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>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)18:57  No.58547  OP  P1
Hey, can anyone help me getting this SWF to work? Its doesnt seem to load. Thank you
>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)18:58  No.58548  OP  P2 +To+Be+Wild+-+Chapter+1.swf
>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)20:58  No.58550  A  P3R1
Its file size is less than 73 kb and it says "looking for game file" during the loading screen. It's never going to work because it's just a loader swf and there is no file on swfchan for it to load. Only stand-alone flash files work.
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)14:20  No.58581  OP  P4R2
I thought it may be incomplete, thanks anyway.
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)18:08  No.58674  B  P5R3
Have hope, you can probably still decompile the loader and investigate the actionscript to see what exactly it loads. Download that file and edit the actionscript to make it a local link and you should be able to play it if both files are in the same directory.
>>w7 890  3jun2018(su)14:51  No.60122  C  P6R4

here is the loader code
function loadnewgame(gnum)
trace("load new game " + gnum);
gamePath = _root.hostPath + "game_0" + gnum + ".swf";
trace("gamepath " + gamePath);
mc_game = this.createEmptyMovieClip("game",1);
fullscreenbutton.onRelease = function()
Stage.displayState = "fullScreen";
trouble = 0;
mc_text.text = "chapter " + gnum;
_root.hostPath = " 547199/prawn/";
var gamePath = "";
trace("loader starting");
var trouble;

>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)20:35  No.60136  B  P7R5
Oh cool thanks for doing that w7 890, still kind of weird for you to type the quotelink into the title field instead of the comment.
looks like it's set up to load a max of 9-10 scenes depending on whether gnum starts at 0. 47199/prawn/game_01.swf works but it's a 3 MB file and my internet is terrible
you could get swfchan to download them all by linking each one directly but I don't know whether it downloads from links posted to /disc/

you can make it a local link by removing the root.hostpath from the gamePath equation

>>w7 890  3jun2018(su)20:53  No.60137  C  P8R6

thx 4 h3lping us sir

>>w7 890  3jun2018(su)21:30  No.60140  C  P9

yo yo im done
well i downloaded everything and cracked the loader
time 2 start s33ding d_cracked_by_w7_890.7z

>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)05:09  No.60153  B  P10R7
you're welcome but it looks like we might need some more help

did you test this before making that? I couldn't get it to work and I looked at some of the other file's scripts. they also load in another file 47199/prawn/chapterlist.swf
i'm not really sure what the problem is so i'll look at it later.

>>w7 890  4jun2018(mo)07:30  No.60161  C  P11R8
it dosen't work on the main site


>>w7 890  4jun2018(mo)07:42  No.60163  C  P12
houston we got a problem


>>w7 890  4jun2018(mo)07:59  No.60164  C  P13
houston we got a problem

here is the xmls 47199/prawn/game_01.xml
try entering game_01 to game_06
also here is an xml error
this is probably preventing the game to load

>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)11:24  No.60171  B  P14R9
Yeah it works!
all you do is download the xml files and remove the "_root.hostPath + " from inside the mainXML function for each game.
I would've found this earlier since I used the Text Search tool for "load" in ffdec but it only points you to the first match. lesson learned there.
Later I'll try playing it through all the way to see if any other bugs happen but at least it loads into the first scene, it wasn't doing that before.
chapterlist.swf will need some cleanup too, since it links to weebl's stuff
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)11:26  No.60173  B  P15
bleh I'm getting empty files when I try using ctrl+s on the xml files, I'll just attempt to link then download them once my post goes through. 47199/prawn/game_02.xml 47199/prawn/game_03.xml 47199/prawn/game_04.xml 47199/prawn/game_05.xml 47199/prawn/game_06.xml
>>w7 890  4jun2018(mo)15:41  No.60176  C  P16R10
game fixed

I think i fixed it here is the r3p4ck

enjoy and don't forget to s33d
oh btw i forgot to clean chapterlist.swf
if it really works and there's no bugs share it in NG

>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)18:41  No.60177  B  P17R11
well i played some of chapter 1 and encountered a bug where the cursor wouldn't change the box on the side to anything other than the last item it hovered over but that bug might be present in the full game.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)19:03  No.60178  B  P18
It appears that it was a side effect to a room being glitched. I'm still not sure if the original was like this but there's this room after the squid which can't be exited after entering it and it's impossible to move around in.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)19:20  No.60179  B  P19
okay it was part of the game, you just had to click the medicine a bunch of times. I think this is free of any bugs that were not in the original game besides the chapterlist.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)19:53  No.60180  B  P20
I finished the first chapter but either I couldn't hit the button that moves to the next chapter or it stopped possibly because chapterlist.swf is referring to weebl's stuff
I was going to post it on a review in newgrounds but I kept on getting this popup when I tried to do any review s.png
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)18:40  No.60200  B  P21
Okay I finally found the bug. The game_01.xml has this attribute <chapterlist level = "11"></chapterlist> and the only fix needed in that file is to change it to <chapterlist level = "1"></chapterlist>
I checked all of the other xml files and they were the correct numbers.

Also chapterlist.swf needs to have line 34 of its frame 1 script changed to chapList = ["game_01.swf","game_02.swf","game_03.swf","game_ 04.swf","game_05.swf","game_06.swf"];

>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)19:00  No.60201  B  P22
Oh sorry to make another post so soon but I wanted to ask SWFAnts something.
Once there's a final working version is there any way to preserve it on swfchan? If it were just all swf files I'd upload them and put them into a collection but since it requires xml files I can't do that. I'm just concerned because this is probably the only working version out there, newgrounds has a broken version, weebl's stuff is now a youtube frontend and who knows how long will be around.
>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)02:11  No.60209  B  P23
>>w7 890  6jun2018(we)21:01  No.60232  D  P24R12
thx very much
if this really works
let's start s33d1ng b4 they t@ke the link down
>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)06:03  No.60242  B  P25R13
Frankly I'm not sure if anyone cares enough to take the link down in this year. The game's 11 years old, the original creator doesn't have it on their site anymore and doesn't release the swfs of their newer creations. I'm not quite sure what you mean by seeding in this context but I'd be fine creating a torrent for the file although I don't think that many people would download them.
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)14:49  No.60259  E  P26R14
You can upload rar files in a /res/ thread, though that is not what it's about and I don't know if the server will even take your upload request if it's not mp3 or images in the rar, but you can always try.
Do regard that these threads DON'T get archived, but it's unlikely that they get bumped off anytime soon.
>>w7 890  5nov2018(mo)10:34  No.64595  F  P27R15

its down jim

>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  5nov2018(mo)11:39  No.64596  F  P28
there is still hope

good thing i make backups
well that was faster than expected
if anyone wants another link contact me
(note i did not modify the file)

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)10:27  No.64993  G  P29R16
continuation link

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)01:02  No.72008  H  P30R17
hmm well this should be more permanent than openload a6cfe559e20aaa9f471cda96
>>Anonymous  25jan2020(sa)11:56  No.73401  E  P31R18
nice little game
though it looks like there were more than 6 chapters
quick google search says there's up to 12 even
any way to do include them?
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