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>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)20:32  No.41373 
Actionscript 3.0?

Anyone have good resources for learning actionscript 3.0?

I was trying to make a flash that:
-plays a song once it starts
-has a button that plays the next song of possibly 3 or more songs and stops playing the previous one
-a button to increase the volume
-a button to decrease the volume
-a button to stop all sounds ...

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>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)05:23  No.41383 
Seems to keep on giving me:
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at RECOVER_you_WON_fla::MainTimeline/prepare()
at RECOVER_you_WON_fla::MainTimeline/frame2()

I looked in a debug window and it seems to line 14 which is:
mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickResponse); ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22nov2016(tu)12:07  No.41391 
Place four MovieClips on the stage (on the same frame that has the ActionScript) and name them "movieClipNamedVolUp", "movieClipNamedVolDown", "movieClipNamedNextSong" and "movieClipNamedStopAll" (write it in the "Instance name"-field at the top of the MovieClip Properties). Those are example names though and you can use MovieClips created via ActionScript as well, doesn't have to be predefined instances on the stage.

You're getting null reference exceptions because the variable "movieClipNamedVolUp" doesn't refer to anything, once you've done the above you can once again remove "this." that you added. The problem is still there, "this." just tricks the precompiler to think everything is fine and the problem is instead discovere ...

>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)21:06  No.41413 
Okay, I thought it was the name of the symbol in the library and not the instance name.

It's working now, thanks!

>>Anonymous  19nov2016(sa)01:04  No.41279 
Rabbit Girls Gif

Can someone upload the animated gif of the 3 rabbit girls from the film Sing? The animated gif was on e621 before it was deleted.

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>>Anonymous  19nov2016(sa)03:59  No.41283 
this is a flash site you know
>>Anonymous  19nov2016(sa)05:29  No.41287 
When I said upload it doesn't mean posting as a flash it means upload to the topic.

>>Anonymous  10jun2016(fr)10:00  No.34276 
looking for a game i think was posted here >6 months ago

all i really remember about the game is that there was a scene where a weird fog thing fucks some girl and then the dog is killed by... something? i think the game had an isometric perspective to it and maybe something to do with like cyan yellow magenta and black inks. i remember i started playing to fap but got kind of engrossed in it for like a night. anyone know what i'm talking about?

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)13:14  No.40506 
It was just a demo.

Need to tell ya, it was just a demo version. if you need and of course you do, you need to buy them (this+rest others) at
Sorry guys, but I was interupted by.

>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)13:19  No.40508 
I found out, these demos were posted on Newgrounds. swfchan took those all for archiving purpose. You can also purchase all the games at for $12.
No, I don't want to promote this. but I need to precaution all you before that you've been long gone in progress.
Believe it or not, there will be a naughties out there.
>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)01:03  No.41238 
RIP onehandgames ;__;7

>>Anonymous  7nov2016(mo)02:39  No.40871 
I think that 4chan's html changed again. See
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>>Anonymous  7nov2016(mo)10:23  No.40888 
I just noticed. He added some ads on the bottom.
>>Anonymous  7nov2016(mo)10:38  No.40889 
I don't want to create a thred just for that, so:
Can you increase the filesize limit to 70MB? I'm translating some swf and they have more than 60MB.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7nov2016(mo)21:23  No.40908 
Sure thing, it's done!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  17oct2014(fr)18:23  No.15655 

I've heard le reddit is a good way to get visitors to your website so guess what: swfchan now has its own subreddit:

As you might know I've been looking for ways to get new visitors to the site for a while now. I flexed my brain and managed to think about reddit. I never thought I would create a subreddit in my lifetime and I don't know anything about how that site works but here it is. Unfortunately some guy thought it would be funny to reserve "swfchan" over there a year ago, which is why I went with "swfchancom" as the subreddit name.

One of the issues will reddit is that it doesn't allow links to loli porn so we'll see if that becomes a problem in the future. Please don't link to loli as I'll be forced to remove it (gives your account "spam points"). ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6nov2016(su)21:50  No.40861 
Probably should log in and check my "reddit mail", maybe I'll do it tomorrow.
>>Anonymous  12nov2016(sa)09:29  No.41062 
Was there anything good in there?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16nov2016(we)10:12  No.41171 
I've actually not gotten around to check it yet... It's probably just some stuff about how to regain control, should I want to.

>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)02:55  No.40491 
Posting problems

I tried uploading a flash to swf and I got this message after a while
>Post not displayed:
>Could not process your post.

Why would this happen?

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>>Anonymous  28oct2016(fr)18:51  No.40516 
Alright, I posted it again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29oct2016(sa)03:32  No.40532 
Looks like the 24.8 MiB file uploaded just fine and it can be screenshotted (which is usually the problem). It apparently contains 11888 shapes and 21213 images though, might just simply take too long to fully process before the code times out. Sorry but right now I can't see what the problem is and I'd like to avoid increasing the work timeout since the current 90*3 seconds is pretty long already for others to wait in queue before their post gets through. (I know that I need to replace the post-queue system someday.)

I added your flash to the archive though: swf

Edit: On second thought, increased the timeout to 180 sec on the third try. Screenshot attempts are skipped on the t ...

>>Anonymous  31oct2016(mo)04:28  No.40577 
Okay cool. There was probably a better way of uploading the content, since I'm using some tool that converts pdfs to flash and I guess it turned each letter/word into a shape. At least it tested the limits and improved some portion of your system.

>>Anonymous  22oct2016(sa)06:02  No.40309 
Convert Swf

Is someone going to convert this swf of Twilight licking Dash's pussy to a webm? fe05df6d836d6ec67086787911d5.swf

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>>Anonymous  22oct2016(sa)16:09  No.40322 
We've already talked about this:
No need to make another thread begging the same thing.

>>Anonymous  8oct2016(sa)20:04  No.39813 
Thread grabbing not working?

For some reason new threads aren't being grabbed, or at least they aren't available in the archive.

Example: swf and ain ( if it's dead)

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8oct2016(sa)22:48  No.39821 
The downloader had frozen for some reason, thanks for letting me know so I could restart it! Otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed until tomorrow. I've made a little thing now that will check in on the process automatically and force-kill it if if freeze so it shouldn't happen again.
>>Anonymous  9oct2016(su)03:47  No.39825 
No problem!

>>Six  30aug2011(tu)05:00  No.2528 
A list of False Flag attacks and why it is important to you

Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer

Number Six
Activist Post
August 29, 2011

Dees Illustration
Definition: When governments or organizations (usually connected to the former) stage highly sophisticated attacks on their own or foreign soil with the purpose of placing the blame on a desirable enemy foreign or domestic, one who has otherwise done no wrong. Essentially a setup, it provides the government entity with an excuse via fabricated evidence in complicity with media to fulfill its various agendas (i.e. war or law making). ...

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>>Anonymous  4oct2016(tu)09:57  No.39682 

The problem with this topic in general is that some of these theories are true and others are simply not and it's really hard, if not impossible, for normal people to tell the difference.

One of few conspiracies I'm sure of is that completely retarded conspiracy theories are made for the sole purpose of undermining the term 'Conspiracy Theroy' in order to make theories that are actually true less likely to be believed.

>>Anonymous  4oct2016(tu)09:59  No.39683 
>1862 days old thread
well fucking thank you [Random Thread Order]!
>>Anonymous  4oct2016(tu)11:05  No.39688 
You mean some conspiracies are true. Conspiracy theories in general aren't true.

Conspiracies are so difficult to keep under the lid, that they typically "leak" vital information within a year or so.

>>Anonymous  3oct2016(mo)02:02  No.39625 
Possible influx of users?

With a small possibility of /f/ being deleted, is this place ready for an influx of users from /f/?

Wouldn't want a bad first impression if this become the new /f/.

Quoted from >>>/qa/706294

>Winter is coming. hiroyuki ## Admin
Thank you for thinking about 4chan. ...

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>>Anonymous  3oct2016(mo)02:41  No.39628 
>I believe /f/ isn't going anywhere anytime soon
I certainly hope not. Just asking in case.

I thought that the since4pass was a little strange, I guess Hiro wanted some more incentive for buyers and ended up making a feature where he wouldn't realize the consequences.

Similar to him messing with the 404 page. ...

>>Anonymous  3oct2016(mo)02:42  No.39629 
>>Anonymous  3oct2016(mo)06:36  No.39649 
Some people are considering and 7chan.

Just thought you should know.

>>Anonymous  12sep2016(mo)11:30  No.38951 
News: A Document Weev Cited was Deleted Off of Almost All Sites Within Hours of Him Citing It

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>>Anonymous  13sep2016(tu)08:53  No.38971 
tl;dr: Blithering twat with delusions of grandeur shrieks "CENSORSHIP!!!" repeatedly for five minutes, then launches into interminable, meandering technobabble word salad, seemingly trying to blow the lid off a conspiracy by "the government" to cover up the 'fact' that GPS proves that relativity isn't real.


I couldn't take it. Only made it half way through. Can't stop twitching.

>>Anonymous  13sep2016(tu)09:02  No.38972 
>when you start out as a troll but end as a schizophrenic tinfoil freak

It's actually very karmic.

>>Anonymous  30oct2015(fr)02:29  No.24934 
Trials in Tainted Space

Hi... first time in 'discussion' area... love this site! I got hooked on Trials in Tainted Space and have been waiting for a new release. Does any one know if it is going to be continued? The most recent one I have is 5.54. Thanks for this site and thanks to who ever is producing TiTS.

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>>Anonymous  30oct2015(fr)03:06  No.24937 
For the most recent public release.
The backers version sometimes get uploaded on /fap/
>>teitoku  27aug2016(sa)18:06  No.38501 
Do not forget Fenoxo's source code repositories are on Github as well.... you can follow along with the discussions of issues, etc, for both CoC and TiTS.

To OP: Actually, both of the projects there have been getting some fairly recent updates, I just don't know where their threshold is for a "new" release to be made....

>>teitoku  27aug2016(sa)18:11  No.38502 
Minor correction for my last post; the "CoC mod" is a separate project, also on Github, also quite active...

>>Clods34003  18aug2016(th)03:05  No.37847 
Contact admin email checkup

Hiya, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask regarding this, but I've sent an email to what I believe is the contact email. I've read this is rarely checked but the matter is urgent, if you could check your email that'd be great. Thank you!

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18aug2016(th)04:46  No.37859 
I've added a new mail now. I avoid Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail since they have become really picky about knowing who you are these days just to sign up (phone number verification etc).
>>Clods34003  18aug2016(th)04:46  No.37860 
I'll try to send an email to that adress, thank you sorry for the trouble so far.
>>Clods34003  18aug2016(th)04:54  No.37861 
Email sent, please let me know if you recieved it, thank you.

>>Anonymous  11aug2016(th)07:59  No.37524 
Reply count to thread sorting and or search possability

I was in and thought that it was interesting to see a triple digit reply thread, there hasn't been one in a long while as far as I remember. I was trying to remember the larger ones of 300+ replies, but I couldn't pin a flash to them.

As always there are so many things on the long list that makes up swfchan.

I have some ideas about how it could work, but I don't know how difficult or even how useful people would find it ultimately.

Firstly it would probably be good to add a sorting method in the regular search that sorts by the largest thread of each flash. ...

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>>Anonymous  12aug2016(fr)20:43  No.37584 
Oh there was one more thing I was reminded about from >>37573 is the threads that have broken html.

Is it possible to search for threads that are broken?

Taking for example, you can find the "Unrecognized format, preview unavailable" text with ctrl+f but since there isn't a preview, won't get anything out of those threads right?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13aug2016(sa)04:05  No.37601 
Had to look it up because it was so long ago I made that system now, unfortunately they are not searchable. I have a feeling I should be able to make them searchable anyway though if I spent some time on it but there must have been a good reason why they aren't. Probably filled the database with too much junk at the time, maybe wouldn't be as much of an issue today. There shouldn't be that many threads around that aren't searchable though, I've usually picked up on 4chan's HTML changes within a week or so after they happen.
>>Anonymous  13aug2016(sa)19:57  No.37623 
>300+ replies
How about the HKeyGirl5.swf release?
Apart from that it was mostly spammers in times of no captcha as stated in >>37573
Still a nice addon. Because that's the most important feature of swfchan. A solid search function.

>>Anonymous  27jul2016(we)18:12  No.37023 

Hakan Karahisar
Graetzstraße 4
D-58762 Altena

this person is a child abuser , please communicate this info worldwide

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>>Anonymous  30jul2016(sa)18:47  No.37128 

we took millions also we had 3 attacks one was from a refugee the other two by guys that were born here.

Also one of them was a german-iranian nazi and exclusivly shoot turks and shit

>>Anonymous  30jul2016(sa)19:44  No.37130 
>germany is one of the biggest pedophile countries in both production and usage
That is complete bullshit.
>google Edathy
Yes, he's a pedo and he downloaded that shit.
You are naming me one person here and the case is ocer 2 years old and suddenly it's all of germany?
Give me a break!
Meanwhile in Iran, for example, it's legal to marry a 13 year old. ...
>>Anonymous  30jul2016(sa)20:00  No.37131 
Almost forgot that one
>we took millions
Do you even know hom many people live in germany?
About 81 to 82 million total. (including "non-germans")
Taking in millions of refuuges is fucking retarded!
Just one million is more than 1% of the german population! ...

>>Anonymous  19jul2016(tu)04:19  No.35719 
I can't see the captchas

So this may be a dumb question but I cannot find an answer anywhere, for the past couple of weeks I have not been able to see captchas to enter so I cannot view any of the flash's. I have adblocker disabled and have tried running the site on Firefox and Chrome and nothing is working, what's the problem with this?

 Preview below.         Replies: 13. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25jul2016(mo)23:43  No.35937 
It should work now

The issue was probably the /ad/ in the URL after all, even if you seemingly had turned off the adblocker (maybe it was off for but not The captcha path has been remade now so /ad/ should no longer be a random possibility. Bit of an oversight by me to not design around the fact that many adblockers just assumes that anything with "/ad/" in it is an advertisement. There's probably a lot of people that have just thought the site was broken when they couldn't see the captcha when in reality it was just blocked.

>>Anonymous  26jul2016(tu)05:18  No.35952 
Oh dear god yes it finally works, thanks so much! I have a lot of flash's to catch up on now heh.
>>Anonymous  27jul2016(we)17:08  No.37017 
That's what you get with tons of people using ad/ or scriptblocker by default and not knowing how to operate them in the first place.

Don't make your Adblocker problems the hassle of site admins, you people!
Stay fresh, stay salty!
But then again OP probably was just surfing on his work PC and business networks often times block shit by default for obvious reasons.

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)19:32  No.30207 
Bump Limit on /fap/

I don't see a reason for it to not auto-sage after 80 posts. Rarely do threads reach it, but when they do, it's generally just shitflinging or bumping for trolling reasons.

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>>Anonymous  9jun2016(th)02:48  No.34227 
Ah, fair points!
At least you've given thought to it which shows you care.

I guess as long as it stays inside the thread it aint so bad.

>>Anonymous  13jul2016(we)07:01  No.35456 
is there a post limit for a thread?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13jul2016(we)22:43  No.35489 
There is not. Instead a thread lose more and more health per day the older it is, requiring more and more posters to be interested in it.

>>Anonymous  27jun2016(mo)19:50  No.34870 
Animated Version

Could someone please animate this pic.

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>>Anonymous  27jun2016(mo)20:20  No.34872 
I didn't know what I expected, but it wasn't that.
>>Anonymous  28jun2016(tu)11:42  No.34895 

>>Anonymous  3jun2016(fr)17:45  No.33901 

This happens pretty much every time I access the site; I load a few files just fine but after the first 2-5 files all I get is 404 "the link you followed had expired" pages.

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>>Anonymous  7jun2016(tu)21:50  No.34159 
Update: I successfully loaded two files today only to be greeted by an expire link the third time. f?%3E22369149088-8157696219-742220

The first thing I tried loading, it's still working as of this post. .swf?%3E22421884672-8165938536-7442156246 ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8jun2016(we)11:19  No.34199 
Okay, thanks. I'll try to have a look at it today.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8jun2016(we)15:26  No.34205 
That ought to do it

I hope.

>>Anonymous  28may2016(sa)21:34  No.33652 
I found a 91 mb flash game, where can I upload it if not here?
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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30may2016(mo)20:51  No.33707 
Tested it a bit more and after a while I managed to get a piece of clothing to go away so it's a R-18 game, just slow as molasses.

The date in the metadata is "2016/05/27", since there's no 27:th month it can only mean 27may2016. I also notice now on tm it says "2016 5/27 キャラクター4人追加。", which means something like "added four characters on May 27:th 2016". Looks like it's still being updated, though the update before that was in 2014 so maybe this was the last one.

>>Anonymous  31may2016(tu)01:52  No.33715 
You can shove that 91mb game all the way up your ass.
>>Anonymous  31may2016(tu)03:18  No.33721 
Are you butt-blasted?

>>AnonAhri  23may2016(mo)00:11  No.33426 
Scofa Ahri swf tests

Tests for a inf loop of Scofa's Ahri anim to sample music,

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>>Anonymous  23may2016(mo)10:50  No.33437 
>>­­  23may2016(mo)13:14  No.33439 


>>Donald trump is going to be assassinated  20may2016(fr)13:57  No.33314 
Donald trump is going to be assassinated today on his way home after touring, its going to be blamed

Donald trump is going to be assassinated today on his way home after touring, its going to be blamed on a black lives matter affiliated group. screencap this

 Preview below.         Replies: 9. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)12:24  No.33341 
Still waiting.

It's already 21 may here, so whoever the Republican party hired for the hit either fucked up or ran away to Russia with a bag full of dollars.

>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)14:53  No.33344 
Well, there was a similar happening in Germany related to supposedly announcements of a school shooting on Krautchan, some ten years ago.
Keks were had.
But this is swfchan, so I assume noone will give two fucks.
>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)18:10  No.33346 
How does it feel knowing your a cuck?

>>Anonymous  12may2016(th)16:45  No.32928 
Loading problems

So I'm having an issue with the site loading at anywhere from 55.5 kbps and 4k+kbps before it stops completely. Any attempts to refresh result in nothing, as well as cache clearing and web restart. this has been going on forquite some time, is there an article about this?

 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  13may2016(fr)16:18  No.32990 
.net flashes, it happens often, ranging from fash sizes of 2Mb and higher. There seems to be no set flash types that it happens on.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13may2016(fr)16:31  No.32991 
.net doesn't serve any flashes though, I assume you mean .com. The next time you get bad download speed: after the download has finished (if it does), hover over the [SAVE] link and check if it says files1, files2 or files3. I'm not sure if I can actually do anything about the problem but then we'll know if you're getting slow speeds from the main server, the rented extra server or from CloudFlare.
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)23:15  No.33330 
After a couple of days playing around with it, I noticed that files2&3 are mainly where it comes from. in the last day though, nothing has hung in loading limbo though, one was kinda slow lo load but never stopped.

>>Warrior Soul  8may2016(su)03:08  No.32697 
Getting that New comp tomorrow...

got an extremley lucky break and my family decided to build me a comp for my birthday

if you've got any ideas for me, post them there.

 Preview below.         Replies: 10. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Warrior Soul  9may2016(mo)05:14  No.32746 

Ty yeah windows 10 is horrible lol.

was reading up on the ins and outs of animation software today, and apparently SFM doesn't use Cuda rendering, meaning it relies more on CPU (or is it gpu) during the rendering. I'll have to read over it again, but it seems like from here the main upgrades i will need to make are to my cpu speed and to my graphics chip.

>>Anonymous  9may2016(mo)08:21  No.32748 
Happy for you WS! Been watching you silently since your first post. That shitty citizen handjob.

Looking forward to more content from you with more fem civs!

>>Warrior Soul  9may2016(mo)09:18  No.32750 

well I just did a quick test render and there is no more white line, I can also use more than one light and have a lot faster rendering time. The bad news is even though I was able to transfer the DMX files I didn't transfer the character/model/map files because it would take too long. so I will have to rebuild some of them from the ground up. luckily 9/10 of the characters I used are default characters so most of the animations don't have to be rebuilt.

>>Anonymous  20apr2016(we)02:06  No.31919 
can't find the not_new swf with the scene selector

i seen it before on here but now i can't find it at all

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  31mar2016(th)04:04  No.31047 
Was swfchan down for anyone else for about a minute?
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>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)15:40  No.31116 
>/b/ has all the pointless content
>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)19:05  No.31121 
K. How do I get this thread deleted? It's a waste of space.
>>Anonymous  1apr2016(fr)19:18  No.31122 

Welcome to the 1337haxxing community fellow Anonymous Legion Warrior

>>Liaison  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30458 
Archiving swfchan

Oi, admin. I'm a Bibliotheca Anonoma member - an archivist collective that specializes in imageboard history & culture. We've been contacting imageboard scrapper owners since the death of in an effort to secure & back up the contents of their archives, and maybe establish a mutual support net.

So far we have all the surviving contents of safely stored in the Internet Archive and are in contact and/or receiving back ups and helping the following archives:
4plebs ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 7. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28mar2016(mo)09:00  No.30874 
We understand. The good thing is that you now know where to fall back is anything happens.

If you use IRC, you should add #bibanon to autojoin so we can contact each other with ease. I don't really know any other way to contact you beyond this board.

Been trying to post this for days! Those still uploading errors didn't let me

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29mar2016(tu)13:18  No.30919 
Yeah, I prefer to only be reachable via this board. I've got an e-mail set up too but I never check it.

>Been trying to post this for days! Those still uploading errors didn't let me
Didn't realize it was that serious, going to have a look at the source code of the receiver.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29mar2016(tu)16:50  No.30927 
There we go

I didn't have access to the source code for the old receiver right now so I wrote a new one from scratch. It's probably for the best, this one should work a lot better than the old one. Put a very basic spam filter in there as well.

Maybe the board will see more posts per day now that the post receiver isn't as broken?

>>Anonymous  5mar2016(sa)02:58  No.29579 
It's been possible to post flashes as replies for a while, first recorded one is in July 2015, but since swfchan doesn't scan for them that record only goes 'til 2013 and it is possible that someone has uploaded as a reply before.

They don't show up except to the poster, in 4plebs archive or in 4chanx (I think, I don't have it personally).

I think 4chanx leaves in the post button and you can also manually edit the html for the button. ...

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>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30459 
flashes are, we like it or not, heavy bandwitch consumers. how much traffic does /f/ have? can hiro allow himself the luxury of increasing the file size limit?
>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)23:59  No.30473 
I'd be willing to bet five hundred bucks on that /gif/ or /b/ consumes at least 20 times more bandwidth on any day than /f/, with their webm movies and vastly greater number of lurkers. Not that it really matters too much since services like CloudFlare reduces bandwidth costs a lot these days (they download files once from 4chan and then distributes them to visitors as a middleman). Most flashes uploaded on /f/ are not close to the max limit anyway, for example right now there's only 10% flashes on /f/ that are actually over 9 MiB.

So yeah, increasing the max file size of flash files is very much not a matter of bandwidth cost.

>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)08:19  No.43472 
But Hiro has cloudflare, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

>>Liaison  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30460 
Archiving swfchan

Oi, admin. I'm a Bibliotheca Anonoma member - an archivist collective that specializes in imageboard history & culture. We've been contacting imageboard scrapper owners since the death of in an effort to secure & back up the contents of their archives, and maybe establish a mutual support net.

So far we have all the surviving contents of safely stored in the Internet Archive and are in contact and/or receiving back ups and helping the following archives:
4plebs ...

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18mar2016(fr)12:26  No.30491 
>don't know what's up.
Yeah those errors are because part of the site is painted rust, luckily posts are getting through anyway. I should fix that but... well it's not THAT broken!

I'll post my answer in the other thread since it has replies already.

>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)00:07  No.30229 
FIM Webm

Someone should convert this swf into a webm & post it on fe05df6d836d6ec67086787911d5.swf

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>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)00:37  No.30231 
My face has not enough palms right now.
>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)04:29  No.30233 
Nah, you can if you want though.
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