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>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)17:28  No.82582  OP  P1
Pedophiles shitting up /fap/

I don't know what admin is doing by allowing pedofaggotry/plants shitting up swfchan.
Last time a site was blasted with CP it was taken down
Fix your shit or swfchan will be dead in water sooner or later

>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)21:20  No.82592  A  P2R1
Is there any way to actually contact the admin about this? Last thing we need is CP spammers taking this site down.
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)21:40  No.82593  A  P3
Looked into it. Here's the link to report it
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)22:29  No.82594  B  P4R2
Relax your shit, OP.
Some poorly converted video about a girl dancing is neither "pedo shit" nor porn.
Nobody's complaining about your gay sonic scat flashes as well.
Admin is active enough to stomp out any real dangerous post by himself.
As long as those flashes aren't 90% of what's getting posted, start panicking when there's actual CP getting posted (which happened in the past already, which is why /b/ got removed).
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)23:39  No.82600  C  P5R3
I've only ever seen CP once in my 10+ years here, and that was a flash that I personally reported.

In fact it's still in the archives but it's obviously deleted (thumbnail too), more of just a way of seeing if anyone uploads it again really.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)03:44  No.82611  D  P6
Age of the thread you linked: 0.43d
Your thread's age: Age: 0.4d
Wouldn't be surprised if you're the one that uploaded it, trying to drum up something.
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