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>>DK  11dec2021(sa)21:14  No.88208  OP  P1
Zone's Jinxed Audio Resources?

Hey does anyone know where Zone Sama got all of Jinx voice lines (Every sound that she makes not just her dialogue) from, I do have some of them from Teen Titans (2003) & Futurama episodes (Amy Wong) but were there any alternatives that Zone got all of Jinxed voices from for this animation?

Linking me to them all would be very helpful as well.

NSFW +18 Animation link:

>>Anonymous  15dec2021(we)23:50  No.88237  A  P2R1
Probably from pirated Hentai Sound packs. Japan has released many, many sound/audio packs in the last 20 years with various moans, groans and vibrator noises. I don't really know where to get them though, probably a big BitTorrent library somewhere.
>>DK  17dec2021(fr)13:47  No.88244  OP  P3R2

No not the sfx (sound effects) all of Jinx's voice lines in the flash that's what I'm looking for.

>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:22  No.88283  B  P4R3
Didn't he just scan through a bazillion episodes to just rip every moan and grunt that might have happened?
Also, regarding sfx, I think he does them himself.
If he used stock moans or porn screams, then idk. Probably built himself a database of those as the owner of hentaikey.
>>DK  20dec2021(mo)21:46  No.88289  OP  P5R4

Kind of, I found some of them from Season 3 or was it Season 4 of Amy Wong from Futurama. Plus almost every Jinx appearance scenes from Teen Titans (2003 Animated Series Only a few episodes that she was in.) So I narrowed it down to Zone is using voices from the voice actress (Lauren Tom) cartoon characters up to 2009 it's just which characters voices did Zone use for this "Jinxed" +18 parody that I'm trying to figure out if someone can help me.

>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)16:38  No.88311  A  P6R5
Maybe someone asked Zone in the comments of his original upload and he answered? 1/date/811
But it's 811 pages... Guess you could ask him directly on twitter or something but I doubt he wants to talk about his old stuff.

Newground's comment system seems to be broken for me for that flash, sometimes the page count doesn't appear, or it appears too short or too long. Sometimes it doesn't load comments. Gotta refresh until it displays correctly, changing the URL is better to change page instead of hoping for the page links to load correctly.

>>DK  22dec2021(we)23:13  No.88320  OP  P7R6

I did already ask and all he/she said was "I don't know" and never got a response since which was last year. But hopefully someone can help me find them all, and I suppose I'll go through all 811 comment pages.

>>Anonymous  23dec2021(th)19:12  No.88324  B  P8R7
>but I doubt he wants to talk about his old stuff
>all he said was "I don't know"
Makes me kind of sad to think he wants to forget all the awesome stuff he did that everyone liked a lot.
He seems to find a lot of time to fuck around with strangers on VRchat, using a robovoice and dancing a lot for some reason.
Zone ... Zone has changed.
>>DK  23dec2021(th)20:14  No.88326  OP  P9R8

Hmm I didn't know that he does that but I wish I could have his talent I would make so many different animations, but still if anyone can help out I'd appreciate it.

>>DK  25dec2021(sa)22:58  No.88351  OP  P10

Well I went through all 811 pages and I found nothing but "Booyah's" & Raven's "Furry Creatures" comments so still if anyone can help me out that'll be great.

>>DK  15jul2022(fr)20:50  No.91281  OP  P11
Well does anyone at least know where Jinx’s 2 screams come from?
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