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>>Anonymous  4jun2023(su)21:57  No.96876  OP  P1
is it possible to get .swf files from a required login website on way back machine?

im trying to get some swf game files from but login is required for play games

i found this reply from way back that is possible through running php uired-site

>>Anonymous  5jun2023(mo)21:14  No.96880  A  P2R1
It would be way easier to login yourself and download any specific swf file as well as loaded in files and upload them here. If it's just some files that should prove easier than trying to archive whole sites through waybackmachine.
Unless you are talking about downloading FROM archived sites on waybackmachine.
If that's the case imo I'm afraid there is no reliable way to login to dead sites/archived sites, because the servers that handle login aren't or not wholly archived themselves or it just fucks up the login process.
>>Anonymous  8jun2023(th)04:39  No.96938  OP  P3R2
but in this case many games already doesn't exist anymore, many past games is impossible to download, my idea is "trick" way back machine to have access to these games (i don't know if this is possible but i wanna to try)
>>Anonymous  8jun2023(th)15:11  No.96942  A  P4R3
Why do you think if it's impossible to download these games that waybackmachine was able to do it?
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