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>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)07:32  No.71806  OP  P1
Trying to find source for a flash
I think I also saw it in one of the Q gif montages. Anyway I can't find a name to associate the gif with and I'd be glad if I could find out. Someone in mentioned that they have existed in flash form before, with sound apparently; if anyone knows what the originals are called, that'd be great. I tried searching them up myself but the names are so random that there's no hope in finding any name that's useful. Thanks for any help.
>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:51  No.71846  A  P2R1
The artist who made the original gif that was put into 2.swf is "vvindowsme".

Here's his pixiv (few images and not updated since 2017):

The gif was released 26oct2012 and can be found here:

Whoever made 2.swf is not very competent in flash because not only is the visual quality poor but the file size of the flash is over 4.5 times larger than the gif.

Gif SHA-256: A7D068DA7D38CC4B462C7B0B54D1AFB221357A98B63F4B2E6 826BA9620B0FD89
Gif filesize: 1405359 bytes

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:54  No.71847  A  P3
Er, actually maybe you were asking for the flash version with sound that someone mentioned?
I've no idea about that. I don't think vvindowsme made any video version with sound himself.
>>Anonymous  23oct2019(we)06:40  No.71856  OP  P4R2
Either one actually. Thanks!
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