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>>Anonymous  29jan2012(su)23:44  No.3130  OP  P1
Mimikaki Miyahara

all I got, want more (see the thumbnails; I marked those I already have).

He even did a dojin; available in exHentai.

Mimikaki Miyahara.rar (9.8 MiB)
Unpacked: 10.56 MiB. Files: 93. Directories: 0. Images: 93.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: several single pics from the artist, wish there were more;)

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)01:15  No.3132  A  P2R1
Thanks a lot for sharing!
>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)01:58  No.3133  A  P3
According to Miyahara-Mimikaki/ there are a lot of mangas by Mimikaki Miyahara. It's just too bad there is a lot of censored images there so you can't see the fronts of all the magazines that has his stories. If anybody know how to remove the censorship PLEASE let me know how! I made a profile to see if that would remove the censor but it did nothing, and I can't find any setting for it. It's a good resource site otherwise, but the censorship pisses me off.

A lot of the mangas listed are however made by many artists, all those "Comic Ino" ones for example has a lot of artists. Though Mimikaki Miyahara should be in them as well... Question is if it's the same Mimikaki Miyahara or just another artist by the same name, I don't know deals with artists with the same name, are the mangas grouped together under the same name or do they have two different listings?

Anyway, here is the doujin that OP mentioned (I think). I merged a Japanese release with three chapters translated to English so the PNG images in the archive are translated. Sadly couldn't find the whole thing translated.

Link description: The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon

Mimikaki Miyahara - Hadakakubiwa (partial English translatio...rar * (74.19 MiB)
Unpacked: 74.3 MiB. Files: 199. Directories: 0. Images: 199.
Contains: PNG, JPG <LIST>

Description: loli, bondage, ballgag, slave, butt plug dog tail, bestiality, punishment, large dildos, rape

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:04  No.3134  A  P4
Low quality, sadly. And the title is too random to be correct.

Miyahara Mimikaki - lovely girl bondage.rar (648.3 KiB)
Unpacked: 651.9 KiB. Files: 21. Directories: 0. Images: 21.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: girl, bondage, blindfold, ballgag, vibrator, ropes

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:11  No.3135  A  P5
Whoops, I reversed the artist name in the last file. Oh well. I can never tell which part of a Japanese name is supposed to go in front of the other.

Mimikaki Miyahara - TUIRAKU TENSHI AKA.rar (2.27 MiB)
Unpacked: 2.27 MiB. Files: 29. Directories: 0. Images: 29.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: lesbian (or dickgirls on normal loli-girl rather?), cat-ears, cat-tail-buttplug. also non-lesbian. sub-standard image resolution

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:16  No.3136  A  P6
Mimikaki Miyahara - Lingerie 2001.rar (2.09 MiB)
Unpacked: 2.12 MiB. Files: 26. Directories: 0. Images: 26.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: self-play (figering, sticking something (batteries?) in ass), panty-less loli

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:23  No.3137  A  P7
One of his older works? Was released in 1998 apparently. I'm not sure he drew everything in this but I recognize the style in most of the images.

Mimikaki Miyahara - AM 4.rar (5.24 MiB)
Unpacked: 5.25 MiB. Files: 38. Directories: 0. Images: 38.
Contains: GIF, JPG <LIST>

Description: lesbian, rope bondage, ballgag, strap-on

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:30  No.3138  A  P8
Another one that must have been from when he was still developing his style.

Mimikaki Miyahara - Cu-Little Baka-nya.rar (7.71 MiB)
Unpacked: 8.01 MiB. Files: 27. Directories: 0. Images: 27.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: self-fingering, lesbian

>>Anonymous  30jan2012(mo)02:37  No.3139  A  P9
Another old-styled. I don't find his older works very interesting personally. This one is a English translation, >>3138 was translated as well but I forgot to tag it as such.

Mimikaki Miyahara - KUJIKENAIKARA!.rar (9.02 MiB)
Unpacked: 9.59 MiB. Files: 42. Directories: 0. Images: 42.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: lesbian, dual-ended dildo, licking, english translated
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