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>>Anonymous  23jul2023(su)07:47  No.99228  OP  P1
because anon request this.

Cortana 2 hentaikeygirl.swf (972.6 KiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 885 frames, 30 fps (00:30).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23jul2023(su)16:31  No.99232  A  P2R1
Holy shit, that was faster than I expected. Thank you very very much, OP. I was always a little disappointed that Corta had shrunk her tits in this but not anymore. By the way, did you make this using only a decompiler? I'm thinking about making edits like this myself eventually.
>>Anonymous  23jul2023(su)17:53  No.99233  OP  P3R2
decompiler and SAI Tools if flash needs more sprite or surgeon level of modification.
>>Anonymous  23jul2023(su)21:17  No.99234  A  P4R3
Figured out how to do it, somehow I never realized until now that you could transform vectors from within JPEXS itself. Oh, I should NOT have this power...
>>Anonymous  24jul2023(mo)17:27  No.99237  OP  P5R4
>>Anonymous  25jul2023(tu)02:24  No.99238  B  P6R5
could one of you guys doa tut on how to edit these? kind of make like a better minus8 ppppu version of old zone works since no one does those anymore.

Edits i mean

>>Anonymous  25jul2023(tu)02:56  No.99239  OP  P7R6
just find and edit booba sprite size. that's all.
>>Anonymous  9aug2023(we)00:28  No.99270  C  P8R7
think you could do an edit of this with the screen width halved and only one girl present?
>>Anonymous  10aug2023(th)18:00  No.99287  OP  P9R8
nigga it's already exist lol
>>Anonymous  9oct2023(mo)15:25  No.99881  D  P10R9

>>99228 Do you still work on this flash games? Because someone once made an edit of a hentaikeygirl hentai game (the one with the pink tentacles), putting zone tan in the game, but the game was never finished and you could only reach the bukkake point... could you finish it? It's just an edit of one of her games
Created: 23/7 -2023 07:47:37 Last modified: 7/12 -2023 17:27:11 Server time: 07/12 -2023 17:28:23