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>>hoops  14nov2014(fr)07:13  No.16150 

a picture

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>>almi  10nov2014(mo)12:31  No.16092 
cover vortex point 3

cover vortex point

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>>almi  10nov2014(mo)12:42  No.16093 
cover vortex point 3b

cover vortex point 3b

>>Anonymous  2may2014(fr)09:42  No.12846 
Vortex Point 4

Cover for vortex point 4

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>>Anonymous  13jan2014(mo)21:01  No.9265 


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>>Anonymous  4mar2011(fr)00:27  No.412 
Okina Flying Factory

Or just "Okina" for short. This thread is for stuff by him.

Okina Flying Factory - Silent 'e'.rar * (35.08 MiB)
Unpacked: 35.2 MiB. Files: 204. Directories: 0. Images: 204.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: jap, loli (flatchest), toddler, multistory, blowjob, vaginal, anal, incest, rape, bondage (tape rope ballgag cuffs), pegs, dildo (also in chastitybelt), tears, cuntlick, kidnap, inflation, group, tail

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>>Anonymous  9mar2011(we)11:30  No.607 
That's it. All of the works by Okina that I have have been uploaded. Since this is my favorite artist I've looked high and low on the Internet for years, and here you have it: The complete collection of what's available by Okina Flying Factory online. All in one place.

If you actually have something that I somehow have missed in my extensive search, please, please, PLEASE upload it or failing that please link to it!

If you have any translations of these works or actually are willing to make translations please post em! If you take the time to translate I can take on the job of putting the text into jpg files.

>>Anonymous  22nov2013(fr)01:23  No.8853 
>>Anonymous  22nov2013(fr)01:27  No.8854 

>>Anonymous  7nov2013(th)02:21  No.8745 
GSXP is sharing an audio file

just sharing this for a friend.

Old Metal Gear (Vinyl2).mp3 (4.36 MiB)
04:45 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.99r

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>>Anonymous  13feb2011(su)02:23  No.57 
Hentai with interesting stories (English translated only)

Normally whenever I'm looking at a translated hentai manga I flip through the pages just looking for any hot scenes. I rarely care about the so-called story that are in most of these things, and I bet I'm not the only one.

But ever so often I tumble over a manga that has a story interesting enough that you get into it and read at least most pages. This thread are for these rare kinds of hentai manga. (It must be a actual hentai manga that you're posting, don't put a manga series in here that has some hentai scenes here and there.)

Also describe the story a little in wat you're posting please. In this one I'm posting the story is that an assassin girl gets a job to kill a detective, but it turns out that he isn't an easy target...

[Nishikawa Kou] ALICE [eng].rar * (89.37 MiB)
Unpacked: 89.36 MiB. Files: 201. Directories: 0. Images: 201.
Contains: JPG, PNG <LIST>

Description: hentai, english. loli-with-tits, loli-flatchest, bondage, good story, kinda-rape, hidden-objects-in-pussy, swimsuit, triangle drama, drugs, gangbang, blood/violence, threesome

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>>Anonymous  20oct2013(su)10:50  No.8610 
This is the story of two friends brought together by a mutual interest: Young girls. They travel the country and rape several lolis before finally deciding that enough is enough.

[Quzilax] Loli Tomodachi [eng].rar * (21.71 MiB)
Unpacked: 21.75 MiB. Files: 38. Directories: 0. Images: 38.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: loli, rape, translated (english), good story

>>Anonymous  20oct2013(su)10:55  No.8611 
A young girl falls in love with a blind man in a society that has decided that their love cannot be.

[Quzilax] Love is Blind [eng].rar (9.53 MiB)
Unpacked: 9.53 MiB. Files: 26. Directories: 0. Images: 26.
Contains: PNG <LIST>

Description: loli, love, good story

>>Anonymous  20oct2013(su)10:58  No.8612 
Haruki (age 23) loves Kanae (age 10) but know that their love cannot be. What he doesn't know is that her father also loves her a little too much every day.

[Bar Peachpit] Sho-Chu-Rock chapter 7 [eng].rar * (14.33 MiB)
Unpacked: 14.33 MiB. Files: 34. Directories: 0. Images: 34.
Contains: PNG <LIST>

Description: loli, rape, mindbreak, good story

>>Drunkenstein  18sep2013(we)22:22  No.8285 
Need drinking alone flash /2013/July/The%20JYJ%20mag%20vol%202/DC%20PYC/BQTk _DYCcAApw_o.jpg nking_alone_by_stigmatattoo.jpg

Good pics to link with music, I'm not skilled enough to make flash.
music reminds me of Party too hard

Link description: drinking alone

ringtone.mp3 (162.2 KiB)
00:13 mono 44kHz 96kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Bombay Bicycle Club - Magnet
"I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose" 2009 [Indie]
Track: 7
Encoder: LAME3.98r

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>>Anonymous  4jan2012(we)01:31  No.2922 
The Pixiv Thread

This is where I share rared images of artists I have found on the Japanese site - a popular community for Asian people that likes to draw.

The RAR archives I'll upload will have a name that follows this pattern:
<original-artist-name> (<pixiv-member-id-number>) <artist-name-in-english>.rar

The original artist name is often some Japanese symbols that we NORMAL people can't comprehend. That's why I've transated the artist name into English and put it at the end of the file name. If I know the English version of the artist name I'll use it but most often I don't so I'll just use Google translate to make the Japanese name more sensible. The member ID can be used to go to the artist on Pixiv, for example if the ID is 1234 the URL to the artist profile is:

The images in the archive all follow this file name pattern: ...

Link description: The pixiv site...

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>>Anonymous  31aug2013(sa)00:51  No.8044 
Back after a long time of nothing. Someone requested this so I'm just uploading it here and will link him to it... Amazing how calm /res/ has been. I downloaded these images back in April this year btw so some newer images are probably missing from it.

As109 (1910668).rar * (67.71 MiB)
Unpacked: 69.41 MiB. Files: 391. Directories: 0. Images: 391.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: guro, loli, art

>>Anonymous  31aug2013(sa)21:42  No.8049 
Do you know of pixivutil?

You should check it out:

Source code :

Link description: pixivutil - pixiv downloader

>>Anonymous  3sep2013(tu)02:38  No.8056 
Yeah, that's what I've been using. Good tips for other people though!

>>Anonymous  6mar2011(su)02:01  No.476 
Music from Flashes

In this thread we share the music that can be found in various flash files around the Internet. Let's make this the biggest and most useful music sauce thread for us swf people!

+ Post a to the flash that uses the music as proof that the music is actually used in a flash.

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>>Anonymous  13dec2011(tu)21:51  No.2857 
Noticed I made a little mistake here, that's supposed to be the superior Jean Claude Ades Remix, not the dull original track.

Here's the real NEDM music.

Coburn - We Interrupt This Programme (Jean Claude Ades R...mp3 * (12.41 MiB)
07:55 stereo 44kHz 215kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"YTMND Soundtrack - Volume 11" 2006 [Soundtrack]
Track: 2
Encoder: LAME3.90.

>>Anonymous  16sep2012(su)20:11  No.4538-4539

Link description: Just a link to the flash that uses the music.

Vinter in Hollywood - R U Robot.mp3 (9.6 MiB)
05:01 stereo 44kHz 267kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Vinter in Hollywood - R u Robot
"Outbreak" 2009 [Electronic]
Track: 3
Encoder: LAME3.98r
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