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>>Anonymous  24jan2017(tu)20:02  No.43548  OP  P1
Bans/warnings on /f/

Who here has gotten any and if so what for?

I've recently got a warning for posting which looks like it was deleted within a few hours from posting.
I also got banned on all boards for 24 hours for posting

Both for global rule #3.

I'm pretty surprised about that, since people post bait and switches often enough; at least I have posted You Just Fell For The Trap.swf and other ones changed to something else with no consequence. Maybe there's some new mod or janitor on /f/. I'm going to try again with a different one, maybe a screamer will solicit the same reaction.

It's worth noting that /f/'s banning behavior isn't up to date, so none of my other posts outside the thread were deleted. Anywhere else if you're banned on all boards they delete any posts you've made in the last 7 days.

Apparently one person a while ago was banned for posting that fake CP flash that turns into Bel-Air.

>>Anonymous  28jan2017(sa)16:31  No.43658  A  P2R1
I never got banned because I don't shitpost.
>>Anonymous  28jan2017(sa)17:34  No.43659  B  P3R2
>implying hoods are shitposts
I take from OP's post that you'd also get banned for that, because /f/ janitor only knows the dankes memes.
>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)00:31  No.44097  OP  P4R3
It's worth noting that Old Man Sou from the 4chan cup in the last few months has been saying his threads were being deleted after years of them being fine.
Most recent thread he made was deleted early, lasting around three and a half hours.
>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)02:09  No.44100  C  P5R4
I've been worried about this for a long while. As we all know the rules doesn't matter on /f/ but I've warned that one day some newbie mod will come around and actually enforce them. Someone that doesn't understand /f/ culture at all.

You can't have a board for 15 years that doesn't enforce rules and suddenly expect regulars to not be upset when some noob that doesn't belong on /f/ comes along and starts fucking up why we like the board in the first place.

These are the only three rules /f/ should have:

1. Don't upload anything that violates copyright or US law.
2. Don't upload redirectors or exploits such as popup spawners.
3. All other flash content is allowed, including loli/shota, furry and guro.

It's not like we can go upload flashes on /b/ or any other board, /f/ must have relaxed rules.

>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)06:41  No.44109  B  P6R5
I'd really like that run-of-the-mill rule enforced reasonably though.
It's the only thing preventing /f/ to become youtube in a nutshell, even if it's rather arbitrary.
>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)07:43  No.44114  OP  P7R6
Found another one on the bans page. <- it's archived on that page right now but will move to a higher page number as newer bans move in; new bans are grabbed every hour.
Banned for being furry.

I don't know how I feel about this one. Take this, the activity on /trash/, the numerous amount of flashes on swfchan and the fact that only 30 threads can be up at a time; if /f/ was being spread around to those sort of places as a furry haven, they'd flood the board with nothing but furry porn. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any and certainly there are some very well made flashes, even recently, however moderation is the key here. Maybe the mod/janitor would be justified if there were around +10 - 6 furry flashes at one time but seeing as whoever is handing out moderation recently doesn't know much about /f/, I'd say they're unjustified.

I'm sure most people would like most of the youtube rips to be gone. I especially hate the ones that are just reply bait, usually /pol/ or /lgbt/ material. They would have made better threads in those boards and all the OP had to do was post a youtube link in their first post. Recent examples I can think of that are semi-regular are whyIlefttheleft.swf, berniesandersexposed.swf and not as recently but manchildren.swf and the other series made from Gavin's segment on The Rebel. Also Maddox, who has a whole website (and probably youtube channel) where you can watch him complain about pizza and self-checkout lanes.

Consider letter-to-my-sister.swf, which was an old SNL skit and posted as a rip quite far back and then recently got put on youtube, I wouldn't think that's run of the mill but what say you?

>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)08:04  No.44115  OP  P8
Oh I forgot to say something about those rules. I was in and made one of those meta /f/ threads last year where we were supposed to try and fix something on the board. I liked those rules but the general consensus (as far as I could tell from an anonymous discussion) is that the last bit that says "including loli/shota, furry and guro." is too explicit: in the sense that when people read those rules they'd immediately be reminded about it. /f/ would then be known as the "return of /l/" or a loli dumping ground. /f/ was for a day with a bunch of loli guro flashes at a single time, none were deleted needless to say, but it would have been boring to see those same loli guro flashes every day/week -- in fact I don't think I've seen them since and I probably would risk posting them unless you're ready for a ban -- or even different loli guro flashes every day/week. Back from the tangent, in short putting that you CAN do something in the rules is like raising a big flag and saying HEY EVERYONE /F/ IS NOW THE LOLI/SHOTA FURRY GURO BOARD! whereas if it just says "All other flash content is allowed" the amount posted would probably be around the same as before, without stuff like >>44114 happening. Also rule #1 is covered by Global rule #1.

I think there is an argument to be said about the current rule #1, I noticed in the past month or so that there was at least one person, I guess I missed a lot of those posts, it's more like 90 or so posts in total, on /f/ saying something about "weebshit" I'd say that there's a reason that /f/ in is the Japanese section of 4chan, even if it's evolved past its original intent. Maybe something could be kept in the rules to reflect that? I know that the whole "weebshit" stuff is bogus, but I don't really want a whole section of those idiots on either side (anime only vs no anime content) to materialize due to rule changes.

>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)18:34  No.44127  OP  P9
I just post them as I find them, saying he got banned for posting this Sounds like his reason was Global rule #3.
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)01:56  No.44135  C  P10R7
>run-of-the-mill rule enforced reasonably
The reason why you can't forbid some swf files and allow others is because "reasonably" can't be defined. As long as there's some kind of "reasonably" in any rule it greenlights a mod that has no idea what /f/ is all about to come in and start banning people left and right.

>is that the last bit that says "including loli/shota, furry and guro." is too explicit
The reason why I put that in there is because the global rules still applies to /f/, they won't make them "global except for /f/". Therefore you need to explicitly state exceptions for /f/ to make sure no future mod comes and fuck it up.

I'd love for the third rule to be just "All other flash content is allowed." but then some mod would come in sometime in the future and start referring to global rule #3 again. My first rule ("Don't upload anything that violates copyright or US law.") could be skipped entirely because it's covered by the global rules anyway, I just put it there because otherwise "all other flash content is allowed" might be misleading to people that don't think about the global rules.

Honestly all this about banning youtube videos or to make exceptions for X and Y... it's nonsense. Just allow all swf files and let the people of /f/ sort them out by replying or not replying. Converting a movie to a flash has been around forever and it takes dedication to convert the video, if someone uploads shit videos it happens once or twice but then he will stop because he gets zero replies and it's too much effort for no feedback.

The only reward for all that work to upload a video to /f/ is the replies. Flash is only allowed on one board on 4chan so of course all flash files need to be allowed there.

Global rule 3 on 4chan is garbage btw:
+ You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.
It's way, way to broad and is way, way too open to interpretation (in other words its used "reasonably"). Being told that "you've been banned due to global rule #3" might as well be replaced with "you've been banned due to your ugly face". I mean it even says that "macro image replies" are banned ffs, something that happens all the time outside /b/.

And how screwed up is global rule 8?
+ Complaining about 4chan (its policies, moderation, etc) on the imageboards may result in post deletion and a ban.
I love the "may" in there, again completely up to each "reasonable" mod to freely decide whether or not your reply is whiny enough to warrant a ban.

>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)07:57  No.44141  B  P11R8
I'd definitely NOT consider most SNL shorts bait, as there's inherent comedy value to those produced skits. They can (and did) envolve into memes, so it's fine.
I mean, even my converted video (Don't hug me I'm scared; which I just posted once, because I wanted to share it as it's hilarious) was removed once, because "this isn't youtube".
I thought it was unnecessary, but I wouldn't rage against it. I can respect such a decision and go about it some other time or stop posting FLVs alltogether (only thing I really only ever contributed).
But a long term ban would have been unjustified, I think.
I can see something posted with "cringe value" on some level, but
Think about when a guy on a screen unironically talks about some controversal shit with some images shoven in every other second - to make a thread with shit-level discussion, or ONLY IF YOU POST SLEEP TIGHT PIZZA stuff, then - that's the only things I'd just ban on triple sight.

Shouldn't a mod, or at least the janitor BE a person from /f/ or at least with a lot of /f/ experience?
Or like, make it some every now and then, but when bait is posted all the time (howling.swf frequency f.e.), then just remove all following ones, until it calmed down? Needs a lot of insight though.
But yeah, I know it's basically unforable and unforseeable, but SWF videos from youtube are also swf files. Guess the community going down the drain just has to be accepted by now.

Also: sorting by replies is only a valid tatic with a well educated userbase (currently debatable, seen better and worse times), and won't help with replying ironically or shit-posting (see beef-curtains here) escpecially since you can't see the SAGE anymore (on /f/).

Don't underestimate to power of b8. They were deliberatly created to just stir controversy with zero effort.
If not replying would kill it, the video wouldn't even be so popular on the jewtubes. It's just bringing the same shit then to /f/. And conversion quality is oftentimes very low and uneducated as well.
ANTS tools helped to upp the quality, but also the frequency of use.

it's not like discussion here is changing rules on 4chan anyway.
It will probably never happen alltoghether.
A board will only ever be as good as the modbase.

>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)08:21  No.44145  OP  P12R9
Good points, I should have thought more about banning video content and the reasonable stuff.

As for the rules conflicting with the global ones, they could just say which ones are enforced like /b/, /s4s/ and /trash/ does. So they should look something like:
1. Don't upload redirectors or exploits such as popup spawners.
2. All other flash content is allowed.
3. Global rules 1, 2, 4, 5, maybe 6, 7, probably 8 but the other boards that do this also don't have it enforced, 9, 10, 11, 12, maybe 13 since you can't use avatars other than the OP, 14.

Most of them, even #17, are broken regularly on /f/.

>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)17:44  No.44348  D  P13R10
How is 4chan still a thing? Kinda like... mediocrity heat death of the online universe – it's inevitable, tepid and eternal?
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)21:09  No.44357  E  P14R11
It isn't.
There's a site called 4chan, but 4chan doesn't exist anymore.
4chan was its users, they've all left a long time ago.
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)22:39  No.44367  OP  P15R12
4chan is filled with cargo cult imageboarders, probably me included. All of those unoriginal threads thrive while the original stuff doesn't get much attention. KYM probably helped with the rapid death.
>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)01:50  No.44498  B  P16R13
I see what you mean, from a /b/ perspective. It's really been unbearable for the longest time. Nothing but smartphone porn threads and the eventual shitpost.
/f/ on the other hand hasn't changed a bit. Only a tiny bit maybe and general decay of shockwave flash. But it's rather good right now. There were up and downs, but it's back to what I can live with.
Because it is the board nobody knows about.
And OC was never one if its strenghts anyway.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)03:05  No.44826  OP  P17R14
Hmmm this was deleted within one hour, what do you think it could mean?

I know for one fact that you can't deleted a post that old but I don't know if being banned from some other place can get your threads deleted from /f/. At any rate it seems that the janitor hates bait and switches. I wonder if he'll delete lolicon.swf?

>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)11:38  No.44831  OP  P18
Well today I posted jeff the killer.swf, which is jeff the killer, and I wasn't warned or banned. However the janitor might not have been present.
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)19:28  No.46901  OP  P19
Lol someone posted .swf and 10 hours later it was deleted. I checked /f/ right after and it only had 29 flashes.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)00:30  No.46913  C  P20R15
I've also had another thread deleted lately, don't remember which flash I posted but it was some video. Several people had a lively discussion in it and I was just about to post after another guy and the thread was gone. Wasn't even marked for deletion. Either the janitor didn't like the discussion, the video or was one of the peolpe talking in it and got cranky and wanted the last word. Either way it's no fair to the people that wanted to keep talking.
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)12:57  No.51412  C  P21
Looks like Jeff the Killer isn't "allowed" on /f/ now (at the current whim of janitors/mods since sometimes it stays up). I didn't post it and I don't know if the uploader got banned or not but I noticed the thread got deleted after less than one hour:

I'm not exactly a fan of Jeff the Killer or any jump-scare flashes but I thought I'd post this as a warning to people that do intend to upload it. It is after all not against 4chan's rules to post them.

>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)17:56  No.51417  F  P22R16
Well it is technically against rule #1 but that one's not enforced ever. I wish that they'd either add a "no jumpscare" rule and enforce it or stop moderating it at their whim.
>>Anonymous  23jul2017(su)21:41  No.51665  F  P23 was deleted just now, refreshed /f/ and there were only 29 flashes. I agree with this deletion and hope the OP of that thread was banned, since all they did was upload a duplicate video rip almost immediatly after the other one died.
>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)00:09  No.51707  F  P24 got deleted in ~20 minutes
making fun of the rare flash posting
mod/jan probably deleted it because of "muh screamer"
pretty dumb
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)17:35  No.52034  F  P25
An auto ban is set up for
I don't know if it's for any flash with that name or specifically that one flash but it's better to avoid posting it.
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)02:59  No.57351  C  P26R17
I just got a 24 hour ban for posting this: The thread was up 4 hours before removal and was tagged [H]. The ban reason was of course rule 3:

>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

A.k.a. the bullshit rule that allow mods to ban you for whatever the fuck they want. It's ridiculous to ban for this flash, it hasn't been seen on /f/ for 7 years now but is over 10 years old so this flash is part of classic /f/ by my measures. I didn't post it to "troll" either, it was because I haven't seen it for seven years and I smiled now that I came across it.

How am I supposed to see this, are we not allowed to poke a bit of fun on /f/ anymore? Is it the draw style, does everything have to be AAA quality? Or is today the day when loli flashes suddenly aren't allowed?

The last thing we need on /f/ these days is cancer mods that restrict what flashes we upload and push away users that have been around forever and that actually keep the place alive. Because of the ban's "short length" I may not appeal it either, which really annoys me. These newfag mods need to bugger of to some other board before they ruin everything.

>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)14:22  No.57413  G  P27R18
If you post that flash under any other name you'll still get banned
I tried
Numerous times
Dunno if you'll get banned if you post another flash under CP.swf tho

It's really inconsistent with that 3rd rule
Or maybe someone actually manually reported you and some mod or janitor wasn't lazy and felt like looking at reports at the time.

Also I don't know why janitors are not allowed to interact with the boards they're maintaining, it's fucking ridiculous. Either /f/ needs an overhaul and ban everyone who breaks the rules (which will be 99% of all /f/ users because the flashes they post are not "uniquely japanese") or change the rules to adapt more to the current state of /f/.

But nothing will ever change because /f/ is a board nobody knows about and the only actual way to get in touch with someone higher and get some answers is to bitch on /qa/ until they notice it.
And yes, I'm still mad about that 5 day range block on /f/ from last year

Never forget that you're on an unsupervised ride where nothing is guaranteed and anything can get you off the ride.

>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)23:14  No.57420  F  P28R19
>If you post that flash under any other name you'll still get banned
>I tried
>Numerous times
>Dunno if you'll get banned if you post another flash under CP.swf tho
It's probably MD5 hash autobanned. If you have access to JPEX you might be able to change one of the resources inside of it which would alter the hash. If you do attempt this I'd suggest not posting it with the name CP.swf, maybe something like startrek.swf
I got ahold of I_AM_ABIB (disclaimer: I don't know much about the mods but with some this guy has a bad reputation for reasons that I know not), and he had me promise to not post CP themed jokes/bait and switches before he lifted the permaban.

>is to bitch on /qa/ until they notice it.
I'm from /qa/ as well and I'd like to point out that this almost never works, at least just the posting solely on /qa/ to get a response from a moderator part. What /qa/ can do is make more people aware of a problem and then more people will fill out feedback and or go to IRC. Of course building a consensus can be done on /f/ itself, it's fairly unlikely you'd get reported by making meta threads on /f/ and even then the mods might just move it to /qa/ instead of banning you.

>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)01:43  No.57426  F  P29
well in light of the fact that exists (a stickied thread) exists I guess the mods might pay more attention to /f/ in the future.
of course this could simply have resulted from someone on the IRC asking for a thread they made to be stickied
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)14:58  No.57472  G  P30R20
I highly doubt it and if there are active mods or janitors then what's their actual purpose when shitty youtuberips and /pol/ related flashes are being kept on?
But anyway it's just more speculations and no one really knows what's happening so we are still left in the dark as always.
>>Colliding Stars  22feb2019(fr)18:44  No.66835  H  P31R21
Sleepy Gimp

Is there a chance you could help me get my hands on some Sleepy Gimp comics and artwork?

>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)03:29  No.66838  I  P32R22
can someone ban the person who keeps posting that stupid avie makeup game with no nudity or sex in /fap also we need rules to block trolls from /fap, when people open a flash expecting it to be H it should not spawn a meme or screamer in-stead. you can't fap to that so it should not be in fap. od2.swf.html this should not be in mah fap. unless someone edits the game and turns it into H.
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)09:19  No.69181  C  P33R23
Just got banned again for 3 days with the blanket global rule #3. I didn't even troll, I just told someone on /news/ he was the one making a big deal out of the story discussed. Ignoring whether or not the ban was legit, maybe I just didn't get the culture of that board, why should the ban be global? And I can't appeal it because 3 days is "short" (it isn't when you are used to shitpost a lot).

4chan has a problem with mods abusing global rule #3 and when you can't even appeal it you really feel like you've been treated unfairly. Mods being able to ban you globally is also a big problem, my behavior can be perfectly acceptable on blue board A but unacceptable on blue board B. Doesn't make sense to get a timeout from A if B was where I screwed up.

The mod that used the blanket rule on me probably don't even go to the other blue boards that I go to, so how could he possibly understand how justified it is to also ban me from those? Additionally, since global rule #3 specifically says it is okay to post "trolls" and so forth on /b/ I don't think it would be unreasonable if whoever gets banned for the blanket rule could at least still post on /b/.

>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)03:16  No.69199  B  P34R24
4chan is done for.
I'd all but stray from any board that isn't /f/.
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)19:38  No.69499  B  P35
Yep, just got banned too for Global Rule#3.
Been posting some H, one of which was an old MoeMoe flash that featured loli. I mean, it was posted hundreds of times before.
Is /f/ so strict nowadays with loli content? Sure as hell wasn't before. Sad to see even /f/ run into the ground...
I'm still hoping it's just some newfag mod strayed onto /f/.
>>Anonymous  2jul2019(tu)14:22  No.69724  C  P36R25
Banned again for three days over global rule 3. The mod said that I was specifically banned for "trolling" this time, which is at least better than just referring to the blanket rule itself. But I wasn't trolling, I was making a joke.

Was in a thread with the subject "What other boards do you browse?" and I posted "/l/", a lolicon board that existed on 4chan in 2003 and 2004. I was clearly making a joke and got banned for it. I guess we can't make jokes anymore? Worst part is I received a global ban, if someone makes an inappropriate joke on a board they should get banned on only that board and not on other boards where that joke can be made all the time without anybody caring. And why not issue a warning instead of a ban for something as minor as this?

>Because of the short length of your ban, you may not appeal it. Please check back when your ban has expired.
Really hate this. When you feel that a ban is not justified you should have the ability to get a second opinion no matter how long the ban was. If one or two other mods disagree with the ban they should overrule it, such a system shouldn't be hard to implement.

Glad I have this thread to vent my frustration.

>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)20:03  No.71966  J  P37R26
Just got banned 3 days for posting TEH REI in the flash thread on /qa/. I was hesitating before posting but I thought that SURELY such a classic image will be laughed off, at most it will be deleted and I'll get a warning. Nope, no fun allowed.
>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:20  No.72006  K  P38R27
If you knew some of /qa/'s history you'd've expected a ban from that; people have been banned for less on that board.
>>Anonymous  7may2020(th)06:29  No.76903  L  P39R28
Is anyone else rangebanned from the entirety of 4chan?
I really don't visit most boards but not being able to post at all on /f/ is sad for me, especially if this keeps up until december.
>>Anonymous  7may2020(th)21:26  No.76927  B  P40R29
yeah, I've been too for a while, had a phoneposting IP though
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