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>>Anonymous  1jan2020(we)02:03  No.73015  OP  P1

No announcement regarding the change?
What happened, are 3 domains just too expensive?
I kinda liked the trinity, but I'm okay either way.
Was wondering why Admin let the .org expire, or is this just temporary?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1jan2020(we)07:04  No.73021  SWF  P2R1
Was planning on making the announcement tomorrow, basically just finished getting everything working on this subdomain. My registrar surprised me a couple of days ago with something that I don't know how long it will take to resolve, rather than having the boards down until then I set things up on this subdomain until the matter is closed. I still own, it hasn't expired, and I intend to restore it as soon as possible. I can say more about what's happened once everything is back to normal, it's pretty silly.
>>Anonymous  1jan2020(we)16:55  No.73022  B  P3R2
thanks for the info. glad it's nothing serious. :)
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)03:43  No.73039  OP  P4R3
I wonder what nonsense hit you this time, Ants.
Well, good to hear it's nothing concerning at least.
Late happy new year to you! The ride never ends!
>>Anonymous  10jan2020(fr)23:13  No.73170  C  P5R4
getting exhentai flashbacks
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)20:58  No.73233  D  P6R5
What happend?
>>Anonymous  1feb2020(sa)17:57  No.74507  E  P7R6
Does anyone know where to upload swfs that can be posted here with a large size? For example where did ry_Christmas_Dynamic.swf get posted to b/c it's a size over 70?
>>Anonymous  2feb2020(su)15:01  No.74514  OP  P8R7
not really the place to ask, but ... I don't think you can
you could post them to filehosts, but not really archive them here
the example you showed has 0 threads, which means it wasn't posted on any board, but rather directly into the archive by the archive scraper
that's the only way, unless Ants does it himself your only chance is go look for a site that gets archived automatically and then try to post it there
but like ... files that huge are rarely good swfs, you should rather try to "fix" the size by correcting mistakes or just stick to a video instead
>>Anonymous  3feb2020(mo)18:51  No.74531  F  P9R8
The 3 swfs that are too large aren't mine there by someone named delkon, the 3 swfs just need someone to compress them which I don't know how to do that, & I did happen to figure out how to compress a vid then convert the vid to swf.
>>Anonymous  5feb2020(we)14:25  No.74543  OP  P10R9
Ouch, there are too many things wrong with your statement.
Firstly, you cannot just compress swfs and that's it. Sure you can and should, but the mileage depends on what it is. To be short, videos don't compress well because they are already very compressed so to speak. You won't gain much less filesize.
Secondly, you cannot "convert a video to swf". SWF is not a video format, but rather a container format (not made for videos). You CAN convert a video to FLV and put that into a swf, but it's WAY worse than MP4 and MKV most of the time.
Thirdly, don't.
People don't need any more videos as swfs. That's not what swf is for. Don't bother.
Lastly, what I rather thought about how to save filesize from actual flashes is, for example a good recent case was a Minus8 flash, where he had hundreds of animations as bitmaps (every single one). So what an anon did was convert those into shapes, reuse them and voilà, a 10th of the prior filesize.
But for a video that obviously won't be possible.
IF YOU HAVE to put an actual video into swf follow the guides of
(you don't need flash although you could use it, the progs do everything themselves)
Basically you want a good FLV, and to put that into a swf is just a formality.
So if you find huge ass video swfs don't post them.
Look for the original video and put that into a small swf yourself.
Sure you could use the flvs from those swfs or even "convert" (read: film your screen) into videos, but the quality would be A double S.
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