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>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)10:00  No.92143  OP  P1
RIP Miniclip

>It’s actually been shut down for a while now, but lots of people have only just noticed.
>site does still exist, but when you visit it, there are only two games: 8 Ball Pool and
>plans to change the site back in March 2022, and the games were taken down a while later. s-shut-down-and-its-the-end-of-an-era/ f-childhood-nostalgia-is-finally-dead/ar-AA13eEvi officially-closing-down-its-online-servers

Seems like this event is almost 2 months old (blog post says 2022-08-31) but it's only becoming news now. Small news, outside some nostalgia people don't really care, but I thought I'd at least mark down the event. They published a lot of flash games over the years. 62307992081-Miniclip-com-has-changed

>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)15:22  No.92146  A  P2R1
Yeah, a definite end of an era feel for me too.
>but it's only becoming news now
Probably because people don't frequent flash websites anymore for obvious reasons.
Sad, but it was inevitable.
I surely hope that most of those games, at least the good ones, are archived somewhere, maybe even here.

Funnily enough people on video game imageboards or youtube still make threads/videos about the greates flash games that everyone played or unknown gems.
Seems there is still interest in those games. Just that access to them was forcefully removed. Even the sites that laude them handle it like the just disappeared with no possible way of playing them anymore.
Makes me think even more that flash was removed from the populus on purpose and the people brainwashed into thinking app games are the future. Same old, same old.
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