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>>Anonymous  30sep2011(fr)03:02  No.2596  OP  P1
down loading files

i have just recently discover this site and really enjoyed it but i can't seem to figur out for the life of me how to download these swf file from this site i've got a flash converter that also downloads the files but it dosen't work with files on this site now i'm not great with computers so if there a way to download these files please let me know unless your not allowed to download them just let me know

>>Anonymous  30sep2011(fr)04:51  No.2597  A  P2R1
In the main forum listing, where it says the name of the swf file tied with the thread, click the "swf" part of the filename, then it'll open in your browser. Then just hit Ctrl+S to save.
>>Anonymous  1oct2011(sa)04:24  No.2599  B  P3R2
aw jesus christ, what is it with people these days

the correct answer is: find the link to the flash that you want and check in your browser's status bar (it's at the bottom of the browser Einstein) if the link ends with ".swf". If it does you RIGHT-CLICK on the link and select "save target as". and then you have "down loaded" it.

there's even a Download link in the bottom right corner when you're viewing a flash on -___-

if you are asking how to download files on please see this image:

note that that image is linked to on each and every flash-watch-page on -______-

>>shojon  10sep2013(tu)17:04  No.8145  C  P4R3
please help

i cant download the meet and fuck cracked games,,,please help me to download them

>>Anonymous  19sep2013(th)05:57  No.8292  D  P5R4
implying >>2597 isn't even correct
You can just save a page, in this case a swf file, if it is directly linked
Protip: If you search the page info for embedded elements, these are often the direct swf links
>>Anonymous  12oct2013(sa)20:41  No.8544  E  P6R5
dirt naps

Downloading here simple time, but you oughta know something I myself learned about not that long ago:
The file names on both the index pages and the threads have two links, not one. Notice the status bar.
Hover over the file name itself, you'll see it's a link to the .swf.html.
Hover over the format, over ".swf", it'll be a direct link to the file.
Right-click on the latter and Save Link As... to download the file.

>>Anonymous  13oct2013(su)00:37  No.8546  D  P7R6
for some reason I find it very annoying that you cannot open the "download direct links", but rather it just pops up to tell you to right click it.
I like opening the file in fullscreen before downloading it, it's the same with every download on swfchan
>>Anonymous  13oct2013(su)01:55  No.8547  B  P8R7
You can right-click and choose to open the link in a new window/tab, then you won't get the alert message telling you to right-click. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can open the link in a new tab by clicking on it with the scroll wheel too.
>>lmao  23feb2017(th)20:54  No.44535  F  P9R8
This all seems to be heavily outdated. I don't even know if this thread is even alive.
>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)20:56  No.44536  G  P10
Last reply was 2013, what the fuck are you doing faggot?
>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)04:35  No.44550  H  P11
Does anyone want to try out the email in >>8145?
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)03:21  No.44593  I  P12R9
since this thread has been subject to necromancy, does anyone know why .swf no longer show up as embeds in the page info on firefox?
this is only on swfchan, other sites still show them in the list
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)13:58  No.44614  G  P13
That's must be a problem on your end. They still show up for me, just checked.
Why do you need that anyway? Just download them normally.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)22:11  No.44627  I  P14
that was how i downloaded them normally, is there an easier way?
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)22:30  No.44630  B  P15R10
On .org you can either right-click .swf and select save target as or you can click the "Download" link in the bottom right corner on the embed page.

On .com you can either right-click [SAVE] below the embedded flash and select save target as or you can uncheck "embed" before pressing the GET FILE button.

>>Anonymous  23apr2017(su)21:09  No.48637  J  P16R11
I figured it out in chrome. to download a swf-file simply open the Developer Tool (F12), in this window click the 'Select an element in the page to inspect it' button (top left corner or Ctrl + Shift + C). Click on the swf file in your browser and it will jump should jump to the portion of code where the file is, simply copy the url in the source(src = "url"), and paste it into a new fan where it will download it.
>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)08:19  No.48682  D  P17R12
Jesus in heaven, don't you want to install third party software instead of "being good with computers".
That must be the most difficult way to achieve a download.
Only use that (or the source page of the website) if there ISN'T an alternative SAVE BUTTON right next to the flash.
>>Anonymous  28oct2017(sa)23:10  No.54595  K  P18R13
I tried this exact thing, but when I tried to open the file on my computer a 404 page in my browser (with loud-ass music no less, thanks for that you cunts) saying that the link had expired. So it wasn't *really* downloading the swf file itself, just the link *to* it.
>>Sir.lan  30oct2019(we)09:59  No.71978  L  P19R14
Chrome 2019 How to save / download files.

1. Make sure FLASH is DISABLED

Once you get to the "Enable Flash Player" screen with the
puzzle piece icon thing, move to step 3.

3. RIGHT CLICK within the player and select INSPECT, this
should then open a menu with a section of the code highlighted.

4. IN THE HIGHLIGHTED SECTION, RIGHT CLICK THE LINK, it should be blue and underlined. EX: se+-+no_x-ray+final+fix.swf

5. Select OPEN IN NEW TAB, this should open a new tab and
automatically open the windows save menu.

6. SAVE it, and you're done i'd hope. Worked for me anyway. I tried to use simple terms.

>>Sir.lan  30oct2019(we)10:19  No.71979  L  P20
Other, Easier Method

Another, and more simple, method I JUST found.

1. Go to the page with the "GET FILE" option, the page where you sometimes have to type in the distorted numbers and letters code to prove you're not a robot.

2. UN-CHECK the option "Embed (show in browser)", then click GET FILE.
This should bring you to a page with a very obvious LINK in the center
of the screen. EX: Link: Game_name.sfw

3. RIGHT CLICK THE LINK and select SAVE LINK AS, then simply SAVE
the file.

Found this out right after the other thing, now I feel stupid. Enjoy.

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:25  No.72007  M  P21R15
addendem to that; if your on a page with embedded flashes and want to download them, navigate to the "Page Info" menu, either by right-clicking on the page or ctrl+i in firefox. From there you can go to the media tab, sort by type and any swf files embedded should turn up as "Object"
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)18:06  No.72154  N  P22R16
Jeeesus Christ, this has to be the most unneccesary complicated way to do this yet.
It's like people don't even know how to operate a webbrowser anymore.
How to I opened file and download it? Shit's magic.
There is even a written guide on every GET page just for [YOU] peeps.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)05:49  No.72160  O  P23R17
A better way to do what the person wants is to save a screen shot of the words under the swf, save the pic to dropbox, & post the link to this thread. P.S. Internet Explorer is the best to view the swfs not the stupid Firefox & Chrome.
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