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>>Joshex  23feb2022(we)18:23  No.88749  OP  P1
Hacking Ninjakiwi Bloons (login)

OK, so some of the later entries in the bloons tower defense game require you to log-in to save progress.

however Ninjakiwi themselves have been VERY clear that they are manually blocking the flash games from connecting to their webservers to authenticate the login. and they refuse to unblock these swfs.

so that leaves us with one option, hack the games and change the login system to save/read all progress to/from a local text file in the same folder.

I can do AS2 and AS3 but I have no idea how to import the game into CS4. Maybe CS4 is too old. Any chance someone could rip it to a .fla?

We really need professional flash hackers to do this. It might take me a bit to get it done, with help. I mean screw ninjakiwi, abandoning their own games! for shame!

>>Joshex  23feb2022(we)18:24  No.88750  OP  P2
first one on the list is bloons TD5. would like an FLA if I could get it.
>>Anonymous  27feb2022(su)16:59  No.88806  A  P3R1
You can use JPEXS to decode a swf into a .fla, but it's not exactly rocket science. Works better with some flashes, depends on a lot of things like if the code was scrambled, the output library will not be named consistently, etc.
>>Joshex  27feb2022(su)19:18  No.88811  OP  P4R2

thank you, this is very helpful info! definitely better than trying to rip each element with SWFTools and peice it all back together.

>>Anonymous  3mar2022(th)09:50  No.88886  B  P5R3
Tunneling technicaly possible
Exceed2020 had some feature caled junctions bwhich let the creator download things with a shit ton of files and trick flash into thinking files on your PC came from the internet

That and regular tunneling for private servers
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