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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2feb2012(th)10:43  No.3150  SWF  P1
The Mix

Anything concerning can be discussed here.

>>Anonymous  3feb2012(fr)00:14  No.3152  A  P2R1
So, does this mean that the rest of your sites will be taken off-line (swfloops, worldspace, etc.) ? Well worldspace looks dead already - which is a pity; I've always liked that site.

Good luck with your swfchan sites and The Mix.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3feb2012(fr)04:53  No.3155  SWF  P3R2
You've guessed correctly, that's exactly what this will eventually mean. I'm glad to hear that you liked World Space, it was a big deal once when the net was a little younger but I didn't think anyone still cared about it today. A few popular sites today got its base content from WS, I've been able to tell from file names and logs. It feels a bit sad to see my older domains go but I think it's best to focus on just one site from now on.
>>Anonymous  3feb2012(fr)11:18  No.3156  B  P4R3
Three Cheers for Sweden


If that is the case, would you mind changing the layout of your sites? I mean, the sole reason that swfchan is not as popular as it should be is its basic design. It won't matter to me or any of the others who frequent this site (I usually come for the archived threads), but it would be much easier to attract new users. Especially the people that come here ( and org) due to referral links and search-engine hits. You could take pointers from popular sites, naturally not copy them outright, but still implement some of the better ideas just like they have had borrowed from worldspace.

Also, if you want more hits for The Mix, it's usually best to make it a separate website. I have been using your sites for more than 4 years now and still return almost every two days to look something up - except when your sites are down. So I will understand perfectly if you aren't looking for more visitors, in which case you should kindly disregard everything I've said. I love your sites and your flashes and hope that you will continue to maintain at the very least.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3feb2012(fr)21:56  No.3158  SWF  P5R4
I know the site isn't exactly built for mainstream but I probably won't change the layout. Maybe just make some adjustments here and there to improve functionality like I've been trying to do over the years. But one never knows what the future will bring.

I don't know if making the mix a separate site would be a good idea, I believe that section will benefit from being a part of swfchan. To get people to come to a new "funny random videos/flashes/pictures" site today when there already are so many of them you'd have to advertise it greatly and watermark everything. I hate watermarks with a passion since it reduces quality or increases file size and it takes undeserved credit for other people's work/ideas. But if the mix is a part of swfchan some visitors might notice it and browse a bit just because it's on this domain. I'm also hoping that some of the visitors to the mix will flow over to the rest of and maybe turn this half-dead imageboard into a half-active imageboard.

Getting new visitors to swfchan is always something I wish for but I'm not putting up my collections here just for that. I want to supply people with entertainment. And I want to put all those saved files to use. It's very rare for me to actually browse my own collection, I'd rather seek out new stuff. But if I put it online for the world to see all these saved files will have a purpose.

The APH site will remain online for now, although not forever. It's getting old fast and I could probably count its daily visitors on one hand. Maybe two hands on a good day. Not really worth the hassle of maintaining another domain, especially in the future when it has even less visitors. I've already moved the music loops to swfchan some time ago (into a thread on /res/) and I'll probably move the "other flashes" from there into the mix later. Of course when APH eventually does go down I'll transfer at least the jest of it into the mix.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11may2012(fr)16:11  No.3573  SWF  P6
I've put up my own creations in a new subsection of The Mix:
>>Anonymous  2aug2013(fr)17:26  No.7688  C  P7R5
Sexy Bunnys

I love Bunnys great Work

>>Anonymous  20sep2016(tu)00:16  No.39208  D  P8R6
I like how this is now relevant.

>>Anonymous  30jan2017(mo)20:22  No.43713  E  P9R7

>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)23:02  No.43791  F  P10R8
What is this thing? e_of_2Fort.swf.8qdru2p.partial4586430 It doesn't seem to be a flash and it doesn't show up when I search it.
>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)23:03  No.43792  F  P11 .partial5895603 odigy.swf.ea7bikz.partial3263875
Found some more right after I made that post.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5feb2017(su)01:17  No.43834  SWF  P12R9
It's these three: icious+Cycle+of+2Fort.swf _Myon.swf ll+-+The+Prodigy.swf

I haven't really maintained The Mix in many years, guess there are some broken files around that I never noticed.

While I'm here in the thread again: Just for the record (or rather just in case it wasn't obvious at this point) I changed my mind about, contrary to what I wrote in >>3158 I do intend to keep it online "forever" after all. I might even one day move some stuff from swfchan back over there again.

>>Anonymous  5may2018(sa)05:50  No.59473  G  P13R10
Happy Birthday!
I went through all of the mix a couple of years ago. I'll be happy to go through this new content! although IIRC I didn't go through /mystuff/ for some reason.
>>Anonymous  6may2018(su)00:01  No.59490  H  P14R11
Happy birthday, wow, 10 years. Really appreciate keeping alive the past and all the irreplaceable fun that was had with flash.
>>Anonymous  7may2018(mo)01:26  No.59519  I  P15R12
All these flashes in there make me think if /f/ isn't really just SWFAnts.
Well, there's been a lot of namefag loop creators as of late, but still.
Looking through the /mystuff/ collection, there's so many of the flashes I remember. Chances are, the flash was apparently made by Ants, wow. EVEN REAL SUGAR BABY. What have you done to us, Ants. Goddamn.

Happy Birthday to this place, man. That feel when you can't even remember a time before swfchan.

>>marvin  23apr2021(fr)03:26  No.84905  J  P16R13
Please mix Pyramid Quest into Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Curse
>>Anonymous  25apr2021(su)17:46  No.84959  I  P17R14
I don't think this thread is about what you think it is.
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