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>>Anonymous  28may2023(su)17:38  No.96824  OP  P1 down?

Haven't been able to do searches for a while now

>>Anonymous  28may2023(su)19:26  No.96825  A  P2R1
It's working for me. Are you behind a VPN?
>>Anonymous  31may2023(we)03:08  No.96850  OP  P3R2

No VPN and downforeveryoneorjustme says it's down too.

Though I did just try another browser (I use an older FF fork that can still use Flash) and it does seem to work, which is weird. Still does it even after clearing cache and data. Network config isn't weird.

>>Anonymous  31may2023(we)12:58  No.96851  B  P4R3
Well it works for me too, just as normal.
Might be a situational cache thing, depending on where you live. You might actually want to try a VPN or TOR and see if you routing makes a difference.
Downfor says it's fine too, but depending on how they work it could maybe change results. is a subdomain serving the flashes. That might somehow fuck it up if there is no valid referral, you gotta ask Ants about that. In your other thread you asked about The .org domain was dropped sometime in the past, so that obviously doesn't ping anymore either.

Maybe your ISP or something has swfchan on some blacklist or something. It's not that hard to imagine these days, that a random non conglomerate website is just blocked for the lulz. Adblock blocked swfchan as well at some point, because it's not the most "trustworthy" looking to a regular internet zoomer.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1jun2023(th)03:10  No.96853  SWF  P5R4
Should work, if you're getting connection timeouts it's just the server's connection being bad as usual. Then try later (sorry about that).

If one browser never works for you but it works in another you could try reinstalling the browser, though I'm sure the thought have occurred to you already without me suggesting it.
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