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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)21:46  No.81364  SWF  P1
Viewing flash content (Ruffle/Player/Plugin)

This thread is for discussion concerning the message box at the bottom of every page with the GET FILE button.

Adobe will end their support of flash in 1 month and 1 week.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)22:12  No.81365  SWF  P2
Ruffle has been added as a playback alternative in the archive. It's not an option here on the board.

The archive's MIME type of swf files has been changed from "application/x-shockwave-flash" to "application/octet-stream". This causes browsers to treat the flash as a binary instead of trying to display it in fullscreen inside the browser. The change was made so that people that want to view the flash in their local flash player just need to "open" it in the default program when prompted. The MIME type here on the board is still the original value. Browsers that are unable to play flash will likely just always prompt the swf for download regardless.

>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)19:24  No.81386  A  P3R1
off topic but where can i download a custom version of Firefox apk with tamper monkey extension
i wanna make my own webgenie clone since the newer one keeps on crashing after playing one SWF
happy Thanksgiving ants the site is much more useful for phone-fags like me (add web-miner pls i can't donate shekels here)

also i keep hibernating my laptop while chrome is open is there a way to prevent windows and chrome from updating (the download is already finished just need to restart)

>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)21:00  No.81390  B  P4R2
Must say I am happy to state that I will be one of the people who go the [HARD] way and stay with flash after the fact.
Not too big of a fan of ruffle, but I must say Ants, this is probably the best implementation of it I have seen yet.
Nothing impacted my experience of the site, but a lot of people will still be able to view some flashes, even if they are too lazy to even use the projector.
I think the auto promt to download is a nice touch too, saves yourself a right click to save the file everytime.

Also I think it's a good idea to stay clear from ruffle on the board.
There is really no need, anybody who actively wants to participate in that community is or shoud really look into using flash after 2021.
Also it's really just a way of uploading files into the archive and:
a) you can still do that even if you cannot open them afterwards and
b) someone who can't into using flash will most likely not be interested in handling or uploading actual swf files

Happy thanksgiving to all those actual PC flash users out there.

win10? Afraid there's no easy way, bra.
You might wanna meddle into your system to prevent updates alltogether, but that might not be such a secure solution.
For chrome I am sure there would be a setting in the config that turn on or off auto updates.

>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)14:58  No.81413  C  P5R3
if only newgrounds would be so sensible. all thier flashes are just a black box to flashplayer users..

1: no idea, I use FF 51.0 no problems with flash on it.

2: yes, turn off windows update in control panel. then open "windows firewall">advanced settings, and make an incoming rule and block all of google's IP address ranges for chrome.exe and all the chrome installer helper exe msi and anything else that says installer in the chrome folders. this will stop updates being recieved, so if you install an old version of chrome without the flash block (maybe a year or 3 ago's version) then it will not be able to update to a flash blocking version.

>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)15:04  No.81414  C  P6
ah, windows 10, you will also need to block microsoft's IP address ranges after turning off updates.

for google and microsoft IP address ranges you can either find them live in TaskManager>Performance tab> resource monitor>network tab. microsoft's IP addresses will show up when you try to search for new windows updates. google's will show up if you set your default startup page in chrome to "about:blank" and open chrome. literally just block any IP's that pop up in resource monitor at that point. you may need to block the IP addresses by range. for a list of ranges you can search Googl IP address ranges in and get articles which give you a good selection of ranges to start with.

>>Anon  2jan2021(sa)01:00  No.82276  D  P7R4
Want to say thank you so very much for what you do. Ive not had a good life but this site and flash itself have certainly been a silver lining. I also love your opposition to censorship of any type of content.

All in all im a big fan. Thanks for keeping things in their original .swf format too.

>>Anon  2jan2021(sa)01:04  No.82277  D  P8
Ever thought of telling the government that youre an archive and requesting a government grant? Who knows it might work. On the other hand governments do love their censorship.
>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)12:31  No.82318  E  P9R5 7
>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)19:24  No.82328  B  P10R6
Anon is linking to a post discussing this method:

It's a hex edit that changes the date the plugin checks against for the shutdown (forced AllowList on the 12th) from that day to NaN (or infinity), so the check basically always returns false and the plugin is unbricked.

It will force you to edit the signed .exe which will at the very least make all anti-virus applications cry wolf and maybe get blocked by your browser.

I'm wondering about the effectiveness and viability of this.
As long as the AllowList is easy to use, I'll probably stick to it, but there are already bugs and this seems like a simple trick to keep the flash plugin with no strings attached.

>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)20:12  No.82332  F  P11R7
Definitely the simplest way, if it works. Need to make it a retard-proof batch script or exe and spread it around as the definitive fix.
>>Anonymous  5jan2021(tu)02:50  No.82478  G  P12R8
So this is it. We all knew this day was coming (most of us anyway). -life.html' cements/adobe-flash-end-of-support

But this can't be the end. There has to be a new way to safely play with all our swf-chans.

>>A person  9jan2021(sa)03:42  No.82610  H  P13R9

Will this come to mobile

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)16:07  No.82625  B  P14R10
If by "this" you mean ruffle, then yes, ruffle will most likely work in all modern browsers on mobile, though idk if there is a ruffle distribution to install on android or if it has to be implemented server side.
>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)09:26  No.82792  I  P15R11

I tried adding these to the file

AllowListUrlPattern = http://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://

I still cannot load any flash content from the archive. Any help?

>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)09:30  No.82793  I  P16

And I already have

EnableAllowList = 1

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14jan2021(th)10:25  No.82797  SWF  P17R12

Put mms.cfg in two places:

The last two entries are for 4chan and Newgrounds. It should work without saving as UTF8 but make sure you don't have it named "mms.cfg.txt" by mistake.

Edit: You need to put mms.cfg in a different place for Chrome, see >>82953

>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)14:12  No.82803  I  P18R13

Thanks a bunch

>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)19:39  No.82812  B  P19R14
>Put mms.cfg in two places:

I know it can't hurt to do it, but I thought it might be interesting to know that only the 32-bit folder (SysWOW64 on 64-bit and System32 on 32-bit, NOT System32 on 64-bit) is checked for the config file.
I was using a standalone palemoon browser on a different network folder and it still didn't load until I specifically put a mms.cfg in the 32-bit system folder.

>>Anonymous  15jan2021(fr)03:12  No.82822  J  P20R15
Thanks a bunch admin.
added a line for 8chan, for what its worth, can't get working for some reason.
>>Anonymous  15jan2021(fr)14:18  No.82873  K  P21R16
Mate, that's not 8chan, it's a "successor" site that got abandoned by all but Qtards.
>>Anonymous  16jan2021(sa)15:28  No.82924  L  P22R17
test from tiny7 SP2 (will report if it works later on)
i have the EOL message here on my VM too (chrome) (will find IE11 installer for my service pack 2)
should i be worried about not doppler (i miss project wonderful ads)
>>w7-890  16jan2021(sa)16:58  No.82952  L  P23
sorry for the long post

maybe 9chan has some sort of CDN domain

ok not working still getting that EOL on chrome
my mms.cfg (C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash) am i doing it right

----- (just changed the order cuz why not also thanks Antz btw)
----- added 4plebs cuz i liek browsing teh archives and to find deleted kara boga posts (actually i use
inside my /Flash directory (5 files)
mms.cfg (added manually see above)

on the host w10 (not needed but gonna show it just in case) 4 files both folders same on sys32 and WOW64

any tips for me? (mine v10 got preinstalled by eXperience script where do i download flash v32 do i need to enable firewall later on)
my VM is a little slow (gonna clean furry cum stain .exe's in %appdata% by running portable antivirus) i have network issues caused by adware

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jan2021(sa)17:51  No.82953  SWF  P24R18
I've not tested setting up mms.cfg for Chrome myself but according to page 36 of the PDF available at /flash_player_admin_guide.html the file should be placed here:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\U ser Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shock-wave Flash\System\mms.cfg

>Note: Google Chrome supports the ability for each user on the system to create multiple user Profiles within Google Chrome. Each Profile has a separate instance of browser data and config files, including Flash Player data. To modify behavior across each Profile and user on the system using mms.cfg, an mms.cfg would need to be placed in each relevant folder. The primary profile on the system is named "Default", and subsequent profiles are enumerated with the name "Profile <n>".
>The System directory may not exist. If not, create it manually.

It also says this on page 37:
>NOTE: Update related directives for Adobe Flash Player are not honored by Google Chrome. Google distributes Flash Player as a component of Chrome, via the Chrome automatic update mechanism. Administrators must use Chrome's administrative controls to modify the behavior of the Chrome updater.

So it seems like Chrome could decide to remove flash regardless of what mms.cfg says in terms of disabling auto-updates. I recommend everybody to move away from Chrome and help reducing Google/Alphabet's power over the internet just a little bit. The current Firefox version (84.0.2) can still make use of the NPAPI flash plugin, once that stops working I will switch to Firefox ESR and check if that still works. Once that stops working I'll see where to go next, I'm leaning towards Waterfox being the best option though I'm not convinced it is being updated frequently enough to respond to urgent security fixes. But there's always the argument that if it gets an influx of users it will also get more developers interested in the project.

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  16jan2021(sa)19:10  No.82961  L  P25R19
>>82953 doublethx antz (sorry for all the autism in my past posts)
huh didn't know you could edit stuff here (welp forgot to archive oh well)

now i can finally enjoy swiffs peacefully on my VM
ok the final step is backing up my chrome version (how do i do it is copying the program files folder enough do i need to add registry stuff)
also webgenie works fine without the EOL stuff lol

(ok now all i need left is the IE11 flash v32 plugin i am trying to save a small site)

>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)13:04  No.83020  L  P26
Houston we have a problem

opening my trusty FFDEC gives the EOL message on the bottom right there is a yellow debug button
when I click it says WARNING failed to initialize flash panel
playing shape and moviess say this object cannot be previewed on your platform (windows only)
sounds play just fine on w10 host
on the guest VM nothing plays I don't see the EOL thing

anyone here uses plug in (I don't want ching chong adware)
also how can I check what flash version and browser information I'm using (post made from webgenie player)

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)00:45  No.83109  J  P27R20
true true, but theres a board or two still untouched by qshit.

Anyone have a good option for playing files locally on your pc? I have so much saved but now half my media players for flash aren't working, and ruffle is way too early to be a default flash player.

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)02:50  No.83110  M  P28R21
Flash projector. Also works for online files if you go on file > open.
>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)03:24  No.83112  J  P29R22
I have way too many flash files to manually open then navigate to them all the time, i need something that i can set as default program to play flash files with.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24jan2021(su)04:28  No.83113  SWF  P30R23
Fixed plugins without the kill switch

Go to if you want to download "defused" plugins for Windows or Linux where Adobe's "time bomb" won't be able to trigger. You still install flash using Adobe's official installers and then you replace the plugins manually. Check the readme.txt for more info. The text file also has SHA-256 hashes of the fixed files as well as Adobe's official files, if you wish to download stuff from elsewhere and verify that it's the same files.

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)05:16  No.83114  M  P31R24
You can set it as the default program to open swf files, that's what I do. Figure out how.
>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)20:11  No.83131  B  P32R25
Based as usual. \( ゚▽゚)/
>>Anonymous  25jan2021(mo)06:13  No.83141  M  P33R26
>>vespera  27jan2021(we)04:00  No.83159  N  P34R27
is there a way to change all the files/games here to html5?

it seems like alot of work to go around and hoping alot of these downloads work and alot of them are slow. is there any way to change files already here to html5 like coolmathgames did? otherwise this site might lose alot of people as many might find it too mich work to find the one link that works for emulating the links

>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)05:31  No.83160  O  P35R28
There is no "losing alot of people" because barely anyone uses this site or cares about this ancient format anymore, lol. Those that still do ought to be dedicated. Just check the link SWFAnts just posted, it's the easiest way so far to get flash working in the browser again.
>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)05:44  No.83161  P  P36R29
You can use the ruffle player to play some flash files as if they were Html5. Not an option here on the board but it is in the archive. If you think the site's slow it should work a little faster when most people are gone.
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