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>>Joshex  10jun2021(th)17:15  No.85856  OP  P1

A quick note, after talking with the admin due to recieving SSL errors saying "no cypher overlap" I advise anyone experiencing any loading issues with anything hosted on to check what DNS server you are set to connect through. if it's default "automatic" it means your ISP is likely feeding you the wrong DNS for the site. I know in fact that BT internet DOES do this. BT's home hub will automatically attempt to proxy the page to a different IP hosted with BT this causes no Cypher communication between catbox and you. Causing a "no common encryption algorithms" error making the site not load.

At least this is about as much as I understand about it.

To fix this; you will need to change your DNS lookup host. and are known to give the correct IP address for I would avoid using or unless you want all your activities spied on by google.


>>Anonymous  12jun2021(sa)05:08  No.85863  A  P2R1 and is Cloudflare, which is also in the information gathering business just like Alphabet/Google.

OpenDNS ( and is usually a better option, however they are owned by Cisco Systems now - a multinational technology conglomerate so not exactly trustworthy but likely better than Alphabet/Google and Cloudflare since information isn't Cisco's main bread and butter.

Honestly just using your ISP's DNS is usually fine for privacy concerns. You pay them money for Internet access so they should not need to earn anything from tracking you. Naturally their DNS being trash and giving you the wrong IP is a different matter.

If you want to (or need to) use something other than your ISP's DNS then consider OpenNIC:
Since you connect to a volunteer's DNS they go down sometimes so you'll need to swap the IP occasionally, and you'll connect to God-Knows-Who. So there's a chance you'll get tracked of course, however since these don't get nearly the same amount of traffic compared to Alphabet/Google, Cloudflare or Cisco the temptation to do anything with your browsing activity is lower. You will trust that they send you the correct IP though.

Setting up your own DNS resolver is the patrician's choice, but how many of us bothers to do that? I've not tried it myself but I remember saving many years ago, a "validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver", which now redirects to but the project is old (2006) and still active: ibutors
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