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>>Joshex  7jan2021(th)16:05  No.82540  OP  P1
Another flash option!

I just openned seamonkey, which I use for browsing when my outdated firefox with flash permanently installed wont work to load a site or is missing buttons that are built for chromium only. etc.

well I decided to see if I had flash installed on seamonkey, the answer was no. but the answer was also, that flash games still mostly worked. why? VLC media player browser addon. it actually does play shockwave/flash content to a surprisingly good level, probably better than the ruffle player.


>>Joshex  8jan2021(fr)22:53  No.82599  OP  P2
Update, I was wrong. instead VLC triggers blocked flashplayers to run instead of itself, seamonkey had blocked my flashplayer, VLC when activated checked to see if flashplayer was installed when it found it it forced it to run instead.
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)00:11  No.82602  A  P3R1
then how about uninstalling flash? will the VLC plugin play it regardless?
>>Joshex  9jan2021(sa)11:20  No.82619  OP  P4R2
no, flashplayer needs to be installed, set to "ask to activate" and have the browser attempt to block it. by doing so clicking "activate VLC Web" activates flashplayer instead.
>>Joshex  16jan2021(sa)22:28  No.82967  OP  P5
BTW, all my flashplayers are still working. I have flashplayer 31. I have firefox 51.0 and I have Mozilla seamonkey, not the new one from some other company. In seamonkey loading SWFs with VLC triggers flashplayer to run and load them. in firefox 51.0 flashplayer just runs.


take that google and flash killers. my flash is alive and will outlast your flashpocalypse.

>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)04:19  No.82971  B  P6R3

Your posts were confusing me so I downloaded VLC from and tested opening several swf files with it.
If the flash has streaming audio it will play (sometimes), if it has images they will show (sometimes) and if it is just an embedded FLV video it will play the video (sometimes and you can't seek in it).
Vectors are not drawn at all and there are no results when searching for "flash" or "swf" on their website's section with extensions:
So the conclusion is that VLC does not support flash, it doesn't even use the ActiveX version of flash (like Media Player Classic does). Not sure what's going on in your SeaMonkey browser.

>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)13:59  No.82986  C  P7R4
just use the flash projector
file > open > paste link
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)21:27  No.82996  A  P8R5
it's not like you can just stop updating forever, OP
I did that once, but that's no solution, websites will start to break at some point, browsers and website coding does evolve over time and it is quite dangerous to not get critical security fixes
>>Joshex  18jan2021(mo)11:29  No.83018  OP  P9R6
I had replied to this thread with updated info. VLC was not running the flashes itself when activated, what was happening was on a page with a flash it was saying "activate VLC Web addon" instead of activate flash, when clicked however it was running the SWF in flashplayer, not VLC. so what I deemed to be happening was VLC was triggering flashpayer if it's installed in that browser.

to make it work you need flashplayer set to ask to activate and VLC web addon set to ask to activate.

if your browser refuses to give you the option to run swfs in flashplayer VLC will show up, upon clicking to activate VLC VLC checks and sees if you have a working flashplayer. if so, it forces it to run instead.

actually if enough people do stop updating they website makers will lose money because no one can buy their junk. then they'll downgrade to whatever we use. besides this whole thing is an attempt by google to monopolize the internet by making all browsers use chrometml (which google designed and controlls and can use to force other browsers to include google spyware.)

so there is an invested interest in not updating your browser, infact it's far safer in contrast to use an outdated browser because google can't spy on them as easily.

>>Our_Lord_Stan  19jan2021(tu)05:48  No.83032  D  P10R7
Big brain time

Relax guys, just change the date on your system and disable automatic sync.
Everything works.
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