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>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)17:59  No.72600  OP  P1
Lulz Site

Does anyone know why isn't working?

>>Anonymous  5dec2019(th)18:08  No.72610  A  P2R1
hm, front page works but the board has an error. last snapshot at*/ i/ was October 11th, almost a month and a half ago. it probably didn't go down on that day but if it's been down for more than a week the owner should have had time to notice any database error by now. can't find any discussion about the site being down via google/duckduckgo/yandex.

so good question, it's an old imageboard so hope it doesn't go down forever without any word. it's probably not hopeless yet since the front page loads, maybe it went down just a couple of days ago and the owner is working on getting things working again.

>>Anonymous  9dec2019(mo)23:54  No.72688  B  P3R2
Well it seems the other boards on lulz still work which is great since I wanted to create a furry collection on the flash board some time.
>>Anonymous  25dec2019(we)04:39  No.72945  A  P4R3
the site is back up now. seems to have been some problem with the board software since there's a sticky where it says:
>i'm not sure if we're going to stick with this board software or what going forward, but this works for now until that gets sorted out.
>>Anonymous  26dec2019(th)02:09  No.72953  C  P5R4
I saw that the site changed to last week but I can't upload swfs & how come pawsru is missing their flash/animated board?
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