at removing such bad ads from their network. Other than that I've motivated my thinking with possibly infected ads in >>5199, and it still stands.

Thanks for the idea with adfly/linkbucks however I personally dislike those ads even more than pops. They always have a wait time before you can continue which is very annoying, you on the other hand don't need to wait to close a pop.

I also don't believe those type of ads would be effective for swfchan. This site doesn't link out a lot to other domains and even if it did not many would click them because people are here for flash files and not links leading somewhere else. Maybe I could link to the site's own pages through adfly/linkbucks but that would generate a good deal of wait-annoyance plus confusion, and maybe search engines would get problems crawling the site too. Not to mention uglyness. Obfuscated links are ugly. It would also be hypocritical to use these links since even has had a global rule specifically forbidding them since the imageboard launched (rule 1-17)!

Besides, I doubt that these link-type of ads can compete with the cash generated from pops. What I have right now works, the site's budget is doing better than ever before: Right now ends does meet! Since it isn't broken I won't try to fix it.

Aaaaanyway, a little update of what's going on with the ads:

I have been trying pops from Ero-Advertising for a while up unitl today. They gave terrible income for banners in the past but the pops worked okay enough to keep them around. So why are they gone now? I was foolish enough to ask their support a question and then they discovered that my already-approved sites was apparently breaking their terms of service. They said that the site had underage content and gave me Keep%20From%20Singing.swf.html as an example? A Christian music video. Eh? Either they just looked at the thumbnail or they linked incorrectly and was complaining over some loli flash. Or maybe I can't put that video on a site with porn. Not having actually bothered to read their TOS I don't know, but I know that had I not been foolish enough to contact them over some dumb question I would have still had them as ad-providers. Oh well! They were decent enough to wait to block my account for a while so that I can get the final payment, which should come in tomorrow.

Right now it actually doesn't matter too much. The site gets around on what it can get from AdultAdWorld and JuicyAds. AAW finally fixed their bug too so they can pop on .org and .net and not just on .com.

A pop should happen twice a day per domain (JA) or subdomain (AAW). In addition to the pops there are two banners that will show for two page views per visit across all subdomains (unless your browser disallows some cross-domain cookie trixing, then it is per domain instead of across all domains). It counts as a new visit if you are away from the site for three hours.

Let's have a continued great 2013!

>>ofic  14mar2013(th)00:34  No.5971  CR  P239R200

sdsdsdsdssdsdsdsd sd sds dsfs

>>Anonymous  21mar2013(th)17:28  No.6020  CQ  P240R201
And ad-block stays on. You're welcome.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21mar2013(th)20:25  No.6021  SWF  P241R202
No problem, I understand. Thanks for trying without though.
>>Joseph Campbell  3apr2013(we)20:31  No.6134  CS  P242R203
Big Problem with Ads

I don't particularly like the ads. I like this site because you can get access to a LOT of free games that would normally cost a bullshit amount of money and too many times they are just lousy. For example, all the meet and fuck demos which plague other websites. Honestly, I really don't want to see the ads. If you can get rid of them, then just do it.

>>Anonymous  27apr2013(sa)04:42  No.6369  CT  P243R204
I am a new user to the site, I have been coming here for about a week or two now. I have frequently seen the request to unblock the ads on this domain, and today I decided that I use this site frequently, and I would like to support the site, so I unblocked the ads. The very first advertisement I saw looks like this: 413.gif . This is... unfortunate. This advertisement violates five of my allowable advertisement rules: 1, it gives zero information about what is being advertised. 2: it attempts to simulate actual user interface controls. 3: it flashes obnoxiously. 4: it indicates a second option where no actual second option exists. 5: it provides misleading information regarding access to actual content in the page.
It, along with many other advertisements like it, does not serve to advertise an actual product or company, but to simply gather clicks in a misleading and obnoxious manner. For this reason I have decided to reinstate the advertisement block for your website.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27apr2013(sa)17:57  No.6372  SWF  P244R205
>If you can get rid of them, then just do it.
I can get rid of the ads, problem is that the site would stop receiving money. So it wouldn't be a smart move by me to remove them. If I ever become rich I will do so! At least that's what I tell myself; I've heard that the more money you have the more greedy you become and just want more. It's a dilemma, I want to be rich but at the same time I don't want to be greedy. Luckily it's not a problem right now! Or, make that unluckily...

How nice that you took the time to make that animated gif! And yeah, I see all of your points. Sadly I have no control over the ads shown, especially that one because it's a dirt-cheap filler ad since no real advertiser want to pay to put anything on .net (or .org) right now.

Filler ads are so cheap that it only gives me something like 0.05 USD per DAY. I would pick the option to not display it at all if that existed. All they have is that I can show my own ad there instead of a filler, which I do (just a link to, however that only shows up once every fourth banner load. Other than that I'm stuck with the dumb low-pay fillers. Could of course remove the code for them but then there's no chance of a real advertiser to step in and pay to display his ad there since the ad slot would have 0 displays.

I really should look around for a different second banner on .net and .org (the .com one actually has real advertisers though) but I would probably just get the same filler deal everywhere, with the same annoying blinking ads. Because that's what a site like swfchan gets.

If annoyance is what caused you to re-block the ads, did you see that the banners aren't displayed on every page view? It only shows up a couple of times. Of course if it was due to your principles than there's nothing I can say to make you unblock again.

Thanks for trying out unblocked ads nontheless, if everybody that blocks did that just to view the ads once and then started blocking again it would still improve the site economy greatly. Btw, you didn't happen to get any popups when you unblocked, did you? Because most probably think those are way worse than the banners.

>>power  10jun2013(mo)16:04  No.7008  CU  P245R206

lut, wech wech

>>Anonymous  28jun2013(fr)04:33  No.7297  CV  P246R207
>Would you please consider unblocking the ads on this domain?
I have adblock on and I still get enough pop-ups from swfchan.
>>Anonymous  28jun2013(fr)04:41  No.7299  CW  P247R208
I guess someone has a bad adblocker then.
>>sreadf  2jul2013(tu)12:42  No.7345  CX  P248R209
gay furry games

u don't have full games?

>>wolfy  9jul2013(tu)15:23  No.7383  CY  P249R210
pag won't load with ads too havy

can't unblock ads page won't load sorry

>>Anonymous  15jul2013(mo)00:35  No.7489  CZ  P250R211

As long as you do not have "Pop-Ups" that puts "Cookies" on our Computers, then we would be more open on having your ads on our browsers. If no one else agrees with what I typed then, not we, me.

>>Anonymous  15jul2013(mo)00:46  No.7492  CZ  P251
PS: The "Cookie" thing pertains to those "Hazardous" Trojan Programs that have the tendency to muck up computers so bad that it might as well be the new "SkyNet" (Terminator Series). Otherwise, Pop-Ups that don't make a sound would be convenient for those who don't want to be caught "Red Handed"
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15jul2013(mo)03:07  No.7496  SWF  P252R212
Strange, but nothing I can do about.

That's alright, thanks for trying.

>>7489 >>7492
Cookies aren't dangerous at all, the worst thing a cookie can do is tell the same site that you have been there before. If you mean that there are ads that are trying to install bad programs on your computer, I'm sorry. I haven't seen any of those ads in months myself though so the ad providers seems to be getting better at removing them.

>>Anonymous  14aug2013(we)04:01  No.7833  DA  P253R213
I don't use any type of adblocker but one time whilst browsing there was an ad filled with old people... why? I do not know, it was killing me so hard that I manually went and blocked it T_T
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15aug2013(th)03:07  No.7850  SWF  P254R214
Sorry about that, don't know what kind of ad you got but it doesn't sound good. I have no control over what the ads show. I tried controlling them in the past; mailed and asked the ad providers not to display any gay stuff and even though they promised not to, some gay ads still show up from time to time. So I gave up trying to control what the ads show. The alternative is to stop using the ad provider and that's not really an option since I don't have that many to choose from.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30aug2013(fr)02:22  No.8024  SWF  P255
Quick update

The top/bottom banner ad now displays a bit more, will show up on 4 page views on each top domain per visit. This is mainly because the site's ad providers are paying less.

>>Anonymous  31aug2013(sa)05:41  No.8047  DB  P256R215
I'm not turning off adblock until the popups are gone.
>>Anonymous  5nov2013(tu)06:46  No.8733  DC  P257R216
Why not advertise J-List just like 4chan. This website is basically an extension of 4chan's /f/ anyway. The same anonymous community browses both websites.

Also I hate porn adds, I have no problem with porn really... The thing is that if I want to show a swf to a close friend the porn ads are there and you never know where they're at.

They could be in a public computer or at work, who knows and this is inappropriate. I don't want to be responsible if they "get caught watching porn" outside their home.

>>Anonymous  5nov2013(tu)21:04  No.8737  DD  P258R217
I like how in every column you wrote you made false assumptions
I mean, how often do you show swfs to close friends who are porn-ad-sensitive. This small percentage can easily be handled with enabling/disabling Ad-Block. If they don't do it at work, they're to blame.
>>mazi93  9nov2013(sa)14:41  No.8755  DE  P259R218

ta właśnie

>>person  14nov2013(th)03:20  No.8781  DF  P260R219
Premium account option where you donate and get to avoid the captcha and ads?
>>ll  14nov2013(th)19:51  No.8784  DG  P261R220
Request !! please upload :3

i dont know how to download full content of slave maker .please someone upload the full content of slave maker :D or teach me how to do.

>>hotlynks  28nov2013(th)12:12  No.8928  DH  P262R221
some updated M-n-F games

I will forgo the ad blocker on this site if you would put an easy reporting system in for games that are not full downloads like the magic book 2 seems to be a bad game, however I will also donate money as well because you do have a great site.

>>Anonymous  29nov2013(fr)12:49  No.8931  DI  P263R222
"Commercial break", also known as intermission ads, arent such a bad idea. Gelbooru has them up these days, and they only annoy me when I open up more than a few images in one go. All of the opened tabs tend to have the intermission ad then, which is a pain.

Also, I've got swfchan unblocked already, but doesnt seem to affect anything; everything still gets blocked.

>>Anonymous  4dec2013(we)03:46  No.8953  DJ  P264R223
Honestly....I'm going to tell you what I do every single time I see a message asking me to disable adblock. I open up my adblock, and add the box with thee message in to in to the blocked content. I run adblock for the sole purpose of not dealing with the type of ads you use here.
>>Nanonymous  4dec2013(we)03:46  No.8954  DJ  P265
I'm going to tell you exactly what i do every time I see a message asking me too disable adblock. I open adblock, and add the message box asking me containing that request to blocked content. I run it for the purpose of blocking the exact kind of ads you have on this site. No exceptions. I know how to bypass when sites try users who are using adblock, so whatever.
>>blackbird  4dec2013(we)20:52  No.8967  DK  P266R224
Fake FBI lockout page in the ad system now

So yeah, this just happened :\

>>blackbird  4dec2013(we)20:52  No.8968  DK  P267
Mandiant Ad is here now, locks up the browser and you have to force close it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5dec2013(th)00:28  No.8970  SWF  P268R225
I've looked into J-List a few years back and unless something has changed they only pay for sales that you get via a banner. So someone must click the banner and buy something on their site, or else I get no money from displaying their ad. This is something that might be OK for sites with huge amount of traffic such as 4chan, but it doesn't work out for swfchan unfortunately. Especially since many would probably check out J-List and then bookmark it and come back to buy later, meaning that I get no money even though they came via the ad on swfchan (at least this was a problem with referral ads some years ago, maybe that has changed).

About the porn ads, yeah I wished that there were safe-for-work ads to display that pays anywhere near the same amounts as porn ads but I haven't found them.

Too few interested in that. I figure those interested today would be people that want to download flashes from here just to put them on their own site and compete with swfchan's traffic. Have enough of those people already, don't really want to increase competition further. Also it would suck up a lot more bandwidth than they already do, I actually plan to make a better anti-leech system one of these days but I'm not too motivated for it right now. Currently there are often over 10 IPs that download more than 100 flashes per day from swfchan and I doubt those are legitimate users.

You can always categorize non-full flashes as "Unfinished" or "Broken" if they don't work at all. I can accept donations via bitcoin, let me know if you would like to send some. Well, I guess I can put swfchan's old donation address here directly, no harm in it:


Not expecting anything, many have talked about donating but I've never received anything. Or well, that's not quite true, I remember receiving a few bucks via the Prj. W. ads over in The Mix some time ago, so there's a second donation option if anyone is interested: p?id=63728

I tried those before popups and I found they paid much less than pops and created more annoyance. Had some problems with redirections too, they just took the visitors away from the site completely.

Strange that everything still gets blocked but thanks a lot for trying to unblock anyway, mate.

I got one of those too, very annoying. I don't have control over what ads show up so I can really just hope that those kinds are cleared away by the ad provider as soon as possible as they have promised to do. Have only gotten the fake police ad once so maybe it has been removed already? Mine looked pretty hilarious, it had a photo of the king of Sweden in it and everything.

Those ads used to be a lot more dangerous in the past when browsers were more vulnerable, once my father's laptop got taken over completely and could not be used unless you paid the scammers money. The message is always the same though, "you have watched CP" or "you have pirated software". I was actually surprised that they actually managed to prevent the popup from being closed in the ad I saw, I thought browsers had gotten safer than that nowadays.

>>blackbird09  5dec2013(th)21:58  No.8983  DK  P269R226
I'm not sure exactly how to filter it out with ABP, since I can't look at the source of the things because they just do the popup "Are you sure you want to leave this page? all your files have been encrypted blah blah blah"
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3feb2014(mo)09:50  No.9488  SWF  P270R227
And the bad times keep on rolling

I noticed today that the AdEngage ste looks different, so different that I couldn't even find the log in form. I suspect they have changed owners without telling me and that I have been running their ads for free for two months now. Didn't notice this sooner because it sometimes takes two months to accumulate enough funds to be able to get paid by them. I've sent an e-mail but have low hopes on getting payments.

For now I've replaced their banner ad with one from AdultAdWorld. If they still pay out as badly as the last time I tried them I will replace it again with another banner from JuicyAds instead, but I might as well give AAW another chance.

Since I'm most probably out of a publisher (not sure if I'll go with the new AdEngage, depends on what they say in their mail) I've decided to increase the number of page views featuring banners from 4 to 8 per top domain. This is mostly because I've been thinking about doing that for a while now and I might as well just do it now that I was forced to dig into the code by AdEngage. I'll be seeing if this increases revenue from the old JuicyAds banner, more page views should do that since it should get more interesting from advertisers viewpoint. But it's not a guarantee, if it doesn't I'll set the number back to 4.

The ads on swfchan are still performing very poorly compared to how they did in the past; currently the site is getting just a little over half the money it got this time last year.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2014(th)21:48  No.9536  SWF  P271
After a few days of testing it turns out that banners from AdultAdWorld are earning the site 0.02 USD per day on all domains combined. I'll just go ahead and replace them with banners from JuicyAds that at least manage to break the 1 dollar per month mark...
>>dzhovingo  3mar2014(mo)12:34  No.9823  DL  P272R228


>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26mar2014(we)19:50  No.10982  SWF  P273R229
New popunder

Currently trying out popunders from on .com. Also trying to get accepted to try but they don't think swfchan qualifies as a porn site... will try to convince them.

>>Anonymous  1apr2014(tu)15:20  No.12047  DM  P274R230
Dump all of your shitty ads and put up some banner slots from
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1apr2014(tu)23:46  No.12051  SWF  P275R231
Thanks for the suggestion, an ad provider dealing in Bitcoins sounds interesting. I will probably check them out later but the current ads aren't broken so I won't try to fix them. It's good to be aware of a-ads though, this is the first I hear of them.
>>Anonymous  20may2014(tu)19:18  No.13076  DM  P276R232
I'm the guy from the last few years who suggested every other ad site that you tried/are using. You can get rid of all the porn ads, popups, etc, and probably get just as much money, maybe even more, using SFW crypto banners on every page.

There are a few other crypto ad networks that work with CPC instead of CPM, but just the CPM alone would likely make you way more money than what you're currently getting with the ridiculous amount of ads you have to force on your users right now.

The only complication is in selling the bitcoins every month or two, but depending on where you live, even that might not be much of an issue.

You should also start accepting BTC donations using Coinbase, or just list an address on the site, if you aren't already.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4jun2014(we)14:07  No.13231  SWF  P277R233
Thanks, I'll most likely look into it someday (assuming you are referring to a-ads). Truth is ever since MtGox decided to shut down all of a sudden I've been a bit grumpy over BTC, I was in the process of dealing with BTC on their site when they filed for bankruptcy out of the blue so I lost a bunch of em.

Getting rid of the popups sound like a dream, those BTC banner ads would have to be truly magical to earn as much as the pops. The reason why I'm not jumping on the a-ads train immediately is because it would mean I have to remove at least on of the current ads, which means breaking something that works. The current solution provides usable currency for the site each month while I don't even know where to exchange the BTC for SEK anymore, if I should start getting BTC each month instead.

Concerning donations with BTC, I've tried that before. Nobody donated anything. I got 1 satoshi in several months (0.00000001 BTC). Somebody probably sent that just to mess with me and my efforts with bothering to set up a donation page.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25jun2014(we)19:49  No.13413  SWF  P278

Going to experiment a bit with the pop-ups/pop-unders to see how much they actually bring to the site's income. By all means please don't take this as a glimmer of hope that they will be removed because I reckon they contribute about 90% of the site's income. Pops will be back. Question is if I need to use pops from all three ad providers that I currently have.

Perhaps by removing one of them the other two will go up in profits, thus earning the same amount with one annoying pop less. Having less pops might also increase the visitor count as well, which could possibly increase banner revenue. All this is just speculation though, which is why I'm doing this experiment.

First there will be a couple of days with no pop ups at all. Then a couple of days with only one pop from each of the three adproviders. After than all pops will probably return, but maybe not depending on how this expertiment goes.

I'm doing this reluctantly since I know it will mean less money this month but I'm bugged by all these pops. Have to at least check if something can be done about it.

>>Anonymous  26jun2014(th)22:45  No.13421  DN  P279R234
I would agree that cutting back on the pop-ups would probably up ad revenue. I personally keep ad-block on just because I dislike having to close three windows when I click anything and then another three every time the page changes. I have no problem with the smaller ads up top, or one popup window, but the constant barrage pisses me off, especially wen one of them is usually audio.
>>Anonymous  29jun2014(su)05:35  No.13443  DO  P280R235

I feel the same way about pop ups. If i am getting barraged by three windows every time I touch my mouse, I tend to turn on ad block.

>>My2Cents  30jun2014(mo)22:06  No.13459  DP  P281R236

Pop-Ups are obnoxious, Pop-Unders are outright infuriating to me.

I have absolutely nothing against sites drawing revenue through ad banners, but the ads themselves need to conform to some acceptable standards. has pretty good guidelines.

Some of ABP's conditions are a bit draconian. I'm fine with static images and animations that either go static after one play or have a very long delay (like 5 minutes) between loops. The rest of it is pretty much proper netiquette.

>>StubbornPrick  1jul2014(tu)16:03  No.13465  DQ  P282R237
Too lazy and i like my ram not being taskin up by shit i dont want
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3jul2014(th)21:06  No.13498  SWF  P283R238
Experiment concluded

Here's what I found out: To my surprise turning off all pops did not lead to more watched flashes or more page views. Having just one pop didn't really affect the number of watches either. This is probaby because people have pops blocked anyway or they just accept them when browsing for porn.

As suspected it turns out a little bit more was earned from each individual pop when they were alone on the site. The pop-scripts must have collided with each other sometimes causing only one or two to pop instead of all three.

What I will be doing now is put the pops on rotation, each one of them appearing on their own top domain on swfchan. Every minute or so they rotate to a different top domain. So all three pops are kept but only one will appear per page view.

This should both increase revenue slightly and at the same time make the pops less annoying since it's easier to close one window than three. Downside is that if someone come to the site just as a rotation is happening he might think that the site has pops on every page view, which isn't true.

>>13421 >>13443
Thanks for the feedback fellas, hopefully the pop-rotation will give you a better experience here.

I wish those were possible to follow but I don't think pops in any form is considered an acceptable ad. Banners by themselves just don't cut it at all I'm afraid, due to how measly they earn in comparison. I tried without pops for four years before finally giving up here: >>3936 There's just no good non-pop alternative for a porn site, something swfchan understandably is classified as.


>>Anonymous  5jul2014(sa)05:55  No.13550  DR  P284R239
mabey it would help if someone made a monthly porn torrent of swfchan,
users wouldn't have to deal with captchas, cloudflare spamming, etc. and a bandwidth usage for swfchan would drop significantly
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5jul2014(sa)17:36  No.13557  SWF  P285R240
Naturally people will always be free to create as many torrents as they want to with flashes gotten from swfchan, but I don't think there will be anything like an official monthly torrent. As you say that would potentially lower site usage but that's not what I want. Better if all those people that would just download the torrent would be browsing here instead and categorize/recommend the flashes. Even non-contributing visitors are good since each watched flash on the site also increases the view count of that flash, making it easier for other people to spot good flashes on the "what's popular" page. The more that use the site the more likely it is that stuff gets uploaded on .org as well (the low number of posts per day here is still a problem, an active image board is more likely to get new content since the uploader wants comments on what he's uploading).
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21jul2014(mo)18:06  No.13900  SWF  P286
Abort, abort!

We're back to all three pops at the same time again. Popping alone did good for each individual ad while they had the site all to itself, but in practice only popping one at a time and only having 33% of the exposure lowered the overall income by about 60% (what a surprise). Could have worked if each visitor stayed for longer but since many just view one or two pages (watch one single flash) it just didn't work. It was worth trying out though and the rotation system is kept to alternate which ad script gets loaded first to combat that they sometimes seem to cancel out each other.

>>Anonymous  4aug2014(mo)22:52  No.14140  DS  P287R241

Been about a month since I last accessed and just got a chain of ransomware locks – this is the fourth time I had to force close the browser and start it up again.

C'mon, Admin: gotta get better at this.

>>Anonymous  24aug2014(su)04:10  No.14405  DS  P288

Still getting too many ransomwares.

Resorted to using AdBlock.

>>ArаgoN  26aug2014(tu)15:19  No.14471  DT  P289R242

Why do you have no new MFN games?

>>gikisa  12sep2014(fr)08:11  No.14885  DU  P290R243


>>Bukimi  24sep2014(we)00:55  No.15066  DV  P291R244
Please keep dangerous ads off swfchan?

I think that ads are fine if you need them and pop ups are okay if they will help swfchan, but I stopped Adblock on sfwchan so that I could help outand within 2 minutes a popup from came up that claimed it was Java and that I needed to install the new Java update and no matter how much I tried to close it out it wouldn't let me and kept bringing a wall of text and stopped me from closing it and my computer said it blocked a virus attack from the website.
I had to use task manager to close it and it closed all of my other tabs too, and I had to re-enable adblock on Swfchan. If at all possible, could you make sure the ads you put up for the site are safe and will let you close out of them properly?
I would really like to stop Adblock and help out a bit, but I can't if the ads are going to try and harm my computer. Thanks

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24sep2014(we)16:39  No.15069  SWF  P292R245
The ads you're seeing are that bad huh? I don't get any of those so I'm pretty much unaware of what ads people are seeing, either it's because they send special ads to the IPs they think the owner is on or it's because I'm not in a region that is assigned those ads.

Trouble is I can't do shit about it, unless I want to remove ads completely. I have no control over what ads they show and it doesn't matter if I contact the ad providers. From the looks of it they don't have much control either.

Advertisement on swfchan is getting to be a real problem, especially these last couple of months where profits per month from the ads have pretty much halved so far. The reason for this is that Google has stopped sending that many visitors to swfchan. Dunno why but all of a sudden they did.

It happened in April 2014 but I didn't really noticed the effect of it until maybe four months ago. In one single day (in April) the daily visits went from around 32000 to 23000, just like that. Those 9000 extra visits that came from Google meant a lot for the ad revenue, especially since many of them didn't block ads. When I got ~32k visitors 44% of them saw ads, when I got ~23k visitors 38% saw ads. The daily ad impressions went from 14080 to 8740.

Can't really figure out why swfchan suddenly ranked so badly with Google, it happened so suddenly. But naturally this kills the ad ratings, meaning crappier ads and less direct ad-slot buys. Right now swfchan has over 60% return rate, meaning that the site doesn't see that many new people. I'm very proud of that number since it means a lot of people see a lot of value in swfchan and keeps coming back, but I don't think it does the ad rating any good on the site.

My point of this is I don't know what to do really, on one hand the ad situation is bad (with crappy ads) but on the other if I remove the ads there will be no money for the site and since it has earned so poorly since April there isn't much of a buffer either. I know that Google made some kind of change in their system in April, involving how it counts visitors on different subdomains or something, but I have no idea how to repair it since I dunno what's broken. I need to figure out a way to start getting new visitors to the site.

I know that removing ads completely could help some people to not just flee from the site as soon as they arrived but it's risky if it doesn't pay off (those that have bought the ads for a period of time won't be happy I figure). At the same time I'm thinking about that time during the summer I did try with no ads globally on the site and I noticed that it didn't help the visitor count at all.

If anybody have any idea of how to bring new visitors to the site I'd be glad to hear it, I've even considered asking some sites to do banner swapping but I'm not sure anybody that would benefit swfchan would be too interested.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24sep2014(we)16:47  No.15071  SWF  P293
Also it's funny how the site all of a sudden got less visitors through Google pretty much when the new server was bought at the start of April. Typical. But all that extra power came to good use for at least half a month!
>>r7  26sep2014(fr)07:11  No.15091  DW  P294R246
I just received this ad. The close window box is full of "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EXIT THIS PAGE? YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW CONTENT etc. etc. etc." and it just repeats it. Even if you move it around, the message is so long you cannot see the answer button to close it. (I just remembered yes is default, and hit enter)
The thing is malware, and if this ad pops up for some people, they may not ever come back. (Just saying) I'll take a screenshot the next time I encounter it.
>>Horsie  26sep2014(fr)10:44  No.15096  DX  P295R247
I just had this scareware ad with cyclic reload.
The only way to close it (without killing the browser) is to close the tab just before it reloads (difficult, but doable if you are fast enough).
There is a screenshot of the ad, with my IP and date and hour.
Please identify the responsible for this shit and beat him to death.

I reported the url to Google Safebrowsing. I ask everybody that founds this page (or similar ones) please report it here: e/

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26sep2014(fr)16:14  No.15102  SWF  P296R248
Looks bad, it's weird that modern browsers can be so vulnerable to it. You'd think that after all these years the developers would have made it impossible for a page to take over like that and prevent the page from being closed yet ways to do exactly that keeps slipping through the cracks. If you report anything to Google please enter the URL of the ad and not mention swfchan anywhere... I've already had swfchan banned from Google once due to crappy ads and I'd rather not go through it again. I'll contact the ad provider again and see if they can do anything, it's probably AdultAdWorld that are serving the worst ads because they have done it in the past.
>>Anonymous  28sep2014(su)19:56  No.15146  DD  P297R249
well, there's the "close all tabs to the right (of this tab)" option
but I only know it from firefox
I can only suppose most of these complaints come from "not so profound" computer users, but then again ... they're the majority of the site traffic, aren't they?
The only thing I can say is that I've never come across such an ad myself yet; maybe they don't get served here.
>>Horsie  28sep2014(su)23:59  No.15157  DX  P298R250
I have the lastest Chrome version (Stable branch) and that malicious page prevented me from changing tabs or opening any menus. All the focus was on the dialog, nothing else worked. The only time you can do something is when you press cancel and the page reloads and then you have a fraction of a second to close the page before its code brings the dialog again.
The page was tailored to Spain (here I live). I guess this is the way they use to fool the ad companies; I'm sure the client that bought the ad space only shows malicious ads on countries where english isn't a widely used language, so there's a low chance of victims complaining.

When I filled the report I only explained the malicious page behaviour, nothing else.

>>Anonymous  30sep2014(tu)00:01  No.15174  DY  P299R251
I had the same scareware/pagelock thing.
I hit shift-esc to bring up chrome's task manager, moved the task manager window to a different monitor and killed the malicious tab.
I'll probably keep adblock up for a while until the malicious ad gets sorted.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3oct2014(fr)03:02  No.15223  SWF  P300R252
Alright, thanks for letting me know these things. Keep me posted if bad ads keep appearing.

I've tried adding Google Analytics back to swfchan, just finished inserting the tracking code. I had it before to be able to see how many visitors I had each day but removed it since I build my own stats system and I didn't want people to be tracked by Google needlessly.

However, since they are sending less people to the site now I thought that it's worth to test putting their tracking code back in and see if they start sending more people here again. Many (if not most) of swfchan's visitors are direct and not linked from other sites so maybe this way Google has a way of actually knowing that the site is used by people.

With time it could mean improved search ranking in their index. Or maybe it turns out not to help at all in which case I'll probably remove Google Analytics again. I will not really be able to tell until some months has passed though and then I have to factor in other possible stuff that might have improved ranking as well. Worth a shot at least.

>>Anonymous  3oct2014(fr)03:20  No.15231  DZ  P301R253
Would you please consider unblocking the ads on this domain?
By doing so you will support swfchan and help the site to improve.

Pagelocking me with fake java update pages improves your site? No, I'm going to keep the adblock, and you may suck my balls. thank you.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3oct2014(fr)22:40  No.15246  SWF  P302R254
Thanks for the feedback and sorry that you got terrible ads. I appreciate that you tested turning off adblock and I understand that you turned it back on.
>>Asday  6oct2014(mo)23:44  No.15301  EA  P303R255
Nope. Adblock stays.

Went to Clicked in the search box. Instant popup.

Feel free to email me when you've removed popups. I'll happily remove you from my blacklist. Until then, I generate no money for you.

>>Anonymous  7oct2014(tu)01:47  No.15309  DD  P304R256
guys, you know
ctrl+w closes the actual site/tab whatever is opened
a fraction of time is more than enough to press 2 buttons
just sayin
>>the rage  7oct2014(tu)01:52  No.15310  DD  P305
not generating money for swfchan
Hoster of files
Backup of swfs
And safehaven to flash users
It's not like your pay one cent for all of this
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7oct2014(tu)17:53  No.15316  SWF  P306R257
Had enough of these bad pops

Going to try reducing the pops for a month and see if the amount of visitors goes up and the amount of bad pops goes down.

I believe all the bad ads are from AdultAdWorld, simply because I've had trouble with them in the past. They usually generate the most money for the site so removing them will really cripple swfchan's income, but if they are actually causing the site to lose visitors due to shit ads that's no good. So they are gone during this month.

JuicyAds gave decent income in the past but yesterday they only managed to display their pops about 4000 times out of 24k visitors. Sure a lot have ad-blockers or at least popup-blockers but that number is terrible. I think they actually pop even though an ad isn't displayed as well (blank pop). Their payout per 1000 displays have gone down too so their pops will be gone this month.

PopAds dot net will however stays since they have managed to stay at pretty much the same income level while the other two have gone down. Besides, I can't really afford to remove all pop-income for a month, it would be too long.

So what's left? One pop from PopAds (instead of three total pops) and the top/bottom banner ads from JuicyAds. At around 7:th of November I'll check the stats and compare visitor numbers to see if these pop-removals actually did a lick of difference and that will determine if the site will go back to popup Hell or not.

In the meantime I'm open for suggestions of how to bring new visitors to swfchan... I've talked a bit with the admin of 8chan about a banner exchange but I'm not sure it'll go anywhere since he wants me to add 8chan to swfchan first but for me to do that I need him to support original file names of uploaded flash files (don't want a bunch of random numbers added to the database). We'll see how that thing works out, he hasn't responded to my last mail two days ago.

I've also thought about setting up a Patreon account for monthly donations to the site? Seems pretty good but I need to know how well they protect their customer's personal information first. Anyone had experinece with Patreon? Anyone interested in actually donating? Donations didn't work in the past but maybe that was because there were no fancy middle hand like Patreon involved.

>>Horsie  7oct2014(tu)19:27  No.15325  EB  P307R258
As I already said before, I would love to have some "premium" access to swfchan that disables Ads. I do not use any ad blocker because I don't mind the ads because I know having a site like this is expensive, and I don't want swfchan to close because it can't be mantained.
If the Patreon works that way, count me in.
>>Anonymous  9oct2014(th)00:23  No.15341  EC  P308R259
Hell, I'd probably toss you at LEAST a fiver a month if it means no more of those tab popups that just toss a javascript message towards you everytime you try to close them, with the message being too long to even checkmark "Disable Javascript on this page"

...fiver doesn't sound like much but I'm poor at the moment

>>Wispfire  11oct2014(sa)08:14  No.15396  ED  P309R260
Just throwing this out there, have you tried advertising your site on othher sites? I love SWFchan, but I've only been going here for about six months or so. It has a lot of the things I want, but I'd never heard of it before I got the tip off of one of my... less than respectable associates. Therefore, I would recommend you drop the URL on a few forums and the like, rather than rely solely on people like me who drop the site's name on a limited range of forums and the like.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17oct2014(fr)18:10  No.15654  SWF  P310R261
Dunno if I can remove ads for Patreon donors, that would require some way to check if an IP is a donor or some kind of login with account creation upon donation. Would probably be complicated to set up and it relies on if Patreon has support for such things.

I could always just encourage people that donated to block the ads and not feel bad about it!

Every little bit would help. I haven't really checked into Patreon yet, it all would come down to how they handle privacy. All I know is that they can't send money via PayPal if the project is mature (which swfchan would fall under).

Don't even know if the site would be allowed as a project over there since it has VERY mature content (the loli stuff would probably be the biggest problem I'd imagine). What I could do if swfchan isn't allowed is to make a Patreon for something like and people that want to support the site could just support that.

>less than respectable associates
Sounds like a cool guy if he knew about swfchan!

Thing is though I can't really go around spamming on forums and such, that's just rude (and takes a lot of effort). But I am trying something new today in that I've started a subreddit for swfchan. Will post about it in its own thread.

>>Horsie  29oct2014(we)11:48  No.15830  EE  P311R262
Just a while ago I got the police-scam popup ad again, the same that I got before. I'm sorry because this time I screwed up and didn't save the screenshot.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29oct2014(we)13:54  No.15831  SWF  P312R263
Really? And here I was thinking that the bad ads must have disappeared. Going to try and use proxies from different places and see if I can find a bad ad myself as well.

I've noticed that Google has started sending more search traffic to swfchan again since 4 days ago (doubled over night). I thought this might be because there were no longer any bad ads here. But it could be because Google Analytics were added back to the site as well (could be very likely since they started sending more search traffic again pretty much exactly 3 weeks after the Analytics code were added back). It might also have something to do with the swfchan subreddit that was started, since Google likes positive links from high-ranked sites, however that is probably not too likely. Finally it could be a combination of things.

At the end of this 'month of less ads' (around 7:th of November) I'll probably add back 1 popup from JuicyAds and wait with AAW and see if Google still send search traffic here. If they stop I'll know there's something fishy with the ads from JuicyAds (unless PopAds has started serving bad ads frequently as well today like you said Horsie). AAW might not be back ever... but I don't know, maybe I'll try them again in a while and see if people start complaining about bad ads again. AAW paid the best per popup so it could be foolish not to at least try them again one more time.

I've actually not noticed any difference in site usage during this month of only 1 popup instead of 3, less pops didn't seem to do anything except reduce the site's money. However it wasn't all bad to do this since Google started sending more poeple here again, and that's a big deal, but that might have been because of the Analytics being added and not because there were less/better popup ads.

So that's what I'm thinking right now. 9 or 10 days left of the 'less ads'-month. I've yet to look into Patreon as well.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8nov2014(sa)04:31  No.16072  SWF  P313
A month later

The month of having less ads that began >>15316 has ended. As I wrote in >>15831 there hasn't really been any increase in views from removing the additional popups, so I see no reason to keep them removed. However, Google did start to send more people here via their search engine again. It's possible that this is because bad ads were removed, but it's also possible that it's because Google Analytics were re-inserted into the site (giving them some info on people's site usage).

I'm only adding back one pop for now, the one from JuicyAds. I believe they have non-evil popup ads so Google shouldn't have a problem with them. I'll keep it this way for at least a month just to be sure, if Google start sending less people again I know that JuicyAds might be a problem. If everything is looking fine after a month however I'll probably add AdultAdWorld back in December as well and try having three pops once again. Yeah I know it sucks having three of them but AAW did generate the most from the pops and like I said removing the ads didn't actually increase the number of watched flashes.

I still haven't looked into Patreon... It's because of three things. I've been occupied with other stuff but foremost I don't think enough people are interested in donating. Also I kinda doubt they will have enough level of privacy that I'm comfortable with. I will look into it sooner or later though, it's worth a try at least.

Let me know if any bad pops turn up (stuff that take over your browser). Also let me know what browser version you have, please. If possible the source of the ads would be nice to know as well (PopAds or JuicyAds), though I realize that might be impossible to tell.

>>Anonymous  13nov2014(th)18:12  No.16140  EF  P314R264

I like the popads also

>>imankarima  16nov2014(su)22:58  No.16180  EG  P315R265
My Social Network

My Social Network

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9dec2014(tu)04:13  No.16505  SWF  P316R266
Another month gone

Google hasn't reduced the number of visitors it sends here so looks like JuicyAds isn't servicing bad ads either. I'm now adding back the last provider, AdultAdWorld. I suspect these are the true bad guys, problem is that they also pay the most so I'm a bit conflicted. Maybe they've fixed their shit by now though? It's been two months after all.

Let's see how it goes. As usual, please let me know if you get any bad ads (the kind that you can't close or that try to install viruses).

>>rucksox  4jan2015(su)20:03  No.16973  EH  P317R267
Werry good domain!

I am so like this sate.

>>Carlito  7jan2015(we)10:22  No.17013  EI  P318R268

When I click anywhere upon loading I'm presented with not 1, not 2, but THREE popups for ads. There's also ads all over the top and bottom.

If you have to cant afford this site and have to use such bad ads, just let the site die gracefully.

In other words, get a real job.

>>Anonymous  7jan2015(we)23:49  No.17018  DD  P319R269
>>Anonymous  10feb2015(tu)20:14  No.17820  EJ  P320R270
I'm quite fine with a wall of dicks at the bottom of the page, because i don't ahve any reason to scroll down there in the first place.
>>togar  22mar2015(su)00:51  No.18569  EK  P321R271
its nice

i like it i like very much

>>Horsie  26apr2015(su)12:26  No.19559  EL  P322R272
I'm truly sorry, because I love swfchan and I want to support it, but enough is enough. Today I installed Adblock Plus, I'll be using it for a while.

By the way, some days ago, while browsing swfchan I found another ransom website specially targetting Spain. It was the typical infinite looping alerts, and the web page behind them told you to call a premium call line to get rid of them. Ah, and they had the balls to call a premium call line "free". It was using a 905 telephone number, this numeration is used for phone-voting and to entering raffles. It has a fixed cost of 3€ plus taxes.

Would it be possible to include to every page in swfchan some "ad tracking text" or something to be able to pinpoint the source of the ads? This way every time someone catches a malicious ad, they only have to screenshot and copy-paste some text from the swfchan page that created the ads/popups, and post it to this thread...

>>Anonymous  26apr2015(su)16:19  No.19561  DD  P323R273
well, sucks to live in spain I guess (and having no life besides swfchan)
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27apr2015(mo)04:37  No.19570  SWF  P324R274
Sorry about the shitty ads. There's sadly not much point in tracking where the ads came from, all I can do is either use the ad provider as it is or remove it completely. I have no control over what ads they show people.
>>perverted fan  13may2015(we)20:07  No.19924  EM  P325R275
I did disable ads for a few days. I was able to handle the popups, at first. But the moment one of them tried bullshitting me about having viruses and hijack my browser, the block turned back on forever.
>>Anonymous  16may2015(sa)05:56  No.19992  EN  P326R276
8chan's HW cut a deal with the owner of BITCOIN 30259

They are now getting $$$. Why are we missing out?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16may2015(sa)18:40  No.20008  SWF  P327R277
The "owner of Bitcoin"? What?

Too much text for me on that chat log page you linked to but I noticed that Patreon apparently shut down 8chan's account just because of a petition? That sucks. Here I was thinking of trying Patreon for swfchan instead of ads... well, been thinking about that for almost a year now. Still should try it but it really would suck if it was working and then all of a sudden they pulled the plug.

With all the shit I've seen on Patreon it bothers me when they decide to single out 8chan just because some people don't like the site. What about all those that liked the site enough to even give it money each month? That's some grade A thought police bullshit right there.

>>Holla Holla get $$$  17may2015(su)01:01  No.20018  DD  P328R278
I don't think there are even enough people out there who know about swfchan, let alone start a petition against it. So that would be very unlikely to happen. Consider it a plus about being a ghostown. Unlike 8chan - they got more haters than backers on patreon.
>>Anonymous  3jun2015(we)10:04  No.20417  EO  P329R279
>Would you please consider unblocking the ads on this domain?
Sorry, but no. I'd rather not take the extra risk of possible malware infection from seedy ads.

That's just the reality of it for most people. We aren't blocking ads to kill ad-funded websites, we do it out of security concerns. Performance is a secondary reason.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3jun2015(we)14:42  No.20421  SWF  P330R280
I understand of course. They are super annoying. I however wonder what browsers people are using that are having such big problems with the ads. For example some people talk about "hijacking ads" that take over their browser and require them to reboot. I've seen one such scam that claimed they were from the police and they tried to prevent me from leaving the tab by using JavaScript alerts. All I had to do was not close the alert and instead click the "x" to close the tab (Firefox 38.0.5). Then the ad was gone. Same with "virus ads", as long as one don't download and run an exe file or have a very outdated version of Java running in their browser I can't possibly see how it's possible to get infected by an ad with today's browsers.
>>Anonymous  3jun2015(we)22:09  No.20427  DD  P331R281
I still have to come across an ad that is actual malware. The only one I can remember where my anti-walrus screamed was from inside an swf file. Don't think browser ads can really harm you PC on that level. You should be far more concerned about any freeware program you install. IMO disabling ads here because of security reasons is just an uneducated excuse. The worst thing that could happen is that you have to kill the current firefox.exe process and start a new session.
>>Anonymous  5jun2015(fr)11:17  No.20454  EO  P332R282
I can totally understand why you would say that when we're talking about your income, but please: don't pretend that modern browsers somehow cannot have vulnerabilities and never will have any in the future. Malvertising is a very real issue.

Have you considered other venues to help cover the hosting costs of swfchan? People seem to enjoy throwing money at Patreon and services with userbases similar to swfchan (or so I would assume) such as Gelbooru and Saucenao have recently started using it with varying levels of success.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5jun2015(fr)16:03  No.20460  SWF  P333R283
You're right, I spoke a bit too freely. I was comparing today's browsers with what we had 10 or even just 5 years ago but of course security holes are still being found and exploited by bad advertisers from time to time even today. Telling myself that people should be safe from any ad as long as they keep their browsers up to date helps me sleep at night.

I've seriously considered Patreon. Even drafted text and milestones and thought up some kind of rewards for donators. But after doing some research I don't think they provide me with enough privacy. Not only do I have to send in a W8-BEN form but I would also have to submit a "Foreign tax ID number", which I think is equal to my personal identity number here in Sweden. That's as far from being Anonymous as you can get.

>>Anonymous  16jun2015(tu)07:39  No.20683  EP  P334R284
What ever happened to the VIP offer that used to be offered in the top right corner. I remember buying that so I wouldn't have to enter so many captchas!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jun2015(tu)09:01  No.20684  SWF  P335R285
Only one person ever did that so it went away, not to mention that PayPal would probably freeze the account if it ever actually took off. I think it's against their terms to use it on a porn site. If you really are that one guy that bought VIP (which I don't think you are becase what are the odds of him sticking around for all these years) everybody gets the same amount of credits per captcha these days that the VIP got back then, plus there is no restriction on searching for anyone now like it was in the beginning. Also your IP would surely have changed over the years so the VIP system wouldn't recognize you, it was pretty amateurish in the way it worked to be honest. ...I bet you used the wayback machine recently, didn't you?
>>Anonymous  2jul2015(th)10:23  No.21117  EP  P336R286
Wow, only one person?

I got curious and looked through my paypal records and...

"Jan 2, 2009 - Transaction ID 2HK15256TK115xxxx"

If that's the only one you got, then that is me!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2jul2015(th)16:19  No.21120  SWF  P337R287
I don't have that PayPal account anymore so I can't check the transaction ID but I'm starting to believe you. Nice to see that you stuck around for so long and thanks again for the cheese!
>>Horsie  3jul2015(fr)12:50  No.21152  EQ  P338R288
How about using a bitcoin wallet to get donations? You don't really need anything really; just make a wallet, share the code, and then you can sell your bitcoins to get a transfer to your bank account.
Also, you don't really need to make any changes to the site: consider it a way for ABP users to stop feeling guilty. I don't really care for the captchas, they're not too annyoing.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4jul2015(sa)01:28  No.21162  SWF  P339R289
Tried it in 2012, the donation page is still online:

Nobody was interested in donating anything. Although now that I think back I might have actually gotten one prank donation: someone sent the lowest possible amount you can send via Bitcoin, meaning the transfer fee he paid was thousands of times higher than what swfchan actually received. Of course it's impossible to exchange such a small fraction of a Bitcoin to any other currency, very funny whoever sent that.

The highest donation that was ever received was via the ProjectWonderful ads on the "The Mix" section of swfchan. Three people (plus/minus one) gave in total a couple of bucks when counting all together (can't recall the specific amount, probably less than 10 USD).

>>Anonymous  23jul2015(th)09:00  No.21648  ER  P340R290
I usually am accepting of ads, but the website has a few that have simply become too much.

I am usually against people who run adblockers. I think that it is a lousy way to take away from the website that you frequent just because you aren't in the mood to see a flashy banner or a harmless pop-up.

Unfortunately, this opinion has slowly become more accepting of these programs.

I have always been fine with the advertisements on this website. I knew when to expect them and was more than happy to spend a few seconds dealing with pop-ups to support the website. In the past month or so though, swfchan has been showing me the screamer-esque "your computer is infected/locked/under-investigation/etc" that require a number of clicks and dialogue boxes to get through. They are not what I would consider legitimate advertisements and serve no purpose but to scare and scam users.

I am sorry that I will be one of the many others that will continue to block ads on this website. I don't mind normal pop-ups, advertisements to other porn websites or even the occasional commercial; however, I will not put up with a website that has these loud, browser-locking advertisements.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jul2015(th)12:26  No.21652  SWF  P341R291
They are loud too? I've never come across those and all pops I've seen I've been able to close just by pressing CTRL+W max two times (once to close the page and once more to close the "are you sure you wish to close?" alert, which confirms that the pop should in fact be closed). What browser and what version are you on currently? Thanks for viewing the ads up until now, I appreciate it. Naturally I don't blame anyone for using a blocker when they are as bad as they are.
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)00:42  No.22744  ES  P342R292
I also just got a loud, close resistant popup as part of a 3 window pile. I've been rolling back my adblocker recently, but the shit on this site is intolerable. Shields are back online.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27aug2015(th)01:50  No.22753  SWF  P343R293

I'm actually (finally) going to try replacing the ads with Patreon donations. Hop on over to the discussion at if you feel like helping out. With a little luck the pop ups will be gone by Christmas.

>>Anonymous  5oct2015(mo)03:29  No.24198  ET  P344R294
Not really ad related, but will there ever be away around the captcha? I'd buy an swfchan pass for like $5. People who abuse to pass in attempt to make malicious attacks on the server could have their pass revoked. It could really help generate money to keep the site ad free.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5oct2015(mo)04:04  No.24199  SWF  P345R295
I'm not planning on doing anything outside of the less amount of captchas that Patreon supporters get because I don't want batch downloaders to be able to leech the whole archive just from paying something like five bucks. It wouldn't be far-fetched to receive something like 25 bucks from five people (all from the same guy in reality) and then a few months later launches with a copy of the archive and the visitor count of this site goes down the drain.

Only counting visitors that actually pulls flashes from the archive: 25% of them only make a single get, 68% makes less than 10 gets. These people will only need to solve one or maybe two captchas at most. Out of the remaining 7% that actually makes 10 or more gets there's probably at most 1 in 100 that would be willing to pay for not having to solve captchas. I'm betting they are those big batch downloaders looking to expand their own site.

People that give 5 bucks on Patreon will be able to get 30 flashes before they need to enter another captcha, that would cover the need of 98.7% of swfchan's daily visitors. Sure they do need to enter a captcha per day but it's just a single captcha and it's still just two captchas a day for most of that remaining 1.3%. So no, there will never be a way around the captcha completely because only those that want to download thousands of flashes will get something out of it.

>>gyyye  17oct2015(sa)13:35  No.24669  EU  P346R296
love it

i love this site

>>Anonymous  29oct2015(th)18:04  No.24929  EV  P347R297
Make the adblock-nagging div less distracting and have it notify users about the patreon.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29oct2015(th)19:15  No.24930  SWF  P348R298
The next milestone is to remove the nagging completely (8 bucks to go). I have a mention of the Patreon on the GET FILE page instead, although it hasn't been doing well this month. It's probably too discrete for most people to notice it.
>>johndoe314  30apr2016(sa)05:20  No.32330  EW  P349R299
Is there someone/somewhere I can contact regarding an issue/concern with one of the ads? I couldn't find an admin contact link or anything.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30apr2016(sa)15:51  No.32338  SWF  P350R300
This is the admin contact right here, feel free to write about the issue and I'll try to forward any concerns to the ad provider. I don't have control over what ads they actually send my way so all I can do is nag them about fixing any bad ads.
>>johndoe314  2may2016(mo)13:45  No.32429  EW  P351R301
Ah, okay. Just wanted to let you know you might want to drop the ad linking to the game Pussy Saga. The payment processor for that site, Epoch, has been reported in various places to be a scam, running unauthorized payments on customer's cards, refusing to give refunds, hanging up on customers when they call to complain, etc. I should have known something was up when even payments through paypay to them were declined, prepaid card or not. Not 100% sure it's a scam, but I'd be hesitant to link to something that could possibly rip off your users.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2may2016(mo)14:12  No.32431  SWF  P352R302
Thanks for letting me know, did you see it in a banner or a popup?
>>johndoe314  3may2016(tu)10:07  No.32484  EW  P353R303
It was in a banner ad.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3may2016(tu)13:45  No.32490  SWF  P354R304
That helps, cheers!
>>Anonymous  3may2016(tu)14:06  No.32491  EX  P355R305
epoch does cc processing for most cam sites too. they're one of the most common adult friendly cc processing companies. not sure about their sketchiness though - might just be their end users running transactions when they shouldn't, etc.
>>Anonymous  12oct2016(we)19:39  No.39928  EY  P356R306
Why am I now getting popups? Every few clicks redirects me to some porn site, it's very annoying.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12oct2016(we)21:36  No.39930  SWF  P357R307
There's new adcode on the site. Are you allowing cookies? They are used to prevent pops from happening all the time. What's your browser?

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>>Anonymous  12oct2016(we)22:17  No.39932  EZ  P358R308
I'm getting a shit ton of them now on here, also getting warned of trojans attempting to breach my system whenever I come on swfchan too. I also lose the ability to click on stuff, I'm having to open everything in new tabs as just left clicking is locking the screen(?), something I've never encountered before. Not coming on here much anymore due to this, hopefully it'll get sorted OR its a problem on my pc, not on here, miss you guys.

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>>Anonymous  12oct2016(we)23:23  No.39934  FA  P359R309
have the same problem, 1 click = 3 popups

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13oct2016(th)00:47  No.39937  SWF  P360R310
The site has had three popups since 2014, the new adcode just isn't picked up by all adblockers right now. In fact since yesterday the site's economy is almost back to what it was at the start of 2015. Everybody and their grandmother started using adblocker that year.

I've tried many different things to try and fund the site, I held out against trying popups until 2012. Now when it's starting to look like Patreon won't save the day, after a year of trying, the only option is to get some new code that isn't blocked as much. Because only popups have ever worked. Shit sucks but what am I to do? Adblockers will get rid of these pops as well soon enough.

There's a dedicated thread to ads over here:

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13oct2016(th)00:48  No.39938  SWF  P361
New adcode

Yesterday fresh adcode was installed on the site that some adblockers aren't picking up on yet.

There's discussion going on about it in this thread:

>>Anonymous  13oct2016(th)11:50  No.39951  EZ  P362R311
I'm fine with ads,its more the trojans that I'm getting warned of e'rry time I come here, as well as the clicking thing which is the strangest thing.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13oct2016(th)15:19  No.39957  SWF  P363R312
Since I'm using three adproviders it's always a hassle to know which one to contact about bad ads. They also give different ads for different parts of the world... You don't happen to somehow know which one that is sending you to the trojan page? Impossible request, I know.

The freeze-upon-click thing is odd but maybe something that can be dealt with, which browser do you use? I'll try something in the meantime, let me know if it still freeze upon click in an hour after this post.

Edit: Have changed the code now, does it work better? You might have to clear your cookies to make the pops pop again.

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>>Anonymous  13oct2016(th)21:14  No.39970  EZ  P364R313
You're doing gods work son, everythings cool now

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13oct2016(th)23:35  No.39981  SWF  P365R314

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>>Anonymous  15oct2016(sa)16:53  No.40062  DD  P366R315
How about instead of complaining you just donate some bucks on the patreon, you annoying fuck.
Buuut admin hears your pleas nonetheless. Feels neato getting your ass wiped for you?

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>>Anonymous  16oct2016(su)14:11  No.40092  FB  P367R316
Go troll somewhere else you retard.

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>>Anonymous  18oct2016(tu)02:50  No.40133  FC  P368R317
Hey man, here's a crazy thought: What if you sold ad space to organizations that AREN'T trying to add our computers to their botnets and/or install ransomware?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18oct2016(tu)12:02  No.40147  SWF  P369R318
Perhaps it's possible if I remove all porn from swfchan. These are basically the only ad providers swfchan can get.

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>>Anonymous  20oct2016(th)01:10  No.40214  FD  P370R319
>Remove Porn

Ouch. I'll keep with the annoying ads, at least they pop up, but are impractical sometimes on mobile (sometimes the browser gets crazy and opens the popup on top of swfchan and you have 0 swfchan pages and 3 tabs of ads...), hope this mobile bug doesn't come to main site, what it didn't till now.

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>>Anonymous  22oct2016(sa)06:16  No.40310  FE  P371R320
Do we use this thread to report shitty ads?

I don't mind the popups so much. They pop up, I close them, problem solved. The ads that I can't stand, and the one that you need to get rid of ASAP, is the one that opens a new tab, beeps like crazy, and starts telling you to give them your credit card info or your harddrive will be deleted in 4 minutes and 36 seconds. It is obnoxious, and it crashes Chrome nine times out of ten making the site unusable whenever it happens.

>>Anonymous  22oct2016(sa)06:17  No.40311  FF  P372R321
Yeah the ads have gotten a lot more malicious, I've actually had to turn on my adblocker (I usually leave it off for swfchan) and mess with the filters to see if I can block the more notorious ones which I've had no success in

The scary thing is they're actually getting THROUGH my adblocker as well as activating my antivirus

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>>Anonymous  22oct2016(sa)19:10  No.40325  DD  P373R322
Yeah, I can second that.
I even donate some bucks on patreon, so malicious ads coming through adblocker are somewhat a nuisance.
No hard feelings though.

All the malicious Links try to redirect so some direct IP.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23oct2016(su)20:20  No.40351  SWF  P374R323
I've just made a post in the "Ad-talk"-thread that applies to this thread as well:
Let's move the discussion over there so we have everything related to the ads in one place, alright?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23oct2016(su)20:31  No.40352  SWF  P375
Yeah this thread is the place to report shitty ads. Very sorry about those. Though I need some additional info for the report to have some weight, if it happens again.

Please let me know what country and state you're in and the URL of the malicious ad (what's shown in the browser's address bar when you actually get the virus warning). That way I can send an e-mail to all three providers I'm using and ask if they serve ads in that country+state leading to that URL. If yes I can then ask them to please stop serving those ads to swfchan.

It's tricky dealing with these situations since all I do is send them traffic and they take care of the rest. I have no control at all over what ads are actually displayed. Can't even set the price per 1000 views, it just goes up and down each day seemingly at random. Ads are served for hundreds of different clients and what is being shown differs depending on where in the world you live. I've never gotten a virus ad here in Sweden (I've checked from several IPs) but that doesn't mean the ads can't be bad if you live in Massachusetts, USA. On top of it all I don't know which one of the three ad providers that actually serves the bad ad.

The final nail in the coffin however is that they might serve an ad which leads to URL X, but then that URL redirects to URL Y which finally redirects to URL Z where the virus is. The client could also set up their page so that it doesn't redirect people on IPs close to where the ad provider is based in the world so when the providers inspect the client it looks completely legit and innocent.

>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)02:00  No.40386  FG  P376R324
I would leave my ad blocker off if there were no open in new tab adds, I do on 4chan.
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:22  No.40405  FH  P377R325
I cannot use your site until you remove the fucking trojans. Sweet jesus, dude. Could you at least be slightly less obvious about it?

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>>Anonymous  26oct2016(we)13:20  No.40457  FI  P378R326
Malware ads


Just letting you know you're running malicious ads right now, ones that pop up even with ublock and have those outlandish "warnings" about ip logging and shit.

Investigate the issue.

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>>Anonymous  26oct2016(we)18:30  No.40458  FJ  P379R327
Not sure what you mean - I use UBlock and don't see no ads. You sure you're running the latest blacklists?

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>>Anonymous  26oct2016(we)22:41  No.40464  FK  P380R328
Had to the comment form through dev tools as the ad injects a fullscreen .swf object as the first element with the page body to clickjack any input.

Not sure how it's getting around uBlock Origin though - my antivirus is catching it.

It's coming from the domain (for me at least). Try adding that to blacklists.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27oct2016(th)00:01  No.40466  SWF  P381R329
Thanks for providing a domain! I finally have something to go on. Will contact the ad providers.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28oct2016(fr)01:23  No.40489  SWF  P382
Two have responded, basically asking for more information that is impossible for me to know. But maybe that means the third one is the guilty one? I'll give them a couple more days to respond.

Meanwhile please let me know if the worst types of ads are still around, with as much info as possible (browser, popup url, the country you are in, type of ad etc).

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)11:04  No.40504  DD  P383R330
Bro, do you even troll?

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)18:14  No.40514  FL  P384R331

It's not just that domain, it gives random websites from time to time, for now it's showing to me as "", but if i come back later it will change to another website, so i can't just block it using adblock.

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)18:16  No.40515  FM  P385R332 for me - UK, FF with uBlock Origin, fullscreen popunder

I have GETs to:

uBlock logger shows:

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)20:17  No.40520  FN  P386R333
More from

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>>Anonymous  29oct2016(sa)16:33  No.40542  FH  P387R334
Until you remove the trojans from your website, I'm not going to be coming here anymore.

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>>Anonymous  1nov2016(tu)22:51  No.40608  FO  P388R335
I just got a popup that turned into a camgirl live chat with a masturbating girl and crtappy background music.
Another one was blocked by my anti virus.
Honestly man, you need to fix the ads. It's just not funny anymore.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2nov2016(we)05:08  No.40620  SWF  P389R336
When I contact the ad providers they tell me to mail again with:
+ The country in which the malicious domain was viewed
+ The time and date it occurred
+ The malicious URL
+ The URL from which it was viewed
+ The IP address from which it was reviewed
All of which is next to impossible for me to know, especially since most visitor reports is "my anti-virus software got triggered, fix your ads". I'm not blaming you guys, I wouldn't look in detail at an ad either. I'm just trying to shed some light on exactly how difficult it is for me to do anything on my end when the providers are asking the impossible in order to take action.

Like I mentioned in the real ad thread >(>>1012, might merge this thread into it) all I do is send them traffic and they take care of the rest and throw a few pennies my way. I have no control over the ads showing nor do I even get to decide how much money an ad view cost. So it all comes down to a "take it or leave it"-situation, since these are the type of ad providers I can get due to the porn on swfchan.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>Anonymous  2nov2016(we)07:58  No.40628  FG  P390R337
I got directed to:

At 11:48pm, GMT November 1st
I'm in CA the USA.
I tried clicking on from the page.

My IP address in the email field. (admin edit: cheers, got it and cleared the field)

I'm only providing this much information because it subsequently directed me to

which tried downloading some flash "downloader", and then opened up

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2nov2016(we)11:21  No.40639  SWF  P391R338
Thanks man! I'll pass on the info. Honestly though I'll be surprised if much happens because of the "final nail in the coffin"-issue that I wrote about in >>>40352 (in short the ad provider can't know if their customer further redirects some users to bad places). Most likely it's not just a single bad customer around either and just look at those domain names; the malicious advertiser most likely have a bunch of these throwaway domains handy in case one of them gets busted.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>Anonymous  2nov2016(we)17:19  No.40648  FP  P392R339
Just letting you know, on mobile there was a redirect to a fake google domain,
trying to scam/fish me into "repairing" my phone by downloading weird maleware shit.
Will post details later.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>Anonymous  2nov2016(we)20:09  No.40652  FQ  P393R340

This was the link which opened 2 tabs, one regular ad page and the scamming one described above.

This post was merged in here from a different thread.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16nov2016(we)11:11  No.41172  SWF  P394R341
Merged threads

Two new threads concerning the new ad code was created recently but these has now been merged into this one. This is a mammoth of a thread but it's better to have everything in one place, especially for historic purposes. The imported posts are marked as such, first one being >>39928. Ridiculously long URLs has been shortened with "etc" as well.

Been doing some stuff in the background with the ads, how are things for you guys? Are the state of things better or is it pretty much the same? The popup amount shouldn't have changed too much, just reduced a little bit, though I've made some cookie changes just an hour ago that hopefully should do a better job at detecting when a pop pops so it doesn't pop more times than it should. Mainly hoping to hear that the worst kind of malware/virus ads are gone though? Or at least less common?

>>johndoe314  17nov2016(th)00:21  No.41186  FR  P395R342
One of the popup ads was a bit concerning, some URL that started with winerr0x or something like that. It pops up a dialogue box with something like "Windows has detected an error, call <1800 number) for assistance". 99.99999999999999999% sure it's a phishing site, and you wouldn't want to be connected to that, I'd imagine.
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)18:43  No.41209  FS  P396R343
This is less about malicious adds, and more about how they appear, but middle clicking a link opens up the advert in the new tab rather than the actual link, so if you (like me) open up a load of links in one go down the recommendations list, then you end up having to work out which flashes those ads replaced. Because the flash page never gets opened in the first place, you can't even go back or check your history. Also, the same thing when I opened this page up in a new tab, it says a lot about the ads when you can't get to the ad feedback page because of them.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17nov2016(th)23:53  No.41226  SWF  P397R344
Yeah sounds like it, thanks for letting me know.

Really? For me it doesn't pop on middle-click at all, only on left-click. And then they should always open the intended page as well as the popups, the pops should never replace the actual requested page. Have only tested it on Firefox though, I assumed most browsers should work the same on JavaScript clicking logic these days since they have been trying to reach a standard for many years now. Are you on Chrome or Opera? IE/Edge?

>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)23:54  No.41227  FT  P398R345
A lot of the ads are at least somewhat malicious. Can't use the site for more than a few minutes because some of the popup ads are designed to freeze your computer or crash your web browser.
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)23:59  No.41228  FT  P399
This lovely one is not only a phishing ad, it does this.
This kills the Chrome.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18nov2016(fr)00:06  No.41230  SWF  P400R346
It's supposed to only pop once once on each domain per visit, is it popping constantly for you?

How often do you get these type of bad ads? (Bad as in virus varning/freezes browser.) Is it once per every few days or do you get them every single visit?

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)02:35  No.41244  FU  P401R347
If you really feel like using pop-up adverts, I'm assuming there's a way to tie what kind of things pop up to what kinds of flashes people view. I'm only curious about what's in the furry category, so I'm pretty sure I don't want to see nekkid grandma on the screen every time I click somewhere. ಠ_ಠ
>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)15:39  No.41260  FV  P402R348
I get pops every time when I open a new page and click something. I'm not blocking your cookies or anything, but I'm using adblock (FF). Also the pops do many redirects which seems very sketchy. I don't worry about viruses because I'm not using Windows. However if I would use Windows I would not open this site because of the pops.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18nov2016(fr)17:18  No.41261  SWF  P403R349
If the cookies aren't blocked you shouldn't get pops on every page, just once on a single page per domain (all three ad providers pop at the same time). The cookie is set before the pop happens so even if the new windows are prevented by the browser the site shouldn't try to pop for you again until next visit. Can't think of anything except that it's something specific for your version of FireFox?

Just tried Google Chrome and without any kind of adblock added (just a clean install) it successfully blocks two of the three popups and then doesn't pop for me again on that domain (meaning the cookie set/get works). So I can't replicate any problems there either.

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)18:40  No.41262  FS  P404R350
I'm on Iron, which is a chromium browser, it mostly functions and looks like Chrome. It's usually (but sometimes more) on the first click on the .net page when I middle click a flash, also my first middle click after making a search, as well as occasionally on links that go to other pages like this one.
>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)20:12  No.41263  BL  P405R351
to start off: I run adblocker and adblocker plus
Not sure how much that's influencing things, but for a while when I clicked anything, I'd get a popup. That's gone, but whenever I click any flash, it opens a popup ad, one that can occasionally attempt to force me to install a plugin.

this is consistent. any time I visit swfchan, I open a video, immediately close it, then open another.

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)21:55  No.41267  FN  P406R352
This is consistent with my experience. The first page (the address that I typed myself) of either domain loads without pop-up. Then, the first link I click triggers several windows that are killed by pop-up blocker, and I get nothing after that until my next visit.
>>Kharnos  18nov2016(fr)21:56  No.41268  FW  P407R353
Multiple adds

Well my biggest issue with the adds thus far is that everytime I try to view a animation it does no less than 4 popup adds at once, three tabs it opens on the first page and then at the same time it opens up a new window with another. and is there a reason all 4 adds were for sexting sites? My webpage security went nuts with warnings.

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)22:00  No.41269  FN  P408R354
You get sexting and various other porny ads because nobody else is going to advertise on a site that hosts adult content.
I recommend uBlock Origin; I've had basically no trouble with the pop-ups here. I occasionally have to close one manually (always the one with that adult MMO, too), but that's it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18nov2016(fr)23:33  No.41274  SWF  P409R355
The return of the cogwheel

Back in 2012 there was a cogwheel at the bottom of the site (next to the footer URL) which allowed you to change the ad banner settings. I've reimplemented it now to let users instead control the popups; by default all three providers will pop but you can now limit it to just pop for one. JuicyAds has better CPM than the other two so I'd appreciate it if you pick that alternative.

This should make things less annoying but also could be useful for tracking down which one of these three that have the most virus ads. I ask for your help if you have had a malicious popup: Cycle between the providers every couple of visits and if you get a bad pop tell me which one of the three you had selected (as well as the URL of the pop if possible). Maybe all three serve bad ads but we could see if a pattern emerges...

There was also a bug with the script that caused some of you to keep getting pops on the same page several times. It should be fixed now.

>>Anonymous  20nov2016(su)02:43  No.41310  FU  P410R356
This is what I would call an improvement. Thanks!
Though it would be nice if I didn't get redirected to a different website whenever I try to click it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  20nov2016(su)06:52  No.41319  SWF  P411R357
The pop you get when you click the cog itself is from PopAds, they won't let me use my own popup script like the other two does so unfortunately I can't control them as closely as the others. I tried to get it to not pop on the cog but wasn't able to get it working.
>>Anonymous  20nov2016(su)06:54  No.41320  FX  P412R358
Thanks for this, I've turned off my adblocker and I'll see if anything changes while I browse the site
>>Anonymous  20nov2016(su)19:01  No.41331  FU  P413R359
Well, you could just ditch PopAds entirely and rely on a different one that lets you have more control.
Also, for other methods of funding, you could try donation fundraising, like what RationalWiki, Wikipedia, and Internet Archive do.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21nov2016(mo)02:15  No.41353  SWF  P414R360
It's not as easy as just trying another ad service, finding good ones that are willing to put their client's ads on a site with loli porn isn't easy. Especially since I don't want to give out too much personal info on myself to some random organization.

I've been through many ad providers over the years and a couple of them have just refused to pay me in the end, there's always a policy where they don't send any money for two months so it's a gamble. I'm glad I've found these three and that I've been able to stick with them for several years now, even if I suspect one of them is skimming some views from the statistics. Just wish they had better quality control for those malicious clients.

As for donations, that's what I'm doing with Patreon. It's not exactly going as well for me as various furry artists but I'm extremely happy for the ones I've got! Other means of donations has been tried in the past and it didn't work at all, Patreon has some magic that makes people more willing to do it.

Well, the 'magic' is that these fine people are already in the system so supporting yet another guy becomes super simple. It's like micro transactions in games, when you've done it once it becomes super simple to do it a second and tenth time (you don't have to go through the same hassle of entering payment info etc). Suits me just fine to be honest since it allows me to keep being Anonymous when Patreon acts like a buffer and their+PayPal's take of 15% feels reasonable.

>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)06:01  No.41359  FY  P415R361
It hasn't happened again since, but I recently got an ad which locked me into a popup notification and wouldn't let me close the tab because it would reappear too quickly before I could close it. I can deal with the other ads, but ones like this which actually mess with the functionality are pretty bad.
>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)18:55  No.41367  FU  P416R362
Well, that's understandable. I never understood why most advertisers are rather picky about what kinds of websites they'll allow their services on. Times change, but people stay the same, I guess.
And yeah, whilst the likes of Crowchild, Jasonafex and such have more patrons at the moment, I have a feeling you'll get there sooner or later. I'd chime in, but I don't use a credit card or PayPal. =^|
>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)01:52  No.44776  FZ  P417R363
Just got a pop up ad with audio that opened in a new window saying it was microsoft saying I had a virus on my computer
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3apr2017(mo)04:29  No.46876  SWF  P418R364
Finally testing ExoClick

I'm trying out a new ad provider: ExoClick. I've wanted to try them ever since 2011 but they denied my site at the time. It's now been re-evaluated and approved. This one is replacing AdWorldMedia so there won't be an additional popup on the site, it'll just come from a new place.

There are a couple of reasons I'm replacing AWM and not the other two providers that I'm currently using (JuicyAds and PopAds). Mainly it's because they have shown me very strange statistics ever since they discarded the "AdultAdWorld" name and merged everything into AdWorldMedia. The number's been all over the place, not one payment has matched my account's stats in the last couple of months.

Lately the earnings have also been exceptionally terrible over there. AdWorldMedia made less than half than the other two providers (not combined) and it also showed several thousand less views in their stats even though they all pop at the same time on swfchan. No idea if it's because their stats are just incorrect, if they skim views off the top (would be smarter to just lower the CPM) or if they just don't have as many ads to show.

I think they sometimes act like a middle-man as well, only showing ads from bigger ad providers. I've for example seen them redirect a popup to some ad on ExoClick. By using exo directly all of the view's value will go directly to swfchan.

Finally I've always suspected that most malicious ads come from AdWorldMedia. Of course if they were serving some ads from ExoClick it probably means that some bad ads might have come from ExoClick in the first place but this is just speculation anyway. I do still hope though that there will be more quality ads from now on, I'm sure the problem won't disappear completely.

Oh yeah, there's also been communication issues with AdWorldMedia. Even though I have been with them for roughly five years I've sometimes not received a reply to a question, especially in regards to the new strange statistics. There was actually a period of almost two months that I didn't get paid for because I was using the old ad URL to the AdultAdWorld domain. It was still showing ads so I thought everything was fine but apparently they didn't register in their new system.

I hope ExoClick will turn out to be a great provider, they are big and have been around since Dec 2006. As always I'm not counting my horses until after the first actual payment though, luckily they offer weekly payouts via PayPal with only 20 USD required as the minimum so I have a good feeling about this.

>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)06:44  No.46882  GA  P419R365
So that's why I'm seeing some new ads. Also I have a question about the clicks. If I click and get a popup, is that valid for the CPM or does it count for clicking on the actual ad?
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)06:45  No.46883  GA  P420
Also you might want to update that wheel at the bottom, it still shows AdWorldMedia
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3apr2017(mo)07:30  No.46884  SWF  P421R366
If you click anything on swfchan, get a popup and then actually load the ad it counts as 1 view. Popups (or popunders) only calculate CPM and not clicks so it doesn't matter for swfchan's income if people click anything they see inside a popup or if they just close it.

I would however imagine that some advertisers are probably checking the results of places where they advertise, if they get increased activity on their site from the visitors arriving from swfchan it's more likely that they will continue to advertise on swfchan through my ad providers, something that increases ad spot ranking and potential future earnings. So clicking around inside a popup window might help the advertiser in the long run but it doesn't provide anything extra for the moment.

Thanks but it's already been done, your browser is using the cached version. It should pick up the updated script soon, immediately if you press F5.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9apr2017(su)00:38  No.48093  SWF  P422

ExoClick turned out to be terrible after all. I finally reached their minimum 20 USD withdraw limit and contacted them about receiving my first payout as instructed. The mail I got back:

>Thank you for contacting ExoClick Customer Services regarding your account/payment.
>On review of your site(s) performance we have decided to reject your sites as they are not meeting the expectations of our advertisers.
>As such no pending earnings will be paid, as some advertisers will need to be compensated.
>Additionally your account has been closed as we will be not be able to work with you in the future.

They let me add the three swfchan top domains, they manually approve all of them, they respond to all of my questions via e-mail, they advise me on how to try and "maximize profits" and they let me run their ads for several days.

Then when it's time to actually pay they pull out with no reason given except some arbitrary "you didn't meet our expectations", which is nothing we've talked about. I never agreed to any kind of test period, they never hinted anything like that. To top it all off they just close my account for no reason and haven't responded to my e-mails asking what's going on (I'll update this post if they do respond).

I'm glad I didn't wait even a day longer before requesting payment because it seems like they would have happily let me keep showing their ads forever until I requested payment. This is why I usually stick with the ad providers I've got, finding good ones for a site like swfchan isn't easy. You can't even expect the big providers to honor their end of the deal.

So back to AdWorldMedia, I just wish they would get their stats under control. If anyone know of any good ad provider alternatives I'm all ears!

>>johndoe314  18apr2017(tu)00:24  No.48411  GB  P423R367
Just wanted to let you know, that at least two of the sites on the popup ads (the "calltostopvirus" and "pornosex-moviesalerts" ones) are not legit sites, but both link to fake pages claiming to be Microsoft support, and that there's a virus on your computer. IE, phishing sites.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18apr2017(tu)01:37  No.48412  SWF  P424R368
Noted, thanks mate
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)19:08  No.49681  GC  P425R369
One of the pop-up ads plays loud beeping noises, shows a fake BSoD and causes my antivirus to go off.
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)23:10  No.49685  GD  P426R370
to add to this, these bluescreen ads also cause my Chrome to use ungodly amounts of memory to the point of freezing my entire computer for several minutes. It also won't let me close the ad unless I literally do it lightning fast as it'll ask for confirmation to leave the page and is already frozen before I can confirm. Every time this has happened I had to wait until I could regain activity before force closing my entire browser which is extremely annoying
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21may2017(su)01:00  No.49688  SWF  P427R371
Thanks for letting me know, I'll e-mail the ad providers about it.
>>Anonymous  25aug2017(fr)04:21  No.52746  GE  P428R372
At least one of your ads is linking to a scam site
>>Anonymous  26aug2017(sa)17:41  No.52803  GF  P429R373
Have you tried not using chrome?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23nov2017(th)23:13  No.55296  SWF  P430R374
Unit lost

AdWorldMedia (former AdultAdWorld) have been showing their ads on swfchan for 5.5 years but are now gone. What they did was around 8 months ago send me one unusually large payment. When I asked what was going on they said "whoops, we accidentally sent too much". So I showed their ads during the summer and then, due to their bad stats and that there's a grace period before you receive a payment (which I wasn't sure if it applied to me or not since I wasn't a new customer), I think I showed their ads for free one month. Maybe two? I get no replies when I email them so looks like I got scammed again. Disappointing when they have been here for so long. Honestly though their rates have been terrible ever since they changed their name from AdultAdWorld and I'm pretty sure they are the ones that have provided the worst kind of ads. But that last one is just a hunch.

So since October 14th swfchan have had just two ad-providers. With this and with the reduced interest in flash thanks to the decisions of certain browsers the future of the site's income looks pretty dark indeed. The plan right now is actually to try abandoning one of the last two ad-providers (PopAds) and have three pops pop from the one that pays best (JuicyAds). Haven't looked into it yet, will do it next month.

Hopefully this will build up a buffer for when ad revenue drops down to ridiculous levels, which might happen next year if things continue the way they are. As long as people can somehow play flash in their normal browser things probably won't change too much but as soon as you have to jump through hoops to watch flashes I expect visitor count to start dropping off very fast. Hold my hand, Anon.

>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)06:35  No.55308  GF  P431R375
so did anything fruitful come from those patreon-esq services?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24nov2017(fr)15:52  No.55315  SWF  P432R376
I haven't signed up for any other service similar to Patreon as of yet.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2dec2017(sa)19:22  No.55470  SWF  P433
Three for one

What was talked about in >>55296 has been implemented, now trying to use just one provider. The cogwheel has been updated as well and I've managed to make it global so if you change it on for example dot com it'll also change on net and org.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2018(tu)02:04  No.56877  SWF  P434
Once you pop you can't stop

About a week ago the popup revenue was suddenly down by 40%. It could have to do with a policy change in JuicyAds in that they want you to use their popup code instead of implementing your own. Now only certain approved sites are allowed to do that, meaning you have to get permission to do that. However if that was the case for swfchan it seems odd that the percentage didn't drop to 0.

Regardless I'm trying to use their own pop code now. This means the cogwheel settings are gone and that you'll get 1 popup on all three domains instead of 3 popups on one domain and then 0 on the other two. They handle how often it pops per day. I'm still using only one ad provider so you won't get 3 popups on all three domains like how it was before November, but since not all people visit all three domains I may have to return usage of another provider depending on how things pan out.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8feb2018(th)07:39  No.56925  SWF  P435
Well that didn't work, it just reduced the income by another 25%. For now I've reverted things back to the way they were before 6:th of February. Hope this is just a seasonal thing.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)07:51  No.58472  GG  P436R377
Any luck with the ad situation?

>Static filter ||*.html$first-party,popup,domain=swf found in: Easylist
Saw that in current live version of Easylist, dunno how long it's been there. I reckon that's a really lazy filter for some of the ads you tried a while ago. As you can probably see, it also breaks quite a bit of the site's functionality. When it comes to swfchan and ads, nobody wins!

>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)14:11  No.58479  DD  P437R378
Been noticing the htmlwrapper on .org getting blocked again when clicking on it. Yep, it's this shit all over again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3apr2018(tu)16:17  No.58487  SWF  P438R379
Here I was thinking that the Easylist situation had been resolved since it started working as it should for me and nobody said anything in I've not been using an adblocker for several months now so I haven't been able to notice any further changes. If anybody wants to nag Easylist about this again I'd appreciate it, just like before their list isn't supposed to block actual site content. But they will probably turn a deaf ear again.
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)21:25  No.58682  DD  P439R380
I guess it's a rather general question, but I still ask you Ants:
What does one have to do to get your ad viewcount up?
Because I disabled my adblocker on swfchan domains, but it still blocks the content of ad-tabs, so I always have to click an extra time, because I want to at least support you this way.
But my question is, does it count if it pops, but doesn't load? Does it have to follow the url? Does the adsite need to load? Because if it's the latter it would be rather annoying, because of blocked scripts. In that case I'd rather just enable it again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2018(tu)03:26  No.58700  SWF  P440R381
Thanks for unblocking ads on swfchan! Things might have evolved in popup advertising over the years but I think it still just has to pop and follow the URL(s) all the way to the final destination site to count. Once the ad provider has redirected a user it has done its part of the deal and shouldn't be concerned whether or not the user loads everything on the destination site. It's of course always better for repeat business if the site that is advertising can detect that the visitors he pays for engage with his site in some way. If I were normally getting 100 visitors per day and then pay an ad provider to give me 1000 visitors I'd expect some increase in activity and bandwidth that day or else I wouldn't advertise again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11oct2018(th)15:01  No.64036  SWF  P441
Testing to show banners on 20 page views per domain instead of 8 as it have been since >>9488. Will revert if it doesn't do much. Banners still doesn't show after pressing the GET FILE button so when viewing an archived flash the page should still be clean.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8feb2019(fr)10:43  No.66513  SWF  P442
Firefox 65 has made it so that a webpage can only popup once per click now so under the circumstances I am changing the way pops happen: three times per domain, one pop at a time. The cogwheel at the bottom of the pages can still be used to change this to only pop once per domain instead.
>>Anonymous  1may2020(fr)17:38  No.76613  GH  P443R382
The link to this thread on /disc/ still goes to instead of

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