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>>Anon archive  4dec2020(fr)07:30  No.81618  OP  P1

What will happen to SWF-chan and the flash archive after this year ends? Will they cease to exist? I sure hope they stay longer after that. Any official statement/announcement from the owner regarding this? Thanks in advance.

>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)12:31  No.81621  A  P2R1
The site will stick around. Will you?
>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)13:03  No.81622  B  P3R2
hey can admin make some kind of FAQ I've noticed an increase in newfags here
>>Anon archive  4dec2020(fr)15:14  No.81626  OP  P4R3
Thanks for the reply. My faith in humanity restored. I've been lurking around for years though I'm rarely using the board, so I will definitely stick around.

Also, is there a dedicated thread/section/place on Swf-chan where I can ask for help hunting this one flash animation that I remember being posted here but then vanished without a trace. It's a simple all-ages Japanese animation made by Kaleidoscope in 2008?

Here's a You Tube video about it.

Thanks in advance.

>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)21:23  No.81635  C  P5R4
There is the roadmap and how2flash vs. ruffle on the bottom of the GET page.

Admin already implementing the least invasive implementation of ruffle imaginable, literally making everyone happy and able to continue to use flash.

No special place, any thread (like this one) will do.

>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)16:51  No.81659  A  P6R5
At the very beginning of the video there's a load screen showing that the flash is 6974 KB. So I tried searching swfchan for flashes between 6972k and 6976k, unfortunately it looks like it is not archived. The first flash (and its remake) can be found by searching "evils tower" but the sequel is missing.

Maybe there is a Kaleidoscope collection in a torrent somewhere? Otherwise we could look for it through but I don't which addresses to check.

>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)21:18  No.81663  D  P7R6
At the end of the FLASH you can see the author is I.C.Yas.
From his wiki page on danbooru we can see his former and current websites, in particular we can see a link ( ). was shut down last year but we can still use to browse it. /
And here it is the FLASH you were looking for /
>>Anonymous  6dec2020(su)14:29  No.81678  E  P8R7
Already archived, well did anon! Great detective work.
>>Anon archive  6dec2020(su)14:30  No.81679  OP  P9R8

Whoaa, Thanks a ton bro. I used wayback too but for some reason it gave me an error, so I gave up. I've downloaded it. Is there a way to upload to the SWF-chan archive for future generations?

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)02:01  No.81683  D  P10R9
Uploading a flash on 4chan /f/ or one of the upload boards on (in this case /show/) is enough to archive it.
Posted it for you on /f/.

Protip: if you want to see if a flash you have is already archived, all you need to do is search the filesize in bytes prepended by a >.
For example in the case of et_td.swf which is 8.781.586 bytes, you can find it by searching ">8781586".

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)05:40  No.81692  A  P11R10
Great work my dude, your detective skillz are better than mine! You could have uploaded it as "Kaleidoscope et_td.swf" to make easier for people to find in the future but the important thing is you found it.
>>Anon archive  8dec2020(tu)20:37  No.81727  OP  P12R11

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. And sorry for my late reply, I've been really busy hoarding flashes from several sites now. I download them manually and not using any bots so it's definitely not me who bogs swf-chan right now.
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