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>>PKHacker1337  1mar2023(we)08:35  No.95088  OP  P1
Regarding the subreddit r/SWFChan

Hello! I'm PKHacker1337 from Reddit. They have since transferred the subreddit r/swfchan to my possession. I was wondering if you'd like me to transfer ownership to you. Additionally, I'm more than happy to give it to any of the admins on your website, just please let me know.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1mar2023(we)12:36  No.96088  SWF  P2R1
Yes I would appreciate that. I was hoping that you'd be willing to moderate it since you took the time to request it to be resurrected?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1mar2023(we)12:38  No.96089  SWF  P3
Btw I have some things to take care of so may take a while before I respond on reddit if you message there.
>>PKHacker1337  1mar2023(we)12:57  No.96091  OP  P4R2
Yeah, I'd be more than glad to help moderate it all I can for you. There wasn't that much there, seems the last moderator left a bunch of links to pirated movies, so I had to take those down. And yeah, I'll gladly set that up for you :-).
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1mar2023(we)13:17  No.96092  SWF  P5R3
Thanks! I'll probably be able to take ownership and make you moderator tomorrow. I don't know the procedure to transfer ownership but hopefully it's just a matter of me clicking a link generated by you.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2mar2023(th)21:24  No.96093  SWF  P6
For anybody reading this who is curious about what's going on, swfchan does not currently have an "official" subreddit until ownership of /r/swfchan is transferred to me. At the moment I only got a moderator position, not ownership, meaning the account I registered for that purpose could be purged from control at a later date.

Background: I never owned /r/swfchan, someone claimed that subreddit before me. But many years ago I started /r/swfchancom and let the AutoModerator bot restrict all links so that they could only go to swfchan's domains. Then it basically just sat there. I was hoping it would help grow the site. Maybe it did a little bit, but it didn't have that much usage and I didn't (and still don't) have any activity on reddit myself. Then one day /r/swfchancom was banned for being unmoderated. I guess AutoModerator didn't cut it. /r/swfchan (which I didn't have anything to do with previously) was banned for the same reason.

Fast-forward and a few weeks ago, by pure coincidence in a duckduckgo search result, I saw that PKHacker1337 requested /r/swfchan from the Reddit staff. Simply because it carries the swfchan name I asked if I could get ownership instead and he was kind enough to agree. As mentioned transfer of ownership hasn't happened yet but if it does I will add a link to /r/swfchan to the link rotation at the bottom of the site. I don't have any particular plans with the subreddit but it doesn't feel right to make it "official" unless I actually have control over it. If PKHacker1337 has any flash-related plans with the subreddit I won't interfere and it's nice to know that someone will keep an eye on it to make sure it's on-topic.

Feel free to head over there today and discuss all things related to flash!

>>Anonymous  6mar2023(mo)22:47  No.96119  B  P7R4
SWFAnts is a crazy kooky conspiracy election denier MAGA nigger. Don't give him the subreddit, lol.
>>Joshex  7mar2023(tu)01:38  No.96120  C  P8R5
I'm a forkhead. and a mad scientist. and a troll. and a christian. and an election denier, and an anti-mRNA activist. I'm anti-trans, and anti-fruitcake. And a person who is strongly suspecious that the billions of dollars being handed to ukraine for the war are literally disappearing and getting moneylaundered to various persons and organizations all over the world, both government and non (little is goign towards actual weapons or war efforts compared to whats going in. And that it was all planned since before old influence peddling Joe got chinese and russian money and aide to rig the election. That and I strongly suspect this has something to do with Project 2030 and a designed plan to nuke the population down to size.

I say let Ants have as many reddits as he wants. at least he's far more moderate compared to me.

>>PKHacker1337  10mar2023(fr)15:50  No.96129  OP  P9R6
Alright, so it turns out that I have transferred ownership to you, Reddit doesn't have an official "transfer ownership" option or anything. The way I did it essentially makes you the owner of the subreddit, so you should be good. Sorry about the confusion.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11mar2023(sa)14:46  No.96137  SWF  P10R7
To transfer ownership you need to step down as a moderator on the subreddit, which bumps my account up on the list of mods. Then I can add you back as a moderator. Currently your account is still at the top of the list, meaning ownership is not transferred. Your account will still be listed as the founder of the subreddit but stepping down as a moderator completely and then be added back as a mod (just further down on the moderator list) is how transfer of ownership is done on reddit, according to a few guides I can find when searching "transfer subreddit ownership".

If there's a grace period involved before you can step down as a moderator (because the subreddit is new) I have no problem with waiting.

>>PKHacker1337  11mar2023(sa)15:24  No.96138  OP  P11R8
I think the grace period might be indefinite due to me having to get it transferred. However, what I can do is create a new subreddit and transfer that to you, like say, for example, r/SWFChanOfficial and modify r/SWFChan so it points to the new one. Let me know what you think.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11mar2023(sa)16:11  No.96139  SWF  P12R9
I think you never intended to give ownership of the subreddit to me.
>>PKHacker1337  12mar2023(su)17:32  No.96145  OP  P13R10
Seriously? I absolutely would love to give the subreddit to you. Why would I want to keep it for myself?
>>PKHacker1337  12mar2023(su)17:35  No.96146  OP  P14
Update: Found the option for me to leave as mod. I just made a mistake at where I was looking because I was trying out different Reddit interfaces at the time and such. For real now, I left the moderation team so now you have sole access to moderating it. Sorry for the mixup, just a genuine misunderstanding.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13mar2023(mo)15:29  No.96148  SWF  P15R11
Thank you! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I've sent a mod invitation, I hope you still wish to manage it.

That means is official! I'll add it to the random links at the bottom of the site. To be honest I still doubt that it will get any activity but maybe someone wants to discuss the swf format, or the best flash viewers, or something.

If you (PKHacker1337) had any plans on how to get it rolling please don't hesitate to carry them through without checking with me first because like I mentioned earlier I don't use reddit. As for what the subreddit should be about it can just be "flash-related", so external links can go wherever as long as they aren't malicious or unrelated.

>>Anonymous  13mar2023(mo)18:16  No.96149  D  P16R12
I like how atm of this writing, 50% of all posts there are porn.
Very accurate!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13mar2023(mo)23:12  No.96155  SWF  P17R13
Those are rookie numbers.
>>w7-890  20mar2023(mo)17:15  No.96179  E  P18
KEK! im an antifurry and an antisemite like the ones in malaysia and i hate chisevax too high five brother

seriously? what did you honestly expect

though on a serious note is /r/swfchancom still banned? you could use a secondary subreddit for discussions and /r/swfchan for the flashes itself? (maybe do it in reverse unless you can move posts to another sub in en-masse)

weird theres gotta be a metadata search somewhere
also what was the planned downtime for out of curiosity? **sometimes the orange box does not appear when GETting files but the important buttons are still there**

>>Anonymous  2apr2023(su)07:34  No.96242  B  P19R14
See? He's a gibbering, paranoid schizo who jockeys for a tiny bit of internet power. He'll de-mod you as soon as he thinks you might be a liberal or some shit. I warned you!
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