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>>darksithwt  29aug2023(tu)07:20  No.99502  OP  P1
Cheerleader Dawn Undress ver0.8

This is a concept I came up with as a response to character galleries artists make (where they post a series of images with like 30+ variations). The concept looks at the art, makes note of these differences and turns it into an interactive version (which should also theoretically reduce the filesize needed compared to having the entire gallery).

I thought it was a fun idea, and coding this has been a bit of a hassle as I intend to make this the first version that can be used as a template in the future.

I've had this project on hold for almost 12 months now for multiple reasons.
First was the slider code, as the Pokéball misaligns at certain sizes (also side note, Ruffle doesn't display the slider graphic correctly). I think I know the reason behind this, but it involves calculating several things that all influence each other, so fuck that. It looks fine as is I guess.
Second is deciding whether I want to add SFX and music. Would that be distracting? I'm open to suggestions.
Third, I want to tweak some code to make it better. Like zooming in. It zooms in on a fixed point. Would it be better to have it zoom in from where the cursor was last clicked on Dawn?
Forth, I need to decide how I'm going to do the UI on the last screen. I want it to be simple but also be versatile. I intend to keep the coloured buttons as they match the feel of the games.

How to play:
First screen, click Dawn to undress her. The Pokéball does nothing btw.
Second screen, click the arrow to cover her in cum.
Cum screen: Click the grey button to restart. The red button goes to a 'free play' kind of mode.
Third screen: Pink button/Purple button toggle Live Drag off/on for the slider. Yellow button is the slider Pokéball design. Blue button toggles between 3 cameras, silver changes the zoom to 20%, silver arrow button restarts the Flash file, and the randomise button randomises the elements of the character gallery (in the future, I plan for the player to mix and match what they want)

I'm posting this here for feedback. This is a side hobby between working a job, so I wont be working on it all the time. Basically don't expect this done by next month lol

Cheerleader Dawn Undress by Miraa (debug).swf (11.56 MiB)
578x818, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  29aug2023(tu)09:11  No.99503  A  P2R1
artist : miraa (chikurin)
dawn : best girl
>>Anonymous  1sep2023(fr)06:44  No.99510  B  P3R2
Pretty decent
>>Anonymous  3sep2023(su)02:08  No.99519  C  P4R3
Seems alright, but i think it's a bit confusing without the UI elements being empty.
Sure, the instructions are there but it would be better if it had icons.
>>darksithwt  4sep2023(mo)06:11  No.99534  OP  P5R4
That's something that until recently, I hadn't figured out. Since posting this I've created a UI menu that is compact, and hopefully intuitive:

The idea is that the user can flip between different pages to change different elements of the image. Eg, Cum on/off, Eyes wide open/slightly closed/half closed (it's limited to what was present in the artist's original drawings). I think I'll place a 'randomise all' button in the Options page.

>>Anonymous  4sep2023(mo)12:22  No.99538  D  P6R5
Dawn remember me of my pre teenage days, she was one of first anime girls i've fapped in 2008. i'm 29 now
>>Anonymous  4sep2023(mo)21:35  No.99545  E  P7R6
In the japanese anime, she was really keen to show off pantsu here and there.
Sadly 4Kids edited all that out obviously.
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