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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)21:46  No.81364  SWF  P1
Viewing flash content (Ruffle/Player/Plugin)

This thread is for discussion concerning the message box at the bottom of every page with the GET FILE button.

Adobe will end their support of flash in 1 month and 1 week.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25nov2020(we)22:12  No.81365  SWF  P2
Ruffle has been added as a playback alternative in the archive. It's not an option here on the board.

The archive's MIME type of swf files has been changed from "application/x-shockwave-flash" to "application/octet-stream". This causes browsers to treat the flash as a binary instead of trying to display it in fullscreen inside the browser. The change was made so that people that want to view the flash in their local flash player just need to "open" it in the default program when prompted. The MIME type here on the board is still the original value. Browsers that are unable to play flash will likely just always prompt the swf for download regardless.

Update: The MIME type has been restored to the original value because browsers not supporting flash ended up always prompting a download anyway, instead of nothing happening. So forcing a download was not needed.
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)19:24  No.81386  A  P3R1
off topic but where can i download a custom version of Firefox apk with tamper monkey extension
i wanna make my own webgenie clone since the newer one keeps on crashing after playing one SWF
happy Thanksgiving ants the site is much more useful for phone-fags like me (add web-miner pls i can't donate shekels here)

also i keep hibernating my laptop while chrome is open is there a way to prevent windows and chrome from updating (the download is already finished just need to restart)

>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)21:00  No.81390  B  P4R2
Must say I am happy to state that I will be one of the people who go the [HARD] way and stay with flash after the fact.
Not too big of a fan of ruffle, but I must say Ants, this is probably the best implementation of it I have seen yet.
Nothing impacted my experience of the site, but a lot of people will still be able to view some flashes, even if they are too lazy to even use the projector.
I think the auto promt to download is a nice touch too, saves yourself a right click to save the file everytime.

Also I think it's a good idea to stay clear from ruffle on the board.
There is really no need, anybody who actively wants to participate in that community is or shoud really look into using flash after 2021.
Also it's really just a way of uploading files into the archive and:
a) you can still do that even if you cannot open them afterwards and
b) someone who can't into using flash will most likely not be interested in handling or uploading actual swf files

Happy thanksgiving to all those actual PC flash users out there.

win10? Afraid there's no easy way, bra.
You might wanna meddle into your system to prevent updates alltogether, but that might not be such a secure solution.
For chrome I am sure there would be a setting in the config that turn on or off auto updates.

>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)14:58  No.81413  C  P5R3
if only newgrounds would be so sensible. all thier flashes are just a black box to flashplayer users..

1: no idea, I use FF 51.0 no problems with flash on it.

2: yes, turn off windows update in control panel. then open "windows firewall">advanced settings, and make an incoming rule and block all of google's IP address ranges for chrome.exe and all the chrome installer helper exe msi and anything else that says installer in the chrome folders. this will stop updates being recieved, so if you install an old version of chrome without the flash block (maybe a year or 3 ago's version) then it will not be able to update to a flash blocking version.

>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)15:04  No.81414  C  P6
ah, windows 10, you will also need to block microsoft's IP address ranges after turning off updates.

for google and microsoft IP address ranges you can either find them live in TaskManager>Performance tab> resource monitor>network tab. microsoft's IP addresses will show up when you try to search for new windows updates. google's will show up if you set your default startup page in chrome to "about:blank" and open chrome. literally just block any IP's that pop up in resource monitor at that point. you may need to block the IP addresses by range. for a list of ranges you can search Googl IP address ranges in and get articles which give you a good selection of ranges to start with.

>>Anon  2jan2021(sa)01:00  No.82276  D  P7R4
Want to say thank you so very much for what you do. Ive not had a good life but this site and flash itself have certainly been a silver lining. I also love your opposition to censorship of any type of content.

All in all im a big fan. Thanks for keeping things in their original .swf format too.

>>Anon  2jan2021(sa)01:04  No.82277  D  P8
Ever thought of telling the government that youre an archive and requesting a government grant? Who knows it might work. On the other hand governments do love their censorship.
>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)12:31  No.82318  E  P9R5 7
>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)19:24  No.82328  B  P10R6
Anon is linking to a post discussing this method:

It's a hex edit that changes the date the plugin checks against for the shutdown (forced AllowList on the 12th) from that day to NaN (or infinity), so the check basically always returns false and the plugin is unbricked.

It will force you to edit the signed .exe which will at the very least make all anti-virus applications cry wolf and maybe get blocked by your browser.

I'm wondering about the effectiveness and viability of this.
As long as the AllowList is easy to use, I'll probably stick to it, but there are already bugs and this seems like a simple trick to keep the flash plugin with no strings attached.

>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)20:12  No.82332  F  P11R7
Definitely the simplest way, if it works. Need to make it a retard-proof batch script or exe and spread it around as the definitive fix.
>>Anonymous  5jan2021(tu)02:50  No.82478  G  P12R8
So this is it. We all knew this day was coming (most of us anyway). -life.html' cements/adobe-flash-end-of-support

But this can't be the end. There has to be a new way to safely play with all our swf-chans.

>>A person  9jan2021(sa)03:42  No.82610  H  P13R9

Will this come to mobile

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)16:07  No.82625  B  P14R10
If by "this" you mean ruffle, then yes, ruffle will most likely work in all modern browsers on mobile, though idk if there is a ruffle distribution to install on android or if it has to be implemented server side.
>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)09:26  No.82792  I  P15R11

I tried adding these to the file

AllowListUrlPattern = http://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://*
AllowListUrlPattern = *://

I still cannot load any flash content from the archive. Any help?

>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)09:30  No.82793  I  P16

And I already have

EnableAllowList = 1

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14jan2021(th)10:25  No.82797  SWF  P17R12

Put mms.cfg in two places:

The last two entries are for 4chan and Newgrounds. It should work without saving as UTF8 but make sure you don't have it named "mms.cfg.txt" by mistake.

Edit: You need to put mms.cfg in a different place for Chrome, see >>82953

>>Nanonymous  14jan2021(th)14:12  No.82803  I  P18R13

Thanks a bunch

>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)19:39  No.82812  B  P19R14
>Put mms.cfg in two places:

I know it can't hurt to do it, but I thought it might be interesting to know that only the 32-bit folder (SysWOW64 on 64-bit and System32 on 32-bit, NOT System32 on 64-bit) is checked for the config file.
I was using a standalone palemoon browser on a different network folder and it still didn't load until I specifically put a mms.cfg in the 32-bit system folder.

>>Anonymous  15jan2021(fr)03:12  No.82822  J  P20R15
Thanks a bunch admin.
added a line for 8chan, for what its worth, can't get working for some reason.
>>Anonymous  15jan2021(fr)14:18  No.82873  K  P21R16
Mate, that's not 8chan, it's a "successor" site that got abandoned by all but Qtards.
>>Anonymous  16jan2021(sa)15:28  No.82924  L  P22R17
test from tiny7 SP2 (will report if it works later on)
i have the EOL message here on my VM too (chrome) (will find IE11 installer for my service pack 2)
should i be worried about not doppler (i miss project wonderful ads)
>>w7-890  16jan2021(sa)16:58  No.82952  L  P23
sorry for the long post

maybe 9chan has some sort of CDN domain

ok not working still getting that EOL on chrome
my mms.cfg (C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash) am i doing it right

----- (just changed the order cuz why not also thanks Antz btw)
----- added 4plebs cuz i liek browsing teh archives and to find deleted kara boga posts (actually i use
inside my /Flash directory (5 files)
mms.cfg (added manually see above)

on the host w10 (not needed but gonna show it just in case) 4 files both folders same on sys32 and WOW64

any tips for me? (mine v10 got preinstalled by eXperience script where do i download flash v32 do i need to enable firewall later on)
my VM is a little slow (gonna clean furry cum stain .exe's in %appdata% by running portable antivirus) i have network issues caused by adware

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  16jan2021(sa)17:51  No.82953  SWF  P24R18
I've not tested setting up mms.cfg for Chrome myself but according to page 36 of the PDF available at /flash_player_admin_guide.html the file should be placed here:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\U ser Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shock-wave Flash\System\mms.cfg

>Note: Google Chrome supports the ability for each user on the system to create multiple user Profiles within Google Chrome. Each Profile has a separate instance of browser data and config files, including Flash Player data. To modify behavior across each Profile and user on the system using mms.cfg, an mms.cfg would need to be placed in each relevant folder. The primary profile on the system is named "Default", and subsequent profiles are enumerated with the name "Profile <n>".
>The System directory may not exist. If not, create it manually.

It also says this on page 37:
>NOTE: Update related directives for Adobe Flash Player are not honored by Google Chrome. Google distributes Flash Player as a component of Chrome, via the Chrome automatic update mechanism. Administrators must use Chrome's administrative controls to modify the behavior of the Chrome updater.

So it seems like Chrome could decide to remove flash regardless of what mms.cfg says in terms of disabling auto-updates. I recommend everybody to move away from Chrome and help reducing Google/Alphabet's power over the internet just a little bit. The current Firefox version (84.0.2) can still make use of the NPAPI flash plugin, once that stops working I will switch to Firefox ESR and check if that still works. Once that stops working I'll see where to go next, I'm leaning towards Waterfox being the best option though I'm not convinced it is being updated frequently enough to respond to urgent security fixes. But there's always the argument that if it gets an influx of users it will also get more developers interested in the project.

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  16jan2021(sa)19:10  No.82961  L  P25R19
>>82953 doublethx antz (sorry for all the autism in my past posts)
huh didn't know you could edit stuff here (welp forgot to archive oh well)

now i can finally enjoy swiffs peacefully on my VM
ok the final step is backing up my chrome version (how do i do it is copying the program files folder enough do i need to add registry stuff)
also webgenie works fine without the EOL stuff lol

(ok now all i need left is the IE11 flash v32 plugin i am trying to save a small site)

>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)13:04  No.83020  L  P26
Houston we have a problem

opening my trusty FFDEC gives the EOL message on the bottom right there is a yellow debug button
when I click it says WARNING failed to initialize flash panel
playing shape and moviess say this object cannot be previewed on your platform (windows only)
sounds play just fine on w10 host
on the guest VM nothing plays I don't see the EOL thing

anyone here uses plug in (I don't want ching chong adware)
also how can I check what flash version and browser information I'm using (post made from webgenie player)

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)00:45  No.83109  J  P27R20
true true, but theres a board or two still untouched by qshit.

Anyone have a good option for playing files locally on your pc? I have so much saved but now half my media players for flash aren't working, and ruffle is way too early to be a default flash player.

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)02:50  No.83110  M  P28R21
Flash projector. Also works for online files if you go on file > open.
>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)03:24  No.83112  J  P29R22
I have way too many flash files to manually open then navigate to them all the time, i need something that i can set as default program to play flash files with.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24jan2021(su)04:28  No.83113  SWF  P30R23
Fixed plugins without the kill switch

Go to if you want to download "defused" plugins for Windows or Linux where Adobe's "time bomb" won't be able to trigger. You still install flash using Adobe's official installers and then you replace the plugins manually. Check the readme.txt for more info. The text file also has SHA-256 hashes of the fixed files as well as Adobe's official files, if you wish to download stuff from elsewhere and verify that it's the same files.

>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)05:16  No.83114  M  P31R24
You can set it as the default program to open swf files, that's what I do. Figure out how.
>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)20:11  No.83131  B  P32R25
Based as usual. \( ゚▽゚)/
>>Anonymous  25jan2021(mo)06:13  No.83141  M  P33R26
>>vespera  27jan2021(we)04:00  No.83159  N  P34R27
is there a way to change all the files/games here to html5?

it seems like alot of work to go around and hoping alot of these downloads work and alot of them are slow. is there any way to change files already here to html5 like coolmathgames did? otherwise this site might lose alot of people as many might find it too mich work to find the one link that works for emulating the links

>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)05:31  No.83160  O  P35R28
There is no "losing alot of people" because barely anyone uses this site or cares about this ancient format anymore, lol. Those that still do ought to be dedicated. Just check the link SWFAnts just posted, it's the easiest way so far to get flash working in the browser again.
>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)05:44  No.83161  P  P36R29
You can use the ruffle player to play some flash files as if they were Html5. Not an option here on the board but it is in the archive. If you think the site's slow it should work a little faster when most people are gone.
>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)18:43  No.83176  Q  P37R30
How do you install the browser plugin if you don't have it?
>>Anonymous  29jan2021(fr)07:53  No.83184  P  P38R31
You can download Adobe's old installers for here: / .html
>>Anonymous  29jan2021(fr)12:57  No.83186  R  P39R32
Ants should really be mirroring these files himself for future proofing.
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)19:47  No.83257  B  P40R33
Waterfox was screened for security and performed poorly. Quote by anon:
>If you start up Waterfox for the first time, it will make 55 requests[4] to several spyware platforms, notably Matomo, and Mozilla online services like its Geolocation service, and several other Mozilla services, as well as Waterfox's own update service.

In comparison Palemoon performs rather admirably with some 4 small changes to the config with only the likes of Chromium and Torbrowser to rank higher: tml

Waterfox initially was good, and maybe the classic version still works in that regard but for now, I'd say rather stick to Palemoon.

>>w7-890  31jan2021(su)20:06  No.83258  L  P41R34
>>83186 (i remember prawn to be wild saved here)
what about adobe CS6 (or other flash maker programs)
how are we gonna make games in the future (where can i download html5 zips)
(also i need some sort of scrapper that records network traffic having to redownload everything using httrack sucks how do u setup wampserver)

>>83184 (whats the difference of NPAPI vs activex)
i clicked the 465 link on the /end/ readme.txt file there are lots of exe's which one should i install/download

my tiny7 is 32 bit (theres no sysWOW64) should i place the files differently?
what to do with the 64 bit dlls

>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)20:42  No.83261  B  P42R35
You can't just easily convert flash to hmtl5. It's not like switching between .avi and .mp4, flash and html work entirely different on an extremely elementary level.
Html5 was not made for games and sucks the most in that regard compared to flash. It would need tedious hours of much manual work to just port one flash game over, so I don't see that happening for 99% of all the games archived here.

Also making games in html sucks as much, and posting them is kinda impossible aside from regular filehosts, which would not enable playing without downloading.

ActiveX is the microsoft plugin for internet explorer and the like. NPAPI is for Netscape browsers (like firefox). There's also a unique plugin for chrome-like browsers.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31jan2021(su)22:13  No.83264  SWF  P43R36
I know about the Waterfox concerns, the browser is now owned by the ad company System1. The thing about Pale Moon (and Basilisk) is that they only support XUL addons, while Waterfox supports both XUL and WebExtensions. Not allowing WebExtensions will only become more of an issue over time since not many new XUL addons are created for specific purposes, but I don't know if I can ignore the risks coming with an ad company owning Waterfox. It's too bad because its newer render engine is much snappier than Pale Moon (and Basilisk), sluggish scrolling will likely also become more of an issue over time as web developers only design for the biggest browsers.

I've noticed that all alternative browsers that still allow NPAPI have basically just one or two guys maintaining them. Maybe a couple more helping out from time to time but with just one or two key people that holds everything together. The further away from Firefox's latest state they get the more difficult it will be to lift over Mozilla's security patches or to determine if something needs to be custom-patched based on what Mozilla is fixing.

I'd like to be able to recommend the perfect browser but I don't think it exists. If Waterfox is put aside then Basilisk is probably the most familiar one to switch to for Firefox users. Ungoogled-Chromium is not an option since it can't display flash.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31jan2021(su)22:24  No.83265  SWF  P44
I have the files downloaded but I don't think will take them down. Linking there instead of hosting them myself has two benefits: First of all it saves bandwidth that I rather want to go to swf files but it's also a trust issue, more people will trust WaybackMachine to serve Adobe's unmodified installers.

On 32-bit machines you would only use the 32-bit plugins = the "SysWOW64" files. Put those in your System32 and delete the 64-bit plugins = the "System32" files. Sorry, I know it's confusing, there aren't many people without 64-bit machines these days.

>>Anonymous  2feb2021(tu)00:39  No.83281  S  P45R37
I've been using Maxthon 3 for years. It's the only internet browser I really like so I just stuck with it.
I have seen zero interruption to my flash usage. I can still view .swf files fine in my browser or with my heavily customized version of MPC-HC.
Don't know if that helps anyone else.

Thanks for making it so I can still download flash files by unchecking the embed button on the get file screen.
I really appreciate you keeping this little slice of internet history alive.

>>Anonymous  2feb2021(tu)18:56  No.83289  P  P46R38
Maxthon is a Chinese closed-source browser that has a bunch of sponsored "reviews" on YouTube. Avoid!
>>Anonymous  2feb2021(tu)21:53  No.83292  M  P47R39
The real killer would be a plugin that integrates the flash projector with your browser and uses it to open SWFs on webpages.
>>Anonymous  3feb2021(we)19:57  No.83327  B  P48R40
You're pretty much describing what the flash player plugin was achieving until now.
As far as I understood that's not entirely possible anymore, that was the support which browsers dropped this year. Old plugin style things that are just external files can't be used anymore, everything needs to be in-browser with only extension addons making you able to change things up a bit, but they can never truly add support for something which doesn't already exist in the browser. va-swf-enabler/mhmphnocemakkjdampibehejoaleebpo?hl =en
Supernova is trying to create something like this, but atm there isn't any better alternative than downloading/autoopening them.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3feb2021(we)21:52  No.83330  SWF  P49R41
There is another online flash emulator named WAFlash that probably works by having Adobe's plugin embedded inside itself using Crossbridge.

There's a demo at and it can handle ActionScript 3, at least to a certain point. Some flashes that do work in Ruffle will however not work in WAFlash so it doesn't superseed Ruffle. Both don't have video support but Ruffle is making progress towards it (biggest hurdle to overcome might be legal stuff).

WAFlash was created by a South Korean, he has a twitter at but haven't written much. His WAFlash player isn't open-source and has no public releases. There are some files on but he haven't updated for over four months. The only place I've found that uses WAFlash is (I see a lot of non-archived Korean flashes there, as well as a Discord link).

The Ruffle devs are aware of WAFlash, it might be tempting to try and enable AS3 support with the same methods but if it does embed Adobe's plugin it could maybe cause legal issues. It would also be hard to fix the problems that WAFlash have with many swf files if AS3 support isn't built from scratch. Ruffle being made in Rust and Crossbridge being C/C++ also complicates things.

If WAFlash makes a free public release I could add it as an alternative alongside Ruffle but rumors says the dev is interested in making it a commercial product and don't want webmasters to use it on their own site. If he's even still working on the project.

>>Anonymous  4feb2021(th)01:31  No.83331  M  P50R42
I mean a script or something that copies the address of SWF files on the page and forwards them to be opened on the Flash projector, on a new window. You can already do that manually, so automatically would be nice.
That sucks, here's hoping Ruffle gets its development boosted with the attention it has now.
>>w7-890  12feb2021(fr)16:31  No.83415  L  P51R43
why can't adobe just make a standalone self contained browser just like the projector (without any additional system32 bullshit)
think of it like webgenie player but for windows (anyone tried installing flash on portable apps browser)

lol i have the mxsetup.exe installer on my very old virtual machine in external drive (hail ching chong 50 cent army)

no idea but i wish there was some sort of AS3 javascript/html emulator so i can play html5 games in one single file without folders

>>83330 (noice devil 1/2 trips there man) (anyone here tried to decompile the plugin)
fuck da police we have no choice but to reverse the script its the only way to add it here copyright sucks (the playing bay)
got my (x88 pro x3) is there a way to stream flash/browser content similar to puffin and dolphin to my phone (maybe i should use VNC instead) also is the linux /end/ plugin compatible with armbian

>>83020 >>83265
i renamed it to -dll.bak instead of .original (thanks antz flash works on IE9) any tips for newly installed firefox
i have moved the dlls properly but FFDEC previewer still doesn't work (they have a new flash viewer)
go to advanced settings (i used the dark skin) other and select (deprecated use adobe flash) unchecked by default
but it still says cannot be previewed windows only (is it ok if i paste the java logs here) how do i fix it
gonna try winding the time using original plugin to see if it works (also i found flashpatch.exe on collabVM FTP is this safe?)

what about a fake flash extension that turns flash embeds into (swfprojector ://) clicking it opens the standalone projector similar to the way discord/steam app links work

>>83257 >>83264
nah privacy isn't that important i use virtual machine nothing important gets collected also i use chrome as my primary browser since it was preinstalled without any adware (a secondary browser is fine too for shitposting on chan boards)

lastly who here tried the plugin on windows XP i havent tested yet (lol fresh new tiny7 works fine on my 3GB ramdisk)

>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)16:01  No.83910  T  P52R44
Works for me, in XP, with all plugins. The activex plugin is a bit of a bitch to edit because of file permission dickery.
>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)16:45  No.83915  T  P53
It's a shame, because WAFlash is better in terms of browser compat and performance, as of the time of this post.
The AS2 compat is also a bit better than Ruffle.
>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)18:32  No.83920  B  P54R45
If you have trouble editing it yourself you can use the pre-edited files that admin provided:
>>Anonymous  22mar2021(mo)21:05  No.84288  B  P55
Just got around to notice, that you probably used the debug plugins as a base, did you Ants?
Because every so often I get an error message about some code or security issues with flashes I know worked without issue beforehand.
It would maybe nice to include the regular standard installation files modded in the zip as well, for those who care. I'd much prefer the latter because it's just annoying to close those error messages and sometimes it even hangs my plugin completely.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23mar2021(tu)06:10  No.84306  SWF  P56R46
Yes, I figured having more features available was better than less and Adobe's debug installers were easier to download anyway. There is a hidden mm.cfg setting (note: not "mms.cfg") that can be used to not show the error messages. "mm" has debug-specific config settings.

1. WinKey + R and start "notepad", copy-paste:


2. Save to "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\mm.cfg" (doesn't need to be UTF8).
3. WinKey + R and start "%HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%" just to see if the mm.cfg file is in the right place.

That should stop the error messages from appearing.

>>Anonymous  24mar2021(we)17:25  No.84328  B  P57R47
Yeah, I get what you mean, those installers were also the last ones to officially download from the debug page.
Sweet, I didn't check the config to have a setting, because I threw it out alltogether as it became obsolete when you don't need the whitelist anymore. Good to know there is another one for debug especially. And in the way more easy to add user folder as well! Thanks.
>>Anonymous  25mar2021(th)04:08  No.84337  M  P58R48
Hey Ants, you still need to finish the guide at the bottom of flash pages, it still says "I will write this text in 2021 so that I don't post too many assumptions that turns out to be false".
>>Firestorm  25mar2021(th)08:01  No.84339  U  P59R49
Just a heads up here for this thread that I figured out a extremely simple way to use authentic flash in browser. No registry edits. Just 4 simple steps and standalone usb folder with a browser.
>>Anonymous  25mar2021(th)18:13  No.84343  B  P60R50
Please remain on topic in your own thread.

To be blunt:
All of this is not new information and shame on you for not even copying the text from leddit.
And finally, it's far from necessary and recommended.
Don't use an older browser, you can use a modern secure browser like Palemoon. It has a standalone version, so it's just an exe (on your usb drive f.e.). It's still another browser just for flash, but it works marvelous, so you can use it for everything as well.
Don't use old flash plugins.
Download the newest debug installer from the archived Adobe site.
Then you get paste the modded plugins from here over the files and you're done as well.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25mar2021(th)20:35  No.84348  SWF  P61R51
The year's not over yet!

I did sit down and start to type but got demotivated from there not being a perfect alternative browser to recommend. Either they have drawbacks such as being sluggish and/or unable to use modern web features, or they have suspicious parent companies. All of them have few maintainers.

What's worse is I failed to figure out how to hack back the ActiveX plugin on Win10 machines where Windows Update automatically uninstalled the thing. I got the 32-bit version working in IrfanView but neither that one nor the 64-bit plugin is successfully loaded by Media Player Classic for some reason (tried both 32/64 MPC-HC). It was my preferred swf player due to the useful seekbar.

I wish Adobe had the decency to leave us with an ActiveX installer that also works on Win10. Running their final installer it says "This Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Installer is only intended for Windows 7 and prior. Please run the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Installer for Windows 8 and Windows 10.", which hints at there being an installer for Win10 but I haven't been able to find it if there is one. Have tried grabbing flash-related Windows updates from but I'm getting "not compatible" messages. I bet it is possible to just bypass the OS detection in Adobe's ActiveX installer and it'll work flawlessly on Win10, maybe I'll get around to figuring that out. Though I'd be very grateful if someone else could figure out how to get ActiveX flash back on Win10 before I get the time to do it, in case someone 1337 reads this.

Anyway, the text in place right now on the pages with the GET FILE button at least links to where you can download Adobe's projector exe, which regrettably have become the best way to view swf files now. The text also links to Firefox ESR, which is the best browser for still viewing flashes online (until it stops working there as well). For more info I hope people see the link to this discussion thread. But yeah, I know I should rewrite that text. I can at least make it clear that the projector is the preferred reliable way to play flash now.

>>Anonymous  8apr2021(th)12:22  No.84673  V  P62R52
Wouldn't it solve the issue to open an swf in the browser as long as it supports the appropriate Flash plugin?
>>Anonymous  1may2021(sa)14:34  No.85100  W  P63R53
I used this to defuse my flash player and it worked, but now my .swfs have stopped working again. Has this happened to anyone else, and is there a known fix?
>>Anonymous  1may2021(sa)15:01  No.85101  B  P64R54
Still works for me? Must be your browser (firefox? chrome?) getting updated and pushing out flash support. Use palemoon to play swfs in browser.
Maybe it's the Windows updates on Win10 trying to get rid off flash periodically. Do you still have flash listed as an installed program? Are the defused dll files still in all the appropriate folders?

Also, heads up for anybody using palemoon:
With their latest update they finally removed compatibility with old firefox addons. Plugins (such as flash) are unrelated to this, but it was a neat little feature to have all your old firefox plugins work (for the most part) as only a fraction of those are available in actual palemoon. But I guess they now are popular enough to be able to not need to care about backwards compatibility in such a roundabout way. I think it's kinda unfortunate and will stop updates for the forseeable future.
What a bummer.

>>w7-890  6may2021(th)16:44  No.85242  X  P65R55
will this work on MyPal browser i have microxp installed in vbox (lol i updated my manjaro live usb using winPE etcher and iso inside ramdisk new features work like a charm)
i heard the plugin works on XP

lol i saw this file on CVM ftp (next to forkie exes)

also fuck mozilla and their BLM LGBT bullshit [dear god i hope (((they))) dont get hacked IObit style]
imma use midori or edge from now on (nano-chan was right all along sorry if unrelated disroot and riseup are hypocrites inb4 bigot)

>>w7-890 test from XP  11may2021(tu)17:12  No.85367  X  P66
ok i installed both the ActiveX (for browzar) and NPAPI (for MyPal) both of them work fine (lol vbox works on winPE)
i then downloaded the fixed version manually and swfs play just fine (how do i disable updates on firefox portable)

>>84306 (i have Documents and Settings not users folder wat to do)
im using windows XP where do i put it (gonna try siltaz damm small linux soon slax sucks and is patreon-ware)
also i prefer micro XP because its so compact and tiny (only 256mb on installation) (snapshots suck i need deep freeze)
kinda sad python and NET framework dosen't work since i wanna put megadownloader there (anyone have IDM crack)
vlc and mpc hc works fine without any sound lag (im getting messy sounds on tiny7 when gaming with music)
some nwJS games work (tfw no graphics option on Vbox because the driver is insecure enough to drive a train through)

when i install FFdec it says it requires java (also anyone have an archive of playerglobal.swc)
on that other game i found there is a bin folder for the java stuff and binaries the bat file then launches the game
how do i setup java portable on XP and set ffdec to use that one instead

>>w7-890  12may2021(we)10:40  No.85375  X  P67
warning massive wall of text detected

what is the graphviz used for on ffdec (i still dunno where to look for the swc) (and the other programs)
for some reason activex is not displaying the bricked message (i only swapped NPAPI whoops i forgot)
ok folks long post ahead pay close attention to this like you would while reading funny/offensive ED articles
A. how to install FFDEC on windows XP (every utility i need for flash is in a compact 1GB vdi file) mwahaha
1. first step is to get ffdec from (redirect to github) too lazy to give direct link sorry
2. then download lost flame from IGG(not_a_shill) choose the megaup host (any werks fine)
3. next is to unpack lost flame.rar (dont get distracted fgt) move/copy the [jre] folder and the batch file
4. finally and (optional but i renamed mine to launcher.bat and changed the icon) edit the start.bat text
4-1. clear out everything and put this [only the last line matters but 1024 mb is nescessary for stability]
@echo off (EDIT: i think i should edit the ffdec.bat instead or find a way to trick XP that java is installed)
rem Set following to higher value if you want more memory:
rem You need 64 bit OS and 64 bit java to set it to higher values
set MEMORY=1024m
start jre\bin\javaw.exe -jar -Xmx%MEMORY% -Djna.nosys=true -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1.0 -jar "%~dp0\ffdec.jar" %*
5. ??? PROFIT (wait theres more utilities) [fun fact i download lots of tiny 300MB games there just 4 fun]
need moar swf? keep reading and don't be a wussy (what happened to the wecwec channel its terminated)
B. next is enabling flash preview (RIP Maria Krisame i still have no idea what this smeagol meme is about)
1. download the latest installer from web archive i chose to download both ax and NPAPI for both browsers
2. goto settings click advanced settings (optional but i changed theme cuz why not) (get fixed plugin first)
3. then select the [other] tab enable [(depreciated) use adobe flash player for preview of objects] tickbox
4. all done but check if flash files and objects play well and music is smoothly playing for large soundtracks
congrats your FFDEC is fully fuctional now while running inside a small ramdisk (use vbox 5.2 to enable GPU)
C. for MyPal (fkin google it fgt) (you can also use it for viewing webms and local files like any other browser)
1. get the plugin blablabla (same 4 browzar) (this is needed since mine caused XP to hang and almost crashed)
2. go play some random games notdoppler (ghostlyme.swf showed the error) check if theres error popup dialog
3. then put mm.cfg inside the documents and setting folder [your username] (i figured it out myself nevermind)

when i run aery the game works fine but when i try a different game the intro plays then it crashes (no logs)
how do i install memu/NOX without VT-d (and inside winPE) (this worked on my old PC since its off in bios)
i will not install chingchong ware on my new laptop (securable says VT-D locked on inside tiny7 on intel CPU)
(how the hell did they even do the windows me inside XP inside 7 with w10 host not linux) (its on youtube)
apologize for turbofaggot post (i got my meds refilled today) (sorry my winPE crashed had to use anotepad)
(had to make a few edits) (inb4 text body too long)

>>Anonymous  12may2021(we)19:46  No.85378  C  P68R56
Hey Ants, >>81364 ,

Normally last year or so, when I got to the captcha verification page to open a flash from swfchan, and I clicked the link to the file it would open the file in the browser in a new tab. I can still see flashes in my browser via flashplayer, but for some reason only here on swfchan it opens the download file window instead.

anyway to change that? I assume it's in the link settings.

give us a "open in new tab" selection maybe?

>>Anonymous  13may2021(th)17:29  No.85402  B  P69R57
From what I remember "Documents and Settings" was basically the user root folder back then. But if you ask for mm.cfg, then just put it into your own user folder, there should be a billion shortcuts, but it might be C:\Documents and Setting\yourusername\

Yeah, download behavior was set to auto-download swf files for people who can only download/open-with them.
Don't think there's a way to open swfs from the archive in a new tab at the moment.
I'd suggest it would be cool to revert the page to not treat the file as a download if the box "Redirect to swf file" is left unticked. If that would be possible.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22may2021(sa)08:24  No.85529  SWF  P70R58
I changed the swf MIME type to one that forces the browser to treat it as a download. That way a download was always prompted when "Embed" was unchecked but "Redirect to swf file" was checked.

But now that I've seen that Firefox always treat swf files as a download (instead of nothing happening) there's no harm in changing back the MIME type to the original value. I should have done this sooner, sorry to all of you who can still watch flash in your browser and wanted the ability to watch them in a fullscreen-tab in the archive.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22may2021(sa)08:41  No.85530  SWF  P71
Edge browser's "Internet Explorer Mode" ie-mode
>IE mode supports the following Internet Explorer functionality
>ActiveX controls (such as Java or Silverlight)
This should mean that flash would also work in Edge's IE mode. As long as the ActiveX version is still on your computer and isn't bricked by Adobe.

Unfortunately it looks like Microsoft made it a non-trivial task to enable IE mode: ie-mode-policies#configure-internet-explorer-integ ration
That might only apply to "organizations" though, this guide looks a little more user friendly (probably still too much of a hassle for many people): et-explorer-mode-in-microsoft-edge-6604162f-e38a-4 8b2-acd2-682dbac6f0de

For now I'm not on a computer with Edge so I can't test myself, but this could be a way to keep playing flash inside a modern up-to-date browser. At least on specific sites. ternet-explorer-microsoft-edge
>IE mode enables backward compatibility and will be supported through at least 2029.

>>Anonymous  23may2021(su)22:28  No.85587  Y  P72R59
Basilisk browser works.
>>Anonymous  23may2021(su)22:29  No.85588  Y  P73 h-flash
>>Nanonymous  25may2021(tu)22:37  No.85611  Z  P74R60
Flash messed up

Hi these flashes on swfchan are messed up can you fix them?
MOVIE Flare double trouble.swf
Movie Flare vs Natsu.swf
MOVIE Flare VS Lucy.swf

>>Anonymous  26may2021(we)19:49  No.85615  B  P75R61
Good to know there is some official compatibility with flash still around! Even if it's not interesting to me personally, as I don't use Edge.
Also, didn't you say in >>84348 that Microsoft enforces patches to remove the ActiveX version of flash? So on a modern PC that features Edge, it's most likely going to be a Win10 PC and they permanently removed flash on that platform with no easy way to prevent that.
Sooo, kinda not much support, isn't it? I guess they had other ActiveX applications in mind.

About the MIME type. Did you mean that it should have not being downloaded when the box "redirect to swf file" was left unticked? Because it didn't auto start the download, but it still wasn't possible to not download it when clicked on it. I'm on Palemoon btw, so I didn't even know Firefox ESR was already bricked as well.
Changing it back means it's the old behavior now, right? So for us non-Firefox users, we'd always have to "save as" to download the flash, right?
I thought it was nice to have an option though, does the redirect to file box now change anything?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27may2021(th)23:04  No.85647  SWF  P76R62
Win Update quietly removed the ActiveX version of flash on my machine with Windows 10. Maybe it was possible to skip that patch if I had known ahead of time. As long as someone figures out how to manually reinstall the ActiveX version of flash "Edge in IE mode" would be an option. I could get the 32bit version working again but not the 64bit version for some reason.

It's the old MIME behavior now, meaning if your browser supports flash it will play in fullscreen when redirecting instead of downloading it (Ctrl+S can then be used to save the flash). Leaving redirect unchecked and using "save as" is probably preferable. Having the swf MIME as it should be to support fullscreen viewing for those still using flash in the browser felt like it was more important than the convenience of starting the download automatically after redirect.

I think Firefox ESR still supports flash for a couple months more btw, I haven't checked for a while. I have to say I got used to opening the swf in Adobe's offline projector surprisingly quickly.

>>Anonymous  28may2021(fr)13:50  No.85654  B  P77R63
I see, thanks. Yeah, the difference between leaving the box checked or not on my browser is just about the flash opening in fullscreen automatically, or if you have to click on it.
I don't know much about the technicality, but would it be possible to change the MIME type depending on if the box is checked or not?
Like leaving it unchecked makes a link to open in fullscreen, but checking it makes it a download (that starts automatically)?

Sorry, dude, I know it's a small and unimportant suggestion and you're always busy with requests, but I just thought it might be a neat little improvement that gives the checkbox more agency.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2jun2021(we)23:32  No.85748  SWF  P78R64
Yes it's possible but would require some experimentation compared to just changing the MIME setting for all .swf requests on the file server. I thought about it before but since there are few visitors still using a browser that don't always download flashes I decided to leave it be rather than potentially screw up something and risk downtime.
>>Anonymous  3jun2021(th)17:50  No.85777  B  P79R65
A wise decision.
Still, it feels kinda sad to acknowledge the fact, that flash in browser is a thing of the past now, with all the random visitors not bothering to enable it.
Thanks, for still caring about your fellow flash enthusiasts, Zoor.
>>Anonymous  10jul2021(sa)22:33  No.86200  AA  P80R66
>>Nigg  19jul2021(mo)14:44  No.86294  AB  P81R67
the ruffle version in use is currently 2.3 months old, plz do an update (it's 2021-07-19 and ruffle was updated 2021-05-08)

btw i wonder if it's possible to load ruffle directly from because that build is constantly updated

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25jul2021(su)22:50  No.86414  SWF  P82R68
Updated! Man, still no official video support even though there has been a decent implementation for 6 months now. They shouldn't make perfect the enemy of good.

>wonder if it's possible to load ruffle directly from
There's more to ruffle than only the js file (the .wasm file) but I prefer to have it hosted on swfchan so that it is self-contained and doesn't suddenly break if they change something. Loading off-site WebAssembly stuff sounds like something that some browsers would disallow for security reasons anyway ("just in case").

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27jul2021(tu)09:54  No.86469  SWF  P83
How to restore ActiveX flash (32 bit version)

Windows uninstalled the ActiveX version of flash from the server causing screenshot generation to fail, but it should be restored now. I thought the server edition was safe of Windows since it's been so long since they uninstalled on regular Windows but sneaky sneaky!

Restoring was just a matter of getting Adobe's flashplayer_32_ax_debug.exe ("Flash Player content debugger for Internet Explorer - ActiveX"), right-click the exe > Properties > Compatibility tab > *Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7, then installing it and **rebooting. A reboot might not be necessary, depends on what you're trying to do, but it doesn't hurt.

*If you still get the message that you're on the wrong version of Windows you need to log into the computer's Administrator account and change the right-click Properties from there. Otherwise the exe doesn't get the correct compatibility mode when the installer runs as the admin.

**If you got the final version of flash (.465) you need to defuse Adobe's time bomb before rebooting. Replace Adobe's .ocx file with "SysWOW64 Flash32_32_0_0_465--fixed.ocx". See the readme for more instructions over at (also has the 'fixed' files as well as links to Adobe's installers)

Note that this only restores the 32-bit version of the ActiveX controller, which was enough for swfchan's screenshot generation to start working again. I don't think Adobe created 64-bit installers for ActiveX since Windows Update handled that version of flash normally.

>>Anonymous  10sep2021(fr)17:23  No.87002  AC  P84R69
tards cant into flashpoint LOZLOZLOZLOLZOLOLOLOZOZLOLZ
>>Anonymous  10sep2021(fr)20:33  No.87011  B  P85R70
Do you imply that we didn't know of that undertaking?
Because we do, but flashpoint is something entirely different than being able to play singular flash files by themselves.
Flash hasn't been made redundant by that venture.
Think of that as some kind of bike museum, where people who know shit about bikes can still gander at them, while we try to get our own actual steeds up and running again.
>>w7-890  28sep2021(tu)17:54  No.87150  AD  P86R71
>>81413 (i managed to install noscript on my tablet maybe tampermonkey will work too)
the mobile version of firefox supports the extension store use this to your advantage
what about portable versions of chrome (with some flags changed) will that work too

not sure if relevant but im just gonna leave teh archives here incase anyone need it

>>85611 elaborate?
use the standalone plugin instead of ruffle (sometimes i get a yellow screen with sound)

>>83113 >>85588
thanks fits perfectly on my VM

>digdeeper (this is based on what nano chan said so feel free to correct me)
dude this this guy is literally a paid shill to make false reviews on privacy related stuff and actively defends protonmail

>>83330 how does this even work? maybe someone can look reverse the JS
rumors has it that the owner of konghack is a huge furfag based on the avatar
(this person is good at reversing AS and making trainers maybe he can help us save flash) ash_32_cant_run_flash_4/ (this might help)

>>87002 >>87011
oh yes i can but i don't want to waste 100GB of my SSD space (man i wish an extra 2tb ssd on the second NVME slot)
also how do we create flash files in the future anyone know where i can download adobe flash CS5

>using wangblows as server
out curiosity how is the performance there? does your server use regular ATX pc parts or do you have custom setup?
how high are your specs? i wanna build my own VPS hosting environment someday (and host my own reddit like board)
man vmware works like a champ on my host i wish i bought 1660 or 2080 mobile instead (but this should be enough)

PROTIP if i heard right 2d graphics (for XP) still works on vbox 6.0 (oh and btw you can find free VMware serial on github)
heh heh older versions of Vbox and the ching chong MEmu emulator works flawlessly inside vmware (fuck VMinclusion)
what are the other FFDEC plugins like graphviz for ? (does anyone use them) (if only i could reverse search audio files)

>>Anonymous B  29sep2021(we)00:23  No.87153  AE  P87R72
Anonymous B here (from the Prawn To Be Wild thread if you remember that)

Got a guide of what I found useful to get flash up and running on an installation of Manjaro i3-wm edition.
For a long time I made do with downloading flashes and running them on projector since firefox wouldn't play them.
When I went to install Manjaro i3 when switching from my previous I was excieted to have the opportunity to figure out how to get flash working. I had been using the standalone projector on two previous linux operating systems for about 4 years now so I knew it was possible for that at least to work.

Once I got the OS installed and my backup files onto the drive I was dissapointed to observe that the flashplayer was muted. Everything played fine but no sound. SWFAnts's end had similar results for the standalones (my standalone of choice had been ported across two other machines since it was downloaded in 2017.

I proceeded to do some basic websearch to see what current day browsers support plugins after hearing about the Opera browser geared towards gamers (or people who want to limit high impact browser tasks). All of the current day articles had this heavily anti-flash bend to them, mostly discouraging running the old flash plugin and opting to use just Ruffle on flashpoint. Fair enough, they are right that a newly made flash file could find some kind of exploit that might compromise your computer but that's highly unlikely to happen since the decline in popularity of flash. The curious thing about the newer articles written post 2019 or so was that none of them gave actual solutions. I decided to try Palemoon first because many forums posts were complaining about Opera not supporting flash anymore and I recallt Palemoon supported the old firefox extensions for a long while; I guess MoonChild stopped support sometime in the last 4 years on newer versions.

Searching up direction on getting the flash plugin to work was of no help but I did find this helpful forum post for enabling the Java plugin; which is essentially what we are trying to do but for Flash. va-plugin-in-pale-moon-browser

After creating the directory /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and putting whichever .so linux player you want in there, palemoon should detect it under the Plugins menu of about:addons.

Unfortunatly this turned out to still not fix the audio issue, though it was great to know that I could now have a dedicated browser to playing Flash content.

The actual issue I had was that alsamixer was slightly messed up, not only was flash muted buy my volume media keys did nothing to change the actual audio. I went back to the search bar and found these few links: wbie-8/is-there-way-to-mute-sound-from-single-appl ication-873662/ de7j/automatically_upgrade_alsa_pulseaudio/ nd-mixer-doesnt-change-the-sound-level-in-kde-or-g nome-asus-notebook/59154/5

and deduced that I should upgrade to pulseaudio and check on pavucontrol. The i3 version of Manjaro has a handy script bundled with it to switch to pulseaudio, invoked by `install_pulse`. And that was my issue.

-3 PUT ANY ONE OF THE LINUX_..._.SO FILES INTO `/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins` MAKE THAT IF YOU NEED TO
-4 TOGGLE THESE VALUES IN about:config
+dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-protected-mode (runs flash without prompting, security risk i suppose)
-6 GET PULSEAUDIO (run `install_pulse` on i3 Manjaro)
-9 ?????


>>Anonymous  2oct2021(sa)17:36  No.87252  B  P88R73
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9oct2021(sa)03:05  No.87298  SWF  P89R74
Video Support

Master version of Ruffle now supports playback of embedded videos! Fantastic!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12nov2021(fr)19:24  No.87941  SWF  P90
An update on the browser situation

Waterfox removed mentions of NPAPI Plugins from the front page.
21mar2021 /
8nov2021 /

There's no mention of NPAPI anywhere in their docs and the Waterfox subreddit is full of people complaining that the latest version (G4) is not only working poorly but there's also basically no longer any difference between Firefox and Waterfox. Waterfox Classic has been abandoned unless "the community" works on it, which I don't think is going to happen. Since Waterfox is owned by an advertisement company (System1) and seems to just be a tweak of the current Firefox ESR (meaning no NPAPI support) I can't recommend it.

I think the best option we've got is Basilisk. With the c/ theme it looks good and there's a lot of extensions that have been updated this year. While Pale Moon also have NPAPI support I think it looks a little too outdated and besides aesthetics I've been seeing many posts complaining about "the modern web" simply not working on Pale Moon as of lately. Though Basilisk should have similar problems since it's the same Goanna engine as Pale Moon. These days web designers just don't test their sites outside of Blink (Chromium), Gecko (Firefox) and WebKit (Safari).

However, I've noticed a lot of drama in the Pale Moon forum/subreddit (they also develop Basilisk). NoScript being disrespected (in 2017/2018). People getting banned (this year). Forks of Pale Moon getting taken down by DMCA (this year). I'm also unable to find any public repository of Basilisk's source code, just a bunch of 404s or empty ones. Maybe they are moving things around and/or requiring logins due to recent drama? Source code for the current build is published on their site but I'd like to see how many that are working on the project and the number of commits etc. During October they even had a poll titled "Does anyone here actually still believe in Pale Moon's mission?": 7436 Maybe it's nothing but makes you wonder. Without Pale Moon and Basilisk what would we have left for online NPAPI content? Hopefully the devs doesn't feel too demotivated.

Unfortunately I can't recommend Basilisk as a main browser since it'll just become more and more incompatible with the behemoth sites that don't give a damn about non-mainstream compatibility. For example, played a video on YouTube with Basilisk and after exiting fullscreen the video controls disappeared. In some web shop the layout looked wrong. WebAssembly (for example flash playback using Ruffle) is stated as a supported features in Basilisk but appears to be very limited. The biggest drawback is arguably only supporting XPCOM/XUL plugins. Finding specific non-general-purpose extensions/addons is hard if not impossible and documentation on how to write new ones have already started to disappear (they should save some good tutorials on

I wish Basilisk would also add support for WebExtensions in addition to .xpi, it's probably not at all an easy thing to add but they also just don't want to do it. On their mission page it says "We will not be supporting WebExtensions of any kind in Pale Moon" (I assume it's the same deal for Basilisk). I get that the old type of plugin supersedes the possibilities of the new one but what good does that do if plugin developers only release in the new type? The limitations of the new type also makes it a little safer to try addons by who-knows-who. Supporting both would give Basilisk a huge edge.

So, Basilisk can be used when browsing swfchan. For the main browser I must recommend Firefox since without it there would basically just be Chromium, and we don't want a web built for just one engine. Due to Mozilla being infiltrated by woke cultists spewing a bunch of pro-censorship garbage like than-deplatforming/ I wish I didn't have to give this recommendation. FF don't support unsigned extensions, giving them the ability to censor and deplatform whatever they want, and they have done so already. Mozilla doing things like replacing tabs with bubbles and ignoring people's outcries about it is also not very nice.

The most promising "hardened" (=more privacy) version of Firefox is probably though it doesn't have auto-updates for the Windows build. An alternative is to use to create a hardened profile for Firefox. At the very minimum you need to go to about:preferences#privacy and opt-out of "Data Collection and Use", then go to about:preferences#search and set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. I've not used Google for at least three years now. Maybe close to four? Use for image searches, click the little shield in the top right and select the first "без защиты" option for unfiltered search. You'll have to decide if it's better to send your image searches to the Russian government or to Google but with yandex you'll at least get better results because of less censorship.

>>Anonymous  13nov2021(sa)15:41  No.87946  B  P91R75
It is sad to see that even Palemoon seems to slowely fade out from the "firefox but not shitty" concept.
It's still my goto browser and I can in fact use it for everything I normally do, except things like online payments or stuff. Maybe I could, but I had it fuck up something at some point. Could've also been NoScripts fault.
The biggest disappointment was removing the old addon legacy support, something for which specifially I flocked to palemoon initially.

I mean, as long as they don't just fucking drop NPAPI support (like waterfox apparently), worst case scenario, it will serve as a chanboard and flash browser, while omgmodernweb bullshit will be handled by some of the big 3 as you descibed, Ants.

Having a standalone version on the desktop, just to browse /f/, alongside your "regular" other browser installed, is little effort for a huge gain imo (if you're into flash still).

Now the only real negative thing about palemoon's flash is that annoying html wrapper white border around all windows of swfs. I don't really know why it was deemed necessary to exist, especially since it clearly wasn't there yet when I first started using the browser some years ago.

>>Anonymous  26nov2021(fr)09:40  No.88027  AF  P92R76
The IE tab was a pointless add-on from a while back but is great as a proof of concept.
That being said one could maintain a classic browser distro using this symbiotic approach.

Puffin plays flash serverside so that won't last forever.
Though there's no other point In using that browser so it might last a while.

React OS has some Mozilla based IE clone for programs that use IE as a comment.
Not sure if that's updated much though K-Melion has the palemoon engine maybe merging those 2 might be something worth contemplating.

Media player classic had flash plugin support within the player, this used ActiveX but there was a program called the Mozilla plugin pannel which was multiplatform a more feature complete fork was used In exceed2020 but these are pretty obscure

Here is something to consider you can run DOS, Windows, Linux in an emulator made in web assembly and v86 can take plain text through its emulated serial port.

Seems like you could make a VM that waits for the text instructions on aspect ratio and swf location and runs it with the real plugin.

Maybe some super shaved down Linux or react OS with flash 11 since everything after that was basically bloat and patches that would be irrelevant in such a sandboxed environment.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  31dec2021(fr)05:19  No.88385  SWF  P93R77
New info box

Rewritten the information on "how to watch flash content" that is displayed on every page with the GET FILE button. Tried to keep it short and to the point. Decided to not go into details about mms.cfg since that information is available in this thread and it is bugged when watching flashes with brackets [ ] in the filename (won't be recognized as an allowed path).

I may expand the box's "how to make flash content" section in the future. Maybe at least add a torrent (or Internet Archive link) to CS6 so people don't have to find it themselves. Since Adobe don't care about flash now I'm sure they don't mind it if anybody pirates their 10 year old program.

>>Anonymous  10jan2022(mo)17:29  No.88457  B  P94R78
I was getting tired of the million How2flash threads, so that's a great pasta to link to.
How about maybe also adding the facts about the mm.cfg (the one in the user folder)? I found it to be quite essential when I switched to the modded debug plugins. Also possible to add that info on the .com/end page.
Also providing a link to an archive for the official plugin installers (there's one on I think) would most likely be a good idea, to prevent people from running into all sorts of malware install bullcrap.

Also maybe a short notice on how win10 permanently deinstalls the activeX one. Did you make any noticable progress on that front btw?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1apr2022(fr)15:02  No.89233  SWF  P95R79
Not an April Fool's joke

I updated Basilisk for the first time in months today (whoops) and noticed that the original developer has quit and they removed the ability to update from inside the browser itself. Additionally it's recommended switching to Pale Moon from inside the patch notes themselves, so unfortunately it looks like the Basilisk Browser is dead. I guess that drama I noticed back in November was terminal. Some info on what happened can be found here: 044 (Moonchild) 40 (Tobin)

Here's a screenshot of how Pale Moon looks today: _29451.png

swfchan renders and works just fine. As expected you can still play embedded swf files with Pale Moon using Adobe's flash plugin. Ruffle didn't work but it didn't crash the browser either. One of the livestreamer ads that played a video froze the browser though...

YouTube render is laggy but works, could play and skip around in a 4K video just fine. Discord's web interface displays but you can't select the chat box to actually send a message, because I guess modern web developers are too 37337 to use a simple input field without a bunch of script that breaks the thing outside their own browser of choice.

Trying to keep that box brief, which is why the mms.cfg stuff is only linked to in this thread.
I could copy the info box to the /end page as well. I'll do that now.
I won't add links to the info box since they are on the /end page, which is linked to inside the info box.
I've not made progress on editing the Win10 registry since I'm *almost certain you can use the Win7 installers on Win10 by running the exe in Win7 compatibility mode, there's a note about it on the /end page. Need to make sure the admin account is set to use compatibility and not just the current account. (*The reason I'm "almost certain" instead of "certain" is because I've not been able to do it on my own computer since I messed up something in the registry, I'll try to make sure next time I reinstall Win10 which I think I'll do at the end of this year.)

>>Anonymous  1apr2022(fr)20:36  No.89235  B  P96R80
Yeah real shame about the palemoon drama.
The browser suddenly decided to go a different direction and try to be more like a better firefox (which is still better than firefox), they even abandoned XUL.
For some reason right now they split the userbase into 9.X and 10.X, with 10.X being a more hands-off aproach to addons and mimicking the firefox user agent internally.
It's a shame because old addon-compatibility and the like are what drove me to the browser, but I still use it for my day to day browsing. It's just a real shame that until some weeks ago, most sites functioned without major problems, but for reasons beyond me, suddenly every other site breaks majorly, because I guess the web is headed into NFT-tier territory of user-unfriendlyness.

But the most relevant part is that plugins (like flash) still work just as well and probably will continue to do so.
So as a flash-only-standalone browser, palemoon is still the number 1 choice.

Also yes, ruffle is too advanced scripting to work in Palemoon, it freezes the screen when I tried to load it most of the time, but then again, why would I need ruffle when I have flash anyway.
Unfortunately the mods on /f/ never bothered to make the ruffle embed optional.

>>Anonymous  9oct2022(su)16:03  No.92038  AG  P97R81
>>Anonymous  9oct2022(su)16:04  No.92039  AG  P98
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