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>>Jold  22feb2021(mo)12:14  No.83545  OP  P1
Hey there! Downloading collections

So how do you go about bulk downloading or something an entire collection? Its annoying downloading a collection flash by flash, I searched around but couldn't find any tips :(

>>Anonymous  22feb2021(mo)12:30  No.83546  A  P2R1
You can't do that
>>Anonymous  22feb2021(mo)21:31  No.83555  B  P3R2
The archive is more about preservation and less about bulk downloading everything.
The latter takes just a too great strain on the very limited servers. So unless SWFAnts gets hella rich out of a sudden, I won't expect it anytime soon. There are little reasons besides sheer convenience of a one-time batch download for bothering to implement such a thing.
Even collections are no substitute for building up your own flash folder.

If you're dead starving for a huge dump, here is a link to a mega of some random anons huge offline collection: 33Icw

>>Anonymous  23feb2021(tu)01:32  No.83556  A  P4R3
It's by VNanashi on /f/. Here's the torrent version:
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a8c443b910b8210d3fd411bdd2a5e bf222e4fad0
He also made a torrent with "extras":
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:94dd6e255128af200835c6cbd7eb2 a408f3bdfdd
There's a thread on /t/ about his collection where he managed to get post 1 million:

>Don't think I'm not checking your get as well, btw.

>>Jold  23feb2021(tu)14:45  No.83559  OP  P5R4
Thanks a lot guys, i thought i was missing some info but i guess that's it.
Ill check out the links, guess i gotta lurk some more for some juicy collections.
>>Anonymous  24feb2021(we)18:01  No.83576  B  P6R5
And what exactly would those "extras" be? 🤔
>>Anonymous  25feb2021(th)02:46  No.83579  A  P7R6
As I understood it the "extras" are flashes that might have fit into his collection but he hadn't organized them.
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