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1. Does swfchan support tripcodes?

Yes, the standard tripcode implementation is supported. The tripcode is generated from your password and stored when you post, the password itself is not stored.

2. How do I use a tripcode?

When you post you simply put "#password" after your nick. For example if you submit "John#password" you will appear as "John!ozOtJW9BFA". This is a way for people to recognize you between threads (and sites too, if that site uses a proper implementation).

3. What should I think about when posting a RAR?

A whole bunch of things:

+ It must contain min 1 file.

+ It must contain max 2000 files and folders (put together, so 2000 files plus 1 folder is not okay).

+ It must extract to min 10 KiB.

+ It must extract to max 150 MiB.

+ It cannot contain any archives (other RAR files). Hidden archives are of course disallowed too.

+ It must not be password protected or contain any password protected files.

+ The JPEG file name extension is forbidden -- use JPG instead. Note that the format JPEG is allowed, just that the extension must be three characters.

+ A file or folder path in the archive cannot be over 150 characters total. A file with a 90 char name cannot be in a folder that has a 65 char name (65+1+90=156). Slashes also counts in a path (that's the +1 in the example).

+ All files must have a file name extension. For example you should rename "README" files to "README.txt".

+ A file name extension cannot be longer than 4 characters.

+ Using the wrong file name extension for a file is not allowed if deemed non-feasible. A png labeled as a jpg can be feasible, however a exe labeled as a jpg is not.

+ The file name extension must only contain A-Z and 0-9.

+ It is not allowed to have just one FOLDER in the archive root. This is common when people right-click a folder and select "Add to archive...", instead what you should be doing is entering the folder, pressing CTRL+A (select all files and folders), right-click one of the selected files and then finally choose "Add to archive...".

+ It is also not allowed to have only one single folder and one single file in the archive root.

+ All files must be at least 1 byte in size.

+ All files must be unique, no duplicates are allowed (content-wise, duplicate file names and file sizes are okay).

+ It must not contain any hidden files/folders.

+ It must not contain any read-only files/folders.

+ It must not contain any compressed files/folders (files/folders that has the "compress" attribute set).

+ It must not contain any encrypted files/folders.

+ The content must be what it appears to be. For example the archive should be named properly (relating to what it contains) and if it has a file named "bird.jpg" that file has to be a image of something relating to the word "bird".

+ It can't have any empty folders.

+ It must not contain a file that's larger than 50 MiB.

+ Split archives are not allowed.

An important tip about WinRAR compression:

When you are creating your RAR archive, if you are mostly compressing images or video files you should select Fastest from the compression method drop down list. This will make WinRAR use little compression, however the file size will only be 10-100 KiB bigger than if you had chosen the best compression method. The benefit of using Fastest is that it takes much less CPU work to both create AND extract the archive. Aside from saving you and others time this will make swfchan process your archive faster (meaning your post will show up earlier after you finish uploading it). Please avoid using the "store" setting that turns off compression completely because although images/videos usually compress badly it WILL sometimes compress a whole MiB, which is always welcome.

tl;dr: Select FASTEST as compression method.

For advanced users, mind your share's necessary quality:

100 MiB can go a long way when sharing images, if you want to share something above 100 MiB you always have the option of reducing the image quality a little. Far too often many groups release things in printing quality and although I approve of greater quality at the cost of a few extra bytes I don't think it should be taken too far. JPEG is a great format and its awesome algorithm should be taken advantage of.

Many images that are around 1 MiB in size can be shrunk down to 300 KiB without the human eye being able to tell the difference on a computer screen. Only by putting the nose close to your screen and comparing the two images side-by-side some minor variation might be found. And this only by reducing the quality and not the image dimensions. If the images are way too wide/tall for their purpose you might want to consider shrinking them (avoid if possible though, increase JPEG compression first).

A good measure for suspicion is 750 KiB, if the image has no color but is larger than this it probably has more quality than 99% of those interested in the image needs. Actually an average of around 500 KiB of all the images you want to put in a RAR might be a bit too high. In order to reduce download time and to spare the swfchan server from using too much HDD space and bandwidth you can tone down overly fine images to a more befitting share size. Always keep enough quality to make your share respectable, just try to not make it feel bloated and space-wasting.

tl;dr: If you have the possibility to adept your share's quality for its purpose, please do so.

4. Why is everything so slow?

At the moment I can only afford a single 10/10 Mbps connection for all swfchan domains. I hope to upgrade in the future. (Update: Now upgraded to 30 Mbps.) This is why torrents are so great since they will help reduce the traffic to the server. Please use the torrents.

5. How do I delete my own uploaded files?

You can't do that right now so be careful what file(s) you are uploading. This feature will come in the future. If it is critical that the file is deleted you can always ask the admin to delete them for you.

6. How do I use the torrents?

All you need is a BitTorrent client that supports trackerless torrents. Most major ones these days do. Look for the phrases "distributed hash tables (DHT)" and "peer exchange (PEX)" when you are picking out your client.

Once you have the client installed all you have to do is click on the link that leads to the .torrent file and your browser will ask if you want to open it in your BitTorrent client. Answer yes and you will get a dialogue asking where you want to save the torrent. Pick a folder and you are done, the torrent will be downloaded in a while. It's that easy.

Of course you can minimize the BitTorrent client and do other stuff while it is downloading, like looking for more torrent files to download for example. You don't have to wait for the current download to finish before you start a new, you may download 1000 torrents at the same time if you want to.

7. Why is my BitTorrent download never starting?

When using the torrents automatically generated by swfchan to download files in /res/ you need to use a BitTorrent client that supports trackerless torrents. These type of torrents don't rely on trackers, you find seeds simply by asking other BitTorrent clients.

This is the future of BitTorrent (actually it's the present), you should look for a client that supports this excellent feature. This is how torrent magnet links work also: when you click on a magnet link your BitTorrent client asks others if they have the .torrent file for that link. If they do they send it to you. Your client then starts asking around for the files described inside the torrent file, and downloads them.

If you know your client supports trackerless torrents (it does if it supports magnet links) you simply have to wait a while longer until the torrent starts. The only downside with trackerless torrents is that it can take a while until your client finds someone that has what you are looking for.

If you refuse to or simply cannot change BitTorrent client you can try to manually add a few open trackers to the torrent yourself, if you are lucky you may discover a few seeds this way.

If your client supports manual peers adding you can simply add the swfchan server immediately yourself and do not have to wait for it to be discovered automatically. Try adding "" or "".

8. I think my ISP is blocking torrents, what can I do?

Most BitTorrent clients support randomizing the port it uses. That option might help in some cases. Some clients also allows you to mask the protocol it uses for communication, look if there are any protocol disguising/encryption options.

If you cannot download the actual .torrent file you should be able to copy the magnet link into your BitTorrent client directly (look for something like "Add URL"), then your client will download the .torrent for you. This is of course only if your client supports magnet links, which it probably does if it supports trackerless torrents.

9. Do I have to enter my e-mail address when posting?

No, in fact you never should (but of course may if you like to). Everything you put in the mail field will be visible for anyone that browses the site, including spiders searching for people to spam... The mail field is used for sending commands to the server and only appears as a email input field for historical reasons.

10. What commands can I use?

-- This has changed a bit in 2017...
-- Check this thread:

You may place the following commands into the mail field in order to make your post "behave" different:

Will make your post not count as a reply. The thread will not bump and you will not increase its health. The first time you sage a thread you will actually lower its health; the amount of health lowered depends on how many other people that have saged the thread before you. This way you who uses the imageboard can help out by "killing" bad threads. You will however not decrease the thread's health if it is already below or equal to 10%. Also be aware that an anti-abuse system is in place, if triggered the thread's health will not be lowered.

Will make your post not count as a reply. The thread will not bump and you will not increase its health. You will however not lower its health either, use this command when you wish to make a "discrete" post in the thread but not help kill it.

Special command added for the /res/ board. This can be used when uploading two files; the first must be an image and the second must NOT be an image. The image and file will then appear to be part of the same post. This can be used when you want to share a file along with an eye-catching RELATED image. The combo command will group your image, text and file together. Note that you cannot use this command for the first post in a thread.

All commands are case insensitive. "#" will be filtered out from the string put into the mail field. This is because recognized commands that had no effect will have # at the beginning when the post is displayed.

11. How can I stylize my posts?

There are two ways for you to change the color of your post's text:

You can place ">" at the beginning of a row to color the row yellowish-green. This is often used when making quotes and is commonly known as greentexting.

You can place "+ " (notice the space) at the beginning of a row to color the row blue-gray. This should be used to make lists easier to distinguish from the rest of the text.

12. What are quotation links?

By writing ">>123" in your text you will generate an anchor link that leads to (quotes) the post by number 123. When you reply to a post you should use these links in order to avoid confusion. If you have JavaScript enabled you need only click on a post's number to automatically make a working quotation link.

You can quote post in other threads if you wish, these links will appear with three > instead of two. If you intend to just link to another thread it is however better to simply copy and paste the thread URL to your text since these links will remain even after the thread you linked to dies (and can be viewed for quite a while longer until the files are finally purged by the system). Quotation links between threads will stop working as soon as the thread they are pointing too dies.

If you are responding to a specific part of a post it is customary to copy that text into your post with a single > added to the left of the copied text. This will make quoted text, or greentext. If you are copying a small string of text you can place it directly to the left of the quotation link (on the same row). If the quotation link is at the beginning of the row this will also make the copied quote greentext.

13. How many threads can I have?

-- This has changed in 2017, ignore the text below!
-- Instead check this thread:

You can have an unlimited number of threads, however an anti-flood mechanism is in place to prevent people from starting too many new threads themselves at the same time.

The anti-flood works by checking how many threads you have started within the past 24 hours on a single board (not globally). If the count is over a set max for that board you will begin taking health from all your own less-than-24-hours-old threads on that board for each new thread you make (the new thread will also get less health). The amount of health taken from each thread depends on the age of the thread and on how many threads you have on the board.

You may safely start 4 new threads on each board each 24 hour cycle, except for on /b/ where the number is 1 and on all flash boards (that allow .swf uploads) where the number is 5. You may start more threads if you wish without waiting 24 hours however then know that your threads on that board will reduce in health (thus might expire sooner than older threads).

Remember that the count is per-board, so you can for example safely upload 5 flashes to /show/ and 5 to /swf/ each day without getting any health drop.

14. What's with the health of all threads?

-- This has changed in 2017, ignore the text below!
-- Instead check this thread:

A thread start out with a set health depending on the board that it is on. The default is 75% health except for the following exceptions:

Threads on /res/ always start out with 100% health. Threads on /b/ always start out with 50% health.

Threads on the flash boards start out with the following amounts of health depending on how long ago the flash file was last uploaded:

100% - has never been uploaded to before.
90% - hasn't been uploaded in 6 months.
75% - was uploaded 6 days to 6 months ago.
50% - was uploaded not even 6 days ago.
30% - was uploaded not even 3 days ago.

When a board is overpopulated the system tries to reduce the number of threads on that board. When that happens all currently alive threads continuously loses health until one of them reaches 0%, at which time the thread expires and cannot be posted in anymore. However an auto-expired thread will remain in existance for a while after its death (in order for people to be able to read its last-minute replies and to avoid 404-ing of linked-to files). After a day all files in the thread is deleted. After a week the thread itself is proned from the database and it is erased from disk.

The amount of health a thread loses over time depends both on the thread's age and popularity. Normally new threads will die after old ones, however really popular threads should outlive new unpopular ones.

A thread gains 1 health upon each new reply in it. If the reply was made by a new poster in the thread it will also gain an additional health point (so +2 health per each unique reply). Note that all posts are not replies, for example a double/triple post by the same person may only at most count as one reply.
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