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>>Anonymous  19jan2023(th)15:14  No.94916  OP  P1
can someone fix this? its really broken.

zone17(liru) copy.swf (1.33 MiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 1442 frames, 30 fps (00:48).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  19jan2023(th)17:10  No.94917  A  P2R1
it would help if you said how you broke it. just played the original and no issues i can see.
>>Anonymous  20jan2023(fr)05:40  No.94919  OP  P3R2
ah, i'm talking about this edited version. not original one.
those clipping through'ed human penis sprites and wrong sound effect, and that "shaded" left booba is what i want to fix.
>>Anonymous  20jan2023(fr)19:10  No.94922  B  P4R3
Shieet, you didn't lie when you said this pussy was broken.
>>Anonymous  21jan2023(sa)07:07  No.94923  OP  P5R4
ye, someone shoulda fix this properly.
>>Anonymous  21jan2023(sa)11:50  No.94924  C  P6R5
I don't get it. Other than the shit that's broken, how does this edit differ from the original?
>>Anonymous  23jan2023(mo)05:42  No.94935  D  P7R6
Looks like a big dick edit
>>Anonymous  23jan2023(mo)15:45  No.94940  OP  P8R7
and slightly bigger tits
>>Anonymous  26jan2023(th)16:39  No.94957  E  P9R8
it's kinda fucked, don't think anyone here is motivated enough to fix a 3rd party crap edit when zone's original was fine.
>>Anonymous  27jan2023(fr)13:26  No.94959  OP  P10R9
kinda sad, cuz last time i request something else nobody cares. and this too. shit.
>>Malos  28jan2023(sa)06:02  No.94962  F  P11R10

Bruh you just gonna whine? what assets did you change? It's not enough to just try and change a few assets, there's a wildly complex set of assets that are used just to make sure it works as desired to begin with.

The bare minimum here looks like you want to re-export the original boob as a vector and look for any hidden layers via inkscape. I had a handful of issues with shading but for the most part it's usually not an easy fix if you aren't careful.

as for the dick clipping, you really just want to see if you can change the Z axis or whatever it's called for the dick or maybe her body. Its not just a clipping issue, your new giant penis or whatever is bigger than the other "Assets" are able to cover, so you'll want to probably just work on "extending" the pussy parts.

Just gimme a thorough list of your changes, and I might look into it when I get a moment. Things have been busy for a hot minute.

>>Anonymous  30jan2023(mo)15:57  No.94990  OP  P12R11
it's not my work tho. i just fucking around at archive and find this.
and i don't have enough skills to fix this things to looking good and not glitchy so i make a request. give me a moment to breathe ffs

all i can find out in this edited files are
1. boobs size
2. penis size (human male)
3. fucked up audio (just press all of the options and then you can find out whats wrong. like, 2 different files playing at same time.)
4. half transparented left calf
Created: 19/1 -2023 15:14:13 Last modified: 28/3 -2023 19:24:19 Server time: 28/03 -2023 19:27:15