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>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)08:27  No.80976  OP  P1
Fuck Trump

Trump lost, the reports of voter fraud are both false and negligible. Now get back to hosting your porn website and get out and stay out of armchair politics. I'm not excited for Biden either but boy am I happy to get that reality TV show host out of office. See you at the 'four seasons'

>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)08:54  No.80977  A  P2R1
Holy seethe
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)08:00  No.81019  B  P3
>the reports of voter fraud are both false and negligible
that's for the court cases to decide. uphill battle for him to provide evidence for as voter fraud is difficult to prove.
>I'm not excited for Biden either but boy am I happy to get that reality TV show host out of office.
I'm unhappy with both of them and if the court cases continue past a certain date to have Pelosi defacto in office doesn't seem like a good situation either.

can you really not ignore a hat?

>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)17:58  No.81038  C  P4R2
What's important is that the claims of fraud is investigated since post-election polls have shown that many don't trust this year's election results. You can't have half of the country lose faith in the voting system. If people are left feeling that this election COULD have been fraudulent it means every single election from now on can't be trusted since everybody knows that nobody will even bother to investigate claims of fraud.

In Trump's case it'll probably not be about fraud in court, but rather that all ballots must be treated equally. That way many votes could be thrown out and maybe flip key states into Trump's favor. Likely mail-in-ballots where they separated the envelope from the actual ballot is at risk since you no longer can check the postage stamp in a re-count. The argument leans on "Bush v. Gore" 20 years ago, however it was much closer then so it'll be astonishing if Trump pulls it off in several states. The true goal could be to delay and hinder the Electoral College process so that the House of Representatives picks the president, and they likely will pick Trump.

>>Anonymous  14nov2020(sa)23:36  No.81065  D  P5R3
I find it funny how the democrats claimed for years that russia manipulated the last elections but never really came up with any evidence whatsoever. But now, after a lot of weird crap went down during the elections, they don't want investigations... yeah, not suspicious at all and no hypocrisy to be found, also totally no sarcasm from me.
But lets repeat that Biden won over and over and over again in the media.
Honestly the USA is a fucking clown country and your media does nothing but brainwashing.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)23:28  No.81325  E  P6R4
>>Anonymous  24nov2020(tu)01:44  No.81329  F  P7R5
I voted Trump, but I'd like to think that I can look at the situation objectively.
I'd guess that the odds Trump won the election are less than ten percent.
That being said, no matter how small the odds are, don't you want to know who actually won?
Do you really hate Trump so much that you'd rather be an ignorant puppet of the powers that be rather than have even the slightest chance that he'd get a second term?
I can't even imagine hating someone that much.
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)15:18  No.81415  G  P8R6
it isn't over till the electoral college or house of representatives (1 rep per state) put in thier final votes for the president. not saying biden lost or trump won, but at this point it's too early to say how the legal disputes will play out. PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV are all openly legally conteested at this point and PA just got forced by judges to stop certification until today's hearing finishes. GA just got forced to do a real audit by Powell and the local legislature. NV just offered trump a chance to contest the results in court before certification.

it isn't over so shut up and wait. the reports of voter fraud are now atleast confirmed in PA, 600,000+ fraudulent votes over 90% for biden, that was proven in a recent hearing, and 600k votes is not negligable it's like 20 times the biden lead in PA!. If the same thing happened in other states, literally any 2 other states currently contested, then trump wins and biden loses. It all comes down to the outcome of these cases and it's too early to tell.

>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)00:29  No.81420  H  P9R7
you are delusional. living in a fantasy world
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)16:13  No.81436  G  P10R8
it's not a fantasy, I'm merely reporting the news. who knows what will happen, right now that particular case is about to head to the supreme court, meanwhile the PA legislature which is responsible for deciding the electors who represent the state in the electoral college is mulling over ignoring the election result and appointing republican electors who will vote trump due to this fraud. so at this point it seems if they carry through with this that PA's 20 electoral votes are going to trump either by legislature or supreme court verdict to throw out the 600k late votes.

that alone would not hand trump the presidency, as stated it would take 2 other states flipping by any means or similarly following suit via appointing republican electors for the election to be upended. at this point there is nothing definite but we'll see what happens.

either way, I'm not deluded to say that this is far from over. law and legal cases are a very real thing. and already we are seeing motion in this regard. people who think law and legal cases will not have any effect are deluded, because as with PA it is already having an effect a legally binding one, to the tone of biden -20 trump +20.

>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)23:07  No.81450  I  P11R9
People are just so programmed to hate the man.
Your words can't reach them anymore boss.
Good posts though.
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