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>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)17:26  No.72418  OP  P1

Now that YouTube is scheduled to die at the start of 2020 can we cancel the end of flash at the end of 2020, please?

>>Anonymous  27nov2019(we)23:39  No.72436  A  P2R1
2020 sure does look promising for the internet.
>>Anonymous  28nov2019(th)13:18  No.72451  OP  P3R2
Here are some videos about this for those of you that don't know what's going on. YT might be very different next year.

>Marking “Not For Kids” Doesn’t Protect You - COPPA Update
>Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)
>What YOUTUBE's Not Telling You About COPPA

From the last video (bearing with the editing, can skip to 4:19) it seems like COPPA has a clause in it allowing content for general audiences that YouTube just ignored. Meaning this binary "for kids" or "not for kids" stance is something that YT wants and is not really necessary for the law. YT is just using COPPA as a cop-out for changing the platform towards being how they want it to be.

So if that lawyer is correct (I haven't actually confirmed that he is a real lawyer): To comply with the law you should be able to mark your videos as "for kids", "general audience" or "not for kids" but YouTube has decided to remove the middleground option. uidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions
>COPPA only covers information collected online from children. It does not cover information collected from adults that may pertain to children.
>Thus, COPPA is not triggered by an adult uploading photos of children on a general audience site or in the non-child directed portion of a mixed-audience website.

>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)10:41  No.72489  B  P4R3
holy shit, download anything you don't want to see gone!
Even flash history is getting removed from there
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)13:33  No.72490  A  P5R4
It definitely sucks that I have literally over 30k videos in my playlists on YouTube. There's no possible way I could download everything. I don't even know how to start choosing. But I know I definitely am going to have to start downloading at least something because this is the fucking end.
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)14:51  No.72493  OP  P6R5
How to download a YouTube playlist

1. Create an empty folder named "DL" on a disk with a lot of free space.

2. Download the youtube-dl program to your "DL" folder.

+ I get it from this URL:

3. Open notepad and paste:

youtube-dl --ignore-errors --continue --download-archive youtube-dl-downloaded.txt --yes-playlist " =PLCOCG7g7MYDqc2hlNmrZn5ix0Hr-KN3e4"

+ Replace my example Fortnite playlist URL with your playlist URL.

5. Save the text file into your "DL" folder, name it "youtube-dl-go.bat".

6. Run the bat file to download the whole playlist from YouTube.

+ You can stop downloading and resume downloading at any time.

>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)20:11  No.72502  B  P7R6
Hey I was going to do that with my favorites playlist. Do you know how to do the following:
1. make youtube-dl skip videos that are over a certain length. I have at least 2 videos that i have on there that are just magnificent shitposts about CGI beans and some other garbage but I don't really want to spend the time to download them when there are other videos that I want finished first
2. Have youtube-dl save the urls of videos that have errors. I've got a few videos that were set to private or deleted
What about saving the description or comments? Sometimes those are the icing on the cake.
>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)22:40  No.72510  OP  P8R7
I don't know about if any of those are possible with youtube-dl (did a quick search and couldn't find answers) but I have some workaround suggestions.

If you have just a couple of long videos you don't want to download you should be able to manually add them into youtube-dl-downloaded.txt and the program will skip over those thinking they have already been downloaded.

Then for keeping track of error URLs you could add " >> youtube-dl-log.txt" at the end of the line in the .bat file to append the program output to the text file. After everything is downloaded you can search the log for error messages and see which URLs that couldn't be downloaded.

I don't think it's ever been possible to save video comments with youtube-dl. It's a shame YouTube have downgraded the site in some aspects over the years, in the past it was possible to load all comments on a single page and you could then CTRL+F or just get a good overview of the discussion. That feature has been removed and instead we have today's system that requires you to scroll down to keep loading new comments. I dislike that type of modern webdesign, a step backwards to not use pages if you ask me. They have done the same thing when you browse all uploaded videos in an account, in the past there were pages but now you have to keep scrolling. Makes it hard to check out older videos in a channel that uploads a lot because you need to scroll and scroll and scroll, I suspect it's intentionally made difficult by YouTube. More control for their algorithm if people give up scrolling down. They don't even provide the option to view the site without JavaScript these days.

>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)01:10  No.72736  B  P9R8
I'm not using windows, so that doesn't quite apply to me. I ended up reading the message it sends when you invoke it with '--help' and found out that using --reject-title [title] will prevent downloads of any matching regex for [title].
I also found it interesting that there was an option to display the duration of a video but no option to restrict downloads according to the length of a video.
Also it seems that they provide a way to download descriptions (--write-description) and annotations (--write-annotations) but no option for downloading comments.
>>Anonymous  14dec2019(sa)06:25  No.72759  OP  P10R9
An update to TheirTube's harassment policy to-our-harassment-policy.html

Things are looking worse by the day. At first glance it's easy for the layman to think that of course it's a good thing to get rid of threats, personal attacks, harassing behavior and toxic comments. The problem is none of those are objectively definable. So now nobody will be able to criticize anyone or even repeat what other people have said. There will be even more self-censorship and restrictions on what content anyone can make. Site staff can delete your channel for whatever little thing they deem is harassment and of course exceptions will be granted for the channels they like (traditional media channels). There's no way everybody will be treated the same by the loose rules, Google has proven that much in the past.

We finally have 70s television back on the Internet! Except in those days you at least had clear guidelines on what you could and couldn't say while on the air. Also there were no AI involved.
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