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>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)21:48  No.78540  OP  P1
Bad news

So, someone on /f/ --> - tested the current plugin in a setup dated after 2020 and Adobe actually put in a kill switch for the browser plugin.

I think this means it is about time to look into the last working version of it and archive it for future use. Or maybe some hacking geniuses would be able to build a patch that unbricks it.

Coincidentially Adobe already put down the archive player website and gives out the online installer only.

Fortunately there still exists a website of them that provides installer downloads as well as the projector. ownloads.html

Might wanna grab em while you can!

>>Anonymous  7aug2020(fr)00:01  No.78550  A  P2R1
Wonder when they put in the kill switch. It's pretty dumb that not only are they forcing us to use a non-mainstream browser (which often means slower patches), we're also forced to use an older plugin without a bunch of security fixes. It wasn't enough to just end flash support, they want to wipe it from existence.

I get that they put in the kill switch so that grandma with auto-update turned off in their browser will still not be a target of some potential found issue in 2025 but it annoys me to no end that we're not given the option to continue using flash if we want to by modifying some obscure setting in about:config or an ini file or something. They have decided for us that we don't want flash and that we're too fragile to be given the option to keep using it with potential risks.

I doubt some mastermind bad guy will bother to find an uber flash exploit 5 years or even 1 year from now. Flash has been static since (before?) 2017 with the exception of security updates, any hacker would need to put in a lot of work to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any remaining exploits. Since almost nobody uses flash now that means very little potential gain for all that effort. So why twist our arms like this with a kill switch?

>>Anonymous  11aug2020(tu)09:20  No.78629  B  P3R2
On the off-chance Adobe pulls some shit and somehow killswitch's the official offline projectors (I wouldn't put it past them to sneak something into the current plugin to seek out the executables on final EoL), are there any good alternatives? The only one I know of (for Windows, at least) is IrfanView and last I checked its flash support was still shit.
>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)18:48  No.78659  OP  P4R3
The OP of that /f/ thread tested the offline projector as well and it wasn't affected by the date.
Which means if you take the current projector.exe and pack it away in some password-protected archive, you're set for the forseeable future. No program could take that away from you. Just make sure to also back it up somewhere safe!
>>Anonymous  13aug2020(th)20:27  No.78689  C  P5R4
off topic but what does [!!] mean in the wiki also why does it say MULTI even though theres no links there
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)05:40  No.78708  A  P6R5
The !!! thing just means the thread has many posts in it and the MULTI thing is supposed to mean there are more than one swf file discovered in the thread but it's bugged.

The purple "F" means the flash was first seen in that thread, if there is no F in the wiki the flash was added to swfchan by site crawling or by some other way (or it was added from a thread before threads themselves were archived).

>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)02:00  No.78830  D  P7R6

Adobe may think they can kill it. they would be wrong. they may think they can kill thier "old versions" download page. but actually all thier downloads are safely available on the internet archives. For now. I suggest people download the best versions .zip s now. 31, 30, 23 etc. I suggest 23+. Might stay away from 32 cause it's bricked.

so yeah use the wayback machine to access long dead downloads. keep the links saved somewhere. /installers/archive/

these archives contain the online installers for multiple OSes (ignore), the full offline installers (run wkith your internet disconnected and DO NOT install adobe's updater!!! if you do find it and destroy it then kill it's registry values with CCleaner!), and also the offline projectors are in the zips becacuse of that they are like 300MB and so on.

but yeah way back machine them quickly save a bunch of copies on HD and on CD/DVD and Zipdrive etc. because:


so get them now while you can. and get an old browser use it for flash enabled websites and most of your daily browsing. only use another browser for emergency situations where your life depends on seeing a page these old flash enabled browsers can't see because it's been chromebricked.

get as many installer archives as you can before they are gone, get them now!

>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)04:25  No.78842  E  P8R7
Permission denied

That was fast

>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)04:32  No.78843  E  P9
I'm a fucking moron. Didn't realize that I needed to WBM the link.
>>Anonymous  30aug2020(su)11:05  No.79089  F  P10R8 // lers/archive/
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)04:15  No.79109  G  P11R9
laputan machine
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)17:20  No.79118  H  P12R10
flatlander woman
>>Anonymous  31aug2020(mo)21:00  No.79121  OP  P13R11
le wat?
>>Anonymous  2dec2020(we)03:46  No.81567  I  P14R12
This is how the kill switch looks like:
Trigger date: January 12th, 2021.
>>Anonymous  2dec2020(we)16:49  No.81581  J  P15R13
admin gave advice on how to prevent this and some anon on /f/ tried it:

>EnableAllowList=1 in mms.cfg will change behavior to what Adobe will force after the year is over.
So far I've been putting in a lot of my regular domains, such as 4chan, flash file folders and the like.
I've also used every blanket scheme possible to allow as broad as it can get apparently.
So far it looks like I can play most of /f/ and also local files from my PC, though not from my network server.
Also there seems to be a strange bug, where if the filename contains weird symbols, like (ノ^∇^)ノ------☎(; ̄д ̄).swf or even ANYTHING containing a [ or ], it will not play the flash :/
works when I rename it to something simple like 1.swf

seems like it doesn't work 100%
so any way to unfuck the plugin or hack it using this method would still be much preferred
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