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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  2jan2023(mo)05:57  No.93551  OP  P1
Demo Showcase 4 Wii U & Nintendo 3DS

Glad to see you guys are back in business. I made something for Christmas and New Years but you were dead.

[57] Demo Showcase For Wii U & Nintendo 3DS Ver 02.swf (30.26 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)06:55  No.93553  A  P2R1
All the secrets:
- On the main screen, the space between Kahili and Rhythm Heaven girl
- The lowest right part of Kahili's hair
- Dark Pit's penis
- The tentacle around Marie's neck
- The far right side of the screen on Ajna's scene (Marie's secret)
- Zelda's face when it sparkles

Thank you, Mr. Dinner, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless.

>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)07:24  No.93554  B  P3R2
im starting to think that dindin just posts the secrets himself and just takes off the trip
>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)07:24  No.93555  B  P4
im starting to think that dindin just posts the secrets himself and just takes off the trip
also nice harp note


>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)07:38  No.93556  A  P5R3
No, lol, I just looked at it in a decompiler right after he posted it to twitter.
>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)07:42  No.93557  C  P6R4
din the god
>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)10:39  No.93560  D  P7R5
Forgot 7th bonus secret
- The @ in @WTDINNER
You buttfuck DinDin's OC.
Only if you follow on twitter.
>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)12:18  No.93561  E  P8R6
Holy smokes, great job on all of these. Sorry you didn't get to post it on the day you wanted to because of the downtime but at least it's not Christmas-themed.
>>Anonymous  2jan2023(mo)19:29  No.93567  F  P9R7
nice work dindin!
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)03:17  No.93586  G  P10R8
I love it DinDin, looks great. The Aigis scene is my favorite!
Please do something with Shauntal (Pokemon) or Elizabeth (Persona) someday!
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)11:27  No.93588  H  P11R9
Glad the site is back.
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)12:11  No.93591  I  P12R10
Smells like lie spirit, not gonna lie
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)15:11  No.93593  J  P13R11
How could it be ? I tried and it was the best flash experience I ever had
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)18:36  No.93599  K  P14R12
How did you know what I wanted for christmas, Dinner? :3
Lots of great animations in there.
Also, why do I click on Inspector Gadget and there's Minecraft porn on my screen??
>>Anonymous  4jan2023(we)01:41  No.93607  A  P15R13

If we're recommending characters, then the people want Touhou.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  4jan2023(we)04:39  No.93608  OP  P16R14
Which one? There's like a million touhous.

You don't like Minecraft? It's the most fun you can pwassibly have.

>>Anonymous  4jan2023(we)08:53  No.93609  A  P17R15
Surprise me.
>>Anonymous  4jan2023(we)15:00  No.93612  D  P18R16
It's real. Listen to >>93593
It changed my life.
Tanned Cirno.
Do a Cutie Honey flash.
>>Anonymous  9jan2023(mo)15:44  No.94693  L  P19R17
>The far right side of the screen on Ajna's scene
Where exactly?
>>Anonymous  9jan2023(mo)16:38  No.94694  M  P20R18
it's just the very far right side of the screen on that tree or whatever that her feet keep moving behind.
Reminder that this thread is made of a v2 so if you're a dumbass like me trying to do some of these easter eggs on the old version they won't exist
>>Anonymous  10jan2023(tu)04:45  No.94696  L  P21R19
Yeah I was using the original version
>>Anonymous  10jan2023(tu)11:18  No.94697  H  P22R20
Request for Ritsu and Brazil chan, many thanks.
>>Anonymous  11jan2023(we)17:20  No.94773  D  P23R21
DinDin have you ever watched Medabots? You would like it.
I suggest an Erika flash based on a scene from this episode:
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  12jan2023(th)05:26  No.94777  OP  P24R22
I love medabots!
>>Anonymous  12jan2023(th)07:53  No.94778  H  P25R23
DinDin I would love to see you make more Brazil chan and Ritsu.
>>Anonymous  12jan2023(th)08:08  No.94779  D  P26R24
Me too, and I love the animation in the ninja episode. -Erika is very cute in it.
>>Anonymous  12jan2023(th)22:11  No.94816  N  P27R25
very good
>>Anonymous  14jan2023(sa)03:40  No.94871  N  P28
these secrets maybe almost impossible to discover without help
>>Anonymous  17jan2023(tu)22:07  No.94903  O  P29R26
DinDin is so cool using obscure games and anime series in his porn animations.

I'd love to see you try making an animation on Roka Shibasaki from D-Frag, a fun but obscure anime series. She would fit perfectly in your style, I think!

>>Anonymous  17jan2023(tu)22:36  No.94905  P  P30R27
who needs a gf when we have better things like this?
>>Anonymous  18jan2023(we)02:04  No.94906  Q  P31R28
Can't wait for this to be completed, seems like there's some sound files on some of the flashes like for Marie's part. This is just the demo after all so when it's done, it's gonna be even better!
>>Anonymous  23jan2023(mo)07:22  No.94936  R  P32R29
The rectangle dick got me
>>Anonymous  25jan2023(we)14:12  No.94948  K  P33R30
Can't you attach images instead of only linking to that cancer site?


>>Anonymous  25jan2023(we)14:13  No.94949  K  P34


>>Anonymous  25jan2023(we)14:20  No.94950  K  P35
I think it's rude to just say "Hey make somthing with this character idk".
DinDin can't be familiar with every show on this earth, so in order to capture the essence in his animation he has to somewhat get a picture of what the characters would do I suppose (I would).
So you can at least give him a suggestion on a porn scene (angle, position, partner, any details) that would make this character stand out from generic anime cartoon.
Like his pokegirls, they don't just resemble the character visually, but their personality too (that's DinDins greates strength). Every scene looks like something especially that one character would do or act like. At least a believable horny version of that character.
So if you just say the name of a character and then get disappointed because it's a rather bland scene, that's on you.
I don't believe Dinner takes any requests though at this point. He seems like he bussin with his animation work. But stirring his imagination can never hurt.


>>Anonymous  28jan2023(sa)20:30  No.94975  O  P36R31
what a nerd lol

anyways, Din being amazing as usual, keep it up king

>>Anonymous  29jan2023(su)18:55  No.94985  K  P37R32
What a manchild rofl ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
>>Anonymous  1feb2023(we)02:13  No.94998  O  P38R33
Did NOT expect that Lucemon part.

Glad to see you doing some trap stuff, although I imagine not everyone will like it, but props for putting it in anyways!

>>Anonymous  1feb2023(we)07:35  No.95000  S  P39R34
- Click the Luigi passing by on an egg (Peach) to replace her with Wendy Koopa
>>Anonymous  1feb2023(we)07:35  No.95001  S  P40
- Wait for Luigi to fly by on an egg (Peach) to replace her with Wendy Koopa
>>Anonymous  1feb2023(we)21:37  No.95002  D  P41R35
The Lucemon flash is my new favorite.
So I'd like to see future trap stuff.
And I like their OC's resting bitch face.
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  1feb2023(we)22:04  No.95003  T  P42R36
Then click on Wendy's asshole for an extra scene featuring Bowsette giving Miyamoto a reach a-round on a unicycle.
>>Anonymous  6feb2023(mo)19:01  No.95033  K  P43R37
Ah, the classic.
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