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>>Ryu Yanagi  11dec2021(sa)14:39  No.88205  OP  P1
All flashes work here as before. Download the old version of firefox (for example 72.0.2) and everything will work for you. Any other browsers themselves are automatically updated to the latest version except firefox. He will sometimes offer you to update, just refuse, and continue to watch flash as if nothing had happened. I've been using firefox for almost a year now and no problem, even now I'm sitting on: e.t.c. without using any "ruffle"
>>Anonymous  15dec2021(we)23:41  No.88236  A  P2R1
Be careful about using outdated browsers, if you do you should run it through some kind of sandboxing software. One I know of is "Sandboxie" (has become free in recent years).

It goes without saying but I'll be explicit just in case: Browsers will fix discovered security exploits in new versions and document what has been fixed. This means hackers can use the patch notes to see how they can attack old versions of the browser.

One day you will view an ad that redirects you to something that uses an exploit, or something like that. It'll take less than a second and you might not even realize that you've been compromised. That's why it's a good idea to run unpatched software in a sandbox so that even if the browser gets hacked your computer won't be affected outside of the sandbox.

>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:05  No.88280  B  P3R2
Firstly, firefox can be set to update automatically.
Also, most people will have at this point, you're about 2 years late for this kind of "advice". I think the easiest way to do what you describe is to just download an old installer version of firefox (they still provide those, right? Right?) and deinstall and install that, set update to never.

But instead of using shitty old firefox releases, I would rather recommend a different non shitty browser (like palemoon, which is basically firefox pre-cucked version) and install the last flash player (links on and finally swap the player plugin with the one swfchan provides.

There have been literally hundreds of guides and threads how 2 do this over the years, so I'm not gonna repeat all the stuff like mm.cfg and mms.cfg.

Voilà, get your flash back and your freedom.

Remember, choosing to use Firefox/Chrome/Edge is your own fault and you do deserve shitty ruffle "emulation" for that behavior.
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