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>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)11:12  No.82706  OP  P1
The time has come

The kill switch is triggered. Please update the guide on the bottom of flash pages concerning Adobe's Flash Plugin. The alternatives seem to be modifying some values to defuse the plugin ( or getting an older version without the kill switch.
Please test and greenlight these methods so we can confidently continue using Flash on the browser, thanks.

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)17:15  No.82732  A  P2R1
What worked for me was going into go to Windows Update -> Updates history -> Uninstall updates.

Uninstall the Security updates for Adobe Flash Player one by one from most recent to older until it works. I had to uninstall two updates.

It won't fix Flash running in browser, but with this method, you can play local SWF files on your hard drive again using a player of your choice (that isn't a web browser).

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)17:40  No.82733  B  P3R2
Are you saying Windows 10 doesn't even allow you to run the Flash projector? Fucking pathetic, I don't regret never having upgraded from 7. Yeah, my only issue is with the plugin's kill switch.
The .txt with defusal instructions is too complicated for my stupid ass.
>>w7-890  12jan2021(tu)20:04  No.82737  C  P4R3
lol I have tiny7 installed on vbox (I have backup of my downloads and chrome user data 7z into a 64gb SD card just in case)
how many cores should I give to VM also w10 was preinstalled on laptop wat to do
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)02:14  No.82748  D  P5R4
I'm a linuxfag. Using a downgraded v.371 version on Firefox. Seems to work alright.
I got the downgraded Linux version from a mega some anon posted on /f/: JZep_dzI2jqH8l0GmoIoCeEU
I also did the mms.cfg thing just in case.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)06:20  No.82754  E  P6R5
Couldn't you have had this discussion in so we would have all related info in one place?
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