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>>Joshex  7nov2021(su)19:43  No.87908  OP  P1
How-to Upload a multi-file swf

I doubt anyone will read this as most people who are guilty of uploading title menu flashes without the supporting swf scenes are not even aware of the existence of the scene files to begin with.

But for whatever reason, if you upload such and get scolded, this is how to fix it. (this will not allow the game to be played on here though!)

Method 1 (linking):
1: Upload the Scene swf files. grab the links(URLs) of the uploads.
2: Upload the title screen swf (starter/loader etc.) label the post "Game name (Title Screen)" : this is so people know you are aware it's a multifile game.
3: in the comment of the game thread, paste the links to the scene files under "Scenes:"
4: if there are any other files necessary to play it ex: .ini, .bat, save.txt, levels.txt etc. if it's a .txt, paste the contents below "textfilename.txt:", if it's a ini or bat or binary file (such as images or .wav or .mp3 sound files) upload them separately on a stable file host, imgur etc. paste the link under "Other files:"

Method 2 (Torrenting):
You can make it easier on yourself by hosting a torrent, and providing a torrent link/magnet in your post for all the files.

for SWFAnts:
it might be beneficial to supply another type of "collections" system specifically for multi-file games/movies. so when you open such a post it either automatically supplies the supplemental files in the same web folder for that page, Or at least notifies the user that there are other files associated with it and gives the links to them.

>>Anonymous  8nov2021(mo)17:25  No.87924  A  P2R1
swfchan was never meant to be a working archive for this kinds of files though, only for standalone files that can be posted on sites like /f/
you can always just download all the files and put them in a folder on your PC then run them locally, that's how you do it for many more complex games
I'd rather we just create a nifty tool that combines multiple swfs framework into a new coherent single swf
it's really more difficult than it sounds though
>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:10  No.87928  B  P3R2
That's a multifile flash and there is a download of exceed 2020 to run it.

You can download everything oddcast made to and look at all the files.

I was looking into getting a wiki site with databases of flash archives and torrents and it got some interest when I pitched the idea on /f/ so I might go forward with it.

>>Sneed  9nov2021(tu)05:23  No.87929  B  P4 swf
That's part 1 of an 11 file movie you can see the action script asking for the next file and name of said file.

There's a quick way to find gaps.
Anyway while we are here what do you guys think of the wiki idea.
Plan to have a search engine to find files and check what archives and torrents host what file etc but the main feature is a place to store blurbs about dead sites etc so you can actually find shit or get leads on where it was from.

Used to run a mirror site a few years back and we used to get people sending in stuff we didn't have from their own backups

>>utimen  18may2023(th)11:09  No.96761  C  P5R3

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