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>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)02:25  No.41138  OP  P1
SUP, looking for a particular flash, help me find it?

It's an AMV and the name of it's song I don't remember but it's made by some small Youtuber, would have the tags nonrealvideo & emotional and the very start has a automatic raising barrier (like this, but without the fence thing hanging off it lux-barrier.JPG)

It used to be posted fairly often on /f/, anyone know it's name?

>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)03:14  No.41141  A  P2R1
It's called "fuck off back to 4chan".
I've heard it's pretty good.
>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)03:20  No.41142  OP  P3R2
wow, #rude
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)07:25  No.41196  B  P4R3
If you can remember any of the posts in the thread and the relative post numbers you can always use a .net search.
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)23:40  No.41224  OP  P5R4
Unfortunately I don't
>>Anonymous  17nov2016(th)23:44  No.41225  C  P6
I'd oftentimes help to search in such a case. But:
1. IDK what you talking about, could only be a recently posted amv? quality diminishes
2. Using the words "tags nonrealvideo+emotional" Yeah about that...
3. Replying with a hashtag (on a chanboard)
Yeah this is where I dropped the request, sry.
>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)22:10  No.41270  OP  P7
>recently posted
It's been months

Yeah I posted this before I realized every second flash is tagged emotional

>Replying with a hashtag (on a chanboard)
It's a ([s4s]) meme you dip

>>Anonymous  19nov2016(sa)09:49  No.41290  D  P8R5
Oh, its a meme? Don't worry pal, I'm a pretty meme dude myself, I got your back
>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)05:35  No.41384  B  P9R6
Wait a second, do you remember:
-relative date that the youtube video was posted
-channel name
-ballpark length of the video
-any words in the title
-view count

If you really want to remember you can filter it in a youtube search and if the video isn't removed you can find it. Then you can .net search the hashed part of the url in order to better find the flash version if you still want that.

Also if you have a youtube account, maybe you have it in a playlist, watch/liked history or favorites?

>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)00:53  No.52953  E  P10R7
> ber+of+Utena.swf
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)16:11  No.53005  C  P11R8
Wow, anon, you really give me confidence in swfchan requests.
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)04:21  No.53573  E  P12R9
>>Anonymous  30dec2020(we)17:59  No.82179  F  P13R10
Thank you so much, anon.
>>Anonymous  30dec2020(we)19:11  No.82183  C  P14R11
Jesus fuckin christ, better late than never!
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