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>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)17:47  No.78813  OP  P1
This site is now officially trash.

I am honestly shocked this site is run by a fucking retarded Trumper. A new site must be made, free of brainwashed political views and just exist for the fucking porn like it is supposed to be.

>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)18:24  No.78814  A  P2R1
Interesting point you are raising.
Still voting trump tho.
[spoiler]But I agree that it feels out of place. Political partisanism has got no place on chans, we are better than those other shit sites.[/spoiler]
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)18:44  No.78815  B  P3R2
>>78813 4723717816320 te-joe-biden-forgets-year-meanders-off-frame-in-di sastrous-livestream/ at 35:50

>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)19:53  No.78816  C  P4R3
lol this site is always a good time.
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)21:16  No.78819  D  P5R4
At this point I don't even care that they're voting trump but using this or any site that site to push THEIR political agenda is fucked. let me jack off without being reminded of the broken shit political system I'm forced to be a part of.
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)21:30  No.78823  E  P6R5
chill the fuck out
the admin just put a clickable hat icon on top, it's not like his political views impact anything that he does for and on this site
apart from a shy and awkward call for people to vote for some turd sandwhich in the USA, he hasn't been showing signs of "brainwashed political views" at all
if you're just here for the porn (you absolute degenerate) then go on, fap like you always do and that's it, what do you care if there's a hat at the top or not (you can even toggle it to not show)

>le escapism is gud mane

>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)00:10  No.78829  F  P7R6
>still getting mad about trumpfags
Let it fucking go already.
>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)03:01  No.78831  G  P8R7
Eternally asspained.
>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)03:33  No.78832  H  P9R8
It's not like the admin hasn't already pinned batshit insane conspiracy theories to the top of this site multiple times already. And he's a Swede so it's not like he has a clue what's happening in America, he just eats up any channer zeitgiest he comes across. Any sane person in America knows both parties are morally corrupt and Anarchy is the only answer for us.
>>Yahfriendly minecraft builder  21aug2020(fr)04:40  No.78833  I  P10R9

Multiparty system would be a good answer to your problems. The con is that is needed a researcher population. If they don´t research what every party is going to do it will be broken and a civil war maker

>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)05:05  No.78834  J  P11R10
This shit is no better than any other politifag pulling a "we need to stop trump :(" post on their website. For fuck's sake, you look like jelloapocalypse.
>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)12:11  No.78835  K  P12R11
The first thing I notice about Trump on this site is OP's whining.

Democrats are torching their own cities, meanwhile cities and states lead by Republicans are doing just fine despite eternal blind hatred from Democrats as a simple tribal ritual of theirs.

Indeed though, this site is trash, not because of the people in charge but because of uploaders. SWF is a bad format and Flash artists are generally bad people.

>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)12:36  No.78836  C  P13R12
Flash is safer than javascript (the other dynamic content system for HTML), contains more games than javascript. contains more movies than javascript, contains some of the best video players online which don't track you. contains hentai which is win, and the main point of what makes flash awesome is online hosting for everyone.

You yes you can at this very time post a flash onto here or newgrounds or a variety of file hosts in .swf format then include it in everything from forum posts to some chat applications and websites.

sorry but you can't do that with javascript of HTML5. HTML5 is the whole webpage so no one will host your website for free. javascript is really really dangerous so no one will do that either.

the beauty of flash is Freedom Of Expression online for the masses without signing up for anything nor doxing yourself.

This is why the left wants it dead, they are the doxing culture, they want "wrong think flash content makers" to be doxed. HAH but you can't dox flash makers, lest they have a patreon or some dumb shit. lol so because of that leftists say "flash is bad and must die". that really is the whole thing behind the death of flash.

>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)12:44  No.78837  L  P14R13
>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)01:19  No.78841  M  P15R14
Not surprised that the self admitted "non-US citizen" doesn't actually know what's going on in the country and thinks Donald fucking Trump actually wants to help us
>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)09:01  No.78848  N  P16R15
>giving a fuck about a site owner's political party preferences
>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)12:40  No.78851  O  P17R16

Imagine favoring the status quo establishment; many of whom have had over 30 years to attempt to solve the 'systemic' problems, and opposing Donald Trump - who insisted on doing the Job whilst donating the salary and renegotiated many trade deals actually improving the earning power of the average American.
Still burn your own cities down and then ask for a bail out; that's clearly the winning move and isn't alienating vast swathes of voters.

>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)18:40  No.78858  P  P18R17
Damn. Imagine bitching about political shit on a flash board.

When the fuck did this turn into twitter.

>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)18:43  No.78859  P  P19
ESP considering that 50% of the flash threads contain "Nigger, Faggot, and Jew" riddled throughout the mix. But all it takes is a little red flag you can hide/ignore to set off the SJWs

I think you guys need to realize what site you are on. Majority of the chans on the internet are like this.

>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)06:56  No.78875  Q  P20R18
lmfao, imagine having trump derangement syndrome to such a degree that you'll just ignore how close joe is to the sunset.

watch those videos and picture biden as the commander-in-chief standing up to russia and china. that man would have the launch codes to the nukes and he barely knows where he is.

>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)10:05  No.78879  R  P21
this is the reason why saidit is better than most chans atleast no one complains there right guys
>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)16:35  No.78883  S  P22R19
>Trump will stand up against China the best he can.

I lol'd at that one, I could insert the couple of times where Trump flip-flopped and praised China in his fucking tweets.

Also I dunno if I were to to be concerned about the "authoritative left" when Trump is openly flirting with a third term because "they spied on me" and thinks other dictators are "strong leaders".

Before anyone tries the usual "Oh, he wasn't serious/he was just joking", did he really? He does that an awful lot. For a man that supposedly "says it like it is", which in itself is fucking hilarious because that man, if he ever speaks coherently, (dementia anyone?), blasts out lies that are unprecedented even for a politician, if you ever try to nail down a position for Trump that makes him look bad, his defenders also go into full projection and deflection mode.

I dunno if I would bother to deconstruct SWFants message, it was just a Maga hat so I don't feel like it is forced down on me, I mean I clicked in infact, I would have just hidden it with uBlock or something.
If I were to put up the effort I would have to the usual /pol/-tier discourse and seeing as the usual all so classy "mainstream media" already been tossed out, all we are left is the usual: "Every view is just an opinion. Truth doesn't exist or matter. I am right, you are not."
Which is rampant on the chans, obvious to anyone that browsed one for longer then 10 minutes.

Maybe I will check back in this thread, maybe not.
Peace /f/ellas.

>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)21:05  No.78892  E  P23R20
/b/lackup arrived!


>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)21:07  No.78893  E  P24
>failed, writing quotation by hand
got a long way back to reddit ahead of you amirite?
>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)23:29  No.78895  O  P25R21

Glad to see the reading comprehension is on point; does that look like a Redditor to you, dullard?

>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)18:40  No.78909  T  P26R22
So the leftists can shove their shit down our throats but a Trumper cannot, fucking fags please its his right anyway also its just limited to the maga hat lol kikes ruining everything since 2001 and before, just let us enjoy our fucking flashes before death comes
>>Anonymous  24aug2020(mo)23:47  No.78912  U  P27R23
>>Yahfriendly minecraft builder  25aug2020(tu)03:39  No.78914  I  P28R24
Both wrong and no one correct.

The real problem ain't the political parties from left or right. THE PROBLEM IS... that both you USA guys gotta authoritarian guys trying to get the power.
-First rule keep democracy and if that doesn't work use more democracy.
-Second rule you ain't free you never were free in the first place so unless something hits you hard do not freak with the government.
-And third rule do not ever show your political opinion in public.

>>w7-890  25aug2020(tu)17:08  No.78932  R  P29R25
am i the only one who realized that the MAGA message from ants has a lot of typos
>extremely fascist and rasist
>im genuinly worried

also make sure to archive this thread

fixed, thanks
>>Anonymous  26aug2020(we)11:59  No.78936  V  P30R26
uwuwuwuwuwuwu nigger nigger nigger

you don't have to be lefty to be retarded but you gotta be fucked in the skull to think supporting "muh poor policeman" in the US of A is fucking reasonable.
hundreds of civil departments that could actually be solving problems, like medical or psychiatry staff, are underfunded,
and somehow, some way, you come to the conclusion that the police force that gets billions in funding to shoot innocent people in the back of the neck, is "underfunded"
the US police departments have a federation-wide workers union that completely erases their accountability and PAYS them to be aggressors and escalate conflicts with protesters and force them down alleyways to cause riots,
and somehow you come to the conclusion that making them MORE militarised (when they're even worse at being peaceful in urban environments than the USMC) would solve the problems.

vote trump if you want, vote ole pedo for all I care.
but fuck you if you think those niggers running and crewing the PD cop cars need more money and pity.
what they need is to get fired and replaced with competent people who can do the jobs we need.

Nobody is trying to eradicate the police entirely
what we're trying to do is give the jobs of dealing with the local 14 year old thief or 17 year old street racer or 24 year old street beggar to people who aren't trained to shoot them in the back of the neck on sight because their trigger happy demented narcisissm told them "I thought he had a gun"

>>Anonymous  26aug2020(we)14:28  No.78939  L  P31R27
not relevant cope
>>Anonymous  27aug2020(th)06:26  No.78957  W  P32R28
Fuck off with that MAGA shit. This makes me want to steal a maga hat (because there's no way in hell I'd buy one and support Frump), cum on it, then set it on fire. I came here to wank, not have your politics shoved in my face.
>>Anonymous  29aug2020(sa)07:20  No.78992  X  P33
So you can't ignore a hat or click a link to get a cookie that hides the hat for good? What thin skin you have.
>>Anonymous  29aug2020(sa)17:26  No.78996  T  P34R29
nobody shoves politics at your face you dumb retard, you can either click on the maga hat or leave it as it should be and fap to your zone minus8 furry trap pr0n here...

Fucking retards here I swear, when leftists shove politics into us were forced to swallow that shit but when a cuckservative does it then censor cancel shit, fuck this shit, just enjoy your maga hat ffs cannot even coprehend politics dumb retard shit enjoy getting kiked by jews and niggers niggers niggers

>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)00:00  No.79128  Q  P35R30
Streamed 4 hours ago. Look at 14:04. And that's him reading from a teleprompter, mind you.

Ignoring Joe being completely unsuitable to lead a country, do we really want to go back to these types of scripted speeches by a third party where he just checks off things on a list?

>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)15:37  No.79140  Y  P36R31
Boohoo, someone has a political belief other than my own?!? I call it trash, site owner is a meanie :(( I also have the need to suck a BLM cock afterwards
>>Anonymous  3sep2020(th)22:51  No.79260  L  P37R32
imagine shoving down politics down peoples throats in a dead flash site.
>>Anonymous  4sep2020(fr)23:33  No.79279  Q  P38R33 delivers-remarks-kenosha-wisconsin
Go to 1:04:25 to hear Joe Biden talk about how we don't teach history in history class, that a black man invented the light bulb. Then it appears like he farts at 1:04:46 (turn up the volume).

At 9:30 in he once again stumbles over words while reading his rehearsed speech. I think he's trying to tell Trump to stop boasting over stuff on twitter.

Trump isn't perfect but at least he's not Biden. There's just so many creepy basically groping videos that Joe has even apologized for. And there's many generally strange happenings, like when he randomly nibbled his wife's finger on November 30 th last year.
I don't understand why the dems didn't just give people a reasonable alternative to vote for.

>>Anonymous  5sep2020(sa)12:41  No.79292  E  P39
imagine bumping a weeks old thread again, because you can't just live with people having opinion, admin owning a website he can do whatever he wants with and flash not being dead at all

go suck your google overlord's feminine dicks some more
stop giving a fuck about politics, or you're as annoying as the endorsement hat at the top

>>Anonymous  5sep2020(sa)14:04  No.79295  L  P40R34
>please be stupid like me
>>Anonymous  9sep2020(we)06:36  No.79451  Z  P41R35
Donald Trump is a Facist, The US Covid response was to kill 200,000+ people

You really don't understand US politics if you support trump in the slightest. Fox News is GOP orchestrated propaganda that millions fall for. Sure there are issues with the left, we do not want a two party system but that is all our politicians give us. Trump pardoned multiple criminals and committed felonies while in office. He is also using his position in office to benefit himself directly over the citizenship. Your country want Trump in power so America will fail and they are spoon feeding you propaganda as well. This is not a place for politics.

>>Anonymous  9sep2020(we)19:59  No.79485  E  P42
>we do not want a two party system but that is all our politicians give us
nigger you can vote whoever you want
exactly that way of thinking is what lets them keep their influence
you are not choosing the lesser of 2 evils, why not run for office yourself if you're so uncontent with the many candidates

also, condemming one side and pardoning the other, me thinks YOU really don't understand US politics

>>smar-tard  10sep2020(th)03:34  No.79520  R  P43R36
huh thanks Antz this was my first time getting redtexted also my reading comprehension level has increased 3 points [insert fallout meme here] now where did my Adderall powerup go

>>78837 >>78939 >>>78847 >>>78852 >>>78877 >>>78901 >>>78905 >>>78915 >>>79094
says the TURBO CHRGED XtreME sAmEfag who poops on every thread (no u)

TL;DR politics and privilege is total BS trust nobody. Fuck everyones feelings (our society has real life flaws \/)
PROTIP: hackers don't get what they want by complaining to the sysadmin all day they find ways to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system to get what they really want instead of fighting for others all day long
sorry for being late btw also check the images at the bottom tics (plz don't summon kimmino Jonathan Alm he is a big grammar bully)

>>Anonymous  11sep2020(fr)19:06  No.79559  AA  P44R37
not me cope
>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)04:35  No.79577  X  P45
retarded astroturfer alert

anyone can make red text by putting the text they want to be red into the title part of the post form

>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)14:05  No.79617  E  P46
he was referring to the "fixed, thanks"
you super retard
>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)17:09  No.79648  B  P47R38
How will it make you feel when Joe Biden actually beats Joe Biden? If Joe Biden loses it will be because of Joe Biden.
I mean he said it himself and I believe him:
>>Anonymous  12sep2020(sa)20:10  No.79653  AB  P48R39
What the fuck

Who the fuck, in their right mind, would think that Trump is worth anything other than using has large, orange leathery skin as some kind of rug after he has been (finally) assassinated for his complete and utter, blatant stupidity?

>>Anonymous  13sep2020(su)10:48  No.79674  AC  P49R40
What a salt mine
>>Anonymous  13sep2020(su)14:41  No.79677  Q  P50R41
Tell me why you're voting for Joe Biden without mentioning Trump.
>>Anonymous  13sep2020(su)18:40  No.79684  AD  P51R42
Wait where did he state he was voting for Biden?
>>Anonymous  13sep2020(su)19:31  No.79685  Q  P52R43
Why would anyone rag on Trump that much but not Biden as well if he is planning to vote for neither?
>>Anonymous  14sep2020(mo)09:21  No.79688  AE  P53R44
>believing Trump would actually effectively stand against China
>thinking US police is in a good place compared to other police
>if you're against Trump, you're for Biden
Trump apologists are fucking retards, news at 11.
>>Anonymous  14sep2020(mo)12:07  No.79690  R  P54R45
sorry for my autistic sperging plz gib leeway (any omega males here)

implying democracy isn't an illusion (freedom is slavery ignorance is strength)
also if its morally wrong in the eyes of most people then banning it isn't considered censorship amirite guys

speaking of sane any sane individual understands that when your freedom begins someone else ends (its flawed)
when tolitarian governments win they get their freedom and we lose ours when rebels win they get in power... (and vice versa)
TL;DR freedom is an illusion safety is a delusion (everyone fights for power regardless of intent and consequences using either deception or violence)
power and freedom is like a circular seesaw its either always centered or one goes up and the other one goes down while others remain in the middle

lol good thing this board has no self delete feature (i wish other chans would do the same)

no offense but the way the left has acted has taught me how to stop worrying and start loving Hitler (thanks 8chan /pol/)
also how do you access i keep getting redirected to vanwatech site (anyone else experiencing this)

>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)00:24  No.79697  Q  P55R46
1 Trump has been complaining about China long before he became president.
2 US police has to keep in mind the gun behind every blade of grass.
3 Even if you're against both it's clear that Trump at least has a clear mind.
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)00:26  No.79698  Q  P56
Works for me, writing goes to
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)05:24  No.79699  AF  P57R47
Wow, your speech tells a lot about you as a person. Go tell that to cheezeburger or reddit then. They push leftist views on the daily. A little blurb icon at the top of this site is tame in comparison. And nothing he said is wrong either.
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)10:44  No.79700  AG  P58R48
No one uses that ruined shitheap of a site anymore except Qtards. Some boards like /v/ moved to, the rest like /pol/ I dunno where they went.
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)19:39  No.79706  E  P59R49
seems like 8kun has enabled a ddos protect from vanwanet, like cloudflare
it needs javascripts, so without that you cannot access the site
I'd recommend anyway, don't know about its /pol/ tho, I don't browse that board
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)21:10  No.79707  Q  P60R50
A quick glance shows having 842 posts in the last hour while has had 50. has many active boards with a wide range of topics while seems to have a vidya board and a diaper fetish board as its current highlights.
With these statistics in mind and to keep this discussion on topic, can we say that is the Trump board and is the Biden board?
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)23:58  No.79712  AH  P61R51
Well, you know what, I can't vote neither, because I'm european, but I know what happen with Chinese, I don't understand what nobody care about Hong-Kong, I don't understand why our republican and democratics governments are reticently to deal with Taïwan, ...

Basically, I don't care that much about Trump or Biden, I think BLM is a trend, and this will not let a big stuff in history, and I don't feel worry too much about this, this will disappear in a cycle... Because what they are doing is racist, all lives matter, and be mad at someone saying that, is being the fucking racist.

So after making racist on a side, the other side will become more racist, then finally some years after, some peoples with a brain will be okay to say that was shitty, and make things going better.
Black peoples don't want to be victims, but many of them are still silent with all this, and don't want to be bullies neither and know shits are going too far.

I don't know if Trump can make a change on what's more important (Chinese governments crimes), but if we consider ourself are democracy, our countries shouldn't accept that free peoples become emprisoner, torturer, sterilized or killed in camps.

Did we learn nothing about history? Well, if nazis just kill their jews on their land, maybe nobody would care or stop them finally...
We know, and we let something similar happen... We should be ashamed, seeing nobody care about crimes against mankind if they are not commited with conflict of interest.

Maybe Trump will do better than Biden on this. (But I don't trust Trump on many points, as his covid crisis handling, or his personal behavior), but if some countries, some peoples are supporting HK or Taiwan against China and ready to help them, they should be elected.

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)01:02  No.79713  B  P62R52
Let me ask you, what would you have had Trump do differently in terms of Corona? He knew how serious it was but he downplayed it to not cause a panic. Not sure if this is the "scandalous recording" people are talking about: I've tried to find a link to the actual full length audio clip but news articles don't like it when you actually hear what Trump says in full context, they rather just tell people what they think he meant and puzzle together short snippets from him speaking.
Anyway, you KNOW that if he had said how serious it was people would have blamed him for causing a panic. And now when he didn't people complained he kept it secret. Well I say he did just fine. And the death numbers are not his fault but rather the incompetent leaders of for example New York. old-residents-to-gather-for-chinese-new-year-in-de fiance-of-coronavirus-that-ended-well/
And let's not forget the democratic leaders said that of course you could protest against racism. That was no problem. But you may not protest against the lockdown, that spreads the virus! Yes, they literally set different rules depending on what was being protested. ists-coronavirus-protests-quarantine.html
So what do you think Trump should have done different without causing a panic? I mean he did create a Corona Taskforce as early as January 29. irus_Task_Force And he had press briefings telling people what was going on. (Press briefings that many news channels stopped showing when they noticed that it started to change people's opinion about Trump when they actually saw him speak themselves.)

Put yourself in Trump's shoes. If he does something he gets blamed, if he doesn't he gets blamed. Meanwhile there's a quirk in USA's government: Trump has federal jurisdiction. Counties are supposed to deal with things on their own and can request aid from the feds (Trump) if they need it. Had Trump overstepped his jurisdiction the news would have called him a dictator. When he didn't he instead "didn't do enough".
Same with the riots btw, Trump only has federal jurisdiction. Had he crushed the riots the news would have called him a dictator, when he didn't he didn't do enough. He did defend his federal court houses and what did the news do? They smeared him, made up lies about him invading their city. Meanwhile in reality all he did was defend what he had jurisdiction over, his men basically just had to go out and extinguish some fires from time to time and collect the worst trouble makers.

Speaking of the riots the whole George Floyd is weird. He was screaming "I can't breathe" while inside the police car, was resisting arrest the whole time and he begged the cops to put him on the ground. Using a knee on the neck is a common practice to subdue. He was talking on the ground, meaning he got air just fine. Watch the whole thing (don't skip around in the video or you won't feel how it was for that police officer): Mirror:
The big mistake the cops made was not checking on him when he went quiet, but at that time it was probably already too late. The drug overdose was taking its effect, I doubt the cops could have done anything to save him. But they should have checked on him, especially with the crowd that was forming. Lesson learned there I supposed.
Man, when I saw that video it felt like the riots were all based on a lie. Then it was the guy that was shot 7 times in the back. Eye witness said that guy had a knife and he was clearly ignoring the police, but that still triggered more riots. And now just the other day a crazy guy runs out of his house, screaming at the cop, literally holding a knife above his head, and people STILL riot when the cop used self-defense while fleeing.

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)01:41  No.79715  B  P63
Trump is removing all special economic status from Hong-Kong. China wants to consume HK but at the same time keep them as an economic power hub. Unfortunately this move will affect the people living in HK as well but the only way China will possibly do anything is if something affects them directly. residents-executive-order-hong-kong-normalization/ 30-us-ends-extradition-treaty-with-hong-kong-over- national-security-law slapping-sanctions-on-china-for-interference-in-ho ng-kong.html

Another big thing Trump has done was making it possible for the US government to sanction or seize the assets of any US company (or person?) that helps China subdue Hong-Kong in any way. At least if my memory serves me right, I don't have the details exactly and can't find a relevant link for that. Trump is definitely doing something with the HK situation and I'm sure there will be more when he is reelected.

Oh yeah before I forget, you wrote "Did we learn nothing about history?" which reminded me about the newest installment of Call of Duty. The theme of the game is about not forgetting the past, the trailer has the words "know your history or be doomed to repeat it". It also had a 1 second clip from the events before the Tiananmen Square massacre. So Activision censored it! How's that for dystopian irony. -black-ops-cold-war-trailer-gets-censored-in-china -over-tiananmen-square-crackdown-footage/ar-BB18kn WB
Uncensored version: The clip is at 1:05.

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)09:52  No.79720  AH  P64R53

I think what ever a president do, it will be treat like a dictator by his opponents (like Macron vs Yellow Jackets in France), but I think at least if he can't force people to act, he can do simple stuff as wearing mask or stuff like that more often. Actually, I don't think the mask is a requirement, I travel to Sweden, and they handle it well in my opinion without mask, but with kind of a non-mandatory lockdown. (No lockdown, but the Stockholm theme park closed, some shop or restaurant close, 2 meters distance between people recommended, ...). But swedish are kind of "rules followers" even when not mandatories.

At France, in more and more cities, not wearing the mask = 135 euro penalty. In the same time, french are the opposite of "rules followers", so since my city set mask as mandatory, there is hardly anyone wearing a mask in the streets. Combined with a lack of hygiène, so virus problem is getting worse.

USA are huge, so it's maybe not that bad to not make things mandatory everywhere, but as President of the overall, I think he should do the most for "the stupid ones" that just not wear mask even when they should, not because mandatory stuff, but because it's safer for them and peoples around...

China is a weird communist system, they take cash from everywhere, but overall, the mainland china is lobotomized as fuck, if you remove Taiwanese, Hong-kong people, and religious-independent parts of the country (like Xinjiang or Tibet), you find peoples only trusting the self-proclamed leader at life as their God or at least, without free mind, thinking he's a great man.

You can find news about Chinese students bullying Taiwanese student around the world.

I know economics impact can disturb China, but it's not enough, if they loose the US market, they can live on the european/asian/russian buyers, and I don't think impacting civilians of HK is the best strategies...

I would prefer to see HK and Xinjiang monitored by United Nations with Blue Helmets at every streets to protect civilians from a government that don't give a shit about them and just want to force them to accept an unique mindset as any totalitarian system. Than just slowed down a little bit Mainland China government, because they don't need money to torture or kill with their army.

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)22:03  No.79730  B  P65R54
Thing is USA's constitutional rights doesn't even allow for most of the shutdown laws but people have been shitting all over the constitution this year and almost nobody seem to care.

It doesn't say "you are free to peaceably assemble UNLESS there's a pandemic", it says "you are free to peaceably assemble".
It doesn't say "you are free to exercise religion UNLESS there's a pandemic", it says "you are free to exercise religion".
It doesn't say "you have freedom of movement UNLESS there's a pandemic", it says "you have freedom of movement".

Yet they have banned certain protests (but not all, meaning people aren't treated equal under the law), they have arrested people being out swimming by themselves, they have denied churches to practice their faith (even with social distancing). Sweden has had more freedom this year even though on paper US should be more free.

So I think it's good that Trump doesn't shit on the constitution like everybody else does. You can't make things mandatory for "the stupid ones" without giving the middle finger to the laws and freedom USA is supposed to have. All the US government can and should do is give recommendations and that SHOULD go for mayors and local representatives as well. It's the law, the constitution. No exceptions regardless of the circumstances.

Economic sanctions is the only thing we have on China without going to war with them. United Nations putting out people in the streets of Hong-Kong won't do anything. First of all China wouldn't allow that, and even if they did, if those people step out of line they will be killed by Hong-Kong protesters (in reality they are killed by Chinese agents pretending to be HK protesters). Or China just kills the UN people without even hiding it, then what? Then we're back to either economic sanctions or going to war. That's why we might as well just start with the economic sanctions right away.

We can't even try to make Chinese people see the light so they rise up against their shitty government because they have control over all information, both online and in news/movies/tv/music/games. Meanwhile China exploits western freedoms to spread their propaganda, they are running YouTube channels and operates Twitter accounts even though those platforms are banned in China. There are state employed people called wu mao (五毛) who's job it is to sit all day and just combat everything negative said about China online to put a lid of how bad that country is.

>>Anonymous  17sep2020(th)07:00  No.79737  AI  P66R55
Random ass Swede coming back to tell us how to run our own country on his Chinese caveman sex site, again.
Fuck off Peter Sweden.
>>Anonymous  17sep2020(th)08:29  No.79740  AJ  P67R56
>>Anonymous  17sep2020(th)20:40  No.79750  Q  P68R57
>just the other day a crazy guy runs out of his house, screaming at the cop
Here's the mostly peaceful knife attack:
People were protesting the death of this guy, saying the cop should not have defended himself.

And here we have another bodycam video that was released recently:
It shows two copys pulling over a guy, telling him 40 times to get out of the vehicle and then when they finally try to drag him out he reaches for his gun and shoots them both dead. They used both a taser and pepper spray on the guy and it did nothing. There will be no riots for these dead police officers who tried doing everything the right way by not drawing their guns.

>>Anonymous  19sep2020(sa)21:36  No.79898  AK  P69R58
lmao this dickhead thinks Trump isn't lining his pockets with cheap Chinese labor

either way, not the place for this shit. at this point, you don't even sound like trumptard supporter; you sound like you're trying to convince yourself why you should

politicians are scamming everyone and your godking Trump was doing it before even being a politician, yet you expect better? lmao

grow some balls and keep your shitty opinions to yourself. no one wants to see this shit

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:11  No.79914  Q  P70R59
>>79898 You outed yourself as a clueless NPC in the very first line buddy.
>>Anonymous  21sep2020(mo)00:14  No.79954  AL  P71R60
c r i i i i i n g e
>>pepe  21sep2020(mo)06:54  No.79959  AM  P72R61

It is always the jew every, single, time the jewish state is trying to get us to hate each other. Everyone needs to just notice this fact and realize that we should really be on the same team and not always be at war with people who could care less about us. Stop always being angry and realize that you are being used to hate others. Trump is the best option to maintain the status quo no doubt but I don't see why we should be at each others throats because in reality we are all in debt and we are all just trying to survive by playing into the game that is the system. Choose to listen to me or not I don't care. DO NOT FORGET that politics is used the same as sports and other distractions while they plunder our countries and cause drama that is being used to destroy us and our future. Keep paying your taxes and voting for your demise.

>>Anonymous  21sep2020(mo)20:11  No.79967  E  P73
amidointitright fellas?
>>RIP the Donald win is here  22sep2020(tu)14:02  No.79977  R  P74
is shitposting a bannable offense

says the malfunctioning [AI]

keep arguing also where can I buy free popcorn there isn't enough flavoring

>>w7-890  22sep2020(tu)14:19  No.79978  R  P75R62
speaking on 8moe there's rumors about hidden boards to preserve the boards shame what are those boards they say you should visit 8kun to find them (heard on YP)

>>79706 >>79698
speaking of vanwatech why is there an ad on the bottom saying vanwatech = shit provider (
(also how do I bypass redirect without vpn)

pol was removed due to shootings AFAIK
also what's a qtard (elaborate on Qanon plz I seen him before on news)

also why is the health still 100 even though everybody sages it

anybody else know what happened to they say it's a CP farm and the archives were removed
kinhADVRC said in email that meech had a power surge frying the main and backup server

goddamit posting on a phone sux took me 1 hour

>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)04:49  No.79995  AN  P76R63
Injecting politics into the site for no reason at all is literally lowering yourself to the level of a leftie.
Fuck politics.
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