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>>Anonymous  22aug2019(th)05:15  No.70726  OP  P1
I find it cute how this site is bringing up the phony US election reality TV game and Tim Pool. Aristocrats are going to aristocrat.
Meanwhile my Chrome is telling me they will no longer support Flash come next year or so.
>>Anonymous  22aug2019(th)06:46  No.70728  A  P2
wtf are you talking about?
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)05:57  No.70743  OP  P3
Some obnoxious message at the top of this site. Mentioning the election myth and Tim Pool. "Google controlling elections"
Yes of course Google lobbyists controls politics. They have endless funding.
I'm more concerned about Flash support no longer on Chrome come next year.
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)07:08  No.70746  B  P4R1

This answer right here probably sums up what everyone else is thinking.
Who the hell cares? If it's not a site update I don't give 2 shits whats up there. I don't come here for that. Just use the site and move on.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23aug2019(fr)13:41  No.70751  SWF  P5R2
I hesitated a long time before putting up that message because reading something like that isn't exactly why people come to the site. But when that hidden camera video dropped with an executive from Google admitting that they are intentionally biased I had to.

Forget the US election next year, do we really want a future where big tech companies decide the outcome of every election on the planet from now on? It sounds ridiculous but this is the early days and already votes are swung by omitted or promoted search results. Google is what most people use to investigate objective truth but there's no objectivity in the results. Meanwhile YouTube/Twitter/Facebook can control opinions simply by deeming certain discussions undesirable. If a political candidate is disallowed from running online ads they are doomed when traditional media is gone. Ban their account and they might as well not even exist.

I know most don't care, the Project Veritas video I linked still doesn't even have 400k views after two months. Considering the big role Google has in people's lives you'd think a reveal like this should have been front page news, that you can't trust your all-in-one lookup service. YouTube took down the video when it was first uploaded on their platform btw. I know it's not a dancing cat or in any way fun to watch but check it out if you haven't already: (hidden cam at 13:10)

If I can get a couple more people to use other search engines on top of Google when they are researching something, just to get those hidden results as well, then I've done what I could. I do apologize for leaving the global message up for so long, please use the [hide] link. While on the subject, just because so many don't know it, I'll briefly mention that Google renamed themselves to Alphabet in 2015 and started a subsidiary named Google. Alphabet's homepage is and their stock symbol is GOOGL.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23aug2019(fr)13:42  No.70752  SWF  P6
Concerning flash after 2020 I will probably start suggesting that people switch to Waterfox. It'll be based on Firefox 68, which was released this year so it has modern features. I've talked with the project leader of Waterfox and he said that he's actively working on keeping NPAPI support. So the flash plugin should keep working. Waterfox has been around for over 8 years and has over 3500 contributors, there's no reason to believe security issues wouldn't get patched in the future. Especially if it's just a matter of lifting over Firefox fixes. Waterfox is pretty serious about backwards compatibility too and while it's true that they are dropping support of many legacy add-ons now that they change the code base from FF56 to FF68, several popular ones have been ported over already. I get why they felt the need to catch up tho, a lot of WebExtension add-ons have been developed and more are coming. For our needs what matters most is that flash keeps working. We'll see how that goes in a year.

For those refusing to change browser (or don't want to keep using an old version of your preferred browser) you'll need to install Adobe's offline Flash Player. I'll mirror the exe on the site later. Then you simply 'open' swf files directly from the browser, it'll be downloaded to a temp location and viewed in the Adobe Flash Player program. But being able to keep viewing embedded flashes in your browser like normal would be best, far from all sites link directly to the swf files so it won't be as easy to 'open' those in the non-browser viewer. Down the road I might make some kind of virtual machine solution to view the occasional flash on swfchan directly without any additional work required from the visitor, but it's not something I'm particularly excited about sitting down with.

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)06:01  No.70769  OP  P7R3
Unless your sitting on millions I doubt anyone's vote actually counts.
Both parties work for themselves. Certainly not me, a working class male.
It's all just a TV show anyways. Gov is going to exploit the productive people, both parties. Collapse of modern day Rome is coming regardless of what color voting both I walk into. It's not worth my time.
I don't get to vote for my upper management at work. Pretty crazy to think I have any vote on a larger scale corporate business like the US Gov.
They are all freeloaders who talk, but never actually do anything. Prez is just a celebrity face, nothing more.
I don't even use Twatter and Facebook. Those are SJW/Tradcuck debate cesspools. I'm just a working man all on my own. No one is on my side, except the lovely community here offering free stress relief :)
Even worse the two party game keeps the working class bickering among themselves instead of questioning their overlords who have all the big guns and military. Following by example of how it all works - They can pay me to go vote.
Fairly sure they have already proved how fake it all is with the surprise count concerning Bush years ago, and now Clinton with this last one.
All these people are buddies flying to Epstein's Island together. I bet Hilary and Meliana go get facelifts together lol. Old spoiled hags.
George Bush, Bill or Hillary Clinton, or Trump. All of them will take 1/3-1/4 of my income to hook up their wives and children with a luxury lifestyle of wasting money. On nonsense like Meliana's Martian face, or a complete clone makeover of Chelsea Clinton.

I already have the dev Adobe FP 31.
Sucks you have to go through all this thanks to Google. Any idea why they are doing this? They don't want free games out there with the Stadia coming maybe? IDK. I'm sure it's about money first and foremost. Hence why I don't trust any Gov either lol. It's all about money and personal gain, not normal working people.

Thank you SWFAnts. In this shallow, selfish world you provide a little bit of joy for a simple working class Joe :)

>>Anonymous  28aug2019(we)00:19  No.70824  D  P8R4
I'm with you on this, Ants.
I like the eventual internet related tidbits on the top, if you don't want to see it just hide it via button. Initially I wouldn't even got the news unless I read them here first.

If you are worried about flash support, you should rather write Adobe, it's not like Admin can do anything on that regard.
If you use chrome, it's your own fault (you shitty Google cumdumpster). I use Palemoon and will deliciously consume my flashes when you googletards will be crying at your coorporate overlords.

>>Anonymous  30aug2019(fr)15:38  No.70851  OP  P9R5
Does Palemoon require an account?
>>Anonymous  1sep2019(su)07:17  No.70863  E  P10R6
You lost me at trying to cite Project Veritas.
>>Anonymous  1sep2019(su)15:57  No.70868  F  P11R7
you need Disney to perform the whistleblower interview or something? that concealed camera footage stands on its own no matter who presented it.
>>Anonymous  1sep2019(su)21:26  No.70870  G  P12R8
>>Anonymous  2sep2019(mo)02:18  No.70871  H  P13R9
Despite wholeheartedly agreeing with the Admin about the subject(mainly the fact that so few people know about project Veritas, that is the most important investigation since Wikileaks) and I also watch all beanie-man videos daily, but I can't help but still find retarded and hamfisted to talk about politics in a swf archival site.

It's retarded when leddit, wikipedia and non-political sites does similar acts of online activism, it's retarded when you do too. There are time and places for things, and it's not here. People that don't bother won't bother and to the people that bother it's just preaching to the choir.

>>Anonymous  4sep2019(we)00:06  No.70907  D  P14R10
why would you need an account to use/download an internet browser?
>>Anonymous  6sep2019(fr)17:46  No.70946  A  P15R11
>It's not worth my time.
Listen, I get that voting for the president may not be "worth your time" but if you're in a state that does voting by mail, just do it anyway. It takes a whole 5 minutes to fill out and send your ballot. The thing is that you'll have the presidential election on there but then all of the local elections too, which your vote has more of a swing in.
>>Anonymous  9sep2019(mo)09:02  No.71000  OP  P16R12
But there are zero worthwhile candidates to vote for.
They are all self-concerned aristocrats who are looking to fill their pockets at my expense. Yet I'm the one who goes to work and provides a service to society.
Where do I vote to disband local Gov seats entirely? Is that an option?
I'm not paying for a mail stamp just to have my vote flushed either. I'm not a Google lobbyist, therefore my vote is thrown away anyways.
Are there are real working men to vote for? I only see a collection of phony suits who practice manipulative speech. It doesn't work on me, sorry.
You ought to see the local state legislation in my area.
Option A. Girly old narcissist who's never worked a day in their lives.
Option B. Greedy old upper management type with a Chester Cat smile.
Both are working hard to keep marijuana banned. But the addiction to monetary gain that hurts others? We can't address that can we?
Where are the productive men to vote for? The men who understand the working class?
Both of these old married fools with multiple ex-wives want to police my internet as well. There is no one to vote for.
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)06:45  No.71805  A  P17
Then don't vote for a candidate if you don't like them. There's still plenty of policy issues that may or may not be important that don't deal with electing officials. For instance last vote I did there was a measure to vote whether to allocate money from the state for kids hospitals.
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)09:47  No.71807  OP  P18
Yes free healthcare welfare for everyone who can't afford kids. Great idea.
Can I vote to completely disband the local and federal legislation and stop income taxes?
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)19:07  No.71812  A  P19
You could certainly start petition or something similar that would have that effect. I don't think it would pass because you're just ripping out the government, which for all its faults has some good elements in it; such a petition would need a something to replace the government with.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:14  No.72163  I  P20
>the site owner actually thinks project veritas and tim pool should be trusted
>the site owner actually believes the election has actually ever represented the will of the people
>the site owner believes that america will survive 2020 instead of collapsing into civil war and hopefully revolution

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