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>>Joshex  17may2021(mo)13:25  No.85443  OP  P1
Ninja Kiwi

I've been trying to spread info about ruffle and NG player and how to get flash working etc. But some flash centric companies seem to be just accepting defeat in the browser market.

Ninjakiwi is one of those companies at least so far. They have removed all the game pages from their website and autoredirect the link to an exe downloader archive to download their game platform.

For those who don't know, ninja kiwi is famous for tower defense games such as their bloons series.

The question is, why would they F- themselves like that? I tried to tell them people still use flash in their browsers, I showed them a picture of it working with one of their games. they merely apologised and said they will not be bringing back the game pages but they'd pass on the comments. -rarely fruitful.

What can we as flash fans do to encourage and educate these companies of their options and the benefits?

>>Anonymous  18may2021(tu)19:15  No.85459  A  P2R1
Because flash disappearing didn't just (((happen))), it was purpose.
So obviously going around telling people about how you can still use it isn't in those people's best interest.
At best people would be too lazy to even flick a button to continue using flash. Nobody forces flash down their throats, so they rather consume all the other bullshit getting shoved down there.
Secondly, even if companys (like websites) would be willing to encourage usage, it would be a huge liability, because if anything, like ANYTHING happened to some computer expert grandma, it would be their fault for "using dangerous information technology".
Worst case is, if word actually got around enough and people would start using flash in numbers again, Adobe would just put a stop to it completely (I mean more as in, removing all slim legacy support still existing and suing every dev or download repository for damages). They did enough false advertising to convince people not to use flash any longer, but imagine being branded a criminal for using flash. Yeah, good luck convincing people with that.

Companies want money. They don't care shit about flash, or preserving the internet culture, thousands of flash files (even their own) or the end users enjoying them.
If you can sell a flash game on steam or app stores for a dollar, why even have people have the option to play it for free on every browser?

Flash sucked for actual raster video playback and that's what it was used for largely. With the advent of html5 video, flash is but a relic of the past where internet was good and the girl were pretty.

>>Anonymous  18may2021(tu)19:19  No.85460  A  P3
Come to think about it, know what the saddest part about this is?
Support of providing a so called "alternative" to flash. Ruffle.
Just take it away from the few people who care and they will get angry and look for a way to take it back.
But say: Hey there's this great flash emulation. Now you can use flash in a modern and secure way!
and voilà, everyone jumps ship and is satisfied with having ruffle.
Even if it cannot play games for example. And most likely never will (in the next 10 years).
Because why use flash when you have something "just as good as flash" amirite?
They knew exactly what they were doing.
>>Anonymous  19may2021(we)06:04  No.85482  B  P4R2
>Ninja Kiwi Archive collects some of the best-loved Flash games from the Ninja Kiwi website in one amazing archival package. Enjoy your favorite Ninja Kiwi games and discover hidden gems from over 14 years of more awesomer, preserved in their original state even after browsers stop supporting Flash.
>- An awesome collection of 60+ classic web games, stored in a time capsule.
>- Experience the forerunners to iconic games like Bloons TD 6.
>- Play the Flash version of popular Steam games like Bloons TD 5, Bloons Monkey City, Bloons TD Battles and SAS: Zombie Assault 4.
>- Log in to your Ninja Kiwi account and reclaim your progress and save games from the web.
>Play Now Steam OR Non-Steam Versions: Windows MacOS

I agree that they should have left the flash versions online as well. If I were to make a guess they probably think they will make more money this way. If they show ads those won't be blocked as easily in a custom-made exe and if they don't show ads (I've not downloaded NinjaKiwiArchive_Setup.exe to check) they can probably find other perks from having an exe on people's computers, especially if people log in with their Ninja Kiwi account. Especially if it auto-updates, could be expanded into a storefront of their own.

>>Anonymous  2jun2021(we)06:57  No.85735  C  P5R3
oh dang
reminder to self to check in with nitrome (they actually respond to emails they recieve!)
hope they don't do something rash like that
maybe armor games too?
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