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>>Joshex  15aug2022(mo)17:31  No.91568  OP  P1 (flash hotlinking host) needs funds. inancial-status

you can find the skinny there and links to support them.

Why is this important? simply because if you want to include a flash on your own website most webhosts don't allow it, in example neocities doesn't allow you to upload an swf to your dashboard ("Unsupported file type") which means if you want to do so, you need a file host which allows hotlinking of swf files.

most do not. on most file hosts they treat swf files as a download and do not supply a direct link to the file but instead supply a link to the download page, so JS SWFObject() wont work on the link.

But is as far as I know the LAST file host that allows direct links to swf objects and does not repush them as a download.

thats why this is important.

>>Anonymous  15aug2022(mo)19:22  No.91580  A  P2R1
Hear. Hear. It's definitely a worthy cause to donate some bux to.
I think catbox is the only last truly working pomf clone.
>>Anonymous  16aug2022(tu)09:22  No.91590  B  P3R2
Throughout the years hotlinking (embedding stuff from someone else's server onto your own webpage) has always been an issue on the Internet, even if catbox supports it he probably don't appreciate it. What's remarkable about catbox is how big the supported files are.

What he could do is convert all files over 20 MiB to torrents, that would save a lot of bandwidth. When going to the URL would change to and an embedded WebTorrent version of the video would be displayed, with the magnet shown at the bottom. Maybe it ruins the site a little but supporting permanent direct links to user-uploaded files at 200 MiB is pretty nuts, even going so far as to use no hotlink protection. Awesome but nuts. I always assumed he must either be wealthy enough to not having to care or that he had a group of friends/peers that split the cost or hosted multiple servers at home to split the load.

A thought I had a while back, does WaybackMachine support hotlinking? If they do you could make a temporary webpage, archive it and then you have your forever-storage of those files. When catbox finally goes down a lot of content will be lost, and I say when since it seems to be run by just one guy. Wonder how much The Internet Archive would mind if he offloaded files onto them and started redirecting to their servers?

>>Joshex  17aug2022(we)19:37  No.91617  OP  P4R3
he'll likely have to consider taking out hotlinking on 'large' files. and 'large' there will have to mean whatever is hogging too much bandwidth.

Alternatively the thought crosses my mind that While he already has for temporary file hosting, it might benefit him to set Monthly bandwidth limits on each file uploaded to the entire site. I mean thats honest, because thats what the server host is charging him for. Makes sense to divvy it up realistically between all actively loaded files on the server and some for potential loads of the others sporadically. if any one file goes over it's fair share of bandwidth the owner will have to contact Catbox's admin to explain why they need more bandwidth and that then enables him to say no and warn people who abuse it.

>>Anonymous  18aug2022(th)19:52  No.91644  A  P5R4
Yeah, true.
I didn't even know about litterbox and that catbox is indefinite. Sometimes I would even prefer temporary hosting only, or at least not mind it.
I guess it should just be more obvious that there is a temporary option that is preferred and maybe unlimited and a long lasting one that should be used more sparsely.
>>---  18aug2022(th)20:19  No.91645  C  P6R5
the feck is that strange site? whats it for?
>>Joshex  19aug2022(fr)17:23  No.91652  OP  P7R6

it's a file host. you might be from the recent age where you don't need file hosts because each social media site you go to does it's own hosting of anything you want to share.

Except flash .swf files. In example.

most social media allows hosting pictures audio and video these days, and windows and google have spy software which allows you to mirror all files on your computer on their server(so they can see everything you have on your computer) they call that an "online backup" and "file sync", for such users you can literally just share any file on your computer with anyone online, the problem is then hackers know everything on your computer. So if you are new to the internet the concept of needing a file host may be completely non-sensical to you.

A File Host was used primarily in the old days of the internet (and still today to a decent extent by real web developers who actually have a brain) to upload individual files from your computer as you want to (without sharing everything, and without syncing!) so that you can then share the single file with other users on the internet.

If the file is Text OR Media, such as a picture, audio, video or flash .swf; if you upload it to a file host, the file host will give you a share link, when you give someone the share link and they open it in their browser they are instantly able to see and/ or hear the text or media.

For web developers this means they can insert the link on their webpage with the correct wrapper <p></p> for text, <a> for links, <img src=image location> for images etc. and a javascript SWFObject() for flash .swf files. Then if a user opens their page they can see all the media in the place it aught to be on the page automatically as your browser reads the wrappers and the links and displays it automatically for you.

thats what file hosts are for.

This specific file host allows direct hosting of flash .swf games etc. which today is rare, not many allow it. this allows a user you share a flash game with someone else via link, and also allows them to put flashes on their webpage.

Any file can be hosted directly, so long as you have a reader installed in the browser so it can display it. if not though it's hosted directly you will be given a download prompt asking if you wish to save the file.

Other such files that could be hosted directly in the past for gaming are Unity3D game files (which are usually huge), and Blender3D 2.42 game files (as theres actually a webplayer addon for that (doesn't work on later blender games though ~). most file hosts no longer allow these files, infact I've yet to find one that does (catbox doesn't, this was just an example).

>>Anonymous  20aug2022(sa)13:13  No.91664  A  P8R7
Man, are we really THAT old..?
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