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>>Firestorm  25mar2021(th)07:33  No.84338  OP  P1
Perfect in-browser working flash method

Just follow these 4 steps.

Only "downside" is you basically keep a spare browser for Flash use, I guess.

>>Anonymous  25mar2021(th)18:14  No.84344  A  P2R1
>Figured out a easy way to play flash natively in a browser in 4 steps with authentic software.

submitted 10 hours ago by FirestormDangerDash

By easy, i'm not smart and just kinda figured it out. Other methods may work, i just knew i hated downloading.

Step one: Get a OLD version of Opera 3467.78/ Thats just the one I used.

Step two: Get a old version of a ppapi flashplayer. / s/32/flashplayer_32_ppapi_debug.exe

Step 3: Install the Flash and the Opera file, preferably as a standalone USB for Opera, but might not matter.

Step 4: Dont let Opera Update. Dig into the version 65 folder to get the EXE, and make a shortcut. Put the shortcut anywhere you like then right click it, go to properties, shortcut tab, "Target" url type line. Add " --disable-update" to the end of the long line, with space (so it looks like opera.exe --disable-update).

Step 5: profit.

>>Anonymous  25mar2021(th)18:16  No.84345  A  P3
As I said in >>>84343
Don't do this.
Unless you ABSOLUTELY are set on using non-modified files ONLY (even if old and vulnerable ones) and for some reason don't want to use the OFFICIAL whitelist feature.
Really just get a modern non-google/microsoft/mozilla browser and set a mms.cfg or replace the plugins with the ones.
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