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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25mar2012(su)09:59  No.3367  SWF  P1
Resources for services

This thread is dedicated to the various uploads that may be needed to use one of the services found here:

Put all your misc service-related uploads here please, unless of course there's a fitting thread for your image(s) on /b/. Feel free to write a note on what you are doing with your uploaded file, the thread gets more pleasant that way.

If you are uploading a cut music loop, please post it in this other thread instead: (for cut out music loops only, not whole tracks)

Link description: The page of services + The music loop thread

>>Anonymous  28mar2012(we)14:27  No.3390  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  29mar2012(th)15:49  No.3391  A  P3
tingling_saltation-images.rar (1.94 MiB)
Unpacked: 1.97 MiB. Files: 78. Directories: 0. Images: 78.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: to be used in tingling_saltation.swf

>>Anonymous  29mar2012(th)23:38  No.3393  A  P4
>>Anonymous  1apr2012(su)11:25  No.3396  B  P5R2
>>Anonymous  2apr2012(mo)22:34  No.3399  A  P6R3
>>Anonymous  4apr2012(we)00:38  No.3406  C  P7R4

This loop goes with a crappy mp3 i just put on "Thread B". So, that's it. Mp3 post number is 3405.

luis.rar (203.6 KiB)
Unpacked: 203.5 KiB. Files: 3. Directories: 0. Images: 3.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: i think 50 ms for each frame is enough, isn't it? Also, it should go 1-2-3-2-1, i tried to upload that way but i go a duplicate entry warning.

>>Anonymous  8apr2012(su)08:49  No.3417  D  P8R5

INVMUSTDIE.mp3 (6.98 MiB)
04:55 stereo 44kHz 198kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
"Invaders Must Die (Ltd. Deluxe Edition)" 2009 [Electronic]
Comment: one group to rule them all
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME 3.97 V2: preset standard / LAME3.97

>>Anonymous  8apr2012(su)09:02  No.3418  D  P9
>>Codlike  9apr2012(mo)09:30  No.3425  E  P10R6
Mass Effect 3:- An End Once and for All (Cut Short)

Bioware fucked up with the ending of this song, so I cut it short.

Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack - A Short End.mp3 (1.47 MiB)
01:13 stereo 44kHz 166kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Codlike  9apr2012(mo)09:30  No.3426  E  P11
>>Anonymous  9apr2012(mo)14:43  No.3427  F  P12R7
Just for 4 am

The Protomen -- Light Up The Night.mp3 (9.33 MiB)
04:04 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
The Protomen - Light Up The Night
"Act II - The Father of Death" 2009
Track: 10/0
Encoder: LAME3.98r

>>Anonymous  9apr2012(mo)14:43  No.3428  F  P13
>>zorg  10apr2012(tu)01:58  No.3432  G  P14R8
post goes with a wav posted in "thread B" (post id 3431)
gif from a certain webcomic
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2012(tu)16:55  No.3433  SWF  P15R9
It's nice to see that you make use of the loop creation service!

>>3417 >>3418
>>3425 >>3426
>>3427 >>3428
However you three, I have noticed that you have uploaded the required resources for making loops but have not actually created the swf files. May I ask why? If I have made the loop creation process too hard or unclear I am willing to improve it. And if you have encountered any bug I'd like to know about it. Please tell me the reason why you didn't finish your loops, whatever they may be (even if the reason is just something like "the pages loaded too slowly so I lost interest").

>>Codlike  11apr2012(we)13:49  No.3437  E  P16R10
For me, it would be that I am at the point of not knowing the final step.
The content is grabbed, but there's no "complete" button or anything on the project home.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11apr2012(we)14:21  No.3438  SWF  P17R11
Aha. You are only using one image, right? The problem with that is that you need to have at least two images - there must be some kind of visual movement in the loop (since I don't consider a still image + some music a loop, I just consider that... well, some music accompanied by a still image). I'll add some explanation to the home screen that says why if people aren't allowed to continue.

You can take another screenshot and add that to the project as well and then you'll be able to continue making the loop. Or you can take the same screenshot and shop it, for example add some blur, and then upload that image. That'll give the same visuals but add some movement (in the form of blur). Then you can set the frame rate to 1 and maybe repeat the first frame a couple of times before you get to the blur frame. You can even add several frames with different amounts of blur, or some frames where there is static/distortion. When done right you could create a nice TV "twitch" effect (don't know what the correct term for that visual effect is).

>>Anonymous  12apr2012(th)03:13  No.3441-3442  H  P18-19R12


Nerukayb.mp3 (9.82 MiB)
07:08 stereo 44kHz 192kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>Codlike  12apr2012(th)03:25  No.3444  E  P20R13
Alright then, let's try this.
>>ozzi ‮ D--:  13apr2012(fr)16:44  No.3459-3460  I  P21-22R14
sit_hard.mp3 (588.8 KiB)
00:15 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>ozzi ‮ D--:  13apr2012(fr)17:20  No.3461  I  P23
audacity can't into mp3

sit_hard.wav (2.53 MiB)
00:14 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  15apr2012(su)07:05  No.3468  A  P24R15
red_thoughts.rar (946 KiB)
Unpacked: 952.8 KiB. Files: 32. Directories: 0. Images: 32.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Visuals for red_thoughts.swf (from the Samurai Champloo ending)

>>Anonymous  18apr2012(we)00:06  No.3474  J  P25R16
random iii.rar (2.81 MiB)
Unpacked: 2.82 MiB. Files: 6. Directories: 0. Images: 6.
Contains: PNG <LIST>

Description: random loop iii

>>Anonymous  18apr2012(we)00:13  No.3475  J  P26
piglet3.wav (48.1 KiB)
00:02 mono 22kHz 178kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Mega  19apr2012(th)13:59  No.3481  K  P27R17

8bit Mario!

>>Mega  19apr2012(th)14:05  No.3482  K  P28


>>Anonymous  20apr2012(fr)01:07  No.3485  L  P29R18
insideofme.mp3 (3.6 MiB)
03:08 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
—ù–’뉀 - Inside of me
Composer: —ù–¬‘m
Copyright: —ù–’뉀
Encoder: Gogo >=3.0
>>Anonymous  20apr2012(fr)01:11  No.3486  L  P30
>>Anonymous  20apr2012(fr)01:11  No.3487  L  P31
>>IAmArique  20apr2012(fr)16:49  No.3493  M  P32R19
>>IAmArique  20apr2012(fr)16:49  No.3494  M  P33
You Wa Shock!.mp3 (688.6 KiB)
05:06:27 stereo 44kHz 320kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21apr2012(sa)01:57  No.3496  SWF  P34R20
>>3485 >>3486 >>3487
I took the liberty of finishing your loop for you, since you abandoned it.
Here's how it turned out: l.swf

I enjoy Paul Robertson's animations and thought it would be a shame if your loop idea never came into existance. Used the file name that you set for the project before giving up.

Looks like the reason of you abandoning it was because you didn't add the correct gif animations to the project, you just added their thumbnails (a thumb only contains a few frames of the original). I have a suspicion that this problem may happen again in the future so I've made it so that if one tries to add a thumb resource to a project the actual resource will be added instead. Before I just had a big warning message when this happened but I understand now that some people won't read it.

Link description: Home page of InsideOfHydreigongal.swf

>>Anonymous  21apr2012(sa)23:29  No.3505  N  P35R21
Nice, though a pity the music isn't looped up short.
Don't like fading endings in my loops.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22apr2012(su)02:16  No.3506  SWF  P36R22
I agree. I just used what he uploaded straight off.
>>Anonymous  22apr2012(su)03:08  No.3507  A  P37R23
I think the Doom map is E1M3 (Toxin Refinery) but I'm not sure. Might be a custom map too.

Also guessing this was captured using GZDoom and the Brütal Doom mod. Plus something that increases the number of enemies.

Will be used to make port666.swf

>>Temporary Name  26apr2012(th)20:26  No.3528  O  P38R24


2-04 Air Guitar.mp3 (1.45 MiB)
01:13 stereo 44kHz 154kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
NicolArmarfi - Air Guitar
"Katawa Shoujo Enigmatic Box of Sound" 2012 [Soundtrack]
Track: 4/22
Encoder: LAME3.98r

>>Temporary Name  26apr2012(th)20:26  No.3529  O  P39
>>ozzi ‮ D--:  30apr2012(mo)20:36  No.3542  I  P40R25
tӓn bііtіn nіmі оn.. tӓn bііtіn nіmі оn.. DІGGОО!  :----DDD
>>ozzi ‮ D--:  30apr2012(mo)20:36  No.3543  I  P41
tӓn bііtіn nіmі оn.. tӓn bііtіn nіmі оn.. DІGGОО!  :----DDD

DIGGOO.wav (973 KiB)
00:05 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>ozzi ‮ D--:  30apr2012(mo)21:40  No.3544  I  P42
>>Anonymous  8may2012(tu)17:13  No.3569  A  P43R26
>>Anonymous  9may2012(we)05:08  No.3571  B  P44R27

That is E1M3, Toxin Refinery, with the Brutal Doom mod.

>>Anonymous  13jun2012(we)16:09  No.3734  A  P45R28
>>Anonymous  25jun2012(mo)20:08  No.3813  A  P46
>>Anonymous  5jul2012(th)14:34  No.3853  P  P47R29
1341483815424.wav (7.02 MiB)
00:41 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  5jul2012(th)14:34  No.3854  P  P48
>>Anonymous  8jul2012(su)01:49  No.3873  Q  P49R30
>>sdt1_17b.png  21jul2012(sa)20:00  No.3983  R  P50R31
>>Anonymous  26jul2012(th)13:31  No.4010  A  P51R32
(removed low-quality dupe)

[IMG] (8.39 MiB)
Unpacked: 8.39 MiB. Files: 769. Directories: 0. Images: 769.
Contains: JPG [IMG]

Description: Visuals for forestglade.swf

>>Anonymous  27jul2012(fr)01:43  No.4011  A  P52
forestglade.rar * (25.8 MiB)
Unpacked: 25.77 MiB. Files: 769. Directories: 0. Images: 769.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: New visuals for forestglade.swf

>>Anonymous  3sep2012(mo)12:42  No.4435  S  P53R33
sa-x loop.wav (1.63 MiB)
00:09 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  3sep2012(mo)12:42  No.4436  S  P54
>>Anonymous  19sep2012(we)21:49  No.4554  T  P55R34
Used to create a better thumbnail for an APK of this flash: asa+cat+nyan.swf

Link description: Bakemonogatari Tsubasa Cat Nyan Nyan Nyan

>>Anonymous  23sep2012(su)22:10  No.4568  A  P56R35
These two will be used for liferun.swf
>>Anonymous  23sep2012(su)22:10  No.4569  A  P57
>>Anonymous  23sep2012(su)23:19  No.4570  A  P58
Will be used for mouthfingers.swf
>>Anonymous  12oct2012(fr)03:10  No.4740  A  P59
The game is Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery with the Venice expansion pack.

within the city walls.rar * (21.15 MiB)
Unpacked: 21.15 MiB. Files: 31. Directories: 0. Images: 31.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Will be used to make "within the city walls.swf"

>>bake  2nov2012(fr)00:07  No.4842  U  P60R36
>>bake  2nov2012(fr)15:18  No.4844  U  P61
blackman.wav (25.1 KiB)
00:03 mono 8kHz 64kbps <PREVIEW>
>>bake  2nov2012(fr)15:19  No.4845  U  P62
>>Anonymous  6nov2012(tu)00:14  No.4865  A  P63R37
Will be used to make "rollby.swf".
>>Anonymous  16nov2012(fr)00:21  No.4902  V  P64R38
peer.mp3 (182.7 KiB)
00:11 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Drx - Peer 2 Peer
"Seven" 2011 [Chip Music]
Track: 8/9
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  16nov2012(fr)00:21  No.4903  V  P65
>>Anonymous  25nov2012(su)04:50  No.4953  A  P66R39
Will be used to make "angels.swf".
>>Anonymous  5dec2012(we)11:10  No.5051  A  P67
victory_chainsaw.rar * (18.89 MiB)
Unpacked: 18.89 MiB. Files: 190. Directories: 0. Images: 190.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Will be used to make "deutschland.swf". Visuals are from: Danger 5 (S01E06)

>>Anonymous  13dec2012(th)01:34  No.5103  A  P68
To be used in paintppl.swf
>>Anonymous  13dec2012(th)01:55  No.5104  A  P69
To be used in inwards.swf

From the music video of "The Music Scene" by Blockhead.

>>Anonymous  28dec2012(fr)23:20  No.5186  W  P70R40
>>Anon  1jan2013(tu)05:05  No.5200  X  P71R41
>>drumber42  25jan2013(fr)21:00  No.5437  Y  P72R42
Grow Tower Icon


>>Anonymous  18mar2013(mo)07:18  No.6000  B  P73R43
>>Anonymous  26mar2013(tu)02:16  No.6067  Z  P74R44
>>Anonymous  27mar2013(we)22:41  No.6084  AA  P75R45
>>egg  30mar2013(sa)00:10  No.6098  AB  P76R46

egg goes in all fields

Strain - ROMER2.mp3 (5.02 MiB)
05:28 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>egg  30mar2013(sa)00:13  No.6099  AB  P77

egg is still in all fields

>>egg  30mar2013(sa)00:18  No.6100  AB  P78

This is the last time that egg goes in all fields.

>>egg  30mar2013(sa)00:21  No.6101  AB  P79

This is pissing me off just a little.

>>Anonymous  17apr2013(we)20:20  No.6269  A  P80R47
To be used in two_wheels.swf

I think the gif is from a scene in the movie "The Master" (2012).

>>Anonymous  17apr2013(we)20:31  No.6270  A  P81
To be used in "airchase.swf".

The game is Battlefield 3.

>>Anonymous  17apr2013(we)20:52  No.6271  A  P82
To be used in stare.swf

She is Sharbat Gula, a 12 years-old refugee in Pakistan. The photo is entitled "Afghan Girl" and was shot December 1984.

>>Anonymous  17apr2013(we)21:12  No.6272  A  P83
To be used in "frolic.swf".

The game is BioShock Infinite.

>>Anonymous  18apr2013(th)11:29  No.6278  A  P84
To be used in hoodstory.swf
>>Anonymous  18apr2013(th)11:52  No.6279  A  P85
To be used in spacecourse.swf

Gif by Paul Robertson.

>>Anonymous  18apr2013(th)12:17  No.6280  A  P86
To be used in chinkycheek.swf

Movie is "The Hajirai Machine Girl" (2009)

>>Anonymous  18apr2013(th)12:56  No.6281  A  P87
To be used in "loves_me_not.swf".
>>Anonymous  12may2013(su)21:48  No.6560  AC  P88R48
beepboop.mp3 (47 KiB)
00:01 stereo 44kHz 327kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  12may2013(su)21:49  No.6561  AC  P89
>>tdi  21may2013(tu)19:25  No.6784  AD  P90R49
for loop


output.mp3 (249.5 KiB)
00:31 stereo 11kHz 64kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  4jun2013(tu)00:05  No.6927-6928  AE  P91-92R50
Bubbles - Bidibodi Bidibu [HQ].mp3 (5.73 MiB)
06:06 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  6jun2013(th)12:02  No.6960  AE  P93
10-Blue Valentines.mp3 * (13.37 MiB)
05:50 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Tom Waits - Blue Valentines
"Blue Valentine" 1978 [Rock]
Track: 10
Composer: Tom Waits
Album artist: Tom Waits
Publisher: Asylum
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  6jun2013(th)12:02  No.6961  AE  P94
>>Anonymous  8jun2013(sa)13:28  No.6981  AE  P95
09 Mexico.mp3 (5.47 MiB)
03:58 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
That Handsome Devil - Mexico
"A City Dressed in Dynamite" 2008 [Alternative]
Comment: 0 / 000012BA 000013C6 0000A636 0000A66C 00022D3E 0001459C 00008CC4 00008DC2 00012F29 0002373E / 00000000 00000210 00000750 0000000000A022A0 00000000 00571783 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Track: 9
Composer: Jeremy Page/Naoko Takamoto/Oppel, Christian "Godforbid"
Album artist: That Handsome Devil
Encoder: iTunes v7.7.1.11
>>Anonymous  8jun2013(sa)13:28  No.6982  AE  P96
>>Anonymous  8jun2013(sa)13:35  No.6983-6984  AE  P97-98
08 Squares.mp3 (4.64 MiB)
03:22 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
That Handsome Devil - Squares
"A City Dressed in Dynamite" 2008 [Alternative]
Comment: 0 / 000014CF 0000156D 0000B810 0000C40B 0002DCA7 0002D0B6 00008D13 00008A7F 0000F1A1 0000B7C6 / 00000000 00000210 000007BC 00000000008781B4 00000000 0049B07E 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Track: 8
Composer: Evan Sanders/Jeremy Page/Oppel, Christian "Godforbid"
Album artist: That Handsome Devil
Encoder: iTunes v7.7.1.11
>>Anonymous  11jun2013(tu)08:36  No.7024-7025  AE  P99-100
04-04-March.mp3 (6.68 MiB)
02:55 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
That Handsome Devil - March
"The Jungle Book" [Other]
Comment: 0 / 00000971 00000EB7 00006F11 000056FE 00027253 000148E0 000087E7 0000877E 00025905 00016EA1 / 00000000 00000210 000006F0 00000000006C3600 00000000 00620E0B 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Track: 4
Album artist: That Handsome Devil
Encoder: iTunes 10.5.2
>>Anonymous  18jun2013(tu)08:36  No.7166-7167  AE  P101-102
06 Brick Ballades (Bonus Track).mp3 (5.7 MiB)
02:29 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Sunrise - Brick Ballades (Bonus Track)
"The Big O Original CD Drama Theater “Walking Together On The Yellow Brick Road"" 2000 [Soundtrack]
Track: 6/7
Composer: 佐橋俊彦
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  18jun2013(tu)09:56  No.7168  AE  P103
rainy brick ballades.mp3 (2.29 MiB)
02:29 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Sunrise - Brick Ballades
"The Big O Original CD Drama Theater “Walking Together On The Yellow Brick Road"" 2000
Comment: Mixed with Rainy Mood
Composer: James Dueck
>>Anonymous  20jun2013(th)12:50  No.7206  AE  P104
cold in here loop2.mp3 (2.86 MiB)
02:04 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Alaskan Fishermen - Cold Up In Here
"Fire & Ice" 2009 [Hip-Hop]
Track: 5
Album artist: Alaskan Fishermen
Encoder: LAME3.98
>>Anonymous  20jun2013(th)12:50  No.7207  AE  P105
>>Anonymous  21jun2013(fr)03:59  No.7217  AF  P106R51
>>Anonymous  21jun2013(fr)04:12  No.7218  AF  P107
>>Anonymous  11jul2013(th)05:11  No.7417  AG  P108R52
PUNCHOUT! v3.mp3 (5.49 MiB)
03:37 stereo 48kHz 204kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Artist: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Album artist: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  11jul2013(th)05:11  No.7418  AG  P109
>>Anonymous  11jul2013(th)06:11  No.7419  A  P110R53
That's a funny song
>>Anonymous  28jul2013(su)14:45  No.7643  AH  P111R54
>>Anonymous  28jul2013(su)14:49  No.7644  AH  P112
>>Anonymous  2aug2013(fr)06:49  No.7686-7687  AG  P113-114R55
Pimphand.mp3 * (10.29 MiB)
04:29 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Alaskan Fishermen - Pimphand
"Alaskan Fishermen" 2012 [Hip-Hop]
Track: 11
Album artist: Alaskan Fishermen
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  6aug2013(tu)08:36  No.7723  AG  P115
01:01 stereo 48kHz 196kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Artist: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Album artist: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  6aug2013(tu)08:36  No.7724  AG  P116
>>Anonymous  8sep2013(su)22:43  No.8111  AI  P117R56
>>Almicutza  27sep2013(fr)14:18  No.8357  AJ  P118R57
>>Almicutza  27sep2013(fr)14:54  No.8358  AJ  P119
Detective grimoire

Game icon

>>Almicutza  28sep2013(sa)20:55  No.8363  AJ  P120


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)00:34  No.8368  AJ  P121


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)00:45  No.8369  AJ  P122


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)00:53  No.8370  AJ  P123


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)00:59  No.8371  AJ  P124
Vortex Point 2


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)01:27  No.8375  AJ  P125
Pierre Hotel


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)01:33  No.8376  AJ  P126
The Proposal


>>Almicutza  29sep2013(su)01:39  No.8377  AJ  P127
Route 104 Motel


>>Almicutza  30sep2013(mo)12:33  No.8387  AJ  P128
Mermaid City


>>Anonymous  1oct2013(tu)15:08  No.8406  AK  P129R58

Famitracker - Zelda Overworld (VRC6 Remix).mp3 (901.7 KiB)
00:57 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  1oct2013(tu)15:08  No.8407  AK  P130
>>Anonymous  2oct2013(we)00:21  No.8413  A  P131R59
That's an awesome tune and I like how your flash loop turned out:

Link description: link to the flash loop

>>ZIn-Uru  2oct2013(we)11:40  No.8416  AL  P132R60


>>Almicutza  4oct2013(fr)14:51  No.8442  AJ  P133R61
covertfront 1


>>Almicutza  4oct2013(fr)14:55  No.8443  AJ  P134
covertfront 2


>>Almicutza  4oct2013(fr)15:05  No.8444  AJ  P135


>>Almicutza  4oct2013(fr)15:11  No.8445  AJ  P136
Covert Front


>>Anonymous  4oct2013(fr)15:16  No.8447  AK  P137R62
(Hopefully) Seamless WAV version

Famitracker - Zelda Overworld (VRC6 Remix).wav (2.43 MiB)
00:57 mono 22kHz 352kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Almicutza  10oct2013(th)00:30  No.8517  AJ  P138R63
vortex point 3


>>Anonymous  24oct2013(th)12:49  No.8637-8638  AM  P139-140R64

Save Princess Zelda

sidejumping_link.mp3 (69.4 KiB)
00:04 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  28oct2013(mo)00:50  No.8672  AN  P141R65


>>TheRealTukz  9dec2013(mo)15:28  No.9020  AO  P142R66
Kurt Cobain is a psychopath
>>Anonymous  14dec2013(sa)21:29  No.9054  AP  P143R67
unhappy grumbling(1).mp3 (320.5 KiB)
00:08 stereo 44kHz 321kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  14dec2013(sa)21:30  No.9055  AP  P144
>>Anonymous  25jan2014(sa)20:22  No.9328  AQ  P145R68

i apologize

Im Gonna Be A Star (Short).mp3 (327.5 KiB)
00:20 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
some fucks - I'm Gonna Be A Star
"funk you anklehole"
Comment: haha / haha
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  25jan2014(sa)20:22  No.9329  AQ  P146
>>Anonymous  25jan2014(sa)20:26  No.9330  AQ  P147
>>Nanonymous  4feb2014(tu)14:55  No.9497  AR  P148R69
Hot sex - Vanilla Ice


Vanilla Ice - Hot Sex.mp3 (4.45 MiB)
04:51 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: Lavf52.16.0 / LAME3.98.2

>>Nanonymous  4feb2014(tu)16:45  No.9499  AR  P149


>>bUdPnG  4feb2014(tu)23:29  No.9501  AS  P150R70
Green Dragon Mahjong

Logo for flash mahjong game

>>bUdPnG  4feb2014(tu)23:42  No.9502  AS  P151
Midori Ryu Mahjong

Green Dragon Mahjong Logo

>>Anonymous  10feb2014(mo)07:05  No.9617-9618  AT  P152-153R71
No idea what I'm doing.

No time to learn like the present, though!

Puttin on the Ritz - taco.mp3 (5.37 MiB)
04:41 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz
"Billboard Top 100 of 1983" 1983 [Pop]
Track: 31
>>Anonymous  11feb2014(tu)03:13  No.9652  AU  P154R72
>>Anonymous  12feb2014(we)06:20  No.9679  AV  P155R73
>>Anonymous  12feb2014(we)06:21  No.9680  AV  P156
>>Anonymous  20mar2014(th)00:22  No.9880  A  P157R74
>ain't easy.swf
>>Anonymous  2may2014(fr)10:02  No.12847  AW  P158R75
Ray and Cooper 2


>>Anonymous  2may2014(fr)10:21  No.12848  AW  P159


>>stonedDiscord  13may2014(tu)19:41  No.13022  AX  P160R76
Dr. Dre - What's the difference


Dr. Dre - Whats The Difference.mp3 (5.61 MiB)
04:04 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Chronic 2001" [Rap]
Track: 7
Album artist: Dr Dre
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>stonedDiscord  13may2014(tu)20:14  No.13023  AX  P161
Dr. Dre - What's the difference Instrumental


Dr. Dre - What's The Difference (Instrumental).mp3 (3.68 MiB)
16:02 stereo 44kHz 32kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3

>>stonedDiscord  13may2014(tu)20:37  No.13024  AX  P162
Dr. Dre walkin

black man

>>Anonymous  4jun2014(we)07:15  No.13223  AY  P163R77
mymovie.wav (8.51 MiB)
00:50 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  4jun2014(we)07:35  No.13224  AY  P164
>>Anonymous  4jun2014(we)07:41  No.13225  AY  P165
>>Anonymous  4jun2014(we)07:45  No.13226  AY  P166
>>Anonymous  10jun2014(tu)12:33  No.13301  AZ  P167R78
>>Anonymous  23jun2014(mo)04:27  No.13392  BA  P168R79
>>Twerk it  15jul2014(tu)06:45  No.13652  BB  P169R80
Blonde twerking

twerk blonde

twerk.rar (2 MiB)
Unpacked: 2.01 MiB. Files: 1. Directories: 0. Images: 1.
Contains: GIF <LIST>

Description: amazing blonde

>>Twerk it  15jul2014(tu)06:45  No.13653  BB  P170
twerk.mp3 (8.26 MiB)
03:36 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Momma's Fat Boi ft Team 901 - Work yo self (twerk music) (Main)
"Promoted by the WorkSessions Record Pool" 2013 [Hip-Hop]
Comment: Book Momma's Fat Boi (901) 31
BPM: 0
>>Anonymous  21jul2014(mo)05:41  No.13876  A  P171R81
Well that made me laugh
>>Anonymous  22jul2014(tu)17:24  No.13920  BC  P172R82
>>Anonymous  1sep2014(mo)12:25  No.14576  BD  P173R83
>>As Far as i can see  2sep2014(tu)03:12  No.14602  BE  P174R84
As Far as i can see


Phantogram As Far As I Can See.mp3 (3.09 MiB)
03:21 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4

>>Glory  2sep2014(tu)03:16  No.14603  BE  P175


>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2014(tu)23:52  No.14646  SWF  P176R85
So I've noticed resources has been uploaded for creation of at least five flash loops since the new server was put to use but none of them seems to have been completed.

I was wondering why this is? I tested the swf loop maker after the new server was set up so I don't think it's broken. Is the thing really so hard to navigate that almost nobody can figure out how to use it? If I can get some feedback on what is so difficult maybe I can make it easier to use, or at least give instructions if you have questions on how to use it. It kinda sucks when you build a tool and nobody can utilize it.

>>Anonymous  4sep2014(th)14:24  No.14674  BF  P177R86
I have seen at least >>5104 in a loop called inwards.swf
Maybe the all just way too lazy
>>Martijn  4sep2014(th)15:11  No.14678  BG  P178R87
Let's try a new medium

special parkas.wav (3.24 MiB)
00:19 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Martijn  4sep2014(th)15:11  No.14679  BG  P179
>>Anonymous  5sep2014(fr)21:42  No.14710  BH  P180R88
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5sep2014(fr)22:57  No.14713  SWF  P181R89
Yeah that one was made by me. In fact almost all of them were made by me, less than 5% of the loops created using that tool were not made by me. Funny or sad, I'd just like to know if it's because it's too hard to use or if there's not really much demand for it. Seeing how many uploaded resources there are here that weren't used I'm leaning towards that it's too difficult to use. I know the layout of the thing is pretty bad, but it shouldn't be so bad that people can't figure it out. It's basically just fill-in-textfields and press-buttons and out pops a swf file. On the old server there was an issue of loading times due to server overload but the new server should finish page requests very fast.
>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)00:54  No.14813  BI  P182R90
>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)01:21  No.14815  BI  P183
>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)01:28  No.14827  BI  P184


>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)01:39  No.14859  BI  P185
>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)01:39  No.14860  BI  P186
>>Anonymous  11sep2014(th)01:39  No.14861  BI  P187
>>a'sa's  12sep2014(fr)16:52  No.14893  BJ  P188R91


>>Anonymous  5oct2014(su)03:25  No.15273  BK  P189R92


Clint EastForestInterlude.mp3 (6.76 MiB)
04:55 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Gorillaz/David Wise - Clint EastForestInterlude
"Gorillaz/Donkey Kong Country 2" 2010 [Hip-Hop]
Comment: Arranged by Matt Mulligan
Track: 12
Album artist: Rare
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  5oct2014(su)03:25  No.15274  BK  P190
>>Anonymous  11oct2014(sa)16:28  No.15401  BL  P191R93
>>iwakura korosu  12oct2014(su)02:08  No.15421-15422  BM  P192-193R94
(01) [Shibayan] WAP-WA.mp3 (8.88 MiB)
03:52 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Shibayan - WAP-WA
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>iwakura korosu  12oct2014(su)02:17  No.15425  BM  P194

(01) [Shibayan] WAP-WA edit.wav * (17.51 MiB)
01:44 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>iwakura korosu  13oct2014(mo)04:22  No.15537  BM  P195
super fine red loop.wav (2.53 MiB)
00:15 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>iwakura korosu  13oct2014(mo)04:26  No.15539  BM  P196
>>Anonymous  14oct2014(tu)10:41  No.15588  BN  P197R95
CHUCK PERSON - Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 - 11 B3.mp3 * (10.66 MiB)
04:34 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1" 2010
Comment: Visit
Track: 11
Album artist: CHUCK PERSON
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  14oct2014(tu)10:54  No.15589  BN  P198
>>Anonymous  14oct2014(tu)10:54  No.15590  BN  P199
>>Anonymous  14oct2014(tu)10:55  No.15591  BN  P200
>>Anonymous  14oct2014(tu)11:44  No.15592  BN  P201
>>iwakura korosu  15oct2014(we)06:22  No.15601-15602  BM  P202-203R96
michiru sad loop.mp3 (1.05 MiB)
01:08 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>iwakura korosu  16oct2014(th)00:14  No.15610  BM  P204
one day I'll at this
today is not that day
>>watermokou  19oct2014(su)17:57  No.15692  BO  P205R97
>>watermokou  19oct2014(su)18:07  No.15693  BO  P206
>>LOL9090  30oct2014(th)21:56  No.15856  BP  P207R98


>>Anonymous  1nov2014(sa)10:46  No.15894  BQ  P208R99
1.mp3 (817 KiB)
00:52 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  1nov2014(sa)10:51  No.15895  BQ  P209

fuck fuck fuck

Image.rar (4.85 MiB)
Unpacked: 4.85 MiB. Files: 24. Directories: 0. Images: 24.
Contains: PNG <LIST>

Description: mothing fucking shut up and let me post

>>poteto  5nov2014(we)20:52  No.16005  BR  P210R100
>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:01  No.16108  BS  P211R101
ffffffriday night mfs

Friday.mp3 (212 KiB)
00:13 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3

>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:01  No.16109  BS  P212
>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:12  No.16111  BS  P213
woah ok let's see if it can gather this one

Friday.wav (2.28 MiB)
00:13 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:18  No.16112  BS  P214
Well I keep trying to have it gather Audio files and it tells me to fuck off constantly.

I even tried to change the file format or even use random files from this thread to see if it changed.

>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:25  No.16113  BS  P215
gonna try to make this work and if it don't then I give up
>>Anonymous  11nov2014(tu)02:31  No.16114  BS  P216
Didn't work. I even tried switching browsers.
>>Anonymous  14nov2014(fr)05:08  No.16146  BS  P217
It seems only getfile.asp URLs seem to be gathered by the Service. Maybe I'm just using the wrong links?

I attempt copy the link address of files in this thread and they don't work.
For instance:

Throwing URLs of this format is what I've been trying to do basically, no ticket. Files that are bigger than 10MB and trigger the getfile.asp URLs seem to work for the Service though.

Link description: Direct link to Files on this thread

>>Anonymous  14nov2014(fr)05:22  No.16147  BS  P218
Well since only getfile.asp URLs seem to work and I can make it point to a file from a post by changing the value at the end, I just edited one with the number of the post that contains the file I want.

>>16109 is

>>16108 is

>>16113 is
So on, so forth.

Gonna throw this extra frame in here just because. Hopefully this post will help someone out because I tried making a loop in the past with this service before and got stuck with the same problem.

Link description: getfile.asp links for files

>>Anonymous  14nov2014(fr)06:19  No.16148  BS  P219
Fuck yeah it worked, real cool service dude. I think the reason behind very few people using it is because most people hang up where I have.
>>Anonymous  18nov2014(tu)16:06  No.16202  BT  P220R102
weed.mp3 (603.3 KiB)
00:38 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  18nov2014(tu)20:21  No.16205  BU  P221R103
>>Anonymous  19nov2014(we)08:38  No.16207  BV  P222R104
renai nasheed.mp3 (4.54 MiB)
02:09 stereo 44kHz 292kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  19nov2014(we)08:39  No.16208  BV  P223
>>iwakura korosu  19nov2014(we)23:56  No.16220  BM  P224R105
ayy_lmao.wav (2.69 MiB)
00:31 mono 44kHz 705kbps <PREVIEW>
>>iwakura korosu  19nov2014(we)23:58  No.16221  BM  P225
>>bb  23nov2014(su)05:33  No.16260  BW  P226R106
empty audio

blue loop

5sec.mp3 (79 KiB)
00:05 mono 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW> - Silent MP3 5 Seconds
Comment: From
Encoder: LAME3.93

>>bb  23nov2014(su)05:33  No.16261  BW  P227
>>bb  23nov2014(su)05:47  No.16262  BW  P228


>>Anonymous  26nov2014(we)12:51  No.16301  BX  P229R107
Eagleforce - Through California and the Flames.mp3 (9.07 MiB)
06:20 stereo 44kHz 199kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  26nov2014(we)12:51  No.16302  BX  P230
>>Anonymous  7dec2014(su)06:18  No.16467  BY  P231R108
C2C - GENIUS feat. Gush.mp3 (3.82 MiB)
04:10 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>Anonymous  7dec2014(su)06:18  No.16468  BY  P232
>>Anonymous  12dec2014(fr)01:59  No.16559  BR  P233R109
>>Anonymous  12dec2014(fr)02:18  No.16561  BR  P234
>>Anonymous  12dec2014(fr)02:26  No.16562  BR  P235
>>Anonymous  12dec2014(fr)02:47  No.16563  BR  P236
>>Anonymous  12dec2014(fr)12:37  No.16568  BR  P237
² sorry.
>>Anonymous  13dec2014(sa)17:16  No.16580  BZ  P238R110
>>Anonymous  13dec2014(sa)17:21  No.16581  BZ  P239
>>Anonymous  13dec2014(sa)19:35  No.16582  CA  P240R111
それ.. それ .. それ ..

for swf

それそれそれ.mp3 (1.78 MiB)
01:56 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  13dec2014(sa)19:35  No.16583  CA  P241
>>Anonymous  14dec2014(su)23:34  No.16601  BR  P242R112
>>Anonymous  14dec2014(su)23:36  No.16602  BR  P243
>>Anonymous  14dec2014(su)23:40  No.16603  BR  P244
>>Anonymous  14dec2014(su)23:55  No.16604  BR  P245
>>Anonymous  30dec2014(tu)07:18  No.16843  CB  P246R113
strike force heros

pic for apk

>>Anonymous  30dec2014(tu)16:45  No.16847  CC  P247R114
>>Perico  5jan2015(mo)10:28  No.16979  CD  P248R115

A counter from Mahjongg

>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)01:44  No.17072  CE  P249R116
>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)01:46  No.17073  CE  P250
_KidForToday_ BoardsOfCanadaEXTENDED.mp3 (5.33 MiB)
05:48 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Master Otenko - "Kid For Today" Boards Of Canada
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)02:24  No.17074  CE  P251
Pardon me,need to reupload that mp3 since I dont want my name as Artist in it,I only edited the song.

Boards_Of_Canada_Kid_for_today_extended.mp3 (5.33 MiB)
05:48 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: "Kid For Today" Boards Of Canada
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11jan2015(su)02:56  No.17076  SWF  P252R117
Hey dude, glad you like the service! I just made a quick fix so that "" is read as simply "", should clear up confusion from that in the future. I really should have done this earlier but I just didn't notice! Excuse the late reply.
>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)04:55  No.17081  CE  P253R118
Hammock - Mono No Aware.mp3 (6.06 MiB)
06:36 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Hammock - Mono No Aware
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)04:59  No.17082  CE  P254
>>Anonymous  11jan2015(su)16:32  No.17094  CE  P255
>>Anonymous  12jan2015(mo)21:52  No.17140  CE  P256
>>Anonymous  12jan2015(mo)23:06  No.17143  CE  P257
Thank you for this great service by the way.
mp3 for my next flash.

Boards of Canada - Sundown.mp3 (2.01 MiB)
02:11 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Boards of Canada - Sundown
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  13jan2015(tu)22:15  No.17159  CE  P258
It sure is cold outside...

Zelda Ocarina of Time Music- Ice Cave.mp3 (2.98 MiB)
03:14 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Zelda Ocarina of Time Music- Ice Cave
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  13jan2015(tu)22:15  No.17160  CE  P259
>>Anonymous  14jan2015(we)03:49  No.17165  CF  P260R119
dogchasingstick.rar (1.69 MiB)
Unpacked: 1.69 MiB. Files: 1. Directories: 0. Images: 1.
Contains: GIF <LIST>

Description: Gif for my loop

>>Anonymous  14jan2015(we)06:54  No.17169  CF  P261
zpsdb6e37e5.rar (498.6 KiB)
Unpacked: 809.4 KiB. Files: 1. Directories: 0. Images: 1.
Contains: GIF <LIST>

Description: gif for loop

>>Anonymous  14jan2015(we)07:35  No.17170  CG  P262R120
1.wav * (10.48 MiB)
01:02 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  15jan2015(th)15:56  No.17187  CE  P263R121
>>Anonymous  15jan2015(th)15:56  No.17188  CE  P264
Hammock - Mute Angels.mp3 * (11.74 MiB)
05:07 stereo 48kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Hammock - Mute Angels
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  17jan2015(sa)03:32  No.17227  CE  P265
Hammock - The Lonely Now_edit.mp3 (6.99 MiB)
07:37 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: The Lonely Now (The Sleepover Series Vol. 2) HQ
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  17jan2015(sa)03:32  No.17228  CE  P266
>>Anonymous  21jan2015(we)19:06  No.17333  CH  P267R122
>>Anonymous  22jan2015(th)09:49  No.17346  CI  P268R123
虚弱。 - saying his prayers.mp3 (7.67 MiB)
06:19 stereo 48kHz 167kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Title: 虚弱。 - saying his prayers
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  22jan2015(th)09:50  No.17347  CI  P269
>>Anonymous  23jan2015(fr)19:29  No.17360  CJ  P270R124

for swf to apk icon.

>>Anonymous  23jan2015(fr)19:37  No.17361  CJ  P271
Shantae Fix


>>Anonymous  27jan2015(tu)13:44  No.17456  CE  P272R125
Hammock - From Silence into Silence (The Sleepover Series...mp3 * (12.4 MiB)
05:24 stereo 48kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: From Silence into Silence (The Sleepover Series, Vol. 2) HQ
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  27jan2015(tu)13:44  No.17457  CE  P273
>>adih2001  1feb2015(su)14:37  No.17574  CK  P274R126
Submachine 5 icon


>>Anonymous  2feb2015(mo)23:36  No.17614-17615  CL  P275-276R127

golly jeepers its the reapers

DOG.mp3 (220.9 KiB)
00:14 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: Lavf52.16.0 / LAME3.98.2
>>Anonymous  2feb2015(mo)23:36  No.17616  CL  P277
>>Anonymous  9feb2015(mo)22:17  No.17798  CM  P278R128
>>Anonymous  14feb2015(sa)23:24  No.17920  CE  P279R129
Boards Of Canada - 5d.mp3 * (11.31 MiB)
04:56 stereo 48kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Boards Of Canada - 5d
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  14feb2015(sa)23:24  No.17921  CE  P280
>>Anonymous  14feb2015(sa)23:45  No.17922  CN  P281R130
Webdings Loop # 1

Heart drinking some soda while relaxing.

>>Anonymous  15feb2015(su)01:26  No.17926  CN  P282
Webdings Loop # 2

Theater Masks doing their thing.

>>...  15feb2015(su)02:25  No.17928  CO  P283R131
To be used in SlowmoBasset.gif


Yume Nikki BGM - Teleport Maze.mp3 (945.5 KiB)
01:00 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3

>>...  15feb2015(su)02:25  No.17929  CO  P284
>>Anonymous  15feb2015(su)07:51  No.17930  CN  P285R132
Webdings Loop # 3

They keep on knocking themselves off a cliff.

>>Anonymous  15feb2015(su)19:08  No.17938  CE  P286R133
Woops! Improved version of the same song. Static noises suck.

Boards Of Canada - 5d NO STATIC NOISE.mp3 (4.53 MiB)
04:56 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Boards of Canada - 5d
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  16feb2015(mo)17:42  No.17970  CE  P287
Boktai - Depature.mp3 (1.77 MiB)
01:55 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Boktai OST - Departure
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  16feb2015(mo)17:42  No.17971  CE  P288
>>Anonymous  27feb2015(fr)06:28  No.18129  CP  P289R134


>>Anonymous  27feb2015(fr)18:32  No.18136  CQ  P290R135
>>Lostpotential  28feb2015(sa)18:35  No.18175  CR  P291R136

Swf for fooly cooly

>>Lostpotential  28feb2015(sa)18:35  No.18176  CR  P292
KinokoTeikou.mp3 (4.74 MiB)
05:10 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>maimesmoking  1mar2015(su)20:07  No.18201  CR  P293
The Pillows - Bran-new Lovesong.mp3 (1.88 MiB)
02:02 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>maimesmoking  1mar2015(su)20:07  No.18202  CR  P294
>>Anonymous  4mar2015(we)08:17  No.18244  CS  P295R137
>>maimesmoking  5mar2015(th)06:01  No.18271  CR  P296R138
The Beatles - Blackbird (lyrics).mp3 (2.12 MiB)
02:18 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>Anonymous  7mar2015(sa)02:48  No.18292  CT  P297R139

Icon for android app

>>Anonymous  9mar2015(mo)04:05  No.18328  CU  P298R140
TERA Elin Action show-xf6zpXAK990.rar (3 MiB)
Unpacked: 3 MiB. Files: 17. Directories: 0. Images: 17.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Images for loop

>>Anonymous  11mar2015(we)14:40  No.18353  CV  P299R141
>>Anonymous  15mar2015(su)02:44  No.18412  CU  P300R142
willox castle.rar (6.52 MiB)
Unpacked: 6.96 MiB. Files: 384. Directories: 0. Images: 384.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: files for a loop

>>Anonymous  15mar2015(su)06:56  No.18417  CU  P301
Image_EX Dollhouse.rar (5.93 MiB)
Unpacked: 6.39 MiB. Files: 371. Directories: 0. Images: 371.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Bouncing Tits

>>Anonymous  22mar2015(su)00:57  No.18570  CW  P302R143


07 Battle (VS Gym Leader) [Pokemon Blue] - Conundrum ~J...mp3 (6.77 MiB)
04:02 stereo 44kHz 228kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Jakesnke17 feat. Source X - Conundrum ~Jolteon~ [Battle (VS Gym Leader)]
"Pokémon: The Eevee EP" 2013 [Game]
Comment: / Pokémon: The Eevee EP / Source: Battle (VS Gym Leader) [Pokémon Blue Version]
Track: 7/9
Composer: Junichi Masuda
Album artist: OverClocked ReMix
Publisher: OverClocked ReMix
Original artist: Game Boy
Copyright: Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK
Encoder: Dustin Lagaly ( / LAME3.98r

>>Anonymous  22mar2015(su)00:57  No.18571  CW  P303
>>Anonymous  22mar2015(su)05:40  No.18572  CX  P304R144
>>Anonymous  26mar2015(th)09:40  No.18633  CY  P305R145
Kawaii Troll.mp3 (4.78 MiB)
02:36 stereo 44kHz 256kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>Anonymous  26mar2015(th)09:40  No.18634  CY  P306
>>Anonymous  26mar2015(th)10:09  No.18635  CY  P307
>>Anonymous  28mar2015(sa)14:25  No.18662  CZ  P308R146
Final Fantasy X-2 thumbnail for APK

thumbnail for Final Fantasy SWF to APK conversion.

>>Xmodious  30mar2015(mo)03:49  No.18741  DA  P309R147

Loving this game.

>>Anonymous  6apr2015(mo)16:49  No.19065  DB  P310R148
Corporation INC

Thumb for Corporation INC APK

>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)03:22  No.19119  DC  P311R149
PeteyYoureAlive.wav (598.2 KiB)
00:03 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)03:38  No.19120  DC  P312
>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)23:13  No.19136  BF  P313R150
Is this unforgotten realms? xD
>>Anonymous  11apr2015(sa)20:30  No.19168  DD  P314R151
kj.mp3 (1.82 MiB)
01:59 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  11apr2015(sa)20:30  No.19169  DD  P315
>>Anonymous  19apr2015(su)22:53  No.19427-19428  DE  P316-317R152
Recently got the Swat Kats DVD's so thought I'd have a go at making some loops.
R&C CiT - Vela Sector - Pirate Radio 4.mp3 (1.83 MiB)
01:59 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  19apr2015(su)23:37  No.19431  DE  P318
Part 2
>>Vague  20apr2015(mo)20:16  No.19471  DF  P319R153


>>yzr64  23apr2015(th)04:19  No.19516  DG  P320R154
The Image of Life

it's a shiba

>>sammy  4may2015(mo)18:44  No.19736  DH  P321R155
50 Stattes

50 States

>>sammy  4may2015(mo)18:58  No.19737  DH  P322
United States Map

United States Map

>>sammy  4may2015(mo)19:04  No.19738  DH  P323


>>Anonymous  13may2015(we)16:02  No.19920  DI  P324R156
>>Anonymous  20may2015(we)22:20  No.20092-20093  DD  P325-326R157
21 - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel.mp3 (6.62 MiB)
03:17 stereo 44kHz 275kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
"The Essential Billy Joel 3.0 CD2" 2008 [Rock/Pop]
Comment: /
Track: 21
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  25may2015(mo)11:02  No.20187  DD  P327
03 American tune.mp3 (2.44 MiB)
02:27 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Andrew Jackson Jihad - American Tune
"Knife Man" 2011 [Folk Punk]
Track: 3/16
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  25may2015(mo)11:02  No.20188  DD  P328
>>Anonymous  28may2015(th)02:24  No.20262  DJ  P329R158
>>Anonymous  29may2015(fr)05:23  No.20276  DK  P330R159
103e575349887768ce50f4f67001efaa[1].mp3 (380.7 KiB)
00:24 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  30may2015(sa)15:26  No.20297  DL  P331R160
>>Anonymous  5jun2015(fr)08:07  No.20449  A  P332R161
>>Anonymous  6jun2015(sa)14:51  No.20473  DM  P333R162
>>Anonymous  6jun2015(sa)14:53  No.20474  DM  P334
>>Anonymous  6jun2015(sa)14:56  No.20475  DM  P335
>>Anonymous  9jun2015(tu)11:02  No.20504  DN  P336R163
>>Anonymous  9jun2015(tu)11:05  No.20505  DN  P337
pon.mp3 (3.39 MiB)
02:57 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: pon
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  10jun2015(we)08:31  No.20525  DN  P338
>>Anonymous  11jun2015(th)05:12  No.20537  DO  P339R164
Tic Tac


>>Anonymous  11jun2015(th)13:24  No.20540  DP  P340R165
Re-plus - Nighttime Rainymood.mp3 (3.9 MiB)
04:15 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>Anonymous  11jun2015(th)13:24  No.20541  DP  P341
>>Anonymous  12jun2015(fr)22:39  No.20579  DN  P342R166
Kokoro.mp3 (4.36 MiB)
03:48 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Kokoro
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  12jun2015(fr)22:39  No.20580  DN  P343
>>Anonymous  16jun2015(tu)22:27  No.20691  DN  P344
>>Anonymous  16jun2015(tu)22:32  No.20692  DN  P345
Hiding Place.mp3 (5.53 MiB)
04:49 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Hiding Place
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  17jun2015(we)03:54  No.20699  DN  P346
>>Anonymous  27jun2015(sa)06:37  No.21001  DQ  P347R167
Touchdown Icon

Icon image for apk tool

>>Anonymous  3jul2015(fr)21:56  No.21157  DR  P348R168
>>Anonymous  4jul2015(sa)14:07  No.21175  DS  P349R169
Kraftwerk - The Robots

Kraftwerk - The Robots.mp3 (5.76 MiB)
03:40 stereo 44kHz 219kbps VBR <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  4jul2015(sa)14:10  No.21176  DS  P350
>>Anonymous  6jul2015(mo)21:56  No.21237  DD  P351R170
12 - Hold On Tight.mp3 (7.17 MiB)
03:06 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight
"Time" 1981 [Rock]
Track: 12/16
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  6jul2015(mo)21:56  No.21238  DD  P352
>>Anonymous  7jul2015(tu)06:34  No.21246  DT  P353R171
>>Anonymous  7jul2015(tu)08:02  No.21253  DU  P354R172
Horst-Wessel-Lied - Wehrmacht Marching to Anthem of Naz...mp3 (6.1 MiB)
03:19 stereo 44kHz 256kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
2015-2015-07 21:52
>>Anonymous  7jul2015(tu)08:02  No.21254  DU  P355
>>Anonymous  10jul2015(fr)23:56  No.21369  DV  P356R173
ぽん (Pon Pon Pon).mp3 (2.76 MiB)
02:57 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
EifiE - ぽん (Pon Pon Pon)
[Flower Sound]
Comment: <3<3<3
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  13jul2015(mo)08:44  No.21429  DW  P357R174
Thompson will do anything for approval


>>Anonymous  13jul2015(mo)20:36  No.21448  DX  P358R175
Merzbow - Woodpecker No. 1

Warning: ear rape

>>Anonymous  13jul2015(mo)21:00  No.21449  DX  P359
Merzbow - Woodpecker No. 1 mp3


merzbow_woodpecker.mp3 (6.47 MiB)
07:03 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

>>Anonymous  13jul2015(mo)21:05  No.21450  DX  P360
Merzbow - Woodpecker No. 1 ii


>>DarkScorpion  15jul2015(we)03:38  No.21480  DY  P361R176
There She Is

There She Is Image

>>DarkScorpion  15jul2015(we)03:50  No.21482  DY  P362
There She Is (Icon)

Icon for There She Is!!

>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)07:16  No.21491  DN  P363R177
>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)07:28  No.21492  DN  P364
Arita.mp3 (3.63 MiB)
03:09 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
EifiE - Arita
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)17:41  No.21496  DX  P365R178
Oneohtrix Point Never - Need


Oneohtrix Point Never - Need.mp3 (2.22 MiB)
02:25 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)17:44  No.21498  DX  P366


>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)22:36  No.21504  DX  P367
fmtownsmarty et cetera


>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)22:36  No.21505  DX  P368
>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)22:36  No.21506  DX  P369
>>Anonymous  15jul2015(we)22:49  No.21507  DX  P370
Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro


01 Andro.mp3 (3.89 MiB)
04:14 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro
"Replica" 2011
Track: 1/10
Album artist: Oneohtrix Point Never
Encoder: iTunes

>>Anonymous  16jul2015(th)00:43  No.21508  DN  P371R179
>>Anonymous  16jul2015(th)00:50  No.21509  DN  P372
Nagasaki.mp3 (3.42 MiB)
02:58 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
EifiE - Nagasaki
Encoder: iTunes
>>Anonymous  16jul2015(th)01:01  No.21510  DN  P373
>>Anonymous  16jul2015(th)20:16  No.21517  DZ  P374R180
>>Anonymous  18jul2015(sa)12:56  No.21550-21551  EA  P375-376R181
Baby Got DLC.mp3 (9.22 MiB)
04:01 stereo 48kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  22jul2015(we)22:09  No.21629  EB  P377R182
>>joeprime14  23jul2015(th)22:42  No.21666  EC  P378R183

Icon for my games and swf air apps

>>19683dw  24jul2015(fr)05:59  No.21680  ED  P379R184
GWOP Image


>>Anonymous  10aug2015(mo)20:01  No.22216  EE  P380R185
>>Anonymous  19aug2015(we)03:20  No.22436  EF  P381R186
>>Anonymous  19aug2015(we)03:55  No.22438  EF  P382
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)04:16  No.22762  EG  P383R187
GoldLink - G.Y.L.O.mp3 (4.98 MiB)
03:06 stereo 44kHz 223kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)04:45  No.22766  EG  P384
edited gylo.mp3 (2.52 MiB)
02:44 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)20:22  No.22812-22813  DD  P385-386R188
05 sandman.mp3 (6.65 MiB)
03:37 stereo 44kHz 256kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Sandman
"Solid State Warrior" 2006 [Pop]
Comment: 00000DE9 00000BEE 00005EEA 00005777 00018B34 0002B67D 00008291 0000815A 0002B268 0002B663 / 00000000 00000210 00000924 0000000000926F4C 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Track: 5/11
Encoder: iTunes v6.0.1.3
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)20:42  No.22814-22815  DD  P387-388
Princess Chelsea - Lil' Golden Book - 06 The Cigarette Duet.mp3 * (10.31 MiB)
04:20 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
"Lil' Golden Book" 2011
Track: 6
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  29aug2015(sa)09:02  No.22895  EH  P389R189
>>Anonymous  6sep2015(su)00:08  No.23194  EI  P390R190
>>SwftoApk  8sep2015(tu)08:39  No.23250  EJ  P391R191
>>jspzyhl  8sep2015(tu)19:35  No.23269  EK  P392R192
>>jspzyhl  8sep2015(tu)19:36  No.23271  EK  P393
>>Dins  10sep2015(th)16:59  No.23376  EL  P394R193
Samus Aran - Zero Suit

Heyo just found a nice pic of Samus

>>SwftoApk  11sep2015(fr)05:40  No.23413  EJ  P395R194
>>Anonymous  12sep2015(sa)10:45  No.23455  EM  P396R195
>>Anonymous  12sep2015(sa)10:51  No.23456  EM  P397
>>Anonymous  14sep2015(mo)06:08  No.23517  EN  P398R196
Oo9W8Ay2n4sp.128.mp3 (2.75 MiB)
03:00 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  14sep2015(mo)06:08  No.23518  EN  P399
>>Anonymous  21sep2015(mo)06:53  No.23777  EO  P400R197
sacrifice.mp3 (2.61 MiB)
02:51 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Michael Nyman - EPI_16_The Sacrifice
"The Piano" 1993 [Classical]
Track: 16
Composer: Michael Nyman
Album artist: Michael Nyman
Publisher: Virgin
>>Anonymous  21sep2015(mo)06:53  No.23778  EO  P401
>>Anonymous  25sep2015(fr)12:26  No.23912-23913  EP  P402-403R198
Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1.mp3 (3.32 MiB)
03:37 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: Lavf52.31.0 / LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  25sep2015(fr)23:12  No.23916  EP  P404
CLAMS CASINO - I'm God.mp3 (4.25 MiB)
04:38 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: Lavf52.16.0 / LAME3.98.2
>>Anonymous  25sep2015(fr)23:12  No.23917  EP  P405
>>Anonymous  26sep2015(sa)03:09  No.23926  EP  P406
the i.l.y's - 06 - Specialized.mp3 (7.62 MiB)
03:17 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
the i.l.y's - Specialized
"I've always been good at true love" [Pop]
Track: 6
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  26sep2015(sa)03:09  No.23927  EP  P407
>>Anonymous  26sep2015(sa)04:34  No.23929-23930  EP  P408-409
Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon).mp3 (3.5 MiB)
03:48 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>Anonymous  26sep2015(sa)09:19  No.23936-23937  EP  P410-411
kittycity_320.mp3 (5.55 MiB)
02:25 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Cyriak - welcome to kitty city
Comment: made with FruityLoops 3 (98-01)
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)02:34  No.23951  EP  P412
Groundislava - Creeper Shit.mp3 (4.81 MiB)
03:28 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Book of Tech EP" [Electronic]
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)02:34  No.23952  EP  P413
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)05:55  No.23953  EP  P414
Pure.mp3 (5.47 MiB)
02:21 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
Comment: Visit
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)05:55  No.23954  EP  P415
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)06:20  No.23959-23960  EP  P416-417
NosajThing_02_Fog.mp3 (6.16 MiB)
03:42 stereo 44kHz 232kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Nosaj Thing - Fog
"Drift" 2009 [Electronic]
Track: 2
Album artist: Nosaj Thing
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)06:31  No.23961  EP  P418
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)09:40  No.23964  EP  P419
MGMT-Congratulations [2010]-09 - Congratulations (+Rain).mp3 (9.1 MiB)
03:58 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)09:40  No.23965  EP  P420
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)19:48  No.23976  EQ  P421R199
toby fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - 100 MEGALOVANIA.mp3 (5.97 MiB)
02:36 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
toby fox - MEGALOVANIA
"UNDERTALE Soundtrack" 2015
Comment: Visit
Track: 100
Album artist: toby fox
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  27sep2015(su)19:48  No.23977  EQ  P422
>>Anonymous  29sep2015(tu)16:16  No.24027-24028  EP  P423-424R200
Fleece - Aliens.mp3 (9.9 MiB)
04:14 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Scavenger" 2015
Comment: Visit
Track: 1
Album artist: Fleece
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  29sep2015(tu)20:33  No.24034  EP  P425
Call On Me (1).mp3 (2.53 MiB)
02:45 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Eric Prydz - Call On Me
"2004" [Other]
Track: 0
>>Anonymous  29sep2015(tu)20:33  No.24035  EP  P426
>>Anonymous  11oct2015(su)06:37  No.24411  ER  P427R201
>>Anonymous  11oct2015(su)06:37  No.24412  ER  P428
>>Anonymous  17oct2015(sa)18:21  No.24679  ES  P429R202
Papyrus Makes a Mixtape.mp3 (3.43 MiB)
01:29 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  17oct2015(sa)18:21  No.24680  ES  P430
>>Anonymous  18oct2015(su)21:07  No.24713  EP  P431R203
>>Anonymous  18oct2015(su)21:25  No.24714  EP  P432
Oberhofer - I Could Go_( * (10.29 MiB)
04:29 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  20oct2015(tu)00:21  No.24742  ET  P433R204
>>Anonymous  20oct2015(tu)00:21  No.24743  ET  P434
>>Derpy  19nov2015(th)19:25  No.25419  EU  P435R205
MLP SWF on android

Working on getting a few new SWFs to work for android. I have a few MLP games on my target

>>Anonymous  22nov2015(su)04:49  No.25489  EV  P436R206
Flash apk
>>Anonymous  24nov2015(tu)07:34  No.25522  EW  P437R207
>>Anonymous  24nov2015(tu)08:20  No.25524  EW  P438
>>Anonymous  30nov2015(mo)05:37  No.25662  EX  P439R208
For futakuri.
>>Anonymous  2dec2015(we)08:29  No.25717  EY  P440R209
Animal Collective - FloriDada.mp3 (5.64 MiB)
04:05 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Comment: converted by
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  2dec2015(we)08:29  No.25718  EY  P441
>>Anonymous  2dec2015(we)08:56  No.25720  EY  P442
>>Anonymous  13dec2015(su)02:10  No.25977  EY  P443
>>Anonymous  15dec2015(tu)06:56  No.26043  EZ  P444R210
>>tri  19dec2015(sa)05:08  No.26149  FA  P445R211

free games

>>tri  19dec2015(sa)05:19  No.26150  FA  P446

man fishing icon

>>marlambert  19dec2015(sa)05:44  No.26151  FA  P447
mancing hati


>>Anonymous  22dec2015(tu)01:27  No.26196  EY  P448R212
Boss - I Don't Give A Fuck.mp3 (3.58 MiB)
03:54 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.3
>>Anonymous  22dec2015(tu)03:21  No.26197  EY  P449
Clams Casino - Treetop.mp3 (3.08 MiB)
03:21 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>Anonymous  2jan2016(sa)23:33  No.26499  FB  P450R213
>>Anonymous  2jan2016(sa)23:39  No.26500  FB  P451
>>Anonymous  2jan2016(sa)23:43  No.26501  FB  P452
>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)03:10  No.26686  FC  P453R214
>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)03:10  No.26687  FC  P454
>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)06:30  No.26691  EF  P455R215
>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)22:34  No.26715  EF  P456
>>Anonymous  18jan2016(mo)06:36  No.26967  FD  P457R216

icon sting

>>Anonymous  20jan2016(we)07:14  No.27047  FE  P458R217


GypsyBardExtended2.wav * (18.75 MiB)
01:51 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
Friendship is Witchcraft - The Gypsy Bard
Comment: Vocals: Jenny Nicholson / Music: Griffin Lewis, Lenich, Kirya

>>Anonymous  20jan2016(we)07:14  No.27048  FE  P459
>>Anonymous  20jan2016(we)07:18  No.27049  FE  P460
>>Anonymous  20jan2016(we)07:30  No.27050  FE  P461


>>pongo  25jan2016(mo)01:02  No.27157  FF  P462R218

i need this for apk

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)23:22  No.27179  FG  P463R219

club dubya.mp3 * (17.56 MiB)
07:40 stereo 48kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: club dubya
Track: 0
Encoder: LAME3.99.1

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)23:22  No.27180  FG  P464
>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)23:38  No.27181  FH  P465R220

Dubya 9 mb

club dubya.mp3 (8.71 MiB)
09:30 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  9feb2016(tu)18:53  No.28615  FI  P466R221
For my next flash

bgm_3_sunsetfetch_improved.wav * (33.65 MiB)
03:19 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
Title: Sunsetfetch
Comment: Edited by Master Otenko for better looping

>>Anonymous  9feb2016(tu)18:53  No.28616  FI  P467
bgm_3_sunsetfetch.wav * (33.65 MiB)
03:20 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  9feb2016(tu)18:53  No.28617  FI  P468
>>Anonymous  20feb2016(sa)23:31  No.29053  FJ  P469R222
02 - CREAM.mp3 (4.78 MiB)
03:28 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Wu-Tang Clan Vs The Beatles - C.R.E.A.M.
"Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers"
Track: 2
Encoder: LAME3.95
>>Anonymous  20feb2016(sa)23:31  No.29054  FJ  P470
>>Anonymous  23feb2016(tu)18:26  No.29129  FK  P471R223
>>Anonymous  24feb2016(we)09:01  No.29152-29153  FL  P472-473R224


gify.mp3 (474.3 KiB)
00:40 stereo 44kHz 96kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME in FL Studio 11
BPM: 140
>>12Boom  11mar2016(fr)13:14  No.30251  FM  P474R225
Just a logo. nothing to see here.
>>Anonymous  13mar2016(su)21:58  No.30370  EF  P475R226
>>Anonymous  13mar2016(su)22:01  No.30371  EF  P476
EifiE - 花音 Vol. 1 - 06 You And Me.mp3 (7.39 MiB)
03:09 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
EifiE - You And Me
"花音 Vol. 1" 2016
Comment: Visit
Track: 6
Album artist: EifiE
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  20mar2016(su)00:27  No.30543  FN  P477R227
Flamingosis - Great Hair - 07 Momento.mp3 (6.42 MiB)
02:44 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Flamingosis - Momento
"Great Hair" 2016
Comment: Visit
Track: 7
Album artist: Flamingosis
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  20mar2016(su)00:28  No.30544  FN  P478
>>joaopsantos16  28mar2016(mo)04:33  No.30869  FO  P479R228

so pra nada mesmo

>>Anonymous  30mar2016(we)01:04  No.30993  A  P480R229
>>Anonymous  30mar2016(we)01:04  No.30994  A  P481
>>Anonymous  4apr2016(mo)14:19  No.31242  FP  P482R230
>>Anonymous  4apr2016(mo)14:46  No.31243  FP  P483
Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White - LOOP.mp3 (5.15 MiB)
02:14 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  4apr2016(mo)15:20  No.31244-31245  FP  P484-485
Slugabed - Sex.mp3 (1.28 MiB)
00:33 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  5apr2016(tu)12:40  No.31293  FP  P486
Vesireittejä.mp3 * (10.41 MiB)
04:32 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Ultra Bra - Vesireittejä
"Sinä päivänä kun synnyin" 2001-10-05
Track: 8/21
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  5apr2016(tu)12:40  No.31294  FP  P487
>>Anonymous  5apr2016(tu)14:09  No.31297  FP  P488
>>Kanindonattelli@gmai  5apr2016(tu)18:01  No.31301  FQ  P489R231


>>Anonymous  5apr2016(tu)22:52  No.31304  FP  P490R232
14. Nujabes - Horizon.mp3 * (16.8 MiB)
07:20 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Nujabes - Horizon
"Modal Soul" 2005 [Hip-Hop]
Track: 14
Album artist: Nujabes
Publisher: Hyde Out Recordings
Encoder: LAME3.98.2
>>Anonymous  5apr2016(tu)22:52  No.31305  FP  P491
>>Anonymous  8apr2016(fr)15:07  No.31390  FP  P492
>>Anonymous  8apr2016(fr)19:54  No.31396  FP  P493
流派未確定 - Reach for the Moon - Immortal Smoke.mp3 (5.46 MiB)
02:22 mono 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  8apr2016(fr)19:54  No.31397  FP  P494
>>Anonymous  10apr2016(su)15:53  No.31466  FP  P495
>>Anonymous  18apr2016(mo)08:36  No.31823-31824  FR  P496-497R233
Testing this thing out

Woops forgot my text

Super Happy Puppy Whirl ~ Help Me, Erinnnn!.wav (1.75 MiB)
00:20 mono 44kHz 705kbps <PREVIEW>
Title: Puppywhirl
>>Anonymous  18apr2016(mo)09:02  No.31826  FR  P498
help me eirin

I apparently don't know what I'm doing. It wouldn't accept the URL of the other audio. This version is longer. And also an MP3 file. Hopefully it will work.

Help Me ERINNNNN! loop.mp3 (2.22 MiB)
02:25 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  19apr2016(tu)03:34  No.31858  FR  P499
Fog Castle - Boktai

Because there should be more Boktai stuff out there

>>Anonymous  19apr2016(tu)03:38  No.31859  FR  P500
Fog Castle - Boktai

The music that plays in the first part of Fog Castle.

09 Fog Castle.mp3 (2.52 MiB)
10:59 stereo 44kHz 32kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Norihiko Hibino - Fog Castle
"Boktai - The Sun is in Your Hand Original Soundtrack" [Game]
Track: 9

>>Anonymous  19apr2016(tu)03:54  No.31860  FR  P501
An error? Not sure where to report this.

I'm attempting to make a loop, and everything is going swimmingly so far, up until I hit the "audio" button. The page it links to is completely blank. When I used an add-on to take a closer look at the scripts on the page, it reported that "The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the file needs to be declared in the transfer protocol or file needs to use a byte order mark as an encoding signature."

I'm not sure what any of that means, but maybe it'll help? I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

>>Anonymous  19apr2016(tu)11:59  No.31874  FP  P502R234
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  19apr2016(tu)13:03  No.31877  SWF  P503R235
Thanks for letting me know, the problem was that the Mp3 header of your audio file is corrupted. The audio duration turns out wrong (it's visible in this thread, it says the audio is 10:59 when it's really 2:43). The problem is not on swfchan's end since audio players such as WinAmp for example will also calculate an incorrect duration from the file's header. The solution is to re-encode the Mp3 (or find a different release) and upload that version to be used instead. I've added a new error message for the SWF loop maker so that this is explained to the user if it ever encountered again.
>>Anonymous  21apr2016(th)20:22  No.31993-31994  FP  P504-505R236
豚乙女 - うたかた.mp3 (9.88 MiB)
04:18 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  22apr2016(fr)19:34  No.32049  FP  P506
>>Anonymous  25apr2016(mo)02:05  No.32130  FS  P507R237
>>Anonymous  25apr2016(mo)02:05  No.32131  FS  P508
03 Bad Choices.mp3 * (12.93 MiB)
05:38 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
"Reintegration Time"
Track: 3/10
Encoder: iTunes v7.7
>>Anonymous  27apr2016(we)19:34  No.32247  FS  P509
>>Anonymous  28apr2016(th)08:37  No.32272  FT  P510R238
Full_Circle_Bonobo_(Remix) - George Fitzgerald.mp3 (5.25 MiB)
05:43 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  28apr2016(th)08:40  No.32273  FT  P511
>>Anonymous  29apr2016(fr)08:15  No.32298-32299  FU  P512-513R239
enoe_-_Discount_Funk_Bass_Riff_D_G_F_85_-01.mp3 (534.4 KiB)
00:22 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Instrumentals via iBeat" 2009
Copyright: 2009 enoe Licensed to the public under Verify at
Encoder: LAME3.82
>>Anonymous  29apr2016(fr)08:39  No.32300  FU  P514
>>Anonymous  4may2016(we)01:15  No.32517  FV  P515R240

mentos song

Mentos The Freshmaker Full Song.mp3 (2.84 MiB)
03:05 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98.4

>>Anonymous  4may2016(we)01:18  No.32518  FV  P516


>>Anonymous  5may2016(th)12:32  No.32585  FS  P517R241
tsukimono e.rar (2.15 MiB)
Unpacked: 2.42 MiB. Files: 37. Directories: 0. Images: 37.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: from tsukimonogatari for swf

>>Anonymous  8may2016(su)19:03  No.32722  FS  P518
tsukimono 03 c.rar (4.18 MiB)
Unpacked: 4.2 MiB. Files: 34. Directories: 0. Images: 34.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: from tsukimonogatari for swf

>>max  12may2016(th)14:55  No.32922  FW  P519R242


>>max bayne  12may2016(th)18:05  No.32931  FW  P520
nisr photo

nisr photo

>>SchoolxWars  15may2016(su)15:14  No.33108  FX  P521R243
>>Anonymous  16may2016(mo)13:14  No.33162  FY  P522R244
Mettaton stuff

I had no idea it needed a text body...

UNDERTALE - Metal Crusher.wav * (10.44 MiB)
01:02 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  16may2016(mo)13:14  No.33163  FY  P523
>>resource  19may2016(th)09:02  No.33269  FZ  P524R245


>>Anonymous  22may2016(su)18:00  No.33411  FS  P525R246
fate stay ubw 25.rar (7.01 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.05 MiB. Files: 81. Directories: 0. Images: 81.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Some visuals from Fate stay night UBW

>>Anonymous  29may2016(su)23:24  No.33688  GA  P526R247
kap bambino - human piles.mp3 (1.61 MiB)
02:19 stereo 44kHz 96kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Kap Bambino - Human Piles
"Blacklist" 2009 [Electronica]
Track: 9
Composer: Bouvier Orion/Kap Bambino/Martial Caroline
Album artist: Kap Bambino
Publisher: Because
Encoder: LAME3.98.4
>>Anonymous  29may2016(su)23:24  No.33689  GA  P527
>>Anonymous  4jun2016(sa)00:38  No.33945  GB  P528R248
drinking alone much

When friday night goes boring and flacid, turn it up a notch with te vodka

magnetcut1.mp3 (331.2 KiB)
00:16 stereo 44kHz 160kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Bombay Bicycle Club - Magnet
"I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose" 2009 [Indie]
Comment: / 00001AF3 00001EB6 0000A8F4 0000B765 00012626 00010F33 00008000 00008000 00002231 00002231
Track: 7
Composer: Jack Steadman
Album artist: Bombay Bicycle Club
Publisher: UME Imports

>>Anonymous  4jun2016(sa)00:38  No.33946  GB  P529
>>Nabetse  3jul2016(su)05:14  No.35049  GC  P530R249

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

>>Nabetse  3jul2016(su)05:36  No.35050  GC  P531


>>Nabetse  3jul2016(su)05:41  No.35051  GC  P532


>>none  9jul2016(sa)11:55  No.35262  GD  P533R250

Crappy MS paint to satisfy FNAC fans

>>none  9jul2016(sa)11:58  No.35263  GD  P534


>>Book of Dread  12jul2016(tu)21:55  No.35432  GE  P535R251
For SWF icon
>>a  14jul2016(th)11:43  No.35528  GD  P536R252


>>Anonymous  14jul2016(th)22:05  No.35548  GF  P537R253
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO].wav * (31.43 MiB)
03:06 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  14jul2016(th)22:05  No.35549  GF  P538
>>dank  16jul2016(sa)03:23  No.35609  GG  P539R254
>>b  17jul2016(su)09:53  No.35658  GH  P540R255


>>c  17jul2016(su)09:57  No.35659  GH  P541


>>Anonymous  20jul2016(we)00:32  No.35752  GI  P542R256


>>Anonymous  29jul2016(fr)00:47  No.37072  GJ  P543R257
10 Antenna.mp3 (8.17 MiB)
03:32 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Bonobo - Antenna
"The North Borders" 2013 [Dance]
Track: 10/13
Composer: Simon Green
Album artist: Bonobo
Publisher: Ninja Tune
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  29jul2016(fr)00:47  No.37073  GJ  P544
>>Anonymous  31jul2016(su)00:58  No.37144  GJ  P545
>>Anonymous  1aug2016(mo)20:29  No.37206  GJ  P546
eastnewsound - noice canceller.wav (7.6 MiB)
01:30 mono 44kHz 705kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  1aug2016(mo)20:29  No.37207  GJ  P547
klovnikappale.rar * (12.07 MiB)
Unpacked: 12.07 MiB. Files: 16. Directories: 0. Images: 16.
Contains: PNG <LIST>

Description: 16 glorious frames of clownpiece

>>nnbveh  7aug2016(su)13:58  No.37389  GK  P548R258
hiragana icon

icon for the flash i'm converting to apk

>>Anonymous  12aug2016(fr)23:09  No.37588  GL  P549R259
>>Anonymous  16aug2016(tu)10:04  No.37748  GM  P550R260


BOOBIES.mp3 (3.9 MiB)
01:42 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)03:22  No.37785  GM  P551

by Nia Kitana

Prayer At Sunset.wav * (35.53 MiB)
03:31 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:16  No.37793  GM  P552


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:20  No.37794  GM  P553


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:22  No.37795  GM  P554


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:23  No.37796  GM  P555


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:24  No.37797  GM  P556


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:25  No.37798  GM  P557


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:27  No.37799  GM  P558


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:28  No.37800  GM  P559


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:29  No.37801  GM  P560


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)06:31  No.37802  GM  P561


>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)08:14  No.37803  GM  P562

Nia Kitana

Prayer_At_Sunset.mp3 (3.23 MiB)
03:31 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  17aug2016(we)09:59  No.37805  GM  P563

sunset wallpaper

>>Anonymous  19aug2016(fr)18:14  No.37935  GN  P564R261
CoC Logo

Corruption of Champions Logo

>>Anonymous  19aug2016(fr)18:25  No.37936  GN  P565
CoC Logo

Corruption of Champions (72x72)

>>Anonymous  19aug2016(fr)18:34  No.37938  GN  P566

Corruption of Champions Logo

>>Bobby Butthole  19aug2016(fr)19:36  No.37939  GO  P567R262
Bobby Butthole for Mayor

The title says it allll

colors senpai.wav * (20.43 MiB)
02:01 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Bobby Butthole  19aug2016(fr)19:36  No.37940  GO  P568
>>Anonymous  19aug2016(fr)19:38  No.37941-37942  GP  P569-570R263
You Just Fell For The Trap.mp3 (1.44 MiB)
01:34 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  25aug2016(th)01:39  No.38397  GQ  P571R264
Testing how to make loops. Thanks to whoever made those Clownpiece loops, I was ~inspired~ to make some too!
>>Anonymous  25aug2016(th)01:39  No.38398  GQ  P572
Day after [Eris's La pousse mix] QUICK TEST CUT.mp3 (642 KiB)
00:27 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
FELT - Day after [Eris's La pousse mix]
"World Trick" 2015 [Doujin Music]
Comment: Quick cut for a test flash on swfchan. -DoubleU / Quick cut for a test flash on swfchan. -DoubleU
Track: 7
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  25aug2016(th)01:46  No.38399  GQ  P573
Whoops, apparently you need 2 visuals
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)00:03  No.38476  GR  P574R265
Who is the universe's ultimate evil doer?
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)00:03  No.38477  GR  P575
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)23:19  No.38507  GS  P576R266
Trying out what happens when you have several frames you want to extend for a loop, stuffed into a gif.

Music To Watch Girls By Original Version.wav * (16.65 MiB)
01:38 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)23:19  No.38508  GS  P577
>>Anonymous  27aug2016(sa)23:19  No.38509  GS  P578
>>Anonymous  28aug2016(su)09:15  No.38524  GT  P579R267
>>Anonymous  28aug2016(su)09:17  No.38525  GT  P580
Boku no Hero Academia OST #2 - 君はヒーローになれる.mp3 (2.59 MiB)
02:49 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  28aug2016(su)09:34  No.38526  GT  P581
Im sorry.mp3 (3.48 MiB)
02:47 stereo 44kHz 173kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>SpacePlusOne  28aug2016(su)21:34  No.38538  GU  P582R268
Break the Silence

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Link description:

Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact...mp3 (471.5 KiB)
00:12 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"Monstercat - 5 Year Anniversary" [Electronic]
Track: 1
Album artist: Various Artists
Encoder: LAME3.99 F Æ…d
BPM: 95

>>SpacePlusOne  28aug2016(su)21:34  No.38539  GU  P583
>>SpacePlusOne  28aug2016(su)21:44  No.38542  GU  P584
Anime Grill

Anime tiddies are hot

>>Anonymous  30aug2016(tu)14:31  No.38594  GV  P585R269
>>Noetopia  6sep2016(tu)21:53  No.38827  GW  P586R270
Noetopia Bild

The Noetopia image

>>Noetopia1  6sep2016(tu)21:58  No.38828  GW  P587
Noetopia Bild1

The Noetopia image

>>Anonymous  11sep2016(su)20:10  No.38925  GX  P588R271
(04) [Shibayan] Myoisia.mp3 * (12.35 MiB)
05:23 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Shibayan - Myoisia
"マジコカタストロフィ - Magico Catastrofe" [Touhou-2]
Track: 4
Encoder: LAME3.99.5ª$—P° zaõ
>>a  14sep2016(we)05:59  No.38991  GY  P589R272


>>c  15sep2016(th)08:37  No.39031  GY  P590


>>b  15sep2016(th)08:39  No.39032  GY  P591


>>c  24sep2016(sa)09:29  No.39342  GZ  P592R273


>>d  24sep2016(sa)10:27  No.39343  GZ  P593


>>Anonymous  28sep2016(we)19:54  No.39479  GO  P594R274
Alchemy Extreme

the tuesday terence goes on in ouor hearts forever and ever forever

Ecstation Quotation.wav * (24.12 MiB)
02:23 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  28sep2016(we)19:54  No.39480  GO  P595
>>Anonymous  30sep2016(fr)05:06  No.39519  GM  P596R275
Danse Macabre (rmx)

Danse Macabre (rmx)

Danse Macabre Remix.wav * (11.48 MiB)
01:08 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  1oct2016(sa)21:40  No.39566  HA  P597R276
>>Anonymous  1oct2016(sa)21:46  No.39567  HA  P598
>>Breadleysss  14oct2016(fr)00:21  No.39983-39984  HB  P599-600R277

this is my flash

quaker.mp3 (1.77 MiB)
00:46 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME in FL Studio 11 / LAME3.98.4
BPM: 190
>>Anonymous  17oct2016(mo)22:01  No.40118  HC  P601R278
Kimagure orange road - ending 1.mp3 (1.87 MiB)
01:21 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  17oct2016(mo)22:06  No.40119  HC  P602


>>Anonymous  18oct2016(tu)02:18  No.40129  HD  P603R279
Gomedubon.mp3 (540.6 KiB)
00:34 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  18oct2016(tu)02:18  No.40130  HD  P604
>>YES  21oct2016(fr)05:54  No.40263-40264  HE  P605-606R280

Me likey.

Nightwish- Wishmaster.mp3 (6.06 MiB)
04:24 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)07:34  No.40399  HF  P607R281
Now_and_Forever.mp3 (4.05 MiB)
02:56 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Precursors (E. Gätzschmann & T.A. Fjellstad) - Ur-Quan - Now and Forever
"The Ur-Quan Masters" 2004 [Soundtrack]
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)07:34  No.40400  HF  P608
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:54  No.40409  HG  P609R282
[OST] E.C.M.4 [SoundTrack].mp3 (5.89 MiB)
04:13 stereo 48kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: [OST] E.C.M.4 [SoundTrack]
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:57  No.40410  HG  P610
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:57  No.40411  HG  P611
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:57  No.40412  HG  P612
>>Anonymous  25oct2016(tu)10:59  No.40413  HG  P613
>>Anonymous  8nov2016(tu)01:04  No.40921  HH  P614R283


>>Anonymous  8nov2016(tu)01:04  No.40922  HH  P615
>>Anonymous  8nov2016(tu)01:04  No.40923  HH  P616
>>jeffy  11nov2016(fr)06:56  No.41029  HI  P617R284

Omega tower defence

>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)22:33  No.41157  GJ  P618R285
Hachimitsu-Lemon - Broken Moon.mp3 (7.96 MiB)
03:28 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)22:33  No.41158  GJ  P619
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)10:06  No.41197  GM  P620R286
Pulling boats for little sister

Pull boats

Pulling boats for little sister 3.wav * (12.85 MiB)
01:16 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)04:52  No.41250  GM  P621
Pull boats for little sister


Pulling boats for little sister 3.mp3 (2.44 MiB)
01:16 stereo 44kHz 267kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)04:55  No.41251  GM  P622
Doge rescue

doge pull boat

>>Anonymous  20nov2016(su)05:45  No.41314  HJ  P623R287
Pacific Town.mp3 (6.28 MiB)
02:41 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Pacific Town
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  20nov2016(su)05:45  No.41315  HJ  P624
>>dood  24nov2016(th)00:07  No.41433-41434  HK  P625-626R288


gorillaz---plastic-beach---10---on-melancholy-hill.mp3 (8.93 MiB)
03:54 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
"Plastic Beach"
Track: 10
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  29nov2016(tu)17:57  No.41593  HL  P627R289
02. Sad Machine.mp3 * (13.39 MiB)
05:50 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
"Worlds" 2014 [Electro House]
Track: 2/12
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  29nov2016(tu)17:57  No.41594  HL  P628
>>klkkll  1dec2016(th)15:29  No.41632  HM  P629R290
weavile zoroark

72x72 alv

>>Aaaaaa  2dec2016(fr)17:21  No.41653  HN  P630R291
>>Aaaaaa  2dec2016(fr)17:46  No.41655  HN  P631
>>Anonymous  9dec2016(fr)19:11  No.41900  HO  P632R292
icon for Fuck Your Champion swf

Fuck Your Champion icon portraying Sona

>>Anonymous  16dec2016(fr)23:49  No.42215  HB  P633R293
here we go


Sailing Over The Dogger Bank.mp3 (4.01 MiB)
02:55 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  16dec2016(fr)23:51  No.42216  HB  P634
another one

for right now

>>p3dsp3ds  25dec2016(su)21:33  No.42575  HP  P635R294


>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)01:54  No.42812  HQ  P636R295
>>Anonymous  3jan2017(tu)07:35  No.42985  HR  P637R296
Honghua Brothel music

09-michael_mccann-honghua_brothel.mp3 (3.24 MiB)
01:55 stereo 44kHz 235kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Michael McCann - Honghua Brothel
"Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST" 2011-2011-08 : [Soundtrack]
Track: 9/12
Encoder: LAME3.98r

>>Anonymous  10jan2017(tu)21:33  No.43207  HN  P638R297
>>Anonymous  19jan2017(th)22:49  No.43436  HS  P639R298

Marie Dance Part 1.rar (5.8 MiB)
Unpacked: 5.93 MiB. Files: 10. Directories: 0. Images: 10.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Marie dancing without a care

>>Anonymous  19jan2017(th)22:49  No.43437  HS  P640
Marie Dance Part 2.rar (5.83 MiB)
Unpacked: 5.95 MiB. Files: 10. Directories: 0. Images: 10.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: Marie still dancing without a care

>>Anonymous  23jan2017(mo)21:19  No.43531  HT  P641R299
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)16:51  No.43744  HJ  P642R300
Zettai.rar * (21.84 MiB)
Unpacked: 21.9 MiB. Files: 13. Directories: 0. Images: 13.
Contains: GIF <LIST>

Description: to be used in a loop

>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)16:57  No.43745  HJ  P643
The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse.mp3 (4.25 MiB)
01:51 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: 5. The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)19:10  No.43751  HJ  P644
Zettai2.rar * (25.67 MiB)
Unpacked: 25.68 MiB. Files: 10. Directories: 0. Images: 10.
Contains: GIF <LIST>

Description: second try, for a loop

>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)11:22  No.43968  HU  P645R301
everything_1184514602_Bandcamp.mp3 (3.06 MiB)
03:16 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
dear - everything
"dear EP" 2014
Track: 1
Album artist: dear
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)11:22  No.43969  HU  P646
>>Anonymous  12feb2017(su)19:07  No.44086  HV  P647R302
Coc corrupt
>>-8 LOVER  26feb2017(su)02:39  No.44636  HP  P648R303
App logo

for his animations

>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)07:23  No.44757  HW  P649R304
Zone logo for an apk icon
>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)02:12  No.46256  HX  P650R305
>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)03:25  No.46258  HY  P651R306
black betty.mp3 (4.33 MiB)
03:06 stereo 44kHz 194kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)03:25  No.46259  HY  P652
>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)03:36  No.46260  HY  P653
>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)04:27  No.46261  HX  P654R307
>>Dsssssss  20mar2017(mo)05:24  No.46423  DD  P655R308

Henlo all

>>Rick99  21mar2017(tu)08:06  No.46447  HZ  P656R309
VIP room

This is gonna be sexy

>>Rick99  21mar2017(tu)08:15  No.46448  HZ  P657


>>Gtg  23mar2017(th)12:03  No.46516  IA  P658R310


>>Anonymous  23mar2017(th)20:33  No.46522-46523  HY  P659-660R311
MyBurdenIsLight.mp3 (901.5 KiB)
00:57 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  23mar2017(th)20:56  No.46525  HY  P661
Self Contained Universe Reprise.mp3 (1.23 MiB)
01:10 stereo 44kHz 145kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  26mar2017(su)04:41  No.46591  IB  P662R312
>>Anonymous  26mar2017(su)20:33  No.46608  HY  P663R313
Into The Light.mp3 (2.78 MiB)
02:01 stereo 44kHz 191kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  26mar2017(su)20:45  No.46609  HY  P664
>>Anonymous  27mar2017(mo)23:20  No.46654  IC  P665R314
How fresh are you?
>>Anonymous  18apr2017(tu)00:17  No.48409-48410  ID  P666-667R315
blbg.mp3 (6.6 MiB)
02:52 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAMEUU„
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)08:48  No.48548  HY  P668R316
Lazerhawk - Feel the Rush Tonight (feat. GUNSHIP) [Dream...mp3 (7.42 MiB)
05:34 stereo 44kHz 186kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)08:49  No.48549  HY  P669
>>Mushigen  4may2017(th)13:56  No.49112  IE  P670R317
Samus Aran

Picture for Icon.

>>Rock Candy  10may2017(we)00:01  No.49292  IF  P671R318
Not a care for the world.mp3 (4.17 MiB)
01:49 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
DM DOKURO - Not a care for the world...
"Rock Candy's Character Themes: Miscellanious Version" 2010
Comment: Zu's theme. Over the energetic in caffiene levels, and sugar highs!!
Encoder: LAME in FL Studio 9 / LAME3.98.2
BPM: 141
>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)08:26  No.49453  IG  P672R319
>>Anonymous  15may2017(mo)05:00  No.49485  IH  P673R320
>>Anonymous  21may2017(su)08:40  No.49699  II  P674R321
Scaly Rimjob pic

For Rajii x Jasonafex >>swfapp

>>Anonymous  21may2017(su)08:51  No.49700  II  P675


>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)09:41  No.49834  IJ  P676R322
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)09:49  No.49835  IJ  P677
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)10:20  No.49837  IJ  P678
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)10:25  No.49838  IJ  P679
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)10:29  No.49839  IJ  P680
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)10:58  No.49840  IJ  P681
>>Unknow  20jun2017(tu)16:42  No.50550  IK  P682R323


>>Unknow  20jun2017(tu)16:49  No.50552  IK  P683
qr 2


>>Uhkavii  22jun2017(th)10:04  No.50591  IL  P684R324
A Silent Voice

Movie - A Silent Voice \ Anime Movie
Song is Potsu - I'm closing my eyes

>>Uhkavii  22jun2017(th)10:04  No.50592  IL  P685
potsu - im closing my eyes.mp3 (2.72 MiB)
01:58 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)06:26  No.50615  IM  P686R325

just a little post of an image

>>Anonymous  1jul2017(sa)06:24  No.50830-50831  IN  P687-688R326
Hydration [Bump].wav * (13.85 MiB)
01:22 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)14:36  No.51009  IO  P689R327
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)14:39  No.51010  IO  P690
>>g  9jul2017(su)02:58  No.51091  IP  P691R328


>>juanito  12jul2017(we)06:04  No.51213  IM  P692R329
cheerlader fuck

Cheerlader Fuck Hentai Game

>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)08:14  No.51401  IQ  P693R330
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)22:56  No.52382  IR  P694R331
>>Anonymous  26aug2017(sa)05:15  No.52787  IS  P695R332
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)12:24  No.52939  IT  P696R333
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)12:34  No.52940  IT  P697
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)15:17  No.52941  IT  P698
>>anon  2sep2017(sa)02:19  No.52955  IU  P699R334
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)02:12  No.53139  IV  P700R335
sahasra.mp3 (2.62 MiB)
01:54 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)02:12  No.53140  IV  P701
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)02:12  No.53141  IV  P702
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)03:24  No.53143  IV  P703
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)04:27  No.53144  IV  P704
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)04:43  No.53145  IV  P705
shrr.mp3 (2.21 MiB)
01:36 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
"DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA ~アバタール・チューナー~1&2 Original Sound Track 完全体" [サウンドトラック]
Track: 10
Composer: 目黒将司
Album artist: サウンドトラック
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)12:09  No.53343  IW  P706R336
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)12:43  No.53344  IW  P707
>>antifaggot  27sep2017(we)18:48  No.53779-53780  IX  P708-709R337
01 - Antifascista.mp3 (5.48 MiB)
02:21 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
ZSK - Antifascista
"Herz Für Die Sache" 2013 [Punk]
Track: 1/12
Publisher: Peoplelikeyou
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>nawtacop  1oct2017(su)18:26  No.53863  IX  P710
160.mp3 (2.64 MiB)
02:52 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Artist: Zoe Zabel
>>nawtacop  1oct2017(su)18:26  No.53864  IX  P711
>>Shizi_kroc  2oct2017(mo)00:34  No.53869  IY  P712R338
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)07:57  No.53908  IZ  P713R339
>>Zyago  4oct2017(we)16:43  No.53954  JA  P714R340


>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)05:59  No.54141  JB  P715R341
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)06:22  No.54142  JB  P716
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)07:43  No.54143  JB  P717
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)08:55  No.54144  JB  P718
>>ghost_enf_mouse.swf Scuare Preview  11oct2017(we)21:26  No.54162  JC  P719R342
ghost_enf_mouse_Scuare Preview

Just a Snapshot for the app Icon.

>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)06:00  No.54167  JB  P720R343
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)11:14  No.54197  JB  P721
>>Anonymous  15oct2017(su)13:39  No.54245  JD  P722R344
Nimin icon

Icon for Nimin APK

>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)19:58  No.54317  JE  P723R345
nuclearglitch.mp3 (5.41 MiB)
05:54 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)19:58  No.54318  JE  P724
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)22:55  No.54322  JE  P725
Fukushima Song.mp3 (1.6 MiB)
03:12 stereo 44kHz 69kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)22:57  No.54323  JE  P726
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)02:03  No.54335  JE  P727
primo.wav (886.1 KiB)
00:05 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)02:03  No.54336  JE  P728
>>Gggg  18oct2017(we)06:55  No.54345  JF  P729R346

Filia cum

>>Anonymous  19oct2017(th)17:30  No.54391  JG  P730R347
>>Anonymous  20oct2017(fr)01:54  No.54401-54402  JE  P731-732R348
Pd23ZlzR5nnW.128.mp3 (4.25 MiB)
04:38 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)02:37  No.54668-54669  JE  P733-734
WndR7UVJSoPH.128.mp3 (3.82 MiB)
04:10 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)11:16  No.54725-54726  JE  P735-736
vBjKL0NMLEIw.128.mp3 (4.13 MiB)
04:30 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)09:23  No.54830  JE  P737
J1FF30AwfoUa.128.mp3 (2.07 MiB)
02:15 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)09:23  No.54831  JE  P738
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)09:50  No.54846  JE  P739
>>Birka  10nov2017(fr)18:41  No.54958  JH  P740R349


>>Birka  10nov2017(fr)19:39  No.54959  JH  P741


>>Birka  10nov2017(fr)19:50  No.54960  JH  P742


>>Birka  10nov2017(fr)20:05  No.54961  JH  P743


>>Birka  10nov2017(fr)20:12  No.54962  JH  P744


>>o do costune  30nov2017(th)00:00  No.55427  JI  P745R350

coiso e tal

>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)13:46  No.55607  JJ  P746R351
nya.mp3 (1.82 MiB)
01:34 stereo 44kHz 162kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)13:46  No.55608  JJ  P747
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)06:44  No.55783-55784  JK  P748-749R352
The Human League - Don't You Want Me.mp3 (5.32 MiB)
03:25 stereo 44kHz 216kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)00:57  No.55830  JL  P750R353
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)20:45  No.55839  JM  P751R354
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)21:09  No.55840  JM  P752
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)21:16  No.55841  JM  P753
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)21:25  No.55842  JM  P754
>>CATDOG TACO  30dec2017(sa)01:45  No.55879  JN  P755R355
>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)06:38  No.55950  JO  P756R356
the song.mp3 (1.86 MiB)
01:05 stereo 44kHz 238kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)06:38  No.55951  JO  P757
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)02:56  No.55964-55965  JO  P758-759
yaeji.mp3 (6.4 MiB)
03:41 stereo 44kHz 242kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)03:17  No.55967  JO  P760
looops the song.mp3 (866 KiB)
00:30 stereo 44kHz 231kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)03:58  No.55969  JO  P761
lets try this again

can i do anything right?

>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)04:16  No.55970  JO  P762

mou ikkai

loops the song.mp3 (821 KiB)
00:29 stereo 44kHz 226kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)21:55  No.55987-55988  JO  P763-764
mondo rosso.mp3 (2.09 MiB)
01:09 stereo 44kHz 251kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  4jan2018(th)17:55  No.56009-56010  JO  P765-766
this is also fo real.mp3 (7.67 MiB)
04:22 stereo 44kHz 245kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  6jan2018(sa)02:56  No.56026  JP  P767R357
>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)00:38  No.56132  JE  P768R358
>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)14:00  No.56147  JP  P769R359
>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)14:00  No.56148  JP  P770
Nujabes - After Hanabi (Listen To My Beats).mp3 (7.17 MiB)
05:13 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)03:23  No.56169-56170  JP  P771-772
Feelin29 Feat.kojoe - 5lack (1) aetrim1515701876244.mp3 (6.84 MiB)
04:58 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
AudioTrim - Feelin29 Feat.KOJOE - 5lack (1) AETrim1515701876244
>>のこ  12jan2018(fr)06:50  No.56173  JO  P773R360
its friday, /f/rends!

5lack.mp3 (7.6 MiB)
04:31 stereo 44kHz 234kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5

>>のこ  12jan2018(fr)06:50  No.56174  JO  P774
>>のこ  12jan2018(fr)12:19  No.56179  JO  P775
>>のこ  13jan2018(sa)22:14  No.56219  JO  P776
>>のこ  15jan2018(mo)08:52  No.56250-56251  JO  P777-778
curryrice.mp3 (1.49 MiB)
02:36 mono 44kHz 79kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>のこ  16jan2018(tu)08:47  No.56285-56286  JO  P779-780
datunes.mp3 (4.6 MiB)
02:52 stereo 44kHz 223kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  16jan2018(tu)09:02  No.56287  JO  P781
better gif
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)20:17  No.56343  JQ  P782R361
>>のこ  18jan2018(th)07:27  No.56358-56359  JO  P783-784R362
Prune you talk funny gus dapperton.mp3 (5.56 MiB)
03:43 stereo 44kHz 208kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  18jan2018(th)12:37  No.56362  JP  P785R363
a smaller gif
>>のこ  19jan2018(fr)06:36  No.56390  JO  P786R364
theseconsex - in the mood.mp3 (6.83 MiB)
04:07 stereo 44kHz 231kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  19jan2018(fr)06:36  No.56391  JO  P787
>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)06:48  No.56392  JO  P788
>>のこ  19jan2018(fr)20:51  No.56402-56403  JO  P789-790
YeYe.mp3 (6.8 MiB)
04:24 stereo 44kHz 215kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)17:45  No.56434  JR  P791R365
>>のこ  21jan2018(su)06:16  No.56449-56450  JO  P792-793R366
コレサワ「たばこ」.mp3 (9.22 MiB)
05:50 stereo 44kHz 220kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  21jan2018(su)06:25  No.56451  JO  P794
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)23:19  No.56476  JR  P795R367
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)23:24  No.56478  JR  P796
>>のこ  22jan2018(mo)07:52  No.56483  JO  P797R368
Japanese Breakfast - Road Head.mp3 (5.32 MiB)
03:16 stereo 44kHz 226kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  22jan2018(mo)07:52  No.56484  JO  P798
>>のこ  22jan2018(mo)07:52  No.56485  JO  P799
>>のこ  22jan2018(mo)20:10  No.56509-56510  JO  P800-801
toe - goodbye.mp3 (7.19 MiB)
04:29 stereo 44kHz 223kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)21:17  No.56514  JR  P802R369
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)01:41  No.56520  JR  P803
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)03:08  No.56522  JR  P804
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)17:48  No.56531  JR  P805
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)17:24  No.56654  JE  P806R370
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)02:26  No.56661-56662  JO  P807-808R371
Mndsgn - Camelblues.mp3 (3.24 MiB)
01:58 stereo 44kHz 229kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)01:57  No.56694  JO  P809
MNDSGN - Cosmic Perspective.mp3 (7.39 MiB)
04:21 stereo 44kHz 237kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)01:57  No.56695  JO  P810
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)21:31  No.56722  JR  P811R372
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)21:54  No.56723  JR  P812
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)15:56  No.56782  JR  P813
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)16:10  No.56783  JR  P814
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)16:21  No.56784  JR  P815
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)16:33  No.56785  JR  P816
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)16:44  No.56786  JR  P817
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)16:56  No.56788  JR  P818
>>Anonymous  1feb2018(th)00:53  No.56800  JR  P819
>>Anonymous  1feb2018(th)00:57  No.56801  JS  P820R373
Factory.mp3 (1.96 MiB)
01:35 stereo 44kHz 171kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>のこ  2feb2018(fr)07:59  No.56814  JP  P821R374
Kinoko teikoku--chronostasis.mp3 (6.31 MiB)
03:48 stereo 44kHz 231kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>のこ  2feb2018(fr)07:59  No.56815  JP  P822
>>のこ  2feb2018(fr)08:08  No.56816  JP  P823
Kinoko teikoku--chronostasis AETrim1517555130175.mp3 (5.97 MiB)
03:35 stereo 44kHz 232kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Kinoko teikoku--chronostasis AETrim1517555130175
>>のこ  3feb2018(sa)09:14  No.56834-56835  JO  P824-825R375
Polkadotsingrey--electric public.mp3 (6.2 MiB)
03:45 stereo 44kHz 230kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  6feb2018(tu)17:21  No.56889  JT  P826R376
>>Jason  11feb2018(su)03:24  No.56954  JU  P827R377


>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)23:41  No.56986  JV  P828R378
Paraphore 0.9.9 aphore099.swf

Link description: Text-based game

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)22:27  No.57026  JW  P829R379
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)03:44  No.57492  JX  P830R380
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)04:39  No.57496  JX  P831
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)04:39  No.57497  JX  P832
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)04:39  No.57498  JX  P833
>>Lorem  17mar2018(sa)21:58  No.57946  JY  P834R381

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam,
quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo
consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse
cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non
proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)12:09  No.58020  JZ  P835R382
Shiba inu

Like described, a shiba inu :D

>>Nanonymous  25mar2018(su)12:54  No.58204  KA  P836R383
For "There is only one level too" icon.

For the game "There is only one level too" icon

>>Anonymous  30mar2018(fr)05:57  No.58315  KB  P837R384
Nine Feet UndergroundeDIT.mp3 (9.85 MiB)
10:45 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r
>>Anonymous  30mar2018(fr)05:57  No.58316  KB  P838
>>memewer  30mar2018(fr)10:43  No.58321  KC  P839R385

lol bob

doeoge.mp3 (1.09 MiB)
00:47 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME in FL Studio 12 / LAME3.99.5
BPM: 185

>>memewer  30mar2018(fr)10:43  No.58322  KC  P840
>>memewer  30mar2018(fr)10:46  No.58323  KC  P841


>>memewer  30mar2018(fr)10:46  No.58324  KC  P842
>>coverimage_sara.jpg  13apr2018(fr)04:28  No.58863  KD  P843R386


>>coverimage_sara.jpg  13apr2018(fr)04:40  No.58864  KD  P844


>>satomi.jpg  13apr2018(fr)06:41  No.58869  KD  P845


>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)02:27  No.59087  KE  P846R387


>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)14:07  No.59184  KF  P847R388

02 Brand New days -The Beginning-.mp3 (2.25 MiB)
01:45 stereo 44kHz 178kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Shoji Meguro - Brand New days -The Beginning-
"Persona 3 Fes Original Soundtrack" 2007 [Game]
Comment: SVWC-7464
Track: 2
Copyright: Aniplex Inc.
Encoder: #gamemp3s / LAME3.97

>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)14:32  No.59185  KF  P848
>>Anonymous  17may2018(th)20:59  No.59774  KF  P849
>>Anonymous  22may2018(tu)13:08  No.59866-59867  JO  P850-851R389
just some simple loop sources
am i awake.mp3 (2.93 MiB)
03:11 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)14:09  No.60011  KG  P852R390
snek.rar (6.02 MiB)
Unpacked: 6.19 MiB. Files: 2. Directories: 0. Images: 1.
Contains: MP3, GIF <LIST>

Description: testing out some stuff. should be a comfy loop (t.newfag)

>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)14:14  No.60012-60013  KG  P853-854
still testing shit, friend took this pic for a challenge/competition
Varg_-_Champagne_Ceremonies_NE39.mp3 (5.67 MiB)
04:07 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)07:41  No.60628  KH  P855R391
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)08:09  No.60630  KH  P856
>>Anonymous  6jul2018(fr)22:40  No.60821  KI  P857R392
>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)14:29  No.61093  KJ  P858R393
Paper Minecraft icon

This icon is used to be Paper Minecraft's icon.

>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)22:59  No.61128-61129  JO  P859-860R394
kirakira bushi.mp3 (3.74 MiB)
04:04 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  6aug2018(mo)23:04  No.61515  KK  P861R395
>>Anonymous  15aug2018(we)22:22  No.61787  KL  P862R396
>>Anonymous  15aug2018(we)22:37  No.61788  KL  P863
>>Asriel Dreemurr  30aug2018(th)01:12  No.62131  KM  P864R397
swf to apk

Allow me to use this photo for my swf I want to be as a apk!!!

>>Asriel Dreemurr  30aug2018(th)01:12  No.62132  KM  P865
>>w7 890  3sep2018(mo)07:01  No.62230  KN  P866R398
can anyone tell me the source of the music

i found it after using data recovery program
i never herd this track before g

Link description: g

>>Anonymous  5sep2018(we)05:59  No.62276  KO  P867R399
01 Seijaku no Tabiji.wav * (37.38 MiB)
03:42 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
Kenichiro Suehiro - Seijaku no Tabiji
"Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Original Soundtrack" 2017
Track: 1/20
Composer: Kenichiro Suehiro
>>Plus9  12sep2018(we)19:31  No.62449  KP  P868R400
Amelia minus8 icon

Just an icon

>>Plus9  12sep2018(we)20:27  No.62453  KP  P869
Amelia bounce

Nintendo bounce theme

Nintendo Wii - Plaza Music (Bounce Mix) 1.mp3 (2.95 MiB)
03:09 stereo 44kHz 128kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Dj Sames - Nintendo Wii - Plaza Music (Bounce Mix)
"Nintendo Wii - Plaza Music (Bounce Mix)" 20150503
Encoder: LAME3.100

>>IluvAmelia  13sep2018(th)14:08  No.62482  KQ  P870R401

Just as the title says

>>w7 890  21sep2018(fr)12:27  No.62610  KR  P871R402
file was found in cache

can anybody tell me what the source is plz

Link description:

>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)02:38  No.63792  KS  P872R403
The Mountain Goats - No Children.mp3 (3.9 MiB)
02:50 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)02:38  No.63793  KS  P873
>>Anonymous  1oct2018(mo)18:51  No.63827  KT  P874R404
>>Anonymous  11oct2018(th)08:46  No.64033  KU  P875R405


>>Bleh  20oct2018(sa)10:54  No.64178  KV  P876R406
Logo for an app

Just a logo for an app that will feature minus8 amelia

>>Bleh  20oct2018(sa)10:54  No.64179  KV  P877
>>Anonymous  27oct2018(sa)16:58  No.64327  KW  P878R407
>>Supmannnyo  15nov2018(th)17:19  No.64903  KX  P879R408
>>Mynigga  16nov2018(fr)14:27  No.64919  KY  P880R409
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)13:04  No.65063-65064  JO  P881-882R410
Fear Not - Rail Yard Ghosts.mp3 (3.97 MiB)
04:19 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  7dec2018(fr)04:17  No.65344  KZ  P883R411
Damn good coffee.mp3 (2.78 MiB)
03:02 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>Anonymous  7dec2018(fr)04:19  No.65345  KZ  P884
>>Anonymous  7dec2018(fr)04:33  No.65346  KZ  P885
>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)05:55  No.65690  LA  P886R412
>>Anonymous  9jan2019(we)05:24  No.65896-65897  JO  P887-888R413
Ikue Asazaki - Obokuri-Eeumi.mp3 * (10.24 MiB)
05:35 stereo 44kHz 256kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Ikue Asazaki - Obokuri-Eemui
"Utabautayun" 2002 [Amami Shimauta]
Comment: Ripped & Encoded by InfoNexus
Track: 1
Album artist: Ikue Asazaki
Encoder: LAME3.97.3
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)02:14  No.65906  JO  P889
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)04:42  No.65907  JO  P890
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)06:25  No.65910  JO  P891
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)22:44  No.65926  LB  P892R414

Using for a .apk thumbnail

>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)09:32  No.66130  LC  P893R415
To be used in the paraphore swf
>>Anonymous  3feb2019(su)22:00  No.66413  LD  P894R416
Another shit

Minus8 .APK file thing

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  7mar2019(th)15:39  No.67210  LE  P895R417
cosplay hilo all pics

welp just a little bit bored here enjoy

cosplayhilo.rar (1.94 MiB)
Unpacked: 1.96 MiB. Files: 52. Directories: 0. Images: 52.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: for

>>Anonymous  27mar2019(we)22:40  No.67705  LF  P896R418
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)01:04  No.67816  LG  P897R419
Icon for Onihole APK

Making am Icon for the apk of the game

>>Anonymous  21apr2019(su)04:17  No.68208  LH  P898R420
c39a94e4350380cb43d1f9a3f7ff56bc.wav (818.4 KiB)
00:04 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
Comment: Made with Sony ACID Pro 5.0
>>Anonymous  21apr2019(su)04:17  No.68209  LH  P899
>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)05:21  No.68732-68733  LH  P900-901
Myst - Un Finale.mp3 (1.8 MiB)
01:57 stereo 44kHz 127kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Robyn Miller - Un-Finale
"Myst" 1998 [Video Game]
Comment: Ripped By Duvessa
Track: 22
Encoder: LAME3.95
>>gay42069  20jun2019(th)17:35  No.69495  LI  P902R421
hot af

Just wanted app icon

>>Anonymous  24jun2019(mo)03:51  No.69575  LJ  P903R422
>>Anonymous  12jul2019(fr)20:21  No.69971  LK  P904R423
>>r0jer  13jul2019(sa)13:04  No.69988  LL  P905R424

Wave the Swallow is a flying character, just like Tails. She is quick, but she can win races easily using her ability ;)

>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)08:34  No.70381  LH  P906R425
The Ink Spots - Its All Over But The Crying_comp_f.wav (8.11 MiB)
00:48 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
The Ink Spots - sound of old computer
"Bless You: The Very Best of..." [Jazz;Swing;Oldies]
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)08:34  No.70382  LH  P907
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)17:38  No.70386  A  P908R426
>>Anonymous  3aug2019(sa)00:53  No.70406  LM  P909R427
>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)06:13  No.70605-70606  LN  P910-911R428
I can't figure out swftools
Streets of Rage - Dilapidated Town (Remaster).mp3 (4.52 MiB)
03:17 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99.5
>>may  16aug2019(fr)16:29  No.70649  LO  P912R429

may icon

>>may  16aug2019(fr)16:40  No.70650  LO  P913

may jpg icon for apk

>>Anonymous  16aug2019(fr)17:12  No.70653  LO  P914
rhythm heaven

rhythm heaven icon for apk

>>Anonymous  16aug2019(fr)17:13  No.70654  LO  P915

april icon for apk

>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)00:42  No.71038  LP  P916R430

fasfsfsffaaweg gr eg

>>Anonymous  12sep2019(th)00:42  No.71039  LP  P917
should.mp3 (4.36 MiB)
30:26:38 stereo 48kHz 0kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
>>Pixy  12nov2019(tu)19:06  No.72207  LQ  P918R431

Lol just need a picture for the swf>apk

>>Anonymous  18nov2019(mo)08:37  No.72283  LR  P919R432
>>krogyeko  20nov2019(we)19:37  No.72324  LS  P920R433
pic to 224187

pic to 224187 for apk

>>krogyeko  20nov2019(we)21:57  No.72326  LS  P921

icon 224187 for apk (re:)

>>krogyeko  20nov2019(we)22:01  No.72327  LS  P922


>>krogyeko  20nov2019(we)22:18  No.72328  LS  P923
everything is test because i dont know why it dont work


>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)06:46  No.72399  FN  P924R434
123.mp3 (8.93 MiB)
04:49 stereo 48kHz 256kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Glass Animals - Gooey
"Magic Mike XXL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 20140213
Encoder: LAME3.100
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)06:50  No.72400  FN  P925
>>Anonymous  25nov2019(mo)07:08  No.72401  FN  P926
>>Anonymous  15dec2019(su)21:18  No.72784  LT  P927R435
ponka anal apk

doing this for an apk image

>>Anonymous  21dec2019(sa)09:20  No.72878  LU  P928R436

Attempting to make a Paraphore APK

>>Anonymous  9jan2020(th)08:33  No.73159  LV  P929R437
SSG Creambee, testing it out

ATtempt 3

>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)01:54  No.76300  LW  P930R438
>>Anonymous  16apr2020(th)02:17  No.76301  LW  P931
Redoin icong
>>Anonymous  17may2020(su)03:48  No.77143  LX  P932R439
>>Anonymous  15jun2020(mo)01:52  No.77675  LY  P933R440
Creambee Icon

Creambee Icon

>>Anonymous  17jul2020(fr)05:41  No.78223  LH  P934R441
>>Blank  12jan2021(tu)12:54  No.82716  LZ  P935R442
Blank Audio + file pick image

250 ms of Blank, and prompt to pick file

250-milliseconds-of-silence[1].mp3 (35.7 KiB)
00:36 mono 8kHz 8kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Anar Software LLC - 250 Milliseconds of Silence
"Blank Audio"
Album artist: Anar Software LLC
Encoder: LAME3.98

>>Blank  12jan2021(tu)12:54  No.82717  LZ  P936
>>Silence  12jan2021(tu)13:18  No.82720  LZ  P937
1 second

1 second of silence

1-second-of-silence[1].mp3 (36.4 KiB)
00:37 mono 8kHz 8kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Anar Software LLC - 1 Second of Silence
"Blank Audio"
Album artist: Anar Software LLC
Encoder: LAME3.98

>>Anonymous  13apr2021(tu)03:15  No.84715  LH  P938R443
>>w7-890  11jun2021(fr)20:54  No.85862  MA  P939R444
its me again long time no post (on disc) found this random game while looking for stuff
original game download (audio extracted with X-ripper on data-gob file after install) /

(sorry i cant upload SeaWolf soundtrack .ogg is not accepted post failed)

Link description: /

>>Anonymous  18feb2022(fr)23:56  No.88709  MB  P940R445
I’ve been putting off making this swf loop for years. Thought I’d finally get around to doing it.
I've been trying to upload a rar of the image sequence but it seems to keep failing no matter what I do.
>>Anonymous  19feb2022(sa)20:32  No.88725-88726  MB  P941-942
The previous one worked fine simply exporting all the frames as a gif and then mucking around with the various frames. Thought I might try a few more.
Tetris Type C - SPRINGS DREAM.mp3 (4.23 MiB)
03:57 stereo 44kHz 149kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Tetris Type C - Spring Dreams
Encoder: LAME3.100¹
>>Anonymous  19feb2022(sa)23:26  No.88727-88728  MB  P943-944
And one more.
Shop Windows and Amber Reflections with Rain.mp3 (4.19 MiB)
02:51 stereo 44kHz 205kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Shop Windows and Amber Reflections with Rain
Encoder: LAME3.100¹
>>Anonymous  28jul2022(th)19:14  No.91363  MC  P945R446
Alone Together [p0zIbYCu7Yc].mp3 * (12.05 MiB)
06:53 stereo 48kHz 244kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100
>>Femanon  19feb2023(su)23:38  No.95069  MD  P946R447


>>Anonymous  29apr2023(sa)23:45  No.96611  ME  P947R448
A new episode of Sublo and Tangy Mustard is out, so I thought I'd make a small loop.

I’ve been trying for hours to make a RAR that the system will accept to no avail. Not even the offical WinRAR method works.
Happily, it seems alright as a GIF.

>>Anonymous  1may2023(mo)09:56  No.96616  MF  P948R449
>>Anonymous  2may2023(tu)22:22  No.96623  ME  P949R450
>>Anonymous  8jun2023(th)16:14  No.96944-96945  BF  P950-951R451
All the links at oops still point to!

Link description: SWF loop maker

Comment: Links fixed!
navy_seal_missile_pasta.mp3 (2.37 MiB)
01:43 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: Lavf52.1.0 / LAME3.98 (beta)
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)17:45  No.96953  MG  P952R452
Gillian Welch Look at Miss Ohio.mp3 (4.41 MiB)
04:16 stereo 44kHz 144kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100¹
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)17:45  No.96954  MG  P953
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:37  No.96957  MG  P954
A Steven Universe themed NSFW loop this time.
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:37  No.96958  MG  P955
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:37  No.96959  MG  P956
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:41  No.96960  MG  P957
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:41  No.96961  MG  P958
>>Anonymous  10jun2023(sa)20:41  No.96962  MG  P959
>>Anonymous  11jun2023(su)00:50  No.96976  MG  P960
"Are these the gentlemen from AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-1 Plumbing?"
>>Anonymous  11jun2023(su)00:50  No.96977  MG  P961
>>Anonymous  3aug2023(th)04:55  No.99252  A  P962R453
>>Anonymous  3aug2023(th)05:09  No.99254  A  P963
Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold.mp3 (3.86 MiB)
02:44 stereo 44kHz 196kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  4aug2023(fr)17:50  No.99261  A  P964
ppg.rar * (84.08 MiB)
Unpacked: 84.18 MiB. Files: 434. Directories: 0. Images: 434.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: For transit.swf

>>Anonymous  4aug2023(fr)17:54  No.99262  A  P965
Dan Romer ft Meredith Godreau - We Will Rise Again.wav * (37.53 MiB)
03:43 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  11aug2023(fr)00:09  No.99292  MH  P966R454
Михайло_Поплавський_Кропива...mp3 (4.49 MiB)
03:15 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100
>>Anonymous  11aug2023(fr)00:14  No.99293  MH  P967
>>Anonymous  11aug2023(fr)00:17  No.99295  MH  P968
>>Anonymous  12aug2023(sa)09:31  No.99307  MI  P969R455
>>Anonymous  12aug2023(sa)09:39  No.99308  MI  P970
>>Nanonymous  17aug2023(th)11:16  No.99427-99428  MJ  P971-972R456


isa.mp3 (272.1 KiB)
00:17 stereo 44kHz 127kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  26aug2023(sa)16:24  No.99487  MK  P973R457
Feline Fantasies Icon

FF Icon

>>Anonymous  12sep2023(tu)01:33  No.99581  ML  P974R458
>>Anonymous  23dec2023(sa)23:48  No.100575  MM  P975R459
chipi chipi chapa chapa

chipichipi.mp3 (205.2 KiB)
00:13 stereo 48kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100

>>Anonymous  23dec2023(sa)23:48  No.100576  MM  P976
>>Anonymous  24dec2023(su)00:01  No.100577  MM  P977
>>Anonymous  24dec2023(su)00:11  No.100578  MM  P978
chipichipi.mp3 (256.7 KiB)
00:13 stereo 44kHz 160kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.100
>>Anonymous  24dec2023(su)12:53  No.100585  MM  P979
chipichipi.wav (2.4 MiB)
00:13 stereo 48kHz 1536kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  24dec2023(su)12:59  No.100586  MM  P980
chipichipi.wav (2.19 MiB)
00:12 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>iodfoifo  29dec2023(fr)16:08  No.100635  MN  P981R460
The Torture Game 2

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Link description: S&re=df&s=4&p=AbrfA8oR7dROqSqLX2I5a0XhBSxFiARLKaX1 IDfU11USTtTIyYF_syskJL0QHVEv5t1CJKc5gyJ5vSAi-SqYcH lqx51tyrSmMBol79KwckLt_hRhDUobAGU17HTTs5v7G8dETaPj 6

>>Anonymous  31dec2023(su)17:25  No.100659  MO  P982R461
>>Anonymous  18jan2024(th)06:23  No.100756  MP  P983R462
>>Anonymous  15mar2024(fr)11:04  No.101124  MQ  P984R463
app icon
>>Maxor808  31mar2024(su)11:38  No.101211  MR  P985R464
APK Icon Photo- HKG5/Filia

Custom Icon for an App

>>Maxor808  31mar2024(su)11:38  No.101212  MR  P986
>>Anonymous  8apr2024(mo)22:48  No.101276  MS  P987R465
Im cooking something

>>Anonymous  8apr2024(mo)22:48  No.101277  MS  P988
>>Anonymous  13apr2024(sa)08:47  No.101296  MT  P989R466
Super Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover

>>FreakyGram  14apr2024(su)08:57  No.101301  MU  P990R467
>>Anonymous  18may2024(sa)20:31  No.101394  MV  P991R468


>>Nanonymous  4jun2024(tu)02:44  No.101559  MW  P992R469
Don't ask
>>arm  10jun2024(mo)00:48  No.101637  MX  P993R470

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