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>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724  OP  P1
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc).

Other suggestions are also welcome, how to group/order the different flashes for example.

My policy is to put his own flashes in the collection, however new and improved versions will replace the older versions if the older ones don't contain something missing in the new version. Also, in very rare cases, fan-made fixes are allowed to replace -8's official flashes (for example when -8 releases a censored flash and a fan removes the censorship without touching the rest of the flash).

I also need suggestions on fan-made stuff because I can't keep track of them all... There has been so many versions of ppppu.swf now that probably nobody has seen them all.

The collection shouldn't be flooded with different fan-made versions, if there is one version where the camera movement has been edited and another where the audio has been edited I might skip one of them in the collection if it doesn't have "enough value"... Likewise I hope not to have a million versions of ppppu.swf listed either, if an edit doesn't bring something new to the table it won't be included and if a better version comes along that has everything the old one had it will replace the old version.

Let's make this the best and most complete -8 collection on the net!

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:49  No.22727  A  P2R1
You are doing the lords work
>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)23:09  No.22741  B  P3R2

Also, there are some variants (censored, uncensored, official(I think?) variants). If you want to bother with that.

Lots of fan edits too.. some actually uncensor it as minus8 didn't release a uncensored version. (po6 for example)

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)12:48  No.22787  OP  P4R3
Thanks man, I've added those two.

I'd like to have suggestions on fan-made stuff as well (remakes etc). Wrote what my "policy" on this collection is in the first post but in short I want to list flashes that bring something new in their edit.

I forgot to write that I strive towards having the original file names of the flashes in the collection as well (since -8 seems to post his stuff with unusual names). So if anyone sees a file that have the wrong file name please let me know what the original file name was.

Btw someone wrote that they didn't think Joey.swf (Homestuck) was made by -8. Anyone have thoughts on that? Whenever possible I'd like to have some kind of backup to a claim (blog post or whatever), though I realize it can be hard to show definite proof of anything...

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)22:47  No.22820  C  P5R4
that joey flash was first posted on the /homosuck/ board on 8chan, I'll try and find the original post (though there was a wipe due to admin shenanigans) but basically there's a mysterious artist who sometimes draws joey and posts anonymously
every transparent image in this thread was done by this mystery artist, and I really doubt -8 would do this, just because only people who keep up with homestuck have even heard that joey is going to be a future character, and he's never done any other homestuck flashes 3

here's an archive link to when it was first posted, if there's an instance of the flash earlier than this then I guess I might be completely wrong but I really don't think there is.

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)22:49  No.22821  C  P6
oh i forgot to mention, since you want to keep track of filenames the original name was hij.swf (short for hey its joey)
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)23:34  No.22824  OP  P7R5
I still think that flash is by -8 though, it's just way too similar to his other flashes. That typical -8 filename (hij.swf) only makes me more sure it was by him.

There's really no reason to think that -8 isn't a Homestuck fan either, that comic is (or at least was) immensely popular. And just because he made one Homestuck flash it doesn't mean that he is such a big fan that he will make another, from the looks of it he probably made hij.swf just in the spirit of the moment in that thread for fun (the flash was posted nearly one day after its creation so he had time to do it).

But I'll update the name of the flash, thanks for that.

>>Anonymous  28aug2015(fr)00:48  No.22827  C  P8R6
I really don't think -8 made it, but at the same time I don't actually know much about how he usually posts, do they just appear on swfchan?
>>Anonymous  28aug2015(fr)01:20  No.22828  B  P9R7
I don't think it's from minus8 either. Same style of having music beat match the bgm and the action, but the actual art/animation looks different.
>>Anonymous  28aug2015(fr)03:19  No.22840  OP  P10R8
Someone posts them on /fap/ or /f/ or swfchan's bot picks them up from somewhere else with time.

To me it just looks like he rushed the drawing a bit, since he (probably) just wanted to make it for that thread for fun. The flash's humor, facial animation, filename, music sync and speedy parts is spot on -8's style. Either it's by a good copy cat or it is by him.

Tell you guys what though, I'll add a note in the description about the possibility that it isn't actually made by him.

Still looking for fan-made candidates to add to the collection... Someone out there must have figured out which are the best versions of ppppu.swf to highlight?

>>Anonymous  8sep2015(tu)05:38  No.23246  D  P11R9
What about fan edited?

examples: londe_hair-blue_eyes-breasts-butt-c l-anal_penetration-animal_crossing-

>>Anonymous  8sep2015(tu)16:12  No.23260  OP  P12R10
Yes, I'm looking for suggestions of worthwhile fan edits to add to the collection. But link to them on swfchan, saves me the trouble of trying to figure out their number on swfchan...
>>Anonymous  29nov2015(su)05:34  No.25631  E  P13R11
this is clearly part of his sofa series, and should be added to the list. a+Dimple+from+Cats+Don%27t+Dance.swf

>>Anonymous  29nov2015(su)16:58  No.25641  OP  P14R12
I'm on it, will be added soon. Original file name is "$D6.swf", anyone can decipher its meaning?
>>Anonymous  21dec2015(mo)03:39  No.26185  F  P15R13
Loving all the Minus8 stuff!

Minus8 is awesome. He/she/they does/do quite professional looking work. I realize discretion is important considering some of the subject matter but I've become a fan and the work is so good I'm curious who Minus8 is and where they're from, i.e. Are they Asian? European? Do they have a background in cinematic animation? Any info will be appreciated, tia.


Good idea and nicely implemented to make the Minus8 collection so easy to navigate.

>>Anonymous  14feb2016(su)14:48  No.28752  G  P16R14
New hot fresh memes from minus8 wf

Yet again it has some obscure name so im posting it here in case you missed it (searching for it is nearly impossible)

>>Anonymous  16feb2016(tu)18:33  No.28873  OP  P17R15

I've added all of his new flashes (some of which I uploaded to swfchan a moment ago) and I've updated some old descriptions.

The "Fan-made stuff" section has grown a bit as well but is still severely lacking in content. Does nobody have any input on which ones are the best ppppu edits?

>>Anonymous  18feb2016(th)15:25  No.28945  H  P18R16
>>Anonymous  23apr2016(sa)18:37  No.32076  I  P19R17
You're missing a few flashes

Pov.Swf (Original) (White Male fanedit)

Not New (Original) (white male edit) (futa fanedit) (Coco Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot Series fanedit) (Judy Hopps From Zootopia fanedit) Humanized Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony fanedit)

MC Adore flash (MC Adore fanedit)

Daftpunk Computer flash unk-eyewear-female-first_person_vie _Audrey+minus8+naked.swf

Koopa Girl Tailless l%28Tail-less%29.swf


>>Anonymous  9may2016(mo)00:03  No.32740  OP  P20R18

The collection has been updated. I think I got all of his works now, if not let me know! Also if anybody know the music in pov.swf let me know! Or of course if you know the music in any other flash that I haven't already written the source of already.

>>Anonymous  7aug2016(su)05:17  No.37367  J  P21R19
>>Anonymous  8aug2016(mo)12:57  No.37425  K  P22R20
could you perhaps add the music-less / stable camera versions for the sofa series?
>>Anonymous  8aug2016(mo)13:00  No.37426  K  P23
also this: minus8.swf

and this: xplorer%29+Dora_Marquez+Dora_the_Explorer+minus8.s wf

seem to be missing from the collection

>>Anonymous  8aug2016(mo)13:02  No.37427  K  P24
sorry ignore the non gay edit
>>Anonymous  8aug2016(mo)15:55  No.37430  OP  P25R21

ank.swf has been added! Flash #173124 was already there (as you discovered). I didn't include the monkey flash in the sofa section earlier because it was just a remake of double.swf (had a note there that there was a sofa version) but I've added it now, might as well so it's not overlooked.

If you can find camera-stable versions of them all I'd be happy to add them, just dump the links here. Musicless versions don't feel as important since people can always mute their speakers and there's usually not much quality to the sound effects on their own.

I've got a feeling that I'm still missing a recent -8 flash though, am I wrong?

>>Anonymous  9aug2016(tu)13:48  No.37467  L  P26R22
I mean, there's this.

>>Anonymous  10aug2016(we)12:43  No.37497  I  P27R23
>>Anonymous  16aug2016(tu)20:41  No.37774  OP  P28R24
Done again

Those two flashes have been added plus the new "12121qw1wq.swf". Let me know if I'm still missing anything or if you have music source or related links to be added. Or if there's a file name to be corrected.

>>Anonymous  2oct2016(su)01:59  No.39603  OP  P29
I've missed a few flashes that were posted lately, can anyone help me out?
>>Anonymous  3oct2016(mo)04:12  No.39644  OP  P30

I've added 13 flashes to "Mixture" and 1 to "Clean". Had to add a couplr of them to swfchan. I don't think the collection is missing anything right now.

I need help with descriptions though, I don't know most of these characters. If someone would write where they are from either here or in the /fap/ threads that would be great. Please check the collection for blank descriptions or text that could be improved.

>>Anonymous  27dec2016(tu)01:55  No.42642  M  P31R25
This one version of ppppu has more animations than the current one in the fan made section: (look for ppppux on Internet, not sure if I can post URLs to sites other than this and *chan sites)
>>Anonymous  27dec2016(tu)04:21  No.42645  OP  P32R26
It needs to be a stand-alone flash file, that version doesn't work without reading external flash files. If someone makes a stand-alone .swf file of it I'd be more than happy to add it to the collection.
>>Anonymous  28dec2016(we)01:01  No.42701  M  P33R27

Oh, just tried to download it from that source and saw I couln't get that swf as a whole. Sorry.

>>Anonymous  17apr2017(mo)17:45  No.48399  N  P34R28
The source from PF.swf for some reason was never given on /f/

>>Anonymous  17apr2017(mo)23:01  No.48408  OP  P35R29
Thanks! I've updated the collection.
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)07:34  No.49832  O  P36R30
Thank goodness for this, I'm counting on this page to get minus8's latest work. Keep it up, anon.
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)20:59  No.49849  OP  P37R31
Happy to help!
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)07:23  No.52819  P  P38R32
Here is a new 7chan thread

and 3 flashes

>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)00:25  No.52844  OP  P39R33
Thanks, hadn't noticed poten5.swf yet!

General message to everybody: What I often need most help with are both character names and the series they are from, if an entry is blank in the collection it's because I haven't bothered to look up who the characters are yet. If you're somebody who knows you can help me out by saying the name of the character and that'll save me some time.

>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)00:29  No.52845  OP  P40
YouTube links to any background music is also great to let me know about if you know what's playing. I'd like the collection to have as much info as possible but I can't find time to hunt down all the remixes myself.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)04:54  No.53456  Q  P41R34
Here is a youtube playlist of the music used Ak_kn4vO8YjP6kBewWTt2Y5

And here is another flash vsysertgv.swf

>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)04:55  No.53457  Q  P42
Red ghost from pac-man
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)08:26  No.53466  OP  P43R35
It's been added, thanks! That music list seems useful, can't go through it right now to pair it against all the flashes but if somebody want to help me with that it would be great. Otherwise I'll get around to it eventually.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)01:22  No.53641  R  P44R36
Naked version of the pacman ghosts, though to be fair I don't know if this is from minus or an edit from someone else. t_enf_mouse.swf

>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)02:12  No.53642  OP  P45R37
Added it yesterday, it's an edit by Anon here on /fap/.
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)01:13  No.58963  S  P46R38
Here ya go, another flash animation g-animated-canine-dancing-dog-female
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)19:52  No.58984  OP  P47R39
Added! Been quite a while since he made a porn flash now. Seems like there's been a couple of animations released by him lately that the swf file wasn't released for... Seems pretty clear that they were still created in flash. Please don't abandon us -8! Exporting to gif is fine but please also export to swf.
>>MsMads  3jun2018(su)20:33  No.60133  T  P48R40
New Flash

Minus made a this:

>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)23:51  No.60146  OP  P49R41
Added! So glad to see him doing another flash.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)23:01  No.66900  U  P50R42
yoshi's island

>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)23:03  No.66901  U  P51
>>Amelia_Fanatic  17apr2019(we)07:32  No.68133  V  P52R43
You put in the wrong flash for Amelia

That one you currently have set is a fan edit... or a small clip... The full thing is here her+shit.swf

>>FreeTheNip  17apr2019(we)13:06  No.68135  V  P53
Yoshi's Island now w/ Shygirls nipples f

I personally edited this. Unlike some people, looking at the assets, one would have noticed that the actual sprite being used for her breasts had the ripped clothing in it. So I just went in and took it off the sprites, and now the overall "rip" is still there, just not the two pieces that were covering Shygal's nipples towards the end of the animation.

Sadly, minus8 only left that nude goodie, I checked Koopa girl and Piranha plant for any nude bits *spoiler* no nips or pussy for both... but someone could easily get nips and a pussy on Piranha if anyone is up to it

>>CMT  16aug2019(fr)15:04  No.70648  W  P54R44
tragonlady is a play on the word dragonlady

it's from a video that is the same as the flash -the gay part

here's the link:

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)18:06  No.70775  X  P55R45
YBKPHN.swf is described as "Minus8 - Yoshi's Island" semi-officially. It uses
>>Anonymous  12nov2019(tu)05:38  No.72195  OP  P56R46
OK guys I've tried to bring the collection up to date now, please tell me if I've missed a flash.
>>Anonymous  17nov2019(su)08:39  No.72271  OP  P57
The -8 collection now has the same amount of flashes as the ZONE collection!
150 flashes in both, 199839 hits on -8 and 116663 hits on ZONE.
Side by side:

They both have some fan-made edits so it's not an accurate representation of swfs released but I thought I'd note down this milestone anyway. If zone was the porn king of flash's dawn then minus 8 is the porn king of flash's twilight. Let's hope we live through the night.

>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)02:52  No.73033  Y  P58R47
This one maybe? Looks like a -8.
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)02:58  No.73034  Y  P59
Also, there are these two fan edits:
The music is kinda a step up, so I thought it was noteworthy.
They are edited versions of:
>>Anonymous  2jan2020(th)03:27  No.73037  Y  P60
Whoops, looks like that was already in, sorry for spamming.
This one is a rather good fanedit too though: hwomp+cum+edit+v1.swf
>>Anonymous  11jan2020(sa)15:54  No.73177  OP  P61R48
Linked the two fan edits in the comment of BFJ.swf in the collection, thanks for the tip! I know I have a "Fan-made stuff" section but it feels better to have smaller edits in the comment next to the original.
>>Anonymous  12jan2020(su)21:46  No.73210  Z  P62R49
I notice the You'll_vomit was never updated to include a link to the edit -8 himself made: ight.swf
>>Anonymous  14jan2020(tu)12:40  No.73226  OP  P63R50
I've added it but won't mention that -8 made that edit because I can't verify that he did, so I'm not sure he really made it. Seems kinda lazy to just remove the dick. The old edit I already had linked to is superior to this one because it didn't just remove the dick but made the character topless and also added pussy lips.
>>Anonymous  8dec2020(tu)15:56  No.81722  AA  P64R51
yoshi island fan edit

>>Anonymous  9dec2020(we)10:29  No.81730  OP  P65R52
>>Anonymous  27dec2020(su)17:58  No.82088  AB  P66R53
He did it in literally the same 7chan thread as the original flash. 0
>>Anonymous  27dec2020(su)18:19  No.82089  AB  P67
The exact post everyone seems to have missed:
>>Anonymous  28dec2020(mo)02:04  No.82098  OP  P68R54
But that isn't evidence that he made it. First of all the ID is wrong, -8 posted with dfdc23 before and after the post you linked to. Second, following the quote chain it seems like it was intended as an improved edit of someone else's edit (also says "edited the ending image" instead of "changed"). Finally, the post just doesn't read like how -8 typically writes. If anything you just proved that it wasn't an edit by -8 himself.
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)14:02  No.83253  AA  P69R55
Zone's Ankha Tribute one.swf

>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)14:35  No.83254  OP  P70R56
True, I should definitely add that one to the fan-made section.
>>Anonymous  17jun2021(th)11:00  No.85949  AC  P71R57
I think this is from a swf, but I can't find it anywhere. Tumblr page died with no Wayback available.
>>Anonymous  22jun2021(tu)01:43  No.86028  OP  P72R58
I don't think he released the flash for it, he kept some animations image-only sometimes.
The original may have been by masterhation at and then -8 decided to make an animation of it.
>>temptemp  7oct2021(th)01:29  No.87281  AD  P73R59
CRD Creative YouTube channel

This YouTube channel has a lot of SFW animations that are labelled as minus 8's work and certainly look like his stuff but I can't see them on the list here. What about them? No clue where the original SWFs are though sadly.

>>Anonymous  7oct2021(th)04:35  No.87282  OP  P74R60
The amount of animations by -8 without a swf release keep growing, I'm afraid he has also abandoned us. Hopefully he will throw the lingering flash community a bone every now and then.
>>isqwe  26nov2021(fr)19:47  No.88029  AE  P75R61
Ok, I'll add some swf here, they are from 7chan.
>>isqwe  26nov2021(fr)20:00  No.88030  AE  P76 less.swf - ankha edit om.swf nce_edit.swf nce_edit_nobtn.swf ce_edit_nobtnnofold.swf p_%5Bno_grunt_edit%5D.swf
>>Darkmavrick  22aug2022(mo)02:35  No.91680  AF  P77R62
new yoshi island edit
>>APE  12aug2023(sa)08:56  No.99306  AG  P78R63
Flash #244519 (currently present in the collection) is not created by -8 though the creator is notably fond of his style. I don't exactly have proof, but I do know this due to knowing the creator of the particular flash.
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