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>>anony  15nov2023(we)01:27  No.100172  OP  P1
gate keeper - dong 134

gate keeper by dong134

gate_keeper.swf (11.34 MiB)
500x900, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  15nov2023(we)09:30  No.100174  A  P2R1
is this a wip? or is it the full game?
>>Anonymous  15nov2023(we)13:51  No.100175  B  P3R2
Anyone else having a problem trying to save the game?
For some reason the .sol file doesn't generate after saving, and after opening the game again the whole progress resets.
>>Anonymous  15nov2023(we)17:47  No.100178  A  P4R3
theres also a character in fortress city that speaks a korean line when you let her pass which breaks the game.
>>Anonymous  19nov2023(su)06:05  No.100192  OP  P5R4
latest version but unfortunately yes. dong134 is notorious for not finishing games so its a miracle they even developed it this far
>>Darkmind  5feb2024(mo)14:21  No.100844  C  P6R5
this here is v1.0.8 - broken interactions, active skills button, sex button. but remade UI, added locations and dolls.
v1.0.7 is not better - undressing doesn't work. but there's 3 sex positions in sandbox.
v1.0.2 has only 9 quests, 1 sex position and less dolls, but everything else seems to be working.
01.2024 was released v1.0.9 - removed quests (being redone). remade UI, fixed sex and skills (claimed).
>>Joshex  6feb2024(tu)00:56  No.100848  A  P7R6
sandbox, save, load don't work in 1.0.8 for me. has sex options, groping, but only in main gameplay. hypnosis works. perhaps they only work for people with upto date patreon files. I have the 1.0.7 patreon decensor file. but it doesn't work with 1.0.8.

sandbox in 1.0.7 has no sex options, hypnosis doesn't have a scene so it doesn't work, there is no other mechanic to get the girls to do it. groping works.

I assume the korean letters breaking the game are intentional to stop progress past points in the free version, and in the patreon version to prevent players from getting further in the quest chain than has been debugged. but somepeople have stated you can jail these characters on contact in 1.0.8 so you never see the korean characters and can pass them. however I seem to remember you need to unjail them to finish specific quests, which then causes you to freeze.

>>Joshex  6feb2024(tu)01:04  No.100849  A  P8
Save and load are also broken in 1.0.7 for me.
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